Nov 30, 2023

"New" variants for non-turtle Ultimates part 4!?

 The last 3 waves are here... since these waves are variant heavy I can skip a lot...

Wingnut and Screwloose:
The Dork Knight Returns Wingnut:
New "armored" Torso for Wingnut with embossed W... and nipples.
Jaws by the Torso please you already know that it's going to be a part of the George Clooney Batman. This color palette should reflect that... but using shades of indigo, blue and purple in flats and metallics as a nod to the Tournament Fighters version.
New accessories:
Screwloose in a more Nightwing inspired outfit but in Robin colors.

Space Grinding Zak:
New bodyparts: Heads, upper arms, lower legs and feet. Basically Zak without the weird Skullcap he's wearing and a sleeveless version of his vest. The nwe lower legs are to accommodate the new Jetskate feet.

Accessories: mostly the same as Normal Zak but the spaceboard now has scooter handles (nod to BTTF²) board gets clip on boosters to make it more powerful (subtler reference to BTTF²)

Scumbag Scumbug:
New heads, new torso overlay. 
Basically Scumbug in a broken exterminator uniform you should see bits of his normal shirt underneath. One of the new heads has Scumbug with a broken hood and mask from his hazmat suit. The other head has a different expression.
Roach Motel (just a box that says Motel and has the image of a roach. You can store his roaches there), Bait mines... poison gas mines disguised as roach bait traps.

Night Riding Karai.
New bodyparts: heads and arms:
Take the Karai figure add April's lower legs in black add new leather clad arms to the Karai torso, a new Bike helmet with the foot insignia and a Karai head with no bandana or masks.
Reuse her accessories. Of course, the bike is not included. Although Super 7 could make an original vehicle, a foot bike, Loosely inspired by the Vintage ninja news cycle. (and the slightly modified Redeco of this could be used as a new version of the Ninja News cycle.)

Rat King:
The Monster: 
New parts heads and torso.
The Torso is to use a modified version of the cancelled wave 10 body, but adding rats to it.
Accessories: additional separate rats. A piece of wood from the comic. A soft goods trenchoat

4 heads: new more Mirage-like head looking deranged., same head with hat, pretty boy with hat, vintage toy with hat. This is a nod To The Last appearance Of The Rat King in the original cartoon as well. 

That's it, I'm done! Let me tackle the advent calendar publishing and I can take a small vacay and try to nkt be GRRM and finish the rise of the MuTeens...

Nov 27, 2023

Hasbro killed the Selfie Series.

 Remember the Hasbro Selfie series? Well...

To be fair, it was VERY underwhelming. Sadly, this abrupt erasure came shortly after Hasbro jad mentioned inproving upon it and adding moe customization options. SDCC was their field test. 

As much as I criticized the actual selfie series, I believe in its potential. The execution was the disappointing part. This is partially due to Hasbro's non-universal engineering for their figures. With multiple ballpeg sizes even within versions of the same character, it limits the customization options for the selfie series. For example if I wanted to be in an Ironman body, I had to use a body made for the MCU and not based on the comments. If I wanted to be Iron Man I would rather have the 90s modular armor as my body but I'm stuck in a Robert Downey Jr body. If I wanted to be Spider-Man I would have liked to have the renew your vows body instead of the Tom Holland body. And that's just me sticking to one toy line This is not talking about me getting a Ghostbuster body then putting the the head on a Marvel Legends body or on a random rebel pilot body Etc. We didn't even get a chance at being on an Indiana Jones figure... 

"New" variants for non-tuetle characters part 3, I think...

 Been busy reading awful Topless Robot Fan Fiction Friday types of erotic fanfics to work on the MuTeens story, because I overpromised and I don't want to underdeliver. So let's talk non  turtle variants that are kinda lazy, but can work... also, thanks to the reader who notified me via personal message that I forgot Casey Jones. Let me correct that

Casey Jones:
Penalty box brawler Casey
New body parts: unmasked Head, torso
It reuses most of Casey's body.  The pants would be in the same color as original Casey. The sneakers would be grey and black. The new torso is a black wifebeater with a sleeveless soft goods hoodie.

Reuse Casey's Accessories with the golf bag in black. New removable shoulderpad (can be used with or without the hoodie)
Football shoulder pads (can be used with or without hoodie)

Pit Fighter Slash:
New bodyparts:
Hands (due to the new pitfighter blades), Heads, bandolier/belt), pauldrons 
Everything else is vanilla Slash.
Spiked tonfa, warped Grappling hook, 2 Gnarly Hookswords, removable soft goods loincloth that hooks on belt, pitfighter blades

Like I said, this Slash is vanilla Slash with new belt/bandolier. The bandolier is rather thick to accommodate gaps on it for the back spikes. His belt has two slots in the front to hook the soft goods loincloth on it. The new pitfighter blades are removable hand blades that can be slotted on each hand.
Blade types:
Longer serrated versions of Slash's dual spikes
Baraka styled single spike
Short Brass Knuckle styled spike
Axe styled blade.

The Z for Slash is painted on his chest as a warpaint design. Head 1 is Normal Slah head screaming/roaring with his tongue out, Head 2 is Slash with a Full face Gladiator Helmet whose face resembles 2012 Slash's head. The new Pauldrons would be based on Tokka's shoulders but painted in gunmetal grey with silver accents.

Ace Duck:
Combat Ace Duck: (aka Don't Duck with Ace!)
New body parts: heads, torso, extra hands.
Same old Ace, but his jacket and hat are darker AND he's wearing a white shirt... No, it's not because Nefty wants to make Shenmue References with Ace Duck... not at all! The new hands are for him to be able to hold a lighter to light up his cigar. 
Wings, tail feathers, removable torso part of jackets, hat from OG Ace Duck.
New accessories: lighter, Dynamite stick, Dynamite bunch, belt fed M60 styled gun

The new heads are: pilot helmet head WITHOUT Cigar and the normal head WITH Cigar. 

Did you said you can mix and match heads and weapons between the two Ace Duck figures to make your definitive version of Ace.

Mo'Mousers Mo' problems:
Same 3 pristine Mousers, the 2 with battle damage get a new feature: right leg pops off and you can put damage effect on both parts of the leg.

2× a6 Turtle Exterminator figurines (about the size of the turtles), 2× roadkill mousers from the party wagon, 2× Spy flies (videogame sized) figurines  2× Nunchucks with Pantrho-styled twirl effect. 2× sword slash effect that could be used by the various sword users in the line.

Prisonbreak Scratch:
New bodyparts: heads, left leg without shackle, hands with lockpicks sculpted on.
Everything else is normal Scratch, but the stripes are reversed.
Removable shackle with loop for real chain
2× real chains with crab claw clasps (one with the ball at the end, the other with a few links to simulate a broken off  chain.
Hacksaw, gun with 80s soda bottle suppressor
Jailbird in a batle ready pose with a shiv on one hand, Soft goods police jacket, removable police hat, handcuffs, police baton.
Heads are: scratch squinting a little and his tongue sticking out a side. Head 2 is Scratch without prisoner hat. (You're supposed to put the police hat on this head for the break out.

Guerrilla Gorilla:
Veteran Vagrant GG:
(Yes, this is the only way I can get Harambo)
New Bodyparts: Heads, new bow and arrow hands.
Basically a vestless GG with new head and Sporting Olive drab pants.
Reuse bandolier, machinegun, and knife from GG
New accessories:
Necklace (instead of the Buddha from Co Bao, it's a banana flower), Bow, Banana tipped Arrows, Chicken Arrow (nod to Hot Shots part deux) soft goods tarp, a little trout with human arms, legs and a beret like the Colonel's, aptly named Roy Mantrout (reference to both Rambo's Trautman and Metal Gear's Roy Campbell)

Heads: GG with Rambo hairdo bith with and without mustard yellow bandana. Third head has Venom Snake's hairstyle AND a banana peel on his forehead simulating the horn.

I don't think I have to explain that this version of Guerrilla Gorilla is a tribute to Rambo. 

Alt. Triceraton:
New bodyparts, heads, legs.
The heads and legs are to make it different from the (Not officially Zog) Triceraton figure. I have already discussed it in the link above.

Robotic Bebop:
Robotic Bebop 2.0
New bodyparts: none
New paintjob with copper being the metallic version of his skin with reds and blacks with silver accents mimicking Bebop's colors. Purple light piping plastic.
New Drill gun (big drill wureounded by smaller drills) 
New Knife with energy blade edge, Alt. Chained mace hand, energy shield. New Chainsaw Arm.

Genghis Frog:
One of the Punk Frogs that didn't have a vintage release:
 Basically Genghis with a new alter ate head, a few changes in some body parts, new accessories and presto! New character out of a "lazy variant" slot.

Robotic Rocksteady:
Robotic Rocksteady 2.0
Same thing as Bebop no new body parts, just a repaint:
Gunmetal and black for the body, browns and olive for the legs. Gold with other colored accents for his "shirt" and green light piping simulates the Helmet. I know that boy has a black shirt but the golden shirt is a nod to the cartoon version. 
For weapons he gets a gatling gun as a substitute for his rifle. He keeps the energy shield and beam sword. He also keeps the arm cannon. He also gets a new Rocket powered Sledgehammer. Firing effect for all weapons.

Welp! All I have left is ONE more part to release before the Advent Calendar.

Nov 25, 2023

Fortnite is such a whore... guess who's fucking Fortnite now?

 Hi my name is...
My name is...
My name is
Chicky chicky
Slim Shady!

Yup! Eminem is the latest thing to fuck Fortnite... Marvel, Naruto, El Chapulín Colorado, Khaby Lame, now Slim Shady... usually by the rate this is going, I wouldn't be surprised if disgrubtled Mattel ex employee Scott Neitlich shows up as a fortnite skin in 2029.

"Fortnite is a game for kids" is what many claim... well, the guy behind this is in a "game for kids". My biggest question is why is Eminem in this? I know he was a really great rapper back in my day, but it's been like 20 years since he was relevant. What's next? Nsync and Britney Spears?

"NEW" Variants for Non-Turtle characters for Super 7's Ultimates part 2:

 Last time I did waves 1 and 2... let's tackle at least 2 more waves of non-turtle variants... by Turtles I mean: Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo. 

Bushwhacking Rocksteady:
New non-weapon parts: head, torso, new crotch, removable vest, removable bandoliers. lots of hands, soft goods olive drab army jacket

This Rocksteady is more cartoon based. At the same time has some elements from other rocksteady toys. The olive drab jacket is a nod to the Mutatin Rocksteady. The removable vest is a nod to Human toon Rocksteady. The bandoliers are nods to the toon Rocksteady. The Alternate head without helmet is meant to resemble Wacky Action Rocksteady without the bandages and horn wrapping. Hands would be dramatic hands, trigger finger hands, pointing hands, 

Weapons: Machete that can be holstered on the bandolier. New bladed handguns ( first o e is similar to the tusk guns from Wacky action Rocksteady, the other is like a handgun with a CQC knife embedded in the handle, reuse the rocksteady Rifle, Evil communicator.

Metaruheddo Zetto:
New non-weapon parts: torso, arms, swappable forearms, lower legs. New winged Jetpack.

The new lower legs is to fix the wire issue on the lower legs.
The new torso is to accommodate hinged plastron and pluggable heavy fire gun on the chest (turtles in time.) 
The new arms are to accommodate a Rocket Punch (needs 2 stands) the forearms should detach at the elbow and at the wrist. (Elbow for the rocket punch, and wrist for swappable hands.) The alternate forearms would have bladed wings (think Ken the eagle's boomerang but they'd work like Mazinger's bladed rocket punch)

The winged jetpack would be a small jetpack that works as an alternative to the backpack.
Obviously Mazinger Z is a heavy inspiration for this figure. The Turtles in Time version is another inspiration and fixing the main issue from the original figure is the third inspiration.
The weapon accessories would be yellow flame effects for the rocket punch, beam sword and beam knife. The light piping piece in Metalhead should be yellow. All the accessories from the original figure should be compatible with this one.

April O'Neil:
Aside, thighs, forearms and hands, everything would be new on her. Taking a lot of design cues from April II minus the boots. (She gets new detailed boots similar to OG April.) Instead of purples from April II, she gets the details/accents done in a darker orangier yellow like the turtles's plastrons. This is a vague nod to one of the running changes to the original April. Her skin tone should be corrected and made to look more human and less sunburnt naked molerat. (Old April heads can be reused in the new skintone) add a new head with windswept hair as a nod to April II but using the headsculpt from Ninja April as a base... without the bandana, of course. New head with hat and sunglasses (incognito mode April)

For accessories: 
The Camera from Ninja April, the Microphone from OG April, soft goods jacket, stungun, pepper spray can with plug in effect, hands to use the pepper spray can.

Mondo Gecko:
Xtreeeem skatin' Mondo G:
New bodyparts: head, legs, feet:
Basically long pants for Mondo with new knee pads and the shoes should look like in-line skate shoes. The heads should be the same heads but instead of a hat, Mondo is wearing a beanie. The shirt would have a different logo as well. Thinking Mutanimals Logo.

Inline skate attachments for his feet, Mondo's skateboard with a different deck deco. Thinking Mutanimals logo. 

Muckman and Joe Eyeball:
Ultra Sludge Muckman:
New bodyparts:
Heads, torso, hands 

The New torso is to have interchangeable heads and pluggable plastic slime drippage (eliminating the real slime dripping action of the original) head 1 mimics the original head. Head 2 has a snarling expression.

New accessories:
Alternate "full of sludge trashcan with Joe Eyeball" holding a hose. (This Joe is unarticulated and unremovable from the trashcan)
Sludge cannon (minigun looking cannon that plugs to the hose.) 
Blast effect for the cannon
Slime effects for Muckman
Normal trashcan with standard Joe.

Note: Super7 could charge more for this variant.

Bayou Poachin' Leatherhead:
New heads, new vest, new right leg.
Basically thia new look is a Cartoon inspired Leatherhead with the Toon vest and Symmetrical new jeans (dark blue denim) and a more toon inspired head.
He gets the same belt accessories, but we add a new Hunting Knife, new wrangling lasso (soft goods rope with noose) and  plastic ropes (like Bluegrass from silverhawks), bear trap and shotgun from normal Leatherhead.

Ray Fillet:
Mutanimals Ray:
New bodyparts: Torso, crotch and Lower Legs:
Basically reusing most of vanilla Ray Fillet and adding elements of the Archie Comics Man Ray.

New accessories:
Bigger harpoon, Fishstick with a different pose.

The idea is to make something INSPIRED by Archie comics Man Ray but not being too close to the NECA figure, hence the addition of "sleeves" and making his trunks longer.


New pieces Redo the entire bubble walker:
Wave five was full of QC issues and in Krang case, the Bubble Walker was the biggest Troublemaker of them all. Usually the knees blew up.
A while back mine blew up both knees and I had to use Krazy Glue to fix him.
So I'll take a Bubble Walker that works properly. I guess the knee and thigh pieces would have to be re-engineered. (Using pins that can be disguised with the knee)

Aside the Bubble walker, Alternate tentacle pose?

For new Accessories:
Melee type weapons for the hands (whether they're weapons or alternate hands is up to s7)

Guess that's it for now...

Nov 23, 2023

Miley Cyrus is 31...

 Holy shit! My brain can barely accept the fact that Hannah Montana is 31...

Before anyone asks, yes that's my own personal Hannah Montana beach towel, but I don't use it as a beach towel. It's just my Hannah Montana towel. The reason I'm showing my Hannah Montana towel is because when I think of Miley that's the first image that pops into my mind. Not her twerking with Robin Thicke or carrying a big bush shaped like a dick. None of those things I think straight up Hannah Montana specifically season 1 version. Well she's 31 now.

To the right you can see a picture of current year Miley Cyrus. She's 31 now. The thing is that while I'm using my lesson example my sense of time is horrible. One part of my brain still believes that Final Fantasy 7 came out like 5 years ago it's being 26. Time gets weirdly distorted shortly after college into today. Seriously, it's weird. It's like my brain compresses all those roughly 20 years into three and it's fucking weird. I mean, I've been roughly 14 years writing this blog and I still feel like I started it about 8 months ago. I'm fully aware that it's been 14 years but it doesn't feel like 14 years.

Sure, it doesn't help that I am permanently stuck in a 1980s / 1990s Nostalgia trip in order to cope with my mom's death or to run away from the reality of my mom's death. Right now I'm not even sure. All I know is that clinging to this things of my childhood and teenage years is what's helping me stay relatively sane. Sure I enjoy some mothering things but at the end of the day I keep coming back for the older stuff, the things I grew up with. I suppose that's why my brain cannot fully cope with the idea that Miley Cyrus is 31. Or is that Elizabeth Olsen is younger than the Olsen twins.

Like when I'm watching Saved by the Bell reruns, there's a part of me that is aware that screeches dead but at the same time there's another part of my brain screaming lalalala I can't hear you lalalala! This weird time compression between 2005 and current year can be scary at times.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

Nov 22, 2023

Ralph Macchiato is a traitor

La Russo, what the fuck is wrong with you!? This is fucking disgusting... How dare you sully the name of Karate Kid by associating yourself with the ABOMINATION known as Kung Fu Kid. You have betrayed everything that Karate Kids stood for by allowing yourself with Jackie Chan. He didn't taught karate he taught kung fu. Also he's the Mr Miyagi at home as in me: Mom I want X Mom:we have X at home X at home being disappointment meme. So fuck you LaRusso.

I don't mind that we get a movie of Karate Kid for a new generation. What I do mind is having elements from the abominable reboot that starred Will Smith's kid and Jackie Chan sullying the beauty of the Miyagiverse. I'd rather have Hilary Swank return that have Jackie Chan involved with Karate Kid. Now don't get me wrong, I adore Jackie but I hated everything The Karate Kid bastardization he started in stood for. So fuck you Ralph Macchiato, and fuck you Jackie Chan! Right now the only one respecting the beauty of Karate Kid is William Zabka. I'd rather have fucking Chuck Norris than Jackie Chan. Yes to me psychics is more canonical I think Karate Kid movie than the Jaden Smith bastardization.

Nov 21, 2023

GOAT Simulator... WHY!?

 Best $5 I've spent, worst $5 I've wasted. I love it, I hate it, I dunno how to describe it. It's like, you know the meme I want X, and mon says we have X at home and the X at home is disappointing? GOAT Simulator and X is Tony Hawk's Underground. 

This game is why all digital downloads should have a demo. Now you might be thinking: 

"Nefty, GOAT Simulator is really old and there have been plenty of reviews of that buggy mess. Why are you bitching about it now?"

Because I'm playing it now. I've been giving indie games a break and had various levels of success, with games like Unmetal and Little Miss Fortune being among the better games. Shenmue 3 being eeeehhh! I need to restart Bloodstained and then there's GOAT Simulator, which is all over the spectrum. Bugs are "a feature" and the game is pointless... but somehow fun? I dunno how to properly do the game justice.

Sadly I'm playing on console, that means all I get are guys in tracksuits due to copyright issues.

Nov 20, 2023

"New" variants for OTHER non-turtle characters in Ultimates! Part 1

 Just as we got the Wandering Ninja Leonardo, I thought: "Nefty, take a break from the MuTeens fanfic that needs to reroute itself into an action show and not a borderline eroge CW drama that is trying to be edgier than Zack Snyder's cumrag." 

So here I am: I'm going to take each non-variant character and make a new variant out of them... except the 4 turtles... slash has a chance to get a variant.

Baxter Stockman:
Hazmat Baxter:
New non weapon pieces: Heads, Torso Overlay, forearms.
The idea is to have Baxter look like he was wearing a Hazmat suit over his normal body and had an accident". The interchangeable heads would be one with the helmet mostly intact but a cracked lens, the secons had you can see more of Fly Baxter through the helmet damage. 
The torso overlay is to look more like a partially broken Hazmat suitaside the hazmat defeating holes for the wings and back arms. I'm thinking Orange with yellow accents for the colors. For accessories, the usual hands. A giant clamp to hold turtles or hazardous materials
 Clamp looks like a giant Mouser head. Turtles in Time gun and blast.

Shinobi Splinter:
New non weapon pieces: heads, slip on forearm bracers, soft goods ninja tunic. 
The new heads are a more Cartoon accurate Splinter head in classic Splinter colors. The second head is Splinter wearing a traditional Ninja mask in navy blue. His new short tunic is navy blue as well. The slip on bracers are reminiscent of the foot Soldier's (modified to fit the splinter body)
He gets the Flocked Splinter soft goods tunic in a much more faded color almost like a Dusty Mauve. (That way you still require to get 2 figures to get a toon accurate Splinter.)
For accessories: reuse Samurai Leo sword and scabbard, kunai and shuriken.
Bow and arrows from Splinter.
New Quiver, and new long walking stick/cane sword. (I will keep demanding the Zatoichi cane sword) use the Shredder soft goods belt here.

Foot Soldier:
Foot Soldier V3:
Using a modified Foot Soldier v1 body... the mod is in the new torso for swappable arms.
New non weapon parts: torso, heads, arms, robotic battle damages peices that plug at the, arms, neck, head and shoulders.
So we have the normal foot soldier that can pop off at the head and arms. 
The heads would be: Normal Foot Soldier, Headband Foot Soldier, Shredder's Elite Guard.
The alternate arms would be Foot Soldier Arms but the forearms heavily bandaged like Mirage Foot Ninja and no Arm guards like the Foot Soldiers.
For weapons: new staff that can get a blade connected to it to create the naginata. Blade can also be used as a one handed weapon. New kusarigama with one end being similar to the Foot Soldier Mace and the other a Kama. Pair of  bladed tonf (they look badass) 

The premise is to expand the Foot Clan Army by using the extra accessories from the first foot soldier and some of the battle damage pieces from the second foot soldier on this third foot soldier that allows for different battle damage. As a bonus you get the two human versions of the comic book foot Soldiers filtered through a 1987 cartoon style.

Mutagen Man: 
Fully powered Mutagen Man:
New non-weapon pieces: torso and hands.
The clear plastic would be green tinted. The new piece would be a fake ooze line near the top of the tank as close as possible to the cap. I'd probably paint his eyes with GITD paint.

Like I said lots of hands: pointing, dramatic, proper C-grip for the left hand. Etc.

Crimson Blade Shredder:
New non-weapon pieces: hands, forearm spikes, shin spikes, torso, crotch overlay, heads. New heads. (First head is mirage accurate, the second is Toon head but in Slice and Dice Shredder colors.)

The torso and crotch overlay are to have a shredder with loincloth and tunic.  The idea is to have a Mirage version of the Shredder. That when you repaint him and add a cape you can have a cartoon Shredder.  For weapons, he gets a serrated katana, 8 point shuriken, shuriken based on the slice and dice Armor, blades, a spear inspired by the movie shredder javelin.


New non-weapon parts: heads, torso and arms, extra hands.
The torso and arms are meant to have Bebop with a Turtleneck. The arms may have punk elements on them. The heads are Snarling and screaming with tongue out. The glasses on this head are hinged so you can move them up and see his eyes. The glasses are painted white with red and blue lenses to mimic old 3d glasses. He reuses the og jacket and lower body.
He gets dramatic hands, new fists with brass knuckles, pointing fingers
Triceraton blaster, evil communicator, mace with 2 chained spikeballs,  double sickle staff.

Nov 19, 2023

Theoretical "New" variants for the Turtles inspired by Super7's Nomad Leo

 I know Nomad Leo is a combination of a ronin and Ghost of the Jungle Leonardo... using those, I thought, why not try to make others?

I already mentioned a Machinist Donatello in a previous rant. Raphael could EASILY be made into a Nightwatcher or a Shredder Raphael...

The only troublesome one is Michelangelo. They could join the party with everyone else and make a last ronin figure, but I'd rather not see that at the moment. 

But there are other alternatives:

Vigilante Raphael: 
Using a modified Rapping Mike Torso and Punker Don legs as a base. Paint the figure in Red wifebeater and greyish pants. Neon green boots... The modifications on the torso are:
replace the M with R 
add Sai loops.
Give him a new golf bag and reuse Casey's accessories. Reuse Punk Don right hands and new bandaged left hands. 
Add one new head with an obviously homemade Casey styled Mask for Raphael.

It's really obvious where I'm going with this. Despite it being silly, it kind of Falls in line with something Raphael would do. Also despite requiring a couple new parts it's mostly made out of old parts so Super 7 cannot complain too much. I'll go with China clashes with you the other the other Turtles are wearing outfits that are close to their normal outfits. 

Party Time Michelangelo: ( I wanted to call him Magic Mike but you can guess why I had to desist from the idea)
First we reuse the boombox from rapping Mike AND the pizza box from Normal Mike.
We give him a head that can have a party blower stuck on his mouth (both blown and unblown versions.) Add a removable party hat.
Balloon animals and balloon nunchucks. Reuse a Don bo painted like a magic wand and a brand new Shredder piñata. Scond head would be Leonardo's closed eyes head. For his body we start with normal Michelangelo. Add a Turtle grapplinghook with rope made out of handkerchiefs. Add a soft goods magician's tux and a top hat with Klunk dressed as a rabbit.
Mikey's belt is made out of multicolored handkerchiefs.his elbow and knee pads are black with orange accents.

Before anyone asks the reason I called him party time is not because Michelangelo is a party dude but because of party time!

Nov 18, 2023

The end is nigh... odds and ends November 18, 2023

 Snoop Dogg is giving up smoking weed.

Honestly I have no idea, Urkel. I mean, Snoop Dogg was more known for his love of weed than his rap career. But we all know the reason.
Willie fucking Nelson... 

The whole Urkel amd weed might be crazy but it comes back full circle because someone at WB must have been partaking on the Devil's Lettuce  when they approved this:

Motherfucking Urkel in a Christmas movie straight to digital. Did he do that, yes he did.

Keeping the Christmas is creeping up before the Turkey...

Yes, this is a Barbie now. That Scalpers already got. Fucking Mariah Carey is Barbie now. All I Want For Christmas is to never hear that song ever again! I hated it when I worked at Kmart, I hated it in high school, I hated it in college, I hated it when I was a mall Santa, I hated it when I saw the animated movie made by Mike Young Productions or what became of it after 200X.

Nov 16, 2023

Fixing Nomad Ninja Leonardo

 We saw the "Hot Ryu" Leonardo, but a straw hat and a poncho is not really worth $55. As he is, he's not that much different from vanilla Leonardo to justify the pricetag.
From the existing figure, I'd take the feet with the sandals.
New arms and legs similar to Sewer samurai Leo. No shoulder or thigh guards. We keep the forearm and shin guards idea, but paired with bandage wraps on the forearms and lower legs (like say, Shredder's) I really want to go "traditional pajama ninja" look on him.. but at the same time I don't want fully to go there. So I'm a bit torn. So, mimicking Ninja April's sleeveless outfit makes sense. I'm going for Foot Clan grey for the outfit, Leonardo Blue bandages and belt, dark blue fo the limb guards.

I'd use the same accessories from the actual figure, add the Kunai and claws from Sewer Samurai Leo. I'd add a repainted Rat King flute.

Another alternative look for him would be have bith shins and forearms wrapped with blue bandages. Baggy Ninja pants i would add a wired soft goods scarf paired with the existing tunic. The simple addition of pants and bandages on the arms and legs would've given the figure a bit of oomph!

The main issue is that it's an anemic release. Barely any accessories and it amounts to a new hat.

Nov 15, 2023

I kinda wish we could get Super7 Ultimates styled blank bodies.

 Note that I said Super7 Ultimates styled bodies and not Super7 giving us blank bodies... because they'd be like $75 each and having to wait 12+ months is a drag. By the time the figures get here, I'd probably forgotten what I wanted to do. 

I know that most folks would say that double jointed articulation on figures is better. I agree 99.87% of the time, but for the sake of this "theoretical line" I'm going with the option of single jointed, since we're going to have to paint. Less parts to sand. Also let me specify something... technically speaking these shouldn't be action figures, they should be articulated model kits. 

Let's  say 3 male body shapes, 3 female body shapes:
Slim, buff, Roided for the men. For the women we have slim, toned, and Amazon. (Amazon is not only buff, but taller.) Each female character would come with different breast pieces in case you want: petite, medium, large, or "how the hell does she sleep with those things!?"

Obese models would come later.

Now for each body type you'd get three options:
Baggy clothes

Naked as the name suggest is a naked figure. (Yes they'd be anatomically correct.)
Tights would reuse the arms and legs of the naked body, but instead of naked feet, you get sock feet. A Mickey Mouse crotch wih no details and the torso loses some muscle definition to simulate Spandex.
The Baggy clothes has some optional pieces That can be used.
For example the upper torso has a plug in hole where you can add
T-shirt neck
V-neck with tie youalso get jacket or suit overlay as well as matching sleeves.
Wifebeater top (sleeveless tanktop. For muscle shirts just use the T-shirt top with bare sleeves.)

Additional parts could be sold separately. Not to mention "generic figures " like say Policeman, gang banger, etc.

You could mix and match parts and if you have rudimentary sculpting skills, you could combine body parts and make more figures out of the spare parts. The old Shapeways Custom Andra review was what gave me the idea. The reason I chose Model kits was because theoretically speaking they'd be cheaper than Shapeways or the action figure version of pick-a-brick. 

Now these kits, while Customizable, due to having compatible parts, aren't completely modular. As some parts would have to be glued for assembly. If you want to have a deformed character, you could mix and match certain pieces but only from a class above or below... for example, Buff can use both Slim and Roided parts. Like say, you want to make Fappening dude
You use the Buff clothed body with t-shirt neckpiece. The jacket overlay would require some cutting to fit the Roided right shoulder piece. For the left side, you use the slim arm.

Or if you'd rather have a "realistic version of Final Fantasy VII game model" type character:
Like This but not blocky.

You start with the buff clothed body. Turtleneck attachment for upper torso
Slim Lower torso clothed
Buff crotch
Roided clothed pants
Buff clothed lower legs
Roided boots
Roided  naked or spandex shoulders
Buff naked or spandex arms
Roided forearms and hands.

Why would anybody do that? Aside from a visual aid for part compatibility purposes? I dunno but the possibility is there.

This gives me an idea for future expansions like Malformations (4 armed torsos, mid animal mutation, multi-headed bodies, monstrous faces, etc.) 

Logistics is the only thing stopping this dream

Time for the TMNTU Wave 12 speculation post

 With wave 11 revealed we have wave 12 to talk about. There's a room where that weighs 12 will be based on the 2003 cartoon so one of my potential waves will be inspired by that. The other way would be somewhat similar to wave 11. Before I start I need to remind people that we still have the restrictions put on by Playmates Toys being a little bitch.

For the 2k3 wave it will be 4 characters and two of those will be turtles. Supposedly the rumors claim Super 7 would try to release the turtles a lot faster in the 2003 Style than they did woth vintage.

TMNT 2K3 Wave 1 (aka Ultimates TMNT wave 12)

Baxter Stockman
Shredder Elite Guard 

I know that wave one almost looks like vintage Wave 1 but with the addition of Donatello. It was on purpose. Since I had to add two turtles Splinter was replaced. 

Now for the Echoing Wave 11 wave 12:
So we have new character
New turtle design that keeps the turtle too close to vanilla.

For New Character I choose: Fugitoid. I've mentioned him a couple of times, so I won't go into details.

For the Redeco, I choose Triceraton. New head and have him be in yellow skin.

For the variant I won't do a Turtle. I say: Oroku Saki.
Hakama and kimono will be soft goods. I would add grandmaster torso overlay (soft goods and plastic) soft goods belt. The grandmaster overlay on a different color is meant to be used for a Tatsu.

Underneath the Suit we use a Shredder body WITHOUT spikes... or neckpiece. This is to have an Oroku Saki. That can be displayed shirtless without the Shredder neckpiece or spikes.

An alternate Shredder head where his shredder helmet is more Samurai-inspired with a mouthguard looking like an oni mask. Two slip on spiked guantlets (see Masterverse slip on arm gauntlets as refernce) and a red tunic for a 'proto Shredder that is reminiscent of the Playmates wacky action Shredder.

New Turtle Design is Machinist Donatello... yes, it's a nod to the old Donatello does machines verse. Using the visuals from Ninja Nomad Leo. Let's take Vanilla Donatello body

For his bandolier, taking inspiration from Metalhead and Slash's belts for the design. The belt's  Buckle should be D shaped. The Shoulder straps should have Liefeldian pouches... the wristbands would be watches now. The kneepads would be those larger safety kneepads construction workers use. Bulkier elbow pads.
For heads one of the heads should have a sculpted in jewelers eyepiece. The other head would be one that could use a removable respirator that the back piece would plug on the Bo staff loop on his back

For accessories some tools, the mentioned respirator, a collapsible bo staff and a purple mechanic's apron.

Nov 14, 2023

MOTU Live Action Movie eyeing Amazon as its new home

 Remember back when John Woo was supposedly doing He-Man? Well, He-Man's live action reboot has been roughly 20 years in development hell. Now it's Amazon's turn apparently. But Mattel's window for film rights to MOTU would end in 2026. Obviously with the Surprise that was Barbie, Mattel is trying hard to make He-Man a thing. 

Mattel wouldn't have been in this issue if they had bought the Filmation Library when they had the chance, take He-Man, She-Ra, and Bravestar and sell everything else later on... but Mattel works in moronic ways.

Of course the disgruntled Mattel ex-employee is going to scream SEE I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG! Based on that 2026 detail.

Farewell, now disgruntled former employee Scott Neitlich will have nowhere to get his ass kissed. Good thing I don't watch his YouTube channel. 

Super7 Ultimates wave 11 for TMNT is now live

 Pure curveballs this wave is: sadly we have started with the bullshit. Two Turtle variants in one wave, that's not cool. Rat king is here and he's basically the Vintage figure without the crossbow or grappling hook. He also got the pretty boy head as an alternate head in addition to two different versions of his vintage head.
Apparently he's getting the Vintage belt, the rats are sculpted on his body, the already seen flute, I know dagger scepter and long-tailed rat whip. Not going to lie he looks pretty good. I might not go for the three ratings that I mentioned in the past, but I might get a second one so I can have like the old rat king and the new Rat King.

Wrapping Michael Angelo was music turtle that I had as a kid. I have avoided the music Turtles, but Michelangelo is tempting me. The wife beater  the gold chains, the brass knuckles, the boombox, and the headphones. They really are tempting me to get this figure but this one is leaning towards a " I might buy them at the bbts when they arrive" kind of thing. 

 Ninja Nomad Leonardo... it's a fucking Ronin Leo. This figure is the weakest of the set. Not because it's bad, but because it brings so little to the game. I love the straw hat and cape. These items should have been addressed for wave five sewer Samurai Leo. The figure as it is doesn't do much for me. Especially at $55. There's no way in hell that this figure is $55. He could've used some kunai and shuriken from sewer Samurai Leo.
 The sad part is that I would probably get this figure later down the line at bbts. 
Also, changes in box art:

Notice how Rat King has the Toyline/87 toon logo and Ronin Leo has the Mirage Logo. Wonder if the runors of 2003 based wave12 would get the 2003 logo.

Now, the final figure of this wave is based on a mutating figure. It's the battle damaged foot soldier.

I absolutely love this figure, even if it means that I can't have an additional pristine foot Soldier. But getting a few copies of this figure can help dioramas. Personally I believe Super 7 should do a second run of this guy and sell it on his own so people can buy multiples for Army building without having to compete with three more figures. Also, I can extend the battle damage with the damaged hands on pristine foot soldiers.

Don't get me wrong, I really like this wave. It's just that at $55 each I'm going to be a bit picky and rat king is top priority. Getting a battle damage Soldier is a priority for Army building reasons. Now the turtle variants are a hit or miss for many but it's not like I must have them. They look cool, but I can live without them. I feel like this ninja nomad thing could have been an accessory pack for vanilla Leonardo. I know that technically he has new elbow pads, new knee pads, new belt, and new sandals. But they could have easily made it an accessory pack for Leonardo and sell it for $25. It feels lazy. I like the visuals but not on a $55 figure. If he was $35, I would have bought it.

Nov 13, 2023

It came from the Toy Chest: A weapon to surpass Metalhead!!


I caved and got robotic Rocksteady. He's basically an impulse buy. Now I'll have to brave the internet to get Bebop... So Shredder is pissed at the constant incompetence of the duo. He took mattwrs into his own hands. By using Krang's technology, he built his own Robotic versions of Rocksteady and Bebop (but I only have Rocksteady at the moment.)
Shredder: I'm tired of your incompetence!
Rocksteady: Sorry boss, my bladder is a bit weak!
Shredder: I said confidence not incontinence you big buffoon!
Rocksteady: Ain't those two things the same thing, boss?
Shredder: This is why I'm replacing you with a robot!

He has standard ultimates articulation on paper. The execution leaves a lot to be desired because the sculpting interferes with most of the articulation. I hate to do this but I have to go in detail pointing out all the issues:
The arms are borderline useless. The bicep swivel is useless, because the shoulder sculpt blocks the bicep from turning. The elbows have a Hasbro style Construction but the bulky forearms block some of the articulation this also applies to the wrist.

The sculpting gets in the way of the waist cut articulation and the figure cannot turn at the waist, despite having an articulation point there.

The legs are mostly acceptable. Once you reach the ankles, the articulation decides to be sucky again. Ironically the ankle rocker is really great... if the lower legs were reversed. I know some folks are going to let it slide because he's a robot he doesn't need that much articulation or some other excuse.
Shredder: He has a portable energy field generator, a beam saber...
Rocksteady: Careful boss, the mouse can sue us!

Paint and sculpt:
As much as the articulation sucks, the sculpting on this figure is beautiful it has this '80s robot vibe and kind of reminds me of Masters of the Universe's Multibot because the Torso is very similar and the blockiness of the forearms and legs remind me a lot of Mosquitor. And the arm Cannon accessory combined with the body blockiness and being mostly silver and the reddish accents I'm getting Megatron vibes too! This freak screams '80s evil robot. The paint job is mostly flawless there are some silver paints scuffs on his legs were his thigh meet the crotch; but I believe that's due to the soft plastic of the crotch piece bleeding into the black plastic of the thigh. But the 80s Transformers light piping
Shredder: that's why this chainsaw is his backup...
Rocksteady: See IDW I had the chainsaw, not a sledgehammer!

This one isn't as bad as the articulation but not as great as the sculpt. Sure he has 4 extra hands (fists and c-grips to the relaxed hand that I'mcounting as default) none of his weapons require the c-grip hands. Sure you could post the shoulder cannons on his hands but they are shoulder cannons for a reason! Not to mention that his hands are too wide for most weapons. He has a wrist blaster which is really cool, but it doesn't have a firing effect like the shoulder cannons do. 
Shredder: He also has a wrist cannon.
Rocksteady: I am Megatron!! Cool!
Shredder: I should've hired Igor Smith...
Rocksteady: Is that a Cam Clarke reference.
Shredder: No, you nincompoop! If I wanted to make a reference, I'd throw you out like Jazzy Jeff!

He also has a beam saber which plugs or the hands would go same thing as the futuristic weird chainsaw weapon.
Shredder: Now that is a lot of firepower!!
Rocksteady: I'm getting the feeling that you don't like me an Bebop anymore...

Oh God this thing is awesome... well his posability it's not that great, and the wrist Cannon needed a little extra oomph! with its own firing effect. This figure got so close yet so far to being super mega awesome. I like the blockiness on chunkiness of the figure but at the same time, it's failures overshadow its triumphs. He gets a 3.83 as his final score. Now watch as 2025 has GITD Electric Blue Robotic Rocksteady and this idiot would be tempted to get the most likely $85 GITD Rhino... the GITD blue effects and beam saber would be bitchin'! 
Cam Clarke, check! Big bipedal robot, check! Reptilian dude with a blue bandana, check! Hideo kojima's pretentiousness, not checked! I can'take a Metal gear reference without Kojima's pretentiousness!!

I got to be honest if this figure has been $45 I would have been a bit more forgiving. But at $65 plus shipping, handling taxes, Etc; every little flaw will be magnified! Also I'm glad that he didn't get vac metal,.. of he had I wouldn't have bought him or I would've and bitched a lot about it. I know I flip flop on the vac metal topic, but the silver used on Rocksteady is decent enough for a Chromedome figure without the vac metal. I'd rather have a Chromedome figure without the vac metal than no figure at all. 

Fuck, me! I just had an idea for a redeco: painting the body to emulate Rocksteady's scheme. Keeping the robotics silver, using black on the torso, and brown with camo print on the legs. (Same thing could be applied to Bebop while using copper for his skin)

"Fixing" Super7's April for for the eventual 2.0

 This will eventually happen. We got Silver Shredder, who will eventually lead to yet another Shredder, flocked Splinter... and "pseudo Mirage Casey". Well. Assuming Playmates is still being a little bitch about the line, here's my random idea for April 2.0 not a redeco figure.

Less Pinkish plastic for her flesh. The vintage heads painted in more reddish color. Her toon head would have the same hair color as the other heads. She gets all the stuff from the previous April except the vintage weapon rack. The "new accessories for her would be a new head:

Based on the Arcade Cabinet April Model... mainly her hairdo on the "toy April" face sculpt.
The other accessory would be a brown Jacket. Specifically a soft goods NON PLEATHER Jacket. Pleather flakes off faster than vac metal... the jacket is a nod to the Red Sky seasons and technically speaking is something that Neither NECA nor Playmates have offered. 

Now for the Redeco itself:
The yellow should be slightly different: a bit more orangey than the wave 3 april... think the same color as the turtle plastron. Now on the back she should have a Channel 6 Logo tampographed instead of the word Turtles. And that's how I'd do it to be compliant with Super7's "rules".

Now for a Deluxe Ultimates! April ($65-70 range)
-She has 5 heads:
The 3 existing heads in Toon April colors, Arcade cabinet inspired head,  April II inspired head in Cartoon colors.
-Corrected flesh tone that matches Ninja April.
-Jumpsuit would be more cartoon inspired, Turtles Logo on back is replaced with Channel 6 Logo.
-New torso with interchangeable arms feature.
-new lower legs with interchangeability feature.
-3 sets of arms: 
normal Jumpsuit arms with rolled sleeves, jumpsuit arms with unrolled sleeves, brown jacket arms.
2 torso overlays:
Closed jacket
Open jacket. (Open jacket with jumpsuit sleeves can be used as a "vest").
-2 sets of lower legs:
traditional white boots, Red sky/Mirage inspired long pants and shoes look.
Channel 6 cap (fits on vintage toy and April II heads)
She gets the usual hands. New Pepper Spraying hands

For her returning accessories, she only gets her Micorphone, press pass, Turtle Communicator (Mikey being the turtle in the open one), Ninja April camera and Tripod.
New accessories:
Purse (fits closed Turtle Communicator, Pepper spray can, and press pass.)

While she has "less items" in the playability area, we're assuming you have April 1.0 to share accessories with. It's the display options where I wanted to focus. You have a sorta Toy April, a Sorta Toon April, a sorta Red Sky April, a sorta Mirage inspired April, a sorta Anime April, and if you use the Red Sky open jacket as a vest and the cap, you get an all new "sorta original" look for April. 

I know it sounds a tad expensive, but the idea is to have the most deluxe April ever. 

Stupid Playmates ruining my plans for getting  multiple theoretical Super7 Ravishing Aprils and turning them into GTA3 Hookers... Curse you Playmates toys, curse you!!

Nov 12, 2023

Castlevania Requiem: the rant

 The Richter Belmont saga... what can I say about it that hasn't been said before? Rondo of Blood is the last of the classic Castlevania games and it kind of had a twist. Having an alternate playable character in Maria. I can see why many people think that Rondo of Blood is the superior game to the Dracula X SNES adaptation... but it's not the best Pre-Symphony of the Night Castlevania. So far Castlevania 3 and 4 are much better in my opinion.

Then there's Symphony of the Night... the second "Metroidvania" (people forget Castlevania 2 was the first Metroidvania) game. SOTN fixes a lot of the issues from RoB... it's very entertaining, but man! Alucard is so fucking slow! For a dhampir it feels like he's walking on molasses. Other than that the game's pretty good. I got to be honest I had already played Symphony of the Night back in college, but after revisiting it, I feel a bit jaded. It's not as awesome as I remember it to be. Also the new voice acting and dialogue, wow technically better than the original Symphony of the Night I don't like it it sounds very JoJo... yes, I'm aware that Richter is the narrator from Jojo and that Dracula was me, Dio. But it doesn't have the same charm as the original voices.

Don't get me wrong, they are great games, but they are kind of overrated. Guess that this means that I have to tackle the part that I feel it's going to be a pain in my ass, the original Castlevania collection. NES games can be unforgiving and I only have a single Save State per game without the rewind option which was a mistake of mine in an earlier rant; only the advanced collection has to rewind option. I'm dreading it Castlevania 3 the most, because it is highly known for its excessive difficulty.

And some use headphones when listening at work classic SOTNvoice acting:

It came from the toy chest: This frog is a Punk.


I'm talking about Genghis frog, member of the punk frogs. They are a group of mutant frogs who were trained by Shredder to fight the turtles but they realize Shredder was a massive asshole and now their friends with the turtles. This is one of those figures I didn't have as a kid but my friend did have it and Napoleon too. It also was one of his first attempts at customizing by repainting two more genghisest to make Attila and Rasputin. They were made by an eight year old they weren't good looking Customs but they served their purpose. But I'm not here to talk about childhood flashbacks I'm here to talk about this frog specifically.

Genghis gained a new torso cut that other TMNT figures hadn't gotten so far spirit this helps his articulation a little bit other than that he has the normal range of articulation as a standard figure. The best part is that he doesn't have loose joints.

Paint and sculpt:
Paint wise they did catch those 1980s colors really well his clothing reminds me so much of clothing I wore as a little kid in the 80s: the color pallette, how bright they are; this guy screams 1980s so hard! The green on his skin is not neon green but it's rather saying he also has a watch to him or dry brushing that accentuates the details and man his skin got folds creases and tons of froggy warts that pop! The best part is that even his shirt has tons of texture and the pattern is tampographed not sculpted. This means that future frogs like Attila or Rasputin could be easily made out of Genghis frog. This is an addendum and not related to the review itself. I almost want to buy an extra Genghis frog and repaint him like Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto Vice City, played by the late Ray Liotta.

For accessories here's where I'm a little disappointed. He only has two extra pairs of hands which is not that much. He has an alternate head with his tongue sticking out which is rather cool. He had some stylish sunglasses that are removable. He has his body board that can double almost at the surfboard due to its size. He has his vintage tongue gun. 

The belt while removable from the figure, does not have removable grenades, so basically Genghis has to throw the whole belt if he wants to use the grenades. The thing is that he was advertised as having removable grenades. Just having 2 of them be removable wouldve made a huge difference.
Super7 will use the Final Figure may vary excuse.

I feel a bit underwhelmed in this area. 
Genghis gets a 4.67 as his final score. He was surprisingly as close to perfect as we could get but the grenade issue hurt him a little bit. There's also part of me that wish we could have gotten a cartoon inspired ax which would give us the idea that maybe we could get toys of the unreleased frogs.