Oct 31, 2018

Pre-Halloween odds and ends.

What if I told you a crazy story involving Mr. Feeny?
Someone tried to break and enter into Feeny's home. He turned on the lights and the would be burglar left...

I was hoping something along the lines of the Dolph Lundgren's incident where thebwould be burglars realized they were attempting to steal from He-Man slash Ivan Drago and they stopped... but more Mr. Feeny...

Imagine this:
Burlgar enters residence. He then realizes that he's at Mr. Feeny's home when he hears William Daniels' amazing voice calling him "Mr. Burglar".  He then gives the Burglar a Feeny lesson and the Burglar surrenders himself to the cops swearing that he'll be a better person when he geta out.

Whiny bitch, LeBron James is tired of the Lakers losing... Wait, Time out! If he's tired of the Lakers sucking, then WHY did he pick them as his new team? Then we have the blunders made by James in said games. Oh wait those don't count. It's always everyone else's fault.

Crying to the media that your team sucks is NOT the best way to get them to work with you... if Space Jam 2 happens, there better be a lot of references to thongs being better with Jordan...

But this isn't the real reason I mention LeBitch James...
He wants to reboot Friday the 13th...
This just seem like setting up another excuse for his eventual NBA shortcomings...

That's it for now... I have 4 PVC tentacles that need to be covered in duct tape...

Oct 30, 2018

Full list of games in the Playstation Classic revealed...

And I'm confused...
Battle Arena Toshinden
Cool Boarders
Destruction Derby
Final Fantasy VII
Grand Theft Auto
Intelligent Qube
Jumping Flash
Metal Gear Solid
Mr Driller
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
Resident Evil Director’s Cut
Revelations: Persona
Ridge Racer Type 4
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Syphon Filter
Tekken 3
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
Twisted Metal
Wild Arms

No Tomb Raider, no Crash Bandicoot, no Castlevania, No Soul Edge, no Gran Turismo... No Jet Moto, no Parappa?
No Dual Shock Controller and no Castlevania... What tricks will Mantis do now?

I am pleasantly  surprised to see Oddworld there...

I *MIGHT* Get one, due to original GTA, Intelligent Qube, Oddworld, FF7, MGS... but not completely sold on it.

Now Sega needs to do a Dreamcadt or a Saturn Mini...
Dibs on both Shenmue games for Dreamcast!

Oct 28, 2018

Hasbro is REALLY Trying hard to get my money...

6 armed Spider-Man and Puma are coming... which is awesome, since those 2 are HUGE Wants for me... 6AS-M to display with Morbius and Lizard and Puma because of Nostalgia... not because I care about the character... if I'm brutally honest. Wait a minute...
Modern Symbiote Spidey, Red Goblin (Norman + Carnage), Night Thrasher, Black Cat,  Silver Sable, 6 armed Spidey and Puma are almost a full wave roster and we have Willie Fisk going on as a BAF...

We also know that 90s Jubilee is coming. We knew about Gambit, now Beast is confirmed... not a fan of the open mouth, but everything else is AWESOME!!

Also, why aren't there any Venom Movie toys... hmmm?

Oct 27, 2018

Schools and Halloween Costumes ban... what the Hell!?

In the past few years, there has been a culling in Halloween costumes in schools...
I kinda understand banning certain controversial costumes like say: Taliban, Hitler, Jesus Christ, Bhudda, and other costumes that may be considered offensive in nature towards certain groups.
No Thanos, no! You can't
erase racist costume Zack Morris!
But banning Superheroes, Dinosaurs, or anything that "isn't a profession or career" is downright stupid...
Sayong that superheroes incite violence whole allowing Soldier, Police, or Martial Artist instructor costumes is absurd.

The other excuse is that they frighten smaller children... So do Clowns and Santa Claus... but let me show you how stupid this whole dress as a profession or career is.

Normal clothes work for many careers... Movue Critics, Loss Prevention associates, Reality show contestant... just to name a few.
You could have a kid come wearing only a robe and it could be a writer, an artistic model, a bathrobe model.
Hell, I could have the kid wear the superhero costume, give him an empty Starbucks cup and print out a faux script and we have an actor or stunt double... which is a profession or career...
Also, what's the difference between an Alan Grant costume and a Paleontaologist costume?
Or Gregory House vs a Doctor...
Or how about dressing up my theoretical kid as Veteran suffering from PTSD that gets harassed by police?
It's a career... or the aftermath of said career...

What about OTHER professions or careers? What if the kid wants to come as an art thief? Or Terrorist, or Padre? Or wrestler? Is Timmy going to be in class wearing Speedos and a fancy robe Ric Flair style?  (I'm sticking to bous to avoid the "sexy halloween" jobs...)

Also, Halloween costumes are ridiculously expensive... I'm sure that little Johnny and little Mary won't wear their dentist costumes after that day... But they would wear their Ironman and Wonder Woman costume for weeks!

Let the kids have some fun, dammit!

Rockstar can't make GTA 6...

I KNOW that it sounds clickbaity as hell, but Dan Houser of Rockstar Games has said that due to the extremes in the political climate; making a satire of America is nearly impossible. Everyone gets offended, whether liberal or conservative. The amount of insanity in USA has blurred the line between reality and parody.

I can see where he's coming from. Donald Trump, whether you love him or hate him has turned the Presidency into a Reality show. His over the top behavior makes him *seem* like a caricature. The reactions from  fringe "followers and haters" seem like odd GTA missions.

When Rockstar games is claiming that they CAN'T do a GTA, that's the point where you must say:
'Murica! Cut it out! Or at least dial it down some 20 or 30 notches. Looks like it'll be 5 more years of Cowboy Shenmue until we get GTA VI on PS5 and whatever the successor to XBOne is called. Oh yeah! RDR2 is being called cowboy Shenmue now.

Oct 25, 2018

Wonder Woman being the key for a soft reboot to the DCEU rumors.

They have been around for some time. We then add the rumors of recasting of both Batman and Superman. It's like all the pieces are falling in place for a reboot.

But this is me:

Warner you're doing the same mistake that Fox did when they rebooted X-Men and tried to keep Hugh Jackman tagging along. And as much as I loved Jackman as Wolverine he got old. Same thing will happen to Gadot. Shes in her 30s now. Getting "past her Hollywood prime"... (as sexist as it sounds) you might be able to squeeze a movie or two out of her but not much because once she reaches the 40s... yeah she's going to be cast in any action role as Wonder Woman unless she retains her youthful looks.

If I reboot had to be done you needed to wipe the entire slate clean but... Warner you're so desperate in trying to get that Avengers money that you're screwing up everything for the sake of a little money. Your lack of planning shows that you weren't ready for a shared universe. You had a Super easy way out of this corner...
It wears red clothing and has a lightning bolt on his chest...

I hope WW84 is good. Heck! I want DC to stand next to the MCU as equals just like they do in the comics... but WB is asking Fox to hold their beer way too much.

Oct 23, 2018

Super7 is now confusing me.

The deadline for the Club Grayskull figures and ultimate Club Grayskull He-Man and Skeletor ends on Nov.15... it started on Monday, Oct. 22, which means that the preorder for the figures will only be available for 24 days... Oh yeah, there is NO payment plan for these SIX figures. Yeah... it feels wrong. I have the money to order the Filmation figures... I won't. I can't see myself paying  $200+ for figures that I'm lukewarm about... and not to mention the nearly a year of waiting.

Yeah, no. I'm sticking to Collector's Choice and even that depends if Super7 remembers that it exists (and a few external factors). I think it's a MASSIVE dick move to release almost the same amount of figures as in a shorter window and no payment plan... kinda feels like they want this to fail... Which, I'm guessing is the complete opposite of what they want...

Another Theoretical set of Marvel Legends waves idea

I've been pushed towards Marvel Legends and I shall take that and generate a list... because Ive run out of MOTU lists...
But I have to blame This for this list:

It has me in a Spidey frame of mind now.

I'm thinking 3 waves, not necessarily related to the game... OK, they have NOTHING to do with the game... though the game made me want a Mr. Negative. (And a Doctor Rigbypus)
Like I do with the MOTU lists, parts reuse will be strong in this one to allow certain figures to get new parts.

Wave 1: Morlun (6 figure BAF)
 I hate the Totem crap, but Morlun has kind of become an important character in Spider-Man's life.
I can see him on a body similarly sized to Omega Red or Venom. He would be the one who'd require a lot of new tooling.

Like I said, I hate the Totem crap, but we need at least 2 figures to have a connection to the BAF... it's a Nefty list... I NEED the BAF to make sense. She's literally a wasp winged female buck with monster hands and head. We could get away with a vintage wave wasp body in cloak's translicent black with Scream's hands and a new head.

Last Totem crap figure of the wave. Also, literally a new head on the Mark Ruffalo buck with Submariner feet.

The one we got a million years ago is crap... time for an update.

-Molten Man:
Classic Spidey character who straddles both sides of the thin line between good and evil. He's a normal buck in gold with clip-on flame effects.

-Spider-Man Unlimited:
I have a soft spot fot this outfit. Blame Neversoft for that... and the cartoon with Rino Romano voicing Spidey.

-Firestar (Amazing Friends version):
I have to put her in a list just to show my desire... and I needed a Hero for the wave that isn't Spidey...

Wave 2: Six Armed Spidey (7 figure BAF... See my Doppelganger dream on how to split the parts)
Yes, this is setting up the plan for a Doppelganger spider. Aside from the torso, he's virtually a normal figure, which would allow some more new tooling to be used on the wave.

-Will-o- the Wisp:
Another classic villain that requires very little in new parts but like Molten Man he likes to walk the thin line between good and evil.

-Scarlet Spider: (recent version of Ben's suit)
He's the Mandatory Spidey of the wave  and I kinda want a second head with the messed up Peter face.

-Mr. Negative:
He's so easy to do... can't believe I didn't put him on the list...

-Fancy Dan:
I know, Another suit guy? Well, Spidey has a lot of enemies who happen to be guys in suits. Also, we kinda need The Enforcers. But Fancy Dan is Old Man Logan Sized. All we'd  need is a new upper half of the upper torso, head and jacket... though we could get away with one of the existing ones.

-Armored Daredevil:
It's the Missing Daredevil... We kinda need him, I want him. Also Daredevil is a staple at filling Spidey Waves ever since the Toy Biz era.

I see some reuse from Gwenpool here. Her bag could be MJ's... you get the idea. She is a recent character who might be a pain, but I have to throw a few bones to modern fans...

-Spider-Man of Earth 3145:
Uncle Ben Action Figure... Repeat after me... UNCLE FREAKING BEN!!

Wave 3: Ox (6 figure BAF) He's the final Core enforcer and he could easily be made from a Sandman Buck with normal human arms)

-Superior Octopus:
The Parker/Ock Hybrid that looks like a "hot Mr. Crocker" and he fills up my Spidey/Ock fanboy... that definitely sounded way better in my head.

-Araña: (pre-spider-girl look)
She might require a little bit of new tooling  but is a more interesting look that ripping off julia Carpenter... Also, Gwenpool could donate her shoes...

We need a new Gargan. Preferably without action features. Venom Sized would be optimal. Very few new pieces. (backpiece to attach the tail, tail, and heads. Gargan needs the green mouth and the flesh toned mouth heads.)

Fills up the Spidey Variant Slot and The Spider-Armor hasn't gotten any love in ages.

-Alistair Smythe The Ultimate Spider Slayer:
I know he kinda requires a bit of tooling (but forearms could get reuse on Phage, maybe even the legs. The feet could be reused on the Spider Slayer Mark X)

The second Enforcer. He COULD be made with the normal suit buck, but I would like a new torso with the Bolo Tie. Just to spice things up! Also, he has a connection to the BAF.

It's kinda hard without having to reach into NAZI MADE OF BEES level... and if you kinda notice, I have kept it MOSTLY within the 616 as a challenge... I could've done HYDRO MJ... Now I kinda want a Hydro MJ! D'oh! But Uncle Ben was far more Tempting... I could have gone with Spider-Ma'am... or a Golden Oldie

It Came from the Toy Chest: The Thing just loves to fight!

Call the Four! Fantastic Four!! and you get the drill. Ben Grimm is the final member of the 4 figures from the Fantastic Four that were made as Walgreens Exclusives. There are rumors of a Doom and a Super Skrull, but Magik from an X-Team is the next one. Mystique will follow.
Ben Grimm, Pilot, cursed by Cosmic Rays to become The Thing. A Man shaped pile of rocks that is super strong, but not exactly great for cuddling.

Ben has a bit less Articulation than his Toy Biz Counterpart (Series 2).
Ben: It's Clobberin' Time!
While, yes he has less articulation in some areas, but in other, it surpasses ToyBiz.
His Articulation is reminiscent of Monster Venom... Aside the ab being a pseudo ball joint.

paint and sculpt:
Here I am torn... I hate his head Sculpts... They remind me a bit too much of the Hanna Barbera cartoon. Don't get me wrong, They are Great Sculpts. Maybe it's just being too accustomed to The Toy Biz Ben that his face clashes a little bit with me. His body is FAR BETTER than the Toy Biz one from a visual point of view. His rocks look as multiple rocks put together instead of a semi featureless body with cracks sculpted into it.
There is very little paint as he is mostly orange sporting blue trunks. Most of the paint comes from the wash given to his body to highlight the rocks. Aside one of his hands looking a bit "muddy" the wash is really good.

Ben: Take off his helmet webs!
Spidey: TRYING!! Thing's more stuck than
the pages of Johnny's Victoria's Secret
Cap: I understood that reference, and ew!
Extra head
Extra hands
As basic as we can get for a Ben Grimm Figure. Taking into consideration that as a Walgreens exclusive, he used a boatload of new tooling... which is rare since most of the Walgreens exclusive figures are barely a New Head and that's it.

Ben gets a 4.67 as his final score. I think that's the BEST we can get from a Ben Grimm unless Hasbro decided to use a third set of hands with articulated fingers. Now to figure out how to give him a little cigar... Screw Quesada, My Thing Smokes Cigars... and so does my Logan but all his hands are fists.
Now to find a head to make a Flame Off

Oct 20, 2018

I'm kwitten teh lien...

And I mean MOTU. I'm done. Super7 killed it for me. I can almost see Guru jumping with glee... but, yeah. I can no longer support the Club Grayskull line. My main interest is Collector's Choice, aka THE REAL MOTUC... ALL THE ERAS UNDER ONE COHESIVE STYLE. Since Super7 wants to focus on Club Grayskull figures, well... I can cut those out of my life... if later on they make a Stratos and Ram Man, I might go through resellers to get them, but I will no longer be buying whole waves of Underdetailed variants. As much as I want that Fisto, Mantenna, and She-Ra; I can't justify getting them. I usually got them to kinda complement the Collector's Choice order... but now, no collector's choice, no need to get these. I am currently considering NOT getting the Ultimates...

Hell, even Snake Mountain is inching towards the chopping block... and it pisses me off because Guru's  crap prophecy is becoming a reality...

Saw the first Episode of Titans. *language*

It was way edgy... I mean it was all edge. I nearly cut my self by watching so much edge.

Was it good?
Hell No! I wanted to quit right after "Fuck Batman"

It was bad... I mean, Teen Titans Go! Felt more like Teen Titans than this turd. This was like taking the worst of the Suck Snyder movies. Making concentrate out of it and not diluting it with water when serving it to you...

Fuck this show... not even gonna bother with the rest of the season.

Oct 18, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Seen Kyle? He's about this tall.

I hinted a while back that I was going to review Marvel's favorite Nazi... The Red Skull... In this case the Avengers Assemble Red Skull in Iron Man armor.

Yes, That Red Skull... So... Who is Red Skull?
Short Version of the Story? Hitler's pet who was the "Anti-Captain America"... Or I should say that Captain America is the Anti-Red Skull, since Schmidt predates Captain Rogers for a bit. He also ended up in suspended animation, and like Steve, he's a man out of time. But in the EMH his story is a bit different... something something Hydra, something something Thanos, something something Skull ends up with an Iron Man armor... To be honest, I only got him for 2 reasons... to pop the head on Spider-Man Noir and have a "normal" Red Skull, and the Abomination BaF piece.
Red Skull: Yes, I can hear
you, Kyle...
They have Pumpkin spice Latte?
Bring me a venti! Danke.

This Red Skull is made using an older Iron Man body with true Ball Joints on his legs, so he can do a full split... But his wrists are limited due to the sculpt... and so are the arms with the kinda rigid shoulderpads.

Paint and Sculpt:
Red Skull: Where art thou with my
Pumpkin Spice latte, Kyle? It's been five
and a half hours...
The figure is mostly gunmetal black with some red accents painted over. There's no slop on the figure He looks like his AA counterpart. I honestly don't like the armor so much... Reminds me of a Movie Armor. What I cared about was the Red Skull's skull and it's a beauty.

Abomination BAF piece
Extra Unhelmeted head
He's a total meh, but I have a Normal Red Skull now...

The Red Skull in Iron Man armor gets a 3.83 as his final score.
I need something to counter all this meh... I know! A Captain A-meh! Rica!
Red Skull: Seen Kyle? He's about this tall!
Red Skull: Gott im Himmel!? I wasn't doing the Seig Heil!
I'm looking for Kyle my intern!

Round 2 for this ICFtTC with Secret War Captain America...
This Look for Cap is from a time that I wasn't that much into Marvel... QUESADA!!!!
So, let's get cracking...

It's the same body as Vintage wave Cap, which reuses the Cap Wolf buck. It's a decent body but I kinda feel he needed the Butterfly pectoral articulation for better shield throwing poses,
Red Skull:Weren't you wearing a
different outfit a second ago?
Cap: I can say the same thing you
filthy Nazi...

Paint and sculpt:
I already mentioned the Captain Wolf buck with a 3 pack Cap head, so if you have been collecting MLs, you know what to expect here. The paint is so-so on mine.The grey on his arms is applied a bit sloppily on mine. slight paint chips on the silver knees.

Abomination BAF piece
Extra hand with shield toss effect

Captain A Meh Rica gets a 3.25 as his final score. The things I endure for an Abomination...

Oct 17, 2018

Crazy ideas for Halloween costumes...

Halloween is coming. Most people will use a straight out of the rack costume of whatever is in right now... Batman, Deadpool, you name it... well, I will help you to have a costume that not everyone might have and it's mostly straight out of the rack... none of that high end and hard work Cosplay stuff... I know it's cool and all, but your lazy ass forgot to get a costume and is now looking at  for ideas... and you need somethingthat cam be done with your barely elementary school levels of arts and crafts prowess.

- Idea one:
Pool noodle, poster board, paint, elastic headband, picture of Harambe.
Take pool noodle cut it long enough to get 2 pieces of posterboard with the word censored attached to it.
Take another piece of posterboard and make a thought cloud... staple it to the headband and glue the Harambe pic to it... there you go, now you're Dicks out for Harambe guy...

-Idea two:
Angel costume, Gorilla hands and mask... Now you're Harambe.

-idea three:
This one is a bit more expensive and requires a full body morphsuit, a piece of cloth almost your size and of similar color to the morph suit. Jean shorts, sneakers John Cena U can't see me sweatbands... You're John Cena.

-idea four:
This one might be a little controversial because it's related to Donald Trump.
White outfit, white elastic Headband, Donald Trump plushie or Funko Pop!
Attach Trump to headband, preferably near his feet. Congratulations, you're the piece of Toilet Paper that got stuck to the Donald.

-idea five:
Controversial because Trump! This one is for his haters.
Trump Mask or wig, cheap barbie knockoff, Toad plushie or the 8-bit world of Nintendo Toad.
Attach Toad to crotch... if anyone asks about the doll deny that it's Stormy Daniels.

-idea six:
Controversial because Trump! This one is for his fans. But it requires a couple of days for Prep Time.
Trump Mask, The most ostentatious pieces of knight, centurion, and cyborg armor you can find at the store, lots and lots of gold paint. Don't forget an oversized sword and gun, tape to cover the orange cap on the gun when repainting, and last but not least an American Eagle plushie.
Take the armor pieces and weapons and paint them gold. If you can get an American Flag couch throw, get it. That will be the cape. (It's not the actual flag, so there is no violation) attach eagle to shoulder and now younare God Emperor Trump.

-idea seven:
2 white t-shirts, scissors, electrical tape (black), gold and blue paint, an ommitrix, blonde wig.
Take one shirt and add tap mimicking the design on Ben Tennyson's shirt. Cut and paint the other shirt in new She-Ra's outfit design. Wear the ben Shirt and Omnitrix. Look at the wog and outfit in disdain, congratulations now you are a new She-Ra hater.

-idea eight:
For this idea, shaving your arms is heavily recommended.
Black flex seal.
Spray flex seal on shaved arm. Now you're Eddie Brock being infected by the symbiote. If you feel courageous, you could add red paint and a red party city wig and say you're Woody Harrelson...

-idea nine:
This one is expensive since it requires a full body green morphsuit, preferably green, round white stickers, "greaser jacket", black pants and biker boots, a dowel and red, orange and yellow cellophane.
Cover the dowel in cellophane and make it look like flames. Wear the outfit. Pretend that the cellophane dowel is your urine... You are Nicolas Cage pissing away his career.

-idea ten: (shoot! I should've done the Ben Ten one here...)
Get a cardboard box big enough for you to get inside. Don't move, orsay anything. Just write:
"Katze drinnen, nicht öffnen
E. Schrödinger"
Yes, you are Schrödinger's cat.

-idea eleven:
This one is a bit unorthodox, but the theatre fans will love it...
A friend, 2 lifesize skeletons (preferably fake...) 2 bowler hats, 2 "hello my name is" tags. (One for each hat. One will have Didi written on it. The other will have Gogo. Have the friend put the Skeletons wearing the hats at the party first. Preferably sitting as if waiting for someone. After the skeletons have been hanging out for a while you come in with a Third "hello my name is" tag with the name Godot written on it.

Idea twelve:
This one is rather easy, but it could turn expensive...
A Power Ranger in civilian mode. Here I won't do specifics, because there's too many darn rangers. But as an example:
Tommy, Mighty Morphin era.
You'd need the green tanktop, the green headband, the black pants. A slightly longish hair wig or short ponytail.
If you do white, then ditch the headband and give him a white tanktop maybe a larger white shirt with the sleeves and neck cut off, longer ponytail. A Mighty Morphin' communicator is recommended. Morpher is NOT NECESSARY, BUT IS A NICE TOUCH. If you do Billy, Glasses and blhe clothing are mandatory. Personally, I'd go for the dark blue polo shirt with colored stripes and blue overalls.
Of course these work best when done in group... whether same team, or a "forever red", or all the Tommys kind of thing.

-idea thirteen:
This one is a bit of a spin-off of twelve, but not a Power Ranger exclusive... Superhero secret ID/civilian clothes.
Costs and items required may vary between characters.
For example, Bruce Banner is literally torn purple pants.
Tony Stark only needs a touchlight mildly repainted that can be attached to a shirt... (magnets maybe?) Peter Parker would only need a Spidey mask that pokes out of a pocket and an old school camera.  Clark Kent is just a shirt and suit. Also a comoression shirt with the Superman insignia is recommended. (Looks better than a plain Super T-shirt)
Cyclops would require fancy glasses, etc.

Some require some more prep time than others, but the results are much more refreshing than 7 Suicide Squad Harleys and 12 crappy store bought Deadpools.

Oct 16, 2018

Is there a more stupid vg company than Konami? Sega says hold my beer...

Do you know where Sega's brain hangs out?

They HAD A FREAKING SHENMUE 1 AND 2 REMAKE IN THE WORKS! But they cancelled it to release the ports instead...

But I need to remember what they did to Sonic...
Seriously, SEGA... Waiting a bit more for these would have been optimal... sadly, you went cheap... don't get me wrong, the ports were a decent thing, but this was beyond 20% cooler... whoever decided to can this for the ports...

Oct 15, 2018

An Alfred series?

What the actual Hell? This has to be a joke... Nope, this is real.

Listen dumbasses... we do not want Batman minus Batman prequel series. We do not want an Alfred prequel series... we want an ACTUAL BATMAN SHOW, DAMMIT!! Why is  that so difficult to understand?
God damned Bat embargo is the reason why these stupid ideas get greenlit? Greenlighted?

Screw this Alfred Series!

Finally saw the Doctress...

Of course I was referring to the Newest iteration of The Doctor... it wasn't a disaster, which is good... but she wasn't great either, which is bad. To be fair,  I've seen only 2 episodes with her. So Jodie may still be trying (a bit too hard) to get her groove.
The episodes have been a bit meh. Chibnall's writing SO FAR is making Moffat's worst seem decent. Maybe he's just trying to get his groove as well.

I hope both Chibnall and Jodie can get their groove, because I see potential (despite this being motivated by pandering to social justice minded people). I especially loved the nod to the Third Doctor's Venusian Aikido.

Looks like I'll have to wait for a few more episodes before I can truly pass judgement on the Doctress experiment.

"Wrestling is fake": the rant

You have most likely heard that expression before. One side uses it to dismiss any credibility that Wrestling (not the Olympic kind) has. The other side argues that it isn't fake... I KNOW I WON'T BE ABLE TO PUT AN END TO THIS DEBATE, but I will share my opinions on it nonetheless.

Wrestling IS FAKE. Period.
Before you take out the torches and pitchforks, hear me out...

It's almost like a stunt show. You have these performers doing dramatizations of an over the top fight utilizing a script and a very detailed choreography. So yeah, THIS MAKES IT FAKE. Like the stunt show, some of the maneuvers utilized could be dangerous if done improperly. Nearly 20 years ago I did learn a few basic things about it and it hurt... The ropes hurt, taking bumps gurts and that's  not getting to the hardcore stuff... Kendo sticks hurt!! So yeah, Wrestling IS NOT FAKE...

Lost you there for a second... you're already going Phoenix Wright on me. I said it was fake now it isn't?
The WWE calls itself a "Sports Entertainment" company.
Seems the closest to appropriate title to use.

If we have stretched the definition of Sports to cover Videogames, then 2 or more men faux brawling would fit the definition as well... even if I don't agree due to the scripted part. Real Sports aren't scripted.

The issue with "wrestling being fake" lies in the whole attempt of "legitimizing it as a sport".
The whole "pretending it's a real sport" aspect turns off some people...

"Nefty, But Spider-Man is not real, Game of Thrones isn't real, nor all that weird porn you watch on the internet!"

Duh... no one cam get powers from a Spider bite, dragons are not real and I seriously question the qualifications of those pizza delivery boys, plumbers, and cab drivers.
Holy crap! Wrestling IS LIKE porn in that aspect...
They try to sell you something that they are not...
THAT is the issue here. Some people can suspend their disbelief when watching obviois works of fiction... their suspension of disbelief is broken when you have two "athletes" competing for a championship belt, but one is an "undead zombie" who is not above "killing" and the other is a Literal clown.

So yeah, Wrestling IS FAKE.. and there IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT being fake. As long as it's entertaining and the talwnt can perform amazing feats (safely enough) then there is NOTHING WRONG with enjoying Wrestling.

Oct 14, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest... Riding Black Widow...

Not in THAT WAY, you PERV!!
I mean the ML Black Widow that can ride a bike... Hence the Riding Black Widow... Not to be confused with Vintage Black Widow (who has appeared in other ICFtTC) Black Widow: Russian Spy... For some reason is in the Avengers movies...
Before getting the Yelena
Spike! Don't look for the disappointed ScarJo pic...

So, Black Widow in a bike...

If I don't reference this... then it
wouldn't be me.
Like Previous Recent Female ML. No Boot Cut, using single joint elbow (that has added rotation to replace the bicep cut... aka the Hasbro Elbow) Her legs are slightly loose though.

Paint and Sculpt:
Finally, I have a black Widow and a Mary Jane
that don't look like twins.
The body is mostly nice for a Black Widow... I only wish they had given her an actual belt like Vintage BW. Painted belt looks like ASS! No signs of slop on her... well until I repainted the short haired head into a faux Yelena Belova.

Extra head and Bike... I honestly bought her for 2 reasons: Long haired head to make Vintage Natasha look different from Mary Jane. Short haired head to repaint and make a Yelena... Screw the bike...
I told you that Spider-Man noir
would make an easy Red Skull Custom.

Black Widow gets a 4.17 as her final score. She's not bad... just a little bare bones... I blame the bike. Glad I got her at 60% off when TRU was closing down. Now I have my Yelena Belova until Hasbro makes one for real.

Oct 13, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Don't deal with Joe Quesada, Johnny Blaze

Die Monster and such...
What is a man or something!
Castlevania references!!
By Joe Quesada, I mean Mephisto.
Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance... Johnny Blaze: Stuntman. Tricked by Mephisto into servitude. Now he hunts Evil as the Ghost Rider... or A Ghost Rider... Wait Blaze is now king of Hell or was... Freaking Comics, man!

Standard ML Fare here... I thought his shoulders would be problematic but the articulation isn't THAT hindered.

Move Bitch!
Get out the way!
Get out the way Bitch!
Get out the way!
Paint and Sculpt:
Mine had a sculpt defect where one of the "pellets" on his belt didn't receive enough plastic... Other than that, this sculpt is the bomb! There are no paint issues on mine.
No idea what this reference is

Chain Whip
HIS FREAKING BIKE!! I know Hasbro has done the moronic SIN of releasing a Ghost Rider without his bike... Ghost Rider minus bike equals ghost walker and no one wants that...

Ghost Rider gets a 4.67 as his final score. It's a great score, but his articulation is the limiting factor on him... Getting him on the bike and look cool can be a bit of a bitch...

I stopped questioning Nic Cage's logic a long time ago...

50 Marvel Legends that need to be revisited

We have seen how Hasbro has revisited certain characters in Legends from the Toybiz  and Hasbro eras where have made tweaks and improvements upon them... Well here's my list of Marvel Legends Figures that NEED to be revisited. I may not wanr all of them, but all of my choices NEED a revisit.

-50 Beast:
The Toy Biz Beast is DECENT. The main issue is the Torso Articulation... or lack of it and that it's crooked as heck.

-49 Vulture:
The ToyBiz Vulture looks amazeballs, but that is ultra rare as hell to find and he's the last of the S6 that Hasbro hasn't updated. Hasbro should LOOK at their Darkhawk as an inspiration to update Toomes.

-48 Toad: 
ML1 ToyBiz Toad sucks... He's a Statue, period. If there's a character that BEGS for an update is him. (Man-Spider would be another, but he didn't make the list OFFICIALLY...)

-47 Emma Frost: (Gen X Outfit)
I mention the Gen X Outfit so she can be "different enough" from the past 2 Emmas.
She also could reuse bits from Typhoid Mary or Domino depending on which Gen X outfit they do her.

-46 Banshee:
Dude needs 2 heads and the original Hasbro one is fugly as sin.

-45 Quicksilver:
Updated Hasbro body, extra hands, maybe clip on speed effects...

-44 Blob: Articulation, please.

We haven't had a "Classic Thor" Since Giant Man... We have gotten plenty of MODERN Thors, Hemsworth Thors, but not an honest to goodness Classic Thor.

-42 Hulk: (Comic Book Version of Banner)
We've gotten so many, too many Ruffalo Hulks or Planet Hulk, Recent Hulk... Just gimme Classic Hulk, with maybe a Smart Hulk additional head for fun.

-41 Avalanche: 
XMC Avalanche is NOT in his Classic Outfit... You can see the trend here...

-40 Warmachine: (Comics)
We've had way too many movie Rhodeys... We need an updated Classic comic book Rhodey.
Seriously, the last Toybiz one was made using a SERIES I ML body...

-39 Doc Samson:
Hasbro's only attempt at him Failed SOO BADLY I mean it's bad...

-38 Mandarin: 
Robes that seal off all the articulation and make him look like he's making snow angels while standing?

-37 Storm:
We need her to yell at nature and to complete THAT X-Men Cartoon Team!

-36 Nightcrawler:
The ToyBiz Figure is theoretically speaking fine and dandy, but I'm curious to what Hasbro would do with blue devil Screech... The Toybiz Version looks a bit like Screech...

-35 Colossus: (Classic Outfit)
ToyBiz is OK, but There is room for improvement... The Warlock colossus is OK, but that's not his Iconic outfit.

-34 Apocalypse: (ToyBiz BAF, but in 6-7 inches)
Like I said, We haven't had a normal sized ICONIC Apocalypse... The Toy Biz BAF is the most iconic version of him but he's too big.

Mr. Sinister:
Eventually we will NEED ONE...

-33 Classic Power Man:
Toy Biz failed with the weird hand sculpt. This needs to be corrected. Modern Cage is NOT POWER MAN!!

-32 Lady Deathstrike:
To correct Mistakes form the Toybiz era...

-31 Spiral:
She was NEARLY perfect from the waist up... The waist down ruins her AND she could have used interchangeable heads instead of the Helmet... Redeem yourselves, Hasbro...

-30 Arachne: (Spider-Woman 2)
We haven't had an updated Julia Carpenter version of Spider-Woman.

-29 Mar-Vell (and Genis Vell):
I know that those are 2 characters, but they reuse over 90% parts. Getting one redone would guarantee the other and even get us parts for Quasar.

-28 Jigsaw: (Suit version)
I know ToyBiz made a decent one, but so was Kingpin and Hasbro is giving us one...

-27 J. Jonah Jameson:
We "Have JJJ" but at the same time we don't. He's literally Chameleon disguised as JJJ.
We need a JJJ that is NOT a gimmick to another character. Most of the images of JJJ in comics is him without a jacket and only wearing Shirt, Tie, sometimes a vest, or at least gimme a repaint of the Chameleon buck.

-26 Hammerhead:
The Chameleon disguised as Hammerhead is nice, but Chameleon is TOO SMALL for Hammerhead. He needs a heftier body... Not Tombstone big, but bigger than Chameleon. Or at least gimme a chameleon buck with a closed jacket and pinstripe pattern because Hammerhead.

-25 Falcon: (Comic Book versions Pre-MCU)
We haven't had a Comic Falcon since Toy Biz... We need this mistake corrected.

-24 Mole Man:
Decent sculpt, horrible articulation... (This seemed to be the problem with parts of the Ronan wave...)  Also, he's barely able to stand due to his articulation barely allowing him to keep his feet fully planted on surfaces.

-23 Cannonball: 
The Hasbro Cannonball was made using the Ghost Rider body, which made Sam look anorexic... The new Ghost rider with bike (review coming soon) has a bulkier body that could be reused for Sam.

-22 Black Cat:
But Nefty, we ARE getting a modern Black Cat on 2019... We also have the Classic Black Cat that kinda brought you back to ML.
Yes, but do we have an Evil that Men do Black Cat that doesn't look like Bea Arthur with a long wig?

-21 Daken:
Wolvie's son had an OK figure, but now with the interchangeable hands and heads, we could get a full Daken Experience using the Cyke buck.

-20 US Agent:
The one from way back in Hasbro ML seems Tiny compared to Cap. Also, Hasbro could give us both of his shields (Round Cap-like shield) and the eagle shield.

-19 Kang the Conqueror:
Last time we saw him, he was in Ares BAF wave... we kinda need a new one.

-18 Dragon man:
We haven't had one since FFC.

-17 Scorpion:
We need a Gargan Scorpion WITHOUT any action feature.

-16 Hydroman:
Action features ruined the ToyBiz Hydroman. Now let's have him without them.

-15 Tarantula:
Figure was a mess. Needs to be redone.

-14 Demogoblin:
Reusing the new GG buck with new head/glider.

-13 Blackheart: 
Toybiz made a puny one... if Hasbro made him as a BAF, he'd be mindblowing.

-12 Bruce Banner: We need a Comic Book Banner. He's Literally 2 heads and a lab coat... Or just 2 heads if we make a post-hulking out Banner... The ToyBiz one was, well, Puny...

-11 The Leader:
2 for one figure... give him both heads, the classic "smokestack head" and the "scrotum head"

-10 Electro:
I KNOW that Space Venom had a Great Electro, but that's a MODERN Electro. If we're getting Classic Kraven as a repaint from Modern Kraven, Why NOT Electro repainted as his classic self? Maybe add 2 non electrifying hands?

-9 Doctor Doom:
I know that in 2012 we got a repaint from the Ronan Wave Doom, but that sculpt is outdated... We need a DECENT Doom with a better cloak.

-8 Nick Fury:
I'm talking about the Not Cinematic One. Basically an update to 2009's Nick Fury, but adding a Nick Jr. head for those who prefer the Samuel L. Jackson Fury.

-7 Tigra:
Another victim of Hasbro's awkward years in articulation. A New furry buck would be beneficial for her and other female furry characters like Wolfsbane... just saying.

-6  Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil Set:
I know those are 2 Figures and Zabu, but they NEED a remake. Ka-Zar is wearing a caucasian Flesh body suit and Shanna has outdated articulation and don't get me started on Zabu.

-5 F4 She-Hulk:
She-Hulk was updated for the A-Force six pack... Repaint of that She-Hulk with new headsculpt reflecting her time as a member of the Fantastic 4.

-4 Maestro: 
My ToyBiz Maestro broke on the torso and he was on a shelf untouched for ages. Maybe Hasbro could revisit him... Whether it's as a BAF or normal figure...

-3 Howard the Duck:
ToyBiz gave us OLD School Howard... Hasbro could give us a Modern Howard, maybe as a pack in with another figure or multipack.

-2 Vengeance:
We got a cool Ghost Rider with bike Recently... Vengeance could use an update...

-1 Thanos:
The Classic Thanos hasn't been made in Legends... All we have is either Modern Era or Movie versions of him... My Marvel Select Thanos needs a replacement...

Oct 10, 2018

Mega Man 11: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?

As you may have guessed by the title, I've played Mega Man 11. Reviewing Mega Man games is like Reviewing Storm Collectibles MK Ninjas... The core is the same, but the accessories and paint jobs make the difference (I have an Ermac to review and waiting on Rain and Smoke)

So, if you've played any Mega Man game, you KNOW what to expect: 8 robot masters, traverse stages with cheap deaths, reach the boss, find their  weakness, beat them then go to Wily, beat his castle fight the 8 all over again, then FINALLY Face Wily... Beat him and watch him beg as he escapes.

Well, Mega Man has a few tricks up his sleeve...
Something Old: Mega Buster Charge Shot and Slide are back.
Something new: Double Gear system, which is like a temp boost for Speed or Damage.
Something Borrowed: Double Gear System. In game canon the DGS is a Wily invention that Light "borrowed" to stop his former colleague. But it's Bullet time, which is borrowed from pretty much every game who has used that trick... Including MEGA MAN 2.
Something Blue: Mega Man, duh!

The game feels like it wanted to slap Mighty No.9 in the face and wants to make that game cry like an anime fan on Prom Night...

Where Mega Man 9 and 10 went with a faux Retro look. (sorry but if they had been TRUE Retro, then they should have been able to EASILY FIT in one of these:
Mega Man 11 decided to embrace the future and jumped to 3D... Sure, X did it before him and had a STEEP learning curve... X7 sucked and the non 2D platforming stages from X8 sucked as well.
But Mega Man 11 Feels like a 2D Mega Man but with 3D Models. No "Jump! Jump! Slide! Slide!" BS here!
Heck! Best part is that the game is not a $60 game... UIt's $30, so saving money is a win!
The game is a tad short though... I mean, it's MEGA MAN!! and Capcom LEARNED that for MEGA MAN you can't stray too far from the formula.

The game is great and all, but it does have a few flaws... It can be Mega Man 9 unforgiving... Had a couple of BS deaths that made me rage quit... until I discovered the Speed Upgrade to the Double Gear... Yeah, the game will try to make you use Double Gear as much as possible.
Betting that Blues and Forte will be Paid DLC because of Crapcom greed. Seriously? Where were they? Hopefully the game will be successful enough for a 12.

Oct 7, 2018

The movie is like a turd in the wind... Am I a Gaga fan now? Spoilers

A "Venom" movie without Spider-Man is the most stupid thing ever... People warned SONY, but they decided to keep on trucking and making this turd a reality...
I will spoil the crap out of this movie because it's bad and I don't want you to waste money on it...

SO Let's begin!

They Kill John Jameson the Man Wolf right out of the bat... Or Did they? Do the math:
Marvel movie, Astronaut named Jameson... He's dead now.

End Credits Spoiler that Pretty much everyone knew BEFORE THE MOVIE CAME OUT! Woody Harrelson cameos as Cletus Kassady... While wearing a cheap Party City wig. Worst offense:
They didn't use this when Harrelson dropped the Carnage line as BGM

They had a WAY to tie it in to Spidey but they didn't, because they are frigging Morons!

They fixed the Sim Buy Oats line to Sim Bee Oats

I was the only idiot who cheered after hearing Sim BEE Oat instead of sim BUY Oat.

But Let's Begin: Eddie Brock a Reporter living in San Francisco after being ousted from New York. He's engaged to Anne Weying an attorney whose firm works for The Life Foundation... The very same company that brought the symbiotes to Earth after "an accidental crash". Brock screws his relationship up at an interview with LF's CEO. Brock loses everything... again and not a Parker in sight... He is contacted by Dr. SimBUYOat... in order to help him uncover the Truth, Dr. SimBUY Oat helps Eddie infiltrate LF where he gets infected by the sim BUY Oat.

Then the movie turns into a weird Superhero movie from the last decade/buddy comedy between Eddie and the Symbiote. Oh yeah, Eddie doesn't go Venom until 1 hour into the film. We have a lot of awkward scenes where Hardy talks to himself and people think he's nuts. The movie remembers it has a villain and attaches a symbiote to Tentacle rape victime from Rogue One. They fight, bad guy kills Eddie, but Venom brings him back to life and they kill the bad guy. Eddie becomes Lethal protector, One Stan Lee Cameo, then Credits... then the Carnage cameo followed by more credits.

Thanks Jay, for summarizing it for me so eloquently.

Where can I start... The movie KINDA FEELS like a Sequel to Tobey Man 3, but with the First Hour forcing "an Origin" after they were forced to re-write.

While they tried to simplify, they ended up making a big mess. The stakes were... Apparently the world, but it didn't feel like that. Pretty much the entire movie felt like Eddie vs Thugs. Riot doesn't even come into play until the end of the movie. Now there are Millions of symbiotes awaiting to hitch a ride to conquer Earth.

If you really want to watch this: Don't waste your money...

Margot Robbie as Barbie? I think it works...

Seems like SONY lost their Barbie but WB found her... assuming the negotiations are successful. They chose Margot Robbie as their best candidate... Thank goodness, because the Amy Schumer project reeked of crap! But the Birds of Prey Project is still happening...
DCEU Reboot yourself. Start all over... You messed up with Jared Leto... Quit before you fall too behind.

But Back to Barbie... WB has a HUGE Responsibility with this... They are eyeing Patty Jenkins, which is a good thing. If they have a movie that is respectful to the character, they might do well...

Hello stupid Miscasting, now that we're speaking Birds of Prey. So we have Robbie as Harley returning... Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Live Free or Die Hard, Sky High) as Huntress... and wait for it:
Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Black Canary... a (Half) Black woman playing a Character who has BLACK in the name... AND THE CHARACTER ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE BLACK!!

You got them ALL WRONG! You COULD HAVE GOTTEN Away with  Huntress being half-black seeing that Sicily, due to it's location and closeness to Africa has had it's share of dark skinned people mingling with the population. This could allow that a "Half-Black Actress" could do the role of Bertinelli. Changing Black Canary's race just because "current year" is stupid and racist.

Wait, The Villain is rumored to be Roman Sionis... Also known as BLACK MASK... Betting that here they won't Cast a Black Man...

Oct 6, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest: Bennifer Edition.

Whoa... are we in 2003? Spike! Roll the Evanescence video...

If you are having visions of a bad Ben Affleck Movie, my job is done... I am referring to Daredevil and Elektra from the SP//DR wave. I already reviewed SP//DR, so let's taxckle the characters.
Matt Murdock, Blind Lawyer but has super senses... Don't fart near him... he'll know. He's also the Vigilante of Hell's Kitchen... I mean Clinton area of Manhattan.

Electric Nachos is an assassin who had a thing with Matt Murdock. She also helped the Vertically Challenged Angry Stabby Canadian to regain his humanity.

Daredevil seems to be on the Cyclops body (ratcheting shoulders and all.) with different forearms... Iron Fist, maybe? This means that Anything Scott could do, Daredevil does.

Elektra is using a female buck that is NOT Psylocke's, but the range of motion is similar to Betsy. I thought that with both of them being Ninja, that they'd reuse bodies.
 Paint and Sculpt:
I already mentioned that Matt is reusing Cyclop's body, so we KNOW what to expect from the body. I can't locate the boots. Might be a Captain America or Winter Soldier. Not truly sure.
The laces is where the paint failed. They tried to give it sone shading, but it looks a bit sloppy.

Elektra's body seems to be recent... and a huge improvement over previous Hasbro and ToyBiz Elektras. Like them her wraps are painted on and look a bit Meh...

Both come with a BAF Piece.
Matt comes with his billy club in "Grappling nunchuck mode" extra boxing hands
Elektra comes with 2 Sai.

Daredevil gets a 4.0 as his final score. It's Decent, but it feels like he needed a bit more oomph!

Elektra gets a 3.83 as her final score. Maybe if she had gotten an extra head OR the overused Katana, maybe she would've fared a bit better...

Oct 5, 2018

Spidey get in the Robot...

Zankoku na tenshi no you ni shounen yo shinwa ni nare...
Did I just crossed EVAngelion and Spidey again? Stupid SP//DR EVA knock-off!
Yes, I'm reviewing the SP//DR BAF... The Spidey from an Alternate Universe where everything is like EVA... Peter is a girl... and like Shinji...

So let's get cracking:

This is a weird one. SP//DR has a LOT LESS Articulation than A Normal Marvel Legend, yet I was able to pull off KEY Spidey Poses with it. It seems as if the Articulation was geared to pass My Spidey Test.

Paint and Sculpt:
It Kinda looks like the character... Mechs are never drawn the same every time I see them in comics. It captures the essence of it. One of the feet had a bit of paint that flaked off. Other than that, it's decent.

N/A it's a BAF.

SP//DR gets a 4.5 as its final score. I don't care about it, but I wanted MOST of the wave, so House of M(orons) Spidey was the hit I had to take.

Noelle Stevenson's She-Ra has been revealed and it's crap! (Language)

Let's begin to beat this dead Swift Wind...

Before I start:
This sucks ass, but there are a FEW GOOD things, like the background art... See? I can say positive things about this turd.
Behold Shadow Weaver... Her design isn't AS OFFENSIVE as others, but it clearly shows that Noelle and her hipster friends don't understand She-Ra. She is wearing a Mask... Has Fingerless gloves and Hylian ears. Long flowing hair is there because Reasons... Now her outfit, how does that even work?
She puts on the main dress. Then she puts on the black piece over it then she straps on the Pinker half-vest and THEN she puts on a scarf? HWAT?

Now we have Horde Hunger games with Adora and Catra using Giant dildos to fight...
And Shadow Weaver is going to fire a Hadoken to Adora...
Hordak's hairstyle reminds me of Pidgeotto... Hordak's Hairstyle... Hairstyle... And they managed to fuck up Hordak... You had ONE JOB, Noelle Stevenson...
This is "The Great Rebellion"... I have to question the choices made for each and every one of them...
Let's start with Mermista:
Why is she wearing a two piece Surfing Bodysuit?  I mean it doesn't scream FANTASY...
A character who lives on the Depths of the Ocean wouldn't have such tanned skin, but by questioning it, the idiots who defend this drivel think that my theme song is this. I know that this "choice" was deliberately made for "muh diversity" but it wasn't fully thought out. Doesn't have any "markers" that would depict her as a Etherian version of "Pacific Islander".
Don Karnage... wait is that supposed to be Pond Chicken? They made Sea Hawk even blander and more Generic... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This bit of incompetence by Noelle Stevenson pleases me, but at the same time it makes me weep, because they keep failing at this.

On the Background, the Vertically Challenged Akane Tendo/ Katara hybrid is Frosta...
I KNEW They were gonna go Inuit on her! Next to her we seem to have Perfuma... If the trailer shows better images I'll discuss them...

Long Haired Pearl From Steven Universe cosplaying as Angella. The outfit isn't bad at all. My only gripe is the proportions of Angella that make her seem half giraffe or like I said, Pearl from Steven Universe.

Netossa... Her outfit could be made out of items from Urban Outfitters, Aerie, Gap, Hot Topic...
Also she has the Stereotypical Lesbian hairdo #13? The closest thing to FANTASY THEMES would be the bracers...

Spinnerella: Ugh! She's fat... Before you start picking up the pitchforks and torches, ask yourself this:
What Logical thought process was used here? The One Character that has to be SUPER ACTIVE in order to use her Spinning Powers is FATTER THAN ME! Not to mention how her Outfit is Horrible and unflattering to her figure.

Oh great, they are going to have the stupid exaggerated expressions... Wait, Catra has heterochromia?
And Adora is committing herself to Auto-erotic Asphyxiation... Then we have the sword scene, which I won't redo.
The Evil Horde is explained to Adora. I must admit that I actually chuckled to that... But that doesn't change my feelings that this is a Turd!

And the Horde Troopers are somehow Lamer now... How do you fuck up Horde Troopers?
Blandest Horde Members ever... Is that Lizard supposed to be Leech?
Wait Perfuma almost looks decent... Wait is Pink hair supposed to be Entrapta? Wasn't she part of the Horde? DO YOU EVEN SHE-RA? You fucking Hipsters!? Also, Mermista wearing Sneakers!? WHAT PART OF RENFAIR MEETS STAR WARS YOU SHITHEADS DON'T UNDERSTAND!!
Huh? Double Trouble... Interesting...
All The Inuit Zero Frosta... Another fail at redesign... Also her face looks a little bit TOO Stereotyped...
She looks better in Mermaid Mode... KEEP HER IN MERMAID MODE ALL THE TIME!!
Why is the Crystal Castle a Tee Pee? This keeps getting worse by the second.
Imp is Literally Baby Hordak... I give up... Fuck this shit...

There is no iota of Respect towards the Source Material. It shows. I don't think I can even watch this ABOMINATION.

Well, Bryan Flynn is smoking some weird shit... Remember the 6" She-Ra Figures? These are it...
6 POA Figures "For Adult Collectors" Only available for Pre-Order This Weekend. And he wants $50 + Shipping for these pieces of crap... If these were Classics Scaled, with Classics Level of Detail (Read: Same Craptacular Outfits but sculpted Hair that read as Hair) I would have bought them for the novelty factor... As they are: FUCK NO! These are overpriced Happy Meal Toys. I dread to think What Mattel will do if THIS IS THE "HIGH QUALITY ADULT COLLECTIBLE"...