Sep 30, 2020

Random Toy Stuff... kinda like an Odds and Ends, but for toys.

KNOW Gwen, S7Panthro, and S7Mumm-Ra have pending Reviews. To be honest I haven't taken the pics yet. Will try to get them done soon so I can sit down and write the review. Real life has gotten too many things in my plate and it impeded me from having fun with the toys. I also need some plumbers tape and I Marvel Legends Green Goblin for the Gwen review. And no I haven't seen any retro wave Green Goblin available at the moment.

I got some AAA batteries for Zordon.
With the light, he looks a bit Holographic, but not necessarily Zordon-y enough. Dammit, I just realized, the Zordon we got is the Turbo version... crap! Does this mean that we have to wait for a Mighty Morphin era Cpmmand Center playset with a MMPR Zordon? Dangflabbit!

I may have found an additional use for Oranges Teela and female MOTWWEU figures.
You can use the Female Oranges figures as Tween Female characters. It's a shame that we cannot do the same thing with their male counterparts though. This is almost bringing back the idea of a custom MOTUC SCALED Modular line that I mentioned many months ago... the one inspired by the WWE CAW Line.

I heard that Snake Mountain is mildly delayed. The earliest they'll start shipping is roughly at the end of October. The shipments will be divided in 4 batches. The latest of these will ship around January 2021. Crap, I may have to delay Filmation Adam and Stratos after the Advent Calendar... I kinda wish I could get Snake Mountain before December, so I can close the Advent Calendar with it.

it came from the toy chest oranges Teela

This is as close as I'll ever get to a vintage Teela. I like all my previous Teela she was a mail-order Teela.
Teela: clone of the goddess/sorceress, created by Skeletor, so in a way that means he's her daddy. He wants to marry her in order to inherit Grayskull or something.
At least filmation eliminated the creepiness of her origin.
He-Man: By the Goddess, Nefty bought a Teela!?

Nefty (VO): A Mail Order Teela!

Teela: Tako pohoten, ljubim te že dolgo
Make Eternia Grate Again...

He-Man: Did you just make a Trump Joke? That's not
going to end well.

Nefty (VO): I'm not mocking his policies. I'm just pointing
out the Similarities between him and you.
You both have fake orange tans, weird blonde hair, and mail order brides... I tossed the MEGA, referemce because the average House of Rants reader doesn't read Google translated Slovenian.

He-Man: Did you just call me Donald Trump?

Nefty (VO): I hate you... so freaking much... You just want to brong on the flamers.

For the sake of fairness I will try to remain as impartial as possible but articulation is one of the things that this figure does pretty good. I may hate the idea, I may hate the way some things are executed, but this figure has a decent range of articulation. I cannot deny that. It has less articulation then I Classics figure but more than a 200X.
Think 200X with elbow, knee, ankle, and wrist hinge articulation. Unlike Classics she does not have less articulation than her male counterparts.
Skeletor: Teela, Marry me! Leave this
Teela: Poroči se s svetlolaskim klovnom ali se poroči z moškim z modrimi kroglicami?
He-Man: Nefty, I'd suggest you stop it...
Nefty (VO):Wait, are you mad about the silly hair comparison?
He-Man: ... yes...

Paint and sculpt 
Unlike my previous two figures I actually like this Origins head. She doesn't look like a toddler in an adult body like the Vintage figure. At the same time she doesn't look like a hard-ass like say her Classics figure. I wish the mustard yellow parts of her armor were actually painted gold. Sadly, the only sour point on her is the knees. They are fugly.
Teela: Are you Threatening Me!?
He-Man: Really, Nefty? You made her Beavis now.
Skeletor: I'd still tap that even if she's my daughter!!
He-Man: Is this an Alabama joke, a Trump  joke or what?
Nefty (VO): I just take the pics and let my imagination run wild!
When making these storylines, no one is at the wheel when the bus is driving.

Staff of Ka
Snake armor
I kind of feel like she needed an additional weapon in this case a sword. She feels a bit Bare Bones with just the staff and  Shield. I understand that the Vintage figure came only with the sword and shield but it's 2020.
He-Man: This is MADNESS!!  Oh no...
You're not going to do it, are you?
Teela:Norost? To je Sparta.
Skeletor: Right in the Meteorbs!

Teela gets a 3.67 as her final score. Out of all the Origins figures, she's the better looking of the bunch... knees aside. I have to mention that there is a common issue of her arms falling off. Mine does not have that isssue, BUT IT IS an issie with the female figures... so far Teela and Evil Lyn.
It made me a bit teary eye to finally have a "vintage sized" Teela.

He-Man: My Hero...
Teela: Utihni in me poljubi!
He-Man: I have no idea what you said
but it makes me... MOIST!
Skeletor: Neitlich, take me with you...

Sep 29, 2020

It came from the Toy Chest: Bonehead Oranges

Skeletor: release me you man boob!!
I know I said, that Origins wasn't for me, but, He-Man needs a companion piece, which Skeletor is the perfect match. Skeletor Overlord of evil wants to conquer Eternia to become master of the universe. His overused strategy is to take over the ancient Fortress Castle Grayskull and take the secrets hidden within it. Unfortunately for him he's always stopped by He-Man.
Add chorus: HE-MAN HE-MAN!!!
Skeletor: Myaaah! I sound like Ray Romano after swallowing helium helium!
He-Man: my hair looks like it's made of linguini.
Not Peter Cullen: Masters of the Universe Origins from Mattel available only at Walmart

For the sake of fairness I will try to remain as impartial as possible but articulation is one of the things that this figure does pretty good. I may hate the idea, I may hate the way some things are executed, but this figure has a decent range of articulation. I cannot deny that. It has less articulation then I Classics figure but more than a 200X.
Think 200X with elbow, knee, ankle, and wrist hinge articulation. If this section sounds familiar it's because I straight-up copied and pasted it from the He-man review. There is nothing else I could say about articulation on these figures that I hadn't already said.
Skeletor: 38 years later and the half swords still don't work.

Paint and sculpt 
He looks Vintage-ish... aside the I got kicked in the Skelenards face. The teeth look weird to me because I'm not quite sure if the Lines line up with the sculpt. Then there's too much red on his eyes and he kind of looks like he's surprised rather than angry. And his open mouth kind of looks like he's whining instead of being menacing.
He-Man: Take that!
Skeletor:Oh, my Havoc Staff...
He-Man: Skeletor's got nards

Havoc Staff
Half sword
 Huh,he's pretty Bare bones, right?
That's  just like you remember!
38 years later and the half sword swords still can't properly combine. yay douchebag Ruben!!
Skeletor: Dramatic Pose!!!!
D ft Overall
Oranges Skeletor gets a 3.33 as his final score. Honestly I still don't like the figures, but I must admit that I still kind of want to have a few key characters:
Teela, Beastman, Man-at-Arms, Evil Lyn, Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops, Stratos, Merman, Ram Man, Sorceress, Adam, She-Ra, Orko, King Randor, and Queen Marlena.
I know it's far too many especially for a line that I don't like but that's like the core core roster and a She-Ra.
Notice that I said kind of want I didn't say I want want. My want wants would be Teela, Evil-Lyn, She-Ra, Man-At-Arms, Beastman, and MAYBE Trap Jaw and Merman... and even with this culled list I'm still thinking of culling it even more.
No idea what Faker's sculpt will look like.
 I don't hate them but I don't like them at the same time. I kind of see their appeal but I'm more of a Classics kind of guy

Sep 28, 2020

It came from the Toy Chest: I want some 20-somethings pretending to be Teenagers with Attitude!

Ay-yi-yi-yi! I have a Zordon + Alpha 5. Batteries not included from Hasbro. Yes I'm going to bitch and moan about the lack of batteries on Zordon. I have to buy three AAA batteries, which as we all know, it's impossible to get. You can get a two pack, 4 pack, an 8-pack but never a three pack. That means a single AAA Battery tumbling around in a drawer. Lost, forgotten... I guess I lost my way, so let's get back on track!

Zordon, a warrior of peace from Eltar was forced to stop Rita Repulsa, an underling of Lord Zedd from conquering Earth. While he managed to trap Rita in a space dumpster, he ended up trapped between dimensions and is able to communicate with others through a light tube. Alpha 5 is Zordon's assistant robot, created by the grandfather of a Kamen Rider to aid Zordon. Alpha aids Zordon, who guides the Power Rangers in their fight against evil.

I'm actually surprised at the level of articulation that Alpha has. He is almost as articulated as a ranger figure. He can pull off most of Alpha 5 poses and some action poses that wouldn't make sense for him. Zordon is basically a prop. He has no articulation.

Paint and sculpt
For a mass produced children's toy pretending to be an adult collectible, Alpha's paint and sculpt are accurate enough. The Gold's are a bit too mustard yellow to be accurate but then again Goldar was pretty much yellow.
I'm a bit iffy on Zordon because he doesn't look accurate enough.

Is Zordon a character or a glorified accessory?  Alpha has a teddy bear that kind of looks like a teddy bear with Alpha five's head. And I'm going to count Zordon as an accessory since he does nothing other than light up and is a glorified diorama piece. Speaking of diorama they could have come with something more like say a cardboard version of the command center console and maybe the viewing globe, because as it is Alpha's kind of useless without it.

Alpha and Zordon get a 4.0 as their final score. I think we should have paid more just to get the command center console and viewing globe.
I suggested the console because that would be the hardest thing to make. You know it would be neat to have  the command center. Because let's be honest I don't think Hasbro is going to make a command center playset... mostly because the other heroes are going to start to demand their own Command Center.

It came from the Toy Chest: Peter Parker, Peter Parker, does whatever a Peter can

He's a nerd, big surprise. He likes science as much as math. Look out here comes Peter Parker...
Finally I got a retro wave Peter Parker and by finally I mean that the package finally arrived since I pre-ordered him a long time ago. Peter Parker is the nerdy and neurotic Alter Ego of The Amazing Spider-Man. Raised by his uncle and Aunt, Peter learned that with great power comes great responsibility. This lesson was learned the hard way after he lost his uncle to a burglar. Now, usong his amazing Spider powers for good, Peter Parker is the Sensational Spider-Man. He's also an expert on selfies, since he sells those to J. Jonah Jameson.
JJJ: Parker! I need pictures of Spider-man!
Peter: (thoughts) Blah blah blah Menace,
Blah blah blah pictures, blah blah blah,
My son the Astronaut...
JJJ: Parker!
Peter: Yes, Mr. Jameson?
JJJ: Move your ass and get me pictures of...

Pete can almost pull the main 3 poses I test all Spidey figures. Sadly, Almost isn't good enough for me. The Stan Lee body while scrawny enough to pass off as a civilian Peter Parker it's not possible enough despite having the correct articulation points.
JJJ:... that wall-crawling menace!
Peter: (thoughts) Spider-sense tingling!
Peter: Mr. Jameson, sir...

Paint and sculpt 
Despite being slightly too scrawny than I would like to have on a Spider-man figure, he looks the part of Peter Parker. I just wish the Peter Parker had didn't have the Ditko glasses.  I tore mine straight out of the package. Funny thing is that he looks older than the previous Parker had we got from the Mary Jane 2 pack.  Paintwise he it's not that bad.
Peter: Get down!
JJJ: Parker, what the Hell!?

Strapless Camera
Spider-sense head

If I find my bag of old toys stuff and happened to stumble and the Toby man camera I'm going to be giving that to this Peter Parker. I honestly hate that the camera is strapless. I also dislike that he didn't come with additional hands. At least a pair of wall crawling hands would've been nice.
Spidey: Hadoken! Why can't you
be a Karen via phone, like a normal person, Doc...
Now Hitlerstache is gonna make an editorial, where I'm
in CAHOOTS! with Doctor Doom. Do you have any idea how hard is to
fix my reputation whenever one of you megalomaniacs attack New York!? Last week, Jolly Jonah wrote that I made the Thanoscopter!
Parker gets a 3.33 as his final score. I honestly blame the lack of accessories more than anything. I know that retrowave figures can be a bit light on accessories but Peter needed more in order to be 20% cooler. I'm still going to mod my second one into a Ben Reilly and screw the Dikto era glasses. They only work on high school nerdy Peter Parker with the vest and tie look.
This Peter is much too cool looking to be the geeky Peter from The Lee-Ditko era.  He easily could have been a Peter from late Romita Sr. era. Or we could have got in the actual nerdy Peter from the Lee-Ditko era.
Peter: Say Cheese!!
Gwen and MJ: Cheese!
Peter: (thoughts) I hope this will help Harry feel a bit more cheered up.
Gwen: (Thoughts) How should I tell Peter that I had a one night stand with Mr. Osborn...
MJ: (thoughts) I can't believe Gwen cheated on Parker for Mr. Osborn.
Is she into DILFs? Does she even know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man?
I hope his penis doesn't work like a spider's...

Sep 27, 2020

30 most wanted Spider-Man related characters for Marvel Legends

Hasbro  knocked it out of the park with the recent Marvel Legends reveals. they managed to get a few characters that I really wanted and after these huge reveals I tend to make list. Last time I made a list of General Marvel Legends without Spidey stuff and now it's time for the Spidey stuff.  so let's get ready for 30 Spidey related characters/ variants that I would like to see in Marvel Legends.

30: Lady Octopus:
Female + Tentacles... What's not to love here and no, I'm not making hentai references here.

29: Evil That Men Do Black Cat:
Do you remember the Bea Arthur looking ToyBiz figure? Do you remember the Beautiful Marvel Select statue? What I'd like is for Hasbro to make something closer to the Marvel Select statue than the Bea Arthur figure by ToyBiz.

28: Hammerhead:
While The Chameleon allowed us to have a fake Hammerhead we deserve to have the real figure and the real bulk that the character has. That chameleon disguise looks too scrawny.

27: Spider Armor:
First Spider-Man variant on this list. It's a classic costume that has been requested quite often... also what I'm going to say goes against my principles but I kind of want him vac Metalized. Yes I'm well aware of my previous statements regarding vac metal. You have to admit that a spider armor would look freaking sweet if it had a reflective metal look to it. With that said it doesn't have to be vac metal; I'm just saying that it would look cool despite my hatred of vac metal.

26: Rocket Racer:
If we got Night Thrasher with his skateboard, then Rpcket Racer should be easy...

25: J. Jonah Jameson:
While I have a custom figure made from the MCU Klaw, we deserve an official release of good old Jolly Jonah.

24: Teresa Parker:
Because Female + Wings + guns adds some degree of eccentricity to SHIELD displays. Also she's Spidey's long-lost kid sister.

23: Alistair Smythe, Ultimate Spider-Slayer:
Since we've got a classic Kingpin in the Retro wave I've been itching for an animated series inspired ultimate Slayer Alistair Smythe...

22: Joe Robertson:
I'm trying to keep civilian figures to a minimum but since I suggested JJJ we do need a Robbie. Then there's also Tombstone who has a beef with him so we could use them in displays with Tombstone.

Decaying clone of the jackal hos main reason for being on this list is called it Maximum Carnage.

20: Shriek:
 Same reason as Carrion, she would complete team Carnage for Maximum Carnage displays.

19: Classic Molten Man:
We got MCU Molten Man, who was rather underwhelming. I know that comic book version isn't that great either but it's a classic Spider-Man character that we need.

18: Spidercide:
I know everybody hates the clone saga but since we are already have Scarlet Spider and spider been we need some clone bad guys.

Yes, I'm giving Spider-Girl some love, by having her cousin. He would come with a May Parker head for the Hobgoblin wave Spider-Girl and a couple of hands for her.

16: Green Goblin (Normie Osborn)
Like Darkdevil before him this is just to pad out the Spider Girl side of things.

15: Spiderling:
Yes I'm slowly expanding the spider verse. The idea it's to use some of the variance alternate universe Spider-Man I'm having key characters from different universes to mix and match.

14: Bombastic Bagman:
Again another Spider-Man variant that I keep pushing for.

13: Hobo Doc Ock:
Originally I was going to suggest a realistic proportions Doctor Octopus based on Humberto Ramos's art, but THERE IS A CLASSIC HOBO DOC OCK!!
If Hasbro plays their cards right, they could make this a two-in-one figure being the hobo Doctor Octopus and the classic Doctor Octopus at the same time. I'm thinking of a chest overlay kinda like the vest on MCU Klaw.

12: Eddie Brock:
Yes, I know what I said about Civilian figures, but with enough swappable symbiote parts, he can be justified.

We need a Brock inside the symbiote mouth so badly...

11: The Spot:
Despite being considered a lame villain when used incorrectly, THE Spot has gained some popularity. He's also rather easy to make for Hasbro.

10: Riot:
We recently God fade and the last two remaining symbiotes from the Life Foundation are Riot and Agony.
I don't want them to suffer separation anxiety... see what I did there?

9: Agony:
Like I stated above with Riot we need her to complete the Life Foundation symbiotes... I hope you're reading symbiote as Sim Bee Oat and not Sim Buy Oat...

8: Ezekiel:
White Morlun and the rest of the inheritors are not on this list, I kinda added some relevance to the Spider-Army. I also kind of like Ezekiel so that's why I'm adding him to the list. I wanted to have the 8th spot to be filled by somebody with spider powers for obvious reasons.

7: Trapster:
While he also is a pain in the ass for the Fantastic Four he has Tangled a few times with the wall crawler. And I'd rather have him as the Trapster instead of Paste Pot Pete...

6: Kingpin: Black Suit:
Honestly, this is a trick to sneakily add a Jimmy-6 to the line-up. I know he isn't a HUGE character... no pun intended, but he was one of the few friends Ben Reilly had. The idea is to sell a Kingpin variant, but like Chameleon, the Cuckoos, or Dani Moonstar is to allow for Additional characters to be made. On his own, Jimmy wouldn't necessarily sell, but being an added option for Kingpin, might make the Kingpin more enticing.

5: Marvel's Scorpia:
Padding the Sinister Syndicate a bit slowly because reasons. Also, Female + Scorpion...

4: Takuya Yamashiro: Supaidaman:
Yes, The Emissary from Hell, Supaidaman. Personally, he shpuld be made using a modified Lightning collection body. (New waist, lower legs, forearms, head) The reasons for this are many:
-He'd be on a super sentai body, which is a nod to his Japanese origins.
-The Super Sentai body would be more accurate than the Marvel Legends comic book-styled bodies.
-The modified Super Sentai body could be reused for an Alex Ross styled Spider-Man.
-He'd also be compatible with Lightning collection, so you can have a crossover that never happened.
Bonus fact: the number for sounds a lot like the word for death in Japanese is Spider-Man is the Emissary from hell I thought he'd be appropriate for the number four spot.

3: Madame Web:
Spider-Man the Animated Series had an into the spider verse long before the comics or the into the spider verse movie. She would be a deluxe character due to her life support system but she would make a great display piece in addition to the spare Juggernaut we now have thanks to the Colossus 2 pack. And to make her extra worthwhile we could toss in a few heads and accessories that could spruce up some Spider-Man figures. For example: black suit Spidey repaint of the spider sense head from the Peter Parker figure.  maybe adding web shooting hands, wall crawling hands, and fists for the Peter Parker figure.
Heck they could even toss a normal unmasked Felicia Hardy had to use on the black cat figures or on Moira McTaggart.

2: Power and Responsibility 3 pack:
You knew I would have to cheat somewhere. I tend to do so on these lists. And let's be honest the only way I could sneak in Aunt May and Uncle Ben would be in a 3 pack including THE Burglar.

Aunt May and Uncle Ben would most likely, require new sculpts. The burglar, in a worst-case scenario, could be made using the Stan Lee buck with new hands and head. Heck, I would add parts to use some of the "suit bodies" to make a Captain George Stacy.

1: Kaine: 90s look:
You had to expect this one. Other than Power Pack and the upcoming Firestar, 90s Kaine is one of my most wanted Legends figures.

Honorable mentions:
That previous release of this character was a bit on the crappy side. This needs to be fixed!

- retro series Hobgoblin:
This would be basically a re-release of the previews hobgoblin without the demonic macendale Goblin pieces. Instead he would get extra heads based on Roderick Kingsley and Ned Leeds.

-Wild Pack Sandman:
I know his Non civilian outfit is ridiculous but we kind of need it.

-Ben Reilly:
Maybe it was to basically do I repaint of the Peter Parker figure with a new head that doesn't require the nerdy glasses to have a Ben Reilly figure. I was thinking something along the lines off black jacket red shirt and darker blue jeans. With normal Spider-Man hands instead of the Peter Parker camera hands. Thoughts in three additional heads and call it a day. The extra heads would be:
2 Spider-sense heads:
One brunette Ben with the Scarlet Spider half face, the second one would be blond Ben with the spider Ben half face.  that way most of the iterations of the character are covered. The only one that isn't covered is Jackal Ben.

That it's totally Mary Jane but then it wasn't Mary Jane character is a weird choice, but if deadpool got the Chicle chick, askingfor Jackpot isn't that weird. What's not to like about a Mary Jane wanna be wearing an outfit so gaudy that even disco Dazzler would be like: dude that's too much!

-Spider-man 2099:
Ever since we got the white suit Spider-Man 2099 I've been itching for a classic Miguel O'Hara in that new body. Also I would like to have a Miguel with extra hands and a second head that showcases Miguel O'Hara's unmasked face.

-Araña: First Appearance Outfit:
While yes, we got Anya Sofia Corazon as the other Spider-Girl, we still need her as Araña. Also there would be the perfect excuse to throw a couple of unmasked has one for Araña the other for Anya the other Spider-Girl.

Sep 25, 2020

Marvel Legends is hitting back hard, mon ami...

And my wallet wants to be touched by Rogue, Sugah!
Freaking Target is getting retro Gambit and Rogue. Rhobh has the 90s hair and Gambit has a fixed head and looks a bit closer to his animated counterpart...

Duuude... I need that Rogue... and Gambit too!
The brighter colors on him look great!
Moira is getting a figure... So are The new Chuck and Mags...

I honestly don't care about Magneto that much, but if that Xavier can switch heads with the other Xavier, then this could be doable
But wait, there's more:
Arcade is being made... so far no murderworld playset, but he's coming.
But it's not just X-Men, Avengers are getting a wave. Based on the game, like the Abomination wave, we're getting a Joe Fix it wave. Joe being the BAF. Tony and Cap are so far the only Game version characters.

The rest are comic book based. We get a modern Falcon, Kang the Conqueror, Jocasta, and Thunderstrike. Like the Abomination wave before I'm in it for the comic book based characters.

I hope that Jocasta will bring up a classic Ultron... but speaking of bad guys, we're getting a classic Dormammu... who I hope leads to Classic Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo.

Also, a Classic Thanos is coming. Which means that Marvel Select Thanos might be replaced.

A Spiderverse themed wave with a Hand Ninja and Stilt Man might be "the BAF" with his stilts  kinda like Vulture's flight suit in the Homecoming wave. Aside the ninja, I'm not that into this wave.
Saved the best for last:

What's next, Power Pack?