Aug 22, 2009

Why don't we have more PSAs on TV shows?

As a child of the 80s I was bombarded with Public Service Announcements after every show and the ones that were aired as normal ads. Also a lot of my favorite shows from the 80s-90s had their Very Special episodes in which they dealt with some touchy subject like drugs, alcohol, missing children etc. Today's shows lack these PSAs and are just glorified 30 minute ads for the toys/videogames/card games that they're peddling on the kids.

I mean at least MY 30 minute Toy ads had some Educational value. Now for some PSA Reviews... Technically is commenting on the weirdness of the PSAs
He-Man/She-Ra talk about the "Bad Touch".
Ok, notice how He-Man avoids mentioning a Priest... Does he know something that we don't? Just remember that Parents, Counselors, Teachers, Doctors, Rabbis or Ministers are ok to know if you've been molested.

Lady Jaye from G.I. Joe says that "it's ok to be a chicken if you're scared."
Notice how the little girl says that they shouldn't be here and they should leave. The kids are Tresspassing and Lady Jaye appears out of nowhere carrying a spear. IS she hunting for COBRA? Is she the owner of that property and is scaring off the tresspassers? (I know that she owns some property that belonged to one of Destro's Ancestors, but stalking kids with a spear, now that's creepy. Then again part of the Joe training is to stalk kids. Good to know where America's budget is being spent.) So Lady Jaye is there and encourages the kids to keep on tresspassing if they use their heads.

Shipwreck stops a kid from running away from home.
Here we have the kid with the pink hat claiming that his parents are mean and that he'll run away from home. Did they force him to wear the silly pink hat? He looks like he's comes from a nice home. He has no visible signs of being physically abused or anything that would really make a kid run away. Running away is bad. But hearing the advice from a sailor in the woods, now that is strange? Why is Shipwreck in the woods. He seems to be in civilian clothing, so he's not on a Joe Mission. It seems like he was waiting for the kid to pass by. Do the Joes spend half their budget on finding troubled kids and showing them the way?

Jem and The Holograms
The audio is screwed up on that video but you can get the idea. Loose electric wire + Stupid kid who wants to move it out of the way but is stopped by cartoon character. Kinda like the GI Joe one with Roadblock.

Thundercats: Drinking alcoholic beverages is bad.
Lion-O and Snarf flat out tell you that drinking is bad. Yeah! No sugar coating, no kicking it up a notch, Lion-O and Snarf give it to you straight: "Drinking is bad it's against the law." THUNDERCATS HO!!!! I want to make a joke about the Sword of Omens and women's locker rooms but I've got nothing...

Bumblebee gives some helpful advice.
Umm. Didn't I do this one already? Nope. That one had G.I. Joes... This one's got Bumblebee... So the Transformers are Representing... Now we know and knowing is half the waitaminute! The PSAs are ripping each other off. First it was Jem and now Transformers!? OK I retract some of my dislike for the Bayformers... seeing as the Autobots spent most of their time stalking kids and ripping off G.I. Joe then Michael Bay's movie is more faithful than I expected.

As I said not only cartoons were on the PSA train. Now for some non- cartoon PSAs.

Pee-Wee talks about crack
We all know Pee-Wee Herman or when he was caught touching himself in a "bad way". Here he's explaning us about crack being bad. Which is disturbing because, seing a dead serious Pee-Wee is just wrong.

Gremlins PSA
WTF!? So now teens are like Mogwai. Don't let them get exposed to bright lights, don't wet them and don't feed them past midnight...

Any questions?

How come today's kids don't get education from their cartoons and tv shows. All they have is this:
Why can't they have Yugi or the kids from Bakugan or Ben 10 telling them that drugs are bad, hiding inside a fridge can kill you or something... As seen here... Probably the only episode everyone remembers.

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