Feb 28, 2020

My top pet peeves with Marvel Legends.

Marvel Legends is a kickass toyline for the most part. But it's not a Perfect line. (Then again a perfect Toyline doesn't exist.)
Here's  a hopefully small list of things that bug me about it:

Non-standard neck pegs:
 This is a big pet peeve of mine:  I'm not asking for Electra's head to fit on a Venom body. But it sucks to have a Wolverine head that doesn't fit in another Wolverine body... *cough* Old Man Logan *cough*.  Or having a Johnny Storm head that doesn't fit the Human Torch body or vice versa. Or even worse, Agent Carter's head fitting Spider-Man...
Standardized neck pegs and head holes makes it easier for hasbro and the customizer.

Breast reduction on big chested characters:
For the most part Hasbro has done decently in this area. Sadly, in certain characters, they have used far smaller chests than the character is known for.  The biggest offenders so far are Emma Frost and Psylocke.
When Psylocke's breasts look almost as big as Kitty Pryde's, you messed up Psylocke. And I better make this clear in order to avoid complaints about "ObJeCtIfIyNg FiCtIoNaL cHaRaCtErS" or "YoU jUsT wAnT tO fAp To ThEm"
Certain characters like Marvel's Psylocke, Emma Frost, DC's Power Girl, Capcom's Morrigan, SNK's Mai Shiranui, and most of the females from Tecmo's Dead or Alive are known for their larger bust size. From a character accuracy POV, making these with smaller breasts is inaccurate to the source. The same can be said for characters with smaller bust size getting figures with larger breasts.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Lack of necessary hands:
There's nothing worse like having a spider person that cannot be Post in wall crawling poses because they have no wall crawling hands. Looking mostly at Spider-females or people who are not Peter Parker.
Spider-Man needs a minimum three sets of hands:
Fists, wall crawling, web shooting.
Heck I'd say almost all characters need at least three sets of hands. Most characters can get away with these 3:
Punch, Grip, Character signature hand pose.
 for example Reed Richards:
Punching and gripping work as basic hands. The thord pair is easily, the stretchy fingers from the new Reed.
Cyclops would need 2  optic Blast hands.
Namor, Johnny Storm, Quicksilver's third set is the flat hand.
For Gambit, instead of the Punching hands, use a Card holding set and a card tossing set.
Nothing sucks more than being unable to recreate a character key post because you like the appropriate hands.
*cough*all the psychics*cough*

Characters Lacking Key accessories:
How do you release a Ghost Rider WITHOUT A BIKE, or a Goblin without a Glider... or Cannonball WITHOUT LEGS!!
Especially when there are no plans for those missing items?

Lack of articulation on female figures:
I'm not asking that every single female figure has to have toy Biz levels of articulation, but if your character is a ninja or a female spider person she needs to be able to pull off every single move that Spider-Man can pull off.

Heh! The list was shorter than I expected. Well that is if I a if I don't get in character specific rants like: "oh God not another (Wolverine, Tony, Cap, Spidey) variant..." or "where the Hell is Firestar! I needs my Amazing Friends!"

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