Feb 3, 2020

Super7 wave 2 of TMNT is crazy as hell.

Bebop and Shredder in the same wave? I Gwaranteeh that the third or fourth waves might bring evil curveballs.
But the biggest curveball comes from the heroic side:
 it's not Casey it's not April it's not even usagi...
 it's Mutagen Man!!  No one expected Mutagen Man here.
Sadly we don't know the answer to the question that everyone is asking:
Can he be filled with water or ooze?

B-Flynn better get to answering this question ASAP.

As I mentioned before Bebop is part of the wave.  sadly he has no second head. Because each re-release of Bebop had a different paint job on the head. With the 2009 commemorative one being the last pink Piggy head... I mention this because it'll make sense with the next figure.
 This is what I meant with Bebop not getting a second head. Shredder has a head that corrected the mistake from the Vintage line. And a second head that replicates the mistake from the original paint applications.

There is not much to say about Leonardo he's just vanilla Leonardo so once you've seen a turtle you know what the other three will look like.

 in any case you have until March 2nd or March 1st I'm not sure right now to pre-order.

 two turtles down two to go. I'm going to take a wild guess and Casey Jones and April O'Neill will be the next to partner figures for the good guys.

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