Apr 30, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Gwen Poole bleh!

This Gwen + X crap needs to stop! I kinda regret not getting Spider-Gwen when I had a chance.
So Gwen Poole, who is totally NOT GWEN STACY AS DEADPOOL, she just happens to be called Gwen Poole and looks like Gwen Stacy.
She's  supposedly from a world where the Marvel Universe is fictional. She ended up in the Marvel Universe and is now a mercenary. Trained by Batroc ze Leper and armed with 4th wall breaking powers she's supposed to be a force to be reckoned with.
DP: I shall call her Mini Me...
GP: Duuude! Not only your reference is dated
But the guy who played Mini Me just died!
DP: Like Mike Myers' career?

GP has normal female articulation. Which can be a bit limited for somewhat  athketic characters. GP would fit the bill seeing who trined her.
DP: Really? First Sinead O'Connor II and now you?
This is why I hate Millennials.

Paint and sculpt
She looks like a female Deadpool in Spider-Gwen colors. Though her expressions scream Miley Cyrus. The paintjob is decent... sorry that I'm  not excited. GP is  wasted slot for me. But I needed the tail.

BaF piece
Extra head with silly expression
Extra peace sign hand
Extra phone holding hand for selfie
Extra wide grip hands for makimg heart gesture
Logan: She's teaming up with me!
Spidey: No, she's teaming up with me! I'll throw in a Maguire kiss
Ryu: Shinkuu...
DP: she even has better 4th wall powers than me *sob*

Ms. Poole gets a 4.5 as her final score. She's  pretty well done for a poimtless character. I like my (blank)pools to be dead and called Wade.

Apr 29, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Spider Punk is Prowler...

From a parallel universe. No need to explain this version of Hobie Brown... mostly becaise I don't care for the Spiderverse. Don't  care about a world where the Norman Osborn calls himself Ozzy and has symbiotes at his disposal.

Punk has standard Spidey articulation. Thogh the feet are a bit hindered due to the Not Chuck Taylors he's wearing.

Paint and sculpt 
The buck is a Spidey buck and most of the new lame pieces make him look like a punk.
He even has hands to play his guitar... no visible slop on mine.

Guitar playing hands, Rock Out hand and fist. Guitar, vest and BAF piece.

As much as I hate this idea, he fared pretty well. 4.33 is his final score. Stupid idea, wasted slot, but the guitar hands may be useful for something.

In two weeks I'll publish my thoughts on Infinity War... giving y'all some time to see it.

It came from the Toy Chest: cleaning windows is a wayto become a hero.

I think I owe an explanation.
Hobie Brown was a window washer, who lost his job and used his engineering background  to create a villanous identity fir bimself for a scam. This was foiled by Spider-Man, who helped Brown to become a better person, a hero. Prowler is one of the few people Perer can trust. He has posed as Spidey a few times in order to throw people off from the idea that Parker and Spidey are the same person.

While he can almost pull off the Spidey stance pose from MVC, his base buck is a bit stiff. The cape can become a hindrance  at times.

Paint and sculpt 
Hate that the unique pieces for his gloves and boots  are slip-on pieces that move put and about. Co siderong gluing them in place. I hate how his cape looks, especially the bunched up bit. It looks laughably bad. Looks like a partially inflated life preserver.
The paint is nice though...

BaF piece.

Prowler gets a miserable 2.67 as his final score and it makes me angry. If his cape had been a bit better... he would've fared a lot better.

Apr 28, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Separation Anxiety really sucks!

Everyone knows that Maximum Carnage is the better game. But we're  not talking about videogames. This is one of Venom's offspring from Lethal Protector.
That's  pretty much it for Lasher... who I bought because I needed his Lizard Piece.

Again, this figure has standard ML articulation and tight joints, shich is surprising. Unfortunately, the tendrils have no articulation.

Paint and sculpt:
I think this figure uses the Spidey buck, which means that the symbiote details are painted instead of sculpted.

Tendrils and BaF piece. Wish he had at least an extra set of hands.

Lasher gets a  3.33 as his final score. He's a bit unimpressive compared to his brother Carnage... but I got Lizard's head...

Apr 27, 2018

GRRM can go eat a bag of dicks and Cosby too!

Well, would you look at that... George RR slow ass Martin still hasn't finished the Winds of Winter and will not come in 2018. He will release a sort of prequel instead.
Winter is coming, George and you are not a child of spring... With every delay, fans lose interest, or DIE and books 6 and 7 remain unpublished... I personally, don't want to put myself through A Feast for Crows and A Dance of Dragons all over again. (Those two are the ones that gave away the fact that the great GRRM had lost control of his story.)

GRRM has delayed his book, in other news, Water is wet.

Guess that not even Phoenix Wright could have saved Bill Cosby... it's official! Bill Cosby is Guilty!!!

Now, let the law take care of him... No, I shall not... screw the high road... We've all been waiting for this to make the pudding pop eating competition in jail joke! Alas, because he's old and rich, I bet they'll keep him on house arrest.

Apr 26, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Does whatever a spider can but with boobs

Except that she got a breast reduction and a crappy nuBatgirl-esque costume after the Milo Manara debacle.
I have to be honest here, SJW friendly Spider-woman wasn't a figire I wanted. The ToyBiz version of Spider-woman worked for me (aside the huge hands)
This new outfit screams CW TV series.  It's  Titans bad...
But let's  describe Spider-woman in a  nutshell:
Detective with Spider Powers... it involves the High Evolutionary and Hydra... so let's not talk about how she got her powers.
Has teamed up with various heroes. Was an Avenger at one point.
Spidey: saved you a slice.
You can have it once you stop failing at the Manara pose.

Jessica has standard ML Female articulation. Which means that she can't do whatever a spider can. For an acrobatic character, the articulation is a little limited.
Jess:So what do I have to do for the review.
Spidey: Have a slice. Nefty hates you so he'll quarter ass the photoshoot.

Paint and sculpt 
I have said this countless times. Hasbro has great sculptors for female faces. My onlu gripe is that her face looks too young. She looks more Laura Kinney than Jessica Drew.
The awful outfit is sculpted flawlessly...
Spidey: Did you know there's a parallel universe where you're a clone of me?
Jess: I was going to invite you for some hot coffee,  but now you made it awkward.
Spidey: The part where you kill me after sex would be kinda awkward...
Jess: I thought that was a Mantis thing...
Spidey: Wait! Isn't  Tony dating Julia now?
Both: Oh shi-

BaF piece and sunglasses.

Jessica gets a 3.17 as her final score. Only got her for the BaF piece.

Stridor preorder went live. Also the faux vintage He-man is sold out

Remember the faux vintage He-Man, Skeletor, She-Ra and Hordak? They went on sale yesterday. By the time I saw them, He-Man and Skeletor were sold out.
Yes. It sucks, but they were two-packs at $45 each, so me missing out doesn't  hurt too much.
Stridor will have to wait until payday, but he IS coming with two Helmets. Rumor has it that the shield detail was sculpted but not shown in the mockup.

But man, that two-packs thing is absolute  bullshit... how can a pre-order be sold out? Don't  give me  limited numbers bullshit... This is some toyguru kind of bullshit.

Apr 25, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Spider-Man Noir...

I have nothing witty to write here.
Alternate Universe where everything is a film noir. He's  another Peter Parker and he fights noir versions of Spidey's villains.
Peter: Ah, finally I can take a leak!
Hmm, wonder if this ame is any good...
GP: Move bitch, get out the way!
Peter: Urrrk!
GP: Hey Tiger, you just been Gwenpooled!
Are you OK? Or do I need to call Mephisto to undo this?

Standard ML fare. I think he might have parts from a Ghost Rider or Red Skull combined with Samuel L. Jackson...
This figure lends itself for a Red Skull Custom.

The reason I mention the sculpt, is because the body is not shited for Spidey poses. Especially  with the coat being a bit in the way.

Paint and sculpt
The body is Comic Book Star Lord (I was wrong in my previous assumption) with the Nicl Fury coat.
He's black, on black, on black with minimal gray and silver paint applications.
He's  supposed to have a fedora but they didn't  give him one. Seriously, Custom Red Skull!!

2 blasters
BaF piece
He needed the fedora.

Noir Parker gets a 4.17 as his final score. For a version of Spider-Man that I don't  care abiut, he's  good looling, but seriously, does the Red Skull head fit him?

Apr 24, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Fishbowl for a head and Anti-Cosmo's voice...

Oh? I was able to reference the 2000 Spider-Man game... the one where Mysterio is vpiced by Cosmo's VA, but using the Anti-Cosmo voice. Niw to quickly and easily explain Mysterio... Special effects technician and stuntman Turned into a life of crime. He even has fooled the likes of Daredevil and Wolverine. Normally he's a nuisance to Spider-Man.

While his body is brand new,  the articulation worls like normal ML. There isn't much ti write home about, aside the loose ab crunch and feet.

Paint and sculpt:
As I said before he has a brand new quilted body, but the pattern is Mysterio's and not a reuse from Shocker. He has a cool skull with tentacles for a head. Kinda wish he had a Quentin Beck head. He's the Green and Green Mysterio, which I don't like, personally I prefer green and gold.

BaF piece
Smoke tendrils
Kinda wish he had gotten a Quentin Beck head and that the bowl was removable.

The Master of Illusions geys a 4.0 as his final score. The guy needed a little oomph, but at least he's  better than the ToyBiz version.

It's official: Venom has no ties to Spidey...

Trailer dropped

Seems like there are no references to Spidey...
The symbiotes are already on Earth and The Life Foundation is already experimenting with them. One escapes and bonds with Brock... oh yeah they are now called "Sim Buy Oats" instead of Symbiote...

I want to see the movie, but so far I'm  mildly bummed about the no Spidey thing... This is like makimg a Bizarro movie WITHOUT  Superman.

It came from the Toy Chest: Doc Connors saw too much Jurassic Park...

Lizard wave is in my hands. I'm working from the BaF all the way to the figures.

Doctor Curt Connors was a scientist who lost his arm and studied Reptilian regeneration and its application for mammals (read, himself) So, in comic book fashion, he experimented on himself  and boom! The Lizard is born!

He has theoretically speaking, Standard Marvel Legends articulation but extra POA for the tail and mouth. My only gripes are that his mouth is loose and his lower jaw opens up wide on its own. Also his knees have crappy range. (On mine his right knee is wobblier than a boxer after beimg pummeled for 11 rounds) also, I kinda wish his tail had more segments just for it to have a more natural looking curve.

Paint and Sculpt:
Let me get the nitpick out of the way. Hate the Velociraptor head. Everything else is amazing! The paintjob is really awesome and it lools great for The Lizard.


Lizard gets a 4.5 as his final score. Had he gotten a classoc Lizard head, he'd  have a perfrct rating. Alsp, I knew I should've  bought the Chris Pratt Starlord when I had the chance...

Apr 23, 2018

Things I'd like to see on the Street Fighter figures by Storm Collectibles

I gotta be Honest here: This will be purely USFII and nothing about V...
This list will detail what I'D LIKE TO SEE, which may or may not be what SC would do:
I won't mention stands, because they are an obvious accessory.

-Yoga fire and flame effects with stand (similar to Akuma's gouhadou stand)
-set of stretched arms and legs.
-extra closed fist hands, chop hands, OK hands (for yoga teleport and win pose) to the stabdard relax open hands from his stance.
-extra heads/faceplates: Happy and Yoga fire in addition to the normal face.

-chopping hands, fists,  claw attack
-Electricity effects
-extra faceplates: snarling (character select), open mouth (backwards walking), happy, biting (if possible woth blood effects)

E. Honda:
-Hundred Hand Slap effect
- fists, chopping hands, relaxed hands, grappling hands
-open mouth faceplate, grinning  faceplate, snarling faceplate.

-removable dog tags (but not loose enough that they could be removed without removing the head.)
-snarling faceplate, grinning faceplate, screaming faceplate
- chopping hands, relaxed hands, hand with sculpted comb., hand with sculpted dog tags.
-sonic boom effects
-flash kick effect

-happy faceplate , angry  faceplate, partial grin (char select)
-open fists for grabs, special fist for the breakaway shirt
-removable shirt
-breakaway shirt that plugs to special fists to mimic win pose.

-removable claw (attached to bracer) with extra clawless bracer
-extra claw to simulate when Vega loses the claw in combat
-extra loose mask for win poses and losing the mask mid-battle
-extra chopping, relaxed open palm hands,  extra hands to hold the loose mask and/or claw, extra gtipping hands for those who intend to display him climbing a cage.
-extra unmasked smiling and angry faceplates.

-two sets of different open hands
-extra crossed arms
-Laughing head,  angry head
-tiger effect

-draped cape
-discarded cape (that can be attached to a special hand)
-grinning and angry heads.
-chopping, psycho energy effect hands, fists, cape gripping hand, thumbs up/you're dead hand
-crossed arms

(I won't  mention Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Akuma, and Zangief, because their SFV counterparts kinda have what we need for them.)

He's incredibly  vanilla. The standard faceplates and hands with maybe extra folded arms and a Thumbs up hand.

Aside the usual faces and hands:
-Special head without beret for the victory pose
-special hand to hold the beret.
-faceplate with tongue sticking out  from the SSFII Intro

Fei Long:
Aside the usual  faces and hands:
-rekka ken effects
-nunchaku and gripping hands
-shien kyaku effect

Dee Jay:
Aside the usual hands and faces:
-max out effects
-maraca holding hands
-Hyper fist effect
-double dread kick effect.

That's  pretty much it. I tried to cover most of the bases. I can't wait to see what Storm does (btw where is Shao Kahn?)

Apr 22, 2018

Haley Joel Osment just saw Mini-Me!

And now he's no longer with us... He died at the age of 49.

That's what everyone remembers him from... There's also The Surreal Life, but I shall not post any of those clips out of respect to the deceased.

This rant is a little short... Dammit! That wasn't a pun, nor it was intended. I know I could have simply erased it and kept on writing, but if I do that, then the whole stream of consciousness effect I'm trying to create... As if I was talking to you. But where was I... Oh yeah! Holy shit! Verne Troyer was in a Harry Potter movie!

They came from the Toy Chest: We STILL want brains, Parker!

Eddie Brock is back, but this time he's supposed to be 20% cooler.
I am referring to the Marvel Select Venom.
Long story short: Reporter revealed to be a fraud thanks to Spider-man. He goes to Church before intending to commit suicide and is bonded with the symbiote.
Now two beings who hate Parker are now one. They are Venom!!!

This is the figure's weakest point. He is rather stiff. No hinged wrists or any double joints on limbs. The creepy Spidery poses that Venom should do, can't be done with this figure. He can do some basic vanilla poses...

Paint and Sculpt:
This Venom was sculpted by Jean St. Jean, who is known in the Collectibles business as one of the most awesome sculptors around (and like The Fourhorsemen, he also had worked for Todd McFarlane...) So you're in for a treat! The body is sleek, but when you look at it, you can see veiny details and some areas a bit sinewy... Without going overboard... his hands even have the Spinnerettes Sculpted on!

Also, Venom's got a bulge down there...
Paints are a bit sloppy on him, which notmanor is a drawback, but since this Venom has to function as a Madness Venom as well, I can let it slide.

2 extra heads
4 extra hands
2 extra madness mini forearms
Madness "Backpack"
Remember when I did the ML Venom from the Absorbing man wave? I referred to this Venom as 20% cooler? This is why I did. The versatility in the accessories to have most of the Venom's possible.

Marvel Select Venom gets a 4.5 as his final score. If he had gotten a bit more range in his  Articulation, he could've been flawless.

Apr 21, 2018

It Cammy from the Toy Chest... Really Autocorrect? You switched Came to Cammy?

As Bob Ross would say it was a happy little accident... But it works since I'm doing Figuarts SFV Cammy. Unlike last Figuarts SF reviews, this one lacks a Storm Collectibles counterpart. So I can't do a review comparing both versions. Who is Cammy? A reformed "Shadaloo Doll" or Bison's elite female assassins squad. The Gypsy Rose (who is Bison's good half) reformed the Assassin known as Killer Bee and Cammy White is the end result. In the animated SF movie she was voiced by 200X Teela. In the Live Action movie, she was played by Kylie Minogue.

As a Figuarts toy, it has a decent range of Articulation, but she cannot pull most of her moves due to a lack of a stand. (I borrowed the Storm Collectibles stand) also, she cannot curl herself up for the Hooligan combination. But even her pigtails have a ball joint.

Paint and Sculpt:
Her outfit is pure SFV, but that's a hyperdetailed version of her Super II outfit, with added webgear pouches and the loss of her camo paintjob on the legs. The paint is slightly fuzzy where the sculpted leg strap meets the leg.

-4 extra hands
-2 extra face plates
-cannon strike effect (3 pcs)
-useless background

Cammy gets a 4.66 as her final score. She could have been a better figure, but seems like Figuarts is putting LESS STUFF with the figures and it shows. 2 extra hands, a stand, or at least an extra head could've made her a bit more exciting.

Apr 20, 2018

He-Man movie gets new director again...

Only now the Director has been doubled!
Some dudes called the Nee brothers are "directing the MOTU Movie" to be released next year. First thing I must ask:
Who in the Hell are the Nee Brothers?
I googled them and I still have no idea. They've directed ONE movie and the'vth done a couple things that I haven't heard of. So, I have ZERO Faith in them... Aside that  they won't have an excuse to back out from this certain soon to be ashcan copy.

David S.(hit) Goyer is still writing this, so it will suck massive ass.

Barely less than 20 months until release date and we still have NOTHING!! Ready Player One's cameo is the closest thing we're going to get to a He-Man on the big screen.

Stridorgate: clearing out the misconceptions.

The recent Stridor reveal and the aftermath has created an aura of confusion that is obfuscating reality. Namely, the negative reactions to him.
Yes, there are people who dislike Super7's products. These guys will always complain.
These are NOT THE PEOPLE I am going to be talking about. But, some of their snarky and derisive comments have some facts in them.

I'll be talking about the fans who are complaining out of LOVE, not hate. People who want Super7 to understand what went wrong and WHY it went wrong in order to avoid these mistakes to be repeated.

First I need to disagree with the "be happy that they are making the toys." Argument.

You can enjoy the figures and be critical of their more pernicious and problematic aspects... (Yes, I am making a 'Nita reference)

Pretty much everyone is worried about QC, eapeespeci if this is a $60 item. There have been some comments mocking the QC issues from past wave. What's the message here: Don't screw up on the QC department!

Then we have the inaccuracies... There is a rumor going down the grapevine that Flynn was aware of the issues and that at least the Correct helmet will be added. I'M not too sure about the side paneling with the shield crest. Supposedly, there will be updates to the paint applications.

People have complained about the inaccuracies shown by the team at Super7 because THEY ARE Inaccurate. IF the Stridor helmet was coming FROM THE START, they should've mentioned it.  All the info we had was Nightstalker repaint in Stridor colors production sample on pre-order next week and they ship right after SDCC. Of the real helmet was coming, then a little blurb saying: vintage helmet coming as well (not pictured)... I mean, we're talking about the same customers who bitched about the wrong green on Tri-Klops... If they did that about a slight color change, expecting them to be A-OK with the wrong helmet is just STUPID!

If the helmet and side paneling issues are fixed, that would be awesome! Which I hope they do.
Paints, well I'm prepared to face the conaconseque of lack of paint apps.

I'm excited for Stridor, but I feel like he needs more oomph to stand out...
Look at it this way:
Picture MOTUC He-Man... Now visualize He-Man in Skeletor's colors... His hair is the hood. His He-Man face is painted as Skeletor's skull. He-Man's harness is now purple and parts of his torso are purple as well to simulate Skeletor's Harness.
So imagine that Skeletor is the official Skeletor release... Are you disappointed? Well, that's kinda how some fans are feeling about the current Nightstalker repaint. We want the best Stridor possible! We can't let Super7 fall into an "eh, it's good enough" complacent mode, because that's how things get half-assed and people lose faith.

Right now we can't afford people to lose faith.

So long story short:
Complaining does not equal negativity.
There is SOME complaining that is purely negative. But MOST of it comes from a desire to point out flaws for them to be corrected in the first place. Also, there's a chance that he's getting some corrections made before  shipping. I'll wait for an official announcement.

Apr 19, 2018

How the MCU ruined Spider-man...

I might guess what you're thinking:
Nefty, weren't you the one praising Tom Holland as the perfect balance between Tobey and Garfield Spidey?
Yes, yes I was. I'm excited for any Spidey sequels and Infinity War, but after rewatching Civil War and Homecoming, some things aren't clicking that well with me now...
And they are not Zendaya, who we already stated that is the worst part of Homecoming. Not gonna touch the Milesification of Peter and his forced diversity circle.

I'm talking about the pointlessness of the Iron Spider Suit...

Think about it... He ALREADY HAS AN IRON SPIDER SUIT... Voiced by Jennifer Connelly. So, aside for the "buy the toys" factor, there is no real reason for the Iron Spider Suit... At least it doesn't have the Scrooge McDuck spats... But that thing's ugly. I have a figure and it hasn't come out the Toy Chest because of laziness and (not finding Taskmaster to assemble Grimace)

While, yeah, Stark making an Iron Spider prototype suit in two days for Spidey is a thing of genius, at the same time is a bit lame. Now think about this: if Stark can make Ironman suits that behave like spandex, why is he making those bulky outfits with a gajillion of moving parts that can cause problems?

Also, if he can Iron Spidey, why didn't he Iron Cap, Iron Natasha, Iron Hawkeye, Iron Scarlet Witch? Hell, even Iron Motherloving Nick Fury!

Now if Stark had simply upgraded Peter's outfit to be simply an advanced compression suit to be worn under his civilian clothes for some quick change action, it would've made sense. Having the suit been able to regulate his Temperature by keeping him warm on winter and cool on summer. Maybe being blow resistant would've helped without going full Ironman on him. (I mean, wasn't Ironman 2 the movie where Tony got drunk and wanted to get rid of any copies of his armor tech?)
Maybe even adding a set of more compact web shooters and cartridge belt that could fit with his new attire would've been better. With the mask being simply a more expensive version of Peter's original mask (by more expensive I mean, fancier lenses.)

Something, something, Real Tony wouldn't put Peter on an Iron Suit, seeing that he just MET him. So that doesn't make sense. But what's worse was Peter's dependence on Stark Tech. It made Peter look bad. Spider-man, the Ultimate loner, due to how people mistrust him is now being entrusted with super high tech from Stark (how many millions did he spend on that outfit?) Right out the bat. Peter's Common sense should have been tingling!!

I kinda wish they hadn't been hell-bent into bringing the Iron Spider, since the suit we needed will be worn by Bane.

Apr 18, 2018

Prepare your silver paints... Stridor is $60.

I can't believe he's just $60. I expected him to be far more expensive.
I AM 80% Certain that I'm getting him...
But I'm a little bit angry about him...
No, this is NOT ABOUT THE FLAT GREY... Look at the Helmet... It's WRONG!!!
See that crest? MOTUC version lacks it.
This feels lazy. I'm guessing that this was one of the few tools they could salvage, hence the lazy repaint...

Don't get me wrong, it's cool that we ARE getting Stridor, but at the same time, the inaccuracies bother me... Shapeways Masters, do your thing... Or according to Google Translate: Shapeways Meister, Mach dein Ding!

In any case, Large scale beasts, woohoo!!!
I am still worried about the issues that could screw this up, but Freaking Stridor of Point Super Combat!!?