Aug 22, 2012

It Came from the Toy Chest: All I need is a Crowbar and a Jason Todd

He's funny... he's crazy, he's evil AND he's voiced by Mark Hamill!

I'm talking about the Joker!!

Who I had the pics in the back burner for a LOOOOOOOOONG time... (almost a year ago)... I was lucky to find the card where they were stored...

Stop Hammer Time!!
 Do I REALLY NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE JOKER!? Who he is and what does he do? Well, let's get to the ratings part: 1 = lame and 5 = Awesome!

He's got the standard DCUC Articulation... Specifically Gentleman Ghost's Articulation (cause they DO share a lot of parts) Sadly mine has a "frozen" leg joint that I dare not touch... (See Cyborg Superman Review)

His crotch is pinstriped... Sadly mine has a frozen leg joint.

Paint and Sculpt: 
I have no complaints here cause he LOOKS Like the Joker, has a decent paintjob and the tampographed pinstripe look for him is AWESOME!!

He even has a Jokerfish!! Sadly he can't use his hammer like the Super Powers version.
The Joker is packing a couple of things: first a DCUC Clear Stand, his Cane, a deck of cards, his Super Powers Hammer AND a JOKERFISH!!
Mister J gets a 4.13 He would have score a lot higher if it wasn't for that pesky Leg joint issue from the DCUC figures...
There are no funny pics this time because I never found a Jason Todd Robin but I think I got a crowbar... somewhere!

It Came from San Diego: CRUSH! KILL! DESTROY! SWAG!

I still need to show off the OTHER stuff I got from the TGR Win a Vykron contest stuff!! (I snuck in some stuff on other It Came from the Toy chest reviews)

Well, this It Came From... San Diego will show the other non-toy stuff!

Remember the Paper He-Man? I also have a Paper Stan Lee... who for now will NOT BE Made into Stan the Man cause I need a Sharp Knife... Maybe I could borrow one from Finland...

Welcome True Believers! Excelsior! Nuff Said! I ran out of Stan Lee Quotes!

Now unto Reading Material: I got a nifty penlight promoting House at the End of the Street which will help me read the comics and Magazine that I got...

It IS a pretty nifty light, small and decent power...
This cover seems familiar...

I already talked about the MOTU Comic, but I have a TMNT Comic based on the new Universe... the Nick Universe... Well, that's what I think it is because it's using the Nickelodeon TMNT toys, which gives off this web comic vibe to them... Now if some company would do that with their super poseable line of toys... I mean they have these amazing dioramas already for the cons... But I suppose that they don't have the LOGISTICS to even make a web comic...
Maybe Sir-Loser-Lot would have sold out faster if he had a web comic like this...
Oh wait, he had one made by DC...

Now the next Reading Item is the Haute Doll Magazine SDCC edition! It has a Truly Outrageous cover!

Well, duh! It's Jem! She's excitement! (and Truly Outrageous)

I know that dolls are not everyone's cup of tea, but I DO enjoy them... It made me realize something, Dolls are becoming more awesome now that they're adding Articulation! Sadly a lot of these awesome dolls are so far out of my price range that it's... wait for it... Truly Outrageous!
It was a funny coincidence that it landed on a Barbie Collector ad...
No, I'm not trying to kiss Mattel's butt for review samples!
works for ID Cards, Keys and Penlights!! Also HE-MAN!!

Also I'm going to stick that penlight on the nifty MOTU Lanyard necklace thing for IDs...

Now I need to get an iPod in order to

give it some Voltron skin!! (yes, I'd have the Voltron Theme on it... and a ton of Pony songs cause ponies and new Lance is Shining Armor, but new Allura is either 20% cooler or an applebucker)
Form Blazing tracklist!

There's the MOTUC 30th stuff... Sadly there was no cake... cause Spector ate it! or there were no resources left for cake.
Party hat and blower combo...

Makes me feel old... but still, it's a party blower!

 Also a Bart Simpson Temp Tattoo!!

for some reason now I wanna play the Simpsons Arcade Game

 Speaking of games...
I WILL play it, but I'm not a social gamer... This will make it harder!
I also seem to have a game... a MMORPG anime styled called Remnant Knights! (will try and review on another post... after I play it cause I'm an anti-social gamer)

The Last Item I got in my Mattel Magic bag of Awesomeness is...

Mc Rarity and Mc Dashie! That, and THAT Alone made the whole  thing

and there you have it... That's all the other non-Vykron stuff in the bag...

Aug 18, 2012

It Came From the Toy Chest: Must not make any BTTF Jokes!

Cause He-Man is going to take you back to the past... To play the shi- Oops! sorry, wrong line!
Maybe he can go back to the past and tell me the lotto numbers so I can buy 2013 subs!
and NO... He's not going to the past to make sure that he is born... and not make his mom fall in love with him... Can't make any He-Man is wearing a dress jokes, or he's the MOTUC Hamburglar... Robble Robble!
How can I review Preternia Disguise He-Man if I can't do any jokes with a figure so full of comedic potential!

Really? I can't make a He-Man in a dress joke?
OK let's do this in a more serious manner! I REALLY WANT TO MAKE A WRONG SWORD JOKE HERE!! Ah, let's do this!!
Thunderpunch He-Man has to travel to the past to find out the weakness of the Snakemen. Sorceress warns him about the past and how interfering could change the future... so, He-Man wears that robe and puts on a Domino Mask so people many years ago (long before there was a He-Man) would NOT RECOGNIZE HIM!! I'll let the stupidity of that sink in... Let's say that 2012 me hits 1612 wearing 2012 clothes and a bathrobe with a domino mask on top of them...

I'll do the ratings thing cause the more I talk about Preternia Disguise He-Man, I wanna punch somebody... Johnny Cage style!!

How can I say this: in theory, he's got the Standard Articulation. In execution, not so much...
His ab crunch is partially blocked by the top. Most of his thigh Articulation is blocked by his super Rigid Skirt. Sure, he has some slits on the sides, but the hard Material reduces the range of motion... Good thing for Battle Cat, cause He-Man can't ride him or fly the Wind Raider.

Paint and Sculpt:It's He-Man in a dress!! There's not much to say about the sculpt... Except that his hood would be perfect for a 200X skeletor. There's no paint slop on mine.

He-Man's got a gun... on big freaking gun!!
Here's where the figure shines. He has his own Power Sword (Wasted opportunity for a 1-tone silver sword) He has a rifle from the Bionatops toy and last but not least THE COSMIC KEY!!

How freaking cool is that!? It's a shame that the cosmic key was part of a Sub Exclusive and will not be reissued with Gwildor... If he gets made...
and Spector's might has been proven!
This figure is worth it just for the Cosmic Key alone! That accessory is so freaking cool that it makes all the Articulation flaws be easily ignored.

4.17 for This He-Man that is hard to describe. He's a decent sub exclusive figure... Non-essential He-Man variant that only the hardcore (or those who REALLY want a Cosmic Key) would've  gotten. Aside his super hard skirt, he's a great figure who gives us Ninjor's armor! Put that sucker in Scareglow's buck, paint it in Ninjor colors add Ninjor's dragon tampo to the armor. Reuse Jitsu's sword and all we need is the nunckucks, heads and bow.

Aug 17, 2012

It Came from the Toychest: He comes from the Giggity Giggity swamp!

Heh heh! Alright! I'm talking about Mr. Kalamarr!! (Slush Head on this side of the pond!) He's a Space Mutant from the New Adventures of He-Man...

Nothing? I understand... The New Adventures characters are not that popular... although they have a nice look when "classicized". Slush head is pretty much the Beastman of New Adventures... He's one of the most wanted New Adventures characters. The vintage toy's dome was filled with a slushy liquid. The MOTUC Version
Kalamarr... Kalamarr sounds like... Squid in Spanish,...
He also has two mechanical tentacles... being a Doc Ock fan, drew me towards Mr. Kalamarr.
Stop! ratings time! 1 = crap and 5 = rad!
Now, before I start I must speak about the Action feature... the "Slush Head"... Mattel couldn't fill in the toys with liquid from china due to health concerns about the quality of Chinese "slush". So, this brings changes to the toy that MAY have an adverse effect to some folks.
-Head is permanently suck to his armor.
-Slush head cannot swap heads or armors with others.
-slush head has a plug on the back of his dome.
-His Torso doesn't have the neck peg for other heads
stupid PLUUUUUG!!
Look Ma! No neck peg!
I'm afraid to do this cause of QC issues...

I mentioned the head issue and that means 1 poa less than the normal figures. His armor limits the ab crunch a lot and his tentacles MAY or MAY NOT have 2 poa each...
Paint and Sculpt:
The sculpt on Slush head is beautiful... for a swamp dwelling ugly mutant... His body is composed of Clawful's torso and shoulders, whiplash's forearms and legs, Mer-Man's hands and feet, and last but not least Flipshot's crotch and boots! the head, armor and weapon are the new sculpts! (Tentacles are part of the armor not an accessory) I've not noticed any sloppy paints on him.
He only has one but works as 2... but he has Mer-Man's hands so he can only hold one. His rifle also functions as an axe... in a sort of weird backwards thinking bayonet kind of way!
I wanna AXE HIM A QUESTION, but he's a moron with an axe!

pew! pew!


for Mr. Kalamarr. I have to say that him being so bare bones, when he's pretty much a new head, hurt him a little bit. The not-so-great planning from Mattel's design team of keeping slush-head's head stuck facing forward when he could have had the ability to turn his head WHILE being able to fill it with liquid is very possible! (something like Man-e-Faces) Also they could've had the four horsemen sculpt faux liquid inside the helmet and we would have no need for that unsightly cap.

Now I wish that we HAD a Hydron!!

It Came from the Toy Chest: I was once a Man-at-Arms!

Seriously, Snake-Man-At-Arms is pretty much a walking Cobra commander joke... Mattel faced a dilemma: How to make a Man-at-Arms variant. Filmation was pretty much a repaint of the Palace guard buck and a Msutached Man-at-arms head. 200X Man-at-Arms was out of the question "that style is retired" and all that crap. 1987 Movie Man-at-Arms was an impossibility even if Mattel could do "any repaints of characters they own. Like Marlena, or Man-at-Arms" ...
Well there's the 200X Variants of him... Let's see:
Battle Glove MAA is pretty Much 200x MAA which we can't get... "anime Hyperdetail" and all that...
Samurai MAA... well, let's pretend that abomination never happened...
Then there's Serpent Claw MAA... whose main difference vs normal MAA is a silver chest armor and shoulder pauldron... That's weapon pack Material!! It's Impossible to make a Man-at-Arms variant...
well, the geniuses at Mattel figured it out! Snake-Man-At-Arms!
They popped a new snake head on the old MAA Body...
After all the flak that Mattel got with Battleground Evil Lyn, they expect fans to take the plunge with another lazy repaint variant? they need to improve this ****!
Mattel heard us loud and clear... They went back to the drawing board with Snake Man-at-Arms...
They made the impossible possible with Roboto, Man-e-Faces, and Trap Jaw bits... They gave Man-at-Arms a 200X Inspired buck!

He ONCE WASSSS A MAN!!! (at-Arms)
 So, let's take a look at 200X Man-at-Arms Snake-Man-At-Arms!
5 point rating, the closer to 5 the better the toy... the closer to 1 well, let's say the toy is not that good!

This is what we were supposed to get...
Thank goodness for fans "whining"
Snake MAA has the standrard MOTUC Articulation here. Nothing to write home about. No loose joints here either.

Paint and Sculpt:
The take on 200X MAA with reused parts is amazing. The new Snake head is pretty cool AND it looks like Man-at-Arms! Now I have a few issues with paint. the armor has beautiful gold accents, but on his chest armor some are painted beautifully, while some areas that should have these accents do not have them. Then there's the right bracer thing. due to his usage of Trap Jaw's forearms the bracer looks off. Mostly cause it was painted in the shape of a normal bracer. Half of the bracer looks painted on. I know it won't bug some, but it bugs me!
Man-at-Arms vs Snake-Man-at-Arms!! They're sexy and they know it!
Remember when I mentioned that Snake Man-at-Arms began his existence in MOTUC as a Lazy Repaint? Well, the USS Logistics hit an iceberg here and sank the Iceberg! SMAA only has his Mace which I must say is not as limp as the Normal MAA Mace... (Magic Blue Pill?)  and he also comes with a

Serpent's Ring... Originally it was going to be Die Cast but USS Logistics crushed that... thank goodness!
that's all he comes with... Raise your hand if you're feeling ripped off!


He has a tambourine!! and looks very 200X-Like!
Mr. Snake-Duncan gets a  3.0 and it's mostly due to the lack of accessories. He's almost in Stratos Levels... or you can say he is on Zodac levels...
He has 2 accessories: One for him and one for King Hssss, compared to NORMAL Man-at-Arms who had:
-Extra head ('stache vs no 'stache)
-Secret Techno Sword for He-Man or KG
-Short Sword
Luckily for me, I have a spare gun and sword form the first Weapons pack... Now don't get me wrong, he's a really great figure (gives me a 200x Look for MAA which I prefer) but the lack of accessories for a figure that is simply a new head DOES suck a bit!

It came from the Toy Chest: Hordito Supreme Edition.

 You know what's higher than Hordak? No it's not a Hurricane... but the Big Cheese, the Head Honcho, the Christmas hating Hordito Supreme... Horde Prime!! Now this is a controversial topic. Not everyone likes a being above Hordak.

Evil Lyn better not release this one... wait!
If she doesn't release it, I can't review it!

Filmation's Horde Prime looks hard to do as an Action Figure.

Euro-Prime is kinda weird too!
So, how can we make the unmakable into an Action Figure... We call the Four Horsemen... Luckily Mattel has their number on Speed Dial. And they produced THIS!!

Behold! The Hordito Supreme!!

Some say he looks like a Mecha-Koi... but to me he looks a bit like a Shadow Beast From LoZ: Twilight Princess with the Faceless One's Skirt! and Roboto's arms...with fixed Shoulders! And Trap Jaw knees with Hordak feet! you get the idea... Let's look at the review part for this guy right here!

Swapping the head armor and cape to a Spector buck could work for a full UK Prime.

Seriously, the red bugs me out!!
Feeling Urge to repaint... lack of detail on belt and arms!!

He's got the Standard MOTUC Articulation, although he loses the Head Articulation with the Helmet head that is NOT the UK head... yes he has a second head which is his UK comics look.
Paint and Sculpt:
Sculptwise this thing is a thing of beauty! The new parts complement the already known parts to make this a more imposing figure... that also has the same subtlety as Hideo Kojima... sorry, no more Peace Walker Jokes... Now Paintwise... The USS Logistics struck here... Mattel had to cut a LOT of paint apps on Horde Prime... that would have broken off the Black and Red paint scheme on him and to make matters slightly worse, mine is missing some red paint from the front of his Skirt!
OK, he got the shaft here as well, but all is OK, he gets the staff on the next Weapons pack! He currently has:
Second Head, Crossbow, "Pope Hood", Helmet, Cape (cause Capes now Count as an accessory... wait that only applies if he's a Princess of Power character... wait he IS!? Dammit!) Nah! Just kidding he only has the Crossbow (that Spikor can use on his left arm) and the UK Head.
The Hordito Supreme gets a 3.67 Mostly cause of the lack of paint apps on him and the missing Staff. He's pretty cool for a Sub Exclusive June Monthly figure.
I couldn't stand the Red Face on him! Captain Paintbrush, AWAY!!

It came from San Diego: by the Power of Grayskull, I have the PAPER!!

He-Man made out of paper!?

We shall see if this box is not lying...

Nice, Skeletor, Beastman, and Teela!? 

This is He-Man from Mixo's kookycraft line... which is basically a paper version of the character. Which is pretty cool to have as a desk decoration.
He's bigger than a MOTUC!!

He's 9 inches tall so that's roughly 2 inches taller than a MOTU Classics figure. The box claims no scissors, glue or tape needed, which is true.

the backdrop is a T-Shirt... and you need patience to do this!

IT DOES require a little patience to remove He-Man from the paper in order to turn the paper into He-Man. Once you take out the He-Man parts from the rest of the paper it's a small matter of folding and inserting tabs in slots to assemble the figure.

Once you're done, you have a cool looking Filmation inspired He-Man that will adorn your desktop. Honestly, I'm not sure if the target audience is kids or 30-somethings. I mean it's easy enough for a kid to do it, but It's hard to find anyone under 30 who is interested in Filmation MOTU...

I cannot rate this as a normal toy, since this is NOT a Normal Toy... So no Action figure ratings on this review. I like them, Hopefully they will have more characters to expand upon (Man-at-Arms, Evil Lyn, and others. IIRC they only have access to the MOTU side and that leaves She-Ra out of the Kookycraft...)

Aug 11, 2012

It Came from the Toy Chest: Nobody loves me Edition

Horde Prime and Snake-Man-At-Arms are still MIA, but my July Matty Figure has arrived: Spikor!
All Spiky and awaiting his release!!
While he's not a character that I had in My childhood I did have some experiences with Spikor... I remember Balls at the end of his trident though... Which I'm glad the Horsemen got rid of them!!

Sadly there is no MOTUC figure Brave enough to  do this!
 His Trident being spiky IS a good thing... Also, having Skeletor's Blacksmith is the best way to explain most of Skeletor's variants! In the 80s Toyline he created the Terror Claws for Skeletor!

Now we move on to the ratings part where 1 = as crappy as some crazy 200X Variants and 5 = as awesome as the expectations for a MOTUC Grayskull!

Kleffton has the same Articulation as a Standard MOTUC Figure... Perhaps 1 Extra POA on the Trident, but his Right Shoulder is kinda stuck! (Just like a Barbarian who plays dress-up!)

Paint and Sculpt:
As you can see he's pretty much like Vintage Spikor, but there's a slight hint of Filmation on his face, He's got new forearms... (I actually expected Mattel to reuse the Tri-Klops forearms cause of Logistics) Now Paintwise, we've got another story... Like Vykron before him (or after him) Spikor is made of black plastic on his arms and legs while painted in purple... Not a cool idea! (Probably why his right shoulder gets stuck)

Spikor has his left Trident, the red base on his arm, an alternate extended Trident, his Spiked Mace (sadly it's as gummy as MAA's Mace) AND a spare Left hand for those Filmation Spikor fans... His left Arm is compatible with Trap Jaw, Roboto, Hurricane Hordak, Horde Prime AND Tallstar parts.

there is a pill for that...

I think it would have been easier to make the small trident and an extension...
They complain about tooling budget, but sometimes they make weird decisions...

I knew his arm was compatible with other figures, but Damn! this IS Ridiculous...
Spikor gets a 4.0 as a final score. If he didn't have the paint issues from the black plastic, he would've fared a lot better. He is a cool addition to a MOTUC Display even if in my Fan Continuity, he's almost a talking head.

Aug 9, 2012

It Came from the Toy Chest: If you smell what the Joes are cooking!

GI Joe Ninja Dojo 3 pack from the GI Joe Retaliation line is what came out of the toychest today and this is what it is!
It's a 3 pack with Beachhead, Kamakura and

Hey! It's been a while since I've made a HM reference!!
One more year until I can see The Great One lay the smackdown! on some Cobra Jabronies!
Well, it's one of the few GI Joe Retaliation items that can be seen until the movie starts NEXT YEAR!! Now on this pack, I have to say WHOA!! It's got a LOT of stuff!! All for for a bit less than the cost of 3 Joe figures... Unlike certain toy company that doesn't understand the notion of 3-packs being cheaper than 3 separate figures... not going to drop any names though...

This is the wrong intro, but it fits the movie-verse...
Now back to the toys... Aside The Rockblock, Kamakura and Beachhead feel like they belong on the 30th Anniversary toyline instead of this line... Mostly cause of details and Articulation.

I think I should head into the ratings part: 1 = crap, crappier than the lamest Plan Cobra has ever tried to take over the world with and 5 = Sgt. Slaughter beating the crap out of Serpentor with both hands behind his back!

I'll start with Kamakura:
snake eyes has his own little sidekick... that reuses parts from his nemesis
Head's on a ball joint, although the Articulation is a bit restricted due to the extra hood. shoulders can rotate and swivel. so can his elbows. his wrist rotates and his torso is on a ball joint. His legs are like most 25th Anniversary joes. His knees are double jointed and his ankles can rotate and move on a hinge.

Paint & Sculpt:
I'm not THAT familiar with the character. all I know is that he's Snake Eyes' Pupil. IIRC His sculpt is a reuse from a Storm Shadow Figure with some possibly new parts. My Kamakura does not have any visible slop on the paints and his Arashikage logo is tampographed neatly.

Hoo boy! Kamakura has a LOT of them!
Sub-Machine Gun with suppressor (Suppressor is removable)
3 pronged Claw (like VEGA or WOLVERINE)
2 Ninja Swords
backpack/sheath for the swords
Black Sword
Webgear with holster for Machete
Sure, the small size of the figures allow for this huge amount of accessories, but it's awesome when figures have a LOT of them!!

Kamakura gets a 4.83

Beach Head
He also works as nice fodder for Metal Gear Solid Customs...
Head's on a ball joint, shoulders can rotate and swivel. so can his elbows. his wrist rotates and his torso is on a ball joint. His legs are like most 25th Anniversary joes. His knees are double jointed and his ankles can rotate and move on a hinge.

Paint and sculpt:
I KNOW that he's reusing parts, but not sure the extent of the reuse. The only paint issue I have is the reversed USA flag on his right sleeve. I must warn folks that his knee pads CAN fall off.

Beach Head does not disappoint on the Accessories department
Gun with Removable Suppressor (both can be holstered on his right leg)
2 knives for CQB (one can be sheathed on his right boot)
2 sub machine guns
Machine Gun

 4.67 A bit less than Kamakura, the weird USA Flag bugs me too much!

Now for the last man Standing...

He's got a ball-jointed head, ball-joint-like shoulders and elbows. His wrists rotate. the torso is on a ball-joint. His legs work like the standard joe legs at the hip. Sadly his knees are single jointed and there is no ankle articulation!
Mandatory Reference to one of his Finishing moves: The People's Elbow!

Paint and Sculpt:
He looks like the Rock and the sculpt is pretty detailed (bulging veins, his wife-beater is very tight and you can see the muscles) Sadly, the paint is a bit of a miss on this figure. The shirt is underpainted, so his Shirt is gray with a Flesh colored trim. on a more positive note, the tampo with the Arashikage logo is nice and crisp... (wait so the rock is now an Arashikage ninja!?)

Obviously, the Rock gets the short end of the stick here.
Mini Gun
Ammo chain
Machine Gun with Removable Ammo clip
Hugh Jass Rocket Launcher thing with firing missile... I hate oversized spring loaded weapons!

The Rock gets a 3.33 We smelt what he was cooking, but Hasbro screwed up with him... At least he isn't holding a weapon handle permanently like his non-night Camo version...

Now for the value on THE WHOLE THING!!

4.28!! While The Rock is the one pulling down the score, he IS a MILLION times better than the Single Carded version with non-removable weapon handle on his right hand!

Now for a Bonus Review that came from SDCC... and I wasn't even NEAR

Hey! I had no Ahnuld clips of him saying Kelly For Nyuh! But I've got The Rock impersonating Ahnuld!

I can almost hear a chipmunk version of him saying: If you Smellllllllllll!
It's THE ROCK... by Mattel for their WWE Rumblers toyline. He's like a 2 inch tall pie eating la-la-la-la, jabroni beating... you get the idea...
He's got 4 POA, which honestly is 2 more than I expected from a small scale kid-friendly line from Mattel. Paint is pretty nice and unlike CM Punk, the Rock has pretty accurate tattoos... (Like Mattel is going to allow a Pepsi and a Cobra Tattoo... And I'm most definitely sure that the guys at Hasbro wouldn't be OK with that) Also, The People's Champion sports a San Diego Comic Con shirt, which makes him a Comic Con Exclusive... He's a pretty awesome figure, if you're into WWE Rumblers... or you'd use him as a stuffed Wrestler toy for displays with other lines like TMNT, ML, DCUC, or heck even MOTUC... although it wouldn't make sense to have The Rock stuffed toys on Eternia...