Aug 30, 2018

Now that we have 2 out of 5, What is Hasbro waiting for the other 3~?

I'm talking about the Life Foundation Venom Spawn 5.
Lasher, Scream, Phage, Riot, and Agony
We have Lasher and Scream (Lizard and Monster Venom waves) The remaining 3 are in need of VERY FEW Parts.

Agony, because ladies first would be a Repainted Scream with new head and forearms.

Riot is the easiest one because it's LITERALLY Venom Repainted. Persnoally I'd swap his forearms with Toxin's just to make him a bit different enough from Venom. A repaint of the McFarlane head could work with him.

Phage I'd use Carnage as a base. His forearm and legTendrils can be replaced by the spikier ones from Phage. He can easily reuse the left longer hand. A New Spiky back piece, head and Right Hand.
and that's pretty much it!

These guys are a much welcome Low tooling figure alternative that Hasbro needs to pad out Spidey waves.

Revisiting Shenmue...

I have cosplayed as Fat Ryo Hazuki and have fondly remembered Shenmue. So, it's needless to say that I'm  a Shenmue fan. Yesterday was my day off on both of my jobs and I spent most of the day playing Shenmue... the game arrived Tuesday night.
I'm roughly 3/4 to the second Dreamcast disc... or what would've been IF I was playing on Dreamcast.
I'm stoked that I'm able to play Shenmue once again since my Dreamcast is on the verge of death.  I know I'm going too fast for some achievements and stuff, but I don't care. I just wanna play Shenmue.
They removed the last digit of the phone numbers.
People were calling Warehouse no.8 or something.

The experoemce has been 85% good. These ports are a bit buggy and SEGA is working on patching the game as we speak. Some people have claimed having issues with cutscenes where they play tp a black screen. I've been lucky. The Excite QTE bug hit me... SEGA needs to fix this. The most annoying bug is that My Ryo does not want to get sweaty and practice his moves. While NOT game breaking, it puts me at a horrible disadvantage.

Other than that I feel right at home when playing with this old friend... I remember what I have to do, but HAVING TO FOLLOW THE GAME'S logic CAN be a bit frustrating. But that's not exclusive to Shenmue. I cannot oretend that everyrhing is peachy here. SEGA rushed the ports and a few glitches have been annoying. Despite that I will FINALLY ABLE TO PLAY Shenmue 2 as intended!!

Aug 29, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest My 3 legged Robo horse...

Stridor is Super7's response to Mattel's Nightstalker... You know I reviewed Nightstalker already.
Well, Fisto's Robo Horsey arrived, but with 3 legs attached. They didn't attach the 4th. HE IS FINE, People... All it took was blow drying the leg and popping it in. UNLIKE MATTEL'S Griffin, Stridor's leg stayed in place once popped in. Also, Hi, Scott! Thanks for indirectly referencing me at Power-Con. So good to know I still have rent-free space available to crash in your head. Hope everything is going well with your pin thingies at Entertainment Earth. (Since he's one of my 20 loyal readers, I have to make him feel special... I love all of ya, but none of you were my nemesis... Well, except Scotty...)
Where was I?
Stridor is usually known as Fisto's ride. Since my Fisto is still in storage, I will use S7's DC Comics Adam as his substitute rider.

Pretty much the same that applied to Nightstalker, applies here. It's harder to hold a 2 legged stance with Stridor, though.

Paint and Sculpt:
Paintjob is minimal, he's pretty much molded in the appropriate colors. Which brings my next issue:
The pseudo silver plastic isn't that shiny. It looks too grey. I had to repaint mine... I shouldn't have to, but... here we are.
funny how two cameras see colors differently

I have to be fair, though. My issues are technically nitpicks...

Well, since Super7 used the Nightstalker mold, the shield is gone... Luckily one of the shapeways masters did his magic and has a shield that you can attach with blu tac "so you don't damage the figure" Me? I'm gluing it. Here's the link to the shield. MOTU fans come to the rescue when Mattel, or in this case Super7 are unable to do things right. Yes, there is some snark on my remark there, because THAT is THING #2 in what makes Stridor DIFFERENT From Nightstalker.
So, now that Mr. Wright brought this to my attention, points must be deducted.

Stridor Helmet
Nightstalker Helmet, because reasons...

4.0 for Mr. Stridor. I'm not sure if MOTU fatigue is coming back, or if Super7's "Making it up as we go along" strategy is making me weary; but I'm underwhelmed with Stridor. I feel that the inaccuracies pushed him from a "YES!! Stridor!!" to a "huh, cool... Stridor." if you catch my drift.

How to ruin Chucky...

I think that my fear of Child's Play is well known. If not, then yeah, Chucky IN THE ORIGINAL Child's Play scares the crap out of me. To this day I can't see the movie alone or at night. I can see 2 but in broad daylight. 3 I can see it in the afternoon/ early evening. Everyrhing afterwards is crap, so I can see it anytime, if I have no choice.

Well, Child's Play is getting a reboot and it already is ruining Chucky. Removing the Supernatural curse defeats the whole purpose of Chucky being evil.
A dying murderer using a curse to pass his soul on the doll as a temporary vessel until he finds a suitable host is far more scary than Defective doll starts killing because of malfunctions.

They took away Chucky's edge.

Aug 28, 2018

It Came From the Toy Chest: Cloak and Dagger...

Carnage: Huh?
With the Carnage Review and the excess of hints towards Maximum Carnage...
Well, I'm doing Cloak and Dagger.
Tandy and Tyrone are nearly inseparable, due to the nature of their powers. Tyrone feeds by consuming people within his cloak, a portal to a dark dimension through which Tyrone can travel long distances shortly. He is mostly intangible, but can solidify himself by absorbing enough light (mostly from Tandy)
Tandy can generate light with her body. Usually projected as hard light daggers which can drain an enemy, or cure them from drug addiction (early 80s characters...)

They are part of the EVA Unit SP//DR BAF wave and I only bought them because of their ties to the only good LJN game...

Dagger: Spidey are you OK? So Spidey
are you OK? Are you OK Spidey?
Cloak: Spidey are you OK? Will
you tell us that you're OK? There's a
sound at the window. Then he struck
you- A crescendo, Spidey!
Spidey: Oh, look it's the girl from Kickin' it!
Cloak had the same buck as "Vintage Cap". It's a decent buck, but I honestly didn't expect that much articulation for a character who is literally a prop. Shame that he was released in a BAF wave, because he could have benefited from 2 cloaks. The closed one he has and an opened one for more dramatic poses that COULD USE THE SUPER ARTICULATED BODY WITHIN. (Having Mandarin Flashbacks!)
Without the cloak, he's like a 4.5, but WITH THE CLOAK ON, which is kind of a DUH! thing since he's CLOAK, well, his head and Right arm are somewhat usable. This lowers his score to a 2.0

Dagger on the other hand seems to be on the same buck as Betsy... So she gets a

Paint and sculpt:
Cloak is molded in black and translucent black to give him that ethereal vibe. Even his cloak is in translucent black plastic with the blue stripes painted over. It's a pretty nifty effect. I already talked about the buck, which is functional.
As I said before, Dagger seems to be sharing a buck with Betsy, which is more better suited for Dagger. Mine has a slight paint issue on her torso. 2 bits of flesh paint fell off. Probably more noticeable in person.

Both include a BAF Piece. Dagger has the Torso and Cloak Forms the head...
Other than that Cloak has nothing... No, I'm not counting his cloak as an accessory because without the cloak he isn't cloak. 2.0
Dagger has a few light daggers. 2.5
Dagger: If I'm the girl from Kickin' it,
You're the douche from Drake and Josh...
Cloak: *Hums*
Spidey: Where is Carnash?
Dagger: You mean Carnage...
Spidey: that's what I said: Karnage...
Cloak: Tale Spin?

Cloak gets a 2.83 and Dagger gets a 3.67 BUUT since Cloak and Dagger are an INSEPARABLE TEAM they get a 4.75

Individually, they suck... Together, they rock!
All I need is Firestar and Nightwatch for the heroes and Doppelganger, Shriek, a Demogoblin that is NOT the Hasbro repaint of the demonic Hobgoblin and Carrion.

These two were high wants since the ToyBiz days and I'm glad they are finally here.

Aug 27, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest: Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig... I will make you a Spider-Ham!

I have nothing for Spider-Ham... He's a Spider-Pig...

So, he's a Peter Porker... Like Peter Parker but with Pork because he's a pig... HA!
So, basically parallel Earth Spidey and is a pig and I just spent $26.49*
*=Without taxes which at PR's 11.5% (I know yikes!) which puts him at $29.53 but if I subtract $15 that I had in Shop Your Way Rewards points that puts him at $14.53 which is a much more reasonable amount for what I got
So now that we got MATH out of the way. Let's be completely honest here: I just bought him for the BAF Part. The figure is a RIP-OFF Even if it's to offset BAF costs the figure is a Rip-off! Plain and Simple. Shoot, looks like I'm getting to review the Mantis Rocket Raccoon after all... (I was hunting for more GOTG to do a group review, but...)

Ham has:
balljoint Head
hinge and rotating Shoulders
Hasbro Elbows
Wrist cut
balljoint Waist WHY?
Boot Cut... WHY?

In comparison to Rocket who is SMALLER than Ham...
Balljoint head
hinge and rotating shoulders
Hasbro Elbows
Wrist cut
Ball joint torso
Balljoint Legs
Thigh Cut
Hasbro knee
Ankle cut
Hinged and rotating tail
( Groot is a statue, but to be fair, being THAT Small it would be very risky to give him multiple POA...)

Ham gets a 1.5 while Rocket gets a 4.0

paint and sculpt:
Hasbro cheaped out on Ham by NOT painting any web-lines. He has them sculpted on, but still.
He's a 100% new sculpt but with BAD Articulation (just check out his torso twist.Being ball jointed causes it to expose all his inner workings.) which makes him look  off-putting at times. But it's Spider-Ham!

Rocket (and Groot) are based on the 2nd Guardians movie. They've got the sculptural details and all the bells and whistles on paint. Groot seems slightly off. I think it's his eyes.

Ham only has the BAF Piece, which is YUUUUGE... And an extra head... Pork Grind, which is meant for the Venom from this wave or the previous Venom from Absorbing Man?
You have to admit that the Pork Grind Head is cool, but it makes Spider-Ham even worse since Pork Grind is FULLY Articulated and Ham, well...
3.0 Mostly because of the BAF

Rocket on the other hand has 2 guns, Mantis Torso AND Groot. While, yes, this is ALSO a bit of a Rip-Off, the pain isn't as HARSH as it is with Ham.

Ham gets a 2.67 while Rocket gets a 4.17 It really hurts that Ham scored so low... TBH just get him if you can get him for under $20

It Came From the Toy Chest: We've had Maximum and Minimum. It's time for Average sized Carnage!!

I hinted on the Psylocke/Wolverine ICFTTC that I had Typhoid Mary from the Venom Wave... Well, I have a few figures from that Wave. Based on the title alone, you should know who I'm about to review, but here's an obvious musical hint:

Cletus Kasady, the human host to the Venomspawn Carnage. Messed up individual with a penchant for violence. Add a child of Venom and you get a super murdery symbiotic menace!

Before I head for the review, I must point out that I repainted my Carnage because NONE of the Hasbro Carnages have the correct 90s Black to red proportions on the symbiotes. Also, I'm more of a fan of TEXTURE in my Carnage, which is why the TOYBIZ SMC Carnage has a soft spot in my heart, even if it lacks the extra tendrils or the Weaponized hands. (That can be fixed with Plasti dip, paint and some bendy wires...) But here's the thing:
before the paintjob... Look at all those fully red pieces!
It seems this Carnage was a reissue of the Ultimate Norman Carnage, but with extra bits. I wasn't BACK BACK into ML back then, so I may have not paid attention to him if he was around.
So I painted his hands and a few bits on his body to reduce the red a bit.

Spidey: There's no need for you to do this, Kasady...
Carnage: Oh, I KNOW... I JUST WANT TO!!
We already know the drill here. I think Carnage is in the Captain Bucky buck. We know the Articulation is good. PERSONALLY, I would've liked the pectoral butterfly articulation because it would make for cooler poses.

Paint and sculpt:
I already talked about the sculpt in the intro and on the articulation so I won't go into details here. Reuses a previous Hasbro Carnage buck, not the textured ToyBiz buck.
Carnage: Come on, Hero! I wanna AXE YOU something!!
My main issue with the paint work is that it's TOO CLEAN and ORGANIZED for the chaotic nature of Carnage. I had to drink 32 ounces of coffee to get enough caffeine jitters to paint erratic line work on him... nah. My hands are already shaky as hell without the coffee.
On a normal figure he'd get a 5.0 due to the crisp paintwork. Here I'd rate him a lot lower BUT those are my biases talking.

BAF Piece
2 Extra hands
Extra head
Removable piece with tendrils on the back

He's got  a reasonable amount of accessories. 5.0

Uncle Cletus gets a 4.83 as his final score. On my point system, this is the closest one can get to a perfect. If I had been more inclined to use my biases, he would have scored lower... But being objective is a curse.
All we need is a doppelganger and Shriek.

Aug 25, 2018

I had a Marvel Legends dream... A Doppelganger wave...

So, I dreamt I was at Walgreen's looking for a Silver Surfer figure. No dice, behind the Bunch of Peg Warming Lex Luthors from the Doomsday wave I saw a Marvel Legends figure hidden.
It was Carrion and it came with Doppelganger's Right Leg and a Left arm. The figure was mostly a combination of Cyclops and Green Goblin. The Set seemed to be leaning towards a tribute to Maximum Carnage. The rest of the wave based on the pics on the back were:

-Nightwatch with the head and a Right Arm (He was in the not obvious Spawn rip-off outfit. Guessing to avoiding ruffling feathers with Todd McFarlane)
-Firestar 90s outfit with the Torso and a Right Arm
-Demogoblin (Repainted Hobgoblin with the demon head and new glider) with the Left Leg and a Right arm.
-Shriek was mostly kitbashed from Domino, Typhoid Mary and others. came with a Left arm and an Alternate Modern head
-90s Kaine came with a few web effects for doppelganger and a Left Arm

Last but not least a Quick Change Spider-man (Complete Kitbash from Spidey, defenders Iron Fist and Starlord) He came with 6 extra open Doppelganger hands.

It was so real. Heck! even the Doppelganger Torso seemed as if it was made for an eventual 6 Armed Spider-Man reuse.

The Doppelganger in my dream kinda looked like this custom, which I hadn't seen until now as I'm writing this. Maybe with sharper talons, but since a Nightcrawler was used for the custom, I understand why the feet and hands are so rounded off. But in any case. That was kinda my dream... Yes, I bought the Carrion, went home and hit the sack. I felt like crap the moment I woke up and realized that it hadn't happened. So, yeah... Aside from Nightwatch, I pretty much want the entire wave... and let's be honest here, he's in it because Maximum Carnage.

In any case I need a 90s Kaine, Shriek, Doppelganger among a few others.

Remember the 12 inch She-Ra doll? Pixel Dan wants my wallet dead...

Which POP character would make me want to buy an overpriced 12 inch doll?

Freaking Glimmer, that's who... Mattel is teasing me with a Glimmer AND a He-Man doll... that may or may not happen...
I need  Glimmer in my life... He-Man would be her arm candy...
Sure, there's Netossa and Catra
but for me, Glimmer is all...
He-Man teaser. Watch the video.
There is also a sores our wrists but I'm not feeling her the idea that Mattel is making toys uh is real really cool and uh I am super excited for my wife fool glimmer I feel like the only way they can uh ruined is is by showing cheaply made toys from uh the new cartoon

Pixel Dan might have dropped a Thundera breaking bomb.

Yes, THAT Pixel Dan... He's at Power-Con and Mattel has a booth.

Jaga and Grune COULD MAKE IT as actual toys afterall...
Crossing my fingers for Tygra, Cheetara and Mumm-Ra the everloving.
There is a rumor that the 4 Horsemen were working on Slythe, yesss? Will he happen? I dunno... If mattel is coming back with TC Classics all the way, then Spirit of Jaga would make a great exclusive as well as Red Lion-O.

Aug 24, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest: Angry Stabby Canadian and Transracial Woman.

Remember that Betsy Braddock was white then became Asian... And now they are making Psylocke White Again...

So long story short:

Wolverine: This is the Tiger Stripe Edition, meaning that

90s Wolverine... Now if I could get a reasonably priced Jean Grey... (closer to 60 than closer to 100+) and if Hasbro would make a brand new Storm and Beast, I could have my 90s team...

But Wolverine. Mutant old man with amnesia and has been pretty much everywhere in the Marvel Universe... Wouldn't put it past NuMarvel to retcon Peter being a son of Logan instead of Richard Parker... He's also angry and stabby thanks to his special cutlery that comes out of his arms.

Psylocke is a ninja with psychic powers that can create swords daggers out of psychic energy. Also, according to Capcom she can do deadly butterflies. As I said before she was white, now she's Asian, and going back to white...
The ToyBiz Psylocke looked like British Betsy with Kwanon's outfit. The Hasbro one looks like what Asian Psylocke should look like.
Loads of Marvel but lacking a lot on the vs Capcom side.

Sabretooth will be on the prowl soon!
As soon as I can get one...
You have seen the retro styled tan/brown Wolverine from the vintage toybiz pre-ML card set showing up in previous reviews. Well, the Tigerstripe is similar in articulation and sculpt. Mostly like a normal ML, but a bit closer to Spider-man with the butterfly cut pectoral articulation

Betsy on the other hand is on the female buck. Similar range of articulation to any other ML Female WITHOUT any coat or jacket that would hinder her Articulation.

Paint and sculpt:
Wolverine got the better deal here. He  even has sculpted hair on his arms. I'm half tempted to paint the hair, but I'm afraid of messing up. His colors are vibrant far off the puke yellow from Banshee 12 years ago.

Psylocke is inflicting the most painful
psychic attack on Logan. Making himRelive his most painful memories...
MY Psylocke that I ordered online... well, she isn't bad but when the factory applied the flesh tones on her left leg, it wasn't fully applied and you can see a hint of the hifty metallic blueish-purple on it. Also, now that I look at Rogue next to Betsy... Seems that her chest has deflated... but she is part of crazy continuity tweaks done at random.

Removable claws and extra fists without claw holes.
Apocalypse BAF ARM Cables.

Psy-Katana with removable effect (similar to Typhoid Mary. review coming soion)
Telepathy effect
Apocalypse BAF Leg

Let's be honest. Wolverine is rather MEH on the accessories. If the alternate hands were gripping hands or something, it would make sense. and with all the spare Logan headsculpts that Hasbro has, why didn't they sneak in a second head and the removed mask? Psylocke got off better since her psy effects can be combined and if you're not fan of the katana you can make her psy-knife look more deadly. SO...
Wolverine: 3.0
Psylocke 4.5
Le Cyclope is french for dick, which you are one!

Wolverine gets a 4.0 while Psylocke gets a 4.33... Wow... All I need is a Gambit (supposedly coming late 2018-early 2019) and a Beast and I can have my team for this:

But for now I can replace the ToyBiz grossly out of scale MLIII Wolverine and the European Psylocke dressed in Asian Psylocke clothing.

Good News Everyone! The Nerd Minstrel show will finally die!!

I only know one person who will not like this...

You still haven't caught on?

Big Bang Theory FINALLY WILL BE OVER!! This is the greatest bit of news I've heard all week!

It's 13 seasons too late, but... Yes, Mhmm... I KNOW that turd was only 12 seasons, but it should have been scrapped before it got greenlit... Then again there are 6 Sharknado movies...
Good Riddance!

Aug 23, 2018

So Hasbro is doing Power Rangers now... what I'd like to see:

So they showed this Tommy WHITE Ranger edition. He will have an alternate head, extra hands and effects for him or Saba. Instead of people being excited,  they wer bitching and moaning about Hasbro dipping into Mighty Morphin.
I'm like, OF COURSE they'll go to Mighty Morphin. Because Mighty Morphin sells. Not Zeo, not In Space, not Ninja Storm, not even Dino Thunder.
Hasbro already stated that they will be doing multiple eras.

They should milk the crap out of Mighty Morphin but without going too fast on them. There's 7 rangers... or 11 if we count Rocky, Adam, Aisha,  and Kat. Personally I'd go with 7 and only the Yellow ranger coming with Both Trini and Aisha heads. Rocky, Kat, and Adam could come with their Zeo Rangers. (Blue Turbo would be a hassle)

For SDCC Hasbro could do something crazy and release a $120 box set. I'd call it "Teenagers with Attitude".
Jason, Zack, Trini, Limberly, Billy, and Green Tommy with Civilian clothes. When opened it could be turned into a cardboard diorama of the command center (alpha 5 sold separately) and have a Holographic Zordon.
The rangers would come with:
Closed fists
Karate chop hands
Morphin Time hands  (right hand with Morpher sculpted into it and open left hand to put on top.)

They could do a set for each gen.
TwA II wpuld be Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Kat, White Tommy, and Billy

Ninja Storm would get the Gerbil Sensei as an accessory.

But let's be honest here... the MAIN attraction is Mighty Morphin... Goldar, Lord Zedd, Rita will have much more weight than Operation Overdrive red or Lost Galaxy Pink.

Aug 22, 2018

Russia has a bipedal tank...

I think you know where this conversation is heading to...
Железный механизм

Yup. Truth is mimicking fiction. This is a scary thing... Tactical combat robots... add nuke capabilities and Kojima will be right... right now I don't want him to be right.

But this is where we are at now... A world where Metal Gear!? Might become a reality...

Aug 21, 2018

Bad Shenmue news for me and Good Shenmue news for all

My copy of Shenmue 1 and 2 won't arrive until the 30th.
That sucks ass... I was hoping to go lpok for sailors on Thursday...
But good news everyone: in 371 days... III
August 27, 2019... save the date for a Shenmue III appointment... (hopefully preorders will be sent a bit earlier so backers can play the game on day one)...

Aug 20, 2018

An art print by Noelle Stevenson: The rant...

The LGBTQ showrunner of Nu-She-Ra made an art print for a con.
I'm not going to talk about the style, because this is Stevenson's PERSONAL STYLE and has NOTHING TO DO WITH SHE-RA THE SERIES. I will try to keep the complaints about the HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, AND ABOMINABLE OUTFITS to a minimum. Hell, I'm trying to not mention how her left leg is sprouting from her right leg and there are no signs of a pelvis on She-Ra.

Hell, this might sound off coming from me, but if we ignore the horrible costume designs and the less than optimal style for this type of piece; it almost looks GOOD!
Then again, we have seen THIS IMAGE A THOUSAND TIMES. From Conan to the Whiny Skywalker kid. From He-Man to Bruce Campbell and many many others.

I kinda wish I had a girl who would look at me how "Glimmer" is looking at She-Ra's leg.
Tyrone looks a bit effeminate here. Just look at how he clings to She-Ra. He is literally floating on the cliffside as he hangs on to She-Ra and with his abs to dear life. He is also looking for sailors in the distance. (Yeah, I have Shenmue in my mind right now)

We can now see their boots and bah gawd! They are HORRIBLE!! Tyrone has Vegeta's boots but with a heart shinguard attached to them.
"Glimmer's" look a bit better... but not by much. They look like 'rassling boots. Also, why do She-Ra's boots have a weird Converse vibe to them?

Also, also... Where in blazes is Kowl?

Aug 19, 2018

How Jordan Vogt-Roberts restored my passion for Metal Gear...

I recall mocking Vogt-Roberts's whiny and bitchy reactions to Kong Skull Island being Cinemasinned. Well, Mr. Vogt-Roberts did something to win my trust back...

Incoming Codec from Jordan Vogt-Roberts on Vimeo.
It took 2 minutes and 45 seconds to restore my faith in the project... Well, getting The Real SNAKE and not Queefer Sutherland to give the message was a good thing.
Watch the video...

Vogt-Roberts has spent the last 31-ish days or so tweeting Metal Gear artwork, concept exploration and while I don't enjoy ALL of the pieces shown, there is a common theme within it. He has some admiration of the brand. He seems to understand it rather well... for a Hollywood guy. I feel a bit safer for the property and MAYBE it'll get the treatment it deserves. This is how you WIN the fans of the property... Unlike a certain TV show that is more interested in parading their LGBQT showrunner instead of promoting the show, Vogt-Roberts has been CELEBRATING the HISTORY of the Project he was given an opportunity to work on and is every now and then giving a status update on a pre-pre-pre-pre-production project. Unlike that show that is supposed to premiere in less than 3 months.

Hopefully, Mr. Vogt-Roberts will do MGS some Justice... (although Hideo might be a bit Jealous that it isn't A HIDEO KOJIMA MOVIE)

I went and Saw Christopher Robin

I cried like a baby... My chances of a Second date with Marie are pretty much shot down.
But before I discuss Obi-Wan's home for imaginary friends, I need to talk Trailers.
Let's Start with Yondu's Return to Avengers 4...

I don't know how to feel about this. It's Mary Poppins, y'all... with a Sequel 54 years in the making.
Aside the Guardians reference, do kids these days KNOW who Mary Poppins is?

Then we have the Will Smith Biopic:

Will Smith chose to back out of the project, when they wouldn't let him play himself. He used Bad Boys 3 as his excuse. (I'm kidding on that last part... or the whole Will Smith biopic) but I'm less sure about this project than I was before. Seems like Timothy the mouse is gone... Also, the Crows might be gone and Dumbo gets drunk in some other way. Also, missed potential in lacking Will Smith...

So, Christopher Robin... It's NOT for kids. I NEED TO MAKE THIS CLEAR
This Movie IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!! Sure there isn't anything gory, violent, or erotic that would require a higher rating, but the movie IS NOT FOR CHILDREN.
Did I make myself clear? The movie deals with an Adult, weary Christopher Robin who is FORCED to find himself when Pooh returns into his life. A LOT of the movie is dull and boring TO LITTLE KIDS... I had one of those behind me and apparently its mother kinda got angry when someone said Oh Herrod! It wasn't me, honest... (I really love it when a girl and I share common interests, in this case Misanthropy) The movie is basically: The Mid-Life Crisis of Christopher Robin.

I will be honest here... The Hook story wasn't what got me... Brad Garrett was a decent replacement for Optimus Prime as Eeyore (bonus fact: He HAD VOICED Eeyore before in OTHER Disney media). Pooh and Tigger being voiced by Tim Cummings helped a lot...
The sad version of the Winnie the Pooh theme was one of my triggers. The next was the animals themselves. I don't know how to describe it, but they seem to have this aura of "Childhood" and "Innocence" about them that triggered my Tear ducts.

It's a great movie, but unlike Hook, this one is more towards the adults trying to reclaim some innocence.

Aug 18, 2018

The Classicizer would be the only thing that would make me be at peace with Etherian Utena...

Yes, you are reading that right... I'm suggesting that Netflix She-Ra should get the MOTUC Treatment...
We know that Mattel will do the "cartoon accurate" kids line along the lines of DCSHG... Now Classicizing Nu-She-Ra is important for two reasons:

-It VALIDATES the show as part of the MOTU Legacy (no matter how bad it could be)
-It expands the Parts library and customizing potential.

Secret reason: If the 4Horsemen go full classicizer and adding details to make them look as good as MOTUC Bow, I'm sure that most of the redesigns would be accepted IF the 4Horsemen treatment destroys the blandness from the (un)original designs.

But let's be honest here:
I know it's a LONG shot... There are way too many characters that need to be done before we scrape that gunk beneath the barrel... NA, 200X, The 87 movie, NU52... etc.

I'm TRYING to find a way for Nu-She-Ra to be appealing and I'm trying to use the same formula that made me like New Adventures... and to be honest, the one thing that COULD work is a kickass figure... Mind that in my display they will be OTHER People... Like She-Ra being Dare's Cousin and heir to the power. Bow would be Clamp Champ's kid who is Normal Bow's new sidekick. Catra would be a Qadian who rebelled and joined the remnants of the Horde and so forth.

But IF Super7 were to make 7 inch figures of Nu-She-Ra, I'd rather have the Horsemen go FULL CLASSICS on them so we can see potential...

Aug 16, 2018

Great, I can almost hear Jack Thompson popping hos disbarred head out of the sewer.

One bit of odd news has me afraid that disbarred lawyer, Jack Thompson might try to make a comeback.

Seeing that this kind of stunt seems like ot was pulled straight out of a GTA game, it could be the thing needed for him to make a triumphant return ad ecome a laughing stock once again.

But since he's disbarred, there is no point for him to chase this ambulance... and the lack of videogame connections would be another thing impedong his infanous return.

Seriously, what the hell... dude simply stole a plane...

Then crashed it...
If that isn't the most GTA thing you've heard, then I have nothing.

My thoughts on the MvC: Infinite: Uncanny Edition rumors...

Make it so! The End... that would be the shortest rant ever, but no. I have to go long-winded...

Theoretically speaking the Uncanny Edition would be to add some X-Men... and other folks.
I'm going to list the 40, yes forty as in four times ten characters needed to TRULY make the Uncanny version FEEL Uncanny:

-Jean Grey (phoenix)
First let's put the Uncanny in Uncanny Edition.
The roster is VERY 90s series because you need to empasize the 90s which was where it all started with X-Men: Children of the Atom. (Beast, Jubilee and Prof X. Could make non-playable cameos in story mode.)

Fantastic 4:
-Mr. Fantastic
-Invisible Woman (w/HERBIE)
-The Thing
-Human Torch
-Doctor Doom
-Super Skrull
The F4 are brand new while Doom and Super Skrull are Veterans.
Ben could behave mostly as a Haggar/Zangief clone.
Reed would be a bit more awkward than Dhalsim.
Johnny would be kind of an "Iceman clone, but fiery" with a short flight move with maybe a copy of Jin's tornado move.
Sue could act a bit like Urien with her forcefields. Crossed with certain Darkstalker-esque moves.

Misc Marvel:
-Doctor Octopus
-Baron Mordo
-M'Baku: The Man-Ape

-Roll NT
-Akuma (Matata)
-Leon S. Kennedy
-M. Bison
-Cyber Peacock

Theoretical story for my choices:
The game's story mode is pretty much unchanged but it "gets extra chapters"... that eould act as prequel, side syory and continuation to the story mode.
It's revealed that Mephisto was aiding Thanos all along in the main story and  him in the direction of the Satsui no Hadou in order to draw out Akuma. The reason is to use Akuma as a tool of destruction and take over the Dark Dimension and beyond now that  the Universes can't separate.

After being "removed" from AIMbrella, Albert Wesker began looking for alternatives. One of his Agents, Krauser had found a strange mutation of the Las Plagas parasite. It was "changed" by a Klyntar. Using bis connections with Shadaloo and Oscorp, Wesker had created a new Techno Virus far more dangerous than the Sigma Virus... or he would've if it wasn't for the disappearance of Oscorp's nanotechnology expert, Otto Octavius, also known as the FORMER Criminal Mastermind Doctor Octopus. Doc Ock is on the run after being threatened by a man known as Kaine, who had targeted various of his former associates.

Mayor Haggar called some old friends to help up cleaning New Metro City from the remaining Symbiotes.
Surprisingly, the Mad Gears of Yancy Street Gang decided to help out because only the MGYSG are the biggest threat for NMC and their pride can't let some alien goop steal their thunder.

The F4 were working "behind the scenes" during the main story.  They had entered the Quantum realm and become "digitized" and were leading an attack against Ultron Sigma from within. Their guide was a Net Navi called Roll.exe made by  Dr. Light. Ultrin Sigma sent out Cyber Peacock, Doctor Doom and the Super Skrull to act as an antivirus. Doom betrays Peacock and Skrull when he unleashes Bass whom he had found in his castle after it had merged with an old abandoned Wily Fortress. Once Doom and the F4 are able to return to the normal realm, Reed contacts Chun Li asking for the most unorthodoxand umpredictable fighter, or how Doom puts it, an idiot. Enter Dan, whose brain is replicated into a net navi that is spammed on Ultron Sigma's OS to wreak havoc.

The X-Men were stuck in Mojoworld where they had to endure living within ahows for what it felt like years.  Gambit and Rogue were stuck in a sci-fi detective show, Beast and Storm were stuck in a Barbarian space Opera show, Jubilee and Cyclops were stuck in an 80s styled sitcom. Wolverine, Jean and Professor X were stuck in a Japanese Samurai series. Logan had to destroy the cursed armor Hannya and the blood sucking sword Kien. (All "shows" have their battles) When the X-Men finally free themselves from the traps set by Mojo they return to Earth and find that the Ultron Sigma virus had enslaved most of the mutants.

M'Baku heads to Valkanda to challemge T'Challa to rule the new country, but is quickly dispatched by the demon. Upon hearing M'Baku's tale, Ryu figures out thw identity of the assailant and heads out alone to fight Akuma. T'Challa INSISTS on accompanying Ryu since any man who would beat the mighty M'Baku like that is a serious threat to the Valkandans. Ryu finds Akuma who is disappointed by Ryu losing his Satsui no Hadou so easily.
As the fight reaches to a stalemate the Sigma virus infects Akuma and turns him into a cybernetic being far too powerful for Ryu AND T'Challa. Before the final blpw is dealt by Cyber Akuma, Dan and M'Baku enter the fray and defeat the Master of Fist.

There would be special extra ouyfits for classic and new characters.
Black Widow gets a Yelena outfit
Spidey gets a Ben Reilly and True Symbiote outfits
Doc Ock gets the lab outfit and a Tuxedo
Akuma gets a Cyber Aluma outfit
Kaine gets 90s villain and 10s hero outfits
Roll.exe gets a "classic" roll and Roll Caskett outfits.
Bass gets an extra MMX-inspired outfit.
The Thing gets a Trench coat.
Reed gets a lab coat.
Sue gets the infamous swimsuit.
Johnny gets a mostly flame off look
Doom gets both classic and Ironman looks
Magneto has his classic and his AoA looks
Juggernaut gets both classic and Ultimate Looks.
Storm has 90s and mohawk 80s looks
Wolverine has the 90s look and a new Ronin look for him based on the game's mojoworld tv show.
Jean has the classic phoenix outfit, with a small cameo of her 90s blue and gold on some intros. Ger alternate outfit is based on her mojoworld show.
The same applies to the rest of the X-Men.
Bison is in his V form, but gets the Alpha Look as an outfit
Leon gets both RE4 and RE2 looks
Donovan gets Dee as his alternate outfit.

That's just from the top of my head... will it happen? Hell no! Crapcom dropped the ball way too hard with infinite... Disney is partially to blame as well.

Aug 13, 2018

Mega Man Fully Charged... It's a thing.

It's for kids, not old fart fans of the OG Megaman! nyeh! That's the argument you'll hear from dickholes defending this turd that makes me long for the Ruby Spears Cartoon...

Seriously, the Ruby Spears Cartoon AND MIGHTY NUMBER NINE are more MEGAMAN than Fully charged (diarrhea)...

Let's start by the premise:
Robot Schoolboy has a symbiotic little robot that helps him turn into The Fighting Robot Mega Man.
Just by that sentence we can gauge ALL THE WRONG THINGS with Mega Man.
No Dr. Wily... No really, Albert Wily is another Student in Not Rock's school. Also Not Rock has a Not Roll Sister. She's human. Dr. Light is super buff... I mean Bane levels of Buff. He is also Man-at-Arms.

So, Mega Man is at school. Roll is human and not called Roll. Dr. Wily goes to school with Mega Man and if he's a school student, then he's not a Doctor and Doctor Light acts as if he doesn't know the ROBOT HE BUILT has the capabilities of transforming into a superhero. This is really dumb.


Aug 12, 2018

Marvel's distancing itself from clones...

No, they are still running about with 3 Peter Parkers... Ben is back and it's a huge mess... What I mean is that the clone of the short and angry stabby Canadian is no longer a clone. She is now a Test tube baby of Sara Kinney and Short and Angry Stabby Canadian who tends to end up sentences with bub! uh, bub! Now here's the thing: This changes so much that the changes are INSIGNIFICANT...
She was made from damaged Wolverine DNA... They had to fill up the gaps so, Sara used her own DNA to do so... Frog DNA might have worked for "Dinosaurs" but that doesn't work for short and angry stabby Canadians...

This is kinda meh as shocking reveals go... it's almost as underwhelming as Gay Shiro... which it was VERY subtle... Most kids won't notice the whole Gay Shiro thing...

But back to X-23 being no longer a clone... It's all a strategic thing to distance Laura from Logan. If she's now his canonical test tube daughter, she is "Different enough" from Logan to be "her own character" and not just "girl Logan". Now she's a "different character"... that is all. Now to watch an episode of Mega Man Fully Charged...

Cringy KP News...

So they picked a Kim Possible and a Ron Stoppable...

Sadly, It's not these two.
Thise two are the BEST KP and RS you could come up with.

This is your KP... her previous role was "Giggling girl" in an episode of Nickelodeon's Game Shakers...
At least the kid playing Ron has a more robust resume.

Oh yeah, Kim's mom did some bad things with a flute in band camp.

And adter failing the Kim Audition, Christy Carlson Romano got a gig in the movie... and she didn't throw a bone to her Actual Cannibal TV Brother, Shia LaBeouf.

Did you know that Megaman X7 sucks ass?

You did? Well, it sucks MEGA ASS!! You know I have the MMX anniversary collection. It's catalogued as THE WORST MMX Game of ALL TIME, even surpassing MMX 6... No really, that game is ASS and X7 makes it look good...

If you think the voice acting in X4 is bad, X7 makes it look good...
Controls are slow and clunky... gameplay is slow and clunky... also, you don't do any MEGAMAN X-ing until the second half of the game.
That would be like a Batman game where you only use Robin... not the good ones, just Jason and Damien and Batman is playable in the last fight.
So far 3 out of 4 of the digital half of the collection are Ass!... OK more like 2 and a half. I hope X8 is decent...

Aug 10, 2018

D-d-d-d-d-dora? D-d-d-d-d-dayum!

Producer Michael Bay did it again...
He turned a childhood property into something horrible...
That beautiful young girl to my left is Dora the Teenager Explorer, which sounds VERY perverted when said out loud. That girl is the same from Robomartha the movie...  According to a friend, she's 17. She's on my Friend's countdown list... not gonna give any names, but it rhymes with "My call Pay".

No, seriously, what the hell!? How do you go from this:
To Lara Croft Jr... You KNOW that will be the gimmick on Teen Dora. No guns because Dora, but I'm pretty sure Dora will raid some tombs.
The movie is slated for August 2, 2019...

Michael Bay is that you?

Well, I decided to make a Theoretical Prince Adam for She-ra 2018

Simply by mimicking the process to get She-ra...
If She-ra's outfit is a small tweak on Utena's
You know, taking an anime character and giving it some tweaks to said character's outfit to make it somewhat similar to the Mattel toy. But that required a long process of thinking, which character can I rip-off that could easily explain what Adam is supposed to be about.
I needed a character who had a great power that could be destructive in the wrong hands. A character that is mostly good natured, but has an air of irresponsibility around him and would unleash his power to protect the innocent, especially those close to him.
Also had to be a teen... with a VERY UNIQUE OUTFIT...
Also he needs to either be a bit effeminate or have some homoerotic undertones... It's not like I could be all Pick Naruto and call it a day... Wait a minute! THAT'S IT!!
Naruto was the perfect inspiration for Prince Adam. When painting the Tracksuit in Adam Colors, it looked a bit FFVII-ISH, so adding the left Pauldron to a purple clad nlond dude carrying a bug sword made sense... especially since said dude filled MOST of the previously mentioned criteria as well.
The point is that there are tips and tricks to tell things with the outfits of characters. Like a knee brace tells you that the character suffered an injury or is a bit past their prime. A prince wearing a commoner attire would tell you that he is very carefree and doesn't take his princely duties seriously.  Glasses give an erudite appearance, while wearing Dark sunglasses makes you a bit shady.

You can have your fun with that if you want to make a small shout out to something else. Like say: We have a theoretical Wolverine movie  where Logan takes a leave of absence from the X-Men to deal with a situation on his own... say Omega Red is hunting the Team X members who took the C-Synthesizer. Logan heads to Canada but Kitty tagged along. With Red too close on his tail, It's too risky to turn back to the mansion and pit Kitty in a safe place. They bond throughout the movie and by the end, Logan decides to teach her martial arts. We cut to a scen of Cyclops checking the Danger Room monitors to punch in a session and he notices Wolverine and Kitty doing a kata in what looks like a beach. Logan is wearing an attire similar to Mr. Miyagi and Kitty's outfit looks similar to Daniel LaRusso's.

It's a visual gag that tells a lot to those in the know, but it's not good to rely on those. The reason is that if your character spends more time dressed as a didderent character from a different property, then the charavter has no real personality and it's borrowing from the one that inspired the outfit.

Bringing this back to She-Ra: I'm worried that these hipsters who DIDN'T GREW UP WITH  SHE-RA are trying to FORCE OTHER THINGS that THEY GREW UP WITH instead of being respectful and reverent to the source material. I KNOW it kinda feels like beating a dead horse, BUUT, whenever stupidity shows its way to defend this, I will rant about it... A lot of the people defending this have admitted that they didn't grew up with the original or even CARE about the property. They are simply defending the show because "the controversy" to promote their tumblr art and that's a load of crap. Right now, the only thing that might save the show is the writing, but based on reading a couple of issues of Lumberjanes, The bar is PRETTY LOW.

Here's a Theoretical Hordak...
Super ORIGINAL DESIGN for him.

Aug 9, 2018

Putin will use a new friend to persuade America bout Russia being nice.

Really, товарищ Сигал? Couldn't Russia get someone, I don't know, ACTUALLY RELEVANT... No, seriously, name something relevant that Steven Seagal has done in the past 5 years? Aside the rumors of a Sequel to Above the Law. Or being accused of being a sexual harassing creep... or becoming Putin's sidekick...

Do kids these days know who Steven Seagal is? Putin wants Seagal, alleged sexual harasser, has been movie star whose movies head straight to the bargain bin to be the man who will "facilitate relations between Russia and the United States in the humanitarian field, including cooperation in culture, arts, public and youth exchanges."

In what way, shape or form is Seagal relevant to today's youth?

It's to people in their thirties and they are desperately trying to forget Seagal. Also, why hasn't US done this to Rodman and North Korea?

Похоже, президент Донни больше не является фаворитом Путина

Ooo mai Goddo I think I may have found the way to make a sequel/reboot to Bad Dudes...
Presidents Donny and Vladdy have been kidnappes by ex Spetsnaz terrorists? Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the Presidents?

Macaulay Culkin wants to be a daddy...

Must not make Home Alone references... must not make Home Alone references... Must not make... He'd better not forget his kids on Christmas if he goes on a trip to a Tipton Hotel and leave his kids Home Alone!! Dammit! I was doing so well... Hey! I managed a Suite Life reference in this because Mac is Brenda Song's arm candy!

Also, Mac is sounding a teensy weensy racist and sexist, according to certain circles:
"This one, I'm going to have some pretty babies," he said. "She's Asian, so I'm gonna have tiny little Asian babies. It's going to be adorable -- a bunch of Sean Lennons running around the house, that's what I'm looking for."
is it me or does Mr. Culkin  look a bit Adam Savage-esque? 

Dude, you messed up right there... Certain groups are going to want your Good Son head on a spike faster than you can set up your traps. Also, Holy crap! He was dating Mila Kunis before Brenda Song!?
Being Friends with Michael Jackson really paid off...

Also, kudos for Mr. Culkin for rejecting working on that awful minstrel show...

that one...

But seriously, Good luck to Mr. Culkin in his new endeavors...

OK if the Culkin-Song babies are born I hope that AT LEAST ONE OF THEM gets these two as his/her Godparents
The other should get These Two... I Don't Remember how the godparents thing works... I was offered to be one once, but I refused. I didn't want that responsibility. If the kid lost his parents, I would be considered as a ward and I ain't got time fo' that!

Top characters I'd like to see in Smash...

With the recent showing of Belmont and past Smash guest characters, I've been thinking about folks that would be nice to see in Smash... Here are my top entries:

-Knuckles: I KNOW he's an assist trophy for Sonic, but he needs to know the way (reference not intended) into being an actual character... Alternate costume could be the Aussie hat from the 90s movie. But it's because he's Sonic-like, but not Sonic.

-Gex: He was a former challenger to Mario's place as the Ultimate mascot. He failed big time, but I have a soft spot for the gecko.

-Bass: Why must we fight you? We are not eneMIES! Shut up! Mega man needs an eneMY! And Bass is different enough but similar to Mega man.

-Sagat: Classic nemesis of Ryu but different enough.

-Let's get this douche out of the way...

Because... Cloud.

Aside Gex, the trend is adding a rival to guests. This is so they don't feel left out...

-Jimmy and Billy Lee:
Double Dragon was a popular series on the NES and it would be nice to have the Lees (palette swaps of each other) to appear. Since the Battletoads are now Microsoft exclusive, these guys will have to do.

-Mike Jones:
Startropics needs some representation. Having Mike in Smash could bring forth a 3D Startropics...

Sakurai, give the people what they want... They want WAAH!Luigi.

-King Hippo:
Not only he's a Captain N reference, but he is an opponent for Little Mac.

-Eggplant Wizard:
Most hatedicus villain in Kid Icarus. And keeping in the Captain N references alive.

-Alien invader Tatanga:
A Mario Land villain who cpuld work as a reskinned Baby Bowser. Just showing some love to Mario Land, especially with Daisy joining the fray.

-Captain N:
Come on, I pretty much dropped hints to this here and in the previous rant. Also he could get a VERY  PECULIAR Echo Fighter...

Now I know why I can't pick videogame rosters...

Aug 8, 2018

Guess who wants to Smash?

The news of the newest warrior to enter Smash has me all:

Yes... Simon Belmont of Castlevania fame wants to Smash...
There's also Richter Belmont, but this time he has decent voice acting... which sucks the fun out of Richter...
But Simon Freaking Belmont is on Smash...
Megaman, Kid Icarus, now Belmont... get what I'm hinting at?

We need Captain N in Smash...
I can Kinda see his special moves:
B would be the zapper (chargeable)
Up+B  would be a jump mimicking Mario.
Down+B would be mimicking Megaman's slide. (It would travel horizontally in mid-air)
Right/Left+B would be Kevin calling Duke to tackle the opponent.
Final Smash: Playing with Power. GameBoy comes flying in with the Power glove that boosts the Zapper to ridiculous levels to fire a bigger and more powerful blast.

And no, I haven't put much thought into this.

But seriously, Simon Belmont is in this... that's almost the entore N Team...

Shiro from Voltron is gay and it's not a big deal.

I know that this is old news, but I was asked my thoughts about it. Like it says on the title: it's not a big deal. Shiro, the kickass paladin who can be a bit dull at times likes men. It's not a bad thing really. All this time, he never showed interest in women and he was a kickass capable warrior. Unless he suddenly becomes "Gayshiro" and does everything very homosexually,  while pointing out that he is doing it VERY HOMOSEXUALLY, then there is no big deal.

In a way it's nice that this is revealed on almost the wnd of the series. Since they are dealing with the Paladins returning to Earth and finding out what changed while they were gone. This reveal feels organic. My only fear is that Shiro becomes "The gay one" as in stereotypical gay dude. Luckily, the whole Girl Pidge reveal has shown us that it wasn't a big deal... mostly because of the writing.
(Wish I could say the same of Etherian girl Utena)

Also, Shiro's former partner is called Adam. A part of me wants David Hayter to voice him...

No, but seriously, It's just how Lance was officially made into a Latino... a "throwaway line" about him being Cuban. (Though his Latino Heat gave it away a long time ago)

Aug 7, 2018

Alpha means Zero and Warriors dream of weird retcons... SF

Street Fighter Alpha series holds a dear place to my heart...
Yes, I'm talking about Sakura... what? If Terry Bogard can be a woman, what's wrong with loving Ryu's #1 fan?
Her theme is filled with passion, hope, and the innocence of youth! (And I'm sounding like a Konoha green tights wearing sensei)
Alpha series is an odd one, canonically speaking. It happens after 1 but before 2 and I believe that 2 and 3 retcon events from 1. Also events from 3 are non canonical *cough*Charlie Nash died in Alpha 2*cough*
Alpha 1 is the most bare bones of the series. Alpha 2 seems to be the better of all 3 (perfect bakance between roster and difficulty.) 3 has a superior rpster, but the difficulty skews from piece of cake to insanely hard at random intervals. Not to mention that the music in 3 feels a bit soulless. To be honest, I prefer Alpha over the III series of games. Sure, my nostalgic heart is with the II series, but Alpha is where the fun is at.

I know what you might be thinking: if this is a review, why aren't you going through the usual gameplay graphics controls etc.
Because I would be biased, ok... it's street fighter.
And the last of the CPS2 arcade boards sf games. Sf3 series was one of the few to use the CPS3 Boards.
Also, the Alpha series was the last SF series to have beautiful art style for their sprites. The animations in 3 are impressive, but the art style is ass... there, I said it. But the point is, if I go in too deep, I might end up nitpicking the hell about Capcom and their continuity or hiw they haven't made a Final Fight anniversary collection ...

Megaman X Anniversary Collection the first thoughts *language*

I got myself the Megaman X anniversary collection.
I mean it was expected since I've always said that Megaman X was my favorite version of Megaman. Once again Capcom does the bullshit about having the bigger game being a download instead of physical. Seriously Capcom if you're making an anthology collection one that has 3 Super Nintendo games, 3 PlayStation 1 games, and 2 PlayStation 2 games make sure that the games that have the bigger data sizes be the fucking physical copies not the digital download. As I'm writing this, the second half of the Anniversary Collection is downloading meaning Megaman X 5, 6, 7, 8 and it really sucks dude.

They removed the quick save option from the previous Megaman Collection Game and it's kind of annoying it is you either have to memorize passwords or remember to save... I didn't after beating Netflix and Chill Penguin. And they got to be honest dear yes I love Megaman X but it's basically the same old Megaman X Games that have played a million times in SNES PlayStation 1 and Playstation 2; namely the previous Anniversary Collection that had Megaman X 1 through 6 but you get my point. The only real new thing brought to the table here is the whole challenge mode that you go on beat to Mavericks at the same time after choosing a couple weapons. Once you figure out which weapons work for both of these Mavericks through trial-and-error you can improve your times and all that.

If you are a very nostalgic player like say me then this game anthology is right for you well it will also give me a first time to play Megaman X 7 and 8 which I haven't played ever since I was very disappointed with six.
I'm not going to lie I feel like I'm getting old and I'm trying to recapture my youth and a sort of well now I'm closer to mid life crisis than before... so Fuck!!

Aug 5, 2018

Terry Bogard is branching out... Hey, come on, come on!

It's no secret that my Favorite SNK character is Terry Bogard. If it was, I just revealed that Terry Bogard is my favorite SNK character. Well, Terry is heading out for a Crossover... No, it's not Capcom, but it has "Street Fighter Rejects" I'm talking about Arika's Fighting EX Layer, which is the Spin-off of Street Fighter EX minus Street Fighter.

They are getting Terry Bogard and have attention... But this is the tamest of reveals... The next one is shocking...

I like Peanut Butter, I like Chocolate... therefore I like Reese's peanut butter cups.
I like Terry Bogard, I like cute anime girls...

No, dick! don't you dare...

Terry is now a woman... Well, He's... She's got to branch out or something...
Am I OK? Busty Woof?
Brain is trying to understand this.

Aug 4, 2018

Top "Cheap kitbashes" that Storm Collectibles could do for MK SDCC Exclusives.

While Tekken or SFV get Variants, or odd recolors; Mortal Kombat is Kursed by having New Ninja as exclusives. I whined about Noob being Literally Black Scorpion before. While I preordered an Ermac, I kinda feel that NEW Characters shouldn't be SDCC Items for Storm's MK line.

So here's a list of "sensible variations" of characters that could work for SDCC or normal releases.

-MK1 Reptile:
He's literally the same Reptile we got but with different accessories: The Freeze items from Sub-Zero, the Roped Kunai from Scorpion. The SFV characters get a special Background from their character's stage. Maybe we could get that for THIS version of Reptile with the Top of the Pit and the moon. As an added bonus various inserts we could use for the shadows.

-Ice Klone Sub-Zero (MK3):
This is a rather obvious one A Clear Blue Sub Zero representing his Ice Klone. Reuse the Sub-Zero stuff that will be on MK3 Sub Zero or combine it with stuff from BOTH Sub-Zeroes.

-a True Noob Saibot: (or his Shadow Clone) This one could wait for the MK3 Ninja body, but if they want to use the 1 and 2 body, then: Remove the gunmetal. Maybe use Reptile's acid hand effects in smoky translucent black with some gray accents to create his smoke ball special move?

-Ice Klone Klassic Sub Zero: It doubles as a ninja being hit by the iceball.
So win win...

-Johnny Cage Shadow Afterimage: (you have two colors to choose from)
A translucent green or Red Johnny Cage to pose behind the real one as if he was using shadow powered moves.

-"Smoking Smoke": Basically Smoke, but with the dark translucent plastic body from Noob... It would be Smoke fully accepting his enenra powers (or a subtle nod to the Noob-Smoke.)

If they go with Metal Hands Jax as the Default with no option for Flesh Hands or vice versa, then the Other Version of Jax could be done as a "variant" release.

Things like the following would be considered dick moves if done because they are new characters (But at the same time Kool kitbashes):
-"Klassic Tremor": The only new piece or 2 would be rocks. Otherwise Sub-Zero's ice effects in "stone kolors" can work for him.

-"Klassic Skarlet": a Red rehash of Kitana and Mileena with kodachi blades.

-"Klassic Tanya": You know the drill Kitana Klone Boomerang.

-"Klassic Chameleon and/or Khameleon": Translucent plastic for the bodies and iridescent paint for the outfit. Toss in other ninja accessories.

Looking back on The Original Street Fighter... Punching those buttons was hard.

I only played The Original Street Fighter twice in my life. Once at a small mom and pop pizza place. This one had the 2 Button set up where how hard you hit determined how strong your attack was.
The second time was in an amusement park that no longer exists: Felicilandia... and that one had the 6 button layout. This was after SFII and it made me dislike the original game...
20-odd years later I still detest the game and the Anniversary collection reminded me why...
The opponents can beat you in 4 blows and you need to hit them 8-12 times.

Pulling out the special moves...

so you get where I'm going at:

Nooot exactly. Yes, it's super unpolished, yes it has SNK levels of

I was going to say unfairness, but that works.
Thing is that if it wasn't for this game, the far superior Street Fighter 2 wouldn't exist... If SFII hadn't existed, the fighting game genre might not have been the same.

The original is the original, but maybe now that Capcom is taking the whole storyline thing seriously, they should consider making an "enhanced version of 1" If just to make all the SF1 characters playable somehow.

Mad respect to OGSF

Aug 3, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest: Cowabunga!? NECAwabunga you mean!

Finally my SDCC2018 NECA TMNT 1990 Movie (Best TMNT Movie, period) set has arrived.And the box is marvelous. It feels like a VHS from the movie and the figures, they look like the 1990s TMNT movie toys...
 Yes, much better than the 1990s Playmates Turtles, that look better than the 2010s Movie turtles from Playmates. Oh yeah, I went there. I had Don, Mike and Leo of the Movie Turtles. I loved that they were super squishy, but time is not a great mistress with squishy toys.
These Turtles tickled my nostalgia (Come on Foot Clan Set!! I need a Shredder, a Tatsu and 2 Foot Clan ninja)

They have stuff...

mandatory pose for any tmnt review.
No really, I use THAT Pose in
almost every TMNT review.
Aside the 80s ones, every other TMNT
toy goes by this ritual.
damn the NES Game!

So, do these Turtles make the cut, or will they make me yearn for Playmates, or Figuarts instead?
Let's find out:
The Articulation is peculiar. Like the Figuarts turtles, the pads hide the double joints a little bit. sadly, they hinder the range. The torso is on a ball joint, but is limited by the shell and plastron. There is no bicep swivel but there are Hasbro Elbows as well as the knees.  I kinda wish they had the butterfly joint at the torso for the sake of Mikey's nunchaku.
I won't tell them the secret of the Ooze

Paint and Sculpt:
 They look awesome. The pics don't do them justice. Hell when looking for movie pics to check the whole Urkel level belt on Don and Leo, some of the  toys popped up and using backgrounds similar to those from the movies, they fooled me a few times. But I have seen a few pics where the belts on Donny and Leo ride up a bit too much... Personally, I wish they were lower, but I'm not going to complain much about it.
Since Cam Clarke is still the voice of He-Man, as seen on the
Tappers of Grayskull game, is this the same Xenogears reference?
You know This song needs to be here...
8 extra hands
Ooze Canister
Weapons (1 staff, 2 ninjato, 2 sai, 2 nunchaku)
8 pizza slices
Pizza box
1 extra bandana knotted ends for each turtle. (They are a bitch to put back once removes, so I didn't use them in the review) But it feels like it's lacking something... Extra head for an alternate expression and maybe extra hands. Kinda hard to make 3 Turtles hold pizza when only 2 pizza holding hands are available. They have a lot but it needed to be 20% cooler.
But due to the number of items, they do get a 5.0

The Turtles get a 4.83 as their final score. The slight issue with articulation and Crap! They just fell. Good thing I have them without their weapons... Now where the hell is that pizza slice!
Yeah, their feet are a bit finnicky. Might have to get a stand or use blu tac. BE CAREFUL WITH THESE... It's NECA!