Oct 29, 2021

It came from the Toy Chest: Antiguos Espiritus del Mal transformen este cuerpo marchito en Mun-Ra el que no muere

 Siiiiiiiiiiii! Estoy haciendo una reseña al Mun-Ra de Super7 porque llegó Reptilio... siiiiiiii...

For the Spanish impaired folks this is just a reference to the Spanish version of Slithe AND Mumm-Ra... the depowered version. I won't be comparing between Super7 and Mattel's because the Mattel version is currently in storage and I don't feel like looking for him... since I let Top Men take care of him...


Top... Men...

I just wanted to make that Indiana Jones reference.

Who is Mumm-Ra the ever-living? Ancient evil dude in charge of third Earth. Is blissful reign of terror was ruined by the ThunderCats.

Slithe on the other hand is the leader of the Reptilian Mutants of Plun-Darr. He was Ratar-O's field cook... but now that the Rat is gone he acts as the de facto leader of the Mutants.
Mumm-Ra: What do you want, Slithe?
Slithe: Which one do you think is Better, Yes?
Mumm-Ra: They both suck unless they're attached to a Thundercat corpse. NOW PISS OFF! I HAVE TO TAKE A DUMP!!
Slithe: You can poop? Do you even eat!?
Mumm-Ra: Weren't you a cook? Maybe you can make me something that even Gordon Ramsey can approve...
Slithe: Who?
Mumm-Ra: a First Earth chef, popular for his scathing criticism of culinary incompetence.

Mumm-Ra is exactly the same as his Mattel counterpart. The articulation is limited by the bandages and the cloak... normally I'm against cloth items, but Super 7 managed to do a decent cloak for Mumm-Ra. In fact I'm going to be using it as the default Cloak.
4.0 with cloth cloak 3.5 with plastic.
Slithe: Those are some weird items, Yes?
Mumm-Ra: Indeed... I have The Undertaker's urn, this bitch boy medallion, a weird sex toy too... this gives me an idea!!
Slithe: wait, what!?

Reptilio Slithe has some unique articulation due to his body type. Theoretically speaking he could fit in a nose diver if it were made. Personally, I'm surprised at the amount of articulation he has. Despite what some may consider a limited head movement he can be quite expressive with the articulation and both headsculpts.
Mumm-Ra: Ancient Spirits of Evil, Transform this decaying body into a Warrior Maiden with big boobas!
Slithe: Why?
Mumm-Ra: Because Boobas are the weakness of three Thundercats. Panthro loves the Booty and Lynx-O is blind...
Slithe: What about Bengali... he might be a bit...
Mumm-Ra: a bit what? SLITHE?
Slithe: Gay?
Mumm-Ra: Wait did you just claim he's gay, because he isn't a pervert? He could totally be Asexual... He could also be a chubby chaser,  or maybe he has Jungle or Yellow Fever...
Slithe: Um, aren't  those terms racist, yes?
Mumm-Ra: Indeed they are... Why are the ASOE taking so long?
Nefty VO: Super7 hasn't delivered Mumm-Ra yet... Also they haven't made any Warrior Maidens...
Mumm-Ra: Don't you have a Figure with big boobs that you can use for this skit?
Nefty VO: on it!!

Paint and sculpt 
Mumm-Ra is very bright in comparison to his Mattel counterpart. His Deacon Blues are a bit brighter and his cloak is a bright red with some light dark shading. The sculpt is captured pretty well as I've mentioned in my Mattel Mumm-Ra review.

Mr. Slithe captures that rankin-bass look perfectly. There are no paint issues on my figure which is a good thing.
Reptilio: Oh gran Mun-Ra! Déjame tocar tus chichis... Siiiiiiiii
Mun-Ra: Reptilio, acaso eres idiota o te haces?
Yo no soy homosexual...
Reptilio: Veo que no tienes pito... eso lo hace heterosexual... Siiiiiiiiiiii!
Nefty VO: Who changed the language settings to Spanish? Ugh, let me summarize. Slithe wants to grab dem tiddies, but Mumm-Ra reminds him that he's a cishet dude disguised as a woman...
Slithe then points out that since Mumm-Ra is now without a penis, any sexual act wouldn't be gay... seriously, this new Responsibilities that reduce my time for getting laid are messing with my head...

Mumm-Ra comes with
Extra head
2 extra hands
Hilt for the sword of Plun-Darr 
Urn of Thundranium
Book of Omens
Medallion or Rosenkratz
This is way more than what Mattel gave us.

Slithe comes with
Extra head
2 extra hands 
2 Poleaxes
It's the bare minimum BUT aside more hands, I can't think of what to add here.
Mumm-Ra: Off to Horny Jail with you...
Slithe: Y-E-S!!!!! THIS IS MY FETISH!!!

Mumm-Ra gets a 4.67 with cloth cloak and 4.5 with plastic. Despite the additional accessories, it's the Cloth Cape what makes Super7's Mumm-Ra the superior figure. I'm shocked.

Slithe gets a 4.83 as his final score. He's a nice Hefty figure that looks awesome and Poses incredibly! As much as we like to complain about the delays with the ThunderCats figures, Slithe is well worth it... now I await 

Fortnite is a whore that sleeps with everyone just to get attention...

 It's no secret that I detest fortnite. This is mostly due to everyone basically one thing a piece of the action and fortnite horse itself with every property instead of being its own thing. Street Fighter, Marvel,DC, God of War, Naruto... you name it and like Rule 34 it probably has a fortnite version.

What's the latest thing that sold its soul to that whore named fortnite?

Yes, Mexican superhero parpdy. El Chapulín Colorado played by the late Roberto Gomez Bolaños also known as Chespirito.

Well, now he's part of Fortnite... wait... Hasbro does Fortnite toys now... Maybe they could work something with Chespirito's people to make a "Fortnite Chapulín Colorado"... No... I am totally NOT planning to add this Theoretical Chapulín to a Marvel Legends display...

Oct 28, 2021

Silverhawks wave 3 blues...

 Everything seems to point out that Copper Kidd will be the resident Silverhawk of the wave. So, let's ignore him and figure out who COULD BE NEXT for wave 3.

Yes-Man is very likely since we have Mon*Star in his Depowered form AND his throne.

Think about it...

Now that we have BOTH BUZZSAW ND WINDHAMMER the next Mobster is most likely...

Hardware!! Sure, some people would argue that Mumbo-jumbo is an alternative... the thing is that Mumbo-jumbo is "easier to make", therefore can be saved for Wave 4 where no important Silverhawk is available... Condor, Moonstryker, Hotwing, Flashback? These guys are niche Silverhawks characters... (says the guy who really wants Melodia just to make Lady Gaga jokes... Hey! At least I don't want Melodia to gove her the Rainbow Dash Jar treatment... Don't Google it... it involves a Rainbow Dash figure, a Mason Jar full of a homonym for a synonym for sailors...)

I honestly don't believe that she will make it to wave 3, because she'll probably be a wave 4 figure... would be nice if her villainous partner wa Pokerface... you can totally see what I did there.

So based on past releases I can say that the following figures are the most likely candidates for wave 4:

Copper Kidd 
Commander Stargazer

Who do you think will be on wave 3? Please drop a comment down below...

Oct 27, 2021

MOTU Revelation part 2 Trailer... He-Man smash puny Skeletor

 Trailer is here

It's spoiled way too much oh, but it's done to assuage the fears of people disappointed in part one. They show us that atom becomes Hulk and eventually finds a way to control the Raging spirit that dwells within him. Buffy must accept her destiny and become the Buffiest Buffy that has ever Buffy-ed.

I shall take this with a grain of salt because I remember the previous trailer that looked pretty awesome and then surprise He-Man wasn't there in the show at all aside flashbacks. I hope that the rumored ending isn't real... We shall see on Thanksgiving week. I want to stay cautiously optimistic...

Toys not of silver, balls of steel... Super Seven!!

 Partly Wallet Raping, Partly neat!! Silverhawks wave 2 is here. The Cowboy and the male Steel Twin are here. All I need is the kid and I'm mostly out... I will be getting it 1980s Lady Gaga though... when she comes, since Wave 2 is Depowered Mon*Star, Windhammer, and the aforementioned Silverhawks... oh yeah they also want us to pay $45 for Mon*Star's chair... err throne. They don't give us anything else, like the machine with the lever that Yes-Man pulls to shift Brimstar from its axis in order to douse Mon*Star in Moon Star beams.

$265 for all four figures and throne. It's not THAT bad... if it wasn't for my new responsibilities, I'd be all over these. As I said right now I only bought the two Silverhawks. I will order Mon*Star through BBTS. Personally I kind of wish that they would slow down things a bit with Silverhawks since this is the second pre-order and we haven't even gotten a single figure yet...

I have nothing against the figures of themselves but I have to laugh at the audacity asking $45 for a chair. You know, they could've tossed the throne, the machine that Yes-Man operates and the platform with the clawed cage that make the Transformation Chanber and ask us to fork $80-$100 for it.

Oct 26, 2021

It came from the Toy Chest: Hold onto your butts!! (Language)

ecause I have the Sluttiest Velociraptor you have ever seen... yes I have an Amber collection Velociraptor. Do I even need to do an intro to the most badass Dinosaur from Jurassic Park that is NOT a Motherfucking T-Rex!!

Dude, this Raptor girl, who I named Susan, for no reason... she looked like a Susan to me... has plenty of articulation! She can even move her Sharp killing claw and recreate the toe tapping scene from the original Jurassic Park! She can pull off some weird poses like a Bruce Lee Kick, Hadoken, Shoryuken,  Tatsumakisenpuukyaku, Shun Goku Satsu, Spidey's MVC stance and some VERY LEWD poses... so lewd that they can turn on a guy who talks about pulling up dinosaur skirts... of course, I took the lewd pics! 
I wish I had a Crisp Rat...

Right now my only regret it's that I don't have a crisp rat to pose like Mario riding Yoshi. 

Paint and sculpt 
Sadly, Susan is not a velociraptor from the first movie. She's from The Lust World... I mean Lost World!! So she has a Tigerstripe paintjob... I'll try to get a normal Jurassic Park 1 Raptor before Muldoon arrives, but it seems highly unlikely. This is due to the JP1 dinos becoming super expensive... the Dilophosaur goes for over a hundred bucks! But going back on topic the tiger stripe paint job looks really good and the sculpt is amazing! My only complaint is the positioning of the hole for the stand, because it's a bit too close to the cloaca... I'll talk about the dildo stand in the accessories section. And it's a gaping hole. I'm talking about a banana in a hallway kind of thing.
Susan: M-m-Mr. Malcolm, I-I can't do this!
Malcom: *Horny Goldblum noises*
Susan: I don't want you to think I'm some sort of slut that does these things on her first date...
Malcolm: *Lustful Goldblum noises* just sit on it already!!

Dildo stand.
The only reason metal used this kind of stand is cost-cutting. A clip stand wouldn't have compromised the sculpt. But the funny thing is that the stand is not needed the Raptor has a great way to stabilize itself, its tail. Oh no... I just discovered that susan is engineered with tabs inside her not cloaca to tightly grasp the dildo stand... 

Susan the Velociraptor gets a 3.5 as her final score. The mostly useless dildo stand is the culprit here. 

f you thought I was done with the review right here, you're Motherfucking wrong... I used the "hold onto your butts" quote. You know I have to review Samuel L Motherfucking Jackson here... 

John Raymond Arnold, Jurassic Park's chief engineer, killed by a velociraptor when attempting to restart the park after Newman Nedry shut it down to steal the embryos for Dodgson... now you get why I bought Susan. 
It's Samuel L Jackson with a detachable arm, what's not to love?
J. Raymond Arnold: Hold on to your butts!
Cena: OK! 
J. Raymond Arnold: What the Hell are you doing?
Cena: Holding onto my butt...

Mr. Arnold has standard Jurassic World Amber collection human figure articulation. It's good to see Mattel FINALLY embrace the articulation level that other toy companies were doing effortlessly in 2002.
Susan: OMG! It's Nick Fury!!
J. Raymond Arnold: it's a Velociraptor!
Cena: Now I can see why Hogan loves breaking his shirts!!

Paint and sculpt 
Wait... he ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE Samuel L. Jackson!! Motherfucker!! The sons of bitches at Mattel FINALLY DID IT!! *stares at the WWE ELITE John Cena as Jakob Toretto that looks more like Ernest P. Worrell than it does John Cena*  Yes, Hasbro has made better Samuel L Jackson sculpts, but they've had plenty of practice with multiple Mace Windu and MCU Nick Fury figures... This is Mattel's first attempt.
Paintjob is pretty decent. They even painted the inside of his right arm red for some detachable fun. I believe this was a Terry Higuchi idea... because there is no way that such a simplistic and genius idea could pop inside the incompetent brain of a certain Ruben Martinez... the "New Toyguru"... I mean it as in the incompetent douchebag in charge of MOTU who had a great idea that prospered despite his own incompetence. The only advantage Ruben has over Neitlich is that Ruben is not narcissistic enough to pretend he's the savior of MOTU.
Susan! Ooh! I LOVE DARK MEAT!!
J.Raymond Arnold: Motherfucker!!
Cena: U CAN'T C ME!!
Susan: Oh no... Mr. FIGGLEHORN is approaching me...

90s computer
Mauled arm
2 extra hands

Since this is a mass-market retail toy for American audiences, both kids and collectors, he has no cigarettes.
Other than that he has pretty much what a John Raymond Arnold figure would need.

Mr. Arnold gets a Motherfucking 4.83 as his final score. There is very little to complain about here. I'm almost done with the JP cast... all I need is:
Gennaro with detaching at the waist feature. I CAN'T look at the dinos, because Brachiosaur is a Target exclusive, and third party sellers are wallet-rapists and my recent responsibilities won't allow me to splurge on toys.

Aw what the heck! Since we have the invisible Mr. Toretto here let's do a review...

nd his name is John Cena... insert Appledough and fanfare here:
WWE superstar turned actor, JOHN CENA!!!! Played the role of Jake Toretto in the latest Fast and Furious movie... it's perfect since we never saw him in the rest of the 10 or 11 movies based on this saga. Basically it's John Cena wearing more clothes rhan he did in the WWE.

He's made in the WWE Elite body which means he has double hinged knee but single hinge elbow... look at it this way John Hammond the old guy from Jurassic Park has far better articulation than WWE Superstar John Cena. 
Cena: Wait, you CAN SEE ME?
Susan: OWWWWWW!!

Paint and sculpt
The paint work this minimal on this figure. The sculpted body is the basic Elite body with long pants, but the face is atrocious. It does look like John Cena it looks more like a digital Recreation of the late Jim Varney as Ernest that it does John Cena... then again the real Cena dolls look like badly made deep fake of the late Jim Varney as Ernest.
Cena: It's time for an Attitude Adjustment!!
Susan: F-U, John Cena!!
Cena: No, it's now called Artitude Adjustment because of PG Era...

removable cloth shirt
2 extra hands
Since this is a WWE toy and not a Fast and the Furious Saga toy, he won't have any guns.
Personally I think he should have gone with more hands since he wasn't going to have anything else.

The Lesser Toretto gets a 3.33 as his final score. Sadly this is a very disappointing action figure. I feel that Mattel went a bit too lazy on this toy. But gift horse and all that... This figure was a present, okay...

Why Haven't I commented on the Alec Baldwin "Rust" incident?

 For quite a few days, Alex Baldwin made headlines for accidentally killing Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with a prop gun. It seems the production was already VERY CHAOTIC before the incident. To make things worse, even the head armorer had doubts of her own capabilities...

The reason I've been avoiding this rant was because this accident has turned political. Fanatics of former president Donald Trump have used this incident to mock Baldwin... while inadvertently making sound arguments for gun control. But that's heading into a topic I want to avoid: Politics.

The main culprit here is negligence. Corners were being cut left and right and according to former crew members safety protocol we're being disregarded for the sake of saving money... one of the many problems of unchecked capitalism... sorry! Safety should have always been the number one priority...

Especially when dealing with guns. This reminds me of the good old college days when I helped some friends in a less than $100 student film where painted cap guns were used. The scene was filmed private property with full permission of the owner. Neighbors were notified about the filming and the usage of prop weaponry for the scene. An off-duty cop acted as the armorer and verified that the weapons were indeed toys and only loaded with caps. I mean, the guy took the guns from the actors every time the director or an actor yelled "cut!" Super-duper serious stuff. I asked him wahy he did that if we all knew that these are cap toy guns. He simply said that following protocol avoids accidents, which didn't answer my question. He then said that prop guns in low budget productions tend to be old BB guns or airsoft guns, which if used improperly, they can hurt people. So, he was teaching the Director the proper protocol for handling firearms. Now it made sense.

Treat the guns with respect. Even if the guns can't be loaded, all guns must be treated as live guns. Failing to do so leads to Brandon Lee style incidents. 

Sadly, with an easily replaced crew, an armorer who has had weapon issues, in addition to self-doubt created the recipe for this disaster. Cutting corners with stunts and anything that could potentially endanger an actor's life is a big No-No. We can ride the chain of command up and down looking for people to blame, but that won't solve the issue. Nothing will bring back Ms. Hutchins. The only thing that can be done is follow the existing protocols and maybe tightening up any loose areas that could allow for accidents to happen.

Metroid Dread Fully immersing into the role of Samus...

 Thanks to my Very Special Friend who is my partner in this new stage in life where I have bigger responsibilities... I'm able to play Metroid Dread... her copy of it. She got me Cena there's no way she was going to buy 2 copies of the same game. I won't go into too many details here, because I try to keep a thin veil of privacy surrounding my personal life... even on Social Media. Point is that she's letting me play the game in short bursts when she's not playing it in order to review it. Of course, i always do a first thoughts a few weeks/months before the actual review... trying to beat the game or at least cross the halfway point to say that I've given the game a chance.

So, Metroid V: Dread... yes it's the fifth game:

-Metroid (or Metroid Zero Mission) are game 1
-Metroid 2: Return of Samus (or Samis Returns) are game 2
-Super Metroid is game 3
-Metroid Fusion is game 4
-Metroid Dread being game 5

But what about Prime and Other M?
Good question... TO THE INTERNET!! Well, shit! Apparently Prime and Other M are canon...
This complicates the timeline...

Metroid Zero Mission is game 1. This is apparently followed by the first Metroid Prime game. So Metroid Prime is game 2.
Metroid Prime Hunters is game 3... wait wasn't that the one with Multiplayer?
Metriod Prime 2 is game 4.
Game 5 is Prime 3... now game 6 is Federation Force, the one without Samus. Game 7 is Samus Returns aka METROID 2. Seems like Nintendo took a page from Street Fighter's timeline.
OK back on track: After Metroid 2, which is the 7th game, we have Super Metroid... the 8th game in the timeline Other M is game 9, although most of the universe would want to erase it from existence along with Federation Force. METROID FUSION is game 10... Dread is 11th game.

Well, shit... that complicates he timeline a lot, but... all you really need to get a basic understanding of the story is to play: Zero Mission, Samus Returns, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, and now Metroid Dread...

But back to Metroid Dread...
Apparently, it has been criticized for being "too hard" I don't think it's THAT hard, but the unintuitive controls don't help. For example:
To attack the EMMI robots that stalk you and make you Ship your pants... Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored by Transformco, Sears or KMart. You have to go into Aim Mode then hold a button for a specific Omega attack whiel manually aiming at the 1 hit kill Boss that is headed your way. So far I only have gained access to 2 omega attacks. The rapid fire which is needed to blow the protective cover off. Then the omega charge beam which is needed to kill the EMMI. You need to hold L and Y to use rapid fire, then hild L and R to chage the beam, then push Y at the right moment while manually aiming. Miss and it's game over, man!

Since I'm getting old I cannot play this game for long periods of time. Hands cramping due to awkward controls.  Seriously considering a switch pro controller. 
Other than that, it feels like a traditional Metroid... I guess it would be like a hybrid between Metroid Fusion and the 3DS remake of Metroid 2.

Oct 24, 2021

GI Joe Classified is embracing ARAH era looks... is this a good thing?

 The earliest Classified waves had a Fortnite-esque "Modern" look that was criticized by the fans. Seemsnthat Wave 8... holy crap we're 8 waves in!? Is going a more "Traditional" look.

Image from BBTS

Spirit is V1 Spirit minus his controversial belt. Storm Shadow on the other hand is looking very A Real American Hero cartoon-like. 

On one hand this makes me happy because it guarantees Shipwreck's Village People reject look. On the other hand this worries me a little bit, because going for straight up vintage versions can be super boring...

Yes, I know that I have campaigned for Hasbro to go as close to Vintage classic looks as they could. My worries lie on them sticking Too close to Vintage. Part of the surprises from Classified came from the mysteries of Adapting Vintage looks through the more modern "Fortnite-esque" style. 

Don't get me wrong, I love what they did to Spirit and Storm Shadow. I guess it's the MOTUC fan in me reliving the "Just redo Vintage but upscaled" nightmare. I liked what Hasbro did in 09 with the 25th Anniversary line. They redid the older toys in a modern style. It would be OK of they simply upscaled the 09 toys, but to me it's a bit better if they bring up something new WHILE respecting the past. I guess that I'm a bit afraid of Hasbro tilting the needle a bit too far towards vintage instead of hiting the sweet spot between too modern and too vintage.

Oct 23, 2021

Silverhawks wave 2 coming...

 Super7 dropped a teaser pic regarding wave 2 of Silverhawks... looks like Steelwill and Bluegrass are the next 2 hawks...

In a way this is making things easier for me. I originally wanted the Hawks and the Mob. Die to circumstances at the time I only pre-ordered Quicksilver and Steelheart from S7 and Mon-Star from BBTS. Due to my newer responsibilities, I'll have to limit myself to collecting the main 5 Silverhawks and Mon-Star. So, I guess I'm almost done with Silverhawks... still I'm curious who the other 2 are. Gonna guess Windhammer and Mumbo-jumbo. 

Can't say that I'm happy about this, but that's part of life. Sadly, I'll have to be more picky with my collecting.

GTA Trilogy HD Remaster is coming in November 11

 Digitally, but there's an alleged Physical copy coming in December 7th. Damn, having to wait a month sounds tough...

The visual improvements are rather obvious, but apparently we might get updated controls that are supposedly similar to GTA V's control scheme. That's actually good because after playing GTA V going back to GTA 3 can be a bit of a jarring experience. Here's hoping that most of the soundtrack remains untouched...

Now my choice is wait for physical or go straight to Digital...

Oct 22, 2021

It came from the Toy Chest: I got the moves like Jaga...


When you think of Jaga from Thundercats, chances are that you think of the grey and blue Ghost that give Lion-O some wise advice. Rarely you think of his living version... well, guess which one Super7 made.

Leon-O: Espada del Augurio, quiero ver mas allá de lo evidente.
Jaga:Detente, Leon-O! El Ojo de Thundera no debe ser usado para fines perversos.
Leon-O: ¡Por Jaga, estás vivo, Jaga!
Snarf: *Snarf!* Oye Nefty, tienes que arreglar el lenguaje. Tu audiencia no habla Español...
Nefty: Shut up you fuck! What the hell!? I'm speaking English! Did I just made a reversed reference to Bedazzled?
Recap time? Recap time.
So Lion-O was trying to use the sword of Omens to spy on Wilykit... Jaga stops him because even if Lion-O is younger than Kit, he's in an adult body and it's creepy. Lion-O is shocked that Jaga is alive, because hehe'not blue and grey.

Exactly the same articulation as past Thundercats figures, sadly, Jaga has pinless joints, which are pretty, but feel super fragile. I'm afraid of the knees breaking while posing. This issue worries me for characters like Cheetara Tygra and even Mumm-Ra the ever-living. 
Lion-O: What's wrong, Jaga?
Jaga: The portal between the living and the dead is closing and I need to cross to the side of the dead.
Lion-O: How can I help Jaga?
Snarf: I'm more worried about Jaga's hat turning into a shimmering *Snarf!* wank rag!

Paint and sculpt:
I'm not feeling the Living Jaga paintjob. It doesn't help that his paintjob is a bit sloppy. The sculpt is good though. I'm a bomb here but it's mostly because I want the spirit version. Don't get me wrong the paint job is still bad and it would have still being bad even if it has the spirit colors.
Jaga: The Sword, give it to me!
Lion-O: Sure thing, Jaga!
Snarf: Lion-O No! This smells like some *Snarf!* Mumm-Ra bullshit! *Snarf!*
Jaga and Lion-O: SHUT UP, YOU FUCK!!

Sword of Omens in both modes
4 gripping hands 
Magic cloth hand
Emaciated head
Helmless head
While he feels a bit bare-bones there's not much that you could have passed in with him... well there is one thing:
Sword of Omens in SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT Mode.
Lion-O: Let me help you up, Jaga...
Jaga: Thank you, Lion-O...
Thunder, Thunder, Thunder!! Thundercats Hooooooooooo!
Snarf: Let's  kill da ho!

Jaga gets a 4.33 as his final score. I honestly don't know how to feel about him. His fragility at the knees scares me. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm starting to like the cloth cape a lot more than the plastic one.
Snarf: Where did Jaga go?
Lion-O: Now we must wait for Super7 to release a Spirit of Jaga figure...
Snarf: They haven't even released me!!
Lion-O: Also, you owe me an apology since this wasn't a Mumm-Ra trick...
Snarf: That's because Super7 still hasn't released Mumm-Ra yet...

It's Tuhbo Time!!

 Ja, it's a reference to the Former Governator of Kelly Fornia... you know the guy who is ejaculating everywhere... insert maid Joke here...

Well, Funko made a Tuhbo Man...

I was grocery shopping at Wal-Mart this morning and I went to the electronics section looking for NECAs and then hit the toys to see if I could find any Masterverse figures... Nothing on both counts. So, I decided to look for MOTU MegaBloks when I saw this wondrous thing:

Funko's Turbo Man... but it was $40+ so I left him right there after a selfie.

The Arnold Facemask was a cosmic coincidence... ever since the whole COVID-19 thing, I've been using facemasks with other people's mouths. Yesterday I had Dolph Lundgren, Today it was Arnold Schwarzenegger, tomorrow it could be David Hasselhoff, or JOHN CENA!!!

In Mainland US the figure is $30-something. In Puerto Rico it's  over $40. Like I said on an earlier rant, I have acquired certain responsibilities that prevent me from splurging on random, one-off, weird spur of the moment purchases. The craziest part was what happened after, an African-American Mailman saw me taking the pic of the toy while making an awful Schwarzenegger impression. I think he wanted the Turbo Man figure because he was staring at me as I made Happy Schwarzenegger noises while I hugged the box... and no, the mailman didn't look anything like Sinbad, nor referenced the movie. I was highly disappointed. Now we need a pic of Jake Lloyd with this figure.

The Batman and Uncharted trailers have made me...

 Very excited... how excited you ask? In the scale of one to Jessie Spano, I'm calling Mario Lopez a sexist pig.

Let's start with Uncharted:

For an "origin story" on an alternate universe that doesn't follow the game continuity 100% faithfully, the movie looks pretty good. There are multiple nods and callbacks or callforwards to the games. The only thing I don't like is Marky Mark as Sully. 

And no, no one would be able to sound like Nolan North as Drake... I've seen some negative criticism calling the action sequences "videogamey"...

I can't wait to see this movie!!! Shame that El Cine Roosevelt shut down... (it used to be my favorite movie theater, ever since Mom passed. It was one of my main sources of escapism, but COVID-19 hit smaller businesses hard.) This means that I'll have to hit Caribbean Cinemas, which translates into more expensive tickets and with my recent responsibilities, I can't spend too much money at movies... (and that also includes reductions on ny toys and games budget. Being an adult is a lot harder than I thought...)

The Batman:

It looks good, but it's yet another Batman movie. To make things worse it's another "grounded and realistic" Batman movie. Sure it has cool fighting scenes, but have you seen Catwoman and Riddler? Also, that's another problem: Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman... Where are the cool villains? Clayface, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, an actual Bane that is not Tom Hardy sniffing a jockstrap. The weird and bizarre stuff. Don't get me wrong, this Riddler could be good. The problem is that it looks NOTHING like the Riddler. A green windbreaker and a weird facemask the Riddler does not make. When the Free Government Money guy is more Riddler looking than your Riddler...

I would also like to see a Batman 2 part movie series where he has to do detective work. Like say, Batman is working on multiple cases that not quite fit the standard MO of some of his villains. Like plant based crimes while Ivy is locked in Arkham, mysterious crimes in which the criminal leaves clues for their next crime in the form of puzzles, but not the type of puzzles/riddles that Nygma would do. Also, there is a Sniper assassinating various key players of Gotham's upper classes... and Zsasz is on the loose. This would be a Jason Todd recently died story, where Batman has gotten ruthless and is more focused on the mission. He's shut himself of from Nightwing, Oracle, and even Alfred. High School Junior student Tim Drake figures out Batman's identity and decides to become the new Robin in order to Temper Batman's rage. Tim aids Batman and Nightwing in the capture of the Floronic Man. Batman begrudgingly accepts Tim as Robin, but this is cut short after an encounter with Zsasz at Gotham High. Tim was wounded (nothing fatal, but a bit too hard to hide it from his dad) and he puts a stop to the whole Robin thing.

The second part would be Batman trying to figure out the identity of the Sniper. Another teen vigilante spoils the identity of the Not Riddler, being Cluemaster, who was hired by the Sniper to act as a distraction for Batman. The Sniper ends up being Deathstroke who kills Tim's father. When Batman confromts Deathstroke, he discovers that Slade was a hired gun. The previously unrelated cases end up being related by a mysterious player was trying to bring havoc upon Gotham... The answer to this should be obvious to people with more than casual knowledge of Batman. Please leave your answer in the comments below.

Holy crap! I got sidetracked again... I just want something more out of a Batman movie than:
My parents are dead... must kick ass because I'm Batman!

Oct 20, 2021

I got blindsided by Hasbro and missed out on Finster...

 The little fluffy guy that sounds like a grandpa that made the Monsters that Rita used against the Power Rangers...

This guy... one of the 4 characters that I wanted in order to call my collection "complete"... I also missed out on the Ninjetti Rangers because they're Target exclusives. At least I haven't seen anything about Dino Thunder Yellow and Black.

Now that I think of it, last Ranger figures I saw were the Z-putties and Dino Thunder red that I bought at KMart... even with the whole COVID-19 thing, stuff has been amnounced and released, but I ain't seen shit! Not just with Lightning Collection, but with Legends, Masterverse. Origins, NECA TMNT... there's a rumor that I missed out on a Walmart Casey and April Farm outfits 2-pack. If true, then this ain't cool...

Oct 19, 2021

Nintendo Switch Expensive Online price is a wee-bit too high

 The yearly $50 tag is cheaper than XBOX Live's $60 and SONY's Playstation Plus $60 tag, but unlike the competition, Nintendo's online service only gives you access to a limited selection of games 20-39 years old... for $50. Nintendo wants $50 a year for a paltry selection of NES, SNES, N64, and SEGA Genesis games that can all be emulated for free...

Where is Goldblum?

Let's just say the internet is not happy about it. They're asking so much for so little. Nintendo blames licensing issues for the price increase. If the SEGA License is too expensive, drop it. To be honest, it's insulting to get something so inferior at a premium price. This ridiculous price point is going to push people towards piracy. All these games are discontinued and made for discontinued consoles, so they are in a slightly greyer area, from a moral standpoint, than pirating current gen games. No, an Animal Crossing DLC that you need to keep paying for, a good perk does not make.

Oct 17, 2021

Capcom needs to make a Marvel Superheroes 2

 Not a MVC4 but a Marvel Superheroes 2. Picture a fighting game with  60+ Marvel characters. I say + because certain characters can be "skins" for example, with Spider-Man you can also get Ben Reilly, Ben Scarlet Spider, Kaine Scarlet Spider. If they were to add Ant-Man(Lang), Yellowjacket (Pym), Goliath (Foster) can be skins, Black Widow gives you both Natasha and Yelena. With Jean Grey you can also get Rachel Summers. Boom Boom and Jubilee can be skins of the other. Baron Mordo can be a skin for Doctor Strange.

The idea is to have all the previous Marvel characters from Capcom games in addition to newcomers. (Hint: I demand a Doctor Octopus)

The premise could be a brand new Secret War with the Beyonder bringing forth everyone into a "multiversal Battleworld".  The Beyonder picks multiple characters and pits them in a Battle Royale with the winner receiving a fraction of the Beyonder's power to change reality. Examples: Doom takes the power to become the supreme ruler of Earth... Doctor Strange uses the power to undo Mephisto's meddlingnwith Spider-Man. Ben Reilly uses it to cure himself from Clone degeneration and to live a happy life with Elizabeth Tyne. Peter usesthe power to see Uncle Ben one more time, who tells Peter not to bring anyone back from the dead. Wolverine uses it to unlock all his memories. X-23 uses it to heal Gabby. Magneto creates his Mutant Utopia... 

It doesn't require too much explanation since it's a fighting game. The additions to the roster would be to complement existing characters and add some very important characters that have been skipped for some reason...

And yes, saying right from the get go that they have the Fantastic Four AT LAST is a huge selling point for me.

Then of course, Capcom can add DLC characters and stuff.

Oct 16, 2021

Ideas for a MARVEL SUPERHEROES Deluxe sub-line for Legends

 Haveyou seen the upcoming 20 years of Legends Captain America? It looks pretty cool, well... how about making a pair of Marvel Superheroes themed "waves" to celebrate the game... 

So, here's what I'd do if I was in charge:

Captain America:
20th Cap would be the base. Remove the straps from that figure. Remove the Steve Rogers head and pulled back mask. Remove the current shield effects and replace them with ones that mimic the Charging Star move.
Add the older plain shield and shield tossing hand.

Modular Ironman from the Ursa wave would be the base figure. He would need a new Torso overlay to simulate the Smart Bombs move, Proton Cannon with stand, Unibeam with stand. Extra game version of the repulsor blast (in addition to the existing toy versions)

Base would be Juggernaut from the Colossus 2 pack. Removing the beaten up head and broken helmet. I would add an extra head with effects from the Juggernaut Headcrush, and broken floor effects, bent steel beam from his intro, random piece of floor from one of his specials.

Love Triangle Wolverine is the perfect base figure. To make him slightly different, let's give him the X-Force Wolverine claws. I would add extra hands with slashing effects. One set would be slashing down, the other would be slashing up. He would have the existing pulled back mask with a new Logan head.

The base would be the Magneto from the Magneto, Quicksilver, and Wanda 3 pack, with an additional head without his helmet. His "deluxe accessories" will mostly be effect pieces. Things like his magnetic forcefield from the intro, his other attacks. Maybe even reuse the unibeam stand for the EM disruptor, Hyper Grav, and Magnetic tempest attacks.
An extra cape would be nice. Preferably one based on his victory pose.

Personally I would prefer a brand new body based on the game, but Retro wave Black Cat could work as an acceptable substitute. Head and accessories could come from her Apocalypse wave version. I'd give her hands based on her game stance in addition to fists and gripping hands. Have 2 psi-knives, the stand for a Psi-blast. Sadly, I couldn't figure out how to make a Kochou Gakure 

80th Anniversary Hulk would be great from the neck down. He would require a new "Smart Hulk" head. Reusing the floor debris from Juggernaut seems like a smart idea. The gamma crush is logistically undoable, so Hulk's extra deluxe stuff would be accessories for other figures. A shield for Ironman, the Eagle for Cap, webline with camera for Spidey, etc.

Can we say Retro Wave Spider-Man with a big eyed head? Toss in the web effects from other Spidey figures like the web line, and webbed effects. Add a Spider-signal stand, web ball projectile with stand, a Spider-sense tingling head, a head with speech bubble with interchangeable taunts.

The first new sculpt in the wave. The accessories would be mostly effects pieces and unarticulated demonic minions. This is due to most of his basic moves being nearly impossible to make for a $30 action figure.

Like Blackheart, many of his moves are nearly impossible and it's kinda hard to "deluxe up" a figure like him. So, a stand for his mystic stare attack, and a Mystic Smash form would be "his accessories". To fill up the slot, I'd add most of the effect pieces from Thanos...

Doctor DOOM: 

The previous "Classic Thanos" repainted in MSH colors, but with plenty of extra hands for his special moves (some of them coming with Shuma-Gorath)... what would make this Thanos deluxe is the addition of a Terraxia figure.

There you have it. I tried to make the game justice as best as I could.

Oct 15, 2021

It came from the Toy Chest: Shadow Warriors 2 pack

 As you saw in the Danny Pennington review, I indeed have the Shadow Warriors 2 pack. Sadly, Casey Jones still eludes me. So, the 2pack consists of Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi. Members of the Foot Clan with a blood feud that will continue for many years. These are based on the flashback told by Splinter, where he was Yoshi's pet rat and practiced ninjitsu by mimicking Yoshi.

Splinter: Let me tell you a story...
Danny: I don't feel comfortable with a rat that uses the N-word so freely...
Splinter: Listen here, you little shit! I didn't use the "N-word". I said Nigerundayo, which means Run away in Japanese. But if you want to go back with Teen Wolf and the 1950s Racist Dr. Brown, feel free to do so.
Danny: you have a point...
Splinter: Of course, I do. I am after all sitting on
a giant tub of Vick's Vapo-Rub.
Danny: What does that have to do with anything?
Splinter: Are you doubting the wisdom of a Million Abuelitas?
Unlike other continuities where Hamato Yoshi is mutated into a rat.
Most classic continuities have a rivalry between
Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki, but none outside the Original Mirage Comics have tackled the man that Yoshi killed, Oroku Nagi, Shredder's older brother.

Both Yoshi and Saki share the same type of articulation since they're essentially the same figure from the neck down. When wearing the gi, the torso articulation is slightly hindered.
Yoshi: Kick, Punch, it's all in the mind
If you wanna test me I'm sure you'll find
The things I'll teach you are sure to beat ya!
Nevertheless, you'll get a lesson from teacher, now Kick!
Splinter: *rat noises*
Yoshi: Punch!
Splinter: *rat noises*
Yoshi: Chop
Splinter: *rat noises*
Yoshi: Block!
Splinter: *rat noises*

Paint and sculpt
This set is a NECA set and there was a lot more love and care put into it than say, Danny Pennington. The customization options between sleeved gi, unsleeved gi, and no gi help spice up the displays. Lots of attention to detail was taken here... like Master Yoda, speaking I am... I am really pleased with the figures.
Yoshi: What!?
Splinter: *panicked rat noises*

Cage with stand
2 sets of arms
2 sets of 4 extra hands
2 Splinters (ninja and mourning)
2 nunchucks 
2 tonfa
2 katana
2 halberds
2 bo staves
Scarred Oroku Saki head
Saki: Curses! Bested by a rat!!
Splinter: *Heroic rat noises*

I can't complain here.
Saki: I would say Tonight I dine on Ratatouille, but I just found out that Ratatouille does not contain any rats! So, Hamato Yoshi, enjoy your last moments of life with your beloved rat, as I will enjoy my victory with Turkey... with pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes! Butter drenched dressing... Tony onions swimming in a sea of cream sauce!
Splinter: *sad and confused rat noises*
Saki:*spits on Yoshi's corpse* May you never find peace and forever be known as a disappointment to your ancestors!
Splinter: *vengeful rat noises*

This set gets a 4.83 as its final score. Not going to lie, this is a pretty good set for a pair of characters that were flashbacks... Now if we could only get Tatsu, then we could truly call the first movie collection "complete". Now if I could find a Casey...

Oct 14, 2021

Prosthetic arms that can make Peter Parker tremble are real

 Some dude whose 11 year old kid discovered Doc Ock hired people who made superior arms. The people who made the aemsalso claim that with additional funds they could improve on the arms and have them be able to lift a car...

I know that this is "old news" but still...doc ock arms in real life... now picture these using Elon Musk's Neuralink...

Meanwhile Norman Osborn fans:

Oct 13, 2021

Space... The Final Frontier...

 Shatner has gone where no man has gone before... but not aboard the Enterprise... but in Amazon's Beyond Prime subscription. Yes, Jeff Bezos sent Captain Kirk to Space. TJ Hooker in Space... The Host... of Rescue 911 reached Space... Applejack's grandfather is an Astropony. The face of Michael Myers's mask went to space... We can say that Bill Shatner finally is a Rock It Man! He's a Rocket, man!
Star Trek LXIX: The search for Space Poon is real...

I'm very afraid of the message this pic sends...

So we have William Shatner Riding a giant dick into Space.... Really? Riding a Giant Dick into Space should've been George Takei's thing... and no, I'm not making this reference as a form of mocking Mr. Takei's homosexuality.
Now Shatner riding a giant dick into soace feels super awkward. I can almost hear the Shat-man saying:
"I rode... A... GIANT dick? into... Space... the Final frontier... no HOmo!!"

But all jokes aside, congrats to Captain Kirk for TRULY REACHING SPACE... the final frontier... and boldly go where no Canadian Grandpa has gone before.

MOTU Revelation 2 coming on Thanksgiving week and He-Man is...

 Now a cheap copy of The Incredible Hulk...

Based on info from the "Savage He-Man" toy, Adam summons the power of Grayskull WITHOUT the Sword and he gets Raw, untapped Power... He's got the Power of 10 He-Men inside of him, but he's as dumb as. Hulk.  Apparently, he goes on a Rampage throughout Eternia and his friends wonder if Adam is still inaide this monster. ADAM will have to fight the power with his own power: his heart.

Yeah... I'm not feeling this, but as always, I shall watch and share my thoughts... 
Also, this Hulk-Man comes with Suicidal Orko.

I can't shke this feeling that Adam/He-Man will die again...

Oct 12, 2021

Super7 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers wave 2 announced

 I guessed incorrectly... The wave is Rita, Pink, Red, Dragonzord, King Sphinx...

If you want all looks for Pink, you have to buy Rita as well... this is slightly worrisome, since it almost feels like they're almost heading into BAF Territory. Personally, I wouldn't have had both Rita and Pink Ranger on the same wave. I suppose, since they're using the "male Ranger" body on Red, they can't make Blue, or Black.
This means that wave 3 might be: Blue or Black Ranger and the second Ranger figure will be White Ranger. If it wasn't for the Lightning Collection figures being cheaper, I would've been all over these. Except the non transforming Zords...

So let's speculate for Wave 3:
White Tommy
Lord Zedd
White Tigerzord Warrior Mode

I mean it's not like they're going to give us Scorpina as a curveball... or even crazier yet: Ivan Ooze.

Oct 11, 2021

Metal Gear does not need Hideo Kojima...

 But Hideo Kojima NEEDS Metal Gear! First let's get something out of the way.


Roughly translates to Death Stranding is an awful videogame. I put it in Google Translate Japanese so Hideo and his 3 inches of Doom can understand it. The reason it's awful is not that "Americans prefer FPS games". The reason it's awful is because of Hideo Kojima's ego. But this is not a Death Stranding sucked because 30 years later Kojima is still doing the same storytelling mistakes that plagued the 8-bit Metal Gear games. It's not about him trying to rub elbows with B, C and D-list celebrities as he attempts to penetrate Hollywood with his 3 inches of Doom. This is a rant about Metal Gear Solid moving on from Hideo Kojima.

There have been rumors about Metal Gear Solid remakes for quite some time and Kojima fanboys are screaming that Hideo Kojima NEEDS to be at the helm, or at least as a consultant... 

It's a freaking remake of an existing game, which means that the story and direction are already done and most of the work should be focused on the gameplay.

There is no need to have Kojima micromanaging a remake... Now if we WERE to have a NEW entry, is Hideo Kojima needed? THAT IS THE QUESTION that needs to be answered. Of course, many Kojima fans will say that without Kojima there is no Metal Gear. I kinda get what they're saying, since the Kojima-less games "have mostly been less than stellar".

Others say that Kojima NEEDS to be at least used as a consultant... I would agree with this stance had Kojima's departure from Knoami had been amicable... but we know that wasn't the case. In this break-up there are no good guys. We know the horror stories of working at Konami. But we also must unerstand that Hideo Kojima had a lot of issues with delays and going over budget. Not to mention that the games didn't get the great reception at first... even Snake Eater got some flak, hence the Subsistence rerelease with new camera angle. 

But, since I've been kinda disappointed in Kojima lately, I'm going to say a VERY UNPOPULAR opinion:
Kojima is no longer needed for Metal Gear. If Konami played it smart, they already have the templates for MULTIPLE GAMES by the way of remakes.

Remaking The 2D Metal Gear games (MG, MG2:Solid Snake) allows to close the MGSV dual Big Bosses loop... The "non-canon" Snake's revenge can be used to tie links from the 2D games to the Solid 3D games by turning it into Metal Gear Liquid. The NES port of the Original MG and the Gameboy game, Ghost Babel, can be used to expand Raiden's role as bonus elaborate simulations for a RE:VR Missions.

MGS RE, could get a Gray Fox expansion, where the story is played from Fox's perspective. The same could be done for MGS2 and Pliskin. All of this is just "running on remakes" without touching "new material". 

What do I mean with "New Material"? A WWII game with the Cobra Unit fighting Nazis could be one of those. A Solidus Peace Walker type game in Liberia, a SECOND Liquid game (not Snake's revenge) where the plans for the Shadow Moses Incident are set in motion in the end. Even Raiden could get his own game with a prequel to MGS4 before he becomes a cyborg.

Linking the story to the existing games wouldn't be THAT hard, if the proper care is taken to ensure very few continuity hiccups. Even mimicking Kojima's style is not rocket science.
It's all about the references, the faux depth, the pseudo philosophical pretentiousness, the tributes to film directors, the occasional 4th wall breaking, the easter eggs/nods to past games, and the massive info dump on the third act. 

As I say this, I also must point out that the Metal Gear Saga doesn't have that much more room left to sustain too many new games. Not to mention that I don't trust Konami enough to do the series justice.

Oct 10, 2021

Super7 and McFarlane dropped some teasers

 While I'm NOT buying their Power Rangers line, Super7 dropped a HUUUUUUUUGE bomb...

A Rita Repulsa teaser and it seems she has a telescope...I'm surprised that she has a nice face sculpt... because somehow female figures get screwed by Super7... I have to wonder who are the other figures? Maybe Zack, Billy, and Baboo? Accompanied by one of the Zords? I'm going to say Pterodactyl Dinozord because it kinda makes sense. 

But Todd McFarlane, Creator of Spawn isn't too far behind with his newesr DC Multiverse wave...  it's a Dark Knight Returns line... since he had already announced the Armored Batman, this wave was pretty much hinted at.
Superman, Joker, Batman, Carrie Kelly, and Batman's horse as the BAF.

Yes, a Black Horse as the BAF... here's the thing: IF the Horse wasn't a BAF. I would've bought a few... think about this: Dread Pirate Roberts + a cape + a Gaucho Hat + This Horse = Z

Wait... could this mean that McFarlane would repaint the Horse and swap a few pieces to make a Roach?

I'm not too sold on this wave. Thwir bulkiness shows me what a McFarlane MOTU Body could look like.

Oct 8, 2021

It came from the Toy Chest: a completely different Daniel-san


No, I'm not talking about the Ralph Macchio Daniel-san. I'm talking about Daniel Pennington the mandatory ping psychic added to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I got The Loot Crate exclusive but for some reason Daniel was super banged up inside of the box. I'm not calling him Danny because Speech to Text turns my Dannys into Danis... 

As I said before Mister Pennington is a mandatory teenage sidekick addition in order to avoid crucifixion by parent groups. Like Orko and other annoying sidekicks, his existence is a door for us to receive the lore in a more organic way. Rebellious Teen ends up on the wrong side of the tracks until Elmo tells him a story and he sees the error of his ways. Then he vanishes from the Turtles' lives like a ninja...

Marty: This is heavy, Doc!!
Doc: Great Scott! Marty! The rat is wearing a bathrobe!
Marty: Doc, focus! I'm no longer the shortest guy in the room!!
Danny: My name is Danny..
Doc: Marty! Be careful! The Ginger can speak our language! Don't interact with him or else he'll turn into a N-
Splinter: Nigerundayo, Daniel-san!
Doc: Ther rat said it!! How come he can, but I can't say N-
Marty: DOC!! HE SAID "RUN AWAY DANIEL" IN JAPANESE! He didn't say the N-word...
Doc: But you can't deny that gingers are being replaced by... can I still say blacks?
Marty: African Americans...
Doc: But what if the person is British and Black?
Marty: Uhhh... um...
Danny: Wait, if I'm black I'm  gonna be Hugh Mungus!!
Marty: Really? I'm trying to be progressive and educate people on the inportance of treating people with respect and erase racism and you come in with a dick joke? Doc, To the Time Machine!! I have a date with Danny's Mom!

There's not much I can say about him, other than I'm borderline regretting my purchase...

Danny Pennington is not a super articulated figure. Being built on the child body of John Connor, means that he's scrawny and barely articulated. Single joint knees and elbows, torso, waist and thigh articulation blocked by his oversized shirt. Sneakers limit ankle articulation. Even his head is limited in articulation. He can't sit. All he can do is stand in a vanilla pose. Or stand on a Tech Deck skateboard.
Here's an idea what 2036's Live action remake or Disney's Ratatouille might look like.

Paint and sculpt 
I need to point out that using the John Connor body was a mistake. This makes him look far smaller than he was on screen. He makes Marty McFly look tall by comparison. His eyes look weird and his face is abnormally waxy. And I mean Super7 levels of waxy. The tampograph on his shirt looks pretty good as well as the brain stimulating the bleached out look from the shirt.

Not a walkman
Extra head

I feel a bit ripped off with the lack of accessories on this figure. I don't know what they could have added but it feels like it lacked a lot of stuff. And no the additional stuff on the crate do not count for this figure.

Danny gets an underwhelming 2.5 as his final score. He's just a civilian , so I "shouldn't be too harsh on him"... well, I paid Super7 proces for a figure with 90s articulation that is mostly hindered and a lousy shirt... what's worse is that TMNT 2's Keno will most likely be another Lootcrate exclusive AND I will be the idiot that will fall for this rip-off once more.
I wish I had the Ultimate Casey Jones...