Sep 30, 2019

Another year and it still hurts...

Well, it's four years since I became an orphan. It hurts just as much as it did on day zero. I'm still haunted by my own soul breaking scream as my brain finally realized that I was an orphan. I remember the chill down my spine, the pressure on my throat as if I was being strangled, but the worst of all was the massive pain of heartbreak.

I couldn't say goodbye, for I was working. I couldn't save her...  I didn't get a chance to plead to God for help before she died... And seems that my soul wasn't worthy enough for the Devil to tempt me with a deal...

I cry...  I cry on this horrible day, because, it's the ONLY THING I CAN DO!!

The last thing I need to hear is the sanctimonious "don't cry for the dead" speech. IT DOES ABSOFUCKINGLUTY NOTHING!! I'm not crying for the dead! I'm crying for myself!  I'm crying for my pain. I'm crying for the fact that I'll never see her but I'll never hear her voice I won't be able to spend any time with her. I cry for the empty hole in my heart  that will never be filled! I cry for the loss of my innocence... (not in that way, you sick fuck!) Yes, my tears are selfish, because it's all I have.

These tears are my punishment... A grim reminder of what I've lost... and I must endure this pain in order to live. Pain is proof that we're alive. But as they say I got to Keep On Truckin move on and live. "It gets better" they say. .. Meanhwile, I carry this pain in my heart that hasn't stopped in years.

Sep 29, 2019

The DC Multiverse Alfred brings forth a big problem with Mattel's DC lines.

know it's over for Mattel and DC. But having Alfred really brought forward a HUGE, and I mean Yuuuuge problem.

There are no civilians in this line. I mean sure we have Clark Kent a crappy Bruce Wayne figure with articulation straight out of 1992 and Alfred maybe Lex Luthor in a suit but I'm not 100% sure... nope, not even that.

 I get it not everyone would be interested in action figures in a suit. But there are certain characters that should have gotten a civilian version or have certain supporting characters who are civilians.

Hell we don't even have an unmasked comic book Batman to put with Alfred.

We got a Clark Kent back when the line was called DC superheroes and that's it.
 no Lois no Jimmy Olsen no businessman Luthor. I'm not even asking for a man Park and or Perry White or Lana Lang. Just Lois Jimmy and Lex.  that would have rounded up Clark Kent's circle nicely.

 for Batman we got Alfred that's it.  not even a Bruce Wayne with modern articulation. He'll not even a Batman with interchangeable Bruce Batman heads.
For crying out loud we never got a comic book Jim Gordon. After Alfred and Bruce Wayne Jim Gordon is the only civilian we truly need. Sure, a Civilian Dick, Tim, Jason, Barbara, and Damian would be cool, but not necessarily essential.

Even some of Batman's criminals are civilians like Falcone, Hugo Strange... the closest thing we got was black mask and he has that funky black skull face.

It feels like a wasted opportunity but it's too late for that Mattel basically has to run its course with the DC license.

I'm just imagining what could have been I'm just imagining what could have been and it was beautiful.
And yes this rant stems from the fact that I bought a DC Multiverse Alfred! I got to hit with a realization that I have nowhere to put the faithful Butler. 

The petition to bring back Alan Oppenheimer as Skeletor is a bad idea.

Alan Oppenheimer is a Great Actor! That is a fact. His Skeletor is Iconic and most Skeletors (whether official or parody) have used Oppenheimer's version as inspiration.

But with that said, I don't want him back as Skeletor.

As you can hear here, Alan Oppenheimer sounds of a Skeletor. I have two Google search to see if Oppenheimer was doing Skeletor because it sounded like a good imitation of his Skeletor but not quite right. Even back when Super 7 released the curse of the three Terrors Oppenheimer's Skeletor was a bit off.

 it feels kind of dirty  to force a 90 year old man into reprising a role he made popular 36 years ago. And while it will sound a bit ageist I don't think Oppenheimer should reprise his role as Skeletor. I wouldn't say no to a guest role or for Oppenheimer help the new Skeletor voice actor to sound like classic Skeletor.

I understand the admiration for Oppenheimer's roll as Skeletor. Especially since I love his performance as the overlord of evil.  I simply disagree with having him play a role where he has to strain himself to reach the desired voice. After all Skeletor voice is not his natural voice.

 should he do a voice as a guest?  most definitely. But he should not be a regular...

I understand where the people signing the petition are coming from but out of respect towards Alan Oppenheimer I do not agree with it. Also it would be horribly weird hearing Oppenheimer playing Skeletor but not hearing John Irwin as He-Man, Lou Scheimer as Beastman, Trap Jaw, or Linda Gary as Teela.

Sep 28, 2019

Odds and ends Sept. 28, 2019 Get him a body bag!

I know it sounds a bit tasteless... but in my defense, Cobra Kai did it first!

Yes, that's right. In an universal twist of fate, Rob Garrison, best known for the infamous Body bag quote ended up in a body bag, and I don't mean the Cobra Kai episode. He died due to organ failure. My condolences to the family and friends. But man, that episode was eerily prophetic.

Jonah Hill is a whiny bitch. He's demanding $10 Million for being a Villain in the new Batman movie. That's literally twice the amount they're paying Robert Pattinson to play THE MAIN CHARACTER. He's acting up like he's a thespian, because he worked for a Scorsese film.

Ask me about my Weiner is trying too hard in his "serious actor" image. Dude, you're playing a one-off character, not a multiple movie role. Besides, comic book movors should be something beneath "an actor of your calibre"...

Also, using Academy Award Nominations as leverage?  Bitch please, Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage does work for cheap. Either you want it or you don't and if you don't just say it. You know what they should just simply felt Jonah Hill to piss off and get Josh Gad who do it for cheaper and it's a far much better actor.

Jeff Goldblum weird laugh noises intensify. So now dr. Grant dr. Sattler and dr. Malcolm will be in Jurassic World 3 hopefully it'll be in a more active role unlike Malcolm's role in Jurassic World 2. There's not much I can say since the flooded being kept Under Wraps but ending with Malcolm Sattler and Grant seems like a nice way to end the Jurassic Park bastardization Saga... Book Superior, movies inferior.  I am curious to see a dr. Grant and Star-Lord interaction.

Sep 27, 2019

Tom Holland is back in the MCU... for a little bit.

SONY has seen the light... partially. They're going to work with Disney for a conclusion on the MCU Spidey trilogy, and one extra MCU appearance, but he will still be part of the "SONYVERSE" which we know it'll be

Yes, exactly, Jonah... it's going to suck, since SONY is freaking Clueless. Hopefully, this "One More Movie" can help SONY see the light and have Marvel as consultants for the "SONYVERSE" In order to avoid the Third time SONY screws up Spidey.
But let's celebrate that for the time being, Spidey is in good hands.

It Came from the Toy Chest: Lightning Collection Yellowdar

Or Grifforzer in his Japanese Super Sentai name. I'm talking about Goldar, THE MMPR Henchman. The dude has an ax to grind with Tommy and Jason. He's a Gamestop exclusive...

He's VERY Articulated. I'd say he's MORE Articulated than a Marvel Legend! And for a Bigger guy, he has a rather large range of Articulation.

Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt is amazeballs! Goldar LOOKS Like Goldar! I have NO complaints there... Paintwise, here's where he falls apart. Hasbro used a dull Metallic Yellow as their base and barely gave him any shading.
stock photo... not mine
I had to repaint mine, because I couldn't stand the plain yellow. But I still have to rate him BEFORE the repaint...

2 Extra Hands
Energy effect
He's CLOSE to perfection, but falls short thanks to a single detail: He lacks the folded in wings  that he has at times in Season 1.

Goldar gets a 4.5 as his Final Score. The Yellow thing really hurts his score... Other than that, he's a Kickass Figure.
Being a Gamestop Exclusive made him an even bigger PAIN in the ass to get.

For those who want to know, the paints used were FolkArt Royal Gold and Antique Gold... I know that there are much better paints, but that's what I had in-house.

Mattel NEEDS to get He-Man on a Videogame ASAP!!

No, that Toy Chest game doesn't count... I mean on an actual videogame... probably as a guest character... or a fully fledged game for ACTUAL Consoles. Right now the "Easiest" Game to get He-Man and company out would be a Fighting game. With the upcoming Origins line and movie, having a Videogame appearance might get some love to the property.

There was this rumor (proved to be false) about Skeletor joining MK11... But, if MATTEL were to PLAY SMART, they'd be all over Boon and Netherrealm to get a MOTU Game going.
With SoulCalibur VI Many of the Popular creations have been He-Man, She-Ra, Skeletor, Hordak... Others, such as Myself have tasked themselves to making Nearly every character... or variant.
a small sample of MOTU characters created in SC6.
Which shows that PEOPLE WANT TO SEE SOME HE-MAN Love in Videogames. I could take an Official He-Man and Skeletor becoming SC6 DLC Guests and having certain CAS Parts added to make a couple of MOTU Characters. I'm using SCVI because it's not a Rated M game like MK11 also, it would require very little effort from Mattel. Namco could easily combine moves from Sigfried and Nightmare to make He-Man. Skeletor can be made by combining Kilik and Geralt moves.
The Additional Create a Soul Parts would be basically:
-He-Man Hairdo
-Skeletal face for the Darksider body
-He-Man Harness
-Skeletor Harness
-He-Man Loincloth (all)
-Skeletor Loincloth (all)
-He-Man Bracers
-He-Man Boots (all)
-Skeletor 3 Toed Feathered Boots (all)
-Man-at-Arms Torso Armor (all)
-Man-at-Arms Bracers
-Man-at-Arms Boots
-Man-at-Arms Helmet (all)
-Beastman face for the Darksider Body
-Beastman Harness (all)
-Beastman Shoulderpads (all)
-Evil Lyn Helmet
-Teela Serpent Helmet
-Teela Tunic
-Cosmic Enforcer Helmet
-Cosmic Enforcer Armor
-Teela Tiara

But the Optimal solution is to make a full game. If NRS were to work on it, I'd prefer a Hybrid between Injustice and MK. Tonally closer to Injustice, but I want "Fatalities"...

Hold your horses... See the Quotation marks on the word! What I mean is Fight Finisher moves that are EVEN FLASHIER than the Super Special Moves. Perhaps there could be some Variations on certain characters. For example: Teela has Warrior and Goddess variations. The Warrior has Sword and shield Special moves, while the Goddess  has her Cobra Armor and Staff based Special moves.
Skeletor can have Warlock and Swordsman variations. Warlock would use Havoc Staff for Specials, while Swordsman uses his Magic Sword and Power Sword Half (Or the 200X Blades if the 200X look is available) He-Man can have the Barbarian and Paladin variations, where one uses the Battle Ax and the other uses the Power Sword and Shield. Man-e-Faces could have 3: Man, Monster, Robot. So on and so forth.

Hell, NRS could MOTU-ize the Original 7 Kombatants to have them as a secret unlockable.
Scorpion and Subzero would be Literally repainted Ninjors, Johnny Cage rocking the Furry loincloth as his MK1 tribute outfit.

But the idea is always the same... Put He-Man out there to generate demand.

Sep 25, 2019

TMNT Vehicles that Super7 should do

won't mention playsets yet because we still haven't gotten Snake Mountain so we don't know if Super Saiyan should keep on doing playsets. Also because this way it would be really tiny if we made playsets because it would be Sewer Lair, Technodrome the end.

Then again this list would be kind of short as well.

#1:  Party Wagon:

The quintessential TMNT vehicle. He man has Battlecat the ThunderCats have the Thundertank the silverhawks have the Mirage the TMNT well, they have the Party Wagon, dude! If Super 7 could only do one vehicle, this is it!

#2: Cheapskate:
Logistically speaking, this would be the vehicle that super7 would attempt to make. People will get multiples of these if the price is right.

#3: Turtle Blimp:
While it's not as iconic as the Party Wagon the blimp is Infamous amongst turtle fans. The blimp part had some defects on the first run and it would deflate fast with no visible signs of puncture damage.

#4: Footski:
One of the smaller Foot Clan vehicles the foot ski has I figured in other media outside the toy so that's why it's here. (If they make a Rat King figure, guess who will ride the Footski)

#5: Footcruiser:
Being brutally honest here I don't care much about the food Cruiser or they neutrino repaint but I only want it for one reason: 2 repainted in 1987 Masters of the Universe movie colors...  the super seven Turtles are Motu Classics compatible so...

#6: Pogocopter:
While the toy says it's rocksteady's Pogo copter most fans know them as generic foot soldiers Pogo copter based on the video games.

#7: Mutant Transport Module:
If there was an iconic bad guy vehicle for the TMNT it would be the transport modules.  If only two vehicles were to be made for the line this would be the second vehicle that has to be made. ( first one being the Party Wagon of course)

#8: Technodrome Scout Vehicle:
It's a small-sized copy of the Technodrome that doubles as a vehicle. A Technodrome Junior of sorts

 that's pretty much it and I had to find out the list a little bit because if we were to get or core core-core because it would be just a party van the Cheapskate the footski at the transport module that's it. The infamous Pizza launcher isn't here due to electronics.

Sep 22, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: Thor, Thor, Thor, Thor...

Did I mention I'm reviewing Thor? Because I am...
God of Thunder and Mighty Asgardian (not to be confused with an Ass Guardian).
Thor: Greetings equine self.
Bill: Did you just call me Horse-Thor?
Thor: Aye, how else am I did supppsed to calleth thee?
Bill: Beta Ray Bill!
Thor: Waiteth! Thee hath kept thy nameth?
Bill: Duh! Why would I want your name?
I got The Unworthy loose and the pics for Beta Ray Bill were deleted for some reason. So here we are...
Thor: T'is humiliating! Ev'ryone is
W'rthy of Mjolnir, except I!
Wolverine: By the Power of Asgard!
Madripoor Logan, I got loose with Iceman. Might review them soon.

Fury: Wow! I never thought it would be this light!
T.Jane: Give me MY Hammer!
Fury: Hold your Beta Ray Bills, sugartits!
I'm here to mock your ex for a bit!
T. Jane: Oh, OK, carry on!
Thor: No respect! Just as Rodney from the Field of Danger sayeth.

Thunder Jane and Fury, I got loose as well, but haven't felt like reviewing them. In fact this is just the intro for the actual Thor Review: Marvel's 80th Anniversary CLASSIC Thor!
When you say Thor, THIS IS WHAT COMES TO MIND: Not the Heroic age, not the King Thor, Unworthy, Ultimate Universe... Not even Hemsworth!

Both Thor and Beta Ray Bill have similar articulation. And in most cases it works amazingly. The only real issue with Forest articulation is on his head where his articulation is blocked by his long hair and is flared cape.
Thor: Doth thou remembereth when
We were Hammer Brothers?
Bill: Yes.

Paint and sculpt:
Just looking at him it's the iconic look for Thor. From a scope point of view I really have no issues with him well maybe the hair and keep blocking a little bit of his articulation but other than that it captures the essence of Thor. 
Paint wise he is really great I actually love them or muted colors in him.
Thor: I miss my Mjolnir!

Mjolnir, extra hand.
 yeah Thor is a little bit short changed in the accessories department. Twirling mjolnir or maybe a lightning effect to put on the hammer would have been great!
Thor: Dost thou even Hoist?

4.33 is Thor's final score. Out of the three 80th single figures, he's the "weakest one". Saw a Tony at FYE, but it was a tad too expensive. I'm working on getting a Cap. But if according to most reviews if this is the weakest of the three, I wish more figures were this weak!

Thor: Hoist! So commandeth Thor
T.Jane: You surrendered your name to me, bitch!
Thor: Me dammit!
The Unworthy is an OK figure, but Classic Thor is a superior figure.
Thor: Now this is Bovine Excrememt!
Mephisto: I'm Devil Thor now!

Sep 21, 2019

Area 51 raid was very disappointing.

They came, they stood around, practically nothing happened.
As always a lot less people than expected showed up. Then I get this whole thing started us a joke so it was surprising seeing a number of people showing up.

Someone actually Naruto ran to fame... or infamy.
Wait... the reporter is dressed like Naruto!?
Eh... we live in a world where Naruto run was used in actual news...

Freaking Naruto run...

Rumors of Apple Buying Sony Pictures might mean good news for Spidey-fans

The conundrum surrounding Spidey's status is getting more complicated. There are rumors claiming that SONY Pictures is on sale AND that Apple will be the most likely buyer. Allegedly, this is part of why the negotiations have stalled between SONY and Disney/Marvel.

IF Apple DOES buy SONY Pictures, then the Spidey rights would revert back to Marvel and Spidey would be able to return, triumphant, to the MCU. No money spent by Herr Maus, and possibly the cancellation of Morbius the living Alleged Pedophile (Jared Leto).

Of course people (read: morons) are complaining about this. Whining about "monopoly from the Mouse" or "I don't want Ironman Jr." and my favorite "SONY DID BETTER Spidey movies than Disney"... To them I say, you're not totally wrong, but you are mostly wrong.

Monopolies are bad, yes, BUT, Spidey's case is NOT a monopoly issue. It's a getting the rights back to the original owner issue. Yes, in the 90s Marvel had to sell Movie rights to different studios to stay afloat. Fox's take on X-Men and SONY's take on Spider-Man helped usher the modern Superhero movie era. BUT, as in a certain overrated movie from the Distinguished Competition said: You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.
Fox and SONY did the latter. I will only talk about SONY, since Disney ate Fox and it's no longer an issue. Sony has had MORE Failures than Victories with Spider-Man in LIVE ACTION. By using that "Monopoly" nonsense, then Warner Brothers should split up their DC heroes to different studios. Because DC is solely owned by Warner Brothers and "Monopoly BAD". (then again with WB's Mismanagement of DC stuff, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea...)

I kinda understand the frustration of some fans with Peter being an Ironman fanboy... (I hated it back when ADULT PETER became Ironman's sidekick and revealed his identity to the world...) At least here, he's a 15 year old kid, which makes it a bit more understandable. Then again, the MCU is HEAVILY inspired by the Ultimate Universe, where Peter was 15! Not to mention that even "Classic Peter" did a bit of "fanboying" of his own. He gushed over the F4 but ended up claiming team ups weren't his thing after finding out that being part of the F4 had no payment benefits (not to mention that they have PUBLIC Identities, which goes against Peter's Secret ID) And something similar happened with the Avengers, back in the day... Public ID being the main issue for Peter. Is the current Spidey a bit TOO Reliant on Stark Tech? Yeah, but this was the only "Valid solution" for a poor kid from Queens to have such a professionally made costume. (The biggest issue with the Tobey and Garfield suits was that they looked like Expensive Big Budget Hollywood Blockbuster outfits instead of makeshift homemade Superhero suits. Like a modified two piece compression suit. (The shirt would connect to the pants via hidden Bra hooks... I did put thought into this years ago before "amazing") But that reliance makes sense within the MCU, since Stark was THE Gamechanger. With Ironman's passing, Marvel/Disney was setting up the way for Peter to grow into the Spider-Man we wanted.

Putting the trust on SONY to do things right is VERY Misguided... Sure, the Original Spider-Man was great for its time. Sadly, it hasn't aged THAT Well. Mostly on the effects and that it CAN FEEL a bit too long at times. Spider-Man 2 fares a bit better, BUT Then again, it could be my Doc Ock Bias talking. Spider-Man 3's mistakes are far more glaring now than they were back then. I've mentioned the SONY interference by forcing Venom. Then there was the whole SONY plotting behind Raimi's back with a Spidey vs. Lizard movie, which eventually became "Amazing" Spider-Man, when Raimi didn't want to do a Lizard movie, but a Vulture one.

"Amazing" was just a desperate ploy from SONY to hold on to the rights. The First "Amazing" wasn't BAD, but it wasn't great. The second one, while they undouched Peter a little, the movie was a Spider-Man 3 level of a mess... Forced Rhino cameo wasting Paul Giamatti on him, Dubsteptro, Weird Beavis and Butthead Hybrid Goblin, Forced Creation of the Sinister Six's weaponry WITHOUT THE SIX!? All of this because SONY wanted to create its own Cinematic Universe to compete with the nascent MCU.

Into the Spider-Verse had little interference from SONY because it was an animated film, which they didn't expect to be a hit.

The common denominator for the failures on Spidey movies has been SONY pushing for stuff that doesn't work with the story being told. I've mentioned this multiple times. (This doesn't just apply to Spider-Man. Ghostbusters is another example of SONY's cluelessness. Venom was a mess. Now they want to toss in Spider-Man, Carnage, and a Good Looking Morbius who is an alleged Pedophile. 

IF SONY were to play it Smart, they'd stick to making movies about a "Friendly Neighborhood" Spider-Man and keeping him to "Low-Level crime" in case the Apple deal doesn't go through, so they can have a Worthy bargaining chip to deal with Disney... (Also Start Venom from scratch...)

A fresh new look at Hordak

The Ruthless leader of the Evil Horde... what can we say about Hordak: Nosferatu Tiki Mask looking being who leads the Evil Horde. He's had multiple incarnations:
From the bumbling brother of Horde Prime to the Defective Clone of Horde Prime.

Things that MOST Hordaks have in common are:
Related to Horde Prime, Skeletor's former Master, uses his evil forces to conquer the Universe.

The characterization across each medium is what varies on him.

His design, as mentioned before is mostly inspired by Nosferatu's Orlok combined with a Tiki mask. I have mentioned in the past that the Horde armband is evocative of the NAZIS...

In various pieces of Media, Hordak has been able to show how evil he can be. Even in the squeaky clean Filmation version he drained the life force off from his prisoners.
Moat Hordaks have remained consistent in their evil. I'd say that 200X and DCNU52 have been the most evil versions.
Ironically, the two most discordant Hordaks have been the ones from the She-Ra cartoons.
One is a bumbling micro manager, while the other is a distant, hands-off presence.
I hate that the censorship at the time wouldn't allow villains to truly be evil, which made Filmation Hordak a buffoon. On the other hand I hate that the dreamworks Hordak is evil because he needs a friend angle. So, if I were to make a New Hordak, here's how I'd go about it:

Hordak would be a "clone" of Horde Prime... but not in a Normal sense of the word, like Ben Reilly is to Peter Parker. My "clone" definition is closer to ADVENT CHILDREN's Remnants of Sephiroth. Imperfect copies drawn by the Original's desire, but with personalities of their own. Basically, Horde Prime  sends fragments of his soul in cloned vessels to conquer worlds.

Nearly destroyed by Grayskull, Hordak builds a Robotic body to act as a vessel as his true body recuperates.  Once he has Adora, he draws her blood in order to have a physical body WITH the blood of Grayskull flowong within. Hoping that he can finish off Prime.
His ridiculously long longevity allows him to learn dark arts in tech and magic. He trains Keldor in the dark arts and tricks the young alchemist in a Faustian pact.

Basically I took bits and pieces of all Hordaks to make a new one.

Designwise, I wouldn't stray much from the normal design. I would add an alternate outfit for non-battle events. Basically a robe similar to the Pope's outfit but made for Hordak.
His battle look would be a hybrid between DreamWorks and 200x version of him.

As a character, hordak works in all levels.
He's a a ruthless force of nature aligned with evil. And he's skeletor's teacher which means that if Skeletor is stuff hordak is even tougher. From a design point of view he still works as a character because it evokes fear by his monsters appearance and his evil despot attire helps sell that evil imagery on him.

Let me know in the comments below who would you like to see analyzed.

Sep 18, 2019

Odds and ends 9/18/19... Trebek, Saved by the bell, Super7, and Golden Girls..

I shall start with Super7 and their Adolescent Malformed Assassin Terrapins pre-order.
That is all I have to say. They will most likely show up in summer 2020, but they are happening.

I Don't know how to feel about this. Jane Lynch and Cyndi Lauper are making a "Golden Girls for today" type of show. I could have sworn that Sex and the City was Lierally THAT...
There isn't much info regarding the show, but it WOULD BE INTERESTING to see how it develops.

Is it wrong that every time I hear the name Alex Trebek, all I can think of is Connery?

You had your laughs, well time to make you feel like a giant douche! Trebek's pancreatic cancer came back with a vengeance. The Jeopardy! host has to undergo chemotherapy. I hope this time the treatment goes well for Mr. Trebek and wishing him and his close ones some strength. Cancer can be a huge pain in the ass and  it sucks for those close to the patient... but it's far worse to that person with cancer.

Hey hey hey what is going on here? A Sequel to Saved by the bell? Zack Morris is California's Governor!? I wonder if he was voted in for being a Blond Tom Cruise.
So far the only confirmed original cast members are Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley Mark-Paul Gosselaar is in talks with NBC Universal. I hope they bring back Tiffani Thiessen. And no my huge crush on Kelly Kapowski has nothing to do with this... Everybody knows that Saved by the Bell was the reason to watch Kelly Kapowski I mean Kelly Kapowski was the reason to watch Saved by the Bell.

Of course we know which cast member won't be called back...

A Black Magneto is a Horrible idea. *language*

There are rumors about Denzel Washington as Magneto.
That is the most moronic idea I've ever heard...
Now, before I get the racist card thrown at me, shut the fuck up! Denzel Washington is an amazing actor,  but he's not the right choice for Magneto.
And yes the reason I'm saying it is because he's black.
A black Jew in Nazi Germany surviving the Holocaust?
I *KNOW* there was a systemic program to eliminate the Blacks in Germany during the Hitler era; but it was mostly baswd on sterilization instead of the death camps mostly used on the Jews. SOME Black people made it to Concentration camps, but their numbers were WAY smaller than Jews.

Some will try to justify a Black Magneto by the erroneus MLK/Malcolm X analogy of Xavier and Magneto.
By making Magneto black, they'd be doing a disservice to Malcolm X. With that said, I can see why people make the comparisons.

The only real issue with keeping Magneto as a Nazi Concentration camp survivor is age. Then again they could always use the Ultimate Universe origin. It lacks Nazis, but humans experimenting with radiation to recreate a Super Soldier and triggering mutations on certain individuals, could work... if they do indeed use this origin, a Black Magneto COULD work... unless it backfires and makes Magneto look like a savage terrorist.

Sep 17, 2019

Ash won a League and Gamestop shipped my Goldar

I had to re-order him since they cancelled my original pre-order. Now all I need is Rita... but that's not the real news...

Goddammit, Gary! It's Ash Ketchum!! The 10 year old kid wins after 22 years of trying. This is such an event that even MAINSTREAM NEWS OUTLETS WERE COVERING IT:
CNN, even a Fox News affiliate were among the sites covering it...

I can't embed the intro, bit here it is to celebrate Ash's victory.

Sep 16, 2019

War of the Unicrons

I mentioned the Haslab Unicron crowd funding campaign. Recently, a Third Party Maker, Zeta Toys revealed their Not-Unicron, but it's totally Unicron figure pre-order . While Smaller than the Hasbro one, it had some advantages in design. Zeta somehow was forced to cancel this project.

Of course the internet is furious about this situation. People are blaming Hasbro for being greedy and other claims.  These arguments are ridiculous. Hasbro has to protect their own IP. Normally they don't go after 3rd party makers. I should know since I'm most of my masterpiece Transformers are 3rd party items and not official Hasbro items.

The issue is that Zeta Toys crossed the line.  they literally put themselves on Hasbro's sights by producing an Unicron WHILE HASBRO IS CROWD FUNDING THEIRS!!
Normally I don't have issues with 3rd party makers but this was a massive dick move. No one wins with this war. By overstepping, Zeta may have screwed the fandom over.

This act can lead to even harsher crackdowns on 3rd party makers. Especially since Hasbro has been trying to pull out from China.

Now thanks to Zeta's greed, Transformers fans may lose a lot more.

Sep 15, 2019

Odds and ends Sept.15, 2019... I have no witty title... FFVIIR and other stuff.

After roughly a year hiatus, due to adulting interfering, I was able to join the Council of the First Ones podcast...
The Reboot, or The Return... sure how the title is going to be, or WHEN the episode will be released, but it DID happen. The bad news is that I'm going to be a part-time member of the podcast, due to my irregular work hours. There's old friends, new friends, talks about the guy from Clerks and Skeletor, so that covers the Borrowed and Blue parts...
It was a blast doing the podcast, oh goodness, How I missed doing it! I know the podcast is in good hands and I wish them well, whether or not I can be in it... Mostly, because I've internet known the people involved for years and are sort of a siblinghood to me. Then there's keeping a record of our love for MOTU. Once when we're gone, a digital phantom shall live on... damn, that got dark super fast...

Speaking of Dark... a Week ago, that bastard, Haley Joel Osment saw Lord Zedd. Sadly, Robert Axelrod, voice of Lord Zedd passed away. My condolences to the family and friends. He was 70 years old.

On more light hearted news, Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have a "classic mode"...
Basically instead of going God of War on your enemies to fill up the ATB bar, it'll fill up automatically, like it was 1997. It will not be the exact same thing as 1997, but it's as close as an Action-J-RPG can get to actual turn based combat.

Sep 14, 2019

Street Fighter is Raul Julia's greatest movie

No, really.  Think about it. We all know he's a great actor that he gave his soul for every performance, but Street Fighter is still his best movie. Some people will mention  Onassis, Romero, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Addams Family as much better movies and they would be correct that those are better movies than Street Fighter. but Julia's performance in Street Fighter surpasses all of them.

Think about it. Who's the most memorable character in that movie?

He was campy and scenery chewing when it was needed and could add gravitas to the role when it was required...

Not only all of this, but performing and doing action scenes while being fatally ill, THAT is dedication to the craft. (I know that Down came a blackbird was his final final performance, but it was a drama and we know of his LEGENDARY dramatic chops, and he had a great cast.)

Think about it: Street Fighter  is a really bad movie. Raul Julia literally carried the entire movie on his back, WHILE BEING FATALLY ILL. That is why I think that Street Fighter is his greatest movie...  because without Raul Julia you have nothing. Well maybe a generic Jean-Claude Van Damme movie. In all of his other movies he had great cast members that could carry the movie with him but not Street Fighter.

More Spidey Divorce settlement talk... Silent Bob Speaks

Irresponsible comic book writer (I'm still salty about Spidey/Black Cat The evil that men do), turned MOTU's Newest Showrunner (betting that Scott N. is insanely jealous about this), Kevin Smith has shared his thoughts on the Sony/Disney Divorce leading Sony's sole custody of Spidey.

“I don’t know, man, I saw Amazing Spider-Man 2. I don’t think they know what they’re doing at all over there.” -Kevin Smith
And that's PART of the Problem I have with SONY. Of course I'll elaborate:
SONY has done good Spidey movies: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 2.
I'm not counting Into the Spider-Verse because it's an animated feature, thus it had very little interference from the Execs.

Raimi's First two movies had little interference from SONY and THAT'S why they were good. The moment the Execs started meddling we got Dancing Emo Pete... And let's face it, the Not so Amazing Spider-Man movies were made to avoid having the rights returning to Marvel... and all I need to do is point out "Amazing 2" and we can see all the meddling.

The SONY execs have no idea what they're doing. They've made questionable choices, but the only silver lining is that there are *RUMORS* about SONY wanting to renegotiate by FORCING the shitty Venom into the MCU, they'd let Disney use Spidey AND a 30% of sales from Spidey. Assuming this rumor is true, that means, they realized that they dropped the ball BIG TIME. The only way I can see SONY stalling with the Third Spider-Man movie is if they adapt the Identity Crisis Story Arc.

Peter is now on the run after being ousted by Mysterio. He gets a new Identity, Benjamin Reilly from "a friend". The Agent (Maybe a Teresa Durand) who hands Parker his new ID documents can cover her left eye when mentioning said "friend". Using EDITH, Peter locates a safehouse where he can lay low until he can clear his name. There he makes a couple of heroic identities. Night Monkey evolved into Dusk, while using some of Toomes' tech he makes the Hornet Outfit. The Ricochet Outfit would be his First Outfit made from Normal clothes at home. I'm skipping Peter using the Prodigy Outfit because having all four would be a bit too much... Though it COULD be seen as part of the building process. That way Peter can focus on "small scale crime" until Sony and Disney can iron out the "possible brand new deal"... Buut I don't have too much faith in SONY.

Sep 13, 2019

Super7 should pursue Silverhawks AFTER Thundercats is done.

Think about it:
They are already doing Thundercats, ho! It makes sense to pursue Silverhawks once Thundercats is done.
The beauty of it is that this line would be a lot shorter in scope compared to ThunderCats.
Just picture MOTUC Bodied Silverhawks...

Stargazer, Quicksilver, Copperkid, The Steel Twins, Bluegrass. Flashback, Hotwing, Moonstryker, and Condor would round up the heroes.

Mon-Starr (both forms), Yes-Man, Hardware, Mumbo-jumbo, Molecular, Windhammer, Melodia, Buzz-Saw, Pokerface, and Timestopper to round up The Mob.

This is keeping it as core as possible with little filler. 5 four figure waves and an additional slot. This solitary slot could be used on Depowered Mon-Starr since he could reuse most of the MOTUC Furry buck. So he could be "The King Grayskull" of the line.

How did thhat get up there?

Sep 12, 2019

Ronda Rousey is NOT She-Hulk!!

Stop trying to make her the new fetch!
She's NOT A GOOD actor... She's not even mediocre, she's plain bad! Expendables 3, Fast and Furious 7, I think... Her WWE Mic "Skills" and MK 11 have shown that as an actor she sucks so bad that Tommy Wiseau looks good in comparison.
So, don't even think about making her She-Hulk!

In fact, She-Hulk shouldn't be played by an Actress. Much like her CGI Musclebound cousin, she should be CG. That way they can use a real actor and not a martial artist or wrestler-turned-actor to play the role of Jenn.
Buut if they have to do the Bixby/Ferrigno style of Hulk for Ms. Walters, then don't pick Rousey. Personally, Gina Carano would be a smidge better. Not the best option... Gwendoline Christie would be a much better choice, but I can't visualize her in green paint and a black wig... OK, you got me there, I can't visualize her as She-Hulk because I still see her as Brienne of Tarth.

I just hope this dumb Rousey rumor stays just that, a tumor.

Sep 11, 2019

FFVIIR TGS Trailer gave 15 year old me a MASSIVE...

Dose of Nostalgia... What? I'm not allowed of talking about the MASSIVE erection it gave me. They showed some filler and actual FFVII elements and I had goosebumps all the way. Not to mention that my brain was lacking blood flowing into it.

The Cloud in drag quest was revealed and squat mini game was updated... oh crap! Crazy Motorcycle chaseS!! Is old news that I can't get over due to excitement! Less than six months... better preorder soon.

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! I forgot where I was going with this... oh yeah! FFVII REMAKE IS LOOKING GOOD! Hopefully Square Enix has  A NEW RECIPEH! to male Final Fantasy games not suck... I'm looking at you Girl Cloud...  all jokes aside, this needs to do goos in order to get the rest of it... we don't need a Xenorepeat...

Bear Grylls had a brush with death... Sreve Irwin style...

It stung him, but unlike Irwin, he's alive and it wasn't a Stingray. It was a Bee... He's highly allergic to them.

I make fun of his "faking adventure" thing

and obviously, the fan favorite:

So, while filming his new show, Bear got stung by a Bee and suffered a worse reaction than the I look like Benedict Cucumberpatch incident...

Keeping the Bear Grylls theme:

Seems that Magic Mike, The discount Lindsay Lohan from Valerian, Ms. I do my own stunts Thank you VEEEEEEERY MUCH!, and The invisible crybaby with sensitive nipples are running wild with Bear Grylls. Sadly, Stolen Cheese makes it out alive... we need Rogue ASAP!! Also, it's a jole, not a dick, so don't take it so hard.

Sep 10, 2019

A fresh look on The Mighty Spector...

I'm thinking of taking certain characters and looking at them from maybe a different perspective. I originally thought that I should start with He-Man, but I'd rather use a Controversial character as a start... and aside UNO, who will get his dues on another day, I'd rather start with my *FAVORITE* reader's character... Created by him, actually:
The Mighty Spector!!
As much as I detest Neitlich's self-insertion into the line, the character has potential, IF he's tweaked from all angles.

The problem that I have with Time Agents, enforcing the Timeline is that they are a bit redundant if we have COSMIC Enforcers.

First, the Time Agents shouldn't serve King He-Man. Perhaps they should serve the Cosmic Enforcers as an "unattached branch" that stops UNO's Chronarchists from diarupting the timeline.
Since UNO is a Trollan Overlord, he can track the CE and intervene magically. The Time Agents use Technology to travel throufh time and are virtually undetectable by UNO.

As a joke I'd have Zodac call the agents "Time Specters", but since Specter, sounds like Spector, John Spector THINKS they are named after him, since he was the first one.

Second, their outfit looks too Comic Book instead of Barbarian Fantasy. I've already mentioned multiple times how to tweak his design; either go like full futuristic cyborg look or go full barbarian fantasy with the whole Spectre look like giving him a hood, a cape kind of making him a bit ghost like.

His default look can be justified has his suit having some sort of chameleon tech that it projects an image based on the era. Like saying if he's on preternia he looks very Barbarian like... and if he's on the tri solar Galaxy he looks futuristic.  I've been working on a Spector custom for some time. I need to get some parts to complete it and I want to make like have him half Barbarian looking at half futuristic-looking; his left side would be the futuristic side because it has to Cosmic key while his right side would be the more Barbarian side. Phravus, Flipshot are the perfect donors. But back on topic: His design feels off and needs to be tweaked.

Now what role could Spector play in order to NOT be redundant since we have Zodac? Zodac only intervenes when the Power balance is upset. A time traveler disrupting the present COULD force his intervention... Spector would have to operate "from the shadows" a Trickster figure like Coyote, Loki, etc. The chameleon tech could allow him to "shapeshift" into whomever is needed to correct the timeline. For example:
Spector, disguised as an Etherian Farmer could start a revolt that would force She-Ra and the Rebellion to free Thaymore from the Horde and avoid an assassination attempt from a Chronarchist at Bright Moon.

Or, he disguises as a black market salesman and feeds Trap Jaw some bad info to create strife between Skeletor's forces.

And there could be cases where he intervenes head-on and certain people are aware of his existence. (As seen in the DC SLL comic)

So, long story short: Spector HAS Potential to be a good character, because the idea is decent. The execution, on the other hand is not good. (I blame Neitlich's lack of understanding of the medium he was writing his story.)

I'm thinking to tackle a classic MOTU Character who has had media presence next time. Then I might consider any requests for existing characters.

Sep 8, 2019

He-Man MIGHT get the respect his sister was denied.

The lead artist, Eddie Nunez (probably Nuñez) for the new He-Man anime has shown some fan art unrelated to the series.
Do you see what I see?
While Stylized and slightly redesigned, these designs pay respects towards the originals. Nunez didn't try to reinvent the wheel here. IF the series follows this mantra, it would be pretty good from a visual standpoint.

This fan art puts my mind at ease, since it shows that the lead artist understands what makes these characters cool from a visual point. We still have to wait for the official art to be revealed. But IF this is a taste of things to come, He-Man is in good hands.

Sep 6, 2019

Smash will bring the Legend of the Hungry Wolf...

Are you OK? BUSTA WOOF! Rising Taco!  Yes, Mr. BOGARD is going to show of his Fatal Fury on Smash!

My mind is blown. It's good to see some love thrown towards SNK, especially towards my favorite KOF character.

Nintendo seems hellbent on proving that Smash is a true fighter... and I'm glad that they do, because it is a cool game!

Now what will his specials be?
Obviously B will be the Power Wave, forwards B will be burn knuckle, but Terry has the Rising Tackle, Crackshot, and the Power Dunk... 3  special moves and only 2 special move slots left.
I'm definitely curious about this...

Thank you Mattel and Super7 For MOTUC

Since MOTUC is pretty much dead with Mattel going to Origns and Super7 locked out of doing Online Only MOTUC stuff, I would like to thank the teams that worked on MOTUC... That includes the Mattel teams (except Ruben Martinez) during the Neitlich era... Yes, I'm thanking you as well, Scott... The post-Neitlich era team... The Super7 team and most importantly, The FourHorsemen.
Digital River is not part of the teams I'm thanking...

Yes, I was very, VERY critical of the line. As I've said countless times, my criticism stems from a place of love and to PUSH Mattel to be THE BEST, since I KNOW that when they don't slack off, they do great. Sorry for the medium sized run-on sentence. When Mattel slacks off, they do bad. I didn't want them to do bad. But I'm not here to bitch about the past.

Despite the various hiccups along the way, Mattel and Super7 managed to deliver a super extensive MOTU Anthology. I am disappointed that the New Adventures Roster wasn't completed, BUT We did get 3 Characters who were part of NA but not made into toys. Hell, Queen Freaking Marlena, a True Adora, CRINGER (even if he's a statue) I was able to complete the Vintage Era, Princess of Power, partial New Adventures, and it kinda helped me to start customizing... But the craziest of crazy is that Super7 is giving us 1987 Movie He-Man, Skeletor, Chiquita Banana Skeletor, and Karg.

Basically, I surpassed my Childhood MOTU AND My College Era MOTU!!
Last but not least, the final Item is Snake Mountain, which is a shame that Mom missed out on that.

Despite the ego trips, design blunders, factory mishaps and all of the other crap that sucked the joy out of collecting the line, I'm thankful for it.

Once again:

Thank you, Mattel, Four Horsemen Studios, and Super7 for making the closest thing to a DEFINITIVE Masters of the Universe Line.

Sep 5, 2019

Is it wrong that I want a Marvel Legends Champions wave?

It could be a boxset instead. But I kinda want the new Champions made into Legends. We have Kid Nova, Miles, and Ms. Marvel.
Tossing Red Locust, Viv Vision, Patriot, Hummingbird, Brawn, and Power Man to kinda have a team...
I wanted to add Gabby with Jonathan the Wolverine, but it's "too girl heavy and girl figures don't sell" would be the reason to shut it down. This setup would be if this was a box set. If we were to make a general Marvel Legends wave I would add Blackheart as the build a figure... Classic Blackheart. Gabby could sneak in as the 7th figure.

The reason why I want to add more kid themed characters is a bit more sinister.  To force the eventual addition of the Power Pack... I did not add ironheart to the mix because she could sell a figure on their own.

Sep 4, 2019

We need a Real Jurassic Park...

don't mean a version of the park in our world. I'm talking about making a real Jurassic Park movie. Rebooting the Spielberg classic, undoing the Steven Spielberg happier, Cleaner World and doing a faithful adaptation of the book by Michael Crichton... where nearly everyone is a bit of an asshole. Especially Hammond. Hell the Dr Grant from the book likes children.

According to the late Michael Crichton the movie used roughly 10 to 20% material from the book and a lot was tweaked.

Oh holy crap! I just got the craziest idea! Check this out...
Promote this Jurassic Park movie as a re-enactment of true events. The previous movies JP and TLW were In-Gen propaganda to cover up the real events. III, World, and World 2 are 100% fictional stories where In-Gen is cashing in from the success of the propaganda movies...

Sep 3, 2019

Book Readers: the rant

Recently, I began rereading Jurassic Park. I bought a copy of the book about a year ago and I kept it on the back seat of my SUV for quite some time. That was not the first copy of the book I have read.
My first copy used to be my Mom's. She used to highlight the living shit out of her books and write notes on the margin. Something that drove me mad. "Vandalism!" I used to call it. Sadly, her copy of the book was lost about 12 years ago or something. Now here's the thing: MY COPY OF Jurassic Park feels Too sterile, too new, even foreign. As much as I LOATHE highlighting on books and scribbles on the margins, not seeing them makes the book feel alien to me. I no longer have a small window into my Mom's mind... and I'd give pretty much anything to be able to do so!
(Doormuumuu let's make a deal!)

Thing is that I USED TO READ A LOT with my Mom... *Not at the same time* What I Mean is that we'd take a book, read it and kinda have a mini book club. Discussions, ICED Tea, some sandwiches. Hot tea was a rarity, due to the warm weather in PR, but when we did it was sweetened with Honey and adding a bit of lemon for additional flavor. I miss those moments. Pretty much everything was fair game From Dostoevsky, Kafka, Cervantes, Voltaire, Tennessee Williams, Shakespeare, Mary Shelley, and other Authors discussed to death in Academia, to more Casual Reading Authors like George R.R. Martin, Anne Rice, Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer...

But Right now there's a bigger pet peeve looming: e-books!

Don't get me wrong, it's really cool to have hundreds of books in the palm of my hand, not to mention all the reading I do online. At the same time, it might be part of my nostalgic feelings in regards to reading books, that make me not truly embrace the e-books. Part of me loves TOUCHING the book, feeling the ink and paper under my fingertips as I pass the pages. twirling the bookmark as I read and gently nudging it whenever I have to stop... and I can't do that with an e-book... Hell, they won't have what I crave most in a book... My Mom's "Vandalism"...

In any case, whether Physical or Digital, try to read more... it can be fun!

Sep 2, 2019

20 TMNT Variants that would look amazing with a 4Horsemen update

OK before I start, I DON'T WANT TO SEE THE SUPER7 TMNT LINE FULL OF VARIANTS. This list is for vintage playmates Variants that I believe would look Radical if redone by the 4Horsemen. It doesn't mean we NEED to have them.

I will avoid variants that are too close to the Originals, like say  Wacky Action Turtles... since they're a new head and accessories. While I'm trying to stick to the vintage line, I may suggest some variants that may be off-limits to Super7.

1: Disguised Turtles set:
I loved these as a kid. Undercover Don was my favorite of the set. But I have a soft spot for Samurai Leo and Sewer Surfing Mikey.

2:Mutant Military:
I had the Turtle Tank and Leo was always riding it...  and with a couple more tmnt variants, I could make a Village Turtles set.
(Midshipman Mikey, Make My Day Leo, Chief Leo,  Crazy Cowboy Don, Cruisin' Leo, sewer cycling Raph as a construction guy substitute)

3: Super Shredder:
He was a vintage toy variant and my default Shredder after I replaced DJ Giant anorexic Oroku Saki. That premade pose he's in looks like he's about to drop a sick beat. But rhis might not be doable... red tape.

4: Robotic Bebop and Rocksteady:
The original dumbasses now cybernetic... a chrome domed nightmare. (And yes, that's a Chrome Dome reference)

5: warrior Metalhead Michelangelo:
It's a ridiculously lazy repaint so it's right up Super7's alley. I remember a friend had it and it was so cool!

6:undercover Turtles:
While the original variants were vanilla turtles with a new headsculpt and a cloth jacket, I'd like to have normal undercover turtles with plastic coats. This will also work as a nod to the cartoon.

7: Star Trek Turtles:
I know what you're thinking hey Neftyty but don't you complain about the turtles whoring themselves out into crazy variants like Star Trek?
True, but this crossover is so stupid that I lvoe it! Also, there's the legal red tape.

8: Wacky Action Slice and Dice Shredder:
While normally, the Wacky Actions are a big no-no, this Shredder looks sick!

9: Human Rocksteady and Bebop, Hamato Yoshi:
These would be based on the Mutatin' versions of Rocksteady, Bebop, and Splinter. Maybe extra hands, head and in Yoshi's case tail to recreate the action feature.

10: Robotic Foot Soldier:
No, not the chromed repaint of the normal foot soldier, but, a tribute to the Mutatin Foot Soldier with battle damage.

11: Movie Turtles:
What? Don't give me that look. Yes, I know what I said  about variants too similar to the Originals,  but they were a vintage toy variant... also, MOTUC-IZED Movie TMNT!! That is different from NECA'S SCREEN ACCURATE MOVIE TMNT! Not sure if there is some red tape here.

I Know this almost feels like filler, but think about it, new belts, new hands, new feet, new heads, legal red tape could stop this.

13: Ninja Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
You read that right. Basically, the TMNT dressed up as Ninja, like say: Leo dressed as a traditional Japanese Ninja, Donatello dressed as a "futuristic" Ninja (think Snake Eyes crossed with MGS4's Raiden) Raphael dressed like Shredder, and Michelangelo in a Blue with orange accents tracksuit.

14: "Mirage April and Casey":
This is a lazy repaint, but one that I would love... but thhe adhesive strips of crimson may be a problem.

15: "Press" April:
There was a running change of the April Oneil Figures were they removed the word press from a tag above her left breast. If the Super 7 release of April doesn't have to Wordpress on it I want to variant with the Word: Press above her left breast.

16: Cavewoman April:
Custom fodder anyone? She also is the most MOTU looking version of her. Also, s7 could do a Ninja repaint.

17: April the Ravishing Reporter:
What? It's April outside her banana onesie... no, I'm not thinking of repainting her like a GTA3 hooker...

18: Mirage inspired Fly Baxter:
Basically a Fly Baxter repaint where he looks African-American as his Mirage counterpart.

19: SuperMutations:
Like I'm going to make a list of crazy TMNT variant said it would be interested in and not include the Japanese Super mutations

20: Next Mutation:
Yeah, I went there... 4 turtles... nothing more...

Yes, that's right: a MOTU/TMNT crossover set:
He-Leo (basically, Leonardo in He-Man clothes with 2 heads, Filmation pageboy wig and 2002 wig)... Yes, I would like to have this signed by Cam Clarke!
Don-at-Arms, self explanatory.
Raph Fist, again self explanatory
Beast steady
Trap Bop