Feb 29, 2020

Henry Cavill should NOT play Wolverine

There is a rumor about Henry Cavill playing the role of Logan in Captain Marvel 2. I'm literally praying that these rumors are false.  There are two reasons for this.

Recent number one is the most obvious one:

I don't want anything interfering with him playing Geralt of Rivia. And Wolverine would be lile playing a non-magical diet Geralt.

 Reason number two is that there is a better role in the MCU for him than Wolverine...
 Seriously, think about it.
 He has the right build play Scott Summers. He has this sort of Prince Charming appeal that Cyclops should have...
Because there is a reason why Wolverine called him pretty boy.  He also projects this boy-scout aura, but at the same time a huge aura of smugness and douchebaggery that is Cyclops.

Also there's the whole big-name playing Wolverine, which would detract from the character. People are going to see the actor and not the character. With Cyclops you can get away with a bigger name actor, because his face his half-covered all the time. Whethwr with normal RQ glasses, or his Heroic RQ Visor, half his face is always covered. Not to mention that Cavill is really skilled at non-verbal performances, something needed for a "seemingly stiff" character as Cyclops.

But, In any case, he will do a nice job... there are no MARTHAS in X-Men...

Feb 28, 2020

My top pet peeves with Marvel Legends.

Marvel Legends is a kickass toyline for the most part. But it's not a Perfect line. (Then again a perfect Toyline doesn't exist.)
Here's  a hopefully small list of things that bug me about it:

Non-standard neck pegs:
 This is a big pet peeve of mine:  I'm not asking for Electra's head to fit on a Venom body. But it sucks to have a Wolverine head that doesn't fit in another Wolverine body... *cough* Old Man Logan *cough*.  Or having a Johnny Storm head that doesn't fit the Human Torch body or vice versa. Or even worse, Agent Carter's head fitting Spider-Man...
Standardized neck pegs and head holes makes it easier for hasbro and the customizer.

Breast reduction on big chested characters:
For the most part Hasbro has done decently in this area. Sadly, in certain characters, they have used far smaller chests than the character is known for.  The biggest offenders so far are Emma Frost and Psylocke.
When Psylocke's breasts look almost as big as Kitty Pryde's, you messed up Psylocke. And I better make this clear in order to avoid complaints about "ObJeCtIfIyNg FiCtIoNaL cHaRaCtErS" or "YoU jUsT wAnT tO fAp To ThEm"
Certain characters like Marvel's Psylocke, Emma Frost, DC's Power Girl, Capcom's Morrigan, SNK's Mai Shiranui, and most of the females from Tecmo's Dead or Alive are known for their larger bust size. From a character accuracy POV, making these with smaller breasts is inaccurate to the source. The same can be said for characters with smaller bust size getting figures with larger breasts.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Lack of necessary hands:
There's nothing worse like having a spider person that cannot be Post in wall crawling poses because they have no wall crawling hands. Looking mostly at Spider-females or people who are not Peter Parker.
Spider-Man needs a minimum three sets of hands:
Fists, wall crawling, web shooting.
Heck I'd say almost all characters need at least three sets of hands. Most characters can get away with these 3:
Punch, Grip, Character signature hand pose.
 for example Reed Richards:
Punching and gripping work as basic hands. The thord pair is easily, the stretchy fingers from the new Reed.
Cyclops would need 2  optic Blast hands.
Namor, Johnny Storm, Quicksilver's third set is the flat hand.
For Gambit, instead of the Punching hands, use a Card holding set and a card tossing set.
Nothing sucks more than being unable to recreate a character key post because you like the appropriate hands.
*cough*all the psychics*cough*

Characters Lacking Key accessories:
How do you release a Ghost Rider WITHOUT A BIKE, or a Goblin without a Glider... or Cannonball WITHOUT LEGS!!
Especially when there are no plans for those missing items?

Lack of articulation on female figures:
I'm not asking that every single female figure has to have toy Biz levels of articulation, but if your character is a ninja or a female spider person she needs to be able to pull off every single move that Spider-Man can pull off.

Heh! The list was shorter than I expected. Well that is if I a if I don't get in character specific rants like: "oh God not another (Wolverine, Tony, Cap, Spidey) variant..." or "where the Hell is Firestar! I needs my Amazing Friends!"

Feb 27, 2020

Random Super7 thoughts:

With another NY Toy Fair done, and getting some reveals fir Super7, some thoughts have been hitting the back of my head... not all of them are Doom and Gloom.

On a walkthrough video with Pixel Dan B-Flynn from Super 7 revealed some bits of news:
Bebop is getting a second head:
This is excellent news for fans who are not into the Vintage accurate pink head. I'm glad that they are Listening to CUSTOMER reactions and attempting to correct these issues on a case by case basis. I'm still not a fan of the vintage toy Shredder head, but with the Bebop issue, I respect them a bit more. (And not mind that Toy head as much.)

Sadly, it's highly probable that Mutagen Man will not hold any liquid. This is in part due to the articulation of the figure. The way mother and articulation is engineered the bags that hold the shoulders and the legs go inside towards the Torso, while the original figure had pegs that went outside towards the arms and legs.
It's a shame says if he can't hold any liquid most of his accessories are useless. How can you have floating things inside his tank body if his tank body can not hold any liquid?
Hell, I'm not even sure how Leg articulation will work on him.

B-Flynn did say something that is either good or problematic. He's into the obscure guys. He mentioned that he "will tackle the core folks" but Filmation He-Man line begs to differ. I'm not against getting the obscure guys. The issue lies with Super7 having a limited window with th licenses. And things may get complicated if delays occur.  speaking on hypothetical terms: Let's Pretend there are to more waves of Thundercats left:
We get: Wilykat, Hachiman, Chilla, and Ratar-O for one wave. Then we get: Snarf, Bengali, Hammerhand, and Mongor as the final wave. No Monkian, or Vultureman anf no Lynx-O to complete the mutants and cats. Hell we have a Chilla  without the rest of the Lunattaks.

 same thing could apply to the turtles. What's the point of Getting Mondo Gecko and Panda Khan if we don't have Casey and April. Or Rhazar and Groundchuck without Rocksteady and Krang. Again, look at the Filmation line. No Leech, but we have Modulok. No Ram Man but we have Kittrina.

Could you imagine if we had that Ghostbusters line that never had a Spengler? That's the fear some collectors have when oddities begin to show up far too often.

I'm hoping that they learned from the mistakes with the He-man line and that the pacing is improved.

Seriously, how awesome these "PLAYS WITH MOTUC" Thundercats and TMNT would look with He-Man fighting Mumm-Ra, the Foot, and Skeletor at Snake Mountain...
This thought is what makes the fears and doubts  with Super7 all worth it...

Top 30 Most wanted Marvel Legends post NYTF reveals:

The NYTF Marvel Legends reveal fills up a few of my most wanted characters... but there are still some missing, so here I am unsubtly campaigning for characters.
30 characters not made by Hasbro. They won't be listed in order of desire, let's begin!
30-27: Power Pack:
I've been pushing for anything related to power pack ever since the infancy of this blog. And many times I try to sneak in power pack into Marvel Legends list so let's get them out of the way.

We have Spider-Man, we have Iceman... we need Firestar!!
I bought the Marvel Universe spider friends set for a reason... actually I spider friends Amazon exclusive 3 pack would be kind of cool.

25: Lilandra:
Having her head with Mystique is not enough. Charles needs a Lilandra, period. Also, it makes no sense having Gladiator without his Empress.

24:Alistair Smythe, the Ultimate Spider-Slayer:
Since we are getting a Spider-Man retro line inspired by the 90's animated series this figure would make sense.

23:Lady Deathstrike:
We need a brand new Lady Deathstrike to replace the horrible ToyBiz figure. And it's a not so subtle push to get more reverse as well.

22:The Mandarin:
If there's a non-Tony Stark character that could push a retro Iron Man wave would be the Mandarin. Also we need something to replace a horrible toybiz figure.

You cannot mention replacing a toy this figures and not mention Toad. He's horribly articulated and completely out of scale.

Little by little we have been completing Carnage's crew and she is needed to complete the team.

21: General Ross:
While we kind of do have a version of him, I'm interested in a classic version of The General. By that I mean a nun Red Hulk version of Gen. Ross.

20:Bruce Banner:
Like Ross, we need a COMIC BOOK version of Banner... for obvious reasons and one of them is that most of the batter but could be reused on a Curt Connors.

19:Rick Jones:
Adding Rick to the list because he has been a sidekick to both Hulk and Cap. Not to mention that the upcoming Mar-Vell has a connection to Jones.

18:Genis Vell:
Since we are getting his late father, we should get Genis. He's literally a new head on the Mar-Vell body.

17:Madame Web:
ToyBiz made one in their pre-ML era... that's reason enough.

16:Scorpia: (not the She-Ra one)
With Female Beetle and White Rabbit avaliable, I can see a Sinister Syndicate forming

15:Lady Ock:
I've been wanting one for a long time and she would be another asset for the Sinister syndicate. I would love if she got a second head with the 90s purple hairstyle.

14:J.Jonah Jameson:
Hasbro you have seen bunch of custom J. Jonah Jameson figures that have been made using the MCU klaw... give us an official one.

If you didn't get the ye olde Marvel Select Uatu, you're shit out of luck... like me. We need to fix that.

Hasbro is never going to make Mephisto. But using it the build a figure bodies they acquired throughout the years they could make a suitable Blackheart... and yes the reason I want black heart is not to have a Ghost Rider villain but to have the Marvel Superheroes roster.

11:Shuma Gorath:
Ancient Eldritch villain, enemy of Doctor Strange... nah!
Being part of the Marvel Super Heroes roster is why I want him. Also how did he end up in the Marvel Superheroes roster in the first place... ah, hentai... Got it!

10:Baron Mordo:(the comic version)
Other than Dormammu Baron Mordo is One of the top 4 Doctor Strange villains. (The others being Nightmare and Mephisto)

I don't like Riri, but with the younger "replacements" having figures, she's an important gap that needs to be filled.

There was a Bi-beast prototype from the Hasbro dark ages floating around the internet. Now that the hospital has better sculpting and actual Hulk parts to do justice to the character we should get another chance at  Bi-beast. And before anyone mentions that I said no Hasbro re-dos. Bi-beast was not released officially, so he counts.

7:The Russian:
He could reuse most of Sandman BAF parts. Also, Frank needs someone to punish...

The founder of the Frightful Four should be made because we have plenty of charactwrs who have been part of the team, except the one who has been pretty much in all of them.

While the Toybiz figure it's good, Hasbro has kicked ass with their updates. I want to see what they can do with him.

4:Whiplash:(comic version)
He also would help the vintage Iron Man wave. And after getting the MCU one, we need a comic version.

The demonic Lilith spawn that fought Danny Ketch as Ghost Rider. Most recently, he got tortured by the Superior Spider-Man. I also had the Pre-ML figure from ToyBiz.

He's the last figure of Team Maximum Carnage...

1:Nova: (The Galactus Herald)
A supporting character for both Silver Surfer and the F4. Pretty easy to make for Hasbro.

Honorable Mentions:
Phage, who is basically a Yellow Carnage repaint with spiky arms and legs.
Riot, who is a Venom repaint with a new head.
Agony, who is a scream repaint with a new head.

This list is long but it's not over yet!! I haven't touched Repaint/part swap (no new parts) rereleases... here's 20 of them!

20:Kingpin Animated series repaint:
Perfectly suited for the Retro series Spider-Man wave. This is literally the Kingpin build-a-figure but with blue pants.

19: Electro classic colors:
The previously-released electro figure is a great rendition of his modern look. We need a classic look with the yellow trunks and green tights.

18:  full water mode Hydro man:
We have a full sand mode Sandman from the raft box set. It makes sense to have a full water mold Hydro man as well.

17: classic Uniform Johnny Storm:
Super skrull Wave gave us a modern Johnny. We need a classic Johnny for the Walgreens F4.

16: Ben Reilly Spider-Man:
 we're getting a brand new body for normal Spider-Man in the Retro wave. Spider-Man should get a new release with that new torso.

15: Invisible invisible woman:
Have her come with 2 heads so you can have her in the nodern set or classic set.

14: Classic US Agent:
Perfect for a Retro wave. He'd be a literal Repaint of Captain America.

13: Cannonball: with legs
Paladin's legs with different boots seal the deal. Make it so, Hasbro!

12: Shadow King:
Hasbro has all the pieces to make this figure. That Kingpin body the monster Venom hands and the Shadow King head.

11: Rhino:
A 5 year old BAF could use a rerelease, especially if done in a more accurate grey. (If they gave us a rerelease of Monster venom, which is less old than Rhino) They could also paint the missing Rhino eyes that weren't sculptrd on the classic head.

10: classic colors Shocker:
They have all the pieces to do so maybe swapping their boots for Shaman's to complete the look but, he's doable.

9: Classic Dr. STRANGE:
 this is one figures that Hasbro owes us. We got the modern black and red STRANGE; well we need the blue yellow black STRANGE... yes this would require a new skirt these but they can totally do that do that especially since some of these "repaints" end up getting a new piece or two.

8: Cable: Blue and Yellow suit
By combining parts from Juggernaut Cable and Sasquatch Cable, the blue and yellow cable popularized by late 90s media and Marvel versus Capcom 2 can be made.

7: Superior Spider-Man:
With the new improved Superior octopus body, we need to take the inferior superior Spider-Man make him Superior Superior. Maybe thoughts in an Elliot Tolliver head to make him slightly more appealing. Yes I'm aware that head goes with Superior octopus not necessary superior Spider-Man but it's better than yet another Peter Parker head.

6:Feral Wolverine:
 by combining brown stripe Wolverine, Weapon X feral Wolvwrine head, the X-love triangle three pack Wolverine bone claws, and Jackal feet, you can get the feral Wolverine after Magneto ripped his adamantium and the Genesis failed to reattach it.

5:Apocalypse Classic colors:
 the recent build a figure that we got of Apocalypse was pretty good...  sadly he was in the modern colors. If he were re-released in classic colors I'm pretty sure people would flock to him! If a matching 12-inch scale figure was released as well (for THE 12-inch line) fans would get him as well for the 6-inch line too... but that's a different rant for a different day.

4:Captain America:(Brighter colors)
Taking the 80th anniversary Captain America and giving him the Vintage retro wave colors.

3: Ionic Wonder Man:
 I wouldn't release him on his phone I would make him a part of a box set  but it is a decent variant for Wonder Man

2:Rogue: 90s cartoon colors.
It's a nice way to refresh date now hard to find Rogue

He was a Disguise for Chameleon, but he deserves a proper figure with proper pinstripe suit.

Honorable mentions:
Dr. Doom in brighter retro colors
Symbiote Spidey

Feb 26, 2020

When you can't make Top Gun toys because of Stupid Ass Tom Cruise...

Mattel, in their everlasting Wisdom got the License to make Top Gun Toys. You know the movie starring the closeted Scientologist midget (who is as tall as me) that is afraid of Funko Pops stealing his likeness... you know the movie that is very very very very very gay for a straight movie... with all thise sweaty shirtless men playing Volleyball... RUN THOMAS! DON'T LET THE GAY THOUGHTS CATCH YOU!

Mattel just spent God knows how much money in getting the Top Gun license to do Matchbox vehicles... I mean it's not like Matchbox could have gotten the licenses to do the actual military plane that appear in the movies without having to get the top gun license. Just because it'll say Top Gun in the card does not automatically mean that they will sell. But Mattel has to Mattel... seriously not that logic sometimes reminds me of Matt Damon...

Feb 23, 2020

More Marvel Legends reveals. Wallet has committed sudoku

There  I've been a lot more reveals.
X-Men movie figures are coming:
Yes that includes Ryan Reynolds Deadpool that includes McAvoy Xavier and others...
There is a wave based on the Square Enix Avengers game:
It also has Game Ironman, Game Ms. Marvel, and Game Captain Hockeypads. The BAF is Abomination.

The Age of Apocalypse has been revealed in its entirety and it actually HAS Sugar Man as the BAF.

We are getting another Target exclusive: Giant Size X-Men Storm... or for gamers: Konami X-Men arcade game Storm.

It seems the toy gods have heard my prayers. A Peter Parker action figure with camera and an extra half Spidey face half Peter face spider sense head. I'll probably be using the Peter Parker has from the Mary Jane two pack on him...  but wait there's more!
 we get a brand new Spidey based on the Animated Series...
Your eyes are not deceiving you that's a true blue Marvel Legends Gwen Stacy... in her death suit. Wait a spare Mary Jane had to use on the previously released Mary Jane figure. I hope we can get a more classic Green Goblin release as well with a Norman Osborn  second head. A normal Norman Osborn head not the O-face Norman from Sins Past.

I bet more stuff would be revealed during the weekend but I have to cut this short my cheeks have gotten numb...

NECA's Turtley rape of your wallet...

They are gunning for your wallet, badly...
I couldn't steal a picture of fly Baxter but he is coming for the cartoon line. A Target exclusive line I have no access to it unless I pay scalper prices. Krang's Android body looks super awesome, we're getting Rock Warriors and triceratons as well.
And Master Splinter as well... I expect to see future Turtles in Time repaints of many of these characters...

Supposedly Walmart is going to be getting some TMNT exclusives as well.  while I have Walmarts nearby my luck with their exclusive has been pretty much rotten...
Trench coat Raphael who may or may not be coming with Casey Jones in a two pack... and yes to the right of them or is it left? Well from their perspective left from my perspective right... Tokka and Rhazar!!!  I hope they come with pre-fight donuts...

Last but not least in this Turtley Awesome wallet raping:

Kevin Nash!!!
It's common knowledge that wrestling leg and Kevin Nash played the role of Shredder in Secret of the Ooze... or at least he did when Shredder became Super Shredder!

They also showed some non turtle related stuff but I personally don't care about most of it. I know they showed some Marty McFly's but I'm not sure if they are action figures with plastic clothing or if they're with actual clothing, like MEGO...

But there was one thing that caught my attention that wasn't Turtle related by Neca:

Might want to just started quoting Tom Holland and it hasn't seen what's coming with Marvel Legends..

Super7 showed Thundercats wave 3... Siiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Latin American fans of Thundercats already figured out one of the releases by reading the title of this rant...
Super7 va a hacer al puto Reptilio... Siiiiiiiiiii!!

Sorry, my Latino suddenly popped up. But here's the reveals:

Slythe, we are getting freaking Slythe! Not Vulture man, nit Monkian, who are a lot "easier to make" with existing parts, but Freaking Slythe!!!! Siiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
He will have a second head!! I *KNOW*  I'm getting him.

 Next character is an important one but I will not be getting him: Jaga.

It's quite simple actually,  I skipped Grune, therefore I have no need for a Jaga in Living colors. Now had he been in the blue and grayish ghost of Jaga colors..

I would get him. Now if Super7 makes a pack of all the naked Thundercats then I need to get an "alive" Jaga.

The next figure I would have had to probably buy two of them if Mom was still around. Her favorite Thundercat is being made and we're a Snarf short of completing the Core characters.
 Yes we are getting Cheetara!! She also has a second running head... Super 7 please don't fuck her up please don't fuck her up!!

The last character is Captain Peg warmer... I mean Captain Saltine American!
He's being in like three episodes and two of them if I recall correctly involve Mandora the evil chaser. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel and we haven't even gotten Bengali yet... With all the much better characters available, they pick HIM!? This is Nepthu bad...

Feb 22, 2020

Hell has frozen over: Todd McFarlane has made a "super articulated" Spawn.

have to put Super Articulated in quotation marks because McFarlane...
We have seen the super articulation failing in the Doomguy. While the articulation is a bit better on the DC figures,  it's not up to par with other modern action figure lines. So until we can get the spawn in hand we will not know how well articulated the figure is.
Ladies and gentlemen here is your Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn...

Please tell me that you caught the one main issue I have with this release...
  McFarlane Toys, a toy company owned by Todd McFarlane; who is also the creator of Todd McFarlane's Spawn who should have no trouble whatsoever in making Spawn toys...  Makes a Spawn figure for the licensed Mortal Kombat 11 line I couldn't reveal the figure until everything was cleared with the licensor... in this case netherrealm Studios who got access to the spawn license from Todd McFarlane to add Spawn into the game...

That's 31 Flavors of messed up... it's also a bit sad that McFarlane couldn't make a Spawn toy in a Spawn line despite owning Spawn.

The figure doesn't look bad for a McFarlane toy... as a matter of fact that the most dynamic posing for a McFarlane figure I have ever seen!!

More Hasbro "leaks" Joes, Legends, and...

Other stuff... like a Revival of the Kenner Real Ghostbusters line and movie versions of the figures that may be compatible with the Kenner figures.  well I will not collect these it's pretty cool that they're launching a commemorative Kenner line. And for those who still have the original Kenner toys now they can have something that they've always during which is movie versions of their toys.

There's also a Marvel Legends styled line of first movie Ghostbusters.  Unenthusiastic yippee... I mean we got the Mattel Line from 10 years back, diamond select gave us seven in versions of both movie and real Ghostbusters... another 6-inch movie line is meh for me. There could be potential for custom fodfer if the proton packs are removable.  We also get a Gozer, which I must say it's kind of cool.

Stop lying, Zuul! There is a Dana, but YOU ARE THE BAF!!

On the MARVEL LEGENDS area, my Wallet FINALLY gets a break! Stupid Venomized wave is stupid.
Red Hulk is a Target exclusive which means I won't be able to get him unless I spend extra money to buy in from third parties. They're also re-releasing monster Venom in Eddie colors. I find out about this when I start Bell repainting the monster Venom into an Eddie Venom damn it!

Now all we have to do is wait for it toys for to officially start and we can get official images on these Anna may be something more morphinominal.

Before I forget:

The Joes have gotten the Fork Knife treatment... and after that Snake Eyes showed so much potential.
 DON'T get me wrong: They're not horrible. it's just that the redesign don't feel like they captured the characters. There are elements of the character that you can use to easily identify them but they feel off.
 let's use Roadblock as an example: He is obviously inspired by the second version of Roadblock, but he feels off.
Same thing with Scarlett. She's obviously inspired by her Resolute Version, but not quite there.

I'm not asking for them to redo A Real American Hero, but everyone knows that would be their biggest seller if they do 6-inch A Real American Hero. These are possible but they would require some serious repainting in order to make them good.

Duke was leaked as well and for the most part, he looks OK. I'm worried he's also wearing Shiny metallic shinguards and kneepads.

Feb 21, 2020

MOTU weapon prop replicas!? Even Mom would've gotten into that.

With Scott Neitlich out of the picture, it almost seems like MOTU us thriving a lot better. Why do I say this? Despite Classics dying, which is a sad event, and I thank the Douche Canoe Toyguru for it, MOTU is getting a comeback bigger than before: comic books, retail toylines, 2 Cartoon series, "a live action movie"... Now we're getting 1:1 Prop Replicas. Something that The Toyguru claimed it would be impossible!
We're going to get scaled replicas, Metal Miniatures, and 1:1 replicas. This is possible thanks to Factory Entertainment getting the MOTU License for making props.

The 1:1 items are the thing I'm most curious about...
All I can think of is the Power sword, Skeletor's 200X dueling blades, Tri-Klops and Fisto's swords (vintage for TK and 200X for Poing Supercombat) THE Axe would be cool as well...

I wonder what the "scaled props" are...
I suppose we'll get more info after toy fair but holy crap we could potentially be getting an official metal replica of the power sword!!

What would'ya like to see?

Feb 20, 2020

TMNT curveballs that Super7 could throw at us.

I know NYTF is this weekend and "it's Thundercats' turn" for reveals. Problem is that Thundercats is a pretty predictable set. They will not waste Budget on characters like the Berserkers and if we see a Lunattak, it won't be Tug Mug or Amok. We know Jaga and Wilykat are sculpted, not to mention we saw a test shot of Wilykit back in wave 2... do the math.

 with the TMNT we already know 6 characters that are missing:
Donatello, Michelangelo, Casey Jones, April O'Neil, Rocksteady, Krang.
Theoretically speaking we have two bad guy slots to fill.

The obvious choices would be:
Leatherhead, Slash, Tokka, Rhazar, Gen. Traag, Rat King, Super Shredder.
If you're going to say that these choices are based on turtles in time you're correct.

 But we're not here for those guys.  we're going to scout the Vintage TMNT Toy Museum and pick the oddballs just like Mutagen Man was picked.

But picking "just bad guys" is too easy. I will look at the characters whether good or bad and a pick them just because they are out there choices. This puts Metalhead, Usagi, and the Punk Frogs out of the list.  Even if all of those would be cool to have.  I will also avoid the human characters who are based from the cartoon but ended up having toys. (Vernon, Burne, Irma... I like them but not I have to pay $135 for all 3 want them...)

Pizzaface: From the same wave as Mutagen Man we have Pizzaface. I know it's a walking stereotype of an Italian pizza Chef, but look at him! He has a pizza peg leg and his giant Cleaver weapon can also be used as a peg leg... he's like a Bizarro world trapjaw.

Muckman & Joe Eyeball: Still stuck in 1990 wave, but come on! This wave has some of the best freaks and it has a bit of a meta-joke in itself. Just ask Super 7 has made He-Man and Conan, they also made it Toxie from the Toxic Avenger... and Muckman is basically a homage to the Toxic Avenger.

Mondo Gecko: He has a cult following. Also he's a freaking skateboarding lizard! But knowing my luck chances are we get Ace Duck before we get MG.

I'm curious how the four horsemen with articulate Wyrm's tentacle leg!

Sgt. Bananas: It's a Military Gorilla... with a Lemur Sidekick...  it's incredibly ridiculous I'm completely unexpected...  it's right up Super7's alley.

Merdude: I honestly don't care about this character, buuuut it's a half monster half male mermaid... uh thing! It's the kind of weird freak that super7 would love to toss in.

Scale tail: Giant Cobra dude...  need I add more?

Hothead:  it's a freaking Chinese Dragon dude! That makes them by default an interesting pick.

Mona Lisa: Just to have bragging rights over NECA's Toon line. I know I said I would have avoided cartoon characters but to be fair she was in a normal lineup... and she send on human so she gets a pass.

Of course the biggest curveball they can throw at us is Krang's Android body

Feb 19, 2020

Odds and ends Feb.19, 2020: Random thoughts

The Sonic Redesign is now a double edged sword. It WORKED on Sonic's case (aside the studio that animated our blue devil, which ended up in bankruptcy)... but that doesn't mean it will always do. And when the "changes to please fans" fail, the studios will wrongfully blame the fans for the failure.

 Going back to Sonic the Hedgehog: the Sonic movie actually worked because the movie itself was good. The only thing that was bad was Sonic's design. The movie had heart had some amazing performances and the only thing that was holding it back was the original Sonic design. Have they kept that original design a lot of people would have missed out on that great family film with tons of Love for SEGA's mascot.

But if the product itself is not good, then nothing can save it.
Let's say: Birds of Prey: and the ridiculously long and pretentius title for a Harley Quinn movie with very little of the actual Birds of Prey in it had Harley in her classic Red and Black Threads.  the movie would still be bad,  but at least it gave us a real Harley. More people would've seen it and be disappointed.

 But the problem lies here:
Focusing so hard on "leaving your own mark" that you lose focus on what made the material you're adapting beloved by many.

The "creatives" at WB claim that her classic costume is "unrealistic for a movie... in a world where a rich orphan dresses like a bat and a crocodile-like man live...

"Because it would look cheap?"
 that's precisely the whole point. Harley doesn't have infinite money like Bruce Wayne nor does she have alien technology like Kal-El. She's simply shoplifted a red and a black unitard and went to town with them. And it makes sense with in the world that highly would make her costumes herself. Hell, the Arkham games gave Harley multiple "realistic costumes" that still kept her theme. So there really is no excuse to not have Harley Quinn in her classic costume or something similar to it.

Thinking about the New Joe Line reaction and MOTU Origins:
What is the big deal of making 2020 toys compatible with 1983 toys? Sure, there may be spme recent commemorative rereleases that 2020 kids could have access to but, how many 2020 kids have access to 1983 toys? Even if they somehow got access to say, a great condition Eternia playset, the collecting parent would have to be nuts to let kids play with such a rare and fragile playset. If the aim is for collectors, why would they "contaminate" their vintage displays with modern toys that make the vintage ones feel inferior?

This is the part that people bring up my 2012 Ninja Turtle reviews... The Mousers to be specific.
The 2012 Mouser has corrected a huge mistake from the 1980s toy line... they were an actual scale to this Turtles versus the 1980s toy which had an oversized Mouser.

You cannot take a 1980s you lonardo a 2002 Donatello a 2012 Raphael and a 2017 Michelangelo and say that you have the four turtles. Sure they are in scale with each other but they are not compatible with each other...

Sure, you can combine 2012 and Out of the Shadows to make a pseudo modern imitation/tribute to the 80s, but it's NOT the 80s.

Line compatibility works if the lines are close to each other in age...  for example Marvel Legends:
 you can use toybiz figures add Hasbro figures in the same display with very little issues. That is because despite the 18 years in difference between lines,  at one point in time Hasbro was literally a year away from Toy biz. And while yes there has been a transition in style the lines have remained somewhat similar in it. Unlike say GI Joe, we're at 2008 Snake Eyes looks completely different from a 1988 Snake-Eyes.

 Which going back to Masters of the Universe Origins, I wonder: is Mattel going to redo all the vehicles and playsets from the 1980s,  or are adult collector supposed to hand over their Irreplaceable vintage playsets to their kids so they can play with them?

Final Fantasy VII Remake is 51 days away. It's funny how we know so much, yet so little about the game.
100 Gigabytes in storage is required for the game... ouch, right! Better to start looking into those external HDD drives for PS4... also pray that there is no Story DLC for the game.

GI Joes IS OFFICIALLY getting a 6 inch line. *Snake Eyes leaked*

Snake Eyes... Freaking Snake Eyes... Why did it have to be Snake Eyes!? Why couldn't it be Duke, Scarlett or hell Shipwreck!? It's always that mute ass Ninja motherf...
This is a con exclusive 6 inch Snake Eyes.
And believe it or not the 3.75 inch club is bitching and moaning about it. Pretty much this:
"Waaah! This new Snake Eyes is not conpatible with my 36 year old Joes!"
"Why 6 inches!? First they ruined Star Wars now GI Joe!"
"They will never have the same scope as the original line!"

 I know it sounds utterly ridiculous! Have they looked at their collection!? The 1980s Joes are not compatible with the 25th anniversary Joes. Healthiest would not be that first change of scale that Hasbro has done with the GI Joe franchise... or are we forgetting that the Original Joes were 12 inch and then there was 7 or 9 in Sigma Six Joes... hell even in the 3.75 inch scale the Joes have had scale discrepancies.

Besides this line will be just a limited linejust like Sigma 6 and will not be a permanent scale change.
Buy limited I mean that the line will most likely stick dual core teams. The main members of GI Joe, Cobra, Dreadnoks...
 We're more likely to see Duke, Scarlett, Flint, Lady Jaye, Destro, The Baroness, Serpentor, Dr Mindbender, Cobra Commander than Chuckles, Big Boa, Raptor, Psyche-Out.

Then there's this thing about The Rock poisoning the GI Joe well...
Do I need to remind everyone about the peg warming Retaliation figures?

Also there is this rumor that Hasbro gave the license for 3.75 inch figures to Jazwares for a potential crossover with Fork Knife.

In any case I have hopes for this 6 in line even if it's just the core guys and gals. Advanced it gives me a 6in Joe thing and at worst custom fodder. for Marvel Legends.

Feb 17, 2020

Sonic the hedgehog movie: the rant

I can guarantee that no PINGAS were harmed in the making of this review.
So, I saw Hop 2: Blue Hedgehog Boogaloo! While my reference sounds cynical and dismissive,  the movie was great for what it was: "a kids' flick". Scorsese would not like this movie.

 Back when Sonic look like Sanic, Hop references where plentiful, blame Penis Summers for that... the movie makes you forget the similarities between Hop and Sonic.
Credit to Ben Schwartz and James Mardsen's performances. They have a much better chemistry than Russell Brand and James Mardsen.

While Jim Carrey wasn't "Robotnik enough", his performance was so 90s Carrey that his inaccuracies as Eggman are easily forgiven. In all fairness, he slowly becomes Eggman as the movie progresses.

I have to give credit to the folks involved in the movie for caving in to pressure and fixing Sonic. And I'm not going to act like this redesign of the redesign wasn't a huge influence on giving the movie a chance. The original take was awful and had they stuck to their guns, I would've watched it at the electronics section of my retailer of choice.

Thanks to the redesign I got to see a movie that was a love letter to Sonic the Hedgehog. And I mean not just the games but a love for Sonic the Hedgehog in pop culturein general. There were references to the games obviously, but there were also references to the cartoons and the memes...  Pingas being the exception,  for obvious reasons.
Even Sanic makes it to the movie...

The Echidna tribe makes a cameo early on in the movie. If we do certain amount of mental gymnastics we can say that this reference is a two-for-one. First the Echidna tribe themselves appear in some off the 3D Sonic Games. But casuals might think it has to do with this:

If you don't kno da wae,  head to your nearest movie theater and watch the Sonic movie. You will enjoy it!!

Witcher 3: The review: the rant

Finally, I finished the game, Triss ending if you're asking. Yes, I'm aware if Yen being the canonical ending... this is like beating MGS with Otacon instead of Meryl. I will revisit the game for the true ending probably after Final Fantasy 7 remake.

As I've mentioned before I'm a novice to the whole world of The Witcher and my first experience was with Soul Calibur 6.  I've not read the books I have not played the games because they are not in PlayStation consoles.
Last week for me the game works on its own s a standalone game.  obviously there are some advantages for knowing the lore.


The game sports some decent graphics. The character models have a rather large amount of detail... if they are main characters. The NPCs on the other hand look like they were made in a bad character creator by a person who had no idea what they were doing. Then there's the multiple graphical glitches.
Geralt using an invisible sword, broken limbs Geralt, Roach clipping his head through everywhere, floating NPCs/Monsters. Blew up a Nekker nest and one Nekker appeared in mid-air. Had to crossbow it to death in order for his guts to hit the ground.
Don't get me started on disembodied Geralt or Headless Geralt in the inventory screen.

With all that said it's a shame that these glitches haven't been patched especially since it's an old game but if I ignore the glitches this game is beautiful.

Sounds and music:
The soundtrack is beautiful! It has a bit of a Celtic vibe in some songs. Others are memorable for misheard lyrics.

Like this one. 🍌🐅🍌🐅
The voice actors do an amazing job here! None of the voices sound forced or Faked... well maybe one character from a DLC Mission but other than that, you don't notice the acting.

You are Geralt of Rivia, a genetically modified human via Alchemy.  Your job is Witcher: a monster hunter/detective/bounty hunter in a medieval fantasy world inspired by Northern Europe.
 sometimes you are Ciri, a princess who is also a DBZ powered half human half elf hybrid... who happens to be your Apprentice.
As Geralt you're trying to locate Ciri who it is targeted by the Wild Hunt. As Ciri, you're running away from the Wild Hunt while trying to locate Geralt.
Plot twists, turns, romance, action, adventure, betrayal, banana tigers, leleles, and other things stand in your way.

This is a Western RPG, which is a genre I'm not too fmiliar with, or fond of. But the Witcher made me appreciate the genre a bit more. But here's a simple explanation for complete newbs:
You travel across the lands looking for work:
Monster hunting, finding lost people, investigating murders... You have an arsenal of weapons, swords, axes, Crossbows, magic signs, among other things at your. Disposal to destroy the somewhat limited array of creatures and humans that plague the land. Also, you will spend a lot of time using your "Witcher Senses" to do the detective work. Things like: tracking prints/scents, locating items in the dark, etc.
The only problematic sections involve the Demon Horse Roach. Riding the horse is a painful experience. It often ignores your commands and goes wherever it wants. A pebble can cause him to get stuck.

They are very responsive... 99.78% of the time. The remaining .22% certain buttons don't respond properly.
Things like:
Signs changing on their own without my input, massive input lag on the menus, among others.

Fun factor:
Despite the glitches and controller hiccups, the game is extremely fun. You have to be careful, because playing 30 minutes can easily turn into 6 hours if you aren't careful. I haven't had thos much fun with a game in years.

Toss an 8.92 to your Witcher! It could've been better if it wasn't so glitchy. Don't get me wrong, despite the issues, I freaking LOVE this game.

Feb 16, 2020

Post Valentine's fapless odds and ends 2020: Batpattz and Toyguru...

Being single on Valentine's day usually means

But no... here at the House of Rants, we're a smidge more mature than that. Here we work hard to bring you mediocre entertainment in the form of long-winded tirades regarding boys movies video games anything that catches the Average Sized Boss's attention.

The right now the biggest two things that caught my attention work the Robert Pattinson Batman costume a pic has been revealed in color.
 I know you got to say he looks pretty good. The front of the Mask still gives me a bit of a 60s Batman vibe. At least it's not as awful as the Christian Bale Batman mask.
There is a rumor circulating that the bad Insignia is made from the gun that killed Bruce's parents. If true that's the other thing of the cousin that I don't like that much.

President Donald Trump has gone crazy...
Whoa! Hold it! Put down the pitchforks! You, yeah, you in the back with the Knock-off MAGA hat and the garden flamingo... yeah, you, Florida Man! Put.The.Bird.Down.

He wants to use the presidential limousine to ride the lap around the Daytona Speedway!

And all I can think of is:

Here I am thinking, "What the Hell? If you're going to do a lap in the Daytona international speedway, do it in a badass car! Especially one that can actually turn at high speeds.

 I'm not a car aficionado... a lap of the Daytona International Speedway on  limo at 25 miles per hour it's going to be up freaking boring event.

 I guess that's pretty much it for today I can't wait for Final Fantasy 7 remake to finally show up cuz they revealed the opening and it's amazing!!

4/10/20 can't get here soon enough!

Oh. I almost forgot:
"Professional writer" and former Mattel Boy's Brand Manager, Scott Toyguru Neitlich is starving for attention.
He is being recently releasing a couple videos on YouTube about his private collection, his work at Mattel and other stuff roughly four years after he left the company. One of the video allegedly has secrets about Masters of the Universe classics.

I say I allegedly because I'm not going to bother with the video so I'm not going to give him attention. I'm just mentioning it because I know someone will try to bring it up and say: "Hey Nefty! Toyguru did a thing ;why don't you talk about it?"

I'm pretty sure he's gonna be hitting up RGD and other MOTU podcasts to beg for adulation. Seriously, dude... just stop!  You're no longer relevant to the brand. Move on, keep up with your endeavors at Spector Creative.

 At least you have the decency to wait until super7 had Classics in a Mattel-induced coma.  but still just tossing yourself around a few months before the beginning of Origins it's a dick move. "Oh! Look at me! I did a thing 12 years ago!"

If the person making the videos wasn't a thin skinned narcissistic snowflake who is fond of twisting history to make himself look good; I'd probably watch them. Sadly for him, I trust gas station Sushi more than I trust toyguru.

Feb 14, 2020

Skeletor is a cock-knocker... Revelations cast revealed

Hey kids, it's Mark Hamill! Applause!
Yes, Mark Hamill is Skeletor!
Evil Lyn is Joffrey's Aunt/Mom, yes, Lena Headey is Evil Lyn.
He-Man/Adam is supposed to be Mon-El. Chris Wood will have
Teela is Buffy... of the TV kind, not Kristy Swanson.
Ser Davos is Man-at-arms. Liam Cunningham is Duncan
Mossman is Alan Oppenheimer... as in OG MAA and Skeletor
Randor and Trap Jaw are Batman: the Brave and the Bold.
Diedrich Bader is the King.
Queen Marlena is Clueless.

Alicia Silverstone is He-Man's mom... wait Batgirl is He-Man's mom and Batman is his dad!
Stephen Root is Cringer... wasn't he on King of the Hill?
Griffin Newman is Orko... Arthur from The Tick, the Prine series?
Lt. Andra will appear!? Played by Tiffany Smith
Henry Rollins is Tri-Klops. You can probably name like a hundred rolls he's done but all I can think of is Duke in The Ballad of GI Joe video.
Wonder Woman is Sorceress... I mean Susan Eisenberg.
Merman is Vengeance, he is the knight... he is CONROY!!
Roboto is a Mac Confirmed...
The CLIT Commander and Kevin Smith's hetero life partner is Stinkor. There we have Mewes...

But wait!! There's more!
He-Ro will be in the show voiced by Phil LaMarr... voice of Samurai Jack, Ramza Beoulve, Static, and Vamp!
Beastman is 2011 Panthro or 2012 Shredder. Kevin Michael Richardson is in!
We also have Cree Summer, OG Penny Gadget as a Priestess.
Ileena returns, this time played by Harley Quinn Smith.
 still no info if Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, or Ethan Suplee  have a role in this.

 saving the best for last Candyman himself will be scareglow...

There's only one phrase to describe this cast:
 Holy crap!!
This is one hell of a cast. Big names from the Voice Acting community, badass actors, so my hopes are back up with this.

If Mattel is going to do a revelation toy line please make it in the Masters of the Universe Classics scale and style.

Feb 13, 2020

The Batpattz first teaser...

Nananananananananananananananana Edward!!!

We finally get to see Robert Pattinson wearing the cowl...
I'm not a fan of the red filter that they're using to cover pretty much everything. The suit looks a bit like a hybrid between sixties live action series and the Arkham games.
The closest to a questionable choice is the collar on the cape. I wish they had used a different filter because this is screaming Daredevil instead of Batman...

Feb 12, 2020

Rita Repulsa is a Gamestop Exclusive...

What the Hell is it with Lightning Collection MMPR villains being Gamestop Exclusives?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the part that she comes with a Lord Zedd figure. He was basically a chase figure on Wave 1. A figure that that I happen to own and paid a bit more since I found it at FYE.
 But for those who we're unable to find Lord Zedd this is a decent deal.
So let's see Trini is coming,  I already pre-ordered Rita...  all that's left is basically a true Zack and Billy...
And maybe get the Rangers all over again if they make the ninjetti versions. I was considering getting the Zeo rangers, but that would have me stuck with Tanya and no Aisha.
Or if they make the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 90s movie version I might be tempted to get those as well...

It's better being a frog than that creepy Koizumi...

 but yeah you can pre-order yours at GameStop.

Feb 11, 2020

Birds of Prey: A Harley Quinn movie rant

My penis makes me evil. The end. That would be the shorthand version of the review, but since this is the house of rants, I need to make a long-winded explanation on why the movie sucked donkey dick! I mean licked donkey vagina.

The movie goes out of its way to make sure it passes the Bechamel test, but forgets one more important thing:
Making an actually good comic book film. While it's not bad for a DC movie, it's a bad movie.
For a movie set in present day Gotham City there is some very important absence...

It seems like Batman is on vacation because those few days that the movie happens to take place there is not even a peep regarding the world's greatest detective. Even Suicide Squad had a Batman cameo. Hell, even a Batgirl, or Nightwing cameo would've been welcome. Hell even a reference to the League being in Russia was all we needed to understand why Batman isn't stopping the villains in this.

 The premise of the movie it's basically this:
Harley Quinn got dumped by The Joker and is having the post-breakup downs. She stumbles upon a criminal plot by Ewan McGregor playing a very closeted homosexual Roman Sionis and his Lover Bodyguard, Victor Zsasz.
Sionis's plot is simple: get the Bertinelli diamond to unlock the Bertinelli fortune. Problem is that a Street urchin named Cassandra Cain ate the diamond.

How do the Birds of Prey get involved?
Black Canary is a lounge singer at Sionis's club. She becomes Sionis's driver after Quinn brole the old driver's legs. The driver was a mole for the police working with Renee Montoya (played by Rosie Perez). Montoya kinda gets Canary to act as a new mole. Then there's Helena Bertinelli, who is on a Kill Bill-esque revenge plot and as a coincidence all these subplots come together at an old Joker hideout, where the ladies team up and kill the bad guys.

 The movie horribly wastes the characters of Victor Zsasz and Black Mask. Sionis only wears the mask for one scene in the movie...

"But it has John Wick styled action scenes!" "It has Deadpool styled comedy!"

True, but a shitty plot, paper thin attempt at "empowering whamen", characters that you don't care about but are supposed to, taking a massive diarrheic dump on the source material kinda ruins the good things the movie might have.

Don't bother watching it at the theater... Redbox it once it comes out to BluRay.

I can't see myself buying the McFarlane DC toys.

I had both Superman and Batman in hand a couple of hours ago. I was tempted but couldn't pull the trigger.
My main issue with the McFarlane DC toys is their articulation. Despite having plenty of articulation points, the articulation just doesn't work properly. Batman is ok looking, but not mindblowing.  Superman has a fantastic head sculpt but the body doesn't do it justice. Weird articulation and being unable to pull off classic Superman poses hurts him. Batman looks a bit too lanky for Batman... kinda looks like Dick Grayson dressed as Batman, but using Bruce's outfit.

These are Wave 1 figures so there is a chance that Todd can still improve on the next figures. After the disappointment from the DCC figures with piss poor articulation that I got a while back; I'm  way too picky with toys based on DC properties. At least back when Mattel was doing DCUC,  I knew what to expect. December 13th election mostly good skulls and semi decent range of characters.

With McFarlane everything is a bit crazier now. No regards for scale, after 20 plus years in the Toy Market he still hasn't figured out how articulation works,  sculpts are hit or miss. It's funny that NECA, who in some circles is considered a McFarlane knockoff, is doing BETTER DC toys than McFarlane...

Also where the hell is my 7 inch Super articulated Spawn, Todd?
No really Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn and owner of McFarlane Toys hasn't made a super articulated Spawn action figure... What's up with that!?

Feb 9, 2020

Toy prices and justifications...

After I commented on the recent Origins Power-Con exclusives here and on Facebook, I received a couple of PMs that criticized my stance for the exclusives.
I won't post the messages,  because they were sent privately and this post isn't about airing dirty laundry.

First: and I feel like I have mentioned this already, but I will repeat it to nip some fake news in the bud.
I do not have a beef with Val Staples, or any of the Power-Con people. I DID stop posting on He-Man dot org after Toyguru was being a dick and blamed me for the end of Mattycollector.

Second: While *I* don't like the Origins line, I can see some positive aspects there. The toys simply don't do it for me. I just wish we could've completed Classics. Both lines could've coexisted easily. Maybe when I see them in person, I can chamge my mind.

Third: I find the Power-Con exclusives prices borderline scalper prices. No matter how many times the "limited run" "small number of con exclusive" explanations you throw at me, my brain won't accept a $40 per figure when they look like  $2.99 toys.

And here lies the crux of the problem: No matter how I slice it, try to use fancy mathematics, Axii or Jedi Mind Trick the hell out of myself, I cannot justify spending $40 per figure of a new toyline that looks like it was made in 1982.

I know I'm not the only one who has these kind of issues. Some collectors have to do some fancy mathematics Jedi Mind Tricks and other sort of justifications to explain their collecting to their significant other.
On the other hand, *I* need to justify an item with a higher price tag.
In this case the asking price is a lot higher than my threshold.
But, if it were a Queen's Blade figure by Revoltech, I have more ways to justify spending more for it:
-discontinued line from roughly 10 years ago.
-Japanese import.
-ecchi nature of the line.

And even then, figures like Aldra, Branwen, Annelotte, and Cattleya elude me because their price in the secondary market exceed my threshold for them.

If these had been MOTUC items, the $40 tag would've made it easier to get. $50 per fogure would've been my threshold.

If you want them, excellent! I hope you can get them. These are simply not for me and no matter how much I try I can't force myself to like them enough to want them.

And this pretty much applies to all toylines I'm collecting.
As much as I like Terry Bogard I'm not going to be buying smk storm collectibles items. There's too many characters and they take way too much time to release figures.
Hell I'm even thinking of just sticking with Mortal Kombat even that would be restricted to Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 characters. No MK3 versions of the ninjas, no cyber ninjas, etc.
And with the competition between storm Collectibles and Sh figuarts to complete the Street Fighter 2 roster I'm leaning more towards SH Figuarts...  and that's because they have more characters available then Storm does.
This also applies to the super7 toy lines with Thundercats I'm already picking and choosing when they show Wave 3 of ninja turtles if there are characters that I don't care about unlikely to skip them. Between these 2 lines, the characters I need are about 10.


Oh look they were 11! I forgot about Snarf.

I've also being lucky enough that there aren't that many video games that I have to say like damn I need this... right now my only real ones are like Final Fantasy 7 remake and nothing else.  I mean I'd like to get the kakarotto  game but it's not like I'm going to pay $60 for it.

Feb 7, 2020

Power-Con exclisives teased... MOTU Origins... blegh!

I detest Origins, not simply because they killed MOTUC...
My dislike runs deeper than that. I see them as a step back. Action figures technology has improved in the last 38 years yet Mattel is more interested in acting like it's 1981 all over again. "But they have modern articulation"... yet everything else is literally lifted from the 80s.

I still don't get who was the actual target audience here...
 but in the spirit of  Rend unto Caesar...  you know the rest!
These figures and the WWE ones understand what made Classics work:  the customization potential.
Between the origins figures and masters of the WWE figures there are plenty of spare parts to make brand new characters.  they are also meant to be cheaper than classics which makes them more accessible.

 With all that said powercon is going to have a 5 figure exclusive pack off Masters of the Universe Origins figures.
The five pack is going to be $200.
Yes $200 for He-Man Skeletor merman beastman and man-at-arms.
The only difference between these and the eventual mass market releases is this:
The power con exclusive will be based on early Mark Taylor artwork... IIRC.

I can't see myself paying the $15 for regular figures. There's no way in Hell that I'd pay $40-ish per figure just to get those 5.
Good luck to them and all that. If you're into those, now you know...and knowing is half the battle! GI Joe!!!

Super7's misunderstanding of MOTUC and how it effects other lines.

Not exactly a topic I'm proud of discussing,  but it has to be done for the well-being of the lines. In the case of Masters of the Universe Classics what's done is done and cannot be changed back... but maybe the other lines like Thundercats or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can be spared partially from these mistakes.

Whether Mattel cares to admit it or not customization was a huge part of what made Classics work. I know that Scott light leak believed in it up to a point. That's why he insisted on having all armors be removable all heads be compatible with each other,  assuming the characters were made using a male body. A few production snafus happened here and there but you could popping He-Man's head and put it on mermans body; you could take Beast Man's armor and put it on zodak. Take the mighty spector's head and put it on snout spout's body Etc.

With some creative part swapping you could even make new characters which translated to extra sales.

Well as we all know super7 put an end to that very swiftly.
Characters with interchangeable pieces like say Roboto are incompatible with super7's terroar... or mini comic Trap Jaw.
Or you thought the movie Skeletor look pretty cool but wanted to replace a Frank langella head with an actual skull well you can without nearly breaking the figure,  because for some reason super7 made the figures I didn't have extra heads unable to be customized.

At least with Thundercats most of the figures seem to have a second head to induce this customization and playability Factor... but Ninja Turtles are not that lucky.

Sure I understand that you cannot give Baxter Stockman a second head since you cannot make a human look for him with that current body. But a foot soldier could have used an extra battle damage head. On the 45 I pop I don't think many people would try to double dip or triple dip in a foot soldier 2.0 if it only comes with an additional cybernetic head that should have been from the start.

 NOW let's look at Bebop. He has no alternate head. You know what could have been an amazing alternate head?
Wacky action Head Spinning Bebop's...  because super7 is not going to re-release Bebop with a new head and blue shoes for $45... okay they totally would but the point is that who are the 10 extra head that they could have used on the normal released. Same thing would have applied for the eventual release of Rocksteady.

So bebop doesn't get a second head but rather gets the stupidest second head ever. Paint error Shredder. Not the Wacky Action Helmet, or the Mutatin' Shredder Oroku Saki head, but a paint error.

If all characters had removable heads then they could have ways to spice up older releases with a new releases.
Let's use Shredder as an example:
 He has interchangeable heads and his accessories, but has no Oroku Saki head.
Well that obvious mistake can be easily fixed with say Leatherhead only has his shotgun an' a bear trap... Ah Gwaranteeh! Super7 can easily thoughts in an Oroku Saki head and fix the shredder issue.

Heck they can even get out of their normal Comfort zones for the turtles at least they can toss in a wacky action accessory pack:
4 heads (1 for each turtle)
The Wacky Action Accessories:
The scuba jet for Donatello
The Breakdancinh weapons for Raph
Mikey's spinning weapons
Leo's weird fetish weapons.

I know some people will say that super7 is a different company than Mattel and that their game is a whole different one which is true... but if you want to recapture the feeling of the original playmates toy line you need to recapture some of the crazy as well.  and let's not forget that these guys are not under $5 like Playmates Toys were back in the day. These guys cost nearly ten times the cost of a figure back then. Trying to get more bang for our buck so to speak. Also I kept things with a dead parent having something to do with the original vintage line in order to avoid ruffling feathers with other companies producing classic era inspired tmnt toys...

 so to conclude not fully grasping the Notions of customization within the Masters of the Universe Classics inspired lines super7 is not taking the potential to the Max! They are slowly getting there since Thundercats has seen a huge improvement over Masters of the Universe classics and so does TMNT,  but with the slow pace from pre-order to receiving the toys there is very little time to do corrections and maximize the potential before the end of the licensing period.  This is why I'm jumping the gun and I'm trying to attack these points early. I want to play the love game with these.

Feb 5, 2020

Live action MOTU is now most likely a Netflix Original.

Last time we heard about the movie, Sony had put it in TBD status.  Allegedly Sony passed to Netflix the rights to make the movie, which might happen in 2021 or 2022. $130 Million is the speculated budget for the film.
I understand why Sony didn't take the risk. "Brand new property" and "unproven" especially with SONY having some monetary issues and multiple flops. Then there's my pal who tends to quarter ass everything and tries to go as cheap as possible. And David S Goyer is still somehow involved... he is more miss than hit.

Right now the He-Man movie has a lot against it. The only close to a good thing about it is that Netflix is involved... and even that is a double edged sword.
This is the part where I bring Death Note.
Ryuk looked great,  bought the movie to kill a giant shit on Death Note in the attempts for westernization...

If Netflix remains faithful to what He-Man is supposed to be, the script is respectful to the source material,  add with good direction,  we could have a good thing.

Super7 hits another delay with Conan again

Crom! The comic book Conan has been delayed yet again.
Apparently there was some issue with Packaging. Anderson's it's Chinese New Year, Coronavirus,  you name it. It kind of sucks because this cold and was supposed to arrive with the movie He-Man figures. At best we're supposed to be getting cold and shortly before Snake Mountain. Personally wouldn't be surprised if Snake Mountain arrives before Conan.

But it's not all entirely bad news because they're going to give us extra accessories in a "we know we fucked up way too much with this figure"  kind of way. A second of sword and spear with a bloody paint job...

At least they're upfront about their delays.

Feb 3, 2020

Super7 wave 2 of TMNT is crazy as hell.

Bebop and Shredder in the same wave? I Gwaranteeh that the third or fourth waves might bring evil curveballs.
But the biggest curveball comes from the heroic side:
 it's not Casey it's not April it's not even usagi...
 it's Mutagen Man!!  No one expected Mutagen Man here.
Sadly we don't know the answer to the question that everyone is asking:
Can he be filled with water or ooze?

B-Flynn better get to answering this question ASAP.

As I mentioned before Bebop is part of the wave.  sadly he has no second head. Because each re-release of Bebop had a different paint job on the head. With the 2009 commemorative one being the last pink Piggy head... I mention this because it'll make sense with the next figure.
 This is what I meant with Bebop not getting a second head. Shredder has a head that corrected the mistake from the Vintage line. And a second head that replicates the mistake from the original paint applications.

There is not much to say about Leonardo he's just vanilla Leonardo so once you've seen a turtle you know what the other three will look like.

 in any case you have until March 2nd or March 1st I'm not sure right now to pre-order.

 two turtles down two to go. I'm going to take a wild guess and Casey Jones and April O'Neill will be the next to partner figures for the good guys.

Super7 and Krang's Android Body Dilemma

Since this iteration of Classics is based on the original playmates toy line,  we are faced with a dilemma: Krang's Android Body. The original toy line had two versions of the Android body. The first version which was an oversized body but it fit the normal Krang figure inside.
The second figure was in scale with other characters but Krang was much smaller, thus out of scale.

But back then the Turtle figures we're roughly 5.5 in in height. Now with the turtles clocking close to 7 in that would make Krang's Android body close to a 16 inch figure...  if we use the old scaling up ratio.... or a 7-inch Krang Android body with a tiny Krang it inside...

Option C also known as The Lazy option is just making Krang in his bubble Walker. No Android body no logistical issues. Which let's face it it's the most logical option for Super 7 because they can use as an excuse the original release of Krang which was Krang inside the bubble Walker.

 option D would be making Krang Android body figure in a different scale that could still fit a normal Craig but not be ridiculously oversized. I'm thinking something roughly in the 9 or 10 in scale may be as wide as Ram Man or Tuskador.

 I'm honestly hoping for option d.   now we have to wait about 12 hours or something until Super 7 release the news about the new turtles way that we know it has Leonardo and three more characters...

If Shredder happens to be one of those he ends up looking exactly like his vintage toy counterpart, I actually may be tempted to get a spare one just to repaint him in cartoon colors.  because you know blue blades, shirtless Shredder is a bit creepy. The Vintage figure candle look like he was on spring break and he was going to play a badass mix at the turntable...

Feb 1, 2020

Top 12 Club Grayskull figures I would've liked to see:

The final Club Grayskull figures are being shipped and people are getting them. My Adam and Stratos are safe at BBTS's pile of loot. It's a shame that Mattel threw a wrench at Super 7 and stopped this line prematurely. We didn't finish the core Heroes we didn't finish the core horde and we didn't get any Rebels aside She-Ra. I know that if Mattel hadn't thrown a wrench at Super 7 we would have gotten a couple more figures. If I recall correctly  Buzz off was one of the figures in the works.

I would have begrudgingly accepted a Melaktha If it meant that this Was the only way to get him.

Unlike previous lists I'm just going to go through this one and mention the extra stuff I would have added to them to reach that Infamous $45+ mark.

1) Ram Man:
Unfortunately Ram man would require a higher price tag due to his unique sculpt. To soften the blow I would have added certain accessories:
-Interchangeable legs.
This second set of legs would be made of clear plastic and the spring legs would be painted in green. This would allow for cartoon accuracy and in addition it would give a stronger support than the skinny Springs actually holding his body.
-"Filmationized" axe.
The toy has an axe, so he should have one here for the sake of consistency.
-Sailor Adam Head.
Not all accessories HAVE TO BE FOR the character they come with and having a Winking Adam with a new Hat is a thing.

2) Leech:
He's here just to complete the core Horde from the Boys toyline. He would be a rather vanilla release.
On his own he has very little to offer, so he could be padded out with Imp transformations or She-Ra's Sword to... items as well.

3) Mekaneck:
He's a "cost saving figure" since he's made out of existing parts sans his head armor and neck.
-Neck extensions.
Basically a rethread of the classic neck extensions but made into Filmation Style.
 like other characters before he'd get the toy weapon made into a style reminiscent of the cartoon.
-random weapons.
Like man-e-faces before him he could have random accessories that could be used to enhance other figures.
Like say he man's white grappling hook you know the one he pulls out of his underpants.

He's another "budget saver", by not requiring many new parts. All he needs is a new head, armor, and grappling hook, since it's not the same as He-Man's.
For extras, he can come with:
-Filmationized Webstor rifle.
-random Filmation doo-dads. Like say a Grimalkin statue to pad out Kittrina, a Filmation Power Sword for Skeletor. (He had one in an early episode) The blaster from Prince Adam no More and the Disguised Skeletor head from A Drahon's Gift.

5) Mossman:
Now he would require a bit more new pieces but it would be worth it. On accessories there isn't much you can do WITH HIM, but he could come with Relay and a smiling Skeletor head from the Christmas Special.
In addition to a Filmationizwd Mossman club.

6) Kobra Khan:
I mentioned Webstor, of course I will bring his partner in crime. On the accessories we need a second head with the hood flared out. Poison mist effect should plug into the hood.
- the gun that came with the original action figure should get the filmation treatment.

7) Cringer and Orko:
Here cringer would be the one who'd eat up a lot of tooling budget. Orko would spend a lot less budget since he can be made out of the same parts that made Montork. This could allow for a slightly larger cranger than the one in classics and articulated. Sadly this with bump them to the $60 price mark.

8 ) Whiplash:
He only requires head and armor. As always, his Toy spear would be Filmationized. Lokus mini Figure.

9)Hose Nose:
He's here to pad out The Rebellion. Also, lack of new parts required help out. So, toss in a second head with the trunk curled for attack.  Add some water effects, his axe and we're done!

10) Rattlor:
His main reason for existing is Charmander... I mean Tung. He would require a modest bit of tooling, but that's why other characters were selected with little tooling to compensate.

11) Zodac:
This guy is a $60 item...
Cosmic Chair

Come on! I said that if this was the only way to get Melaktha, I'd get him. I literally said it, yo!

FFVII Remake new trailer: NANAKI!! MS. CLOUD!! OH MYY!

Rule 34 artists are prepping their sketchpads...
We had gotten some imagery of Gya haha... now Kya haha has entered the Mix. Reeve is also in this. Wonder if we'll be able to see Fairy cat...

Ms. Cloud has joined the battle. Red XIII is revealed AND we get more Jenova and Sephiroth...
 This is what has me worried. Neither Jenova nor Sephiroth were revealed in the Midgar section of the original game. You knew about Sephiroth, via third person accounts. You did get to see Jenova's corpse, but never faced her as a boss until the cargo ship.

By revealing Jenova this early, Square Enix basically removed the horror part from the cargo ship. By being able to fight Sephiroth this early you remove the mistique that the character has... unless his battle is a story mandated battle that you're obligated to lose. Other than that, the ghost of teen me is trying to come out!! Too bad he has to wait until April...