Nov 30, 2017

Infinity War trailer and butthurt DC fans...

Disney dropped a cosmic bomb. Yes, I'm talking about the Infinity war trailer.

Of course, the DC fanboys had to attack Marvel/Disney to defend WB/DC. They mocked Thanos, who looks bad without his full regalia, by comparing him to Grimace. Yes, Thanos looks odd... Not Henry Cavill's digital mouth to cover his mustache bad, but it's a bit bad. Not only that, but they're also blaming WB for "ruining" Justice League in order for the higher ups to get some juicy bonuses.

All of these years 2008-2018 have been leading to this confrontation with Thanos. We've had great movies, decent movies, so-so movies, bad movies, and Iron Man 3 in the MCU that have put a chip in the pot leading to Infinity war. The fractured Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Sorcerer Supreme, and even the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man have led to this end-all free-for-all huge cinematic event.
There was a short-term plan and a long-term one.

WB had none of that. Nolan had a self-contained Batman Trilogy that wouldn't work with super powered beings in that world. Green Lantern was self-contained (and in a way, a good thing, since that was a train-wreck) Superman returns left a bad aftertaste in people's mouth, which scared WB from "continuing" from past movie universes (ie, the Burton/Schumacher  batverse) taking a page from Nolan's Batman, they went for a "realistic" Superman and we got Man of Stool. Using this Brooding Superman that lacked the humanity that makes Superman, well, Super, was WB's foundation to their Cinematic Universe. Then they went with Batman v. Superman as their next step in this Cinematic. Had it been truly a movie with Batman being the antagonist until it was revealed that Luthor was pulling BOTH Batman and Superman's strings, then maybe it would've been better than setting up Superman to die without the League. Maybe an extra Superman movie where Superman deals with Braniac, who was Lex's source of knowledge on how to set up Bats v. Supes and having the knowledge of other metahumans (and setting up WW, Flash, Aquaman or a Lantern movie.) Have Zod attempt to enslave the Earth by using the Starro could force some Metas to unite with Batman and Superman to form the JL.
Then have Superman die on the third Superman movie and the League deals with the aftermath of his death in JL2  with the final JL movie dealing with Darkseid himself. Have the League, the Titans (one of Batman's proteges *cough*Dick*cough* started his own team after the Starro invasion as a contingency plan, cause he was trained by Batman) new members to the league, like GA, Atom, Martian Manhunted, Supergirl, Red Robin etc.

And yes, I'm aware it kinda sounds similar to what Marvel did, but let's face it: Marvel had a plan that was long term. DC only was interested in that Avengers money. That excitement that Marvel fans are feeling of a story 10 years in the making, cannot be replicated in barely four. DC Flash fried what should've been a slowly roasted hunk of succulent beef.

In any case, Infinity war feels like it could be Return of the King in steroids. I just wish DC hadn't rushed to make the movies... But still, we're getting the ultimate Marvel superhero smackdown and we got a decent Justice League movie. What a time we live on... Now if Todd McFarlane's Spawn ever makes a comeback...

Nov 29, 2017

Visual novels and phones...

It's like a Peanut butter and chocolate combo. There is "not much gameplay involved"... I should clarify: I mean ACTIVE gameplay, like say Street Fighter or Contra.
Unlike those games that require multiple button combinations to play, visual novels are easier on the touch screen. And there seem to be plenty of apps for it

I've been messing around with two apps: Choices being one of them and the other is Episode. Both have their ups and downs.
They both rely on a timer blocking you from playing as much as you like unless you fork out some cash. Some choices require you to pay in "tokens" in order to use them, but these "tokens" (usually gems) can only be obtained by completing chapters, or paying money. This would limit your options if you don't pay.

The difference between them is that Episode feels more like interactive fanfics for girls. Choices seems to have more original content and it seems to be geared for a more general audience that includes dudes. Translation: They have adventure stories.

I don't know how many of these apps are, but I hope I can find one that has more focus on action, thirller, mystery, and adventure stories, because most focus on romance. I'm getting tired of playing teen girl falls for bad boy stories.

Nov 28, 2017

Black Friday and Cyber Monday stuff has begun to arrive.

Not even Matty can say they ship that fast. I also have a few things that were from before, like, say... Power-Con stuff. So, adding the toys in the back burner to come out the toy chest I could do something special.

 I most likely will NOT REVIEW Green Granamyr, because he's exactly the red one, but green. Yes, I ended up getting one because my red one broke and it was $90 vs the $200+ that the secondary market is asking for red. This time I MAY OPEN April for real... I know it sounds cray cray, but I found the proper motivation to open her up... Or the motivation is on its way. It's not NECA turtles, cause that ship has sailed.

But yeah, for a Mattyless Black Friday, I got way too much stuff and if it hadn't been for the hurricane ruining the Electric Power here, I would've gotten a Switch with Super Mario Odyssey... Shoot! I forgot to buy a Barret or a Phoenix Wright... Oh well.

Nov 27, 2017

The upside of no More Mattycollector...

Is that Black Friday to Cyber Monday is not focused on them anymore. Waiting for Super7 REALLY Sucks, but with the waves already paid for and no MOTUC stuff drawing my attention, I can look at other toylines. Crap on a hat! I forgot to buy a Play Arts Kai FFVII BARRET!! Oh well, I'll have to wait a bit because I may have gone a bit overboard these past few days. I still have a few toys in the back burner... Yes, April O'Neil is among those. And if some of those figures get to my hands soon, I might do something special.

Feels kinda nice being able to look at other toylines, that are not Mattel.

Nov 22, 2017

Wanna know how you make me buy Transformers?

By making Street Fighter themed repaints.
Ryu is Optimus Prime. Bison is Megatron, Chun Li is Arcee and Ken is Hot Rod...
I know right? This is so stupid, wrong and a blatant cash grab...
I kinda want them... Just for the novelty factor. What's next Mortal Kombat Go-Bots?

Guess the Rurouni Kenshin new manga is cancelled...

With his creator being arrested with Child Pornography charges, seems highly unlikely that the new Kenshin manga will happen now...
It's kinda sad for Rurouni Kenshin fans that this new Arc is unlikely to happen, due to the circumstances surrounding the arrest, but since that's illegal and disturbing, he should pay for his crimes...

Seriously, what the Hell!? I'm afraid of waking up and finding who's the next to fall in these sex scandals...

Nov 21, 2017

Why is the DCEU struggling?

I can think of many reasons, but the DC Fanboys will not like it and call me names including Marvel fanboy and various slurs. Just don't. Accept reality: THE DCEU IS FLAWED and while some flaws could've been avoided, others weren't.
WB's desperation for Avengers money.
This one is easy to explain. Marvel spent some time creating a cinematic universe via their movies. Ironman, Thor, Captain America, etc. Were used to develop the key characters. Folks like Hawkeye or Black Widow were used as supporting characters in those movies and got similar roles on the Avengers. WB didn't use that approach so, they crammed everyone into Superman 2 now sharing title with Batman because MARTHA!! TO then shove more character development to folks that could carry their own movie into Justice League. IF WB had used the sensible approach of releasing a proper Flash movie, a proper Battfleck movie BEFORE MARTHA!! AND JL, Steppenwolf and Cyborg could've gotten a better deal for development.
Zack Snyder and his lack of understanding of what makes Superman, well, Superman.
I've said it multiple times and here I go Again:
Superman is supposed to be a beacon of hope. A paragon of good. A "new god" that inspires us to be better. A man who loves doing good because it's the right thing to do. We didn't get any of that with Snyder. We got a sullen, cold, distant, brooding Superbeing that can't even mention one good thing about Earth. Not every hero needs to be Batman. It wasn't until Whedon's meddling that we saw the TRUE Superman hidden within Henry Cavill.
Snyder's deconstruction of Superman and Batman (to an extent) harmed the DCEU... Wonder Woman wasn't as Snyderized and she had the better DCEU film. We could say that Snyder is the Bizarro world King Midas, that turns everything he touches into shit instead of gold.
Also, Snyder is awful at editing (and pacing a movie). The normal theatrical versions of his movies end up being a mess that the 4-6 hour extended edition fixes to an extent. This is made worse by
WB and their demands for runtime among other things.
The fans.
Yes, the fans have some blame as well. Blindly defending the movies and ignoring the flaws doesn't help getting the best version of the characters in the silver screen. Also, attacking those who point out the flaws in the movies makes the fans look like rabid fanboys, which is detrimental to a mature discussion.

In conclusion: staying true to the characters, pacing the movies in a logical way and focusing on telling good stories instead of playing catch-up with the competition would've made the DCEU great... And ditching Zack Snyder for a director that understands Superman a lot better.

First Mattyless Black Friday is coming...

And it feels a bit sad. For years, Black Friday/Cyber Monday was a bit of an event here at the House of Rants... Scareglow, A ton of DCUC, Sir Loser Lot and many others were catches from Black Friday deals... Yes, I forgot to mention Castle Friggin Grayskull!!

Super7's having a Black Friday on their physical store and partially online, but it's not MOTUC, so I don't care much about it. With the whole hurricane aftermath and 61th day without electricity, it kinda sucks for Black Friday because a couple of big retailers are still closed here... (not to mention that I also have to work on BOTH of my jobs that actually pay the bills. I'm not Rollin' in money with the House of Rants. I do this because I love you, but not in THAT way, or claim that I hate you...)

So in a way it's a good thing that Black Friday is going to be odd here, but I still miss the MOTUC Excitement!

Nov 20, 2017

I should've kept my foot off of that blasted samoflange.

By that reference you must have guessed that this involves Panthro somehow.
Sadly, Earle Hyman, voice of the OG Panthro has passed away. Dammit, Haley Joel!? Why can't you see some massive douches, or evil beings like say, Charles Manson... Wait, what do you mean by Charles Manson is dead!? Do you mean dead dead, or hoax dead? OK, Haley Joel, I'll give you that one, but still... Why did you have to see Panthro!?
All jokes aside, my condolences to Mr. Hyman's family.

Deadpool 2 dropped a teaser that I didn't notice until it popped up on my suggested views on YouTube...

Really? Bob Ross reference? At least it's better than the Rampage trailer...

Yes, there is a Rampage trailer...
LFeels less like Rampage than what I'd do, but it's more Rampage than I EXPECTED Hollywood to do...

Not sure if I WILL SEE IT, but it exists...

Do we REALLY NEED a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League?

No, We don't. Hardcore DCEU fans are clamoring for a Snyder cut of Justice League, claiming that Whedon ruined the film... Called it! A Zack Snyder cut will not save the movie. As it is, JL is getting better reviews than MARTHA!! We must also remember that Snyder left through production. Some sources say 85% done, others put the percentage closer to 50%. This means that Snyder left with an incomplete product. To ask for a Snyder cut now means either getting an incomplete movie, or one that might be "poisoned by Whedon's movie". Also, wasn't Whedon supposed to be working under some parameters set by Snyder, who had the final OK on things?

Basically the Snyder cut would be a more edgelord, humorless and darker version of JL. It would also be ridiculously long and beat you over the head with not so subtle symbolism...
Right now I'd rather have Whedon helming the DCEU...

Nov 18, 2017

The French Sailor Moon is a girl in ladybug spandex...

I'm talking about the Miraculous Ladybug.

That show...
I've seen like 4 episodes so far and I find it enjoyable, despite the cliches. If you've seen Sailor Moon or Power Rangers, you'll have a slight idea of what's with the cliches.
It's a French Magical Girl show where you have people being turned into supervillains by the main baddie who is most likely the dad of the "Tuxedo Kamen" of this show... Again, only seen 4 episodes of season one. Last year I had seen a few toys from this show when looking for custom fodder. It popped on my Netflix suggested shows feed and I started watching.

There is one thing that makes me giggle unintentionally... The way people are turned into villains... Akuma butterflies.
You can guess what my brain pictures every time the name Akuma is mentioned.

I wish I could do a more in depth review, but I still need to watch a bit more and I'd prefer to have power to make the review a bit better. It's far from perfect, but I do enjoy it a lot more than the Piss in Boots series... Autocorrect win right there.

Nov 16, 2017

Just us League: just saw it...

I was kinda wrong on my expectations... I kinda got son things but the rest it was wrong... More after the jump... Because spoilers

Just us League expectations

In a few hours I'll be watching Justice League set in the Suck Snyder vision.
Will it be good, will it be bad? I don't know yet. But here's what I expect:
The power vacuum created by Clark's death forces Bruce and Diana to form a team to stop threats. The issues with Enchantress and the Suicide Squad will be untouched. The appearance of Parademons Will speed up the recruitment process.We might get a Steppenwolf battle to be interrupted by Evil Clark. Lois being the key to Clark's redemption, which forces Barry to warn Brice in the past. This could mean that a Save Martha scene will happen but using Lois's name to trigger Supes. This will cause Clark to run away and leave the weakened League to beat Steppenwolf and crap their pants when Darkseid enters Earth and to be continued. The runtime will be padded by Snyder's not so subtle visuals that would make Hideo Kojima Say: Dude that's not subtle. Also by tons of Whedonese banter.
Let's see how right or wrong I will be when I watch: Challenge of the Superfriends.

Nov 15, 2017

The Loyal Subjects reeled me in again.

After being disappointed by the Dragon Ball Z figures by The Loyal Subjects, I got reeled in by Street Fighter... Even after swearing off TLS... I blame Storm Collectibles for making me crave Street Fighter stuff.
They have knee articulation... The males do, but the beautiful non existent QC from TLS has figures with frozen joints *cough* Guile *cough* and useless interchangeable hands *cough* Ryu *cough*.  Others have NO ACCESSORIES *cough* Chun Li, Blabla *cough*
Then we have the TLS stagnation issues. We've been through 4+ waves of MOTU repaints and no new characters. I can almost see the endless repaints with SF...
And that's without completing the remaining SFII roster. Not Super SFII, but plain vanilla SFII... In any case I have overpriced SFII Christmas tree ornaments now...
Yes, the heads fit MOTUC

There's fear and darkness all around Dog...

Normally I would make a jokey reference to whatever I'd be ranting about, but this time Dog the Bounty Hunter is having a hard time right now... But Beth is having it a lot harder, because of her throat cancer. Cancer sucks ass and I don't wish for anyone to get it, not even my worst enemies. Cancer is partially to blame for my orphan status, so you can understand my animosity towards it. While it's not much I can do, my best wishes to Beth and hopefully the scale will too to the side that she makes it. All I know is that Beth and Dog will not go down without a fight. Fight, Beth, FIGHT!! If not for yourself, for your family.

Nov 14, 2017

It came from the toy chest: I still don't get Hojo's plan.

I am of course talking about the making a Cetra with a long life span. The internet didn't disappoint and has shown me a lot of pictures of Hojo's plan in action. Yes I am talking about Aerith Rule 34 pics with Nanaki. Now that I mention Red XIII's real name, let's talk Nanaki. No he is not a crappy Anakin anagram. Nanaki is Nanaki.
Lion dog thing from FFVII that survives 500 years after the game. I gots me a figure of him. Let's talk Nanaki. (Fun fact: this figure was ordered way long after the Power Con ítems shipped. Seems like the PC figs are MIA, damn Maria. Bonus fact my first TV died when I reached Cosmo Canyon.)

The articulation is very similar to a MOTUC cat, but in a very Japanese way. Sadly, some of the joints are SUPER STIFF and I won't risk it. This is the part where someone tries to say that the Play Arts Kai Advent Children Red XIII is better. To them I reply: Cait Sith...
Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt is decent, for a Red XIII from FFVII and NOT Advent Children... There's no real difference other than Cait Sith. The AC Nanaki is a thousand miles better than the one I got, but Cait Sith. Just like AC Yuffie is better than VII Yuffie, but I bought the lesser Yuffie (and Tifa) the OG game look was a deciding factor... Or in this case...

Eallyray Igganay? I've been Mentioning the accessory throughout the whole review. It's HALF ANOTHER CHARACTER. The articulation on Cait Sith is very limited due to him being a small add-on (and that Play Arts didn't want to do the stuffed Moogle body.)  He comes with an extra hand without the Megaphone, which I won't try to swap due to this being an old figure from a discontinued line.

Red XIII and Cait Sith get a 4.0 as their final score. All that's left is Remake Barret and pray for a remake Cid. BTW, my FFVII Figures are still in storage, hence the lack of group shot.


Test your might... Test your might! And Funko is doing a Vintage MOTU styled MKX toyline. The hyper muscular build, the squatting pose... Hell, even the repainted and slightly customized Fright Zone used for the promo gives it away that these figures are "meant to play with" vintage MOTU.
OF ALL THE WTF WORTHY THINGS FUNKO COULD DO... Why this scale and style? Why not reAction style, or Modern Joe style 3.75" size? But if it floats your boat, January 2018 is the date when KOMBAT take can invade vintage Eternia.

Nov 13, 2017

Injustice 2 is getting heroes in a half shell...

Turtle Power!!!First Hellboy, now the TMNT!! I need electric power ASAP!!

Those Injustice 🐢 🐢 🐢🐢 are what the Turdles by Bay should have looked like.
It's been ages since the TMNT have graced a Fighting game.

Speaking of odd crossovers...

I can understand Akuma or Geese in Tekken, but Noctis? What the Hell!?
If Square and Namco are sobuddy buddies right now, how about bringing Monolithsoft to do a Xenogears Remake and connecting XS to XG as they were meant to be.

Nov 12, 2017

Battleship shrunk? What the Hell Hasbro!?

Got Battleship, the game, not the crappy Rhianna movie and I just noticed two things that bother me:
-grid is one row and column smaller. From the 10x10 grid of long ago we now have a 9x9.
-we have one less ship to sink.

This makes the game a lot easier. The 9x9 grid means that the carrier MUST TOUCH ONE OF THE CENTER SQUARES.  If you play it smart and begin to chop the arena into quadrants through the center, you WILL FIND the carrier. Now the crazy old timey strategy of huddling the ships close enough to trick the opponent into believing they sank your carrier and simply hit all of them once is no longer viable.
It's even worse when using the Unofficial Salvo rule.
I hope that operation is still as challenging as it used to be.

It came from the toy chest... Do not call him Meg...

Cause the Brothers from Rhode Island could sue. I am talking about the third party Transbots X Apollyon.
This figure IS "compatible" with certain Robots in disguise from Takara Tomy or Hasbro. It's not affiliated with any of those companies or products made by them. If it resembles a robot voiced by Fred from Scooby Doo, that's just a coinkydink.

So this NOT MEGATRON GRIFFIN is the fans answer to the MP Optimus Prime and the first Masterpiece Megatron. This figure being more Gee Wun accurate than the 2007 Megatron. The MP36 Megatron from 2017 would be a superior figure... That may or may not have taken a few pointers from the pluses and minuses of This figure.

So let's talk about the toy itself.
This is a mixed bag. He has very limited articulation in robot mode and when posing sometimes the transformation articulation points decide to interfere.
The hands are super expressive with the insane amount of articulation that each finger has.
And I wasted all of it to flip you off, my dear readers. The fingers are ULTRA FRAGILE, so be careful is an obvious remark. The hands alone would make any other figure earn the coveted five point oh. The rest of his body I have a few issues with. The arms and left leg being my main concerns. The elbows have very l.i.t.t.l.e. articulation and the leg tries to shift into gun mode far too often for my liking. Transformation can be a bit terrifying.
Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt resembles a certain robot in disguise, minus a certain purple insignia to avoid the lawyers of Hassenfeld Brotherhood.

The paint is mostly fine, aside a few bits where it's a bit sloppy (my Apollyon has its chest plate with a bit of slop.)

Right out of the bat I have to give him a 5.0 due to the sheer number of accessories.
Energy sword
Energy mace
Clone control helmet
Special Key item from an episode.
Purple Gun robot in gun mode
Alternate chest piece
Spare shoulder joints for possible repairs
The cannon/stock and silencer for gun mode.

Apollyon gets a 4.5 as his final score. For a third party toy, I'm impressed with the quality of it.
Still, with that said, I'm very afraid of transforming him too much. Sometimes it feels like he might break in mid transformation. Now where can I get some funky evil robot insignia?
Not my arm.

Nov 11, 2017

Hasbro is going after Mattel...

It has begun. The begining of the end for the House of Rants. I blame Neitlich, cause it's the joke answer. Now to have a dose of reality here. Hasbro taking interest in Mattel is for obvious reasons it starts with B and ends in arbie. Probably some board games that The bro does not have. Then there's MOTU. This could be a good or a bad thing... Wait, didn't I actually wrote a rant about this once? My fear still stands, but hopefully the bit of visibility that MOTU has gotten, will stop Hasbro from shelving the brand. Now I feel like less of a dick for buying an Apollyon instead of a Masterpiece Megatron. Now where can I find Decepticon insignia stickers...

But seriously, there COULD BE GOOD THINGS from this merger... For Hasbro. Wait... ML compatible DCUC... Holy ass crackers!

Will Ferrel as Reverse Flash!?

What in God's name are they smoking? I hope that rumor is false as Hell, cause I can't even...

See this as Reverse Flash.

Hell, I'd take Mel Gibson as Reverse Flash over Will Ferrell. Then again, at this rate I'd take JADEN SMITH over Will Ferrell.

Nov 10, 2017

Top 8 200X variants I'd want in MOTUC

Looks like it's time for another MOTUC list.
This time I'm tackling 200X cause Filmation already has too much stuff.
This list would be enough for 2 Super7 waves. I wanted to do 12, but it would be Overkill.

Let's get sweaty!

8: Prince Adam + Orko:
Yeah, right out of the bat I am cheating. But I'm not. This is a nod to the previous Prince Adam release. Adam would be a smaller figure (slim buck reusing some Modulok pieces) so adding Orko makes a bit of sense.

7: Teen Teela:
If Adam is a teen, then a teenaged Teela makes sense with the longer hair, skirt and slightly different top.

I know what you're thinking: "Merry, wouldn't that be Vanilla Beastman with a Preternia Loincloth and some shinguards." Yeah, but I want a wider Beastman with longer arms like Chooblah, and removable shinguards to "vintagize him" for those who'd be into that. Less man, more Beast.

5: Sorceress:
Yes, it's mostly to make Princess Sunbutt jokes and the fact that she looks different enough from vintage makes her interesting enough for me. (If you're into Filmation or the Neitlichverse, she can be a past Sorceress.)

You know I won't stop until I have all 3 main eras of the big two. Skeletor is different enough from vintage and Filmation to warrant it's own version.

3: Evil Lyn:
I want an Evil Lyn with a female version of The Faceless One's tunic. Is that too much to ask. Evil Lyn gets tired of raiding Teela's closet.

2: He-Man:
What part of Classicize the big two you don't understand?

1: Roboto:
Replacing the faulty Mattel Roboto is top priority. Having a Roboto with two interchangeable arms (as seen with Blast attack) and using the "vintage" MOTUC weapons we could have the WMD Roboto.

Now I know what you're thinking: who were the four that didn't make the cut this time?
Trap jaw

Nov 9, 2017

Odds and ends Nov 9, 2017

Magnum P.I. has lost Higgins. Mom would've been mildly miffed about this.
John Hillerman was best known for playing pompous characters, like the Major domo of the Robin's Nest, who may or may not be secretly Robin Masters. I recall Hillerman playing Higgins outside of Magnum P.I. but, I'm not 100% sure if true. My condolences to his family.

Smallvile's Allison Mack is allegedly involved in a sex scandal. Something about her being the number two in a sex cult. That sounds so much like the plot of a hentai anime than real life news. If you wanted another reason to hate Smallville, here you go.

A brand new Star Wars trilogy is coming?

I want to be cautiously optimistic about the new Trilogy, but last time we were offered a new Trilogy we got this:

There is plenty to worry about, but then again, there IS Rogue One...

Nov 8, 2017

JCVD vs JDF? Much more interesting than JDF vs Chicken Man Punk...

Colonel Guile tried to fight THE Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger in Méjico.

THE 57 year old Universal Soldier wanted to lock the 44 year old ass of THE Power Ranger.
Apparently this fight was 22 years in the making... Back in 1995 JCVD brushed off JDF at the premiere of Power Rangers the movie. In 2010, JCVD was looking for challengers for a real fight and JDF volunteered as tribute.

And last Saturday, JCVD decided it was time to d-d-d-d-duel! And I don't mean in Children's card games.

He tried to ambush JDF, who didn't back down and the Muscles from Brussels wimped out. I guess I was lucky that JCVD didn't kick my ass when I was 9 (or 10). Then again, the headline JCVD kicks 9 (or 10)-year old boy's ass for making a horrible Bloodsport impression would've made him look bad. Before you ask here's the story:
I was 9 or 10 and we were on a resort. I had seen Bloodsport and was super pumped about it. I was doing an impression of the scene where JCVD's character gets hit with the blinding powder and he's trying to focus in order to fight Bolo Yeung.
A man (that looked a lot like JCVD) with a weird accent starts laughing and clapping. The guy mentions Bloodsport as the answer to my impression. He pays my head and says something to my mom as he leaves with two other dudes, who I now believe were part of his security detail. I'm not sure if it was really him, but my Mom swore it was. Sadly that was before we had smartphones so there were no pics of that event. I want to believe that it was really him... Otherwise the whole JCVD could've kicked my ass if he's the massive douche that JDF claims JCVD is joke would not make any sense.

All jokes aside, I kinda want to see this fight happen... JCVD vs JDF, not JCVD vs me. He'd kick my ass so hard that the next me wannabe would feel it!

Nov 6, 2017

Disney could get the rights to X-MEN and Fantastic Four?

Don't play games with my heart like that...
Basically Fox wants to focus on "sports and news" and trim the fat by feeding it to the Mouse. This would allow Disney to get the rights to X-MEN and Fantastic Four through corporate greed... Normally, I would be against a takeover like that, but if it stops Tranktastic type of movies, or worse X-MEN origins type of movies, so be it... Also MCU F4 sounds delicious!

Please let this happen. Now I know what you're thinking. How to implement the F4 and X-MEN into the MCU? Simple: the sequel to infinity war could have, I don't know, the Third Olsen being corrupted by the reality gem and making a pseudo House of M/Onslaught/Heroes Reborn event to not only reboot the cast, but adding the missing children of Marvel into the fold. Boom! I could be a Hollywood writer!

It came from the Toy Chest: Forever lost in the Friendzone

Finally one of the Lords of the Friendzone has come out of the Toy Chest. I am talking of a kindred soul, the Eternally Lost Boy, the echo of a good fang. Half man, half bacon seed... I am talking, of course, of the closest thing to a nice guy in Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma 1/2... My homie Ryoga.

Who is he? Ranma's best friend and rival, who is cursed with the curse of the drowned piglet and a horrible sense of direction. Not to mention being as deep in the Friendzone as yours truly... Or Bow, or Jorah Mormont, or Severus Snape. No really, there is a Boulevard in the Friendzone with my name on it. I believe they are rechristening the public Library with my name as well. Well, Ryoga has an Avenue in the Friendzone with his name on it, a football stadium and a school as well. He's like:"How deep in the Friendzone am I? Bitch, I AM the Friendzone!!"

While he is madly in love with Akane's, he's socially awkward as heck. Having the curse of the drowned piglet doesn't help much.  But We shall not talk about P-Chan here, since this is the Ryoga review and he didn't come with P-Chan.

It's similar to that of Male Ranma's, though the shoulders seem to have a slightly better range. Posing for the Shishi Hokodan is impossible with his backpack. You can do it without it. If you buy the breaking stone effect you can complement the Bakusai Tenketsu.

Paint and Sculpt:
Much like Ranma and the others, the paint and Sculpt match the anime counterpart. Everything I've mentioned on Ranma's applies to Ryoga here.

Ryoga has MORE stuff than Ranma.
-Backpack with 2 top pieces (one with loops for the umbrella and one without the loops)
-His umbrella. Only in closed position, sadly.
-stand with an alternative piece to attach the backpack.
-3 extra faceplates
-13 extra hands, one is carrying a present for Akane.
5.0 is fair enough for him. I would've preferred an extra umbrella and P-Chan, but it is what it is.

5.0 is The final score for Ryoga. I still wish we could've gotten a bit more stuff, but he has plenty and is a pretty well made figure. Most of my Ranma wants have been made. I just need a few more...

Justice League is less than two weeks away...

If I say that I'm not afraid, I'd be lying. This is a VERY IMPORTANT MOMENT IN GEEK HISTORY. This is THE JUSTICE LEAGUE we're talking about. THE superhero team. We got a glimpse of the League, or at least Zack Snyder's (very misguided) vision of the Holy Trinity of Superheroes.
We have the whole Whedon tag-teaming with Snyder to finish the movie, due to personal reasons forcing Snyder to quit.

I am worried, because I fear studio interference (if the rumors about DC being rightfully disappointed in Snyder's vision), the universe already is suffering a retcon, the Wonder Woman movie and its sequel are working on retconning some of the WW related BS from Snyder. Flashpoint (that's the title for The Flash's movie and will deal with the Flashpoint Paradox) is another soft retcon. I also fear Underwater Khal Drogo. Jason Momoa may be a cool guy in real life, but his Acting can be a bit one-dimensional.

I already ate crow with Gadot, so if I have to eat Crow with AquaMomoa, so be it.
10-ish days... Can't see Thor Ragnarok since the friggin 🐁 decided to delay the release in PR blaming the Hurricane.

Nov 5, 2017

Odds and ends Nov. 5 2017. Hobbitses and things.

You like Lord of the Rings? Well WB and Amazon are going to make a Lord of the Ring$ TV series. Beating a dead horse, milking a cashcow dry...

I hate Nintendo so much right now. Got an eShop card to buy the Ace Attorney Trilogy but I can't use the WiFi at work, both of them. I can't use the WiFi at BK, McD, Wendy's, or the mall. I HAVE TO WAIT until Power is restored and I can use my internet connection AT HOME to buy the game. It won't even let me use my phone's hotspot mode. Gosh darn it!

Oh.No. Steven Seagal is now being accused of being a sexual harasser. Which, I'm like "Dude, I thought everyone already knew that."
Никто не обвиняет товарища Сигала

No, really, how is it that people still don't know that Comrade Seagal is a bit of a creep (whose movies I enjoy)

Llooks like the Fast/Furious execs chose The Rock over Tyrese in the theoretical scenario that the latter had set up. Now Tyrese is The Rock's new bestie after his stunt backfired. Eh, it was expected.

Nov 4, 2017

Odds and ends November 4th 2017

Apparently, a dear reader of the house of rants is now working for Entertainment Earth... Which means I can now order stuff from Loot Crate without any repercussions from a certain employee who hates my guts. Not even a full year? In any case, good luck to that person in this new business venture.

Seth McFarlane might be the Nostradamus of Hollywood sex scandals. 3 times he has referenced stuff before it officially became public. Not much to say here. Wonder if someone will say Simpsons did it...

Beyoncé is now Nala? Aw Hell Naw. So many other women who can actually act... But no, they had to pick Beyoncé

Nov 3, 2017

Plop! Exijo una explicación! Condorito la película la diatriba.

I have seen Condorito la película...
For those of ye who are put of the loop I vaguely discussed Condorito in a past rant.
So,I saw the movie... It was worse than I expected and my expectations were REALLY LOW. I mean The Room low. First things first: most of the cast (that I could fond info) is Chilean, which is perfect since Condorito IS A CHILEAN COMIC... But why oh why is the main character (who is supposed to be Chilean) voiced by a Mexican actor with a Mexican accent using Mexican lingo when he's playing a Chilean character. That's like having a Texan playing a Canadian and using Texan lingo instead of Canadian English, eh.

Now that that's out of the way let's talk the movie. It's bad but it's good.
The main problem with the movie is that it dragged far too long with a story that was paper thin and riddled with clichés. The narration at the beginning captures the look of the magazines with the tri-color art, but that's about the only positive thin I can think about... No wait, some shots have funny things happening in the background, just likevthr magazines. There are plenty of Easter eggs to eagle eyed fans (pun not intended). The main story is where it fails. Condorito accidentally gets his mother-in-law kidnapped by aliens and must find a McGuffin to save her from the aliens. Big surprise, the villain doesn't keep his end of the bargain and he must save his Mother-in-law and the earth from the evil aliens. Then there's the sub plot of Condorito's friends trying to stop Pepe Cortisona (Condorito's nemesis) from getting into Yayita's pants. For a strip that is based on self-contained stories told in a single page, the plot drags on for far too long. Jokes are hit or miss with a 50-50 ratio.

A sketch show format would've been better suited than a 90-ish minutes movie. Also, this is the last time I'll go to the cinema wearing a red shirt, ratty black jeans and sandals. My unintentional cosplay game is on point.

Nov 2, 2017

Jumping Jehosaphat! It's already November!?

It feels like an eternity since I had power of the electric kind... Not really whining about that, just pointing out that Christmas is coming and right now all I want for Christmas is to have electricity.

No, I will not comment on the Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman alleged sexually assaulting people many years ago. While they apologized for the issues, we were NOT there, so we cannot say who is guilty of either assault or lying about it. In The court of Public Opinion the accused is guilty until proven innocent screw justice, we need to make examples out of people. Sexual Assault IS BAD. Until they are declared guilty on a court of Law, I will not contribute to the lunch mob. If they are guilty then throw the book at them.

I shall not comment on the "issue" about Brian Cranston saying that he doesn't want Donald Trump to fail. I kinda said the same thing in January. I come from the same POV as Cranston. I don't like the guy, but he's the President. Just because I don't like him, I don't want him to fail so badly that he screws America over. I acknowledged that Mistakes WILL BE MADE, because of his inexperience and we ARE seeing some of those mistakes. Hopefully he will not screw America in the long run. Being militant to a party over country screws over the country. I know because that's part of what has screwed over Puerto Rico.  Incompetent politicians with greasy palms putting Party over the island's well-being.

What I'll comment on is:
Someone at Osama Bin Laden's compound loved Detective Conan and hentai. It IS kinda funny knowing that a super terrorist cannot resist the power of hentai. Oh great there's the new anti-hentai slogan... Hentai, it will turn your son into a terrorist... And a pervert.

Have you ever wondered how did you fall for someone when you don't have a friggin clue about it? Well it has happened to me a few times. Well, I was hanging with a friend who is female, when I decided to check Facebook. That's when I see a pic of a TV star from the 90s and I drop my phone. She looks at me with a WTF expression. She says that it seems like I've seen a ghost. So I give her my phone with the pic of said tv star and she too looks like she's seen a ghost. "Who's that and why does she look like an older version of *name redacted*?" She said. As I was explaining, I came to the realization that the reason I fell for *name redacted* was my subconscious using her as a proxy for the character the TV star played on that show. (No, I'm not mentioning the show because that would give her away and I don't want my female and gay fans harassing her or sending death threats for breaking my achy breaky heart.) But if the reason I fell for her was because she looks like the daughter of said character, then we're my feelings for her real? Or were they all a mirage created by my subconscious in order to pursue an impossible dream of my preteen crush on said actress/character? Now I am riddled with guilt because I fear my feelings were a lie. The idea that my subconscious was using her makes me feel like a creep... I know I LOVEd her, I now wish I hadn't realized the possibility that my subconscious found an acceptable facsimile of TV star...

Now if the Power-Con figures were to arrive sometime next week, I'd be a happy camper.

Tyrese is quitting the Fast/Furious Franchise. He's in a feud with another castmate and he has placed an ultimatum: either the jabroni-beating, la-la-la-la pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow raising step off the break, put your foot on the gas, always ready to whoop some ass, People's Champ, The Rock leaves Fast or Tyrese walks...