Jan 30, 2017

You wanna play rough, OK!

Scarface reboot is closer to becoming a reality...

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a second Fidel! I haven't even begun to bitch about the unneeded Reboot! At least YOU DIED before it became a reality.

Well, the most likely people to play Tony and Gina are a bit shocking.

Yes, Sofia Vergara is going to be Gina...
What about Tony, mang?

Yes, Tony Montana got ****ed by a bear.
Academy Award Winner, Leonardo DiCaprio is going to be Tony Montana...

Hey, at least it's not as bad as Making a Dirty Harry movie with Will Smith bad...

I loathe the idea of a Remake, but it's happening... I am curious to see it, but not DYING TO SEE IT.

It Came from the toy chest: Thousand years of death!!

Prepare for a butthurt review... Cause your butt's gonna hurt after the Thousand years of Death!
I'm talking about Kakashi Hatake, you know who's sensei

Let's get cracking:

It's similar to Naruto's but different at the same time. Kakashi is an older figure (Original Naruto version)
The head has better range than Naruto. Combined with the Torso, he can pull off the Idiot Run better than Naruto.)
The thighs have a weird Articulation... I'd describe it as a hybrid between DCUC thighs and MOTUC Thighs.

Paint and Sculpt:

The Sculpt looks like Kakashi. The paint applications are pretty neat and no visible slop. I accidentally scratched a bit of paint from one of the faceplates  when I dropped it changing it. CAREFUL!!!

1 extra head with 2 faceplates (due to the Exposing the Sharingan eye from Obito) 8 extra hands, 2 kunai, 1 Icha Icha Paradisu book. (I kinda wish he came with a stand)

It's obvious that Kakashi gets a 5.0 using my ratings scale. He is not TRULY PERFECT. No toy can be, but his clever articulation, crisp paint job, decent sculpt and loads of accessories make him an amazing toy.

Jan 29, 2017

I saw Eureka Seven...

Mostly because there's this girl, who I enjoyed her company a lot... She moved due to her studies and now I can only communicate online, which kinda sucks, since I liked hanging out with her in person and talk about anime and videogames... So, her favorite series is Eureka Seven and she pretty much used her charms to trick me into watching Eureka Seven...
(Then again, a cute girl asks me to watch something, chances are I WILL WATCH IT... That's how I ended up watching the best anime ever! and this is why I can understand Brock so well...)
I swear, I WILL MAKE HER WATCH Neon Genesis Evangelion or Hamtaro!!! (Hopefully she'll pick EVA...)

So, how do I feel about Eureka Seven?
I liked it... It has a few things that reminded me of Older Gundam Series AND Neon Genesis Evangelion... Come on! Anemone screams Soryu Asuka Langley Clone. Renton can be a bit of a Shinji at times, but more annoying since he lacks Shinji's crippling depression... or his yogurt... SPIKE! Don't put the yogurt clip! Eureka, well she can be a bit of an Ayanami...
So, OK, there's this kid, Renton...

Yes, he is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch... and he's a total loser. His dad is dead, his mom is dead and barely mentioned in the series. His Older sister is MIA and he lives with his grandpa, a mechanic in a bum hick town in the middle of nowhere. Like all JRPG protagonists. His hobbies are dream of joining a group of skater terrorists... Well. they'd be skaters if they were in our world. They are lifters... think Sky surfers. These terrorists also use some Mecha called LFOs that also lift in humanoid mode. They Transform and Roll out as cars... Their leader, Holland, is voiced by Crispin Freeman... Roll the Ma Belle Peche clip!

Well, these terrorists arrive to Renton's place because the old man was keeping a McGuffin that the LFO of one of Holland's crew needs. The owner of this LFO is Eureka and she is voiced by the creepy girl that has a crush on Naruto... you know, the one that sounds like Mikuru from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Renton joins the Gekkostate crew and becomes a staple part of the team... He's doing all of this because he fell in love with Eureka, and since they are both complete idiots (Eureka has her excuse for being a complete social ignoramus) they don't realize what's going on until half the series is over.
and yes #7 is Eureka... get it Eureka 7?
This Motley Crew of terrorists are fighting the big evil corrupt government that wants to destroy the world for the sake of humanity... Like pretty much ALL THE FINAL FANTASIES.

It feels like a diet Gundam and a Diet Evangelion with a hint of Twilight... Yes, I said it Eureka Seven is the Twilight of Mecha Anime... IN A GOOD WAY!! Normally I scoff at the idea of Romance being a strong part of Mecha Anime, but here it works. It lacked a bit of action, but the characters made up for it... Except Freaking Holland. I HATE HATE HATE HIM!! I wanted to kick him in the dick with a steel toed boot... That is until I met the villain... Now that guy, I hate more than Holland.

Give it a try, it's 50 episodes, so it's a tad long, but it's not Naruto, DBZ, or One Piece long.
I'm currently watching the sequel series, Astral Ocean... Let's not talk Astral Ocean, The less we talk about Astral Ocean, the better.
If Evangelion wasn't so freaking depressing, then it'd be a lot like Eureka Seven. Also, I need to return to watching anime... I've missed out on a lot of stuff.

Jan 28, 2017

Odds and ends 1/28/17 It Hurt me more than the Golden Girls getting a spin-off.

Let's start with the awful...
John Hurt has lost his battle to Cancer.
Spike, Roll some decent John Hurt Footage...

Spaceballs? Really? No war Doctor "Great Men are Forged in fire" speech?

Much better...
May he rest in Peace!

Oh Japan!

This man is broken and his soul was sucked out of his body.
Haha! The Population has been halved!
Now you can have a Virtual Waifu that will stalk you via phone and control your appliances.
The question every customer is asking:
How do you have sex with it?
Even a fictional wife nags him...
I mean for the price of that sucker, you can buy a life sized Japanese Sex Doll... They exist, I recently checked, but not for the reasons you're most likely thinking. OK, so I watched a hentai movie a few months back where this dude ordered a sex doll, right? The sex doll became self-aware and obsessed with the dude. I knew of the Gag-gift blow-up sex dolls. What I didn't know was that there's a Yuuuuge Market for high-end dolls that can stand and some have voiceboxes so they can make sounds and stuff.
Look at the dude. It's obvious that this man is broken and his soul was sucked out of his body. Look at the emptiness in his life, that that image projects.
Seriously, chatting with a bot that nags you for not getting home sooner is a bit sad... Don't believe Me?

This right here was the part that broke me. I honestly started to cry right there.

The Lonely Man has no one but his virtual waifu to greet him home. That hit me so hard because I've pondered that during this last year.
Home, work, work, home like a little drone with no life outside of that... Well, it hurts, because loneliness hurts...

Let's get the last reference out of the way, Golden Girls.

OK, so Golden Girls... It's allegedly getting a new Spin-off... Well, it's got to be a spin-off since Betty White is playing Rose.

Here's the thing. OK, so Betty White is in her 90s. (Please last at least until 2019) Also, the whole premise is kinda iffy. I think they should just go full reboot.

Z as in Mazinger Z is getting a movie from Japan... Really? a Mazinger Z Movie?

But in Live Action!? I AM Excited for this!

Jan 26, 2017

Super7 finally revealed their first wave...

In the words of Samuel L. Jackson:


I will rank them from Favorite to Least Favorite: (THEY WILL HAVE COMMENTARY, as always.)

I will start with the best looking figure, I mean, the Ugliest Figure of the wave... By Best Looking, I mean he was purposely made to look ugly as sin, Quakke. All that Delicious new tooling makes me feel like Doctor Lecter.
He seems to have the Man-E-shoulders with extra bits attached to them (probably a new modded MEF shoulder) The boots seem to be NA Skeletor with Blast Attak feet... Clever Horsemen!!

Next on my list is Fangor... This is a New Character. It's rumored that a "professional writer" suggested the idea of a Snakemen Grease Monkey, but since that person is an unreliable narrator, I take this info with a grain of salt. (cue a "we wuz kangs and shiet" post on a certain forum from that person in... 3... 2... 1...)
Fangor: NEW SNAKEMAN, COOL Weapons... I hope 3rd Party Casters do that sword...
I will most likely use the long fanged head, but if 3rd party casters do that small fang head, I could use it to make another generic snakeman. Is that a new belt? If so, Cool! 

If Fangor and Quakke weren't so badass, Lodar would have been higher, Lodar has tons of reuse... I think his feet are new and his right bicep. I hope the chains work on figures. I'm a bit worried about his shoulder articulation.

If third party casters make modded heads available, I could expand Ninjor's army with Lin Kuei Ninja...
Come on, the head looks like the UMK3 Ninja look, but with spikes.
The Weakest link of the bunch is Hawke...

Before anyone brings the soggy knees card, shut up.

The truth has always been that female figures are treated like second class citizens in the action figure world. In MOTU, we had a "professional writer" who was not "intentionally a soggy knee stick" writer, but he pushed out the 4 main women of MOTU to the sidelines.
Sculptwise, Hawke here is suffering.
She HAS DETAILS, but they are VERY Subtle. slightly more detailed than the 2016 Filmation subline, but on the weakest level of detail for MOTUC... (Madame Razz level of detail here.)
It kinda works, but it needed a bit of an OOMPH! Like say, Plundor...
I'm a bit worried about the crotch,,, There's something off there. Hopefully she will have the normal thighs with rotation at the hip and not the Battleground Teela style thighs.

She needed a bit of extra detail to properly pop as a MOTUC Figure. Here's an idea of what I would have done... Mostly all I did was:
-adding studs to her bracers, to match Stratos.
-adding a jewel to her choker
-defining the division between the grey and blue parts of her leotard with a belt
-Making the straps holding the choker to her bustier look like straps instead of grooves.

One positive thing I got to say is the return of the under the breast articulation. The Original Female body, Teela had that Articulation, but the way her tunic was made, well, it messed the articulation from an aesthetic point of view.

So, far, no release details have been given. I hope that like with the ultimates one can order figures individually as well as a bundle. Hawke is a figure many would want multiples due to display options. If we're stuck with buying ONLY the wave, then we're screwed.

Jan 24, 2017

The Last Jedi... and other stuff.

That's the title of Episode VIII... The Last Jedi.
How do I feel about it? Well... It bothers me a bit...
Last Jedi? Are we talking about Luke? Luke + Some other Jedi that are still left? Does this include Rey? Oh please don't...

Guess we'll find out this December.
This does not bode well for Episode IX and Luke Skywalker...

Well, A few days ago, Miguel Ferrer passed away... you know, son of José Ferrer, whose Academy Award was stolen from the University of Puerto Rico.
Most of you know Ferrer for this:

Mom most likely would've mentioned her dad, and his very famous step-cousin...

But she would've mentioned this...

but to bring it back to his step-cousin George Clooney and reference the Bat Credit Card again, Miguel Ferrer was on NCIS: Los Angeles, who has...

Me? all of the above, but I also raise you a Young Justice... There, Mr. Ferrer played Vandal Savage.

Finally, The Rock has come back to the DC Universe. This time the rumors keep piling up on Black Adam... I could have sworn he was once or twice mentioned for John Stewart. Not so sure how I feel about this, but it's a nice segue for the next part of the rant... Green Lantern...

Well, there is apparently a short list...
No, I'm not making a short joke because the Running Shrimp is on it.

So, yeah... Tom Cruise is on that list. I hope he IS NOT CHOSEN, due to Cruise's dumbass "Likeness Protection" clause where toys from his movies CANNOT LOOK LIKE HIM.

Ryan Reynolds is back on that list... NO, just no. He wasn't a BAD GL, but a lot of the flack that other GL movie got was because Van Wilder was GL.

Joel McHale... Not too sure on him, because I've seen him in very little and what I've seen is BAD... (sorry Topangaborn, but Spy Kids 4 was crap.) But aside the Community fans, I'm not too sure that his name carries enough weight to damage Green Lantern.

Bradley Cooper? Do we want to drag Rocket Raccoon into this?

Jake Gyllenhaal... Cue the Brokeback joke... Spike? Spike!! At least give me The Wings by Gustavo Santaolalla...

Now I'm crying...
I've no beef with him, but he doesn't scream Hal Jordan to me. He screams Older Kyle Rayner.

Armie Hammer... Now there's a Hal Jordan... Since Nathan Fillion is not among the list, Armand D. Hammer can be the Hal Jordan... Wait... Wait... The Green Lantern movie is called Green Lantern Corps... Hear me out...
Gyllenhaal as Rayner, Hammer as Jordan and McHale as Gardner... BOOM! SPACE COP BUDDY MOVIE!

Jan 23, 2017

Knee-Deep in Dead to The Shores of Hell

Inferno Thy Flesh Consumed... All of these terms are a grim reminder of a VERY SPECIAL Videogame...

Yup, I'm talking about DOOM! I was delayed in my review because my save file was corrupted and I was unable to fix it by replaying the previous level and beating it.

So, 2016's Doom... What can I say: It's a very modern Doom. I have not Played Doom 3, so I cannot comment on the more modern aspects of Doom... I have played 1,2, and Final Doom... OK I also played a bit of Doom 64.

I'm not sure if it's a reboot or a sequel... (Looks like I'll have to hunt for Doom3 for PS3...)
So it starts out in a facility on Mars of the Union Aerospace Corporation... All Hell breaks loose and you have to stop it. Weird thing is that you were inside a sarcophagus and the Doomguy Armor is some sort of ancient arcane armor... (Possibly hinting to the player being the Original Doomguy.)
So, now you have to kick some demon ass... Normally, I'd save that for the in depth look at the story.

I'd better get to the detailed ratings part:


As mentioned above, it seems like the story is a reboot/retread of the Original Doom... Not certain if Doom3 is tied in somehow. Point is: Hell breaks loose, you need to clean up all the demon crap coming out of hell... and by clean up, I mean killing those demons.


Of course, they are WAY better than the old Win98 Graphics of the Original Doom. I'm not too fond of SOME of the redesigns, but a few of those stem from the Doom 3 Redesigns, which I still haven't gotten used to... Kinda need to play that one.

I have to say that the Hell Levels remind me for some reason of the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia... I got to give them a


The controls are pretty responsive. IT'S rare to die due to a control issue. (Though an occasional slip-up will happen for people who aren't hardcore FPS gamers...)

It's Frigging Doom...

Not THAT Doom... But you get the idea... First Person, run, shoot, kill the forces of Hell before they kill you... Also, locate a buttload of Secrets.

Sounds and Music:
There are some themes reminiscent of Classic Doom... and some classic themes on the Classic Levels. The effects are what you expect of a modern game as well as the voice acting.
Fun Factor:
If you're fan of Doom, then the Fun has been doubled... you get the new game and a few Old School Levels to play with... WITH YOUR NEW ABILITIES... Yay, Double Jumping!

Doom gets a nice 8.5 on the Single Player stuff... I don't do Online Multiplayer, so I cannot judge that area. If you're into that then, my review is not of much help to you.

Jan 22, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Matty's Final Large Beast Figure.

Tuskador is finally here... But not the one from my sub... Digital River gave me one final "Screw You" with my order being MIA. Since they never corrected the issue where I was considered "International" well, I'm SOL. So I bought him via eBay roughly at cost.

Tuskador: Who is he?

Basically, Ram Man for New Adventures. Also, he's a trader.
Since he's the Ram Man of New Adventures

So, let's get cracking...

Remember Ram Man? Well, He has the SAME Buck, so expect similar Articulation.
Due to his shoulderpads, you KNOW his Biceps and shoulders have limited articulation. His Spaceboots block the ankles. Other than that he has the same Articulation as Ram Man.

Paint and sculpt:

Oh Holy Crap! That Sculpt. The New Parts make you forget that he's reusing a TON of parts from Ram Man. The Tunic is a dead giveaway.
Paintwise he's absolutely flawless... OK, mine has a minor issue. They put the helmet on him before the blue paint on his headcap dried fully.
Tusky has a gun... Removable helmet and 2 sets of tusks... Short (based on the toon and great for display) Long and kinda act a bit like a stand.

Tuskador gets a 4.0 as his overall score. The Articulation is what hurts this Beautiful, Beautiful New Adventures Figure. It pains me that New Adventures will not be complete... Unless Super7 gets to it and complete NA...

Jan 21, 2017

Odds and ends Jan 21st, 2017

Whether you like him or hate him, Donald Trump is officially President of the United States of America... Many people thinks that America dun goofed by electing him as President. The President himself doesn't help things when he starts quoting Bane, of all people. At least he only quoted Bane... Could you imagine if he had started quoting villains from Anime or even worse JRPGs? Now that would've been scary. Wait, he also quoted The Purge...

I've seen this sentiment from many... NO. If The Donald screws up badly, AMERICA gets screwed even more. I don't like the guy, but I can't hope for him to fail horribly, that everyone gets screwed in the end. I just hope he doesn't screw up much, because MISTAKES WILL BE MADE due to his lack of experience and sadly, there ain't no gettin offa' this train we're on.

Super7 reveals will come soon. According to He-Man.org:
The reveal of the first wave of Classics Collector's Choice figures will be one day next week (Jan 23 - Jan 27). And the reveal of the first wave of Classics Club Grayskull figures and the Power-Con 2017 exclusives are still planned to be revealed in February at Toy Fair.

This is the part where I make a snarky remark... Nope! No snark from me this time... (No, Scott, it's not to spite you.) I am a fairly reasonable guy, when I'm not dealing with hyperbole. I understand these delays are happening because Super7 is NOT a part of MATTEL like Mattycollector was. There were lots of bumps on the road and kinks to iron out on the process and according to some people that have knowledge on how these things work, it's a long and bumpy ride, ESPECIALLY when dealing with Mattel.

I won't deny that it has me slightly worried, but I'm positive that something good will come out.

Wait, Tim Miller and James Cameron joining forces for a Terminator 6? Wasn't Genisys panned for eliminating ALL the movies from the timeline, and they want to do a sequel to it? Is Arnold coming back? IIRC Emilia Clarke isn't coming back.

Breath of the Wild will be the FINAL WIIU Game. That is all... Fitting, since THAT game is the Reason I got a WiiU.

Jan 19, 2017

More MOTU from Loyal Subjects...

There's a new wave of Loyal Subjects MOTU Figures... Exclusive to WalMart... I went today to one of the WalMarts that supposedly have them and came empty-handed. The employees were no help either. They didn't know what I was talking about.  The Hot Topic and FYE I used to get Loyal Subjects MOTU have dried up and I need a Teela. (or 2) then I'd need an extra Evil Lyn, Man-e-Faces, Skeletor, and Tri-Klops to have a full set on my Christmas Tree next year.

Well, the new wave is Repaints of:
Evil Lyn
Trap Jaw

To that we add a Flocked Variant of Beastman (1/96) Anti-Eternia He-Man (28) as in only 28 in the entire world and a Single Gold He-Man... Single as in the only one in the Universe...

Seriously, couldn't they just take Beastman, put Stratos arms on him and flock the crap out of it and make Mossman? Couldn't they sculpt 2 new armors for BA He-Man and Skeletor? Or toss in a Prince Adam with flocked vest to simulate the toy's velour vest? Maybe the next wave will be new characters...

I'm kind of torn on the issue. There are no new characters, but some REALLY RARE repaints... I might as well just repaint a spare He-Man into AE He-Man and call it a day.

Jan 16, 2017

Holy Crap! Have you seen Big Show?

This pic came out recently.
That's none other than Big Show...

Dude's hyper ripped now...
Wonder what Mattel will do now, they can't use the flabbier Andre buck for Big Show now...

But Speaking of Big Show.

WHAT THE HELL!? First Scooby... wait, they made 2 WWE movies with Scooby!? Then the Flintstones, now the Jetsons... What the Hell!? They made a Surf's up movie too!?

I just can't even...

Also, Jimmy Snuka is dead. 

But, damn, Ripped Big Show...

It Came from the toy Chest: Army Building is a pain

Roton is here. The Final Matty Vehicle featuring a Skelcon Warrior...  Still my NOVEMBER Tuskador and sub Horde Wraith have not arrived.

So, what is the Roton and what does it do? This is the FIRST OFFICIAL EVIL VEHICLE IN MOTUC... AND THE ONLY EVIL VEHICLE FROM MATTEL. Basically a Remake of this:

Me, I'm personally more of a Land Shark kind of guy. Now you can see what I'm talking about.

The Skelcon on the other hand, is an obscure army builder. It comes from the Ladybird books (Kinda like the British Version of Golden Books.)
Add caption
So, these guys are Skeletor Troopers... Randor has the Toyguru clone Army, Hsss has Bert and Ernie Clones, Hordak has the Troopers and the Wraiths... Skeletor, well he has his Row-Butt Knights and The Skelcons... or in most cases Skelcon (Singular) since tossing him with a vehicle was insane.

Warning, the Roton is as big as a freaking Pizza. 14.5" in diameter. That's bigger than a Large Pizza at Domino's.

Sucker is huge!!
So, the Roton is basically a BIG, BAD, Beetleborg Version of the Vintage roton, but with a slightly more Organic twist. It has the rolling action feature. Sadly my floors are a bit uneven, so I can't truly play with it.

Modelkit Canopy looks cute. Wish it came
in black.
The guns have 4 ports to be placed into. If a third party caster happens to do some of these, I'd probably buy a pair to have a 4-gun Roton.

The Added Canopy from the Model kit helps making the vehicle a lot cooler. It also helps distinguish to have 1 with the canopy as the lead vehicle with the rest being plain rotons. (If shot at certain angles you could use vintage rotons in addition to this one in order to have a squad)

Secret Plug fun!

The Roton also has a hole at the bottom. What is this hole for? Remember the Wind Raider? Well, The Roton ACTUALLY COMES WITH A WIND RAIDER STAND!!

Now the Skelcon:
Standard buck with Demo-Man feet. Mine had a frozen ab-crunch. Oh yeah, the horns are articulated, but not the mouths.

Paint and sculpt:
The Reused parts work on making the Skelcon, well, Skelcon-y? The new parts bring him to life.
The only nitpicks are that for some reason, the tunics are a bit too short and the Skelcon has a bare blue midriff that shouldn't be there. And unless his head is looking down, you can see his blue neck. I also kinda wish his skull had some sort of wash.

A Spear, a knife, and the freaking Roton!!

The Skelcon gets a 4.33 as his final score. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent figure and great for army building, if you're not on a budget.

The Roton on the other hand is a 5.0

I still believe that Mattel is overcharging us for the Roton + Skelcon
, but at least, we now no longer have to deal with Freaking Digital River.

Jan 15, 2017

So, Max Steel the Movie is oot!

And after seeing it, I ain't buying it. Heck! I saw it for LESS THAN $15 and I couldn't bite.
Yesterday, Mattel sent me this lovely e-mail.

No, I just can't even.
I've already mentioned how bad this movie is and how much it can potentially hurt MOTU.
But don;t worry, I'll go into it again.

Max Steel went from an "Agent Cody Banks" type of thing to a more Technology inclined He-Man rip-off.

Rip-off, you ask?
A Hybrid between Earthling and an Alien, whose combined DNA makes him the key to unlock the ultimate power against evil... (One of the Big Bads of MOTU is Hordak, leader of the Evil Horde, who are an intergalactic empire of evil hellbent on conquering the universe.)
This Power allows He-Man to harness new forms to tackle whatever situation he is in.

Max Steel:
A Hybrid between Earthling and an Alien, whose combined DNA makes him the key to unlock the ultimate Power against Evil... Makino and The Ultralinks.
This Power allows Max to Harness new forms to tackle whatever situation he is in.

The only differences between He-Man and Max Steel are:
Location of their adventures and that Max's "Power sword" is a sentient being.

So, we have assessed that Max Steel is basically He-Man "lite". Max Steel sucking due to nano budget for an effects heavy movie like this, awkward writing and directing, will translate to Mattel that He-Man can't make it, if we can't make "He-Man lite" work. They will not see that their lack of efforts or care, killed Max Steel.

No, Mattel, I will NOT BUY Max Steel. I will not support CRAP for you to consider crapping up MOTU. You want us to buy, make your product good and we'll buy!

Jan 13, 2017

Odds and Ends Friday the 13th of January 2017

OK, so Luis from Ant Man is now Erik Estrada, and the Astronaut from Zathura is now Larry Wilcox...

Yup, they are adapting CHiPs as a movie... A Comedy to boot... I know, I know, but here's the trailer...
I... I don't know what to say, I'm not like a Super Fan of CHiPs... I liked TJ Hooker a bit more...
I kinda fear, this will be a "generic cop movie comedy", but I want to see it.

Ka-chow! Cars 3 Looks exciting enough for me to give it a mention...

I mean the original Teaser traumatized children and college students...

And guess who's getting his own Bottled Water company?

Yup, Mr. total Gym has now a Bottled Water Company...
Sadly, you'd have to live in Texas to get CFORCE, aka, Chuck Norris' water.

You know, I like GTA, but I also like Mario... I'm not too sure how I feel about a GTA Mario...

Also, Mario is officially a midget, little person.
Hydrants are usually 30 inches, or 76.2 cm.
Having flashbacks to Pre-Sonic Boom Sanic games...

Another Nightmare Night Special... Pinkieloo or is it Scootapie?

I am talking about Pinkie Pie Dressed as Scootaloo.
OK I mean Chicken Pie, but I just had to make that Season 1 Reference...

Since it's a figurine and not an action figure, she won't get the standard Rating...

I think she sucks...

Hear me out...

Did you look at the video? Now look at the toy.

Can you notice the inaccuracies to the costume? The Chicken legs should cover her entire hidquarters, she lacks a beak, the bang on her head shouldn't be visible with the cloak on, the candy bag should be worn on her neck.

I only got her because it's Chicken Pie and if I ever get a Luna, I can have them together... I think Pipsqueak comes with Scootaloo or Sweetie Belle. Haven't seen them yet.
To be honest, I would have preferred for this Pinkie to NOT have Removable clothes if it meant that she'd be show accurate.

I know it's weird me using language such as sucks when Pinkie Pie is involved, but this figurine kinda sucks... The sculpt for this Pinkie
is rather rad. Wonder if it's reused on a normal naked Pinkie, cause that pose screams PARTY CANNON!!

Also, @#$% you I have a Minty now...  First Blindbag I buy in ages and I get this!?

It Came from the Toy Chest: I just don't know what went wrong on Nightmare Night.

 Of course, I'm talking about Derpy Hooves... Nightmare Night edition.
Dammit, Hasbro! You're making me want to come back to buying ponies.

It's Derpy, so I couldn't say no.

Again, this is a figurine, so I cannot rate it like an action figure.
 Like most of the other recent Pony Figurines I've looked at, Derpy has removable clothing. Which is good for those of you who don't have a Vanilla Derpy, like the one with Lamebow Power Fluttershy. Only issue I have aside her being on the Generic Pegasus pose is that her eyes are NOT Derped out!!

Cool fact, Derpy can wear the paper bags on her hind hooves as well.

Jan 12, 2017


Since "I Killed Mattycollector", I thought it would be appropriate for me to look at the final Year of MOTUC at Matty.
*As of the time of writing my Tuskador has NOT arrived. So, as in other posts, I'll post my general thoughts on him and the grade will be based on those impressions. The "grade" the toy receives is not necessarily the same as the score it gets on an It Came from the Toy Chest. My biases have more power here than on the more objective reviews.

Let's begin: This is the first "Neitlichless year" except (if we believe Neitlich) Mattel used his gameplan and he's meant to be worshiped for the good. If it's something bad, then the new team messed up with his plan.

Lord Masque: C-
Wrong colors, despite Mattel attempting to fix them. I was forced to repaint mine to make him more MOTUC. His accessories are not his, but meant for NA He-Man or Dare.

Vultak: C+So, another figure who needed to be visited by captain Paintbrush. His QC being all over the place didn't do him any favors. At least the accessories were meant for him...

Darius: B-
To be honest, the ankle gap ruined him for me, but other than that, he IS A PRETTY SOLID FIGURE. I know, I repainted mine, but that was for my own reasons.

Crita: D
I did say on the review that she was getting the D... as in the grade. Limited Articulation, paint issues, odd QC issues with her weapon made her a background figure... but at least she was made, right?

Despara: D-
It hurts me to grade Despara that low. If you thought Crita had issues, Despara took those issues and went Super Saiyajin God with them. Then having weapons meant for male figures ends up ruining her already fragile hands.

General Sunder: B+
Army Building Potential squandered by Mattel. Hopefully Super7 will pick up the pace and release single-carded Troopers. He's rather nice,

Horde Wraith: B-
I know I thought of him on his own a bit lame. Blame the glossy plastic and the awkward accessory, but with an army, it looks EPIC

Nightstalker: A-
He's Yuuuuuuuge! But the Neck would be the only nitpick about him.

Tuskador: B+
They say he's a beast! With slight Articulation issues. The sculpt looks amazeballs, for a guy who reuses Ram Man parts, he looks Unique. Once I get mine, I can look at him in-depth.

Serpentine Hssss: C-
I'm still miffed at how he was made available. It sucks that he's virtually no new parts, aside the upper torso. But it completes the Real HSSSS, whether Vintage or 200X.

Anti-Eternia He-Man: A-
Vanilla He-Man... In black but with more accessories... There's Not Much to say about him.

Roton: A
Don't get me wrong, it's amazing, the added Skelcon is pretty cool as well, but the price tag is a bit ludicrous.

Jan 10, 2017

Je suis Shinji

My French really sucks... I only know how to say: Hello, Cheese Omelette, Who cut the Cheese, Shit and I am Shinji... But this rant will be about my favorite Depressed Japanese Child who is forced to get inside a Robot he's supposed to get inside of. I've already mention the Second Dad of the Year with Gendo... The thing is that pretty much EVERYONE HATES Shinji...

But to be honest, I hate Shinji too... but for a different reason... I don't hate him because he's a wuss...

The reason why I Hate Shinji is because I AM Shinji, minus the surrounded by hot women, the killing aliens inside a giant robot, or Making Yogurt over comatose girls... but, yeah... I am... well, WAS Shinji. Weak willed, aiming to please others over myself. yearning for my father's approval, always running away from reality and trying to hide within myself in order to avoid feeling (emotional) pain, feeling like a perennial failure, no matter what I do (did).

My fears and Insecurities were the same as Shinji's. His reactions would probably be MY REACTIONS IF I WAS IN HIS SHOES... and yes, that includes the hospital scene from EoE...

Shinji is a mirror to our souls and the scary thing is that it shows us that we're no heroes... We're cowards. I didn't understand Shinji until a few months back. I kept postponing this rant, because it involved rewatching Evangelion and my state of mind last year would not have allowed it. While I'm still not ready (Mostly because it's expensive as hell to find the entire series and the Rebuild movies.)

J'étais Shinji, because I let myself fall in the grasp of depression and let misery comfort me, wallowing in self-pity and self-loathing. I am no longer Shinji. I am no hero, nor I intend to be one. I still have my fears and insecurities, but I no longer let them control me. I still struggle with my desire to please others and earn their approval, but it's not my driving force. It's a long road... but I have been fighting to become a better self. Opening up to others is still a bit hard, but being afraid of being hurt actually hurts in a different way. Seeking Help before the despair completely overwhelmed me, might have been one of the best things I've done.

After going through my issues and facing them, I have learned to appreciate Shinji, a lot more... Even if he's an avatar of all that I despised of myself.

It Came from the Toy Chest: YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP!!

This time it's not you Scott, so quit your belly-achin'!
I'm talking about the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Golden Oak Library.

It was blown up to promote the new Crystal Castle (no relationship to POP) playset for Twilight.

Do I need to explain what it is? I mean it was Twilight's home for the first few seasons.

I only got it for the sole reason of it being the Golden Oak Library... Screw the Castle of Friendship...

since it's a "playset" for unarticulated figurines, let's talk the gimmicks...
Opening door. Sure, you can plug the telescope in one of the two balconies. (It's more accurate to use the higher one, BUT FOR THE SAKE OF TAKING PICTURES FAR EASIER, I used the Lower one.)

It comes with Owlowiscious, so Twilight can have a little companion in Blind Bag scale... Just like Maud came with Gummy for Pinkie... Wonder if there's a Spike in this scale. There are two books and a chest, that I assume it's meant for the Elements of Harmony. This set comes with Nightmare Night Starswirl the Bearded Costume for Twilight and a Special Zecora in the NN outfit. (Normal Zecora has a mohawk.

All the outfits are removable, but Zecora's wig is attached to her head (and there's no Mohawk, so if you NEED a Zecora, the Secondary market will have to do.)

There's a part of me that says: You should've saved this review for Halloween, but I couldn't wait.

To me this is more of a Display Piece than a playset. The small pieces might cause some problems if given to children.

Bronies on the other hand will mourn the Golden Oak Library...

Since these are mini statues, I can't rate this as an action figure, and the playset is more a diorama.

If you have tons of blind bag scaled ponies, this is a must have. (IIRC there's a Sugar Cube Corner with a Cheese Sandwich)