Feb 27, 2014

It Came From the Toy Chest: MAI WAIFU IS FINARY HERE!!

Yes boys and girls, Glimmer is FINALLY IN DA HOUSE (of Rants)!! THE ONE MOTUC FIGURE I'VE Been Waiting...(For a girl like you!) So, let me get all this intro stuff out of the way and head into the Glimmer Review itself.

I ranted about the Tragedy of Princess Glimmer and how she was demoted from Leader of the Great Rebellion to Generic Rebel #754. So, if you need a refresher on who is Glimmer read the first half of my rant. The second half is me complaining about Glimmer not being in MOTUC, which was corrected this month... Or if we want to be technical Last July when she was announced. Now that she's Finally here, let's get this review started! Or maybe we'll do that after I stop squealing like a School girl at a New Kids on the Block concert... that's like the American counterpart of One Direction back in the 1980s.

Feb 25, 2014

He-Ro: Son of He-Man: The Mini-Sub... Is it going too far or not?

The Final Mini-Sub Rant is Finally here!I'm tackling a branch of MOTU that I LOATHE and that should remain a "failed pitch" instead of "The next chapter." I've already ranted on why it's a bad idea to pursue this... but it could happen since Neitlich seems to love it. That's why 2013 gave us King He-Man, 2014 shoved Klacky into the SOHM Era... We have Laser-Lot and Spector here. Evil Lyn may be in the future raising the Son of Skeletor. This era has been populated for quite some time even if we only have 2 TRUE Son of He-Man era releases.
Without Further ado, let's look at a He-Ro: Son of He-Man sub.

I'm going with the few pics that are floating around the Internets.
I suspect that Dare/He-Ro II might make it to the main sub... and I mean he COULD BE a CLUB ETERNIA FIGURE in 2015 for real Regardless if Mattel makes any mini-sub or not. (Makes no sense to start the He-Ro: Son of He-Man Faction and end the line without the eponymous He-Ro: Son of He-Man)

For most of these, I cannot make RECIPES and give you hints on what parts could be used to make them because many of the pics only show parts of them...

I shall post the name of the character and explain WHY I chose that character.

I chose her because she fills the Opposite sex companion role. Adam had Teela, Adora had Bow. Kay-La fills the role nicely. (Now with the whole Fisto is Duncan's brother, we can get an origin for her)

Well, we need the main bad guy besides Mitch, the UNO.

It's the Only Good Guy out of the He-Ro: Son of He-Man group that I like. (and I have mentioned this before.)

Slob Boar:
We may not be able to get Pig-Boy in MOTUC, but we can pretend that Pig-Boy grew up to be slob-boar!

I don't like him, but he evens out the slots for the Heroic Warriors.

He works as an Evil Counterpart to Roboto AND Rio Blast. Also, I hope his feet have Missile Launchers otherwise the name Missile-toe would be a lie.

We know that Evil Lyn, Beastman and Goat-Man make it to the Future, then there's (MITCH) The UNO to expand the bad guys while Spector, SLL and King He-Man fill it up for the good guys.

Now, WHO can fill up that Sub Exclusive Slot?


Wait whut!?  I know I mentioned that I have a feeling that Dare/He-Ro II Might Make it for real.
But, let's pretend that Mattel made the He-Ro: Son of He-Man sub to deliver us Dare/He-Ro II without infecting the main sub  with SoHM stuff. Also, he's the PERFECT Sub Exclusive for this sub... I mean it's HIS SUB!

Now that we're done with a theoretical Mini-Sub for this Era, is it worth it? Nope! This is taking things too far. I may be a bit biased since I'm not a fan of the Son of He-Man era, especially since making this sub is negating slots to Filmation, 200X, Mini Comic and New Adventure characters that deserve these spots a lot better than He-Ro: Son of He-Man.

Feb 24, 2014

Damn you Bill Murray!!

If you hadn't been with all your crap and delaying the Hell out of Ghostbusters 3, we may have had a movie WITH ALL 4 GHOSTBUSTERS in it!! Now we can't because of a bizarre twist of fate, we lost the Ghostbuster who, according to cartoon Canon, remained a Buster Long after the original team disbanded... Harold Ramis, the Live Action Egon Spengler passed away due to complications with a pre-existing condition,( autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis).

HE will be very missed. Farewell Mr. Ramis.

Mini Comic Sub Would it work or not?

I'm almost done! I promise. Next to New Adventures the other Underrepresented branch of MOTU is the Mini Comics... Sure we have Goddess and Geldor and that's about it because the Alcala styled head is just a head and we don't have a Full Alcala Skeletor. Well we could also count the DCUCvsMOTUC Merman...

So, a Theoretical Mini Comic Sub with no variants... How would this look like? Yes, I'm counting Oo-Larr the Barbarian as a variant.

I'll start with Lodar... Who I've campaigned to join the line already. but if you're lazy, here's the parts rundown:

New Head
New Armor
Standard He-Man Body
Demo Man's forearms and shins
Plundor's loincloth
Vikor's right Bicep
Marzo's hands
Keldor feet.
Dark Gray Castle Grayskull stand
New Cuffs that attach to the stand

Why Lodar? He's a cool looking guy who SURVIVED his encounter with He-Man Unlike the Mr.T Wannabe.

New Head
New Armor
New Loincloth
New Boots
Vikor's right Bicep
SLL Mace and Palace Guard Shield

Why Garn? Lodar, of course! I went with the Mini Comic since his Native American inspired Look is a bit better than the Filmation version of him.

Prince Dakon:

New Head
New Armor
He-Man Buck
Tri-Klops Forearms
New Loincloth
Geldor's boots
(extra Texeira Styled He-Man head from He-Man meets Ram Man)

Why Dakon? We have Geldor. He is an important character in Geldor's Mini Comic.

Etherian Rebel Josh:

New Head
Basic He-Man Buck
Hordak Forearms and He-Man hands.
Adam Vest
Plundor Loincloth
He-Man Legs
Dekker Boots.
New Sword

Why Josh? Are you asking me WHY JOSH? I said Mini Comics, not MOTUV Mini Comics. I can choose from POP, NA and even MOTUC Mini comics.

Great Black Wizard: (Not my recipe)
New Head
Normal buck
Nepthu Biceps
Tri-Klops Forearms
Skeletor Hands
Vikor Loincloth
Blast Attack Legs
Batros Feet

Why the Great Black Wizard? The Recipe made by Axel Gimenez (*I think he did more detailed art of him for Mattel) Makes him look Awesome. Not only that but he created the Douchebag Dragon-Man known as Draego-Man... Also, you could use him as a better UNO than Mitch! One of the better MOTUC Mini Comics stuff... (Looking at you Loser-Lot)

Catra's Cat Slave: (Story of She-Ra)
New Head
Beast Buck
Carnivus hands and feet
Preternia Loincloth
Cy-Chop Belt
(Extra Baby Adora from the Same Mini Comic)

Why the Cat Slave? A, it's a Minion For Catra. B, Super Easy to make. C, allows me to toss in a Baby Adora for Baby Snatching Hordak. Also, non-POP fans may look into selling them to POP fans so they can Army Build, Then there's also the customizing potential for Generic Qadians if one isn't into POP.

Songster:(The Sub Exclusive)
I've campaigned for him already. Now here's the parts Rundown:
New Head
New Vest and Cape
He-Man Body with Hordak Abs
Hssss Shoulders
Mosquitor Biceps
Bow's forearms and hands.
Mosquitor Loincloth
New Thighs
Demo Man Shins
Stratos Feet

Why Songster? Well he was in a MOTUC Mini Comic. While he is originally from the Power Tour, his mini comic appearance makes him a candidate to be on this sub. Also, I freaking Want Songster in MOTUC. While not THE most desired character in the universe, the Sub Exclusive status would make him appealing for some.

I could have pulled them out of MOTU Mini Comics alone, but I chose not to in order to have a sub that appeals to more fans than only the MOTUV fan. I tried Looking at the NA comics, but only The Sorceress I found interesting enough, but the NO Variants rule blocked me from picking her. Why I avoided the Demons from Masks of Power or the Kex? I don't like them.

It would have been easier if I used variants, but Maximizing slots prohibits that. Earlier comics had other characters that could be added to the pool. The newer comics focused only on the ones that had toys. In any case, once you really look at it, there isn't THAT much to look for without relying on variants. So, I don't think the Mini Comic sub has what it takes to make it. Especially since I felt myself scratching the bottom of the barrel... but Nostalgia and all that.

Feb 23, 2014

The Revenge of a Filmation Mini Sub... Yay or nay?

Yes, I'm on a Mini-Sub rant roll! I've tackled NA, 200X and now I'm gunning down Filmation.
I'll be honest here: I PERSONALLY THINK that we do not need a Filmation Sub Returning... Especially after the FABULOUS FIGURES we got on the last one... No, I'm not going to stop talking crap about Plundor or the poopy Pharaoh... Also, we have WAY MORE FILMATION than we have 200X...
Seriously, look at all the Filmation in MOTUC vs the 200X in MOTUC:
Shadow Beast
Swift Wind
Madame Razz
Shadow Weaver
King Randor
Sea Hawk
Kowl (2nd release)
Palace Guards

*Not counting Horde Prime or Crystal Castle Man (AKA Light Hope) because those are Horsemen designs based on those "formless characters".

versus 200X's
Faceless One
Battle Lion

Before anyone complains "That's cheating, you're using POP as filler" The designs are Filmation Designs "Classicized" If the POP Figures Looked like their toys, they wouldn't be on that list.
So, let's ignore "fairness in the factions" and see what I can pull off for a Theoretical Filmation sub:
As in the past rants, the Sub will be a carbon copy of Club Etheria but using Filmation folks.

Once again, no variants. I know some folks want a Filmation Teela or Hordak, but those ain't gonna happen here. Maximizing Slots and all that. There will not be any large scale items or figures that require 100% new tooling like Dylamug, Lizardman, or Dragoon. No small sized characters like widgets, twiggets or Star Child... Huntara will not be here since she's meant to be on the main sub either on 2014 or 2015.

General Sunder:
Horde Trooper Body and Armor
New Head
New Cape
New Weapon
Extra Horde Trooper head.

Why Sunder? Low new tooling and a second chance to get An Extra Horde Trooper. Not to mention that enlarging the Horde is cool.

Chimera (v2):
New Head
New Boots
Demo-Man shirt and loincloth
He-Man Buck
Tri-Klops Forearms
Stratos feet
New Black Flower accessory for Count Marzo

Why Chimera? Low New Tooling, Adding a minion to Marzo helps to make the count a sort of faction leader. I've mentioned him a few times, not really a WANT for me, but is a Low New Tooling character that adds to another character.

New Head
New Wings
New Torso Armor
He-Man Buck
Icer Forearms
KGS Boots
Skeletor Duckfeet

Why Vultak? Simple: Horde Flier. I honestly don't care much about him, but he does fill the position of Horde Flier. and low count of new pieces needed. He is also on Neitlich's favorites list, according to Emiliano's post regarding Neitlich's defense of that lame-ass Nepthu.

He-Man Buck
New Heads (Normal and Smoking empty head)
Goatman thighs
Hordak forearms and gloves
Dekker Boots
New Cape
New broken mask

Why Masque? Shokoti... Also, Low amount of New Tooling Needed for him.

Col. Blast:
New Head
New Clip-On visor
New Torso Armor for the guns
He-Man shoulders and Biceps.
Rio Blast Forearms
New Hands
New Loincloth
He-Man Thighs
Demo-Man Shins
Keldor Boots
New Clip-On Knee Guns

Why Col. Blast? Scraping the Bottom of the barrel here because he is one of Neitlich's favorites. See the "Why Vultak" section of this rant.

Now for the Sixth and Final Slot on this sub (Minus the Sub Exclusive) goes to:

New Head
He-Man Torso
Hordak Abs
New Shirt "Armor"
He-Man shoulders
Mosquitor Biceps
Tri-Klops Biceps
Rio Blast Loincloth
He-Man legs Dekker's boots
New Filmation accessories/relics

Why Melaktha? With the already released Shokoti, the Masque on this sub and him, we have all the normal sized characters from House of Shokoti. Not to mention that he is one of my most wanted Filmation characters.

Now the Sub Exclusive... Since I already FEEL Like I'm scraping the Bottom of the Barrel here, who could I choose to WOW People...

Imp vs Montork and Dree-Elle 3 Pack:
Imp is obviously 100% New Tooling

Montork is just a new head
Orko Buck
New Bandanna with the beard attached
Unnamed One's forearms

Dree-Elle is a new head
New Torso
Orko's arms
new hands

2 Flight stands and a couple of Imp alternate forms.

Why Imp, Montork and Dree-Elle three pack? Simple: Filmation fans want Imp for their Horde. since we got Orko, the idea that Montork and Dree-Elle were coming was there... Instead we got Mitch, the Unnamed One.

The problem I have with a Filmation sub is that we have to scrape to the bottom of the barrel to get characters since all the good ones (Scorpia, Octavia, Weaver, Sea Hawk, Madam Razz, Shokoti, Strongarm) were already made. Then there's a lot of characters that would need HEAVY amounts of new Tooling or be Larger items that would be highly unlikely for a mini sub. Heck, I'm already pushing it a bit too far with the 3 folks in the exclusive slot.

Feb 22, 2014

Do we need a 200X Mini sub?

Recently I made a case for a Mini-Sub based on New Adventures of He-Man. In the name of Fairness in the Factions, I'm going to consider looking at the idea of a 200X Sub. I still stand by my belief that New Adventures needs the Extra Sub slots more than any faction. Now 200X has a little problem:
Variants, Variants everywhere!

Now how to make a 200X Mini Sub appealing WITHOUT stuffing it with Variants?

We already have the cooler 200X Characters like Marzo, Faceless One, Dactus and Carnivus.

I've already ranted on how a 200X Evil Seed is easy to make. He's the one I'd start this theoretical sub with. Simply because he's easier to make than his Filmation counterpart. (Also he's an easy 200X Slot) I'd make Him the SUB Exclusive.

I'd follow Evil Seed (Sub Exclusive) with Hawke. While she has a Filmation version that is easy to do as well, this is a 200X List.

New Head
BG Teela Torso
Shield Maiden Loincloth
Scorpia Shoulders
Adora Biceps
New Forearms with wings
Teela hands
Teela 1.0 Thighs
Double Trouble Shins
New Feet (Reuseable on Veena)

Kulatak Elder
New head
Furry Beast Buck
Preternia Loincloth
New Hands
Demo-Man feet
New Furry "Armor" (Like Beastman)
New Weapon (Kulatak Elder Staff)

New Head obviously
She needs a new Torso to attach her wings
New Armor
Adora arms with Teela Forearms
New Loincloth
Teela 1.0 Legs
New Shins
Hawke' feet.

Prahvus: (Deluxe item like POP's December)
New Head
Normal Buck
New Forearms
New Right Fist
New Armor/Cape
Preternia Loincloth
King Grayskull boots
Extra Accessory: Odiphus (Reuses Kowl's arms)

Queen Andreeno:
New Head
New Torso Armor
The Torso to plug wings on it
Scorpia Shoulders
Adora Biceps
Scorpia Forearms and hands
New Crotch and Loincloth with hole on back to plug the Insect "Butt Piece" (Repaint from Modulok)
Adora Thighs
New Feet
New Bee Wings
New Ambrosia piece
New "Ambrosia Powered Buzz-Off" Head (200X Head for Buzzy)

New Heads (Normal 200X Looking Ceratus head and one based on whiplash's Vintage head)
New Torso "Armor"
Whiplash Torso
Whiplash's upper tail plug
New Lower Tail
Snakeface Shoulders and Biceps
New Forearms
Draego-Man Hands
Marzo Loincloth
Whiplash Thighs
New Shins
Whiplash Feet
New Weapon

I did have some problems trying to fill this one in WITHOUT Relying into variants (I was very tempted to toss in Sorceress, Snakeaneck, Roboto, Adam and Teela.
I felt like I was scraping the bottom of the barrel with Queen Andreeno and Kulatak Elder, but Randor's council and all that helped me find some value with them. this one was a lot harder to fill since I couldn't rely on the Toyline because we have ALL the figures from that line in classics (Not counting variants or the SLIME MUTANT) I avoided using the ABC Giants since a Sub with 3 Giants would mean DEATH to it without it even starting. So, I added Evil Seed to fill up the ranks of the Council of Evil. Prahvus was used as a sensible excuse to release Odiphus. So, to answer my own question, NO. We do not need a 200X Mini Sub. Getting Evil Seed and Veena would fill most of the holes easily.
Queen Andreeno and Elder Kulatak are talking heads... cool looking, but talking heads do not sell toys, especially at 40+ a pop... I had to take out guys like Sortech from my list since they're a talking head and a Large Scale Item to boot. I couldn't find a way to shove the Oracle in this. I avoided the variants because of Neitlich's idea of "Maximizing slots" therefore instead of wasting slots on variants, let's use them on new characters... I just couldn't find many that were super Appealing.

Feb 21, 2014

NA Mini Sub is the one most needed sub for 2015

The POP sub is going strong... but needs to go a bit stronger in order to make it through and kick the Filmation sub. If PoP Fails, 2015 might fare even worse... (Dammit Neitlich! I hate your head games!!)

Of course People have begun Speculating 2015... Another Filmation Sub, a 200X Sub, but the least mentioned one is the New Adventures sub. I kinda ranted a while back about getting some NA slots and make a decent NA Roster... Now, this time I'm looking at a hypothetical New Adventures Sub for 2015...

Why a New Adventures sub? It's the most underrepresented branch of MOTU in Classics and it could use a little love.  It's either that or allowing a Skeleteen and Pals sub... We know Mara is coming on the Main Sub for 2015. Like Club Etheria, this sub would be a Combination of Cartoon and Toy Characters.

Here's my Theoretical List for a Club Tri-Solar Galaxy mini sub:

New Heads and weapons
Normal He-Man Body with Hordak abs. The Wifebeater would be painted on a la King He-Man.
Robot Shoulders and Biceps
New Forearms (Worst Case Scenario Snout Spout's)
New Hands
New Armor
Flipshot Loincloth
He-Man thighs
New Shins
Geldor Boots
Snout Spout feet

Why Kayo? See the Title Sequence. He is there (alongside Nocturna and Vizar), also he's a Wave 2 Hero and we lack those. (I welcome an Ahnuld head for him)

Crita: (warrior version to match Mara who is very likely to get the warrior version)

New Head
BGTeela torso
Shield Maiden Armor (with a new Plug)
New Forearms (Worst Case Scenario use Adora's)
New Hands
Glimmer's Loincloth
Entrapta Thighs
Frosta shins
Adora Boots
New Weapon(s)

Why Crita? If Mara won the Poll and she's the "Teela" of the group, then why not have the "Evil Lyn"?

Darius: (Sub Exclusive)

New Heads
Normal He-Man Buck
Man-e-Faces Shoulders.
Bow Forearms
NA He-Man hands
New Loincloth (Will update when we see Eldor and if his loincloth works.)
Trap Jaw Thighs (Most overused Character specific pieces, but they work on him)
Geldor Shins, boots and feet
New Weapon
New Armor
Keldor Cape
(Extra Accessory: Bare Hydron Head without breathing apparatus and diver suit cap)

Why Darius? Simple: He's like the NA He-Ro, Eldor or the Star Sisters... A figure teased with a prototype that never came as a toy. Also, he's pretty cool. Can be cooler if he looked like Jonathan Frakes in his prime. Lastly, he is more toyetic than Master Sebrian, whom I'd love to have. (But let's face it an old man in a robe whose role is a talking head and doesn't do much is a tougher sell. I had Sebrian on the original list but had to ax him.)


New Head
Clawful Torso
Hssss Shoulders
He-Man Biceps
Demo-Man forearms (new bracers)
Mer Man hands
New Armor
New Loincloth
Blast Attack thighs (Assuming he's made before Lizorr)
He-Man Shins
Two-Bad's Left Boot (with a new Right One)
Skeletor Duckfeet
New Weapon and Back Pack thing

Why Lizorr? Little amount of new pieces needed compared to other guys like Staghorn or Butt-head...

New Heads
He-Man Torso, Shoulders, Biceps
New Forearms
He-Man Right Hand Snout Spout Left hand
Rio Blast Loincloth
New Thighs
He-Man shins
New Boots
Trap Jaw feet
New Armor and Weapons.

Why Vizar? He's on the NA Intro (Wave 2 fellow). Also, Am I the only one who sees a clean shaven Alfonso Ribeiro on the vintage toy? And no, you can't pose the MOTUC figures doing the Carlton Dance especially one whose "Stealth Hook" could be used as a false mic to pose him doing the Carlton Dance...


New Head
NA Skeletor Shoulders
Horde Trooper Torso
New Armor
Roboto Biceps
NA Skeletor Forearms
New Hands
New Loincloth
New Thighs Shins and Feet
New Gun

Why Hoove? He's the final wave 2 Mutant and was seen a few times with Karatti.


New Heads
He-Man Buck with Hordak Abs
New Bandolier
New Forearms
MAA Hands
New Loincloth
He-Man's right thigh, Blade's left thigh
Geldor Shins
New Boots
Keldor Feet
New Laser Bow (It makes no sense but whatever)

Why Nocturna? Various reasons. Heroic Asian (The last 2 Asians in MOTU are evil.) Completes Wave 2 for the Galactic Protectors... Also a Jackie Chan head would be nice... Bruce Lee would be a too obvious choice.

Now This list is pretty much Wave 2 + Darius and Crita. I know that Drissi and Sebrian, who I want would not sit too well with everyone. Wave 3 is ignored due to the ridiculous amount of New Tooling needed with each character. I could have put Spinwit in, but seeing that Wave 2 was missing one figure, I went with Nocturna. I really want Sagitar, but he's a large beast, so I had to skip him. So yeah, the main reason why I stuck to wave 2 was the higher amount of shared tooling.
This theoretical mini sub boosts the ranks of the New Adventures rosters AND Evens out the teams.

right now we have:
He-Man vs Skeletor
Hydron vs Flogg
Flipshot vs Slush Head and Optikk
Mara vs Karatti
This theoretical Sub gives you a few more heroes and villains to even things out.
He-Man               Skeletor
Hydron               Flogg
Flipshot             Slush Head
Mara                 Karatti
*Kayo                Optikk
*Darius              *Crita
*Vizar               *Lizorr
*Nocturna            *Hoove

I know this has no chance in Hell of happening due to NA's lack of popularity... (I'd be surprised if we even get Crita after Mara) but that's what a theoretical NA Sub would look like if we had some budget limitations. Sure, we could just get 1 more heroic character and even things out, but it's nto as fun.

Feb 20, 2014

Fantastic Four Reboot makes Gal Gadot as WW look like a great Casting Choice.

I literally threw up in my mouth when I typed this. I mean Literally in the sense that actual vomit came up my esophagus and I felt it in my mouth no hyperbole here. I'm dead serious about this.

Here's the New Fantastic Four:

Kate Mara as Sue Storm...

Jamie Bell  as Ben Grimm...

Miles Teller as Reed Richards...

Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm...

Yes, the guy who constantly lights himself on fire happens to be black now...
Who the hell OK'd THIS!? It's almost like a Racist Group's wet dream to have a movie where the black guy is constantly on fire.

Now, here's the conundrum: If I criticize the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch, I'm certain that I'm going to be called "racist". I don't want Michel B. Jordan to play Johnny Storm BECAUSE it's not based on the source material. Tat's the same reason I've avoided The Last Airbender. Sure some people may say what about the Late Michael Clarke Duncan doing Kingpin? That was an exception, not the rule. I can cite Justin Chatwin as Goku, Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li, or Taboo as Vega.

Now, If we ABOSLUTELY HAD to have a black actor in Fantastic Four, Why not have a Black Reed Richards? A smart Black man who marries a white woman to father the most powerful mutant on Earth... Instead we have the worst member of the team (the playboy) into the black guy. I hate these moves done out of Political correctness. they are usually not well thought out and can end up making things worse... What's next? A Female Doctor Doom? Scratch that! We cannot have female villains because it's Misogynistic.

But now stepping away from the obvious target... and moving on to TINTIN as THE THING!?
Can you Picture Tintin saying IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!? Even Michael Chiklis looked tough enough to be Ben Grimm BEFORE Becoming The Thing. Jamie Bell looks as good as Seth Green playing a Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

So far the only casting choice I like is Kate Mara as Sue... I'm not too sure about Miles Teller as Reed, but the other two are horrible casting choices for the characters they are going to play.

Feb 19, 2014

Survived Hercolubus, Y2K, Rapture, the Mayan Apocalypse... Now here comes Ragnarök on Feb.22

Damn you ODIN!! I still haven't gotten Glimmer you one eyed Jerk! Yes, the Viking Apocalypse is coming... With it the end of the world as we know it... Natural Disasters, then rebirth for the worthy or something.

So Fenrir eats Odin, Thor fights The Midgard Serpent... Jörmungandr,  Midgarðsormr... Midgar Zolom? Holy crap!! But back on topic... The Sun becomes black, the Earth sinks into the ocean... Y' know very Metal stuff...

Now what's the point of all this? Well, we survived 2012, Hercolubus, Y2K, Rapture... Now the Viking Apocalypse is coming... Will we survive it?

This news of the Apocalypse sucks. Especially when a Finnish Company figured out how to give us the Mach 5's B Button! We got the H with the Renault, now the Finnish give us the B... I'm afraid of who will give us the D... Button!! Get your head out of the gutter!

Ellen Page is gay. ...
I wish she had waited until the 22nd to announce it, that way I could tie this bit of news to Ragnarök!!
Yes, mentioning Ellen Page's coming out is an obvious clickbait, but I should have used it in the title if I truly wanted the hits. Then why am I mentioning it aside from the obvious click baiting? Simple. Ellen Page's sexuality changes NOTHING in this world... Unless she was supposed to be the mother of the Human Resistance Leader against the machines on the upcoming war... All jokes aside. Did your world shatter when you read that bit of news? If so, I'm sorry.Whether it's morally right, or wrong, I'm not the one to judge.

Chris Griffin disapproves of Battfleck... I get what he's saying, but out of all the recent casting decisions regarding this movie. Battfleck and Jeremy Irons as Alfred are the better choices.
Oh yeah, Gal Gadot posted a pic of her working out on Facebook.
The pic on the far left is a pic of her uploaded earlier today (2/19/2014) The pic on the right is the one regarding her workout. Which she captioned with the following quote:
There's nothing like a good workout in the morning.. Love it! You?
No, I don't love it. I know, I'm going on yet another Gal GaDon't rant, but she started it! That pic of her that was linked by pretty much everywhere and they keep regurgitating her lame ass defense on why she works as WW. The importance of the 2/19 pic is because you can see her super muscly arms are gone! She still looks Model skinny when she's not flexing to show her musculature. Why am I so critical of her?  Simple: I don't want Wonder Woman to fail especially since WB seems hellbent in making WW fail. Choosing an Actress without the imposing nature of Wonder Woman is a bad thing. Choosing a TERRIBLE Actress without the imposing nature of Wonder Woman is what these folks did. If WW Fails it's another weapon for WB to say that every non bats or superman DC Superhero movie flops... Look at Hex, or Green Lantern. Gadot doesn't realize the importance of what this role that was given to her means. This is why she will ruin Wonder Woman (aside her abysmal acting. Her unimposing physique will not help her gain any points.) A good thing about Ragnarök is that the world may end without the abomination known as Batman vs Superman but not quite Justice League may never happen.

Why Multi Bot is a better SDCC Exclusive than the Energy Zoids.

Rumor has it that the Energy Zoids are going to be the SDCC Exclusive for 2014. It kinda makes sense, but I think Multi-Bot would be a better exclusive.

The Energy Zoids are the bottom of the barrel of Vintage MOTU. 2014 is the 29th Anniversary of She-Ra... Mattel says it's the 30th because some of the earlier figures were manufactured in 84... Following that Logic He-Man's 30th would have been in 2011. But I digress.

Multi-Bot is bottom barrel too, but he is from the Evil Horde. So, Evil Horde, She-Ra's 29th... See where I'm going with this?

Now, Why not save Multi Bot for 2015? Theoretical price increase. It COULD cause an abrupt end to the line and missing out on Modulok's lesser half because of the Proto-Beyblades is almost blasphemous. I know it's unlikely seeing that Neitlich stated that they're trying to maximize the slots to complete MOTU and POP by 2015 and a slot that can fit in 2 figures is better than a slot that can fit only one.
The Zoids seem cheaper to make since they're just 2 heads on two torsos and Twistoid's arms (who could partially be reused on Weaponstronic AKA Artilla). We can totally McGyver Rotar's with Syklone and He-Man parts. What's stopping Mattel from making The Zoids as the Holiday Item. The $35 item being the zoids makes sense since they're basically 2 Upper body halves with weapons.

Multibot while being 1 character, has enough pieces to make TWO Full Figures. Seeing that MODULOK ON HIS OWN was $40 and you can build 1.5 FULL Figures with him, I guess that $55- $60 For Multibot would be "Mattel Reasonable" (Since they believe $20 is reasonable enough for Kowl and Loo-Kee.) How can Multibot work in classics? Look at Modulok, who has LESS Pieces than vintage.
Since I don't have a MOTUC MODULOK yet, I used the same vintage pic to show you how many pieces MOTUC Modulok has compared to vintage.

With Multibot we COULD more or less expect the same...
Let's Look at Multi-Bot. He's basically Two Figures, 2 Extra Legs and a Segment to join both Torsos. He'd keep the 5 Y Joints in a special arrangement (1 for the heads) and the other 4 to use for arms or legs. Then there's the split laser. So in theory everything balances out. If they have to keep to the X amount of accessories per SKU.
You take 1 "body" and have that come with 2 of the Y joints and the laser.
Then the second "body" comes with the extra legs, 2 Y joints and the torso connector piece.
Which can kinda justify the possible $55-$60 tag... If Multi Bot is treated as 2 SKUs... That's for Mattel to figure it out, not me.

Now why do I REALLY Want Multi Bot for?
The same reason why most people want him in the first place...

MEGABEAST!! Which, sadly will not be as impressive unless Mattel allows the Horsemen to make some additional new Pieces for Multibot since Design couldn't truly replicate Modulok's ability to split at the torso and we need that to create MEGABEAST. Starting with a Special Modulok Torso that can be connected to any of the Multi bot  bodies, otherwise the Mega Beast would be Modulok with a Multi Bot Body for a butt. We need to be able to combine the bodies of Modulok with Multibot (even if we have to cheat with an Extra torso for Modulok...)

If we wait for 2015 for Multi Bot we may be hit by the infamous Price Increase that may screw us out of MEGABEAST!! I never had Multibot as a kid... just 1.5 Moduloks (The point five was the remaining pieces of the First Modulok...) So, I had a taste and I want to be satiated with a MOTUC MEGABEAST!! This can only happen if we have Multi Bot, who needs a boatload of more new tooling than the Zoids would ever need.

With Rio Blast coming in 2014 we have the following 9 Vintage Characters missing: (Not counting the 5 variants missing)
Heroic Warriors:

Evil Warriors:

Evil Horde:


Rotar and Twistoid would be one Large scale slot, Multibot would be a second Large Scale Slot. That leaves us 6 Slots for vintage figures. (maybe less if November and December are Vintage MOTU)
We'll be able to figure out Half of 2015's Basic Club Eternia Figures with the remaining 6 vintage slots right there, then there's 2-3 POP slots (depends on the last 2 Club Etheria Slots). We have NA's Mara, making 9-10 Basic figure slots used. That is assuming Mattel pushes Multibot for SDCC 14 and the Zoids for the 2013 Holiday Item. If the name of the game is Maximizing slots, we can't fool around and leaving these large scale guys to 2015 when we have 5 Variants (I'd consider the He-Man vs Skeletor Laser Figures 2 pack for SDCC 2015.)

Aside the few "curveball" slots, by July we'll figure out 2015. And my gut is telling me that we MAY get Dare and Skeleteen before the end of 2015...

Feb 18, 2014

Huh? Club Etheria has brought some converts?

I love this!! Throughout the He-Man forums and fan pages there have been a couple of posts regarding people discovering the Awesomeness of the She-Ra: Princess of Power branch of MOTU. That is pretty cool. Former Vintage Purists opening up their universe and discovering POP beyond what Mattel's 80s Marketing showed.

Some were converted by the MOTUC Figures. (Like it happened to me with New Adventures.) Seems like Light Hope is gaining people into his cult...
Others gave this a chance:

Yeah, that Light Hope figure that I dislike has made many POP Converts.
All jokes aside. It's actually pretty awesome that people who didn't care about POP are appreciating it more. At the same time, it's a shame that Mattel hasn't bothered to explore the POP and New Adventures branches, but instead they're bothering promoting rejected concepts as the next step for the canon. And adding a Mary-Sue that I have a love-hate relationship with will not make it cooler. Neither is taking Klacky the Goat Man and making him Beastman's bitch...

We have a world controlled by a Dark Intergalactic Empire. Where its peoples are enslaved by this Empire. The women had to step up and try to push away the evil invaders. While the horrible NU52 vaguely touched this with the whole Despara thing. Yeah, Who'd waste time learning the adventures of a rebellion fighting an evil inetergalactic empire...

That's what Mattel should be exploiting... Sadly, their vision for MOTU is limited... Not to Mention their lack of faith in the brand. Instead of showcasing the cool factor of the POP Characters, we get dumbass things like:

"He's 100% Pure Hetero... There is nothing Homo about Bow. Really, he is not gay... He loves WOMEN!! You look for the word Heterosexual and you'll see a picture of Bow. DAMMIT! STOP SAYING HE IS GAY!! HE IS NOT!!"
"Castaspella has DIPLOMATIC MÉNAGE À TROIS with Frosta and Angella"
"Nettossa is into Fashion and speaks with a funny accent."
"Glimmer is a princess and she lets everyone know it."

The only Great rebellion Character who has a somewhat useful bio is Double Trouble.

I just wish that Mattel would actually DO SOMETHING WITH THE POP and NEW ADVENTURES Branches of MOTU. They can be appealing to people who knew nothing about them aside their past stigma. (Girl toyline origins or wimpy spacemen) Of course there are a few asshats who will be staunch defenders of MOTUV Superiority and perpetuate Stagnation. Y'know... Those folks who believe MOTU only had Waves 1-2, waves 3 and beyond never happened and they need to establish their masculinity by making fun of POP (because Pink toys makes people gay or something.)

Thing is: It's OK to prefer the Original MOTU as your favorite branch. It's Ludicrous to believe that POP, New Adventures, 200X and the last few Vintage waves will magically vanish if you stick your fingers in your ears while yelling LaLALALALALALALALA CAN'T HEAR YOU!!
(Which is a lesson that Mattel needs to learn well.)

PoP and NA have Potential... It just needs to be nurtured for it to bear fruit.

Feb 17, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Toddler Mutant Ninja Turtles

Toddler Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes in training in a half shell! Toddler Power! Yes, I know that in my last ICFTTC I said that Glimmer would be the next one... she was going to but Fate intervened and
I found the Nickelodeon TMNT Toddler packs. I usually saw only the Mike and Raph package and only caved in when I found all four Turtles. I know that the 2003 Toyline had a set of Toddler Mutant Ninja Turtles, but I wasn't THAT into that line. (MOTU, Marvel Legends and a sprinkling of SOTA's Street Fighter were my lines to collect.)

So, Nick had Playmates make their ToddlerMNT. Didn't bother getting the Ooze for the turtles because the TMNT Ooze stinks horribly. (I got splashed with Ooze at a TRU and man that thing smelled funky... in a bad sense of the word.)

Now let's take a look at the TMNT Ninjas in Training packs:

As you can see in my carded figures pic, it's obvious why they were left on their pegs. they're a bit beat up and Leonardo popped off his tray.
 Also, they look adorkable as seen on the pic above. Any TMNT Toy that can recreate the famous pose from the first NES Game... is awesome in my book... And yes, I'm aware that the NES Game Cover is from the Comics...

Yes, the Toddlers cannot do it PERFECTLY but their mostly pre-posed bodies are on a pose that can be pretty close to that Iconic piece of Art.
Now let's discuss the actual Figures, shall we?

The Turtle's Articulation is Very Limited. Their heads only rotate Left or Right. The Arms are on a hinge joint that also rotates. There is also an extra articulation point that is Possibly a "Happy Accident" due to the figure's assembly. they have a Waist Twist and it cuts their shells when you turn it and it looks horrible.

Paint and Sculpt:
Seems like I'm loving that pose a bit TOO Much!!
This is Playmates and a Retail Toyline, so paint hits are reduced... Not Casey Jones or Shredder levels of reduced paint applications, but the paint is minimal. and I mean 2 dots of black paint for the eyes  the yellowish color for the plastron and the last hit on the caparace (A Brownish color, different for each turtle)
The Sculpt is obviously inspired by the 2012 nickelodeon reboot of the franchise. Each Bandanna is a separate piece not sculpted on the head. Speaking of heads, each turtle has their own head. Mikey is happy, Donny is concerned, Leo is determined and Raph is angry but not snarling like his teenage self. And when put next to their Teenage Counterpart you can see the similarities between them. (Of course the Larger Teenage Toys have the better Articulation and Detailing, due to their size. Now don't get me wrong, there ARE a few overlooked Details on the Toddlers like Raph's cracked Plastron, or Donny's teeth that are unpainted. Same with Mikey's smile. I know that the logistics to paint those tiny tiny areas could be a pain for a mass retail line for kids. It's a shame that some of these details are overlooked because of costs.

Each Turtle comes with his main Weapons. Except Donatello who only has 1 Bo Staff. (Also, if he had 2 he wouldn't be able to grip the second one due to his open left hand.) It feels a bit of a rip-off compared to their Teenage versions who have a lot more weapons, but getting 2 mini figures with accessories is odd in this day and age. so here they get a 2.5

The Ninja in Training packs get a 3.17 for their score. It's not a bad score. For what they are (a novelty item at best.) They are so adowabwy cute! Also, they are a lot better than the crazy horrible variants like Pancho Villa Mikey here or the Troll Turtles. At least those Toddler Turtles make sense canonically. Pancho Villa Mikey does not.

Feb 16, 2014

NYTF Reveals and Stuff

It's that time again!! MOTUC REVEALS being discussed... We had a slight preview a few days ago with the tip of Madame Razz' hat!!
So, where do we start:
MADAME RAZZ OF COURSE!! She was revealed on Saturday Night.
This pic from The Fwoosh! has set all the PoP fanpages on fire!! She is real, we knew she was coming... She seems about the right size, though some people have complained about her being too small. While I can't tell from THIS Pic, she seems to have normal Articulation... Except the thighs. Which is a good thing...the one thing that looks a bit iffy is Madame Razz's cape. Based on how glossy she looks compared to how figures look when they're prototypes... This Razz could be closer to production. Well, she seems to be in the display with actual figures. Prototypes are often kept behind glass walls.

That part worries me a little due to her cape. May be a paint issue that I'd have to fix on my own. I still feel it's a bit too flared up. That I cannot fix, but HOLY CRAP!! IT'S FREAKING MADAME RAZZ!! Ever since the Filmation Rights were obtained my top 3 wants were Shadow Weaver, Sea Hawk and Madame Razz... I can't believe that Mattel has made all 3! (It almost makes me able to forgive them for Nepthu) She will be part of the POP Sub... Club Etheria

So, the POP Sub: I guess I should tackle that next, right?
Double Trouble... err, Double Mischief!
Madame Razz
Light Hope
Sweet Bee

On the Sub itself: *UPDATE*
3 out of the 6 slots are Vintage POP. That troubles me a little bit. sure, we don't know the 6th Figure, which could be a TOY character, making 4 out of 6 and "saving 4 for 2015" I can predict bitching from the Vintage Only folks.

Now unto each character:
Double Trouble: Mai Waifu's Cousin... AWESOME!! She's very cool... all we need is Angella to complete POP's Wave 1

Madame Razz, I mentioned Above.

Entrapta: She looks Top-Heavy and is carrying The Shaping Staff from Filmation. She is Golden like her Vintage Toy... Whoa... By getting the POP sub, I complete the Entire Female Horde. Scorpia, DT, and Entrapta!!

Light Hope: BOOO!!! HISSSS!!! BOOOO!!  He is the Club Exclusive. Translucent Pink Lot's of Gold and a white Loincloth that reminds me of 200X She-Ra. I'm disappointed because I wanted a Pool of Light Diorama of Light Hope.

Sweet Bee: She has 2 heads: One is the Helmet from Sweet Bee's Home and everything else is a Mystery since she's the Teaser.

*UPDATE* Apparently: The POP sub is 6 Figures AND Light Hope. The Final Figure will be a $30 Figure. Not a steed. Now which PoP Figure could need to be a bit more expensive... Zee Speculation eez Mermista.

So, with this New info: We have 7 slots and 3 of them are Vintage Toy. 2 are Filmation with Razz and Light Hope. The Final Two  should be Toy Based which COULD leave us with 3 PoP Ladies remaining for 2015... Maybe less if the rumor of a last PoP character making it to Club Eternia.

Now unto Club Eternia:
Kowl and Loo-Kee: They are this year's Spirit of Hordak Item... DAMN YOU MATTEL!!

ELDOR IS COMING!! The Old Man in a Hoodie is happening! We were teased with the Book of Living Spells. It has the He-ro H and the He-Man cross. If Neitlich makes a last minute switcheroo... GRRRR!!!

Now the Next Figure has made me excited... I'm talking .75 Glimmer Levels of Excitement. (Madame Razz is a . 63 Glimmer)

RIO EFFIN BLAST!! He looks like Sam Elliot... Damn, I wanted a Chuck Norris Looking Rio, but still, he is effin Awesome!

Luckily, Matty has pics. Now, here's the thing, it kinda pisses me off that POP was "semi-purged" from the main sub. I'm a bit let down by Light Hope. Entrapta worries me, but Freaking Razz, Double Trouble, Entrapta, and Rio Blast make up for the disappointment from Light Hope and the Kowl/Loo-Kee bull.

Feb 13, 2014

What the Hell Billy Ray!?

Billy Ray has either gone off the deep end or is trying to give Miley one Hell of a Wake-up Call/
Rapper Buck 22 (Whom I've never heard of until Today.) Teamed up with Country Crooner and Father of the Twekey... (No, I won't put up that horrible pic again.) to create this abomination of a video:

Oops! Sorry! Wrong video... This is the best thing Billy Ray is remembered for that does not involve Hannah Twerkana!
But it's the Edgy 21st Century remake/sequel/loose adaptation of it.

What can I say? I mean at first my reaction was *points at rant's title* but I guess this is just to give Miley a Wake-Up Call. It stops being cool the moment your parents start doing it and all that... I hope!!
Seriously, the video aside from the standard hip-hop flair, seems like Billy Ray is poking fun at Miley's recent antics. Which she totally deserves.

Feb 12, 2014

The Unnamed One must have very lonely Valentine's Days...

Yes, I'm on a THIRD Unnamed One Rant... Seriously, Mitch is beating Spector in the giving people enough crap to talk about...
I'm going to talk about the Reactions...
People are pissed off at Mattel BECAUSE of this Figure... And what it represents.
MOTUC Lore seems to have been infested by a certain Emerald Plague... Which can be attributed to a Certain Guru who made an Oath once:

In blackest day, in brightest night,
No GL Reference shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship MOTU's might,
Beware my power, Spector's light!!!

Yes, Toyguru infected MOTU with Green Lantern Lore.
Look at the Overlords of Trolla... Orko's Race Now Look at Ganthet of the Oan Guardians of the Universe. Not only that but the Green Lantern Corps. of Eternia have a bit of some Cosmic Enforcin' to do... Like some sort of Glactic Police... Why do you think they put Zodac WITH Hal Jordan on the MOTUC vs DCUC pack?

Not to mention how Zodac (who also functions as a Metron knock-off) is basically the Abin Sur to ZodaK... Resiously, Zodac's Real name is Zodac Zur...
the Whole Renegade Trollan creating the Snakemen seems similar to the whole Manhunters thing and Krona the Rogue Maltusian. (the Oans original form) Mitch the Unnamed One is a Taller Trollan... Krona is Taller than the Guardians.

Not to mention that Toyguru's creativity almost Matches Shia LaBeouf... Well, it's not only the Green Lantern Mythos that Toyguru Shia LaBeouf'd! Seems that he got "influenced" by the (in)famous "fan pitch" made by the MVCreations team for some things from the Bios and MOTUC Canon. The main difference from the bible is that Toyguru made the Unnamed One and the Overlords into Trollans.
Nothing Personal against Scott Neitlich, but this trend of ripping off things as seen with the whole Overlords of Trolla = Oan Guardians of the Universe and the Cosmic Enforcers = GLC. Not to Mention

and the whole Sir Laser-Lot into Darkness thing... Or should I call it too convenient coincidences?

But aren't you the one who wanted to make Power Rangers out of the Cosmic Enforcers?

Yes, it's true that I wanted to use the Cosmic Enforcers as a Tribute to Sentai shows, since their look ALREADY LENDS ITSELF FOR THAT! Compared to taking Scrappy Doo and make him the Villain while taking the Rest of Scooby's family (Scooby Dum, Scooby Dee, Howdy Doo, etc.) and turn them into elder gods.

We're taking the race of characters whose most renowned member was used as the link between the Children Viewers and the World of MOTU and making them into the ultimate gods (after Stan Lee) and one of their Members into the Ultimate Evil or Lord of Chaos...
We got the Guy who created the Snakemen and Ultimate Evil looking like a slightly older version of the Scrappy Doo... Which brings forth another reason people are disliking Mitch, the Unnamed One...
Remember the NU52 D.Orko? Well, there is a Theory that Mitch, the Unnamed One is going to be an older Time displaced Orko. The basis of this Theory is that NU52 Is HEAVILY Inspired by the Neitlichverse Canon of MOTUC.

Now his appearance as a slightly taller Trollan has disappointed many, myself included. What I mean is, the design is cool and an evil Trollan is cool, but the evil Trollan as the Ultimate Villain, that's what I don't like. MOTU started and forever will be an Action Figure line first.
He-Man: Blonde White Man is the Good Guy.
Skeletor: Blue skinned Skull Faced Lich mage is the Bad Guy.
Hordak: Gray Skinned Nosferatu/Tiki Mask Cyborg Vampire thing is the Bad Guy
King Hsssss: Heroic Looking Guy whose Torso explodes to reveal a mass of Giant Snakes is the BAd Guy
Horde Prime: A more Cybernetic Looking Nosferatu/Tiki Mask Cyborg Vampire thing whose head is the Horde Logo is the Bad Guy

With each new Big Bad revealed in MOTU, we get into the dark and scary route... Mitch is none of that!

Widdle Mitch is so darn cute!!He’s so adowable! He’s almost suited for Care Bears or G1 of My Little Pony… That’s how cute he is! This guy is so adorable that he makes the Popples look like Nightmare Creatures… I mean look at Little Mitch doing some FFVII or Kingdom Hearts Cloud Cosplay!!

The Deceptive Badguy was used two Villains before Mitch!
If the Second head is For Mitch, no matter how Demonic or Pants crapping Scary it can be, it'll be attached to the emo Trollan body with a half-assed Kingdom Hearts Cloud Cosplay.

There's some canonical baggage and appearance baggage on with this guy. (I also mentioned the whole $25 for a Trollan thing in past rants)

While I wike widdle Mitch, he just doesn't seem to work as King Hssss' superior.
When I mentioned April Derp on the previous rant, I did not mean EXACTLY an April Derp version of Orko, but the IDEA of a Corrupted Trollan that is Far Removed from it's Trollan Form that it had become an Abomination. But that's taking the best out of the worst situation (making a Trollan the Ultimate Evil.) Something Along the Lines of Draego-Man could have worked as the Ultimate Evil since Big Scary Dragon Dude seems like a Step-Up from Bunch of Snakes wearing a man-suit.

Yes, I'm going to use a My Little Pony Reference with Discord.  OK, so Discord is the Lord of Chaos in MLP. Look at him! He is a hodgepodge of other creatures. Pretty Chaotic, wouldn't you say? Now Look at Mitch! Tell me where can you see the Chaos (aside Facebook pages and MOTU message boards)? How does Mitch evoke chaos.
Stinkor = Skunk, evokes stench. Mossman, fuzzy, evokes moss. Catra, Cat Woman, evokes cat. Sy-Klone, his name evokes cyclones, his torso spins wildly. Hydron, evokes water, he's a scuba Diver. Faker = Blue He-Man, evokes the idea of a Fake He-Man.
Where is the Chaos in Mitch? If he was an Action Figure in the 80s, what would his Action Feature be? Modulok and Multibot evoke more Chaos than The Unnamed One

 If we Toss Discord through the Classicizer Machine we get a more Badass Lord of Chaos than Mitch!

The Unnamed One doesn't NEED To be a Big Hulking Creature like The Balrog. It just needs to be the embodiment of Chaos. Though a Procrustus sized MOTUC Creature a la  Hotdiggedydemon Discord would be cool as Hell; We needed something BETTER than Mitch to fill the Gap of the Unnamed One.

I am going to do something very Pretentious as If I was a Japanese Game Developer making a JRPG or an Anime... Or a writer writing a wet dream about a poisonous fairy and I shall quote the Bible.

Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth." -Genesis 1:27

Why the quote? The Unnamed One created the Snakemen. So, the idea of People Expecting some Eldritch Ancient Snake Deity is not that Far-Fetched. Hell something Lovecraftian or H.R. Gieger-esque would have been insane for the Unnamed One... OK it's the part of me that wanted the Horsemen to be fully unleashed and allowed to make the Unnamed One we deserved and needed. 

Now don't get me wrong, Mitch is a cool figure. I'd love him as an independent villain or as a Herald of the Unnamed One. I think that might be the Role I'll give Mitch in my fan continuity...
Mitch shall be the Silver Surfer to the Unnamed One's Galactus.NOW I am mostly at peace with the Unnamed One... (the whole $25 for a Trollan still bugs me especially when I've gotten $25 figures like Mantenna, Dactus, Two-Bad)

Also, Happy Valentine's Day!!

Madame Razz is coming... for real!!

Feb 11, 2014

Max Steel and The Room, what a combo, Mark!

Let's step away from the Mitch Controversy for a minute and let's focus on some Movie News!!
Max Steel, no longer with the Actor who has an extreme allergic reaction to shirts is still happening!!
The leads are two semi-obscure actors. Ben Winchell as Max and Ana Villafañe as Sidney, the Love interest for Max in the movie (and in the 2013 reboot)

I'm not THAT Fond of the 2013 series. I fear that this movie might be what Mattel will use to test the waters, since Max Steel is an easier to make movie than say, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.
Thing is that the movie may need to do some explaining with the ongoing mystery on the TV Series. We also need the main Villain (betting on Dredd, not the judge, but Miles Dredd, Max Steel Villain) and the rest of the cast. Are they going to deal with Big Jim? Will they use Steel's VA to voice Steel?

Anyway how's your sex life?
I needed a Tommy Wiseau quote to make the transition to the next bit of news and Hai doggy is overused. (So is this one, but whatever.) James Franco, got the rights to adapt a certain book to Film  and that book is The Disaster Artist: My Life inside The Room, The Greatest Movie Ever Made by Greg Sestero...

known to most people as Mark from The Room

Flutterina: The Rant. *UPDATED!*(2/13/14)

Flutterina... I must admit that I am absolutely clueless about Flutterina.
She's a Wave 2 PoP Character... She's Fairy-like... She kinda looks like Psylocke before the Kwanon-Merge...

It's a bit hard to be excited about the big Butterfly girl when you don't know anything about her. Give me 22 Minutes. I'm going to watch the PoP Episode with Flutterina's first appearance, of course! The Episode's name is: Out of the Cocoon... Get it? She's a Butterfly girl and Butterflies come out of their cocoons after they change from Caterpillars...

And we start the episode with a pissed off Glimmer! It's a season 2 Episode, she has every right to be pissed because on this season they start pushing her to become best background pon... er, Rebel! Fu... Dammit! We got the Pachyderm Loser on this Episode. He's trying to wet Glimmer... Dumbass ruined the Flowers. I think I got sidetracked! I'm not here to discuss the episode, it's Learn about Fluttershy! That way I can make y'all interested in her and buy her if you didn't buy the Sub! This episode also reminds me that Glimmer is dumb... Makes you wonder how she was a Leader of the Rebellion in the first place.
Before you think you've reached Bizarro world, hear me out. This is all part of the Adora Conspiracy. By making Glimmer seem dumb, they're basically cementing the need for Adora to Lead the Rebellion. Same Way that Teela is dumb as bricks in MOTU... Or Bow in POP as well. I think I'll shut up about Glimmer and focus on Flutterina... the object of Today's rant. Holy Crap on a Trollan! There are Gray Skysleds in Etheria!!
I know I said I wouldn't comment on the episode but...
So they capture She-Ra using the power of the sun and put her in a seemingly underground dungeon. Now we see a Brunette servant girl/slave mopping the floor. Apparently, this is Flutterina's Caterpillar stage. OK So Flutterina starts off as a normal Human looking Servant girl who got hit by a sunbeam that put her in a coma. Then she became a blunt. After getting high on Sunshine and Lightning She became Flutterina and her voice changed. Bow's first reaction to Flutterina is shwing! Also, they beat the Condor dude by flapping Flutterina and Swifty's wings. But what about Glimmer? Well she learned her lesson and sent a letter to the Princess... wrong show! We got that Judgmental Squirrel to remind us of the Lesson and ask if we saw him... The answer is no. I wasn't looking for that Douche Nozzle!

So that's pretty much it For Flutterina... Well there's the NU52 Flutterina... How can I describe her role in the new Continuity...

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen; DC Comics killed Flutterina in her first appearance. Using a Reverse Aeris Maneuver.

So, Flutterina: Stab-able Butterfly Girl from the Second Wave of Princess of Power. Mattel and Filmation gave me very little material to work here. Her Fairy-Like Appearance is the closest thing I have as a positive to work with. I have a bit of trouble with her because:
POP has 3 Flyers (Angella, Sweet Bee and Flutterina)
Angella has Magic and Sweet Bee can make weird nets/ladders... Flutterina can flap her wings, control butterflies and shrink herself to Butterfly size. (based on her other appearances after her origin episode)

Wait... wait a freaking Minute! Flutterina is basically the Antman of Princess of Power!! THIS is the OOMPH! She needed to become awesome in my eyes! YES!! NOW I can welcome Flutterina into my collection. Now I need to figure out WHERE I can find a swarm of butterflies in the 1:12 scale to have on my display.
I hope that the "Bio Writing Team" mention her Ant-Man-like powers of shrinking and controlling Butterflies.

So, in any case I welcome Flutterina in classics, especially now that I can see her potential to coolness.
I just wish her wings had the little butterfly wing veins... (I googled it) like Buzz-Off does, because right now the wings look like they are made out of craft foam...

*UPDATE!!* It was recently brought to my attention that Flutterina has an origin story in her cardback:

One night long, long ago, I dreamed  that I was a beautiful butterfly surrounded by flowers of every shade. I flew from blossom to blossom, and with each one I touched, a little of its color rubbed off on me.When I awoke , I had wings as bright as a rainbow! Now I pretend to be a butterfly and secretly follow Catra wherever she goes. when I hear her planning to make trouble, I fly away to warn She-Ra.

Well, I don't know what to say about this... Dammit, Mattel!! You had to CRAM the You can Pretend into everything She-Ra! Now I'm not sure if Flutterina was a normal girl who suddenly woke up with wings, or if she always had them and discovered she can shrink herself. I guess I have to re-enact this origin with the toys...

Just replace Peter with Flutterina.

I guess I will stick to the Flutterina = Antman, but use this whole Spying on Catra thing... I will most definitely NOT use anything from her NU52 version.

Feb 10, 2014

UnNamed One: Second thoughts...

I'm not talking about Second Thoughts as I regret getting him Second Thoughts. I mean the second things I thought of after a good night's rest, a nice breakfast and accepting that the picture was THE UNNAMED ONE...
I think I figured it out: The Unnamed One is Orko's Older Brother Mitch!

I mean, Older EMO Brother... seriously look at him.
He paints his nails, he traded the Gandalf Hat for the Cap that Dactus wears. Also he seems to shop at Hot Topic. The little Earrings (Probably from an Anime) Not only that but he seems like he's also kinda cosplaying as a Final Fantasy VII character. But the biggest culprit of his emo-ness is simply the wrapped wrists. Why are his wrists wrapped up in purple bandages? Simple. He cuts himself or burns himself cause he's Emo...

But who could blame him. He probably got the classic taunt "Mitch Mitch, you're a bitch!" (Sorry for relieving painful childhood memories to people named Mitch) So after all those taunts at the Trollan School Playground, Mitch ran home to listen to My Chemical Romance on his iPod shuffle as he hurt himself. No wonder he's got all this pent-up anger. Also, they made fun of his ears. I'd say that they showered him in pig's blood at his prom, but that would be too mainstream.

So, years of pent-up rage are dwelling within Mitch as he found out about his Class Reunion. That's why he made the Snakemen Prank that went a bit out of control. So he was jailed for creating a plague.
Now, in jail he grows angrier and wants REVENGE!!

All jokes Aside, He looks cool, just not Sub Exclusive for the ALL STAR "Final Two" Years and we need to rally up all the fans to sub up Cool.
Somehow the Old Man in a Hoodie would have made more sense as a Sub Exclusive than Mitch, the Emo Trollan... I guess this is the Figure that Neitlich referred to as the HUH? choice.

Posting this for no reason...

People were expecting something, I don't know... More Evil Overlord, less Emo Sidekick. He looks a bit adowable with his widdle hands and his cute robe and purse! and those adowable ears make you go d'awwwwwww!
I wouldn't mind him much if he was this weird Demonic Deformed Trollan in Normal Figure size.
Picture the April Derp, but with a Trollan and maybe adding some demonic Snake Features because of his involvement with the Snakemen.
Y'know something that would make the heroes say to themselves: "Holy crap! The fate of the Universe depends on me defeating this Great Evil..." Instead we got this Emo Trollan who wins by default because the hero is Rolling on the Floor Laughing his/her ass off!

Something more like The Balrog and less Gollum.

In any case he's coming next month... Perfect Birthday Present, Mattel... Hydron and Mitch!

Feb 9, 2014

The Unnamed One is Out!!!

The cat is out the bag. The Unnamed One has been leaked!! 4Chan is to blame.
My First Reaction is closer to this:

It's a Trollan. I'm posting the pic that has spread like wildfire in case some of the bigger sites get called out by Mattel.
I had a little time to deal with this during the recording of an episode of Council of the First Ones, because it's a bit of a hard pill to swallow.

Now that I have a cool head, I can speak of this figure.
Stan Lee is the Almighty Creator... This is basically "The Devil"... Let it sink in.
OK, I don't see this creature as the Ultimate Evil and creator of the Snake Men.
There is something effeminate about him. I'm not sure if it's the eyes and veil which vaguely remind me of Dree-Elle, but there is something that makes him look a bit girly.
Rumor Mill said that the Unnamed One came with 4 Accessories. One of them is the head.
So: Second Head, Wand, Green Lantern Construct and Trollan Flight Stand make the 4 Accessories. Now don't get me wrong. The UNO has a bit of new tooling on him/her.

Here's the thing: It's not a bad toy... It simply fell TOO Short for the hype that Mattel was trying to generate. He was simply not worth the secrecy.

Then there's the whole: It's a frigging Trollan thing!! Why do I bring this up?
People are going to feel ripped off. We have a Pack-in Accessory like Cringer or Orko eating up the cost of a full figure here. Remember that Cringer and Orko bumped up the price of their respective characters for $5. (In Orko's Case Adam bumped up Orko's price for $20.) What I'm trying to say is: This sucker better have one or two mini Figures hiding in there.

Obviously, the rage can be heard and it's well justified. We got various reactions like
-"Attitude Adjustment" Neitlich! I'm cancelling the sub!
-This figure sucks ass!
-Desire to Johnny Cage Neitlich.
Among others. Now that my NEEEEEEEERRRRRRRD RAAAAAAAAAGEEE!! Has subsided. I can see the positives, sadly they aren't doing that much good due to the exaggerated hype from Mattel.

And we MAY have a confirmation... Does anyone remember this? Back when T.U.R.D. boy was coming?

Hoo Boy! This is why I feared the whole Mystery Sub Exclusive game. It would bring people's hopes up then the reveal brings them down... He's cool but he needed to be cooler...

Feb 8, 2014

A-well-a, everybody's heard about the bird

Flappy Bird... Yes, Flappy Bird. What's the deal about Flappy Bird?

 You just tap to make the flappy bird fly and dodge pipes ripped straight out of Super Mario.
The game is annoyingly difficult due to its controls and insane level layout. It pisses people off, but they are hooked in... Like flies towards overripe fruit. Drosophila Melanogaster comes to mind... Ooh! I haven't used the words Drosophila Melanogaster since First Year of College... Ah, Memories! So back to Flappy Bird. People get frustrated at the game, some have broken their phones and/or tablets. I was a witness to an iPhone dying of Flappy Bird Rage... LIVE AND IN PERSON... I can't believe it.
Yes, I sucked ass at Flappy Bird, OK? My reaction was: This **** is not worth it.

I played it and I don't get it: WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL!? OK I get the appeal of Angry Birds, or Farmville, even if I don't consider Farmville a real game. Flappy Bird is that ANNOYINGLY BAD BONUS MINI GAME you find on a JRPG that you have to play just to get a sidequest item that opens up another sidequest for the cool item needed to help the player beat the game.

Flappy Bird is one of those games that makes "Gamers" (Talking about the hardcore gamers, either console or the "PC Master Race" folks) look down on mobile gaming and with good reason. This is an oversimplified "rhythm game" but without the funky music. Just pecking away at the screen without having too much control of what's going on on the screen... but more control than going through a long speech on a JRPG. TAP THAT SCREEN! TAP IT!!

Well, The Era of Flappy Bird is almost over since its creator is taking it down. I still don't get why it is so appealing!? It's almost as exciting as pushing the elevator call button multiple times to "make the elevator reach your floor faster".

Do we Need Sagitar/Tharkus in MOTUC?

With a Hell yeah! I could end this rant in one sentence, but I cannot give y'all a one sentence rant.
I've dropped hints that I've been aching for a Sagitar 
Pic from He-Man.org

in MOTUC... Sure, he's no Glimmer, but he's one of the more interesting New Adventures heroes. (From a visual standpoint, a toyetic standpoint, a canonical standpoint, and makes sense for Mattel.) As you can see he is a Large Scale Beast and at first he seems like he's a 100% New Sculpt. I think he's a 70% new Sculpt, but It's up to the fourhorsemen and Mattel to decide. Also I'm getting ahead of myself.
Let's go back to Sagitar and talk about his looks. OK His American name: Sagitar... Sounds familiar Sagittarius: 
The Centaur Archer. See where I'm going with this? Sagitar is kinda the Love Child of a Centaur and a Shokan Warrior.

Now the Centaur part fits quite well with MOTU due to the fantastic nature of a Centaur. The Four arms look like a Gimmick Worthy of MOTU. Also it's a Frigging Centaur Man that He-Man can ride like a pony into battle...

Then there's the whole Gygor/Shadow Beast thing... MOTU tends to have some symmetry. He-Man/Skeletor, Teela/Evil Lyn, Battle Cat/Panthor, Castle Grayskull/Snake Mountain...(Granamyr and Procrustus are Neutral... TECHNICALLY SPEAKING) You get the idea... even if Snake Mountain is not happening in MOTUC. We have Gygor and Shadow Beast. Two Villains (One an Army Builder)  who are taller and wider than the Standard Figures. Before anyone screams Ram Man, the "Wider" evil is Leech... Well, Sagitar would fill in that spot nicely. Now, he's a galactic protector who has a couple of cartoon appearances under his belt. That makes him popular enouogh. Now He makes sense for Mattel due to his "Beast nature". Guys like Tuskador, Darius or even "Not really obscure, but Toyguru thinks he's obscure" Kayo are normal figures. We have too many POP and MOTUV figures MIA to be "wasting slots" on NA. The Beast/Variant slots, well, he fits in perfectly. Now He CAN Reuse some Ram Man Parts to save some money cause Logistics... (Thinking Arms and Crotch (The inner part, not the Loincloth,) Of course the Lower arms would require new Biceps and hands, while the upper arms need new shoulders. (the band on the right arm could be removable like the Horde band. Or a full new sculpt. It depends on Mattel and the Horsemen.) Now as you can see the Toon version of him is slightly different than the toy... I really hope that if he gets made, he gets a second head with the Glasses or Removable Glasses with the default head. 

I understand that New Adventures isn't everyone's cup of tea, but Sagitar is one of the coolest designs from that line and I know that with a Little Horsemen Magic He can Kick serious amounts of butt!
The question is: WHICH 80s Action Hero should he look like. We know that galactic Protector He-Man

looks more like Lundgren than He-Man, Flipshot looks like Val Kilmer, What little we see of Hydron looks like Tom Cruise... I'm going to suggest that his face should look a bit like Steven Seagal.

In any case he's a cool addition and a big bone for NA Fans to help them even out the odds in their displays.
He-Man vs Skeletor
Hydron vs Slush Head
Flipshot vs Flogg
Sagitar vs Karatti
Mara vs Optikk

Feb 7, 2014

The Renault KWID concept Car is very Japanese Anime Car hmmmm!

The Renault KWID Concept Car has some powerful Technology never before seen.

Sadly, it's not the Auto Jacks, the Grip Tires, the Buzzsaws, the Deflector Shield, the Special Illumination, or the Periscope... It's the Little Drone thing!

All jokes aside, is this even legal? I'm not sure in the legalese, but didn't the FAA pretty much shut down the whole Amazon Drone Delivery thing? Can you picture a traffic Jam PLUS the Drone Jams if more vehicles had them? Not to mention the whole spying other people and what they do on their cars.

It would be interesting to see how this situation develops AND if custom car fans will adopt these for their custom Mach 5s...

He-Ro: Son of He-Man: Return of the Rant...

I was writing a REALLY LONG RANT about He-Ro: Son of He-Man, when I realized I already had done so last year. I still stand that it doesn't work and that it diminishes the whole He-Man and She-Ra thing.
There ARE some pictures of the pitch for that series floating around.
 No, Skeleteen is not there, but Since Toyguru loves him so much, here's Skeleteen... (and there we go... Now we're back on poking fun at the bad things that Neitlich allows!)  I'll be honest and blunt. The design for Skeleteen is ABSOLUTE CRAP! He looks more Monster High than MOTU. Now, I am not Completely against the "Son of Skeletor" becoming a nuisance to Adam and Company AFTER he vanquishes evil from Eternia. Something along the lines of Shocker and Rhino than Green Goblin or Doc Ock are to Spidey. Now back to Skeleteen's design... Mohawk plus Ponytail, shirtless with a sleeveless trenchcoat... The Eternian Leatherman... Pair him up with Rio Blast, Mini Comic version of Garn, Lt. Spector  and we could see the beginning of the Eternian Village People and yeah they stay at the Young Men's Zoarian Association! What? I had to get that one out of my system... If Eternos had a Navy, I would have made a reference to In the Navy and Macho Man has been overplayed for MOTU already.
 So, how to Make Skeleteen better? I say Look at Frigging HR:SOH SKELETOR!!! He looks like the Love child of Skeletor AND Shredder. take that, add Skeleteen's masked face with a sort of Helmet to evoke Skeletor and you have a more credible threat. If someone wants a more SOH Accurate Skeletor they can always pop on a Skeletor head. THAT would have been a Win-Win Scenario.
Village People Reject, not so much.

Now that brings forth Dare/He-Ro II (since Classics has the Original He-Ro on it)
That design is meh... It's pretty much NA He-Man's head on He-Man's body and A shoulder pad. Also, Riding Battle Lion...
He needs SOMETHING so he doesn't look TOO Derivative of He-Man. IF Dare/He-Ro II has to show up in Classics... Knowing Toyguru, he'll find a way to do so... He planted the seeds with the 2013 King He-Man figure. (not to mention Sir-Loser-Lot and Spector)
Dare needs something better than this  design from the alleged 90s pitch.

Another Reason why I'm against the He-Ro: Son of He-Man idea is that Making more toys... er, characters. We already have a buttload of characters that need development to entice the kids into getting them BEFORE relying on new ones. Rio Blast, Clamp Champ, Ninjor, Kayo, Quakke, Spinnerella, Double Trouble all come to mind.
The New Masters of this era are: Gimp suit Ram Man, Gimp suit Man-e-Faces... (Looks a bit like Spector.)
Air-Bag... He blows! Also we have a dude who is into jai alai  which I honestly don't understand and an albino replacement Teela. The closest to an interesting toy is Jai Alai dude... Followed by Albino Teela.

There is a reason why some things never leave the concept or pitched ideas stage. I think this one should have stayed there... But IF we must have some representation of He-Ro:SoH then, a Dare vs Skeleteen set should be enough.