Oct 31, 2023

It came from the Toy Chest: Snake Mountain, Mom's final gift from beyond the grave...


I won't go with the long-winded explanation on why Snake Mountain is a difficult item for me to tackle. I mean, by doing this, I'm cementing another reminder that my Mom is dead and I'll never see her again.  So yeah... I have to use some stock photos, since the only place I can photograph SM is in the not yet toy room but storage room and let's just say that my organizational skills are less than stellar.

Mom, I'm sorry you're not physically here for this, but you're in my heart and soul. God, I miss you so much! But Snake Mountain...

Using a stock photo since I can't photograph the whole thing and I ain't taking it outside.

I cannot do a standard review because it's a plauset not a figure... but here's what I've got to say:
The playset, while bigger than Grayskull, it's NOT made for 7 inch figures... hell, that "entrance" doesn't even work for Origins.
The playset is more of a Displayset than a Playset. Like there are "play features" but aren't play features. They're "display features".
Nefty: Hi, I'm Nefty, the landlord and you're Mr...
Skeletor: D-Man...
Nefty: Hmmm... you Kinda look like my last tenant, but more emaciated... though you are being vouched by He-Man, so that checks out...
Faker: Yes... He-Man... I... am He-Man!
Nefty: What's with the Vatican crew?
Skeletor: Well, I am a practicing Catholic and since the previous owners were into witchcraft, I brought them for a check up. Wouldn't want any eldritch demons taking over the spooky house...
Nefty, Makes Sense...
I don't trust that green guy... he looks familiar.
Whiplash: (Shrek impression) Donkey! Get off my swamp!
Nefty: Your roommates are Shrek and He-Man... you got a $9,999 discount on your monthly rent.
Beastman: If my math isn't wrong, that means the rent will be OVER 9000!!
Skeletor: Shut up flea bag, the rent WAS pver 9000 from the start now it is barely over 9000. Don't screw this up for me or I'll make a carpet out of you! 
Nefty: Shall we proceed?

At the entrance there's a breakable wall that leads into the prison cell. But there's no space in the prison cell for a MOTUC figure., much less if you "break-in" to save the prisoner... guess what, Queen Marlena was killed by getting pinned between a rock wall and an iron gate. Great job, Adam!
The vintage trap door "works". No spring loaded mechanism in here, dad... just a tab you rotate and the figure standing on the trap falls to the net that hangs less than a figure's height. 
Beastman: This bridge is an OSHA violation... well, if this was a business it would be.
Nefty: Small busonesses are allowed, as long as they don't disturb the neighbors!

That's it... OK there's some semi customizable elements with thw scary faces made to "fill up" the empty space. The table and throne are essentially set peices. You can sit Skeletor and have him ponder how to conquer Eternia.
Faker: I... am He-Man... and I decorated for Halloween... yes, Halloween...
Trap Jaw: Why is this passage so small... Yo! Beast ma...am! How did you get through here?
Beastman: Well, I jumped father Trap Jew!
Nefty: Beast Ma'am and Trap Jew? I'm so getting canceled... Where did the Roast Gooble Pope go?

Whiplash: (Shrek impression) I love that these stairs are not visitor friendly! Like that passageway!
Tri-klops: If it keeps the Grayskull Witnesses away even better. THERE IS NO MIGHT THAT CAN WITHSTAND THE POWER OF MY BUNGHOLE!!
Beastman: Who gave the pope sugar?

The swamp sticker was made 3D... IIRC the vintahe set had a second Sticker that didn't get the 3D treatment. I smell 3rd party custom piece potential... or I would've if MOTUC wasn't dead.

The old Microphone is a closet now... so yeah...
Nefty: Shall we head inside, Mr. Skeletor?
Skeletor: What did you call me, you musclebound poorly articulated custom?
Nefty: Sorry, Mr. "Man". Careful after opening the door, there's a trap at the entrance...
Skeletor: Why is it on the inside and not the outside?
Nefty: I didn't design the security system.

There is a lot less to do with snake Mountain than with Castle Grayskull. Even back when Mattel was making this, it felt like they were going for Display rather than Play... 

Nefty: So how do you like The Bone Throne?
Skeletor: Does this TV table have Skinnemax?
Nefty: Dude, you're a bit out of touch. This has 1×10¹⁰⁰ channels. Don't ask me how many of those are "adult" channels, because I haven't seen then all. The parental control code is 6969...
Skeletor: Does it have Netflix?
Nefty: No, bit you can add your account for all your favorite streaming services... yes, it has VPN
Skeletor: Mya... I said Nyeh! Like Joey Wheeler! Nyeh! Nothing else!
Nefty: I didn't hear any...
Female voice 1: Help!
Female voice 2: Tentacle Monster!!
Nefty: Fuck!

I dunno what they could've added, aside an evil version of the weapons rack with other repainted weapons?
Whiplash: (Shrek impression) Get off my Swamp you nubile nubians!
Diana: I'm 14!!
Whiplash: (Shrek impression) This is a Medieval society, if it bleeds from your gash, you're marriage material!
Skeletor: whi-Shrek! How sexist and misogynistic of you! Get those ladies off... The tentacles! I meant get them out of that creature's grasp!
Whiplash: (Shrek impression) Aye aye!
Skeletor: Care to explain?
Nefty: Sometimes kids love to wander in here for a Dare. These two must-have snuck in while I was setting up the TV for you.
Male voice 1: Help!
Male voice 2: We're trapped in here!
Andra: Once my Best friend and her Boyfriend get here, y'all are gonna get it!

My main issue with  using this as a display piece is that it only functions as a backdrop. There isn't much to do with the available space and figures easily break the scale...
Tri-klops: Zoardammit! I was chasing two harlots and they escaped me when I fell into this trap!
Faker: Nets, your only weakness...

I can't deny that it looks pretty cool, with an insane sculpt and killer paint job, but just like the vintage, there isn't much to do with it.
Beastman: I guess there were a few Skeletons inside this closet... and a shit ton of sex toys too!
Nefty: One of the past tenants was a sex addict. Guess I didn't find her entire collection.
Beastman: Careful Trap Jew... There's too many toy dicks in the dance floor.

Personally, I'm thinking that third party additions might spice this up... I'm thinking a small lava pool for the fall because it feels dumb having a lava flow going nowhere. Maybe some rocky outcrops and some of those halloween skeletons to create some sort of wasteland. 

Did I mention the ladder? Because it stinks... it keeps wobbling and falling whenever I put a figure on.
Ladder: What a thrill... with darkness and silence through the night...
Trap Jaw: What the actual Hell!?
Nefty: just keep climbing. It's a musical ladder.
Beastman: I thought it was a Metal Gear Solid reference...

Seriously, I had to make various attempts to take this pic. I was debating wether or not break out the blu tac.

So I guess this is the part where I would give an overall rating:
Paint and Sculpt: 5.0
Action Features: 2.0
Accessories: 3.0
 Overall: 3.33
(Mama's Boy bonus because I can't truly accept that my Mom's final givft is disappointing  +1.5)
Was it worth the $600+ Shipping and taxes? To be honest, no. It does make up for the fact that the last Snake Mountain we got was this:
Not mine. My Snake Mountain vanished when I was a kid.
We never got a 200X era Snake Mountain.

So, I wanted one, just not as much as Mom did...
Teela: Why don't you punch a hole in the wall or something, He-Man?
He-Man: Stealth Mission, remember?
MAA: Don't listen to him, Teela. He's just checking out your ass...
Teela: Daaaaaaaad! Don't say things like that! He-Man's incapable of doing such a thing... right?
He-Man: Just stand still and let me finish planning our... ungh! Strategy!
Teela: What's that smell? Please tell me you didn't...
MAA: He did.
Teela: EWWWW!

MAA: Oh my Zoar... These stairs are unclimbable!
He-Man: Teela, why are you staying behind?
Teela: After last time, I don't trust you behind me...
He-Man: I can see your rack from here...
Teela: EWWWWWW!!

I guess this is it for the review, I feel like I forgot something... Guess I'll just wrap this up and go home...
Bobby: He forgot about us, didn't he?
Hank: Dammit, i wanna see what the tentacle monster is doing with Diana...
Bobby: Hank! What's going to happen to us? Are we going to die here?
Hank: I can't die a virgin! 

Oct 29, 2023

So, let's talk Castlevania again...

 I'm mad that Haunted Castle, the Arcade version of the Original Castlevania is NOT on any of the Castlevania collections. I mean that's as old school Castlevania as you can go. I kinda understand why Richter gets his own saga separate from everything, but come on!!

I don't mind missing out on some of the 3D games... I k ow the PS2 games were considered good, but I'm more of a 2D Castlevania fan... Eventually I may bite for Lords of Shadow because Hideo and his 2 inches of doom... but the 2D games being left out, now that bothers me. I've heard Castlevania Legends for the GameBoy is bad, but I don't know since I can't legally play it. Even chronicles, which is an inferior Castlevania remake, deserved to be in any of the anthologies. Hell the Wii Remake of the GameBoy Castlevania the Adventure could have been a great incentive on a later game of the anthology.  Hell, even the inferior Saturn version with playable Maria and 2 extra areas would've been welcome somewhere!!

But not everything is bitching and moaning. Castlevania... the Original NES Classic: the only Castlevania game that I have beaten before Adulthood. To be fair it's the only game I've truly played because, I played the original Game Boy game and man that game sucked ass. I'll have to play it now as an adult and bitch about it but not now. Yes very limited. To be fair, the game is 36 years old. You can't expect Symphony of the Night on a game that's 10-ish years earlier and on way underpowered Hardware. Despite the limitations you get a great game experience and it's not too awful on the Nintendo difficulty scale. I mean I actually beat the thing on an NES. Now I have a save state and Prince of Persia Sands of time inspired rewind feature.  The best part is that while Castlevania 1 is rather short and mildly frustrating, I can play it in bite sized pieces thanks to the save state.

I know that purists would frown up on my usage of save States and playing in bite-sized portions. But if it allows me to play with less stress, I welcome it.

The nostalgia is strong with this one.

A Silverhawk brought me bad news

 Saw a post about Steelheart's VA making a tribute to the late Matthew Perry. First thing that popped to my head was, why is a Silverhawk talking about Chandler from Friends? Wait, wasn't she on Friends!? Oh yeah! Now THAT Makes sense! Wait! Chandler's dead!? What the fuck happened?

Apparently, he was found dead in his hot tub. There were no drugs at the scene. This has to be pointed out since he had a long history of alcohol and drug abuse to the point that he didn't remember half of his time on Friends.

As always my condolences to his family, friends, and the cast of Friends. 

Oct 28, 2023

Got me some Castlevania games

 I've only played 2 Castlevania games before my Adulthood:
The Original Castlevania and Super Castlevania IV, in other words only one game.

As an adult I was able to play a few more Castlevania games. In college, it was mainly Circle of the Moon and Harmony of Dissonance. I preferred the ladder because it was easier to see on the Game Boy Advance. The first one I played it mostly on the GameCube using the Game Boy Player. This was because the game was too freaking dark to see on the small GBA screen. I never played Aria of Sorrow. Thanks to a few friends I was able to finally play Symphony of the Night. I also played the water down version of Rondo of Blood also known as Dracula X because for some reason I couldn't get the emulator to properly work and play the real Rondo of Blood. 

The PlayStation Store had a sale around Columbus Day which I used to get two out of three Castlevania games. The last game of the set I got a few hours ago due to the Halloween sale. So now I've got a shit ton of Castlevania games to play. I have to make up for lost time. Yes that means including the horrible Simon's Quest, the Game Boy games, the hardest hell Castlevania 3, and we play the games I had to play before. 

This means that I may be slowing down a little bit for November and that's not counting the distraction of fanfic corner. In any case I'm going to whip Dracula into shape and that shape is a bitch, my bitch.

Die Monster and all that...

Hasbro knows how to reel me in...

 With Local Wal-Marts selling Marvel Legends for over $30, I had the perfect excuse to walk away...

This Scarlet Spider has the Reverse Ab Crunch from the Renew your Vows Spider-Man,  so it can crunch while wearing the hoodie. The only complaint I have about the figure is that it doesn't come with a brown hair Ben Reilly head, back when he looked like a disheveled Peter Parker. But at least it has more accessories than Spider-Man: The Last Stand Spider-Man.

We got Morlun, when are we getting an Ezekiel Simms for the line? 

Also, I'm going to suggest it here: One More Day 3 pack: Spidey, MJ, and the Mephistp from the Engine of failure Pulse campaign.

Oct 26, 2023

Who let Haley Joel Osment watch Shaft?

 Shaft got shafted by cancer. You know, Richard Roundtree... the OG Shaft... as in 

Yes, that is South Park's Chef, the late Isaac Hayes singing the theme of Shaft! Right on!

He's been in tons of stuff, even the Wachowski sisters had Shaft in Speed Racer... my brain just went boom!

He was Blade's dad in the Spike TV series... where Sticky Fingaz was Blade.

He was in MacGyver, Magnum PI, Fresh Prince... and he was Samuel L
 Jackson's uncle in Shaft... So two universes shared a Shaft.

My condolences to friends and family. He was 81. Also my condolences for the 2019 Shaft movie with Usher...

Nefty's fanfic corner

 Now if I fully understood how to do this, I'd add a cute little page showcasing The Neftyverse affiliated Links... and I ain't talking about Mr. EXCUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME, PRINCESS!!

But since I'm an idiot and not a professional this is how it will go:

Nefty's fanfic corner: Home of the Neftyverse mythos and more.

Since I will be dealing with fanfiction I have to set an adult content warning. This is a preemptive measures in some fanfics have adult content and I'm just covering my ass to avoid the wrath of blogger and Google.

The blog is Bare Bones right now but I'll be working on it while keeping the house of rants active. There is a small trigger warning, I won't be updating that blog as often due to the nature of it. Renting is a lot easier than writing fanfic or reviewing fanfic, so those posts will take longer. Also it's going to be an alternative in order for me to avoid suffering from burnout. In other words I'm going to be mimicking George RR Martin.

My original plan was to make a Blog about hentai, where I would discuss some of my favorite hentai, review more adult toys, but since blogger/google are being a bit sensitive about adult content that is on hold...

Update: Chapter 1 of the first fic has been released! 

Super7 has a New Bruce Lee

 It's called The operative and it's based on Enter the Dragon, when Bruce is wearing a catsuit. Not that kind of catsuit, furry weirdos.

If this wasn't a $55 figure, I'd buy a few fir army building customs. But at $55 a piece, I might jist get one, but that's not certain. I would rather buy a Chuck Norris that matches the Bruce Lee I already own. OK, I might get a Karate Kommandos Chuck Norris, because Chuck Norris.

Oct 25, 2023

Further thoughts on Rahzar: another rant

 I did Tokka because I have a GITD Slash coming and his yellowish color reminded me of Toon Tokka... now I must do his hetero life partner, Rahzar. Since Playmates is being a little bitch, Rahzar is very likely to not have his toy weapons. Super7's got a Gentleman's agreement with NECA where they won't try to compete with each other. 

Turtles in Time offers a solution for Rahzar's design... it has a similar but not Playmates accurate pallette. The car grille and shoulderpad elements are silver instead of brass. Personally I'd copy the movie's double loincloth, but making the upper loincloth green like the toy and the lower loincloth light blue as a reference to the toy's "torn shirt". I would also give him the toy torn shirt and the movie chains.

Honestly, it's the accessories where I'm worried... I already suggested the Manhattan Project shield for Tokka and giving Rahzar a round shield would feel redundant.honestly I'll miss his Skull club... or not since NECA kinda has me covered.

I feel like he should get scrapyard themed weaponry. Like a mace made out of a broken car axle and wheel. I want something with chains...

But for other extras, hands are an obvious one, but I want a head, a looking up and howling head.

We have to wait until Super7 shows wave 11, so we know where we're standing... especially with the rumors of alternating 2003 waves.

Oct 24, 2023

Actual Puerto Rican laughs at Spider-Man 2

 Of course, I mean me. I haven't played Spider-Man 2 because of lacking a PS5. Now someone sent me a link about Imsomniac using a Cuban Flag by Mistake in Miles' house.

I literally laughed out loud at this. I mean this is ridiculous. After all the painstaking work they did on the first game, they managed to fuck it up so badly on the second game. I wasn't TOO fond of the game trying to prove that Miles was Puerto Rican... newsflash, he's  not. He's second gen Nuyorrican, which means he's full gringo. Of course this gives validity to the idea that the whole Puerto Rican segment of the game was virtue signaling and that the Spider-Man 2 was way careless when they fucked this up so badly.

I just find it funny, that after patting themselves in the back so much for the first game, they fucked up this bad. I know it's not a big deal co pared with the Coney Island, or Tofu Miles bugs, but I have to laugh at the mistake. 

Oct 22, 2023

Further thoughts on TOKKA and the Playmates embargo

 We have seen plenty of Ultimates that have deviated from the Original vintage look. The three disguised Turtles that have been released so far have had some slight deviations from the original. Some of the other variants have gotten some changes as well. The only controversial figure so far has been Rat King. Hell, even the Party Wagon is not accurate to either vintage toy or the cartoon. So, this brings us to Tokka.

I strongly believe that Super7 is going to reuse most of Slash to make Tokka. That Slash mold needs to pay for itself. I'm thinking:

-New shoulders with the Tokka Spikes.
-New Head(s)
-New Forearms with Tokka Styled Bandages. He'd keep the Slash Elbow spikes to be "Different from Playmates".
-New Tokka hands
-New Belt Buckle, either with the Foot Insignia OR a stylized T to differentiate him from the Playmates figure.
-New Movie styled Feet with 4 toes.

For his weapons, the lazy option would be reusing the weapons from Slash but in black and gunmetal gray. Personally I want something more... I'm not sayong no to the vintage weapons, but to have something extra that makes Tokka feel Special and not Slash with alternate head, hands, and feet. I mean. I LIKE the Tokka colors Slash weapons more than the Pink Slash weapons, but I think Tokka deserve proper weapons that don't scream lazy part reuse.
The piece of wood and pipe from the movie would be a nice addition, but I feel like his weapons should be more like makeshift stuff from a scrapyard. I just want an unique Tokka weapon for him without me having to rely on Wrestling Superstore or other third party toy accessory makers/sellers. And Manhattan Project comes once again to the rescue.

The little turtle shell buckler is perfect! Paired with Slash's club, now he's different enough while having Slash parts.

Also Manhattan Project Tokka shows a possible GITD variant redeco for him. 

Now that Wave 8 is hitting folks, can we get a hint of wave 11? And the 2003 thened wave?

Oct 20, 2023

Oh no Paulie's dead

 Not Pauly Shore... Paulie, the robotfucker. Yeah, Paulie from the Rocky movies! What's his name, no, I don't mean his stage name "Burt Young". I mean his real name, his Italian name... Aha! Gerald Tommasso DeLouise. I miei condoglianze alla tua famiglia e ai tuoi amici.
Man my Italian is WAY Rusty... to be fair I've barely used it in the last 18 years. 

I know that he's been in a ton of movies and TV shows. My reaction has always been the same: "Hey! Isn't that Paulie the robotfucker? So, I'm  sprry that I can only recognize him as that. His role as Paulie was so Iconic that people associate him to the character...
I mean, look at this guy:
That's actor Jason Biggs. He was Leonardo in the 2012 TMNT cartoon. He has been in tons of movies and shows, but all you people see is a Pie Fucker... well, that's what happens to me whenever I realize Burt Young is in this that I'm watching...
But my brain goes to SICO saying Happy Birthday Paulie, and my thoughts take a predictable and immature turn.

May you rest in peace Gerald...you will always be my favorite... Second favorite Robot fucker... because Donatello does Machines...

How would I've done the MOTU × TMNT Crossover.

 I am disappointed in Mattel's efforts at this, so I'll imagine, what I'd do if say, Super7 was allowed to make Ultimates based on this crossover: I will make suggestions for 24 figures covering MOTU-ized TMNT and TMNT-ized MOTU.

First, I'll pick the characters, then drop my ideas for each.  Aesthetically speaking, the characters will be based on MOTUC and TMNTU. So you won't see a MOTUC body Shredder, for example.

King Randor
Trap Jaw

Casey Jones 
Foot Soldier

Ninja He-Man:
Picture He-Man wearing a Naruto Headband with the H insignia in the middle of the headband. His nose and nouth are covered by a red mask. (Maskless head would be the alt
He's shirtless and has a grey harness mimicking Leonardo's. The H insignia would be at the belt buckle. For the legs, grey tights with red trunks. Foot Ninja styked boots complete the look.
Extra hands: (aside normal c-grips)
Sword aloft hands, fists, dramatic, 2 finger ninja pose.
Vintage TMNT toy Brown MOTUC power sword.
pair of Power Katanas (2 Power sword styled Katanas 1 gray and the other purple)
Eternian Pizza Paddle Axe (a pizza paddle reminiscent of He-Man's axe.)
Ooze proof Eternian Shield (He-Man's Shield but with Ooze splatters)
Soft goods "Ninjor styled tunic" with the Grayskull Ring skull in the middle.

Samurai Man-at-Arms:
Taking cues from both MAA and Sewer Samurai Leo, this MAA would have the green MAA body. From the waist down he'd be similar to He-Man, but have Samurai leg Armor with MAA inspired elements.
The torso would have a MAA inspired Samurai armor with removable Oni Mask where the Respirator mask would normally be for MAA. (The alternate MAA head would be one with the Oni Mask respirator attached.)
At his waist, Duncan should be able to sheath a katana and a wakizashi. On his back his more Traditional Kanabō looking Mace should be able to be plugged in. His arms would have Samurai armor with MAA inspired elements.
Same hands as He-Man
I mentioned the second "oni mask head" the third head would be unmasled Duncan with a Samurai topknot.

Ronin Fisto:
This Fisto is shirtless, has purple underpants with the Foot styled shoes in purple. He'd have longer "unkempt" Ronin hair. His metal fist would have a more "Oriental" look. He should have a necklace of grey prayer beads.
 He would be the first character with full soft goods clothing:
Purple hakama and a purple and grey striped  kimono.
He would need a big removable belt where he can store his sword on the RIGHT side, due to his massive fist, he draws his blade with the left. On the left side he has a gourd of WATER to hydrate after a fight. 
His kimono should be worn in one of 2 ways:
Dangling by the belt with no sleeves in or only worn on the left arm.
For accessories:
Left hands in the already existing variety.
Fisto sword themed Katana in Fisto Purple.

Ninja Scout Mekaneck:
Picture Mekaneck wearing a traditional Ninja Mask over his helmet. His second head being Normal Mekaneck.
His body would be similar to He-Man in Mekaneck colors, but the Torso would have a Samurai version of Mekaneck's armor.
Bigger Kanabō but Mekaneck themed
Mossman looking Kawarimi Log.
Sewer Pipe neck extensions.

Shogun Randor:
I'm picturing Randor with a samurai Helmet that has elements of his crown on it.
The torso armor would be based on Toy Rabdor, while the arms and legs Reuse MAAs. The back would allow for the Eternos Banner to be plugged on it. Reusing MAAs crotch allows Randor to also have a katana and wakizashi.
Helmet head, Helmetless head (no crown)
Hands: same as everyone else
Eternoss cross Fuuma Shuriken

Kunoichi Teela:
She gets a head with a Naruto Headband with the Eternos Shuriken. Second head is blonde repaint of the normal head.
I'm thinking her outfit could be a one piece swimsuit... wait, hear me out! With a sleeveless gi top over the swimsuit... think Aska from Tournament Fighters (American version) but wearing leggins like Black Canary is in most cartoons to avoid animating the fishnet stockings. Add ninja tabi and ninja bracers and armbands on her biceps to complete the look. Obviously, she'd be in Teela colors. 
For accessories:
Female versions of the male hands.
Extending snake staff (both short and long versions)
Teela shield

Mutagen Man-E-Faces:
Man-E-Faces would require a Green GITD Torso to simulate the Ooze. The main differences would be getting a left Skeletor foot while retaining the normal MEF foot instead of normal MEF hands he gets Monster hands following the pattern of the other hands.
Now for his faces:
Head 1: Normal MEF, Ninja Turtle, Shredder
Head 2: Casey, Krang, Pizzaface
Head 3: Rat King, Skeletor, He-Man
Havoc Staff with interchangeable tips
Trident, Hockey stick, Ram head

Super Skeletor:
Skeletor has been Oozed and transformed into a Monstrous form:
His skull should look very 200X styled with the fangs and stuff. His second head should have the thorny Ambrosia crown from the battle sound skeletor.
His Torso would have bony protrusions creating the shape of his harness, while his shoulders have bony Shredder-like protrusions. His forearms would have bigger bony protusions than the MOTUC Whiplash arms. Legs would have Shredder-like Armor with Dactus feet in Skeletor colors.
Black Draego man wings complete the look. 
For accessories:
Monster hands, fists, relaxed, ninja, swords aloft.
Havoc staff with GITD ooze green ram head.
Pair of Hookswords in Skeletor Purple. 

TK's visor is modified to look like a Green version of a straw hat like the one worn by the foot elite. He has only one head, but a removable Oni Mask. He has a green scarf (think OG shredder neck piece in green.) He would have the basic buck underneath and be as "naked as Fisto" with black underpants
A Green and Orange striped kimono and black Hakama. He gets an orange and green belt suited to hold a Fisto katana on each side.
For accessories:
Standard hands
2 fisto katanas in green
2 flying stands and 2 Doomseeker/Mouser head hybrids.

Basically, Beastman covered in rags and bandages Rat king Style.
His arm pads are Snapping Turtle Shells
His torso Armor is a big furry pelt like Normal Beastman, but it has Rahzar's car grille in the front and various ninja weapons like Kunai and throwing stars mimicking the bones and horns of his armor. He's wearing a Green Tiger Cub Loincloth (inspired by the Rat king Toy) draped  over an Eternian flying snake. His legs are bare.
Heads: Wrapped in bandages, Rat King Style and a Normal Beastman head
Hands: Hairy Monster hands in the standard configurations.
Three headed Baby Serpos whip.
2 Cycloptic beasts that looks like and Organic Mouser, Snake Mountain Monster swimming in a small Ooze puddle.

Dimension X Armor Trap Jaw:
Trappy's got some new duds:
Mouser head Helmet and Jaw in TJ colors.
His torso Armor is heavily inspired by Groundchuck but with Trap jaw colors: Black straps, gunmetal grey metal parts, Green Bullseye, and maroon mesh. His robotic Arm has Chromedome's wing
The Robotic arm should be long like a Foot Soldier's.
Left Fist and dramatic hands.
Weapon attachments:
Bebop drill gun
Pizzaface Cleaver
Chomping mouser head

Take the Skelcons repainted in foot Soldier colors.
Alt head without the furry hood and the symbol for Foot (足) engraved on its forehead.
Monster hands
Bone dagger from normal skelcon, Bone gun based on the Foot Soldier rifle.

That's the MOTU half of it would be if I wasn't such a little shit and added two more Characters:
Adam Randorson-Glenn:
It's Adam, disguised as a Normal Earthling:
From the waist down He'd reuse Casey's body in Adam's colors. New torso with a partially zipped Maroon Hoodie with torn Sleeves and white undershirt. (Hood down) Arms would be reused from Casey as well.
Reuse Casey's hands. 
Normal Adam head. Adam with headphones and glasses.
Power Sword
Backpack with umbrella sheath on top to hide power sword (think Ryoga)

He-Man's Evil Robot duplicate is not simply a He-Man reuse.
He is heavily inspired by Chromedome but with faker colors.  Shoulder Wings emulate the Skeletor epaulets. Arms and legs "look human" but in Faker's colors. (Reuse ninja He-Man's)
The heads would be Masked Ninja He-Man  and the Battle damaged Terminator head.
Hands: reuse He-Man's
Weapons: same as He-Man's but in Faker colors.

NOW we're done with MOTU...let's hit TMNT:
Before I start:
Most Turtles will have the same torso. Meaning shells will have presculpted furry loincloths. Except Michelangelo. 
Basically a He-Leonardo:
200X He-Man Harness with a Turtle Shell where the He-Man crest would be. On the center of his Belt, a bezel with a blue L would be on it.
His forearms would have He-Man's asymmetrical bracers and his lower legs would have wrappings MOTU Boots with new wrapped feet. The belt would be black with blue bezels, the loincloth would be a muted blue, while the boots are blue with black straps.
Hands: default tmnt hands plus pointing fingers.
Heads: Normal Leonardo head, Leonardo with 200X He-Man hairdo.
2 katanas that look like half 200X sword
Full 200X sword
200X Shield

Using the MOTUrtle torso and Metalhead limbs we have most of Don-at-Arms. Left Arm would be new with MAA elements attached to it (non removable) same thing with left shin.
His Torso armor would be grey with Purple accents. Like the respirator tank and hose, the studs and certain raised elements of his armor.
The Belt would be Purple with the D on the central bezel being grey and his loincloth would be black. His outfit would be in MAA Green while his heads are Donatello olive. The cybernetics on his limbs would be a combination of MAA green, Don purple, black and grey.
Heads: Normal Donatello with MAA Helmet
Normal Donatello with MAA helmet and Filmation mustache.
Standard Metalhead hands in Don colors.
For weapons 2 MAA Maces that connect to create a Pugil stick. 
MAA 200X Blaster that plugs into arm.

Megapunch Raph:
Inspired by 200X Mega punch He-Man (and Fisto to an extent) Raphael is here:
On the Shell Torso, we add a Harness that has a Fisto inspired Neckpiece. Raphs's straps for the harness are red.the back of the harness has the slots for Raph's sai. His loincloth would be black with a golden belt and the red R would be on the central bezel.
Heads: Angry Raph head, Raph with Fisto wig and beard.
Hands: standard Turtle hands.
2 sai
2 slip on Mega punch gloves with swappable fists. Normal and with sai styled spikes

Ram Mike:
He gets a new soft goods non removable Tunic based on Ram Man Belt has the M on the buckle. His shell also has a new crotch with Pants. Mikey gets new lower legs with sculpted Turbo boots that allow him to mimic Ram man.
Ram man styled shoulderpads attach to the shell securing everything in place. His arms are normal Michelangelo arms. His armor is silver with orange accents, the tunic is orange ang his pants are brown with Green and Orange boots.
Heads: Normal Mike, Mike with Ram Man helmet, Mike head with Ram Man Helmet partially retracted into his shell. (Note this head cannot look to the sides due to its sculpt)
Hands: the usual turtle hands.
Ram Man themed nunchucks, Ram Man Axe.

Master Splinter:
Take the normal Splinter figure and give him a more 80s toon styled head and put him in a grey long tunic then give him a magenta robe similar to his kimono and a necklace similar to Master Sebrian's. 
He gets the standard Splinter hands. 
a shakujō staff
An Eternian Bow and arrow
Pair of Kunai

How fast can you say Teela redeco with new heads? Because April would basically be exactly like that. Yellow outfit with white accents. Yes, she'd wear yellow tights. And white boots with yellow trim.
Heads, she'd get 3:
Normal April, April with ponytail and a Teela Headdress, third head would be wearing a Turtle head helmet (think Teela's snake armor.)
Hands: The usual female hands.
Staff of Mei Pieh Chi
Teela Sword
Teela Shield
Torso overlay for the armor of Mei Pieh Chi 

Casey Jones:
Casey would be wearing a red sleeveless tunic. (Crotch piece would have the bottom part of the tunic and a belt.) He'd be wearong blue tights and black boots with white fur trim.
Unmasked Casey, Casey wearing a Palace guard helmet with his Hockey mask painted on.
Standard Casey hands.
2 Grayskull maces
1 Whiplash spear bent like a hockey stick
Removable Palace Guard inspired armor with a shoulderpad on his left. Armor can hold up to 2 weapons.

Horde Shredder:
Shredder is wearing a Helmet taking design elements from Hordak:
The facemask looks like the nose and mouth of Hordak. The Middle prong in Shredder's helmet has spikes like Hordak's "mohawk" the side prongs turn into fins resembling Hordak's ears.
His torso armor is black with the Foot insignian in red adorned by bones in a pattern similar to Filmation Hordak. All of Shredder's armor pieces are black with gray bony spikes. His loincloth isbblack with a silver belt and he's wearing blue tights. A soft goods Hordak styled cape completes the look.
The aforementioned Shredder head,  new Oroku Saki head with Despara style Makeup
Normal shredder hands AND vintage toy Inspired 3 finger pose hands.

Mega-Beast Krang:
Krang upgraded his bubble walker by stealing Multibot and assimilating its tech.
The bubble walker should look like it's made out of multibot's torsos.
All of multibot's limbs and connector pieces plus modified bubble walker arms and legs to be Multibot compatible
Weapons: Krang's blaster that can be combined with Multibot's blaster.

Mouser Blaster Rocksteady:
Rocksteady wearing a furry loincloth and has war paint on his legs mimicking camouflage and his furry boots are brown with black trim.
He's wearing a gold tanktop styled armor that  can hold a Mouser. The mouser is chained to Rocksteady in a similar manner to the dragon from Dragon Blaster Skeletor.
Rocksteady without helmet. Rocksteady with a NA Skeletor styled helmet
Hands: Sword aloft hands, expressive hands, in addition to the normal Rocksteady hands.
Webstor Rifle
Oversized Knife (sword sized)
Chained Mouser

Bebop the Pork Chopper:
Basically Jitsu Bebop.
Bebop is wearing a jitsu inspired armor, but the neck area is based on Bebop's necklace and Turtle shell pauldrons. Bebop's big Jitsu hand has drillgun inspired fingers. In addition to a black loincloth, He's wearing his knee brace and white furry boots with red straps with black fur trim.
Heads: Normal Bebop, Bebop with a Jitsu Beard.
Bebop's Gauntlet is removable and he has his normal right hand.
So, normal Bebop hands and Expressive hands and sword aloft hands.
Grayskull shield
Katana sized knife.

Foot Trooper:
Normal Foot Soldiers with Removable Horde trooper Styled Armor. The idea is that once you break through the horde armor, you're left with a Foot Soldier.
Snap on Horde trooper Armor:
Torso (2pcs.)
Biceps(2 pcs.)
Forearms (2pcs.)
Thighs (2pcs.)
Lower legs (2pcs.)
Crotch (2pcs.)
Foot blaster
Horde stun baton
Foot horde staff.
Plug-in Foot forearm guards.

I added two MOTUs and no TMNTs? We needs to fix this.

Can we say Evil Lyn inspired redeco? Picture Karai with a Shredder styled Helmet. From the top prong to the side prongs,we get an Evil Lyn styled headdress but instead of being flared out like normal Evil Lyn's they are kinda pulled back following the curvature of Shredder's helmet. 
The rest of her outfit is Teela's in Karai's Black, red, and grey.
Heads: Karai with evil helm and without.
Hands: same as April.
Bow and arrows 
Crystal staff that turns into an escrima stick and a mace.

Super Shreddetor:
What was that about not putting Shredder in a MOTUC body? Nefty lied!? *gasp* wait, technically I didn't, because it won't be really a MOTUC body if it's based on Mumm-Ra for size... which would be how I'd tackle ultomates Super Shredder.
From the neck down it would be a Super Shredder, but repainted as Skeletor.
He would get a new torso set of Spikes to incorporate Skeletor's design and his skull replacing the bezel in Skeletor's armor. The shoulder pads would be purple with black spikes, while, the forearm spikes will be metallic blue, mimicking Skeletor's skin.
He'd get a new crotch piece with Skeletor themed tassets AND the Havoc staff's ram being embedded in the front.
The shin blades would be purple.
Shredder's helmet would be purple with a golden skull faceplate. 
Hands: Monster hands
Sephiroth sized Splitting Power Sword.
Oversized NA Skeletor staff with Shredder's face on it.

I know that this is logistically impossible and with Super 7 we would probably get them by the time teach me the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turn 50. 

Oct 18, 2023

It came from the Toy Chest: King Grayskull is WHITE!!

 So why is he black? Bullshit, that's why.  I know I'm late to the party, but I got a Revelation Pedro Cerrano loose for dirt cheap and I have a broken Savage He-Man body... all I need is a body to make a Closer to Original King Grayskull. Nothing wrong with Dennis Haysbert and his performance, but I dislike he was race swapped for diversity quota.

KG: Wait aren't you supposed to be grey?
Hordak: Why are you *snort* Black!?
KG: What do you mean? I'm not black!
Hordak: Your tag is showing...

King Grayskull is He-Man's ancestor... by his power Adam has the power. In 200X he was portrayed by

A ninja turtle... well, now he's black and

Yeah... so let's a go!
KG: Adam, I am your Ancestor!!
Adam: HAHAHAHA! But you're BLACK!?
KG: Again with the whole Black thing...

The figure has standard Masterverse Articulation with no visible issues. Everything her is notmal and works as intended.
He-Man: Two Grayskulls!?
KG: Descendant!!! You are using my Power!!
NetflixKG: No! He's using MY POWER!!
Nefty VO: SHUT UP! Blond Grayskull is D'Vann Grayskull! The non-Blond Grayskull shall be Hon'Norr Grayskull. Both wielding a mighty Sword. You can see where I'm going with this.

Paint and sculpt:
The body is the standard Masterverse body. There is nothing to write home about. The important stuff is on his heads. One neutral and one angry. His face reminds me of a crappy street fighter character.
DV: So, what now, Brother?
HN: I don't know, Brother...
Hulk Hogan VO: Did somebody say brother, brother?

Alternate head 
Alternate hands
2 swords
Removable harness with cape.

Oh god, what did they do to the cape! Having a tag almost the size of the whole thing is ridiculous. Other than that it's pretty good.  Aside the cape being FANNNNCYYYYY! There's nothing that makes this a "Deluxe release".

No fancy mathematics are needed for his final score. It's 4.5 and while decent, I just don't care about Revelation's take on the character. So, I'm making my own. He shall become Hon'norr,  King Grayskull's half brother. Each can have one half of the Sword of Power.

I used a Revelation He-Man to make KG and I gave his harness to Hon'Norr.
He-Man: I'm going to be Nefty's default He-Man!!
Adam: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You are really funny!

The figure has standard Masterverse Articulation with no visible issues. Everything her is notmal and works as intended. There's not much i can add.

Paint and sculpt:
While he looks like his cartoon counterpart, his skintone is a bit too yellowish for my tastes. I miss the iron cross.

Extra hands
There's not much to write about here. The sword will most likely hit the spare parts baggies... the shield will be NE He-Man's.

This He-Man gets a 4.17 as his final score. For a figure meant to be fodder, he did pretty good. Now I have MY King Grayskull and he now has a brother who is a brother.

No, I won't be doing Hordak now. I only reviewed the He-Man because I was going to turn that figure into King Grayskull. 

Official MOTU × TMNT Origins figures are here!

 And they're crap!

Let's start with Leonardo:
The Turtles are in an Origins body... that's tthe first mistake they needed a more TMNT-esque body to start from. Just look at how weird Leo looks from the illusion made by the Power Katana. It kinda looks like a badly spliced image. When you see Donatello's body further below, you'll see how bad the MOTUO bodies are for the turtles.

But let's look at the design: It's one of two things: Execs got to meddle way too much with the designs or the unpaid interns who desogned this ⅛assed their way through it. The only salvageable thing I see is the Power Sword themed Katanas. Hopefully these get made available via third party casts.
The Shoulderpads and tasset are excessive.

If it wasn't for the Origins body, Donatello would've been passable. The one change I would have made is making the MAA Mace into a Pugil stick styled weapon.

Krang ALMOST passed if it wasn't for the Megator inspired palette... Personally the red elements clash with the green skin. Hell the Hordak boots would've been a better fit instead of the heroic boots. This should've been in Krang colors.

But there are also TMNT-ized MOTU characters:

Oozed He-Man? Super He-Man? Superfaker?
I don't know what this is, but I do not like it! Not one bit.

Okay both Donatello and Man-at-Arms are in the same wave. Why? Also, how in the hell do you manage to fuck up Duncan?
The only salvageable part of this figure is the helmet. From the neck down I could describe this as crap.

Poor poor Trap Jaw... turned into a Mouser, when he could've been perfect to reference plenty of TMNT characters...

The Mouser Helmet is not a bad idea, but it should be in Trap Jaw colors. 

His cyber arm couldve beenade loosely inspired by Chromedome by adding CD's shoulder wing. In order to keep the Trap Jaw elements of swappable weapons, here are my weapon choices:
-Blaster: Bebop's Drill gun
-Claw: Mouser head
-Hook: Pizza Face's cleaver.

The Mouser inspired lower legs are not a bad idea in paper. Just poorly executed.

Honestly, I would only buy Leonardo because of the Cam Clarke references being so strong with him. But Mattel is keeping my wallet safe by making me not spend money on their stuff.

Oct 17, 2023

I have 5 words that put together are super scary: Disney Plus Live Action Gargoyles

 I tremble with fear at the thought. So far Greg Wiseman isn't involved, but some dude from the Annabelle movies is involved. I know Gargoyles has to be a bit scary, since the Gargoyles are supposed to be monstrous looking... but it's on Disney Plus... will there be any race changes? Xanatos is supposed to be of Greek origin. Elisa is supposed to be part Cherokee... Those two shouldn't be touched...

But here are my top guesses for race swapping:

Matt Bluestone: He's a Ginger. They tend to become Black.

Owen Burnett: Xanatos very own "manservant". Yes, I lnow how tone-deaf it is, but you KNOW Puck is going to be black, so his human disguise will be black as well.

Fox is going to be black... cause Gingers.
Hyena and Jackal will be Asian...
Dingo will be Latin American doing bad Aussie impression.
Wolf will be Indian who is a Viking descendant, because diversity...

But the only ray of hope for this show would be:
Keith David voicing Goliath
Jeff Bennet voicing Brooklyn
Bill Fagerbakke voicing Broadway
Thom Adcox-Hernandez voicing Lexington
Frank Welker voicing Bronx.
JK Simmons voicing Hudson. Sadly Ed Asner is dead and the next best J.Jonah Jameson voice after Ed Asner is JK Simmons.
Marina Sirtis as Demona...

Yes it's the surviving cast because Gargoyles. Just find a way to have Jonathan Frakes have his way with a chair.

New Eternia figures I'm dying to see

 I do have a few Masterverse figures coming. But after seeing New Eternia MAA, I'm stoked and my gears are grinding...

This list won't be fully detailed, but some figures might get some more love than others.

New Eternia Teela:
They could go for Metal Bra Teela as her NE Look. Her skintone should match Revelation Teela. (You'll see why now)
She should have 2 heads:
Normal Blonde Teela with her long hair flowing.
Snake Priestess Helmet head. (The helmet part of the cobra armor)
For accessories:
Serpent staff
Removable cobra armor that should also fit Rev. Teela. 

New Eternia Keldor: (Dragon Blaster)
I know, Nefty, what are you thinking? Dragon Blaster is a Skeletor variant, Why am I adding Keldor?  Because it spices up the display.
If I were the writer, I'd have Keldor be an alchemist whose eldritch experiments led him to create his own personal dragon army. As seen with the small dragon he carries around. Forced to serve a fallen god, Keldor bides his time until he can free himself from his unholy master by taking Skeletor's power for himself.

His bio bit gives hint at what he does, drops hints of Hordak and of being transformed into Skeletor... while Skeletor already exists. (I'd say that Keldor TRIED to steal skeletor's power, but Skeletor was too strong and absorbed Keldor into him. 

The idea for the toy though, is mix and match parts. If you swap Keldor's armor for Skeletor, you can make a Keldor and a vintage inspired DB Skeletor.

Picture the normal Masterverse body from the neck down in keldor colors. New Keldor bracers, removable belt, and new keldor shinguards. Add new DB torso armor woth removable dragon. 

The accessories would be alternate hands and the 200X swords 

New Eternia Thunderpunch He-Man:
Basic NE He-Man body, but in Thunderpunch inspired colors.skintone must match new Eternia He-Man. New right forearm with the BA styled big bracer that can hold a shield. These would be used to plug the TP shield or thunderpunching effects.
The Torso armor would be new and reusing the Power Sword and knife from NE He-Man makes sense. Worst case scenario reuse Revelation He-Man harness in TP colors. The alternate hands would be fists for obvious reasons 
Heads would be the big deal here and one is a reuse. Faker in NE He-Man colors. The other head is a 200X King Grayskull inspired hairstyle for He-Man. 
Yes, if you happen to have a Revelation Grayskull, you could steal his armor and make a 200X Grayskull.

New Eternia Evil Lyn:
Here the design cues could come from a combination of concept stuff and 200X. The idea is to ensure that Evil Lyn doesn't end up like a Teela repaint.

New Eternia Mossman:
I want a Flocked New Eternia Beastman with new loincloth, new plant based armor inspured by Beastman and maybe reuse the Revelation tendril as his mace.

New Eternia Hordak:
If one figure is worthy of the "deluxe treatment" would be NE Hordak. There's just too many concept elements to borrow from. 

New Eternia Prince Adam:
I know that "Battle Armor He-Man" is technically New Eternia Adam. But what I mean is most folks would prefer something closer to the traditional Adam (Sorry Revelation Adam, most people like a meatier Adam.") I'm not like them. I want a Foppish adam from the Mark Taylor concept. Hat, coat, the whole shebang.

New Eternia King Randor and Queen Marlena:
I put both as a single entry, because you can't have them separate. They would be deluxe figures.

 Here's how I'd do Randor:
Basic Masterverse body in vintage Randor colors. New loincloth think Classic MK ninja style combined with MOTU. NEBAHM Belt, new shinguards similar to MAA (Worst case scenario reuse MAAs) New Torso Armor based on vintage or something new. Removable soft goods cape, new soft goods Robe and tunic (think Revelation Trap jaw). Alt. Hands, Reuse Whiplash Spear and add a Sword and Shield (Shield could be based on Vintage Grayskull and his sword could be based on the Grayskull flag sword)

Here's how I'd do Marlena:
From her waist up she could have a Filmation inspired outfit WITHOUT the huge collar. From thw waist down She'd wear tights and She-Ra boots in black. The idea is to switch from peace and war. I'd give her a removable piece of armor. The armor could be inspired by the "Fit to be Tied" fantastic fashion set from She-Ra... but in Marlena colors. For accessories alternate hands, alternate head without the crown. Soft goods skirt for peacetime look). A sword and blaster.

That's from the top of my head. A Merman would be interesting to see, but let's see what Mattel does.