Sep 30, 2023

Snake Mountain won't be coming out of the toy chest any time soon.

 I finally got the courage to open Snake Mountain. I wasn't ready. I spent mearly 90 minutes crying as I pulled off each piece of tape and opening up each box. It felt like a freaking Russian Nesting Doll. Tears stung like acid. Head was pounding. Heart was being stabbed with thousands of sorrow daggers. I realized I didn't have the space to fully open it, so I assembled what I could before closing it up again. I think I'll review it in 2024 for Halloween once I get used to seeing it without crying. Seeing it outside the box is far more painful than I thought. At least when it was on the shipping box, I could ignore that brown cube. Now with Snake Mountain revealed. All I feel is pain. A grim reminder that Mom is gone and I'll never see her again. Hell? Tonight will be 8 years of it... 

Right now I'm not in the mood to review Snake Mountain. At least not without crying and I have a splitting headache right now due to the crying. 

Knowing that I have this because she's dead is not pleasant. I shouldn't dwell in the past and in the pain, but that's all I have. No matter how much I try to put up a happy face, the sorrow is consuming me from the inside. But there ain't  no gettin' offa' dis traine we're on! Life goes on despite my pain and sorrow 

Sep 28, 2023

Were you watching Goblet of Fire, Haley Joel!!!? Nefty asked calmly.

 As you can probably guess by the title of this rant, somebody died. The reason is that I'm referring to the most popular Osment. But the Dumbledore asked calmly reference is more worrisome.

82 year old Michael Gambon died peacefully at a hospital due to a bout with pneumonia. My condolences to friends and family. I have to be truthful and admit, that the MAIN reason I know of Gambon is Dumbledore. Professor Dean Zayas did mention him a couple of times alongside Laurence Olivier and other famous stage actors that moved to film.  May he rest in peace. Wait, he was General Zevo in Toys... now that's a movie I haven't seen in ages. I remember the shitty SNES game that my stepsister had.

Sep 26, 2023

Super7 announced Krang's Android Body

 I can't believe it, here's the teaser pic:

By the descriptions used and Japanese text,  we can deduce that this is Not an Ultimates figure, but instead a Supercyborg figure 

You got it Beelzeboss from Tenacious D... Ooh, I could get behind Tenacious D Ultimates...

Everyone and their dead mothwrs have been clamoring for Krang's Android Body and Super7 gives us the false hope of listening in order to deliver an obscure item that isn't THAT popular in the first place. I'm pretty sure that a Venn diagram of Supercyborg fans and TMNT fans wouldn't have much overlapping.

Super7 at Brock and Mortar stores?

 It's a bit of a weord experience finding Super7 Ultimates in Brick and Mortar stores. I'm not talking about comic book shops, I'm talking about big retailers like FYE, Best Buy, or Macy's. I know that the only FYE in Puerto Rico closed over right a year ago, but they had some TMNT Ultimates and Thundercats, as wellnas ReAction crap. They were also selling them over Super7's base price. 

On the other hand, Best Buy and Macys are selling the figures at prices lower than Super7's if we factor in shipping costs. I'm not going to lie and pretend that there is a huge selection of figures, but being able to snag all four turtles for slightly cheaper than Super 7 feels kind of good. No I did not buy another set of turtles. I did get a second Alice, because I'm going to customize her to be Nefty-kun's stepsister and not be wearing the Alice costume. 

Alice & Alicia: Hello, Nefty... come and play with us. Come and play with us, Nefty... forever... and ever... and ever...
Nefty-kun: I hope your come is spelled with an o and an e at the end...
Alice and Alicia: We want to play poor pussy with you,  Nefty...
Nefty-kun: In the words of the great strategist Joseph Joestar, NIGERUNDAYO, SMOKEY!!

Before I began to butcher one of them, I had to take a pic of Nefty-kun's third worst nightmare.

I'm torn, because being able to get these figures at retailers is awesome, but at the same time, I know that Super7's unable to keep up with the demand from retailers. It was enjoyable to see Super7 products that aren't the ReAiction crap. Wonder if the GI Joes might make it to stores... 

Sep 25, 2023

I saw Expend4bles...

 Legolambs seems to have hurt Stallone and company with their Musical.

 Also, making Expendables 3 for pussies didn't help... wait a minute! Ronda Rousey was in Expendables 3 and was the worst part of the movie, because of her acting impairment... in Expend4bles, we have Megan Fox, who is the worst part of the movie, because of her acting impairment. History repeats itself.

There were only nine people watching the movie, with me being one of them, my ex being another... (friendly breakup. We function better as friends than a couple, but that's TMI). 9 people, Yikes! But wait, it gets worse: Andy Garcia is in this. When she saw Andy, she blurted: "He's the bad guy!" I was like: "Just because Andy Garcia is in this, doesn't mean he's the bad guy!" He was the bad guy. His codename was:

OCELOT!!, Which I yelled while making a bad Snake impression. Megan Fox is way too much in this movie and there's very little Stallone. 50 Cent did a much better work than Megan Fox. 

People whined about the CGI in The Flash, but Expend4bles has late PS1 FMV effects. The movie had a $100 Million budget, but it looks like they only spent $100K on the SFX. As much as I like Stallone and gratuitous violence, this movie was crap. And I mean, direct to DVD modern Seagal movie levels of bad. I mean Sci-Fi Channel levels of bad. Not Supershark levels of bad but Sharknado 3 levels of bad. I should have seen Gran Turismo instead.

Skeletor is in Call of Duty... fuck! Mattel what the fuck!?

 Really? Of all the possible videogames where Skeletor would actually make sense as a guest character *cough* Mortal Komba or Baldur's Gate 3 *cough* Mattel chooses Call of Duty as the game that Skeletor should make an appearance. What the fuck!?

I mean at least it's not Fortnite, but what does Call of duty have in common with MOTU? Absolutely NOTHING!

Big Jim or classic continuity Max Steel would've made more sense for Call of Duty, not motherfucking Skeletor... fuck this shit... 

Sep 23, 2023

It came from the Toy Chest: The car only rins when I say "What!?"

 I received a Wal-Mart WWE Wrekkin' Stone Cold Crusher Monster Truck... it has soft tires. It has a spring loaded action feature and obviously the breakable parts. There is a second version of this truck without the Stone Cold motif and figure. I got this as a very belated birthday present from my cousin. Apparently she read my rant whining about Wal-Mart canceling my preorder. You freaking rock!

Let's get the action feature out of the way.

Honestly I'm not entirely sure if it's supposed to work that way because underneath that breakable part there's a disc with footholes to make Stone Cold stand there. So let's try it again without the back cover:

It's more disappointing this way... but let's talk the main event: Can it become a Toitle Tenderizer?
Only of you have a 3D printer and can make a taller canopy for the truck.

But not all is lost, because Super7 is not the ONLY one with TMNT TOYS
NECA can use it instead.
But to be honest, customizing it into a Toitle Tenderizer that Rocksteady and Bebop can't use is pointless for me. So, I'll give it to Nefty-kun's dad... A CUSTOM EPF agent I made with a loose incomplete Snake Eyes I got a while back.
There he is, showcasing the broken parts and about to throw the seat at Austin. And Nefty-kun's stepmom is coming as well... and a female EPF agent that looks like Ana de Cobray. 
So, I've showcased the truck more or less, but 
I still haven't discussed how I feel about it. Whelmed. I mean, it's big but not Big Enough.
I mean, we all know that Steve Austin figure was going to be a piece of crap. The truck itself is not bad, but it's a monster truck. It's not something that you can easily put into a diorama display and make it make sense. Because the other WWE vehicles actually makes sense in non-wrestling dioramas. 

I have to tackle the worst part of the set:
Stone Cold Steve Austin.
The figure sucks ass Because it's a basic figure and due to the long jeans is barely poseable... even for a basic figure. The older Basic Figures or the CAWs had better articulation than this modern basic figure.

This Stone Cold can't do most of his iconic poses...

Normally I would do a numeric rating to express how much I like or dislike the toy. I won't be doing this today. It would be unfair to the toy.

If you're willing to customize one for your NECA figures, knock yourself out. But if you wanted a Super7 compatible Toitle Tenderizer, you're shit out of luck!

Sep 21, 2023

Celebrities are not the best voice actors... a Mortal Kombat rant

 In the previous Mortal Kombat we were "graced" with Ronda Rousey as Sonya Blade. Dreadful is the most polite word to describe her performance. In the new Mortal Kombat 1, we have Megan Fox as Nitara... she makes Rousey look good. There are good actors that can do voicework. But let's face it, when you choose celebrities because of clout instead of actual talent, you get Ronda Rousey or Megan Fox.

Vanessa Marshall, Jennifer Hale, Grey DeLisle, Tara Strong, Lisa Ann Beley, Ashleigh Ball, Tabitha St. Germain, Nicole Oliver, Cree Summer, Kathleen Barr, or Rebecca Shoichet could've delivered MUCH BETTER PERFORMANCES and a lot cheaper than hiring Rousey or Fox.

I bet that this is Ed Boon trying to be Hideo Kojima... wait, what? He wanted to have Mortal Kombat 1 to be 100% voiced by celebrities? While Keanu Reeves playing Kenshi isn't that bad, since it's obvious that Keanu was an inspiration for the character, this isn't the smartest idea. Big name actors require bigger budgets and not all actors are suited for voicework. When making videogames, the priority should be Gameplay, not celebrities. There is a Pecking order:

Gameplay and controls are tier 1:
You need to have great gameplay and ibtuitive controls in order to have a better gaming experience. Bad gameplay and/or bad controls can ruin an experience. 

Story is tier 2:
Not all games need a complex story, but it should be engaging enough to make you want to keep playing.

Visuals and audio are in tier 3:
I'm not saying that they aren't important, because they are. But what you'd rather have:
-a bad game that's pretty to look at and with great music and acting.
-a good game with bad graphics and bad acting.

The lesser of these two evils is the second one. With Boon's desire to kiss up to celebrities, it FEELS like he's more interested in tier 3 over tier 1.

Fuck you Todd McFarlane

 Got an email notification from Todd McFarlane about him selling the 89 Batmobile today... since I missed out on both the Flash version and the 89 version WITH a 89 Keaton Batman, I thought to myself... I have a chance at the Batmobile...

Well. No. It's a Fucking NFT of the Batmobile toy...

Fans. Said: Can you Make the batmobile available to folks who missed out? 

NOPE! Todd thinks a fucking NFT is what we all want! This is so out of touch that it makes Mattel's Madsaki crap seem logical.
This NFT Bullshit makes scalpers look like saints! 

Sep 20, 2023

But Microsoft isn't a Monopoly, said the XBots. Newly lealed email says the opposite

 Or at least it shows that Phil Spencer wants to buy out the competition. Remember last time Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo? A lealed email from 2020 revealed that Phil Spencer sees Nintendo as a Key asset to dominate The industry and that M$ should attempt to bring Nintendo to the fold. The Activision Blizzard mess raised Monopoly/Anti-Trust red flags and unfortunately, the FTC screwed the pooch miserably and that was getting a Third-party publisher. Omagine the amount of red flags that would raise of Microsoft attempts to buy Nintendo... The Legendary First-party company that saved videogames in the 80s. It will sound a bit melodramatic, but it's true. If Microsoft were to buy Nintendo, gaming as we know it will die.

It'll be like in demolition man where everything is Taco Bell but instead it's a horrobly expensive version of gamepass and with horrible DRM that makes Denuvo seem like a beautifil thing.

These mega mergers are bad for the industry. They decrease competition and creativity.

Sep 19, 2023

What the Hell Hasbro?

 So I got an email earlier today about Hasbro Pulse finding some stock on some older items... that gave me a chance to hit the jackpot.

Exactly, Mr. B! SUPER7 Stuff in Hasbro Pulse!? This is some weird synergy. Also the amount of Skulls that Hasbro had sold out before the Bulks...

I'm like Peter Parker right now... Spike! Roll the clip!

I was supposed to do a Masterverse review, but since I'm feeling like Parker... I'll have to slow down a bit... at least until the week is over.

Sep 16, 2023

It Came from the Toy Chest: She was supposed to be a ginger!!


Not a Sister... I am talking about Andra, based on Kevin Smith's Bastardization of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! Now that I got that out of my system, let's begin.

She was Buffy's better half after Adam died and was the Riri Williams to Duncan's Tony Stark. Honestly I got her because she was like $13 shipped.

Teela: Oh Andra, is so good to see you!
Andra: Oh, T! I've missed you a lot!
Teela: I've missed you too my chocolate A... What are you doing He-Man?
He-Man: I asked Orko to do some magic and he said he saw scissors in your future, so I went and got you some!
Teela: The only reason I keep him around is because of the Power of Grayskull is AMAZING!
Andra: You mean to save Eternia, right?
Teela: Giggity!
Andra: Gurl, you gotta share with your bestie!
Teela: But only after Taco Tuesday!
He-Man: But isn't it Saturday?

Remember Teela and She-Ra, well Andra has the same articulation on paper. The problem is the rigid plastic on her shoulderpads and the semi stiff skirt piece. The articulation gets reduced a bit here.
Teela:A, are you doing my dad's pose?
Andra: What about it, T?
Teela: Crystal falls, A...
Andra: Mmmmm! Same.
He-Man VO: I just realized your nicknames are T&A! And they actually suit you because Teela has the better rack, but her butt is flat. Andra's rack might be smaller, but she has the whole cake factory!
Teela: Sands of time, A...
Andra: Crystal Sea here, T. Can't wait to have the power of Grayskull in me!

Paint and sculpt:
Nice paintjob and sculpt that captures the character pretty well. The only complaint would be on how cheap her cloak feels. My stance on sculpted capes has changed a bit when soft goods are done well, but here it feels janky. It's weird because it uses some fancy material that has different textures but doesn't drape well. On the figure.
He-Man: What's with the music,  the candles, the mysterious mask, and sexy cloak?
Andra: Don't you like me? I'm your girl!

Andra has:
Alt. Mask
4 extra hands
Blast effect
CAREFUL when swapping parts with her. I got distracted by a phone call while changing her hands and accidentally shoved one in the wrong hole.  I'm talking about the hole for the blast effect.  She has no weapon other than that.
He-Man: What are you doing this for?
Andra: I want you... I want your body...
He-Man: Oh this is one of those Neftyverse skits where everybody is like a horny 16 year old... well, that's sexual harassment and i don't have to take it!
Andra: So we're gonna do it or what?
He-Man: Could you do this One thing for me?

Andra gets a 4.33 as her final score. I got her because I said I would. The figure isn't that bad, but it's the show itself that has made me meh, about her. I would be lying if I say that I didn't get her for the scissors joke.
And-Ra: Fly! Swift Wind! Aaah! What the Hell, She-Ra!?
She-Ra: What the Hell is going on here? Did my brother put you up to this? *sniff* I'm going to step back since I'm too close to the splash zone...
Andra: Splash Zone?
She-Ra: sword to Umbrella!
Orko VO: where did all this yogurt come from?

Sep 15, 2023

Masterverse Ram Mam leggins rotting: it has begun

  Back when these were revealed in March, I pointed out that rubbery leggings for Ram Man would be a bad idea.

Well, I just saw whis online... this is the 5th Ram Man I've seen with this issue.

The figure was allegedly just taken out of the package and set in the pose seen in the pic. Few weeks later the leggings broke at the Knee. This could've been avoided if Ruben Martinez hadn't been cutting corners. But here we are. It's a shame since the figure looked pretty sweet! 

Mattel, PLEASE, do better. I've been slowly getting into Masterverse and this bullshit happens... not cool!

The not exactly Super Princess Peach sequel is a Thetre Kid's dream come true.

 Princess Peach: Showtime has basically Princess Peach becoming a Theatre Kid/Magical Girl as she saves the Theater from a villain...

I'll let Nintendo explain it better. The game has some serious Super Princess Peach vibes to it but with a Kirby-esque twist. Between Super Mario bros. Wonder, Tomb Raider trilogy, this game, Mario and Donkey kong, and Super Mario RPG, Q4 of 2023 and 2024 are going to have me with my hands full playing a shit ton of Nintendo games.

Butler is going to get fridged on the switch...

 The Switch has become my default console for old game collections now I have 2 more reasons... that can be pointy polygonal boobs or remastered:

Yup! Classic Lara is getting a Trilogy on the Switch... getting this collection I can face my teenage traumas of not beating TR 1 and 3. 2 I beat in my early 20s. Sadly no nude raider code... also really, Valentine's Day 2024? I know I'm lonely, but this release date didn't need to rub it on my face.

Wonder who has the rights to Battle Arena Toshinden...

Sep 14, 2023

Ideas for Super7's MMPR Wave 6:

 I am NOT collecting MMPR Ultimates... Bulk and Skull being the exception. But if Rangers in civilian outfits are made, I might be tempted. So I'll make a lost of potential candidates:

A member of Rita's crew:
I'm talking about one of the following: Finster, Squatt, Baboo, Scorpina.

Zordon Diorama piece:
Not like the Turbo based Zordon that Hasbro made, but a true MMPR Zordon diorama.

Alpha 5:
Like I was going to leave Alpha behind.

Teenagers with attitude:
We have Bulk and Skull. There is no excuse to not have civilian clothing for the Rangers.

90s Movie variants with the armored suits:
Nice way to force people into rebuying rangers...

Non-canonical 90s movie styled Green Ranger:
We gotta cash-in on JDF being THE Power Ranger... feels a bit icky now that he's dead but Super7 DID PUT ON SALE A GITD Tommy just now.

Ninjeti variants:
Gotta milk those Ranger headsculpts...

Dulcea and Ivan Ooze:
Good thing I mentioned all the key players of the 90s movie... Hell, I would probably buy Ivan Ooze myself.

Eh, I'd rather have Dulcea and Ivan Ooze, but if movie stuff is a no-go, then he's a perfect excuse for Ninja variants.

We're probably going to have to build our own juice bar, but having Bulk and Skull, and if we add the possibility of Rangers in civilian outfits, the possibility of a cool display arises.

But I've no clue what Super7 will do. I hope Bulk and Skull get made.

Wave 5 or MMPR ultimates is a go!

 Half of the wave is shit... a Repainted Megazord and a Glow in the Dark Green Tommy. The other half is...

Bulk and Skull... I preordered them through BBTS, since I won't have to pay for them until 2025, based on Super7's delays. Supposedly they'll be arriving q3 2024, but knowing S7, I don't expect them on that date. Since I don't collect S7 Power Rangers, they're going to be Nefty-kun's step-uncles who are Purple Dragons and best friends with Bebop and Rocksteady. If you preorder througj Super7 and get all 4 figures you get the Candle, the green gem and a Bulk and Skull smell detector. Honestly not worth paying for a Megazord and a Tommy.

His new Miles Morales outfit is awful

 I don't dislike Miles as a character, well, I stopped disliking him once they found some sort of personality other than Black Peter Parker copy. But I'm not a fan of the redesigns given to him, especially those that add baggy clothes... kinda racist, since he's black and all that. Well, this is apparently his new outfit:

How does that even work, especially since he has to keep all that under street clothes?

Weird Utility belt is not that bad, though the dangling spider on it worries me. The dumbass jacket is what bothers me the most with him. Whoever designed this outfit doesn't understand Spider-Man. Yes, Peter's original outfot was made for showmanship, but as an acrobatic character, the tight spandex without baggy ellements allow him to slip in and out tight spots with ease. That jacket/poncho is a liability for Miles. Ben Reilly was criticized for his makeshift Scarlet Spider outfit, due to the Hoodie. Ao what do they do for Miles?

Hoodie, tracksuit pants and sneakers:

While dumb and impractical, this outfit is very lazy. Feels like it was made for lazy cosplayers to by a cheap mask on Amazon and get an off the rack tracksuit and paint some crap on it.

But the newer outfit makes this dumb tracksuit look like a stroke of genius.

Why the fuck does it have a giant M on it?

A sleek and streamlined version of that outfit without the poncho would be interesting. He needs something that he can hide under his clothing. This bulky Poncho is not something he can hide underneath his street clothes. Stop using frustrated Fashin school rejects as costume designers. 
That poncho would make him an easier target if he's sneaking on ceilings. Itbcould also be a distraction if he web yo-yo's and gravity temporarily blinds him. Fuck this garbage design.

Sep 13, 2023

Hasbro is slowing down on Lightning Collection, meanwhile Super7's like:

 Making something extremely messed up with the line...

We're getting Bulk!!

Normally I wouldn't Buy Super 7 Power Ranger figures because Hasbro does much better figures. But having Bulk is something that Hasbro has not done. And I have said for quite some time that I want Bulk and Skull. I would have also like to see some teenagers with attitude, but at $55 each, I don't think I would buy them all. I would most definitely buy Kimberly, Kat, Aisha, and Trini... okay, I would also buy Billy, Tommy, try to get Zack, Adam, and it's a toss-up between Rocky and Jason. But even if I'm unable to get all the Rangers I'm most likely going to try and get Bulk and Skull, because I could sneak them in other displays like generic Purple Dragons perhaps?

But the idea that we might get Bulk and Skull might force Hasbro's hand... and if we get Teenagers with attitude even better! Or should I say Morphinomenal!

Sep 12, 2023

Super7 TMNT: Triceratons: a Rant

 We have a Triceraton coming, which is basically  a Playmates version of Zog.

Orange, broken pants in similar way and brokenhorn in the same way.  But Zog is not the ONLY Triceraton available:
We have the toon grunts, we have the Triceratons from Shredder's Revenge, and we also have Zorax and Zork.

With some creative parts reuse and some new parts, we can make more Triceraton variants:
First let's point out the new parts needed:
2 Different new Torsos:
-Mirage Zog inspired Torso
-Zorax inspired Torso

We would need new forearms mirroring the current S7 Triceraton.
We would need 1 new crotchpiece for Zorax
We would also need 1 new set of thighs for the grunts, Zork, and Zorax
I almost forgot the mirrored hands...
Left gloved and right with spiked knuckle dusters.
We would need 2 new sets of shins for the grunts, and for Zork and Zorax.

Obviously we need new heads, 4 of them to be precise:
Zorax head, Zork Head, Zog head without broken horn, new styled head. This new head would be styled after the Triceraton in the box art of Manhattan Project.
OK, so now we have all the body part combinations: let's assemble:

The toon grunt would be in a dull chartreuse. It would have 3 heads:
S7 Zog, but with a dark blue wrap on the horn, the Manhattan Project head, and the Non-broken Zog. All mimicking the Zog beak pattern in a slightly different color. It would have the mirrored forearms and hands so they're the opposite of the normal S7Zog. He would use the S7 Zog Torso and crotch with the bare naked Legs.
His trunks would match the wrap, and his torso armor would be blueish gunmetal.
For accessories the same as the s7 triceraton, but with a mirrored blade instead.

The Mirage inspired Zog would be rechristened: Triceraton Gunner:
He uses the Mirage Zog torso and the resto of the S7Zog body BUT using symmetrical versions of his right forearm and matching hands. His skintone should be a more reddish shade of terracotta than the S7Zog. The heads would be the same as the grunts, but this time, the beak and accents are slightly yellower.
For accessories he gets all of S7Zog except the blade But he gets a new rifle based on Shredder's Revenge. His outfit should be teal as a nod to the S7Zog.

He uses the Zork head on the Zorax torso, using the Zog crotch, Grunt thighs, and Zorax shins. With the mirrored forearms used on Triceraton Gunner. He would use the hands based on the left hand of S7Zog.
For accessories he brings all the guns from the gunner, the rebreather, a new gun and knife based on the Manhattan Project boxart, a new belt with bandolier and holster for both Manhattan Project weapons. Most of his uniform should be Army green with teal accents. The shoulderpads would be teal as well. His skintone should match Raphael. I forgot an accessory that he and Zorax will share a handheld shield emitter and shield inspired by the Triceraton shield from Shredder's Revenge 

For Zorax:
Zorax head, torso, crotch and shins. Add the naked thighs, the left forearm of S7Zog and a murrored right one and his hands should be based on the right hand of S7Zog. For accessories he gets a new belt, reuses the rebreather, the left blade and a mirrored right blade. Also the Manhattan Project weapons and the Shield emitter with shield.

There we go 4 new figures to expand the triceratons, as I theoretically expanded the rock soldiers. But the biggest problem is that these would most likely end up as $65+ per figure, which defeats the army building and roster expanding purposes 

Sep 11, 2023

My top wanted Masterverse figures:

 While I'm not a huge fan of Masterverse, since I find them inferior to Classics, I have a few figures and right now Whiplash and Adam are sitting in my Pile of Loot at BBTS. So, let's do a small list:

We have She-Ra, we need her Secret Identity.

Did this want surprise anyone? I hope not, because everyone here should already know that I simp hard for classic Glimmer.

Deluxe Bow with Kowl
Friendzone Lord Bow is all I need to have my core rebels.

We needs more core Horde and he's a fan favorite.

Because freaky scorpion lady looks cool.

New Eternia Evil Lyn
We need an Evil Lyn that isn't tied to Kevin Smith's Bastardization of He-Man. I just want a classic looking Evil Lyn.

New Eternia Hordak
Hordak had some strange concepts before becoming the Hordak we know and loathe. They could combine elements from multiple concepts to deliver a deluxe Hordak.

New Eternia Fisto
I would use elements from both 200X AND vintage mini comics to spice up this Fisto. Some new things would be added as well. Here's my take:
Long haired mini comics head with 200X circlet.
Alt. Head with 200X circlet and short hair
2 sets of torso armor:
-one "vintage inspired"
- new with sculpted harness to hold his large sword.
Removable 200X belt
Non metal fist with alternate right hand to hold his sword. (Right forearm would have the right bracer part of his gauntlet sculpted in)
Larger 2 handed version of Tri-klops blade.

Deluxe New Eternia Wun-Dar
Using the "savage He-Man" loincloth and arms on a normal Masterverse body with New Eternia He-Man boots (for the knife) and New Eternia Faker's head makes the body for Wun-Dar. The NE Zodac Armor, NE Merman (repainted in Wun-Dar colors) and combinations of pre-existing bracers like He-Man's, Tri-klops, deluxe MAA. Add New Eternia Buzz-Off's axe, zodac gun, and Tri-klops blade in Wun-Dar colors. Since the figure is 190% parts reuse and most of his accessories would be molded in black or rust brown, he should be "cheaper" to make. 
"Story" is simple: a savage scavenger who was raised by a former cosmic enformer that was wounded in the last great war. Indoctrinated in the cosmic enforcer ways, Wun-Dar became a savage hero throughout Preternia after the fall of Grayskull. He even trained some of Grayskull's champions long before Adam was entrusted with the Power of Grayskull... or something.

Revelation Marlena
You KNOW I will get her just to make Clueless and Batman and Robin references.

Revelation Randor
I asked for Marlena, I kinda need her husband. Burger King References shall be made.

New Eternia Carnivus
I won't be adding 200X variants of existing characters, but Carnivus was a nice addition from 200X. More sentient races can help expand New Eternia.

New Eternia Dactys
Like I said with Carnivus, but this Bat dude would look badass!!

New Eternia Rio Blast
Here the issue is that his proto concept, Fire Power Man was a villain, which led to the Filmation Horde Colonel Blast. Maybe olay up the Cowboy aspect a bit more for him.

New Eternia Ninjor
Here Mattel can have some more freedom with the ninja concept and eventually give us a NE Samurai.

Sep 9, 2023

2003 in Super7 Ultimates: the rant

 Apparently, wave 12 of TMNTU will be Ultimates themed: 
So aside the usual suspects (Turtles, Shredder, Foot Ninja, Casey, April) who would I want to see?

Before I start the list: I don't want them "Cartoon Accurate". I want the Classicizer approach on these. For example, 2k3 Baxter has a flat top and very angular features. I don't want that. I want a Baxter figure wearing the 2k3 outfit, but looking more like this:

In the case of the Turtles, I want them to look a bit taller, wider and muscular than the 87 styled turtles... as seen in Turtles forever.
The turtles should match the skintone of the previously released turtles and the head pegs should be compatible with each other. Like the 2k3 versions could be reused as "Late teens versions if the 87 ones" if you catch my drift.

In other words I want them all to look like they're part of the same line and not two different toylines.

First obvious choice: I'd expect Super7 to sell him at $65. I'd make his top a soft goods item so I can change it between black and white. I'd gove him a rocket launcher, his gauntlets, and alternate head.

Giant Mouser
It's big, it's bad, its accessories can be additional mousers. It also lends itself for a GITD or vintage redeco.

Baxter Stockman (human)
Personally I prefer this look for his human mode sonce it lends itself for both Cyborg and Fly Outcomes and with some slight retooling a vintage Human Baxter could reuse some of his parts.
Alternate cyborg head and left hand are obvious accessories, as well as some mousers.

Baxter Stockman (cyborg)
This is basically Baxter's human head inside the Utrom Android body.

Agent Bishop
I've been clamoring for him for ages. SO I WON'T GO INTO DETAIL HERE. I expect lots of MIB styled weapons.

Simple figure to make, cloth cape, mostly black and red, police equipment as weapons.

Rat King
It allows me to have multiple rat kings in the Neftyverse. Super7's accessories should be a surprise. Since the toy only has rats and a cinder block mace.

The 2003 Fugitoid looks more like its Mirage counterpart than the 1987 line... that makes me more interested in it.

These are my top wants from the 2k3 line... wait, this might also be a sneaky way to get the Usagi I want...

Another TMNT Variant rant:

 I finished writing another rant a little while ago. There I mention something that made me think of potential variants that are valid but not completely "Playmates infringing". So being in a "variant friendly mood"  let's see what I can come up with:

Aquatic Warfare Rocksteady:
This one is LOOSELY INSPIRED by TMNT3 Manhattan Project. 
Take the basic Rocksteady figure and have him in blue "water camo" pants and a navy blue tanktop... think Guile's outfit from the Live action adaptation of Street Fighter. His helmet would be blue, for obvious reasons. The belt would be blue and the turtle shells would be brown. Unlike the original Rocksteady, this one should have interchangeable heads. His second head should be without his helmet and slightly opened mouth where a removable rebreather can be fitted on.
He gets A couple of extra hands that also work on the OG Rocksteady:
-gun hands with proper trigger finger
-expressive hands 
-pointing fingers
For the rest of his accessories:
-sewer shield.
-Harpoon gun with removable harpoon.
-Evil communicator

Punk chained Bebop:
This one is LOOSELY INSPIRED by TMNT3 Manhattan Project:
Like Rocksteady, he reuses most of the OG body. This time Bebop's sneakers are black. His vest is black as well with his chained belt and leg brace in gold his wrist chain and bracer would be in gold as well. The turtle shell epaulets would be golden shell and silver bones. He gets 2 new bald heads with the punk chain piercing atop his skull. Head 1 has the pubk chain and mace with a "real chain" (chain is made in silver plastic as well as the mace) head 2 has a spinning sculpted chain and mace. The glasses on Bebop are gold rims and silver lenses.

Like Rocksteady, he should get extra hands that also work on the OG figure:
-proper gun hands with trigger finger. 
-expressive hands
-pointing fingers.
I wanted to add flipping the bird, but Nickelodeon would say no to this.

For accessories, recycling his knife, trashcan, and the Triceraton gun that looks like the gun Bebop uses on the Arcade game. I'd also add an Evil communicator.

Undercover Reporter April
This one is Loosely based on Red Sky Seasons April. In order to get a true Red Sky April, you'd need the toon head from the first release April.
She'd need a new torso, new lower legs, reuse the arms from ninja April and the forearms from first April. Also, first April's upper legs and crotch...
She gets a new soft goods dark brown jacket, a new soft goods trenchcoat.
She gets 3 heads:
Ponytailed head with hair tied tightly to wear hats (baseball cap and fedora) and sunglasses.
Loose ponytailed head reminiscent of 2012 April
2003 inspired April hairstyle.
New hands with Lockpicking tools sculpted on them (since they're too small to be independent accessories)
New taser
New camcorder
Reuse the turtle communicators
Reuse her old handgun

Bayou Poacher Leatherhead:
LOOSELY INSPIRED by the Hyperstone Heist Leatherhead repaint gets a new vest that looks like a sleeveless bomber jacket in brown and beige. He gets forest green jeans and a blue hat and boots. His skin should be close to Leonardo's in color and brown eyebrows.
His teeth should be more yellowish.
This time his belt accessories should be blue.
-He gets all the accessories from vanilla Leatherhead in addition to a soft goods "weighted belt" large enough to trap a turtle.
-He also gets 3 throwing knives (reuse the foot soldier knife).
-a new KNOIFE... (crocodile Dundee reference)

Hypercharged Metalhead:
Basically this would be Metalhead 2.0 with lots of modifications:
-re-engineered torso to allow vac metal, retain articulation AND a new feature.
-fixed lower legs so the leg cut is below the wire connection.
- new re-engineered arms so they pop at mid forearm. This is to have the Rocket punch from Turtles in time. 
-New lightpiping head with sculpted energy effect to show he's hypercharged.
-Metalhead 1.0 accessories work with this figure.
-new left hand with tendril accessory.
-pluggable torso blaster from Turtles in Time. Pectoral panels on the plastron should be hinged so they can open up and "reveal the blaster"

Goongala Casey Jones
This casey gets a new torso without the shoulderpad. He gets a removable vest, removable Football shoulderpads.
The idea is to have a VERY LOOSELY INSPIRED by the 1990 look for Casey bit with the classoc Casey head.
He has 2 alternate heads (the broken mask from wave 10, and a new unmasked head) 
He gets all the standard Casey accessories and a black golf bag.
He also gets a new football, tennis racket, and cricket bat.

Grandmaster Shredder
This is an "original creation" that will have parts that can lead to other Shredder variants:

New shredder torso with sculpted shirt. New crotchpiece. New Forearm and leg spikes based on Mirage or cartoon. New hands with spiked gauntlets. Helmet inspired by Secret of the Ooze. He would be in OG Shredder colors. Black pants, black sleeves, purple shirt, blue spikes blue and purple helmet, add a black cape. He gets a totally new arsenal:
-Shuriken inspired by wacky action Shredder.
-serrated Katana
-New serrated Kama
-New poleax
-new normal Shredder head but with the eye of Sarnath in the helmet.

Grandmaster Splinter
This is an "original creation" with parts that could lead to other variants.
Virually is Splinter but with a more cartoon accurate head and tail. He would have the wave 9 sleeved soft goods kimono, a black overlay with the shoulderpads of the cgi 2007 movie and similar to the shogun Splinter white overlay. 
For accessories:
-Longer cane sword (like Zatoichi's)
-Longer walking staff woth the eye of Sarnath embedded in it.
-Quiver with arrows
-new ninja handsign hands
-alternate screaming head.

Grandmaster Karai
Basically an excuse to have a Karai as Shredder figure, but fitting it to a theme that I'll explain after Karai.
Basically a new body for the figure taking cues from both Karai and OG Shredder in order to have a female Shredder.
For accessories she gets:
-alt Karai head
-all of Karai's accessories minus bow and arrows.
-removable medallion with Eye of Sarnath.
-kunai from samurai Leo 

The idea of the Grandmaster figures is a pseudo wave of the 3 people with a stake on leading the Foot Clan and using the Mystical Eye of Sarnath to rewrite reality and head the Foot in a new direction.

Wingfall Wingnut
Basically a capeless Wingnut with new small wings based on his Tournament Fighters appearance with a Screwloose wearing an 80s Nightwing inspired outfit. I'm also adding a new buddy, Boltnutz: a squirrel that has electric powers. Think Static but as a flying squirrel and can shoot electrically charged nuts from his mouth... 

There's a rumor going on that now variants might follow the Ninja April route where they won't be Playmates based... and wave 12 might be 2003 themed...

Sep 7, 2023

Super7's biggest enemy is Super7...

 I understand Super7 being a smaller company, but I've said this multiple times, they're spreading themselves too thin. I won't be seeing TMNT Wave 8 items until mid-december or early 2024 since I got Genghis and Space Cadet Raph through BBTS. Ordering a Pile of Loot shipment during the holidays is madness.

I won't see Snarf until late January 2024 (ordered through Super7).

I MIGHT get Zak the Neutrino and Wingnut for my Birthday in March. Because in Mid-February wave 9 will ship to customers (mine come straight from S7)

My BBTS Preordered Triceraton will reach BBTS sometime between late May or early June and then I have to ship the pile of loot.

Wave 10 Casey (preordered through BBTS) WILL ARRIVE early June (depending on my pile of loot status, I might wait for Casey before sending Triceraton home.) Karai and April will cone straight from Super7, so I'd expect them in late June or Early July.

I'm mainly looking at this through the lens of a TMNT fan, but I know that some lones aren't doing so well like Disney and Power Rangers. 
I know that some comicbook stores that used to make preorders from Super7 are no longer doing so. Very little resale value... (suck it scalpers!) But most importantly, the excessive delays lead to customers canceling their preorders and the shop ends up with unmovable stock. We're seeing dwindling numbers and as the prices keep increasing, they will keep on dwindling.

TMNT Wave 7 will be over 2 years old when the figures arrive at people's doorsteps. With the Playmates butthurt incident, any TMNT reveals might be delayed until early 2024 when Waves 8 and 9 begin to appear on people's doorsteps. March 2023 was when wave 10 was announced. It's September and we may not hear a peep of the new stuff until at least December. This means the hype stays low as heck for nearly a year... 

They need to find a way to keep the hype up WITH ALL THE LINES... the lazy "accessory pack if you buy them all" isn't cutting it. I've got some ideas to drum up some hype on the lines, but they might clash with the Super7 "we do what we want" mantra. I'll be using TMNT as an example. Let's say that they try a Fan Poll for Wave 14 and the 4 winners from the following 3 categories get made first:
Turtle variant (1)
New Character (2)
Villain variant (1)

For example:
Turtle variant:
 Don the Undercover Turtle, Rappin' Mike, Grand Slam Raph, and Track and Field Leo.

Villain Variant:
Manhattan Project Bebop, Toon Rocksteady, Mirage Shredder, Tournament Fighters Rat King.

New characters:
Tatsu (Hyperstone Heist), Chromedome, Tokka, Dirtbag, Fugitoid, Venus de Milo, Merdude, Nobody.

Let's say the Winners are Don the UC Turtle, Mirage Shredder, Tatsu, and Chromedome. That means that those 4 would be wave 14. Then with the winners chosen, another fan poll on the accessories:
They cannot straight up do ALL of Playmates accessories on the characters with a Playmates figure, fans get to choose and the most popular accessories get made:

Don the Undercover Turtle:
-He gets this by default UC Raph suitcase
-He gets this by default UC Raph Revolver
-He gets this by default Random pizza slice
Fans vote for 3 accessories and 1 head:
-New bag with strap
-New gun with silencer
-New telescoping bo staff/escrima sticks
-New binoculars
-New masked head based on the toon mask
-New masked head based on Peter Laird
-New masked head based on Kevin Eastman
-New 80s brick cellphone
-New stungun

-He gets this by default new hands with bo-shuriken sculpted on.
-He gets this by default Katana
Fans vote for 4 accessories 1 new head:
-new 2012 Oni Masked head
-reuse samurai Leo kunai
-reuse Karai kusarigama
-new naginata
-new sansetsukon
-new jitte
-new exploding smoke bomb
-new tonfa
-new traditional ninja maskes head with foot headband

Mirage Shredder:
-he gets by default all OG Shredder accessories from the rack.
Fans vote for 3 accessories 1 new head
-New Thermite grenade
-New smaller Ooze cannister (SotO)
-New Javelin (90s movie)
-New Shuriken inspired by wacky action Shredder's spinning blades.
-New Oroku Saki head
-New Shredder head without mouthpiece.
-New twin katanas that plug together at the pommels to create a double blade (think Darth Maul)
-new hands mimicking the vintage toy 3 finger pose.

Chrome Dome:
-he gets the flail by default and two laser swords.
Fans vote for 3 Accessories and 1 new head:
-New Thunder Trident with interchangeable tips. (Depowered Tip looks like the vintage silicon sai)
-new "rocket punch" effect hands loosely based on Tournament Fighters
-new Laser whip inspired by 2012.
-new blaster based on the toon.
-new Battle damaged head and shoulder wings.
-new flail based on the original card art.
-new micromissile effect that plugs to his wings (loosely inspired by Shredder's Revenge)
-new soft goods cape inspired by Shredder's Revenge
- new alternate head with plug in energy effects for the eyes.

But I'm like Jon Snow... I know nothing.

Sep 6, 2023

Ryu jist shinkuuhadouken'd all over my mouth

 I was at an Asian Food Store getting some of Uncle Roger's favorite white powder when I saw these:

Sparkling Tea Drinks featuring Street Fighter Characters. The available flavors were:
Ken = White Grape Tea
Ryu = Apple Tea
Chun Li = Peach Tea 

I've hated peach tea long before Zack Snyder made a urine joke about it. That is one of the two reasons why I didn't buy the Chun-Li can. The other is that each can cost me like five bucks for 11 oz of drink. I know I could have gotten them for cheaper online but when I add shipping costs and taxes I would have to buy like 20 or 30 cans in order to see savings. I wasn't going to spend that shit ton of money buying some drinks that I may not like. So I got the two flavors that I can drink without any issue.

I drank both of them and it's kinda hard to choose a favorite. I honestly didn't feel any black tea tones. I felt mostly the fizz and the fruit flavor. Feels a bit too sweet for an Asian drink, but not American drink level of sweet. It's a bit weird but the Ryu Apple drink felt more "classy" than Ken's "white grape Fanta from Wish". 

Honestly these are more a novelty items that an actual drink that I would buy to, well, drink. But it seems only Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li are the characters selected...
I mean it would've been cool to have:
Guile = Lemon Tea
Blanka = Watermelon Tea
Zangief = Raspberry Tea
E.Honda = Blueberry tea
Dhalsim= Apple Cinnamon Tea
(BALROG)Bison = Red grape Tea
(VEGA)Balrog = Fruit punch Tea  (red because blood)
Sagat = Orange Mango Tea
(BISON)Vega = Rose and Lime Tea 

(If Cammy was made, she'd be lime. It matches part of dictator's flavor because canon.)

But thank goodness it's only three flavors so I don't have to hunt down 12 to 17 flavors or even more if they add Alpha Characters.

Dimension Shellshock might bring good news for Super7

 The DLC is out, i know I'm a bit late, but I  needed to pay some bills before I tackled gettong this. Thank goodness for some Nintendo points, which made the DLC cheaper after taxes.

I won't review the DLC itself because it's a survival mode. I also will not cover all the Easter eggs that the game has, because I'm not super stoked about all the Easter eggs and I just want to talk about the ones that I care about the most. There's plenty of Archie stuff and some TMNT other sources... but check this out!

It's Mona Lisa, Carter, Irma, and Zach the 5th turtle fighting Antrax and Mutagen Man.

Antrax doesn't exactly look like the toon or playmates version BUT it has ALL THE PLAYMATES Weapons and it's based on Toon Antrax, but mirrored AND a completely different head. Pop in an alternate head with mandibles and we can have a close to vibrage Antrax without offending Playmates.

Irma is useing a gun and most likely based on this scene
We need Irma with this alternate head...
Mona Lisa and Zach now can be made without stepping on anyone's toes... I understand that NECA and Super7 have a gentleman's agreement where they won't directly compete with each other, so this appearance allows them to make "game inspired" versions and not ruffle NECA's feathers.

The 8-Bit world gives us Tattoo... I know he had a small appearance on the Toon, but he's here as well, so now Super7 has multiple reasons to make one and Playmates can't botch about it...

I know what you're thinking:  Why am I talking about Tattoo when there are far more important characters? I won't mention Mutanimals since NECA is tackling the Archie Mutanimals at the moment.

Do my eyes deceive me? Is this Pizzaface!? He looks 8-bit because he's in the 8-bit dimension