Sep 30, 2022

So Hugh Jackman will be back for one last Hurrah after Logan

 Ryan Reynolds teased Jackman's return as Wolverine for Deadpool 3. Honestly, I HOPE that Deadpool 3 Kills the Fox X-Universe so they can properly begin to have X-Men on the MCU...

BTW, yes, I'm opposed to the "fan idea" of Keke Palmer as Rogue... As Storm, Shard, or Monet St. Croix, sure, but as Rogue, no thanks. But back on topic, We need to let go of tall and handsome Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. But we need to give Jackman the proper sendoff... that wasn't  Logan... which dP3 isn't touching, thank god.
I mean, give Hugh a chance to give the people what they want.

Yes! We would prefer yellow spandex, thank you very much!!

Having Wolverine without a Proper Wolverine Uniform, whether the Brown and Yellow or the Yellow and Blue or hell, the grey and black X-Force Uniform has been a huge sin that needs to be ammended. 

The only thing that sucks about this is that Mom was never able to see a Wolverine sendoff... still can't believe it's been 7 years. Feels like yesterday that my soul was torn apart by her departure.

Sep 29, 2022

It came from the Toy Chest: Spider-Man, Spider-Man... Married life of the Spider-Man

 Saves the world with his wife. They have a daughter and no life... Look out here comes the married Man... I honestly had no idea to introduce the Renew your Vows 2 pack that should've been a 3 pack of Spidey, MJ, and Anna May Parker... who was recently Shatratized in the Edge of the Spider-verse series.

Before I can start my review, I need to get somethingnout my chest:

Fuck you Hasbro with your green packaging bullshit. This is not an ecologically friendly strategy. This is a scam to cut corners in packaging and raise prices. Wrapping the figures in parchment paper!? What the actual fuck!? This is going to cause an increase in toy swapping at most retailers. I've had some interactions with Loss Prevention at some retailers regarding Toy Swapping and Accessory stealing.

This new "green packaging" is facilitating the swappers jobs. As a collector, I want folks to enjoy the hobby with the least amount of headaches. This "green packaging" is going to bring more troubles than its worth.

With that out of the way:
This Spider-Man is married to Mary Jane Watson and they conceived a daughter, Anna May Parker, the Spiderling. After defeating The Regent, Spidey took the Regent's tech and made a suit so MJ could protect herself. The only problem is that the suit saps Spidey off his strength. MJ stopped using the Regent suit and began wearing a new suit... one that once belonged to Peter Parker... and Eddie Brock...
Peter is just PETER PARKER but no Joe Quesada interfering with his marriage.

MJ has the standard Female Articulation but she's sporting the new double jointed elbows.
Peter is reusing the recent Spider-Man body but with new toe hinges... we've reached ToyBiz levels of articulation aside fingers.
MJ: Look at me, I'm the Spider-Man now.
Peter: The cringe is real.

Paint and sculpt 
The paintwork on Spidey is pretty good. On Spinneret is good, but a little bit of white slop near her buttcrack kinda looks like Peter shot some web fluid... if you know what I mean.
Wait, both can do the Milo Manara pose....

All they have is unmasked head and the traditional extra hands (fists and wall crawling in addition to the webshooting hands)
Spidey: For some reason I wanna punch Forearm in the dick.
Spinneret: I want to break Deathlok's neck with my thighs...
Spidey: Well, I want to use Cap's shield to chop half the head of a zombie Hand Ninja...
Spinneret: Well, I want to get captured by The Mandarin, so you and Shang Chi save me while Thor waits and does nothing.

I have to be honest here. I mainly bought this set for the Near ToyBiz articulation on Spidey. Spinneret isn't a must have for me. Had this set been a 3 pack with Annie, Maybe I would've been a bit more excited. It's not a bad set, but if you already have the "Animated Retro Card" Spidey, you don't need this one.
MJ: Felicia hasn't taken the whole Grogu thing that well...
Peter:Unfortunately, his name is Grogu. It should've been something starting with the letter Y like they had Yoda and Yaddle...
MJ: That doesn't make any sense. That would be like if every Human had to have a name starting with the letter H... Like say Hwil Hweaton...
Felicia: Don't worry Baby Yoda, I won't let anyone call you Grogu...
Peter: Screw this, I'm out!
MJ: We're out! Don't leave me with Felicia and her crazy theories...

High Summoner Yuna is dancing to Gangsta's Paradise

 Yevondammit, Yuna! Who let you borrow my Coolio CDs? You had to dance to Coolio didn't ya? Wanna dance to Bad Bunny instead?
Well, Coolio, you were 23, lived to 24 and all the way to 59... then Yuna had to screw things over and danced for you... because People Die and Yuna Dances... When will she stop!? Oh no! She's gotten on a DDR Machine!

But yeah, Coolio died at 59. I know this is odd of me to mention rappers here, since I'm not exactly a HUGE fan of the genre... and I don't have Coolio CDs, that was part of the whole setting up the People Die and Yuna Dances gag, since Haley Joel Osment and his Necrosight wouldn't have worked that well here. I mainly know about Coolio because of my classmates and how angry they were when Daniel Radcliffe did this:

In any case, may he requiescat in pace. My condolences to the family and friends.

Sep 27, 2022

The casting double standards: a racist rant, but not that way.

 We're well aware with the whole Halley Bailey backlash for Disney's The Little Mermaid live action adaptation. Well, it's funny... Not Ha-ha funny, but funny as the stench of unpreserved meat that became rotten after a week without power.

What do I mean by that? Well, people who are not happy by the casting, because it's not faithful to the source Material are being called racist... but wait a minute... I could've sworn that this same argument was used to attack the casting on another movie...
Dammit, ScarJo! I'm DEFENDING YOU

Yes, Laddies and Gentlema'ams! I'm talking about The Ghost in the Shell... the infamous movie where ScarJo culturally appropriated a role meant for a Japanese woman. You see where I'm getting at? The same people who claim that The Little Mermaid live action is "not for you, but for a new generation of fans" "she was the best suited for the role" were outraged at ScarJo for daring to play a role meant for a Japanese woman. Or that Benedict Cucumbersnatch played a trans role that should've been played by an actual trans person. They lose their minds when a trans character isn't played by a trans actor, but when a white character is played by a black actress... nothing.

Of course the excuse these racists will give you is: "YT PPL have been whitewashing roles for ages, so it's time for some payback." 
So, using their logic: people have been racist for years, so it's time to fight racism with racism.

When a White person does something non-white is cultural appropriation. When a black person does something non-black it's representation and diversity. That's MY issue. 
You can't use "cultural appropriation" to attack an actor, but defend a different actor for doing the same you criticized from the first one.
I criticize them both the same. Just like I criticized ScarJo for Kusanagi, I'm criticizing Halley Bailey for Ariel.

But Brandy did Cinderella and no one complained...
That we know of, since that was pre-internet. But I'll play: The Cinderella movie starring Brandy wasn't called Disney's Cinderella. It was called Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. 
It was an adaptation of the Musical made by Rodgers and Hammerstein. So, it's NOT the same thing. Just like The Wiz is NOT the same thing as the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. On Disney's The Little Mermaid, we have the original cartoon movie that was a loose adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson story where the titular character is a redhead Alyssa Milano... who most definitely isn't black.
Yes, I'm aware of the counter argument of a tall nippleless Tom Cruise as Aladdin. But back to DTLMLA: they wanted to make the titular mermaid black, fine... but then why do you cast the whitest Spaniard in all of Spain as her father!? Flounder is white, Urusula is white too! Eric is Wonderbread White... I guess it would be easier to count the non-white roles:
Sebastian who is black, and Scuttle who has been genderbent into an Asian Bottled Watter obnoxius and loud comedienne whose whole schtick is appropriate black culture.

Had King Triton been played by Terry Crews and Ursula was played by Lizzo, this would've felt more honest from Disney as an attempt to add diversity. As it officially ended up, it feels like this was a very Wonderbread Adaptation and they decided to change Ariel for the sake of SocJus brownie points. 

Where were these people when an Afro-Caribbean role was stolen by a non-Afro Mexican? They were defending the change because it wasn't about sticking it to the white man. I am referring to America Chavez... had Xochtil Gomez been lighter in the color spectrum, maybe they would've complained. It's this wishy-washy bullshit what bothers me. You want to fight cultural appropriation, then fight it IN ALL DIRECTIONS, not just the ones that are convenient to you. 

Hasbro's greed just killed the Selfie Series

 Remember the Selfie Series: the one where you download the Hasbro Pulse app, upload several pics of your noggin and for $60+ Shipping, Handling, and Applicable taxes, you'd get an action figure with your face! As it was, it was a tad overpriced at $60+... which in my case, adding taxes and FedEx it becomes closer to $90...  Well with their greed, Hasbro has turned my Maybe into a FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!!

They raised the price of the Selfie Series to $80+ shipping, handling, taxes, etc. Which puts these into the $110+ range for me.

I'd rather pay $110 for a Mafex, a Storm Collectibles, or 2 Super7 Ultimates figures than a Pizza Spidey body with my head. What the Fuck is Hasbro Thinking... This level of incompetent greed is something I would've expected from Mattel... or Square Enix! All that's missing is making a NFT of your figure to raise the price to $100+...

If people were on the fence at $60, why would Hasbro consider raising the price even further as a viable option!?


Selfie Series is back to $60.

Sep 26, 2022

Making another case for the oddball TMNT mini characters

 Super7 is taking the mini characters and bringing them to life in the Ultimates line to the point that a sculpted oddity on Space Cadet Raph, became its own character. I've mentioned some mini characters that could be added in a previous rant. The reason for this rant is that I was prepping some Advent Calendar stuff and I tackled the Spy Fly that comes with the NECA Mousers. At first I didn't recognize what it was until I took a look from the other side. I didn't recognize it, because they're much bigger in the videogame.
Personally. If Super7 were to add these guys, I'd wish they were a bit bigger than NECA's, but not Videogame scaled. The biggest they could go should be slightly smaller than  the non-mutated turtle from Splinter. 

This is another opportunity for me to push for Roadkill Rodneys. I reviewed the NECA ones already. I still believe that we need Super7 versions of them. Since the "vintage weapons tree" is going the way of the dodo, having some of these little guys being reused on various figures as "added value" could theoretically help S7 when balancing new stuff with old. I mean, they could re-release a Foot Soldier and pair him with a Roadkill Rodney instead of all of his weapons... (maybe give him an existing sword) it's a nice way to refresh army builders and entice Army Building, since a single Roadkill Rodney isn't enough.

Heck... if they play their cards right by sneaking these little guys with other figures, Eventually they could reach the point that they could do a release similar to the Mousers with all the little guys:
-2 Mousers (one clean, one Battle Damaged)
-2 Roadkill Rodneys
-4 Spyflys
-4 Utrom robot walkers (2 dormant mode and 2 active)
-anything else needed or that s7 might consider worthy of adding.

They could call it the Technodrome defense pack.

Hell, the NES Game has some enemies that make tony copies of themselves when you attack them. One kinda looks like a Foot Soldier and the other is the Flaming dude...
The Foot Soldier one is the easiest, since all we need is a 4" mini Foot Soldier and a pair of 2.25" static figurines.

What I'm trying to say is that we don't need to just redo the vintage mini figures, but to use this chance to expand the toyline by starting with somewhat canonical itesm that didn't make it back then.

Sep 25, 2022

Odds and ends Sept.25 2022: Spider-verse, Little Mermaid, and stuff

 Read the Edge of the Spider-verse issue 4... the one with the handicapped Spider-lesbian... it was absolute cringe. Like most of the receny Edge of the Spider-verse stories, we get a small story that introduces the current Spider and then they get recruited by a Female Spider. Her personality is literally Lesbian stereotype with a disability twist. I'm dreading the Gay golden Orb Weaver Spider-Man. Betting he'll be a 1 dimensional gay stereotype.

Daddy is calling it quits. I'm talking about

James Earl Jones retiring as Darth Vader's voice. From now on it seems that an AI will take over. So now Vader will be less man and more machine...

Damn... I'm going to spend most of my vacation doing post-hurricane cleanup. Stupid Fiona, ruining my plans. I'm mostly OK, but pissed at losing the perishables inside the fridge... I had VENISON, which is hard to get by in PR. I had a couple of cheese wedges. My plan was to make a mac and cheese with cubed pan seared venison. Well, Mother Nature decided that I ain't ready for venison.

Sep 24, 2022

Hasbro is doing some cool figures

 I wasn't expecting this, but sadly one 2 pack with 2 key characters will be Target Exclusive...

Dungeons and Dragons the animated series is getting Action Figures... the Venger and Dungeon Master 2 pack will be Target Exclusive.

The rest will make it at other retailers, supposedly. The only disappointment is that my favorite sheila... uh Sheila and Eric the Cavalier... who despite everything, he was right most of the time.  Luckily for me this is a short line to collect. More pics at The Fwoosh! 
I only hope that they're made in scale to each other.

Sep 22, 2022

Hasbro's Starting lineup is Dead on Arrival

 Killed by Hasbro's greed... and the NBA's, of course. The line begins with a modern lineup including the infamous crybaby LeBron James
That's the size of the binky needed to calm LeBron.

Now Let's look at the $49.99 LeBron James figure.

The Action Figure LOOKS NOTHING LIKE LeBron James! It doesn't have the tattoos, the likeness is WAY OFF and it's not worth the ridiculous $50 pricetag... hell, this isn't even worth the new ML $25 pricetag... I remember when Legends were $10. But why the Hell is this garbage $50!?
Because it has the useless Nasty Fucking Trash! That's right, Hasbro is dabbling with NFT Garbage...

Ehhh, Nefty... your name kinda sounds like NFT...

Great, another reason to hate those digital waste of space... You know what, Fuck this NFT bullshit. I wanted to buy a LeBron to make him the butt of many ICFTTC jokes, but the only jokes here are the ridiculous price gouging, piss poor likeness, and NFT garbage.

As much as I hate to say Scott Neitlich was right, he was right about lines being killed when the prices get too high. So fuck you Hasbro for making me say that Scott Neitlich was right.

Sep 21, 2022

Monster High is coming back

 And apparently, the ghouls are getting some diversity makeovers. Clawdeen is now Blaxican, Draculaura is chubbier and half Asian. Frankie is now Non-Binary and wears a prosthetic leg. Lagoona is now a Honduran Latina Ghoul. Pleasantly surprised that the article didn't use the dreaded Latinx adjective. 

Mattel will also donate $1 from each Ghoulia doll they sell to, a non-profit that helps teens with, uh, stuff. A whole dollar out if a $25 doll... yikes! 

My issue is that they're retconning the Ghouls for "SocJus brownie points". Frankie's is the only one that makes the most sense, since she's based on Frankenstein's Monster, made out of spare parts. Being non-binary and having prosthetic limbs makes absolute sense, since she's built from multiple corpses. I'm honestly not a fan of making Draculaura chubbier. She drinks blood, not gorging on hamburgers. The one that should be chubby is Ghoulia, since Zombies eat brains and brain meat is mostly fat... you do the math. Had they done the full diversity thing in 2010, Mattel would've been a visionary. The issue lies on the lazy "Replacing instead of adding" diversity. 

While I don't have a horse on this race, I hope that they don't start cutting corners like they did on their last run of Monster High. 

Sep 20, 2022

Hasbro's greed is insane...

 I don't mean this in a good way. They're pushing a Hasbro pulse Ghost Driver with his car for $350.

Now, it's a cool toy, but not $350 cool. The first people to order would get the human version of this Ghost Driver as well... we haven't gotten a decent Dan Ketch GR since ToyBiz and that fig is outdated as fuck... not to mention that there are no human versions of Blaze or Ketch. LED lights are super cheap and irrelevant. For $50 Mattel can give people a Big Rig with tons of action features for the WWE toys. I mean Hasbro is literally asking for the equivalent of a Single Payment on an actual car for a chunk of plastic. If it was diecast metal, I could see the price tag working.

How is this car comparable to the Ridiculously Huge Galactus who is taller than Mattel's MOTUC Grayskull, or the Hasbro Pulse huge ass Sentinel!?

There is no comparison. Those 2 giants could barely be justified, but this is beyond ridiculous... Not even by Adding Mephisto and Blackheart could this car be justified...

Aaaand they just added a Mephisto, a figure that on its own would've been a sick Pulse exclusive is being used to attempt to push this overpriced chunk of plastic. It pains me to see Mephisto being wasted like this. By the way the numbers are going fans seem to be divided... nor even scalpers are biting.


Sep 19, 2022

When Pixel Dan has to complain about something, you lost...

 Pixel Dan, Toy Reviewer who rarely says bad things about the toys he reviews has complained about Super7's TMNT Ultimates wave 5 and their floppy waists/legs. This has been a common issue since wave 1 amd now it's very noticeable. Super7 needs to get their butts in gear and get the floppy joint issue fixed. Hopefully, he will bring this issue up time he interviews Bryan Flynn. 

I will probably bitch and moan about it once I get my figures and have toppling issues. Also, some figures might require some paint touch ups, which can be a bitch. At $55 price tag, we shouldn't have to customize these to "make them right." Yes, I know I bring this often, but think about it... when you buy a brand new car, you don't immediately change breaks, suspension, paintjob, seats, etc. That's because you shouldn't have to change those things in a brand new car! Same logic applies here. The only reason I should repaint or tweak a figure is BECAUSE I WANT TO, not because I HAVE TO.

I'm hoping this floppy joints issue doesn't hit Silverhawks...

While we're at it, since Super7 made a Matt Cardona figure, we need a Spencer Powers Ultimates figure... 

Yes, Spencer Power IS Pixel Dan. Since Pixel Dan actually wrestled Matt Cardona, we should be able to recreate this match in action figure form. Maybe that could prevent Pixel Dan from laying the smackdown on B-Flynn

Sep 18, 2022

Due to Hurricane Fiona The House of rants might be offline for a little while.

Mostly due to failures on the power grid. I had a few rants that were incomplete, but due to the situation, I cannot post them. While it isn't as bad as Hurricane Maria, the new people in charge of Electric Power in Puerto Rico make Rocksteady and Bebop seem competent. I'll stay safe and won't do anything TOO stupid. Also, here's the theme song of my local politicians:

Hopefully I'll be back in a day or twoooo!!

Sep 16, 2022

Konami did a thing... and it's GOOD!!

 While it's not Metal Gear, Castlevania, or Contra related they are remastering Suikoden and Suikoden II available in 2023 for XBOne, PS4, and the Switch.

I am a complete newbie to Suikoden, well, i did beat the first two games. A friend of my brother loaned him the games, but he "made me beat them" so he could brag about beating them... this was pre-YouTube sooooo BSing was much easier.

I've been dying to play these games once again for quite some time. And now that walkthroughs are available I can get the 108 characters in both games and achieve the closest thing to a true ending or a 100% run. This one is going to be a little bit short because I have to sleep and because I'm not exactly too knowledgeable in Suikoden. Now if Konami could release a Metal Gear collection convering MGS, MGS2:s, MGS3:s, MGS4, and PW...

This is a lot better than Square-Enix with their 6 inch OG FFVII for $130 because of a dumbass NFT...

Sep 15, 2022

Breath of the Wild 2 is now Tears of the Kingdom

 Nintendo dropped a teaser trailer with the official title recently and I'm mostly impressed. 

The only thing that worries me is the Skyward Sword vibes that the game is giving me... especially since I gave up on Skyward Sword on the third collecting tears section. I HATE HATE HATE that section... but this rant isn't abouts Skyward Sword... it's about tears of the Kingdom. Coming May 12, 2023.

Like I said, the Skyward Sword vibes bother me. Hopefully, they do more with the sky this time, because as it was in Skyward Sword, the sky was underused. And no, the sky is NOT better than the Great Sea. It's more gimmicky, but not better. Luckily it still feels Breath of the Wild-ish, so it can't be that bad... hopefully the tear collection from Skyward Sword will never come back.

Street Fighter 6's character creation mode...

 Looks pretty decent. Personally, I'm a bit worried about the movesets more than anything... are we going to be stuck with just clones of existing characters like SoulCalibur 6 or are we going the WWE games route where we can pick out every attack?

I'm also worried about the Outfit Options. Especially if clothes have attributes that have an effect on the character's attributes.

I hope that there are plenty of character slots and depending on how movesets work I want to either make characters that have moves from characters that aren't in the game, like say: Dan, Sakura, Clawed Ninja Bullfighter, or Raúl Juliá as my character's moveset; or that I can combine special moves from different SF6 characters and have like say a character that can use a Flash Kick, Hadoken, and Hundred Hand Slap. 

Visually, the character creation mode seems rather deep and I can possibly make a Realistic SF6 Nefty-kun to play as. So far the only downside is that outfit customization seems limited. In any case, SF6 seems like a HUGE improvement over vanilla SFV. If vanilla SF6 looks this good, imagine what Mega SF6 Turbo Alpha Champion Edition' would look like.

I was almost expecting a half-assed creation mode, not something this good. 2023 might be a good year for SF...

Dad of Boy 2 looks amazeballs

 It's funny. I USED to hate God of War back in the PS2 days. Now I happen to enjoy the hell out of the God of War series... 

Holy shit, BOI!! The game looks amazeballs. And it's coming to PS4, so I can still play it. Thor is in the Trailer!! It looks like we fight the Asgardian Thunderer for real... it's exciting!!

Hopefully, we get a release date soon, just to know WHEN we'll have more Dad of Boi... I'm guessing that the game will come out sometime in 2023... Nope! NOVEMBER 9TH 2022, which is sooner than expected. Of course, due to my bigger responsibilities and therapy, Dad of Boi might have to wait till early 2023 for me to play it.

Sep 14, 2022

Here's the latest joke from Mattel

They seem hellbent on making He-Man fans feel embarrassed for liking He-Man.

 Yes, that's a MOTU Origins 4 pack of He-Man that they're selling for $150 and they aren't ashamed of the scalping they're attempting.
That's literally the price of 10 figures... sorry, I stopped buying Origins before they upped the price to $18+. 
Let's take the $18 price tag for a second...
$72 would be the MSRP for this pack and Mattel is taxing the customers with $78 in packaging  costs. It's embarrassing to think that your customers are such idiots to pay for this ridiculously overpriced pack... but it's more embarrassing that idiots are making excuses to defend Mattel's ridiculous price gouging.

This Mattel bullshittery is making being a Masters of the Universe fan an embarrassment.
The sad thing is that this bullshit will sell out in minutes.

It hasn't sold out as of 9/16/22 at 4:50 AM Atlantic Standard Time. If it stays unsold over the weekend, we can declare this set an overpriced dud.

Sep 13, 2022

I kinda like the "Game Series: collection" trend

It's an obvious cash grab, but at the same time, it's a way to preserve some classic games. I believe that they should be a norm, every few generations. The biggest hurdle is licensing issues, because some companies simply no longer exist. Whether they're straight up ports,  remasters with enhanced graphics and sounds, or remakes... actual remakes and not sequels masquerading as remakes... preserving the classics LEGALLY would be pretty cool. It's a shame that Piracy is doing more for game preservation than the actual gaming companies.

Nintendo is milking this by releasing the games digitally and separately... instead of having to buy NES punch-out, SNES super punch-out, the arcade Punch-out and Super punch-out separately, how about buying a single game with those 4 titles and the Wii game... with the joycons acting as the Nunchuck?

Imagine a Zelda collection with LoZ, AoL, aLttP, Link's Awakening DX, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, and perhaps adding the BS Zelda games, and
The CDI games... I know we aren't supposed to talk about them, but they exist.

In Zelda's case the DS games would be problematic to port, due to the Dual screen issue. The point is that these collections allow us to play games that were hard to find or locked to a specific region or obscure console. There are rumors of another Metal Gear collection coming up. I'm hoping that said collection gets the MSX Metal Gear Games that we saw in MGS3: Subsistence and MGS1 which was missing from the PS3 collection. 
The perfect METAL GEAR COLLECTION Should have MGS1, MGS2: Substance, MGS3: Subsistence (with both original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake), MGS4, MGS: PW,  MGSV:GZ, and MGSV:TPP. There could be some added bonuses like MGS:Ghost Babel, Snake's Revenge, MG Acid 1, MG Acid 2, MG: Revengeance, and MGS Portable Ops. That's pretty much all the Metal Gear games minus Survive and the mobile games.

SNK could give us a couple... between Fatal fury, Art of Fighting, and KoF; they have enough games for a couple collections. Samurai Showdown could benefit from one of these too.

Also, why haven't we received a Mortal Kombat Klassic Timeline Kollection from MK1 all the way to Armageddon!?

Sep 11, 2022

Gargoyles Remastered: Really?

 This is JUST A SINGLE SEGA GENESIS GAME... Disney better not try to ask us to pay $30 for it. The Disney Classic Collection had multiple versions of Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book. 13 games vs 1... I can jystify paying $30 for 13 games. 

Unless a second game using the same engine or at least an "enhanced version" where you can ise Lexington, Brooklyn, Hudson, and Broadway... maybe using the surviving VAs to have spoken dialogs. Unless they can find a replacement for the late Ed Asner.

What can Disney do to make this remaster more than worthwhile to pay $30 for it... because as it is, the game should be in the single digits. 

Sep 10, 2022

Odds and ends Sept. 10 2022

 While I disagree with the race swapping done on The Little Mermaid, the trailer is here and it doesn't look bad... for a live action adaptation of an Animated Disney film.
Well, the lack of color feels almost Zack Snyder-esque... this one might not be Pinocchio bad, but the idea that it has Melissa McCarthy is enough for me to not want to watch this on theaters...
After Pinocchio, I don't trust Disney with live action adaptations of Disney Animated movies. They should try something original instead of bastardizing their own animated movies with crappy live action adaptations...

Me and my big mouth... "They should try something original instead of bastardizing their own animated movies with crappy live action adaptations..." I said... The Lion King is getting a Prequel on how Mufasa became King... sadly, Hayden Christensen isn't playing young Mufasa. What the Hell Disney!? You can't just take anything with James Earl Jones and give it a prequel!? You better not get any ideas for a Coming To America Prequel, Eddie Murphy!!

Peyton List is confused about Cobra Kai and the kids' ages... since she's 24 and plays a high schooler. But that's not what we're here. She mentioned that Cobra Kai is a 6 season show... B-but if they go to a sixth season AFTER the insanity of Season 5 where LaRusso has to finally fight against Jean Valek Terry Silver... The way the season ended felt like the perfect finale point. Unless they're tring to find a way to bring back Michael Ironside and force an appearance by Hillary Swank... I kinda don't want The Next Karate Kid stuff, because Cobra Kai had a bitching ending and it tied the missing threads from The Karate Kid part 3. 

Ew, Kellogg's, what are you thinking!? Using dehydrated milk in your cereal bowls so all I need is water? On paper, this sounds like a nifty idea in order to eat cereal on the go. Problem is that rehydrated milk does not taste like fresh milk. Sure, it's useful for baking, but for cereal fresh is best... and no, plant based nut juices are not milk. Milk comes from teats... the only plant based product that could be considered milk would be Poison Ivy's breastmilk... and yes, I mean the Gothamite Plant themed Criminal's breastmilk.

More "Diversity" from Barbie...

 As Mattel tries to gain more Politically Correct brownie points, we can see a pattern.

We have deaf Barbie, nearsighted Barbie, Wheelchair Barbie, Prosthetic Leg Barbie, Fat Barbie, Vitiligo Ken, etc. But there is one group that has been left out:
Fat Men.

Where is Fat Ken, Mattel? While we're at it; Where's Wheelchair Ken? Or the Ken that needs crutches to aid his mobility disability? Or how about ugly faced Barbie and Ken? Ugly people need representation too, you know? And that's what bugs me about these "Diversity Barbies". They aren't diverse enough. They're sticking to glamorizable disabilities and body types. 
Also, it feels like they're doing it to appease the twitter crowd than an honest attempt by Mattel. The weird thing is that these bug me way too much. As an action figure collector who enjoys dioramas, realistic depictions of people should be OK with me. Unlike Superheroes, Athletes,and fantasy characters, these are supposed to be average folks. But they look too beautiful to be average. Then there's the whole empty symbolic gesture angle. Where are the wheelchair accessible cars and houses?

I... I stand corrected. Mattel MIGHT BE a bit more committed to this than appeasing twitter folks. I could make a joke how the elevator's first stop is literally the bathroom. Just imagine
Brad, Ken's African American friend, is taking a leak. The elevator's doors open and Skipper pops out as Brad is shaking off his large and thick dark meat. By the moment Brad realizes that Skipper barged into the bathroom he'd be tazed by two police officers coming to arrest him for indecent exposure towards a minor.
Judge Barbie will sentence him for 20 years in prison and an anonymous tip would reach the population that he exposed himself to a 14 year old girl and tried to have his way with her. 

This 1993 Ken wears a cockring...
He's colloquially known as Gay Ken...
Where is Carpet Munching Butch Barbie?

Man, this Ken makes Prince Adam and his Fabulous Secret Powers look extra Masculine. We can get an "accidentally stereotypical gay" Ken doll, but there is no way that an "accidentally stereotypical Butch Lesbian" Barbie exists. Even the Bowling Champ Barbie looks incredibly not like a butch lesbian stereotype. But all jokes aside, since Mattel seems ro be truly trying to be diverse instead of just catering to the Twitter crowd, they deserve a chance... I'm surprised that they aren't quarter assing it like normal. Sure, they have long ways to go, but it seems they're putting an effort and that must be recognized.

Super7 is making Hot Topic toys

 Yes, that's right! Hot Topic's unofficial Mascot, Jack Skellington will be receiving the Ultimates! treatment and he's available for preorder now...

Sally and Oogie Boogie are getting figures too. The only caveat is that these will be part of Disney's Ultimates and not a separate Nightmare Before Christmas line.

I don't know what to say other than Jack and Sally's joints worry me. Woth their spindly arms, I worry about the worst. Also, I'm surprised that Hot Topic hasn't demanded an exclusove Jack variant for Hot Topic as an exclusive.

Sep 9, 2022

TMNTU wave 9 speculation

 Wave 5 is coming to our doors soon... Wave 8's preorders close ON Friday... guess it's time for me to pull out a Wave 9 speculation post...

I shall make a 4-5 figure waves because Super7 logic. Now we know that waves can have 2 or more variants... or repaints... so, let's do this thing!!

As I have done in recent lists, I'll be doing What I would like to see as a wave. Then I'll do a  Balanced wave... or something that seems balanced enough. The final segment would be what I could skip easily as a wave.

I will root so hard for the Channel 6 team, because they are a mini faction that is useful on dynamic displays. Also, Irma lends herself for lots of ICFTTC zaniness and can outperv Nefty-kun.

Usagi Yojimbo
I don't expect the ronin look and I'm begrudgingly ready for the Armored version... at least the armored version will kind of match Leonardo the sewer Samurai.

Napoleon Bonafrog
Since we got Genghis Frog, Napoleon is to be Expected. Just as Rocksteady followed Bebop... That way, they fulfill the vintage Punk Frogs AND have parts for repainted punk frogs to complete Atilla and Rasputin.

This is cheating, but it covers the whole "1 Turtle per wave" rule also, ir relies on tons of part reuse to exist.

Dr. Stockman
Human Baxter would round up the wave, fill in the variant slot AND can pre-use Vernon parts from the waist down. Basically, take Fly Baxter's clothes and make human baxter wear similar clothing. 2 heads (Mirage AA, and Toon Caucasian) and double the hands from Fly Baxter to cover both the Caucasian and AA versions of him. Add a Prototype Mouser head and some tools and call it a day.

The 4 figure version of the wave excludes Usagi in order to hope that Stan Sakai allows for a Single Usagi Yojimbo figure to be released as a one time release that happens to be in Ultimates scale.

Now for the "Balanced" wave.

Napoleon Bonafrog
Since we got Genghis Frog, Napoleon is to be Expected. Just as Rocksteady followed Bebop... That way, they fulfill the vintage Punk Frogs AND have parts for repainted punk frogs to complete Atilla and Rasputin. I know I mentioned him already, but it makes senseto have him in.

Creepy Crawlin' Splinter
Requires some new parts, but it's inevitable in order to "have a core character" available... it's not like they'd rerelease Splinter with a sleeved kimono.

Since Wave 7 had a Triceraton, it makes sense we see the Fugitoid sooner than later. Also it lends itself for a GITD Redeco that can be called Mirage inspired.

Rat King 
This is a safe choice... while it requires some new tooling, we can easily get either a Mirage repaint later on or a Tournament Fighters repaint.

Classic Rocker Leo
To pair with Punker Don and to keep the joke of delaying Don the Undercover Turtle.

Now the Super7 wants me to Skip wave:

Headspinnin' Bebop
New head with removable glasses and hole on haor for spinning weapon gimmick on a Bebop Repaint.

Rock 'N Roll Mondo Gecko 
A Mondo Gecko without his skateboard and dressed like a hippie... yippee...

Shogun Triceraton
A slightly modified Triceraton body with armor attached and repainted.

I'm not Scumbug's biggest fan. So I can see myself skipping him.

Chief Leo
I think Leonardo has a couple of outfits inspired by The Village People and this is one of the most racially insensitive variants on the line. It covers the we need a turtle on each wave rule.

 Where is Pizzaface?

I'm not using him on the list to avoid disappointment. He's my most wanted figure next to Krang's Android body and I hope he's on Super7's sights...

Also, I didn't put Super Shredder because he's been referenced cryptically with the Silver Shredder promos.

Sep 8, 2022

The Queen is dead... Sept. 8 odds and ends

 England just lost their Queen. She apparently, died peacefully. I don't know what to say. Well, I do... Fuckdammit! That prick Charles is now King! But he's 73, so his rule will be most likely short. Especially, since Charles is a weak-willed coward. My condolences to the British people who now have a shitty king.

What in the actual fuck is this!?
Has Square Enix become so desperate that they have to whore out Cloud to peddle Big Macs? Or has McD's become desperate enough to hire a mercenary known to aid terrorists to peddle Big Macs? Everyone knows that Cloud was born to Peddle KFC... whether it's Kalm Fried Chocobo or Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

Don't watch Pinocchio... it's a bad bastardization of the Disney Classic. I feel really bad for Tom Hanks. Seriously, this movie makes both the Roberto Benigni Pinocchio where he played the titular puppet and the crappy CG Animated feature where Pinocchio is voiced by Pauly Shore feel like masterpieces. Jiminy sounds like Cobra Commander or a Robin... It was a bit less enjoyable than Morbius.

All I could think of wheb Pinocchio sang.

Sep 7, 2022

TMNT Cowabunga Collection: The Game Boy Games

 I only remembered  playing the first and third games. I had fond memories of the first and nightmares of the third, but apparently, I had played all 3 games but forgot the second one. This is weird since the second one is considered an improvement over the first one. The third one feels like a TMNT skinned Symphony of the Night Prototype. I thought it would be easier to rate all 3 GB games together... I'm having nightmares. Guess I better start before I can achieve sleep.

Drinking game time! One shot if April gets kidnapped, 2 for Splinter and April... we have 4 shots. If I add the turtles getting kidnapped in Radical Rescue, it would be 7 shots and I'm already way too drunk as it is. Remember kids, don't chug and blog!
All jokes aside, there isn't much in the story Department, because there are three Ninja Turtle games based on the cartoon... well, the third one feels more toyline inspired, since it avoided toon characters and only used late entries to the toyline as bosses... I guess April O'Neil is related to Princess Peach. 
FotFC: 5.0
BftS: 5.0
RR: 5.0

While all 3 games are on the same console, you can see the evolution of Konami pulling some feats with the 8-Bit Gameboy.

Fall of the Foot Clan comes from very early in the Gameboy era and is the Super Mario Land of TMNT Games. In less than a year, Konami pulls of a Super Mario Land 2 for TMNT with better graphics than its Predecessor's. 2 years later, Konami finds a way to improve the graphics even further. The thing is that I prefer the graphics of the Original game over Back from the Sewers or Radical Rescue. Sure, the second game improved on the backgrounds a lot, but the art style for the sprites is ugly. The third game fixes a lot of the graphical mistakes from the second one, but the backgrounds are bland and feel out of place in a TMNT Game.

FotFC: 6.5
BftS: 7.0
RR: 8.5

Music and sounds
The games have a couple of catchy tunes and the Gameboy can pull off a decent rendition of the TMNT theme... but I find the first two games music a bit better than the third's.

FotFC: 7.0
BftS: 7.0
RR: 7.0

The Gameboy is less powerful than the NES. The games were for the most part more ambitious than the NES games, so they experimented on the Gameboy. This ambitious experimentation had an adverse effect on controls. They feel sluggish and unresponsive until you enter the "Gameboy mindstate" where your brain gets in tune with the weaker console and time itsel to the slower pace. 
FotF: 8.0
BftS: 7.5
RR: 8.0

3 different games 2 different genres.
Fall of the Foot Clan is a side scrolling game like Kung Fu, but with a TMNT theme and some mild platforming.

Back from the Sewers is similar to the first game but with some areas using a style similar to the beat-em up arcade game and more platforming elements.

Radical Rescue is a Proto-Symphony of the Night but with a TMNT skin.

FotFC: 7.0
BftS: 6.5
RR: 7.0

Fun Factor 
I hate most of these... if it wasn't for the instant save state and rewind options from the Cowabunga Collection, I wouldn't have bothered with Back from the Sewers and Radical Rescue. The only passable game albeit slightly frustrating is Fall of the Foot Clan. Now that I beat Radical Rescue and Back from the Sewers, I don't see myself replaying them any time soon. I can see myself replaying Fall of the Foot Clan though.

FotFC: 9.0
BftS: 6.0
RR: 6.5

The Gameboy being a weaker console forced Konami to reinvent the wheel, which made TMNT feel lost with no identity. 

FotFC: 7.08
BftS: 6.5
RR: 7.0

Recently, I discovered that more people appreciate Fall of the Foot Clan to the point that there is a fan game that is Colorizing Fall of the Foot Clan.
It looks amazing...

But back to the offocial Gameboy games ported in the Cowabunga Collection:
Your mileage may vary on the greatness of these games, but if you're a TMNT fan, you should try them out for the sake of being a TMNT Fan... 
Now all that I have left are the TiTs, Manhattan Project, and the bane of my childhood...

Sep 6, 2022

There are rumors of a DCEU soft Reboot

 If real, then Zaslav's plan COULD Work. The question is HOW will they reboot? Will they Recast some roles with Problematic Actors? What parts from Snyder's garbage take will be erased and what will stay? 

Personally, getting rid of Amber Heard, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher would be a start.
Amber Heard being replaced is obvious. She tried to ruin another person's career by making false domestic violence and sexual violence allegations.

Ezra Miller's erratic and dangerous behavior also warrants a replacement actor who would not put in jeopardy the lives of others and the studio's reputation...

Ray Fisher's vendetta against WB makes him defacto persona non grata at WB...

We could Keep both "Josstice League" and "Justice Edgelords" as canon... including rhe gigantic plotholes and other nonsense... incredibly enough, it was Peacemaker the one who can make it happen... or at least a reference dropped on Peacemaker:
Yes, you read right, Bat-Mite is the key, but it's not just Bat-Mite. It's Bat-Mite AND Mr. Mxyzptlk! Using their 5th dimensional powers they tried to pit Batman against Superman with Mxy messing Batman's life, while Bat-Mite messed with Superman's. Both JL movies are how each of them interprets the impending invasion of Darkseid would play out.

The Flash movie could be the catalyst for Bruce to snap out of his dream-like state about 2 years after MOS with Batman still processing losing Jason to the Joker and Dick moving from Gotham with Roy Harper to form a team to train street level vigilantes to defend cities from metahuman criminals. With visions from the Bat-Mite and Mxy induced Knightmares, Batman decides to look into forming a League. Superman also wakes up from the weird reality alterations. He goes to Smallville and discovers both of his parents are alive, but they have debts and the collectors are knocking at their door. Meanwhile, Alexander Luthor Jr. uses his wealth and Lexcorp resources to help rebuild Metropolis... both Bruce and Clark have a bad feeling about that. The idea is to build up the new DCEU with a solo film for Batman and one for Superman. Both storylines would lead to Batman & Superman: World's Finest. 

I kinda want to have Knightfall to happen after World's Finest, since Bruce's own fall would be the perfect motivator to keep the Mission alive. He would create The League as a way to hvae someone protecting Earth at a large scale as he manages The Mission in Gotham. 

I kinda want to have the Death of Superman near the end, shortly before Darkseid's invasion just to have a weakened League and having to use more C, D-list heroes. Even the Sidekicks would have a more important role. Might even take some cues from the Crises and other events in order have some of the older actors sacrifice themselves for the future... and reboot, like Crisis. 

But I'm also leaning heavily into the idea that it's better to start fresh, from scratch and build a coherent universe on a stable foundation, as the prevopusly mentioned ideas are attempts at starting anew while salvaging most of the failed Universe. I guess we'll have to wait until we get official news.

Sep 5, 2022

TMNT Cowabunga Collection: Fighting games aren't Konami's strong suit

 TMNT: Tournament Fighters is a strange thing: 3 different consoles, 3 different games. I mean not just stylistically speaking or considering the limitations of the NES. The 3 games are completely different in story, gameplay, and obviously graphics.

As I said, each version has a different story:
On SNES, There's a fighting tournament going on and Shredder enters, so the Turtles enter to watch Shredder and stop any possible plans the ol' Shredhead might have... but the game also has a Story Mode, which is different from the standard mode. Here, Karai kidnapped April and Splinter. It's up to the TMNT to rescue them.

On Genesis, Karai and Krang have cloned the turtles and other fighters and they're wreaking havoc on Dimension X. It's up to the Turtles to stop the Clone madness, break the unholy alliance of Karai and Krang, and rescue Master Splinter, because April's tired of being a damsel in distress this time.

On NES, the Shredder challenges the Turtles to a final fight, so the Turtles fight amongst themselves to see who is worthy of defeating Shredder once and for all.

TMNT games of this era were somewhat lacking in the story department... looking at them from a logical point of view the NES game has the best story. In a close second place we have yhe Genesis game, and in last place the SNES game.
NES: 6.5
Sega: 6.0
SNES: 6.0
I know what you're thinking: why does the SNES rates the same as Sega? The Story Mode story compensates for the lackluster "Arcade Mode" and the difference is too minuscule for my scoring system.

Music and sounds
Right out the bat, we know that NES is inferior here, since both Sega and the SNES have better sound cards. I'm not even going to pretend that I'm a musical expert. All I can say is that all 3 Games have very different styles of music, but the SNES version is slightly better than Genesis. It will force another tie here because the difference is less than 0.5 and my ratings only work with half points or full points.
NES: 6.0
Sega: 7.0 (more like a 6.88)
SNES: 7.0 (more like 6.9)

Yes, the NES Game loses here as well for obvious reasons. The SNES pulls the win by a bit over the Genesis version. I mean look at them. 
Once again, thanks to VCDECIDE for the gameplay comparison between Sega and SNES.
For a NES Game, the NES gets a 7.0
The SNES and Sega Genesis are both 16-bit consoles so they don't get an unique category and they shall be rated in an equal manner.
SNES: 9.0
Sega: 8.0

3 different consoles, 3 different controllers. The truth of the matter is that all 3 are responsive as their consoles allow. The NES feels the worst, because it is a lot weaker than the SNES or Genesis. But for a NES game, this game is far more responsive than I expected... and I have played the bootleg SF2 NES game and the official Gameboy game... playthroughs on links are not mine.  

3 fighting games, 3 completely different games, but they're still 1v1 games. 
The NES version feels the most rushed and unpolished. Not sure if it was rushed at the end of the NES era or if the hardware limitations had something to do with the roughness. I'M going with Being an end of era game of an obsolete console that got a small team with no budget as the reason.

The Genesis version feels a lot more polished than the NES, but with 2 attack buttons it feels severely limited.

The SNES Version is the most polished of them all and it's a decent fighting game... but unable to compete with the king of fighters... Street Fighter II... 
NES: 6.5

Fun Factor:
These games are uhhhh... not quite as fun as I hoped. They have SNK Boss syndrome and some versions are broken AF... 
The nostalgia factor is what keeps the SNES version above the other two... to be fair, I played the Genesis game as a teen and hated it then... I don't like it now... The NES Version I'm not feeling it.
I Really hate to do this:
NES: 3.5
Sega: 5.0
SNES: 7.0

These aren't GREAT games, but they aren't AWFUL games... at best the SNES version is barely above average... 
NES: 6.25
Sega: 7.0
SNES: 7.75 
It's kinda sad that we got barely average games, when the material has the potential of being amazing... Imagine if 90s Capcom had been behind Tournament Fighters...

As expected, Nirvana baby lost the case

 Mainly due to statute of limitations was long gone and that this was the third time the judge asked of Spencer Elden, the Nevermind Baby, to elaborate and explain on the issues with the statute of limitations. Which apparently, Elden's team did not and this led the judge to dismiss the case. 

As I stated in my rant back in 2021, where I stated the obvious:

Something doesn't add up here. If this was so traumatic, why would he tattoo a permanent reminder of it? Or why would he keep reenacting the traumatic experience?

I guess the judge saw the obvious angle that Rlden was going for and noticed the frivolousness of this lawsuit. My gurss is that he will try to appeal and most likely fail again. For someone who is allegedly traumatized by it, he surely loved milking the hell out of said traumatic experience.

Sep 4, 2022

Twerking She-Hulk: a rant

 The internet has been torn apart by She-Hulk twerking with Megan You Male Horse in a ridiculously cringy scene that rivals

Emo Peter Parker from Tobey-Man 3... but She-Hulk twerking is far more cringe... just for 3 words: Megan, Thee, and Stallion. I know that comics love to pull that celebrity cameo bullshit that becomes dated in a few years. Not to mention that it reeks of desperation... It's like they're yelling: "We're cool, hip and trendy!" When we know they're not.
Before anyone tries to say that I hate the Megan Thee Stallion because she's black, I'd have the same reaction if they had brought BTS, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Joe Jonas, Justin Bieber, etc. Having the B-story to be around a celebrity cameo playing themselves is extremely cringy. 

So, The act of She-Hulk twerking isn't what bothers me. The forced Celebrity Cameo is what bothers me. Some may argue that her twerking goes against her speech from episode 1 about being taken seriously and not being dismissed as an object. I KINDA GET what they're saying, but at the same time, I can let it slide, due to understanding the whole having a massive brainfart while fangirling... to this day I still can't believe my massive brainfart when I met young Ben Tennyson or Timmy Turner... I'll go with Yumi Francois... because semi obscure anime reference. 

Yeah, the scene was cringy but it's a disposable mid credits scene that was added as a gag. It wasn't the Key scene of the entire series... unlike the Direct Cringe scene from an incompetent director...
I would've expected more complaints about raceswapping members of the Wrecking Crew than She-Hulk twerking.

Sep 3, 2022

TMNT Cowabunga Collection: TMNT II: The Arcade game vs TMNT, the Arcade game.

 I am tackling "the same game but not" twice. This way I won't have to go through each version... when I tackle TiT, I can tackle arcade and SNES... maybe I'll tack on Hyperstone Heist, since it's a "new game" that mostly recycles assets from This game and TiT.

The Arcade game came first and then Nintendo got an "enhanced but downgraded" port. They're the same game, from a certain point of view...  the main differences are graphics, music, but despite the differences, there are tons of similarities... which is incredible, since the NES is an inferior console compared to the arcade.  Somehow despite being graphically inferior, the NES game manages to pull a mostly faithful adaptation of the arcade.
This video playthrough by YouTuber VCDECIDE shows a comparison of the OG Arcade game and the NES game.

The reason I linked this video is because it shows the similarities and differences between both versions. I don't think that the standard review would be fair to these games since they're 8 and 16 bit era games. Their software limitations cannot compete with  32-bit era, which is the furthest back I can take the rating scale. 

Also, since this is a game that I have played for nearly 30 years on arcade, NES, PS2 (as an unlockable on one of the PS2 2k3 TMNT games), I have a HUGE bias in favor of this game... kinda like Super SF2 Turbo, SMB, NES Castlevania, Hang-On, and Altered Beast. 

But let's try to comment on the games...
Graphically speaking, Arcade is superior. Same thing can be said about music and gameplay...
But the NES is a tad more forgiving than the arcade version since it isn't trying to get quarters out of you. (This is in part due to the NES limitations). Yes, the Arcade Turtles have more moves in their arsenal, but in some ways, the NES Game can be more fun at times... or it USED to  be, since now we have bartop arcades like the 1up TMNT Arcade, which brings home the TMNT Arcade experience. But the NES version has 2 new levels that make the "inferior port" more special.

If Nickelodeon would allow it, we should get a game similar to Turtles in Time ReShelled, but using both the Arcade and the NES Port to make the Ultimate version of the TMNT Arcade game.

Yes, I'm aware that I'm going in circles and avoiding the ratings part:

I know I said I didn't want to do this, but here we go:
The Graphics are average to the era. Especially since they are from the earlier days of 16 bits and home consoles barely could manage 8 bits. These were a HUGE improvement over the OG NES Game.
For a 16-bit game the arcade gets a 7.5

Yes, the NES is inferior to the arcade. This game came out before the SNES hit the US shores. So, it came out by the time companies were able to squeeze some decent graphics from the NES without using the console's full power. The graphics are a decent improvement over the OG NES game. Of course the Arcade is better, but the NES game can defend itself rather well.
For a NES game it gets a 7.0

Again, the Arcade has a superior soundcard and it allows better quality MIDI. We also get some voice samples. While the NES Is inferior to the Arcade, it's no slouch. The NES Soundcard cannot fully replicate the arcade MIDI, but its renditions are decent.
Arcade: 8.0
NES: 8.0

There isn't much to write home about here. 1 D-pad, 2 buttons. My only issue is that the switch has small buttons and it kinda messes with my muscle Memory. That's a ME problem and not a Game problem. They are responsive, just like I remember. 
Arcade: 10
NES: 10

The game is a beat-em up... Double Dragon, Final Fight, Streets of Rage, that sort of thing. This was Konami's pioneer game in the beat-em up genre... No. The adventures of Bayou Billy doesn't count. So it feels rudimentary in comparison to latter games. As a game meant to guzzle up coins at an arcade, the simple gameplay makes it easy to get into and only skills and your wallet can determine whether or not you'll reach the end.

The NES Version is similar but due to software limitations, it is a smidge easier on the whole putting pressure on the player. The game is still challenging, due to the stages being longer and having a pair of extra levels. To force players to "git gud" the game has limited lives and continues... (which can be bypassed by cheats)

April's Apartment complex is on fire... We got to save her! Then Shredder shows up and kidnaps April... We save her and then he kidnaps Splinter... We save him and kick his ass at the Technodrome... it's a 1987 toon based TMNT Game... Story is not necessarily its strongest point. Then again, arcade beat-em ups aren't known for their rich and engrossing stories.
Both Arcade and NES are the same. 

Fun Factor:
Yes, the game is simple, but it's its simplicity what makes it endearing... and the TMNT skin hooks far more people. Of  course, modern players don't understand the appeal of these short, yet "difficult" games with little to no story... but at the same time I don't get the appeal of Fork Knife.
Arcade: 10
NES: 10

Like I said, these games have a lot of significance to me, therefore, My judgment is clouded by Nostalgia. They remind me if a more innocent time, when Mom, my paternal grandparents, and my paternal Uncle were alive. A time where I wasn't as cynical and when my depression was brand new and hadn't had the chance of rotting my soul. So, yeah... it's kinda hard to have an unbiased view when these games fill some of my yearning for happiness. But I still have to do the math.
Arcade: 8.42 
NES: 8.33 
Yes, the Arcade is the superior version, whoc was logical... 2 extra stages are no match to better graphics, 4 player action, and better music.