Feb 29, 2016

Damn it Leo! What are we going to do now!?

Why did you have to win an Academy Award!? You sir, have broken the Internet! Now we only have porn and cats!? You, sir, have eliminated the third most fun thing out of the Internet... Making fun out of your lack of Oscars...

What are we going to do with all those Memes!?
We were expecting you to LOSE and the bear to WIN the award!

But congratulations on FINALLY getting an Academy award...
I mean, you went full retard and lost.
 Tried Being Tony Stark in real life and lost.
Tried the Stock exchange AND Lost...
Got raped by a bear and won... OK it wasn't really rape, but that bear looked Rapey... I asked a Third Waver...

But now, Leo, you have made the impossible, well, possible! Now thousands of fools will believe that if you believe in it and work hard for it you CAN achieve your goals...

Feb 27, 2016

It Came from the toy Chest: It cost less than 4 Imperial Credits

Yes, Mee'm talking of Jabba Doe Hutt. Doe gangster Musta known Noleeya Tatooine.
No, I'm not doing a full review in Huttese. What I'm doing is a review of the Star Wars Black Series Jabba the Hutt: Retail version, which I got for Less than $4 in Clearance. Sure, the box was beat up as heck, but from $40-$50 that the guy is. Do I need to explain WHO IS Jabba the Hutt?

For a fat slug lord, This Jabba can move!
Ball joint shoulders, elbows, and wrists. He also has a waist twist. Last but not least an Articulated Jaw. I don't like the Jaw that much...

The Action feature and soft rubbery plastic remind me too much of Morbius and you know what happened to that figure.

Paint and sculpt:

I am pleasantly surprised with the paint and sculpt on Jabba. The folds, wrinkles, suckers,etc. Is all there. The paintjob, while a bit sloppier than the SDCC version, it's pretty good!

Nada, Zip, Zilch, The Big Goose Egg! (Sadly, I've no chaos Bleeds video to match!) 0.0

THIS Version of Jabba gets a 2.67 as his score... Just get the SDCC Version for more value for your money... My gripes with him lie in how the Rubber Face will hold on... My Morbius doesn't look too good. Also, there's the lack of accessories. I'm not asking for Salacious B. Crumb and the Hookah here, but he needed SOMETHING!
 My original plan was to use this Jabba and repaint him in Slug Kothos colors, but seeing the Soft Rubber face, I won't do this... I could use him for funny pics for my upcomming Rey review... That is if I find where the Hell I put her. Making Reviews while not finishing a house move can be nightmarish! Hashtag Where's Rey!?

Thundercats Sub's on the move

Thundercats are loose! Feel the Magic, hear the roar! Expect them by your door!
That is IF this Post on Mattycollector's page is to be believed...
Now, assuming this is true then...

It's happening!! Come this September and your He-Man can stare Lion-O in the face as they can go against each other, team up, or go their separate ways.
31 years... that's all it took to have a He-Man and a Lion-O in the same scale...

Thunder! THUNDER!! THUNDER!! THUNDERCATFANS!! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Congrats! We're getting FourHorsemen Thundercats...

If the post was a mistake then

Feb 26, 2016

The Importance of a Toy Accurate She-Ra and Catra.

Classics is pretty much finished and the Collector's Choice is basically "extra content". It's sad that New Adventures is considered "Extra content" but that's a different rant for another day.

I did comment about the oddities of "Classicizing POP" nearly 5 years ago. In a New York Toy Fair 2016 walkthrough something was mentioned about a "Very Special She-Ra", allegedly coming this Summer. Something big happens in July (SDCC most likely)

Some people are Speculating that a True Filmation She-Ra is coming:

While not 100% Filmation Accurate, WE ALREADY HAVE TWO OF THOSE!! (3 if we count the vsDCUC sets)

What we DO NOT HAVE IS A TOY BASED SHE-RA... No, adding the Toy Tiara to the Filmation Inspired She-Ra, a Toy She-Ra does not make.

So using my powers of deduction, I'd say that a Very Special She-Ra should be VERY DIFFERENT from what we already have.
This could mean a super oddball curve of a Barbie as She-Ra, but MOTU Collectors and Barbie Collectors are not necessarily in the same circles. (some are but not the majority)

A Filmation She-Ra would be too similar to what we already have. Toy She-Ra on the other hand is not.

She'd be Rather easy to make for Mattel:
The head and headdress come from Bubble Power She-Ra.
The Top comes from NA She-Ra
The rest of the body would be from Bubble Power She-Ra
Leaving the Skirt and Cape being the main new pieces for the body.

That gives them enough space to do Extra stuff like a second Clear Tiara, a removable overlay like BP She-Ra and an extra Starburst cape. They can easily do 2 packouts for SDCC and Matty: One in the Starburst attire and the other on the Toy She-Ra attire. 2 birds with one stone. the Final Toy She-Ra variant being complete AND the ability to have the Toy Version of Vanilla She-Ra. PoP fans may buy 2 or 3 depending on how many She-Ra variants they want to make more Toy-Accurate. In theory, this would be a win-win for Mattel.

But He-Man without Skeletor is kinda weird, so let's tackle her Toy Skeletor with Catra.

Catra needs far more new pieces than She-Ra (Skirt, Forearms, boots, Tail) but is doable. The only problem is tackling her variants. With She-Ra as we've seen is easier.

The problem with Catra's Variants lies in the Loincloth/Skirt and her leggins.
Standard Catra is showing leg au natural (after shaving.) The variants have Animal Print Leggins.
Scratching sound has a Silver Tiger Pattern on pink Leggins while Shower Power has black Leopard
spots on pink Leggins. Unless She gets the Mermista Treatment and 3 sets of legs, we can't get an ALL in One Catra variant set. The best solution would be to release 2 Catra versions.
One that can be combined from Toy Catra to, uh Shower Power and the other one being Scratching Sound (no longer Scratching Sound) Catra.

The Theoretical Savage Catra/Shower Power Catra could be:
New Torso that functions like the Mermista Torso but with the Sweet Be top overlay.
2 Sets of legs (One bare, the other with the Print Leggins. Each with the appropriate Loincloth.)
New Boots, forearms.
Silver Filmation Catra Cape and Mask. Toss in the Shower Power gun and the tail also works as a whip (interchangeable between loincloths. Seeing that both versions of Catra have a Black Skirt/loincloth) The Silver Cat Mask from the toy version came with Filmation Catra.

The Final Variant would be pretty much made and the only new things needed would be a new Loincloth and Mask. If Mattel wants to be part reuse conscious and give us a RED Toy Mask, I wouldn't complain. Would look WAY Better than what the toy got in the 80s.

Why do I mention Catra in this She-Ra rant? Because giving us a Toy She-Ra vs Toy Catra (or SB She-Ra vs ANY Toy Catra variant) would make for a VERY SPECIAL SHE-RA and perfect for her 31st Anniversary...

Feb 25, 2016

Seems like Spaceballs 2 is getting closer...

Times like these is why I'd like to live in the Lower Manhattan Area...
A series of Spaceballs 2 Teaser Posters appeared on a Subway Station on the lower Manhattan Area.
This bit of news, viral marketing, or prank spread throughout Facebook like wildfire.

I WANT a SPACEBALLS 2: The Search for More Money... One thing Scares me:

Political Correctness. Right now we are on a hyper sensitive, Ultra Politically Correct World where College Students behave like Kindergarteners.

Can you imagine the backlash these overgrown babies will generate if Mel makes one "wrong joke"...
I mean, they have this "Micro Aggression" thing: Microaggressions are the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or. unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their.
Basically, these people look to be offended about ANYTHING. Now Unintentional, nonverbal actions can insult people.

Now there's another thing that worries me: We lost Candy and Rivers, so Barf and Dot Matrix are out of the picture. We still don't know if Moranis will be back, I hope he does return, I miss him a lot. We'll just have to wait and see.

It Came from the Toy Chest: You call that a Giant?

Y'all know that I am NOT a fan of the MOTU Classics Giant figures:
Once again I shall explain my reasoning before going into the review itself:
-The Vintage Giants were 18 inches and the vintage figures were around 5 inches, making the Vintage Tytus and Megator 3.6 (approx) times the Vintage figure. In Classics the Giants are 1.71(approx) times a Classics figure. That isn't pretty big. Hell! IF the giants were truly to scale they'd be bigger than Grayskull... (The castle, not the king, although they'd tower over the king.) and Granamyr.

-They have a LOT LESS Articulation than their shorter pals.


But, there is only one reason that I got Megator... It has nothing to do with him being one of the rarest vintage characters that never made it to America... Rarer than the Laser figures...
Yup... It involves the Billy Ray spawn...
I blame fellow Council of the First Ones member René for this... He made a pic just like that one and that's what began to change my mind on my anti Megator Stance... Though I want Procrustus the most... He looks like a Rock version of The Dude and everyone loves referencing The Big Lebowski.

I guess I should jump to the review of Megator: Evil Giant Destroyer... Wait does he destroy Giants, or is it that he is a Giant Sized Destroyer... I could make a Giant Sized Man-Thing being a Destroyer, but damned Political Correctness would call it cis-heteronormative shaming or something... Cannot offend those who identify as Wind Raiders.

So, Megator... And here we GO!

Mr. Moleb the Destroyer has less Articulation than A MOTUC Figure:
No Ball Joint Shoulders, no Thigh Rotation, no pseudo balljoint thighs, no ankle articulation, and ZERO AB CRUNCH!
This is like going from Marvel Legends Articulation to Early 90s Toybiz Articulation.



Paint and Sculpt:
Here is where the Horsemen excel at: Making Monsters and Megator is... Take it away, Arnie! 
 There are no visible issues with the paint. He even has this cool gradations on his skin.

Cue theme!
His first Accessory is the Infamous Wrecking Ball, uh Whip?
It has a Real Chain and a nice Knuckle Duster design on the grip. For a Hollow ball, it has some heft to it.

The Second Accessory is a Zombified Megator Head...
Some people say that he looks like Cynthia from Rugrats... All I see is a green Hulk Hogan after a massive stroke. Also, Rooted Hair!? What the Hell!?
Why did HE get Rooted hair, but not the female figures? It's a mystery...
Mr. Megator gets a 3.83 as his final score.
This guys should have been an easy 5.0 because he looks frigging awesome. The lack of Articulation kills him and being super short are what dragged his score down.

Teela's face should NOT BE AT CROTCH LEVEL of a Giant... It looks inappropriate, especially seeing it's a Zombie Giant... If you know what I mean! Mattel should have AT LEAST TRIED TO MAKE HIM VINTAGE SIZED... That way he would have been at least 2.57 times a Classics Figure.

Well, Tytus, Procrustus, Goddess, and Wun Dar, are all that's left for me to have ALL the Classics characters not counting Color variations (ie: TOD Sorceress, SDCC King Grayskull, SDCC Insignia He-Ro, Translucent Orko)

Feb 24, 2016

Capcom MAY fix some of the wrongs in SFV.

That's right they MAY, fix the lack of Arcade Mode issue. I can't give you many details, since Forbes is hiding behind an Anti-Ad Block wall where it loops me on a welcome message and demand that I remove Adblock to see their site. So, what I've read from other sites reacting to the Forbes Article is that Capcom is looking into adding Arcade mode to the game.

Looking into it!? For Cripes sake! This should have been IN THE GAME SINCE RELEASE!!!
I hope that IF the Arcade Mode is made available by DLC that we do NOT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING to get it. It would be a dick move to have to pay for a game mode that should have been ONE OF THE TWO MAIN GAME MODES INCLUDED:


Seriously, it's almost as if Capcom's staff was hit with a dumbinator...

Feb 23, 2016

DC, the D stands for Dicks and the C...

You can take a guess to what it stands for. Y'all know about Daniel Fleetwood and how JJ Abrams, Mark Hamill and others helped convince Disney from allowing Daniel to watch a version of The Force Awakens before he passed away due to a terminal Disease?
Well, the Geniuses at DC faced a similar situation with a guy known as Bazz, a stage 4 Cancer patient who had about a month to live and super mega hardcore Batman Fan. Instead of being heroes and allowing the Terminally Ill Bazz to see the movie before passing away, DC whispered no.
This is not the first Time that DC has been dickish in situations like this.

It sucks, but at the same time I can't wait to see Batman v. Superman. I'll endure Gal Gadon't because I want more BATMAN... (Playing the Arkham trilogy may have influenced me a bit more than I thought.) Had they attempted to make this happen would have been great for DC, making them look like heroes. Basically, DC took forty cakes. That's as many as four tens. And that's terrible.

The whole Kesha thing is annoying.

Facebook is flooded with news and articles regarding Kesha... 90-something percent of them asking to Free Kesha, screaming rape left and right and how unfair the judge's decision was...

The thing is that most of the people reposting seem to forget ONE TEENSY Word:

ALLEGEDLY as in Dr. Luke ALLEGEDLY raped Kesha. But I'll get to the point of this in a little while.

The judge decision was in favor of keeping the contract that Kesha signed, BECAUSE SHE HAD NO PROOF OF WHY IT SHOULD BE NEGATED. Here's where the rape part comes in. Being raped (literally speaking) by your producer is a valid reason to have a contract made null and void.
Problem is that Kesha has no proof that she was raped. Dr. Luke has not been declared guilty of rape. Then there's the whole 2011 declarations where Kesha says she was not drugged nor raped by Dr. Luke. 

Now, I have no horse on this race, but this is messed up! Seeing as Dr. Luke has not been declared guilty, I will be using hypotheticals. These will be centered on Kesha, seeing that she is making the accusations.
Assuming Kesha is lying about the situation, she should be punished to the full extent of the Law for lying about it in order to weasel out of a contract.

Assuming she is telling the truth AND Dr.Luke is found not guilty, Kesha is screwed for NOT HAVE GONE and gathered the proof needed to prove her rape (getting a rape kit shortly after the event, reporting said rape to the authorities.) Then there's the whole declarations from 2011 where she would have been "lying under oath" if she was indeed raped.

Assuming she is telling the truth AND Dr.Luke is found guilty, then HE should be punished to the full extent of the Law.

No matter how we slice this, Kesha will not come out smelling like roses here. If the rape case against Dr.Luke falls in his favor, she'll be seen like a greedy attention whore who is willing to ruin other's reputations in order to move her career forward.

If the rape case falls in her favor, then she will be seen as a liar who is willing to lie in order to advance her career.

Due Process, whether we like it or not, exists for a reason.

Shane O' Mac is Taker's newest Wrestlemania opponent?

Really? Is Vince that Desperate that he somehow convinced Shane to come back?

I mean, it's cool that Shane is back, but WHY!?

He's been 6 years out of Wrestling. I am having mixed feelings about this:
-Reeks of Desperation and signs that The Authoritah is not working.
-Sounds like a squash match for Taker.
-Shane is far more entertaining than Mrs. HHH

This might make me want to tune in to WWE more often...

Ronda Rousey wants to be Samus...

Aside being meh, in Expendables 3 and getting yamcha'd, I've not mentioned Ronda Rousey that much... Well, that has changed because she wants to be Samus in a theoretical Metroid movie...

Mandatory PikaRousey reference.

She's also involved in the Roadhouse Remake...

Weell, she's not that bad choice, But we'd need to see how well can she move on the suit and that she needs tons of some acting classes, and this will enrage certain demographics: Ronda Rousey looks a little bit too manly from certain angles. I'll admit that she has potential. Not my #1 choice for Samus, but she's not necessarily a HELL NO!

Look at this fan film. A Metroid movie is doable, we just need the right cast, but most importantly the approval of the BIG N... Rousey has the physicality for such a role, but her acting chops are not that good. She's on Gal Gadot levels of acting, which is not that good.

I kinda want a new Justice League show to be like Teen Titans go...

I am aware of me saying how much I LOATHE Teen Titans Go! BUUUUUUUT thanks to Cartoon Network Brainwashing... Seriously, every time I put on CN at non-AS hours, they're showing Gumball or TTGo! I want a Just-us League show like that... Small catch? I want it on the Adult Swim section of CN.

You're wondering WHY? Simple: It started with a Facebook posts by friends about posting Dick Pics and Nerds sending Dick Pics... Dick Grayson pics that is!

So, I went on a tangent about Batman and his feelings for his young ward. So I kinda pictured Hal Jordan and Barry Allen trying to get Batman to say "I love Dick" for laughs.

Then another idea popped into my head. This one I did not post. Hal Jordan trying to prove he's a better superhero than Batman and they trade places. Jordan gets his ass kicked at Gotham since he sucks without his ring. Batman comes back wearing a Sinestro Corps ring, now renamed Batman Corps and Green Lanterns have become obsolete thanks to Batman.

Had also a few ideas going on with Superman being the Perennial Boyscout (and to some extent a party pooper) all the time, except when he's not. (keeping some of the ol' Superdickery alive, but he blames it on Kryptonite) Whenever he doesn't get things his way he goes to the Fortress of Solitude.

Batman being Obsessive about Justice, Vengeance, Prep Time. In one of the "episodes" I imagined, Batman learned about the Arisia Rrab Incident and added Jordan to the list of Criminal Scum he is trying to get rid of. Batman then spends the rest of the episodes trying to bait Jordan in a "To Catch a Predator" kind of thing. Going to the point of even getting Chris Hansen involved in one of the Bat-Schemes... BTW Batman always refers to himself in third person as The Goddamn Batman, EXCEPT when he does the "I am Vengeance, I am the Night, I am BATMAN!!" bit. After Dick decided to move with the Titans, Batman tried to find a Replacement Robin in Jason Todd, but he couldn't stand the whiny Todd, so he dressed up as the Joker and beat the living crap out of him.

Hal is a massive DOUCHE... Think ALL of Ryan Reynolds' characters. Hal often is trying to get inside the pants of ANYTHING Female. (doesn't matter if Human or alien.)

Wonder Woman is basically a Fish out of Water character, due to her Themysciran  Upbringing. She finds herself attracted to Feminism, but is able to criticize the most ridiculous aspects of it.

Flash is a jokester but not that mean as the rest of his teammates. He did try to dress up as Speedy Gonzalez for Halloween and Superman, being the Sanctimonious prick he is, tried guilt tripping Barry into NOT wearing the costume because of Cultural stereotypes, but it was because Superman had a Speedy Gonzalez costume himself.

The fifth slot is a rotating "guest" slot each episode. In one Episode we have Green Arrow and Batman gets jealous since the team is enjoying the "Batman-wannabe with a Robin Hood Fetish" more than him. He even tries to bribe the team, but Green Arrow makes it rain. When Aquaman shows up and proves he's super competent, Hal tries to smear Aquaman's reputation by wearing an Aquaman costume and acting like the Super Friends version. Arisia shows up in one episode (the one where Batman learns about Pedo-Lantern. Guy Gardner shows up on the same episode, but Batman incapacitates him with One Punch.

I know this won't happen, but it was kinda cool thinking a lot of these scenarios.

Feb 21, 2016

Sore wa omocha-bako kara kimashita Supaidāman

Huge discount for Gamestop Leaving PR. He was
already loose on Display.
As reimagined by Kingdom Heart's Tetsuya Nomura... But without Zippers, Oversized boots or feathers and trenchcoats. Yes, I know he did many of the designs of FFVII and other games post VII, but I had to open with a Kingdom Hearts reference because Holy Crap! I have a PS4 and KH3 will come to PS4!!
This is basically a Redesign of Spider-Man... A redesign that makes ZERO SENSE for a guy with so little resources as Peter Parker, but it exists.
The Spider-Man fan in me couldn't resist so here it goes: Play Arts Kai Spider-Man (remember to ALWAYS Hyphenate Spider-Man)

This Spidey has a Decent Range of Articulation... Though I wish his hips had better Range though. As always I used the Spidey Test to see if he is Worthy. He passes, but needed a slight bit more to be perfect.
I feel like I wanna Play some MVC2

some Male Butt action for 'Nita...

Paint and Sculpt:
The sculpt is cool looking, very Japanese Mecha inspired. Mine had a small issue on a thigh... other than that the paintwork is pretty good. Some of the Articulation makes the figure look a bit off, but that is partially an issue with the engineering of this figure and the visual design.
these weblines need Viagra!

It has an acrobatic stand, not pictured since it's stuck to the box and I don't want to damage the box.
Tons of hands... 10 to be precise, 3 Weblines (one long to hold on to, 2 to shoot) 1 webbing net end (to have Spidey firing off a web net or preparing a Web Shield) 2 Web blast tips. The weblines droop a little bit due to gravity... Little Warning.
sideways Shoryuken!!

Overall: Spidey gets a 4.83 as his score, which is a great score, especially for a non-traditional Spidey. There is a small part of me that is curious of seeing a Tetsuya Nomura redesigned Doctor Octopus.
At least it's a better looking Japanese Spider-Man than the last one...

Finally I got my hands on the Knight of Arkham.

Just to be clear I will not gonna spoil his Identity, because Comic Book Bat Fans will figure it out pretty fast... a LOT FASTER than the World's Greatest Detective. But yeah, it's the Final installment of the Arkham Series...
We went to the Asylum, then a small closed off section of the City, now we see the rest of Gotham in the thrilling conclusion to the Arkham series.

So, put on your bat cowl... You can wear the Adam West gear from Mattycollector, seeing that THAT BATSUIT is a DLC item. Drop your voice an octave and become Vengeance, become the NIGHT!!! BECOME BATMAN!!!

Once again, we have Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman and Mark Hamill as Joker (Flashbacks from the events of Arkham City. The Joker does not appear in this game due to Arkham City's storyline.) Princess Bookhorse is now the voice of Harley Quinn. Arlene Sorkin retired after Arkham Asylum. They changed Oracle to a Sparkling Vampire. They did a few changes in VAs but those have been redacted due to spoilers... and Let's start this review before I go on a tangent and the ratings part ends up an empty void.

After the insane events of Arkham City, spoilers redacted, because you should play the Trilogy... and it seems maybe add Origins to it. So, There has been no Joker activity for some time. Gotham seems to have reached a new era of peace. Until Scarecrow decides to ruin it for everyone. Using a Super Fear Toxin, he forces evacuation on Gotham... Now it's up to the Dark Knight to stop Scarecrow and his new Bodyguard, The eponymous Arkham Knight.

Being a Game of the Arkham series, you know that the graphics will be amazing... and there is plenty of Nightwing ass to stare at. Gotham looks bleak, gothic, dark, but you'll be seeing it most of the time in the weird Detective Mode colors.

Sounds and Music:
The music has this Batman vibe. it's not Danny Elfman's 89 Batman, but it works... they more Dark Knight Trilogy sounding... The voicework is impressive, Especially by having Conroy and Hamill reprise their roles as Batman and Joker. (No need to mention that they were the best Batman and Joker VAs... Thank Batman TAS for that) The rest of the VAs have done a great job, but I need to point out the reuse of the best Batman and Joker

Controls are responsive and if you've played the previous Arkham games, you'll feel Quite comfortable when Controlling the B-Man. Especially now with the Bigger Crowds and the new FEAR takedowns... I shudder in anticipation.
Now, the Car... That's a different story.

The controls are set up a bit weird for controlling a car. R2 Accelerates, but Reverse/Brake is Square. L2 is Battle Mode. This messes up some of the racing times in some of the races. Also, the Batmobile feels like the tires are under constant attack by Mister Freeze. It handles POORLY!!
6.0 (Blame the Batmobile)

If you've played past Arkham games, you know what to expect here... Now add the Car in the most cumbersome ways possible.
Have Races against the clock for Riddler clues/trophies in the car that handles poorly. Fight waves of  unmanned enemies in the car. Solve puzzles WITH THE CAR. Drive the Car via Remote Control to reach your position!! Chase Enemies that somehow are WAY FASTER THAN the Batmobile!
Screw the Batmobile and its ICY tires!!

The Arkham Knight gets an 8.0 as its final score here... I blame the Batmobile for the game's shortcomings... and an easy to predict secret ID of the Arkham Knight. They are VERY IN YOUR FACE ABOUT IT... All that is missing is a SIGN SAYING THE ARKHAM KNIGHT IS...

But I'm not that kind of guy... You'll figure out the secret on your own...

But one thing I AM going to spoil:
Best Game Over Scene EVER!!


Feb 20, 2016

Thundercats is stepping up in the right direction.

Seems that Mattel is Stepping up in the right direction with Thundercats and their more Adult collector look that they have. Extra hands, extra accessories (like the whole Mumm-Ra's dual capes, or various Claw shields.) Well they NEED to go even further. I understand that costs, unfortunately, are what causes some things to get cut on figures.

Well, I think Mattel should take the next step and make "Upgrade packs" for the characters that truly need it. Right out of the bat, I know of a few who'll need these like Lion-O who still needs:
2 more Claw Shields:
-One firing the grappling ropes (knuckle gems). I mean the gems popped out with bits of sculpted rope attached to them so it looks like Lion-O just fired the grappling ropes.
-One Vac Metal... (I know I HATE Vac Metal, but the other option is one with a Mummy, Mumm-Ra refelction tampographed on it)

3 more swords of Omens:
-Sight beyond Sight Mode (Small Dagger, but with the Fully awakened Hilt)
-"in between mode" Basically, a shorter version of the fully awakened sword. (Preferably, The Second Thunder! from the Thundercats Ho! call. with the Sight beyond sight dagger we can have the first "Thunder!" from the call.
-Third blade? A fully awakened Sword of Omens with a Red Blast shooting out of the Eye. This sword has 2 purposes. Use one is to use it as if Lion-O is calling the Thundercats, but the second use is to recreate the Lion-O deflecting Mumm-Ra's blast from the intro.

-Additional Head for Lion-O, probably a screaming HOOOOOO! Head, or a sight beyond sight head.

That's just Lion-O...
We could say that Panthro will need the Nunchucks (Here I'm thinking a few versions.)
2"Twirling". As seen with the Marvel Select Thor, he has a normal Mjolnir and a twirling Mjolnir.
Panthro needs 2 Twirling chucks: twirling Red and Twirling Blue.
-Energy blasts for the nunchucks

The idea is to bring up Extra stuff to spice up your Thundercats displays. This could help us the fans get the BEST THUNDERCATS TOYS EVER!!

Feb 18, 2016

SFV is real

Finally, we get to find out the conclusion from 4 Ultra Arcade Giga Mega Combo of Old Capcom with New Capcom... DLCs up the wazoo and like 7 versions of SFIV. (exaggerated for comedic effect.)

Why do I feel like this?

Perhaps is the lack of Arcade mode, 16 characters out of the tons that Street Fighter has, über lame story mode, changing charge moves on characters to Quarter circle motions... Chun Li's Hyakuretsukyaku is no longer tapping kick rapidly. It's a QCF move. Yes, I KNOW it was a HCF in SFXTekken, but it still stinks that they changed the move.

So, for the lonely player who doesn't do online, the game is worthless.
The new Characters... meh.
So far the only one I like is Rashid (personality wise, not gameplay)

I can't truly review the game seeing that it feels like a demo. What Little I was able to play OFFLINE, seeing that Crapcom had server issues on the 16th, felt very much like Street Fighter IV. Don't get me wrong, the fighting is decent, graphics are nice, but it feels incomplete. I mean SFIV had ANIMATED CUTSCENES that looked like anime, Here we get Storyboard sketches painted in something higher than MS Paint lower than Photoshop.
There's also a season pass and stuff that will be added later to the game.
If you're into online gameplay, then this game is your cup of tea... If not, you might be better off downloading SSFII HD.

We need to get Deadpool to host SNL

In a world where Miley Cyrus, Donald Trump, Ronda Rousey, Bieber, and freaking Sharkboy have hosted SNL... We need someone to stand up and deliver... We need DEADPOOL!
No, I don't mean Ryan Reynolds, who hosted SNL in the past... I mean Ryan Reynolds channeling Deadpool and remaining IN CHARACTER (Deadpool) the whole time. Deadpool would be doing the sketches and all the stuff. Just picture Deadpool in a tacky wig and a suit with tie for a sketch as he Deadpools his way through it. We could even have something about Deadpool being hired to un-alive a FORMER cast member of SNL. Using the term un-alive because he's trying to avoid being censored by the FCC. Have a small sketch about the FCC replacing his weaponry with toy weapons or something. It works as a jab at Disney's family friendly image AND the whole Kids want to see Deadpool... but that's just tossing some random ideas into the air.

You KNOW you WANT to see this. So head here to the petition where we can pester Lorne Michaels to have The Merc with the Mouth be the SNL host.

Feb 17, 2016

Punky Brewster is now an orphan...

It's sad, but unfortunately, George Gaynes has passed away.
Aside from Punky Brewster, most of you will probably remember him from Tootsie, ah who am I kidding... IT'S Police Academy what many remember him from!

But I'll remember him as the College professor on Roger Corman's Fantastic Four.

May he rest in Peace and best wishes to those he left behind.

The essence of Mortal Kombat is not about death...

But about excessive DLC that costs money. I am not talking about MK 9, which was plagued by this, but MKX, which ramped up the greed factor. DLC for characters, DLC for 2 button Fatalities, DLC for Unlocking EVERYTHING... DLC for costumes. I mean COME ON!!

I hope that Street Fighter V doesn't follow the same route... *Remembers Street Fighter X Tekken and SF IV* We're doomed!

So, yes, I'm going to give you my thoughts on MKX, Sequel to the MK9 Reboot of the series.

Remember that if you ever do a Fatality to a female character, you are sexist, misogynistic and deserve to be beaten to death by 'Nita's followers.

Let's begin, Shall we?

Sequel to MK9, where Shao Khan violated the Tournament rules and was finally killed by the Elder gods. Many Warriors from Earthrealm and Outworld fell in the glorious Kombat.
Johnny Cage got in Sonya's pants and she eventually gave birth to a Girl Johnny Cage... She even has the Gary Oldman hairdo from the 5th Element combined with a Manbun... Probably voiced by a Tumblr SJW... To the Internet! Yup! Johnny Cage's daughter is infected by SJW-ism... thanks to her VA. So, Cassie Cage is the new Liu Kang. She is working with a team consisting of:
Kung Lao's gay cousin, no really they drop a not so subtle hint about Kung Lao's cousin being gay. Jax's daughter who ALSO HAS Mechanical arms. (Hers are Armor, but still.) Then there's Kenshi's son who was raised by Scorpion, and their Fearless leader is none other than the man whose fist hungers for your balls... or vajayjay if you are female. Yes, Johnny Cage now works for the Special Forces... So let me get this straight: Sonya, Johnny Cage, AND THEIR daughter are all Special Forces? NEPOTISM!!
Yeah, Team Nepotism is now the new wave of Defenders of Earthrealm, seeing that Johnny is now pushing 50.

Shinnok is plotting behind the scenes to take over Earthrealm and now both Earthrealm and Outworld are intertwined in another Mortal Kombat (the game, not the Tournament)

The Graphics are beautiful, it's just that some of the character designs feel uninspired. (I mean Scorpion, Subzero and Old Kenshi looking very similar to one another. I know they are different models, but they kinda look the same with the whole beard thing.

Sounds and Music:
To be honest, the music is there, but I just don't feel connected to it. The voices, well they have Steve Blum, Troy Baker, Greg Eagles, Jennifer Hale, Grey Griffin (formerly Grey DeLisle), and Johnny Young Bosch...

Remember MK9? Controls are Similar to it. If you haven't REALLY PLAYED a Mortal Kombat since the 2D Digitized Actors... Mmmm, MK3 Sonya! well, they changed a lot of the Kommands!
the controls are 98% responsive... (Hate fatalities that have UP as one of the kommand inputs)

It's Mortal Kombat, Do I need to explain that two fighters enter the arena and only one comes out (if the winner FINISHES the opponent)
MK X gets a 8.5 as its final score. Personally, I'd remove 2 points for the abuse of DLC.
$19.99 for Unlocking the Krypt
$19.99 for Kombat Pack 2 which includes Goro, Kold War Skin Pack, Leatherface, a Tartakan Xenomorph, Bo'Rai'Cho, and a Cyber Ninja that uses the abilities of all cyber ninjas.
$9.99 for Kombat Pack 1: It has Predator, Jason Voorhees, Tanya, and Tremor. It also includes a few skin packs.

That's another $50 for the $50+ Game... This shit has to stop.

Feb 16, 2016

Strategic Butt Coverings... my butt!

I still have to do Women as Reward, but don't know if I wanna sit through that again...
But Strategic Butt Coverings is so facepalm worthy that right out the bat...
I guess I should do a Tigger Warning, but I'll let Ace Ventura do it for me

Yes, there will be pixelated or polygonal butts on this rant. If butts offend you, too bad!

Rambo: The Videogame: The Rant

Yet another Victim of Gamestop calling it Quits on Puerto Rico.
Rambo: The Videogame. It covers First Blood, First Blood Part II, and Rambo III. It ignores Rambo (4th and Final movie, seeing that Stallone supposedly said he wasn't going to play Rambo anymore.)

So, let's talk the game, shall we?

I kinda gave it away more or less by telling you that you are Rambo and you go through all 3 movies. There is not much to talk here, since that would be me talking about the 3 Rambo movies.


I could rant a lot about the graphics, but I'll let this video speak for itself.

This is a 2014 PS3 Game... Why do they look slightly upgraded PS1 skins attached to PS2 Body Frames?

Sounds and Music:

Do you like the instrumental version of It's A Long Road? Cause you're going to hear it a lot! Voiceovers are rather awful. Hell! even IMDB doesn't even have a list of who voiced who...


As you can see on the Graphics video, the game is a shooter on rails, Time Crisis, Area 51, Revolution X, etc. But it also has:

Yup, ON Rails Shooter + QTEs... This is Rambo now! But it's not AS Horrible as it sounds... It still is BAD, but not Uwe Boll Bad.

Better get the PS Move out... It improves the Experience... Using the PS3 is

7.0 with Move 5.5 without Move (which is approximately close to 20% less cool. )

Rambo gets a 5.8 using the Move as a controller and a 5.5 using the Normal Controller. The game is not THAT BAD, it's just that the controls are so-so, Horrible graphics, average gameplay, repetitive music and horrible voice work. Avoid like the plague. This is why Movie based games get a bad rap...

Feb 15, 2016

odds and ends Feb. 15/16

Back in 2013, Todd McFarlane was trying to whore himself to Hollywood to get a chance to reboot Spawn. Well, Good news! He STILL IS TRYING! The movie he is pitching is more along the lines of a Horror movie, but Spawn could lend itself for that.

Mattycollector has found the new Neitlich: His name is Andrew Sparks. Pixel Dan did a walkthrough where the New Neitlich and Cornboy of the 4H discuss the toys.

Behold the Teaser to the Crappy Reboot that makes Anita excited!

Funny thing is that this was released on February 14th, 2016...

Also, it made me think of this:

Filmation He-Man is "No Longer Available"... That was rather fast, especially for a Figure that is supposed to be Evergreen in order to allure new customers... I knew he was going to go fast, but this could be a double edged sword... Time will tell.

Feb 14, 2016

Roton is Coming? Matty Showed some Surprises!!

Pic posted originally on He-Man.org forums
Toy Fair's first MOTUC Reveal is apparently a Roton and a Skelcon... ith new head, tunic, loincloth, spear and Dagger. Everything else is part reuse.
Holy Crap! It even Comes with the Canopy piece from the Model Kit...

Oh Holy Crap! I think I may have PARTIALLY GUESSED THIS! Then again, it was kind of an educated guess... minus the Skeleteenah part.

Now this is the part where I bitch and moan about this...

Skelcons are tied to an Expensive vehicle!? (or Robo Horse... Didn't forget about Night Stalker) Take it away Robot Chicken Aliens!

This is the only Surprise to the Schedule. Everything else we already knew. ToyArk has pics of the reveals.
They had protos of Filmation Evil Lyn and Clawful... Clawful is less than impressive. The Evil Lyn, I might get. That Coridite Crystal makes her more desirable. Trap Jaw is meh, at best. Beastman, well, that's a ball of Fail coated in a sweet layer of suck-ass and sprinkles of crappy design work.

Skeletor looks passable... aside the Ankles... I mean I am seriously considering buying him.

Evil Seed is irrelevant, seeing I didn't sub up. Accessories look nice.

I'm a bit confused here: Sunder has a few heads on him: Sunder, Secret of the Sword Black Eyed Trooper from the Horde invasion Flashback, Aqua Trooper head, and what I think is DC's Purple humanoid Trooper head. Wonder if any of these has to do with the rumor of a Single Carded release of the Horde Troopers. He seems to have a weird Horde Bat Sword... But the one Head I DON'T SEE is Sunder without the Helmet. In any case that explains the Lonely Trooper... I think.

Why is the Horde Wraith with an NU52 Adora head, some shield and a Stun Baton? I like the staff the wraith is carrying and I may have to buy 2 more.

I have a raging boner for Despara Right now... Metaphorically speaking. She looks AMAZEBALLS!

Holy Asscrackers! They Corrected Vultak's Forearms!! You're welcome.

Why is Masque there? We already got him... CRITA should have been there.

Tuskador is BIG...

Darius looks Nice as Hell... But man, Anti-He-Man looks Amazeballs... for a Blastic He-Man with a Black CGM Shield and Black Alcala Sword.

Night Stalker... Duuude~ He looks AWESOME!!

Power Con items are well, repaints... very Repainty... Though I NEED Camop Khan in my life!

Thundercats were on Display too, except Jaga and Grune who were shifted to 2017. ToyArk has pics as well. Panthro is MIA... Probably looking for his Blasted Samoflange!
Seems that Interchangeable hands might be a thing:
Lion-O seems to have a normal gripping left hand and a more relaxed left hand. He seems to have 3 Swords of Omens: Long, Dagger and one sculpted on one of the 2 Claw shields. This seems confusing to me. Hopefully later on we'll get a better explanation.

Mumm-Ra has 2 capes, a Staff and a Hilt for the Sword of Plundarr. I suppose the FULL Blade will come with the Ever Living form.

Pumyra seems to have extra hands, her sling and an accessory I can't figure out at the moment.

Jackalman has a halberd and a club.

Somehow it's not the same without Neitlich... There is some sort of flair missing here and I can't quite put my finger on it.

Thoughts on Deadpool.

The movie was Vulgar, Violent, Profane, Blood, lots of guts, breasts, and Ryan Reynolds' Behind!

References, references everywhere... Fourth Wall? Look left. Deadpool did that. He asked me to use ponies to count, so I brought my little uh, My Little Ponies... Yeah, I'm a piss poor substitute for Deadpool, but the Poolman himself was to busy and delegated the review/rant to me.

That is a good thing since I don't have enough money to pay for his services and then he'd kill me and I value my life too much to be killed.

So, yes, Deadpool like his comic counterpart is fully aware that he's part of a movie series. He references it multiple times... There's even some references to Brakapool.

For the love that is holy, DO NOT TAKE CHILDREN TO SEE Skull Poop L
It's DEFINITELY NOT for children, as stated above.
So, do yourself a favor and go watch Skull Poop It's the only good Marvel based thing to come out of Fox since Days of Future Past... We'll see if X-Men: Poe Dameron is just as good.

My most wanted Vehicles and Playsets for the Mattel Thundercats Toyline

This list will be a short one, mostly because I honestly, don't want or think that Thundercasts should become the Next MOTUC line (in expansiveness levels). This is mostly based on the general consensus that most people only want the cats, main Mutants (Sorry Ratar-O) and Mumm-Ra. Seems that there isn't that much love for the Lunataks, the Warrior Maidens, or the Berzerkers.


We only need 2 and One of them is Cat's Lair. This is the "Castle Grayskull" of Thundercats. Not to mention prominent during the cartoon. The other Playset is not so much a Playset but a slightly oversized diorama...

(Because the Latin American dub is scarier than the Standard US voice)
Also, it's the other Playset from the Vintage Line... But I want ALL 4 ANCIENT SPIRITS OF EVIL!! There's no real need for an exterior since that would be a Pyramid and 4 Obelisks (The Obelisks you can get from one of those hippie shops that sell incenses and crap. The Pyramid is easier to make out of wood, foam or whatever.

Vehicles... That are NOT The Thundertank, which is the MANDATORY VEHICLE TO HAVE ON A THUNDERCATS Line:

Sky Cutter: This is the "War Sled" of Thundercats, you'd need at least 2. One for Monkian and the other for Jackalman... OK a Third One for Vultureman seeing that Vultureman's Flying Machine is not on this list.

Nosediver... Slythe needs his mode of Transportation, Yess!?

Final Vehicle? Thunder Strike... Lynx-O and Pumyra need a way to move when the Real Thundercats are driving the Thundertank... Bengali can rot in Hell for all I care.

No, I'm not counting the Kittens' Spaceboards as Vehicles since THEY are a MANDATORY accessory for the Thunderkittens. (but then again, we've seen how other toy companies MAKE GHOST RIDER walk... He's GHOST RIDER, not GHOST WALKER!)

Chances are that Most of this list will be not made, but IF they were to make playsets and vehicles, these are the most likely to happen.

Mattel wants some of that 3D Printing Money...

Thankfully, they're not going Rhianna on Shapeways.
They are Resurrecting the Thingmaker and turning it into a low-end 3D Printer. 
So... Here's the thing: Being based on an App that only allows Pre-Set patterns to be used sounds great for beginners to 3D Printing, but the little pics I've seen do not Let me appreciate the capabilities of the Printer itself. Remember that EVEN Professional Prints from Shapeways have some issues. A Lower end Printer such as this will not yield professional results. Not to mention the whole App with Pre-Set pieces. Betcha that's where Mattel will get most of the money. Part update paks being sold for pennies or a few bucks.

Shapeways Masters do not have to worry about this taking away their business. What worries me is idiots using this and getting hurt... I know the Printer shuts itself while printing to prevent this, but Stupidity ALWAYS FINDS A WAY. Or I can almost hear the Little Timmy choked on one of your printed items. Let's see how this will turn out.

The CM on CM Punk must stand for Chicken Man... right?

He's got an opponent who is NOT a Power Ranger. The thing is that Now CM Punk has to go on back surgery and postpone the fight. I mean it's not like other fighters are having their doubts on Punk.  If we assume the notion mentioned on the first link that Punk lost 15 out of 16 "training matches" is true, then we can see WHY he is chickening out.

I think that Punk should reconsider fighting Jason David Frank...

Seriously, Punk's not getting any younger and he's been roughly for over a year saying that he's going to be a UFC dude, but still no fight. It's always excuses with Punk. Here's Punk's comments on the issue.

It came from the Toy Chest: Shapoopi's slave.

First figure of the Collector's Choice has finally arrived.
Lord Masque, from the House of Shokoti: Part 1.

I'm not going to go into details, since there is no Neitlichverse bio of him for me to make fun of...
Seriously, look at the bare cardback.

I miss the Bios.

So let's crack him open to see him better, shall we?

 There is something VERY off right off the bat.

The color palette is still VERY OFF on Masque.
The Skin tone is WAY off as well as the gloves and belt. The prototype was more accurate on the belt, though.

If I had an Extra Mo-Larr, maybe I'd bother repainting his body, but for now his body shall remain the same. Pointing this out before I get on with the review because it bugs me so much.

He's a basic MOTUC Buck, so we're used to those since 2009. Nothing to write home about. You've seen one figure without armor, you know what to expect 4.5

Paint and sculpt:
Sculptwise he works. Love the new cape and harness... Hopefully Customizers can make modified casts of it to make a more accurate 200X or classicized Filmation Harness for He-Man, nudge nudge wink wink... The paints, while in the wrong colors, they are decently applied and very little slop on them. The thigh straps may have a bit of dark brown bleed into the thighs, but it's not that noticeable.


A shield and sword meant for New Adventures He-Man for the Thunder Punch variant. So, What about Lord Masque?

Yup! Lord Masque gets NOTHING to call his own... Unless you have spare End of Wars crap weapons lying around.

Masque gets a 3.83 because of his lack of accessories. A second head with Smoke coming out the hood and a broken Mask would have been PERFECT Accessories for him. While I still debate IF I'll go for a full repaint on him, I painted his Mask in a gunmetal black to give it that wrought iron inspired look for him. Yes, it DOES give him a slight Doctor Doom vibe to him.


After posting this rant, I decided to give Masque a Darker brown wash to  well darken his skin. Then a slight drybrush of Blue on his gloves and I ended up with this Masque.

Doesn't he look now Closer to the Cartoon look?

Feb 13, 2016

Holy crap! Bad Boys 3 may not be a Michael Bay Film...

And the scary part is that I AM WORRIED about this. Sure, I LOATHE Michael Bay WHEN HE'S ADAPTING Things from my Childhood, whether as a Director or Producer. Now, Bad Boys kinda NEEDS Bay and the Fresh Douche of Bel Air... and Martin Lawrence. It seems that the Writer, Joe Carnahan is the one in charge now.

I still have not seen Wolf Puncher the movie, but I have seen his OTHER movie as a Director.
Bad Boys 3 would be in good hands if they give it to Carnahan, but I'm afraid it could lose some of its flair... Because let's face it, Bay DOES HAVE A LOT OF FLAIR...

It Came from the toy chest: No he's not a cat under that mask

Of course, I am talking about Kylo Ren, played by Adam Driver. I mean have you seen the cat that totally looks like him?
I won't get into The Force Awakens Spoilers, but he's the New Darth Vader.

Kylo: I will Finish what you started.
Vader: I hope you're talking about Threepio, because you ain't putting
sweet crap in my popcorn!
Kylo: Wait, you BUILT C-3PO!?
Vader: Yes, I also was a Pod Racer! Yippee! Also, you need to chop off
some limbs. I hear that Rey girl still has her entire body.
The Articulation seems to be the Standard Hasbro 6 Inch Articulation, Refer to the Darth Vader Review... (Damn! I realized I lost his light saber during the move.) but the whole refer to Darth Vader is intentional...

Paint and Sculpt:
Paintwise he's Black Plastic on Black Plastic with some silver accents, 1 gold line, 1 red line and dot on the saber. Sculptwise, he looks like Kylo Ren. 4.0

Accessories: His Light Saber. It pops off for the turned off section.
Seriously? No second Adam Driver Head? You mean I need to get a SECOND KYLO to have the Tantrum Mode Ren!? Damn you Hasbro, Damn you to Hell!!

Kylo Ren gets a 3.5 as his final score. I blame the Lack of Second head on the slightly lower score. Of course this Kylo Ren is specifically made for indoor Scenes. The K-Mart Exclusive Starkiller Base Kylo Ren has snow effects on his robes, so he works for displays on the snow.