Oct 31, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Skeletor Scratches He-Man's balls...

What does Flying Fists He-Man use to Attack Terror Claws Skeletor? His Spinning Ball Mace. Now what does Skeletor use to defend himself? The Terror Claws.

The Final Large Item of 2015's Club Eternia Sub (Not counting the Laser variants) is here. I never had these as a child. So let's get a move on!

Seeing that this is a Two Pack, I'll handle the characters individually before figuring out the score of the Pack!

Flying Fists He-Man:

Standard MOTUC Articulation, nothing to write Home about 4.5

Paint and Sculpt:
The Flying Fist He-Men have an issue: Derp Eye... Mine has very little of it... luckily!
I am not annoyed about the lack of Vac Metal on his armor... I am annoyed that the Armor is a FAT ONE. Other than that it's Vanilla He-Man with symmetrical bracers. 4.0

The Spinny Ball Mace, The Spinny Shield and an Unpainted Power Sword...
He got stuff, but the paint on them leaves a lot to be desired.
I hate the Spinny Ball thing: Has a thick Handle and doesn't spin right. It wobbles and hits the black piece causing the spin to stop prematurely. It also looks a bit bootleggy.
The Shield is OK but needed a silver coat on it to look shiny.
The sword needed some paint on it... I might swap the Castle Grayskull sword for this.

He-Man gets an overall score of 4.17, which is surprising because Flying Fists he-Man is known as the Weakest Variant. I find it even better after a slight repaint... Screw "classics 2.0" THIS IS MY FILMATION HE-MAN!!

Terror Claws Skeletor:
Skeletor regrets his year living on the
Jersey Shore...

Like He-Man before him, there isn't much to write about here.

Paint and Sculpt:
Seen one Skeletor, you've seen them all... The only variations are Weapons, Terror Bra Armor, and that's it!
The classic Pieces work, although I would have preferred the Kobra Khan Boots.
I don't like the Dudebro Tan. I'm almost tempted to paint tan-lines on him.

You wanna play rough? OK!Say ello' to my lil' frien!
 The Terror Claws and a Dino Gun thing... Used to be the Thing on Skeletor's back in the olden days. Shame that the Claws feel incomplete and lacking paint

Skeletor gets a 4.33 as his score. Sure his skin is darker and the claws feel a bit bootleggy.

The set gets a 4.25, which is decent. Had both figures gotten better weapons and in some cases better paintjobs (no derp eyes and no super dark skin on Skeletor) MAYBE they would have scored better.

If you'd like a different alternative to the claws and Flying Fists Weapons, there is always Shapeways... derWaffenmeister has some cool versions of these that were made about a year before these figures were released.

Oct 30, 2015

Justin Bieber Mini Meltdown... It's not even funny...

Justin, Justin, Justin... Really? One song, some crazy fans get your stage wet and you wuss out?

 Sadly it's Been a rough week for me, long days no sleep, while having to be "on" as they would say for cameras fans etc. In no way did I mean to come across mean, but chose to end the show as the people in the front row would not listen. Hopefully people will understand where I am coming from. I don't always handle things the right way but I'm human and I'm working on getting better at responding not reacting. Unfortunately people were affected by this as am I. For the people in the back I am so sorry and for anyone I may have disappointed im sorry. Sorry for wasting the tv people's time I'll be sure to make it up to you next time on tour.. With love Justin.
Sad part is that I kinda get him... Life can be a bit too rough at times. It can hit you hard, but this apology feels half assed. A true Professional would have kept going... I keep thinking of a Queen Song...

You ended up looking like an entitled little douche who stormed off the stage like a little diva...
Then again, you have a bit of a douchebaggery issue. Remember the Monkey, the Illegal racing, DUI, the Groping of an underage fan, and all the other things I can't remember right now...

I'm going to say something that may blow your Bieber mind... What if said fans didn't understand English... They are in Norway and I'm pretty sure that you did NOT speak Norwegian to them. Do you understand where I'm coming from. Yo pude haber fácilmente escrito este mensaje en español y tú, no lo entenderías, Justin.

Yeah, you NEED to improve on your People Skills. Next time try to swallow your pride and complete the concert. The fans PAID TO SEE YOU... Sure, YOU HAD TO TRAVEL HALFWAY ACROSS THE GLOBE TO GET PAID FOR THE CONCERT, but YOU HAVE MONEY... THE FANS, well are not as PRIVILEGED AS YOU. They had to save... Do you have any Idea how much stuff did your younger fans had to do to save enough money to see your concerts... Not all of them have Daddy giving them expensive gifts... YOU WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY... This time you just gave the fans a big Ahnold to your fans. How is that FAIR FOR THEM!?

Next time!? What if some of those fans don't LIVE LONG ENOUGH for that Next time!? Or worse, they Outgrow the Bieber Fever!!
You've died before... You should know about the fleeting nature of life

Also, do Humanity a solid and stop your idiotic friend, Jaden... Not that Jaden from Spouting Crap, or tell him that he doesn't need to wait until he's 30 to disappear... The Sooner the Better.

So the MMPR Reboot has a full Ranger Team cast.

I had commented about Pink Being Cast, well News of the rest of the Cast for the Other 4 Rangers has been made.

Noticed Something Odd?
Trini is now Latina, Zack is Asian, and Billy is Black... Zordon is no longer racist!!
If We believe the info posted by ScreenRant then the Rangers are NOT MY RANGERS...

They Are:
Red = Callum Oliver
Pink = Priya Patel
Black = Oscar Fernandez (guessing He's supposed to be Filipino)
Blue = Brian Olson
Yellow = Teyana Jones

Also, this movie will have 7 times the budget of Gem and the Sonograms... that is if this info is correct.

I'm a bit confused. If this is a Reboot of Mighty Morphin, then WHY don't the kids look like the Original Teenagers with Attitude?

Oct 29, 2015

According to AFI, Skeletor's Love Child has left the building.

I don't know how I feel about this... I mean, I DID find her recent message, or at least the second half to be unprofessional as heck. Be that as it may, this whole SLC jumping ship seems a bit fishy...
Part of me is worried about the future of MOTUC. If MOTUC has this Musical Chairs Managers, more mistakes will happen and QC will drop. This will in turn make people stop buying the products and end teh lien.

Now, is it REALLY Necessary to be spreading out this "rumor" when:
As of this posting this is ONLY A RUMOR and we have not been able to confirm with Mattel.
A News Site Spreading Rumors? Is AFI becoming the next Craptaku?

I am Truly, Truly, Outraged!

I found a $5 today... I went to the Matinee screening of Jem and the Holograms. I did it all for you, my faithful readers. Sadly, I cannot do a Play by Play for this one, because it would involve giving MORE MONEY to it... and me sitting through it again...

A Little Disclaimer before I begin: The movie, from a technical point of view is NOT THAT BAD... It's passable. As a JEM Movie... Well, it sucks ass! Let's begin with what they got wrong:

The story is NOT JEM. Let's see how I can tell you how this story goes:
Take Transformers and Never Say Never, now force those movies to have sex.
Have their offspring have sex with Hannah Montana.
Have Pitch Perfect and The Goonies have sex. Once their offspring matures, let it have sex with the offspring of Hannah Montana and the combination of Never Say Never and Transformers.
This Final Offspring should have sex with the Zack Attack Episode from Saved By The Bell...
The Result would be JEM and the Holograms...

So, Jerrica is like, shy and mopey. She lives with he Sister Kimber, her Auntie Molly Ringwald, her two adopted kids (Shana and Aja)... Molly Ringwald's not Jerrica's. They do Teen Girl Stuff, but they totally practice a lot of singing and playing instruments as if they were a band for no reason whatsoever. They raid Molly Ringwald's garage, take a few jabs at Jem and the 80s... and they force Shy Jerrica... (I mean she's so shy that the Fluttershy is Flutteroutgoing next to Jerrica) into wearing a Jem wig and actually LOOK LIKE JEM... The only time it happens in the movie.
 She refuses to sing and is SAVED BY THE BELL... to receive an eviction notice. This bums everyone out and Jerrica vents her frustrations in song, as Jem. Being Technologically impaired she doesn't delete the video and Scumbag Kimber uploads it to Youtube. Jem is now the New Bieber.

Now Jender Swapped (see what I did there?) Eric Raymond tries to recruit Jem into Starlight music.
Jem accepts with the condition that she "needs her band" (which is contrived seeing that the video that made Jem famous was a Jem SOLO). Raymond accepts and the girls go to LA... Jerrica takes a BB-8-wannabe Paperweight "Synergy" and once it reaches LA, it becomes "alive" and puts the girls through a lame Scavenger hunt. Something Something Rio, no Longer Pacheco, now Raymond kinda bonds with the girls. We get glimpses of Jerrica's dad through Synergy and he is a TOTAL DICK towards Kimber. Everything is Jerrica this, Jerrica that. The girls play at a mostly empty venue, but using some camera tricks to make it look fuller (and not working too well).

Eventually FemEric tricks Jerrica into becoming a Solo artist and the girls get pissed at her. CRYING, MANUFACTURED EMOTIONAL DRAMA THAT COULD HAVE BEEN SOLVED EASILY, BUT WASN'T BECAUSE MOVIE NEEDED a 2-hour run-time! (In one of the Flashbacks 10-years ago, the younger version of the girls were playing with a Luna or Princess Twilight Sparkle doll... Which is impossible, btw.) the Girls make up and they begin a zany Infiltration Mission to recover Jerrica's earrings at Starlight Music... (They were put in a safe in a very contrived way) They get away by pulling a Hannah Montana and Jem has her final concert because the movie ends with Rio being the Owner of Starlight Music. Erica is fired and in the end credits scene we get the Misfits. (with Ke$ha using the misfits' lyrics from the intro while talking... Another Cringeworthy moment.)

Jender Swapping Eric Raymond: While Juliette Lewis was AMAZING as Eric Raymond with a sandy vagina, the movie people missed one important thing... Jem is about empowering girls, this movie did the complete opposite. RIO overcame the EVIL MOTHER. Jerrica triumphing over the Misogynistic Eric Raymond is more fitting to the Girl Power Theme.

Cheap Ass Transitions: OK, so the movie was made with a SUPER LOW Budget, I mean $5 Million for a "Superhero Chick Flick" is NOTHING!! BUT, using GOOGLE MAPS to transition between locations and YOUTUBE VIDEOS to transition between scenes, That's beyond cheap!

Respect to the source Material: They got this all wrong and I touched upon it on the movie plot summary.
Jem and the Holograms... You KINDA NEED Actual Holograms for the Title to make sense.
The Rio Triangle was needed. Part of Jerrica's struggle involves Jem overshadowing certain aspects of her life. (TBH this is a problem created BY Jerrica herself)
Jem being a SECRET ID was important.

Tricking the fandom:
Blum, Chu and Braun tricked the Fandom into supplying them FREE Material to use on this film. These sickos used the fandom's love for the real JEM to help the story of Fake Jem... People talking about their love of JEM was edited to make it seem as if they were talking about Fake Jem and not the 80s property.

What they got right: Most of the cast. In SOME moments, I believed them to be the characters, then the movie would do something to remind me that this isn't really JEM.

Cameos from Christy Marx and Samantha Newark. They WERE Nice.

I went to see it on a room with 124 seats in total. Only 6 butts were on those. 2 Left mid movie disgusted, 2 (a much older couple) did not stay for the end credits scene. The lady that remained was even MORE Outraged than I was.

I feel dirty for having contributed money to this movie that is an abysmal failure AS A JEM movie.
It made me liek The Room a bit more...

Oct 26, 2015

Questions that may remain unanswered:

As I was lying down on my bed bored out of my mind but unable to sleep; my brain's darkest thoughts began to creep out. I should say darker instead of darkest, because darkest makes it sound like I'm suicidal or something... I'm not. By darker I mean random questions that often end up going into some weird places...

Due to some weird content and some immature thoughts on more mature topics, the list will be after the jump.

Oct 25, 2015

MOTU WWE Crossover, Why hasn't Mattel cashed in on that?

Sometimes, the craziest ideas happen while on the Toilet...

We KNOW that some MOTU Fans are Actual WWE Wrestlers... Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston, and Sheamus come to mind. I think Miz was too, but not sure.
And while googling current WWE stars I found this:
Mattel and WWE KINDA made some sort of crossover before... And I found the article about MOTU memories!

The dream match-up KINDA comes close to my idea... but not close enough.

Here's my idea for the WWE MOTU "year-long" Crossover:
Taking the Classics Canon when He-Man and She-Ra pursue Skeletor on their "New Adventures" a Power Vacuum was left on Eternia. Sensing some evil magics afoot, Teela summons the mightiest warriors that are Not He-Man and She-Ra to Eternia. that's how we end up with the WWE Superstars and Divas on Eternia.

a MOTUC-ized Cena
Basically an excuse to get 12 WWE Superstars on MOTUC Bucks like the TDKR Batman and Superman. the only difference is that they would not look 100% accurate to their "Real Life Counterparts" Like say, having John Cena Running around in Short Jeans and sneakers on Eternia would be a big NO. He'd be wearing a more MOTU version of his Attire.  Think more of Standor than an upscaled Mattel WWE Cena.
Here's a quick doodle of a MOTUfied Cena by using pure MOTUC Parts. Maybe toss in a new removable Armor piece and weapons to complete the MOTUfication .

There are other cases where some of the wrestlers have MOTU-Like stuff on their Attire.
Like Triple H who'd be the leader of the "Evil Wrestlers" and his Skull King Attire would fit VERY WELL On Eternia.
In other cases like Kane or The Undertaker, you take their Hellish Gimmick and MOTUfy their outfits and maybe their physical looks to reflect a bit of their gimmick in the MOTU look.

The question is WHO should go to Eternia... While Personally I'd bring the Legends, but MY Favorite Wrestler was Benoit'd out of History... Aaaaaand the WWE would want to promote their current talent... Which is why I only figured out a quick doodle on a potential MOTUfied WWE wrestler and the one I used was John Cena, because Cena sells to the kids and crap...
So, 12 Wrestlers + 1 Exclusive? Who could I use:
I'm thinking of:
Randy Orton
Roman Reigns
Bella Twins

Taker or Kane
Kofi Kingston
Stephanie McMahon

Sub Exclusive: Horde Mr. McMahon

Part of me wanted to suggest these figures as 2 packs with certain variants of some MOTUC Figures, but seeing the whole issue of the DCUC vs MOTUC failing due to poor choices by Mattel, they wouldn't dare to do that... Also WWE wrestlers are much better "wasted slots" than He-Ro son of He-Man stuff.

Oct 23, 2015

Mattel Q&A from the .org... Finally some answers!

Yesterday Skeletor's Love Child (the new Toyguru) made a rant that I dissected and published earlier. While writing that rant, a Q&A appeared on the .org, but seeing it was something separate from the King Hiss Screwjob, I did not touch it there...
Of course, I will touch the Q&A now with my thoughts on each answer. Right after the jump!

King Hiss Screwjob Part 4: Age of Excuses

Mattel seems to have remembered that they have a forum where they can deliver news about their products...

I shall quote Skeletor's Love Child (aka the New Toyguru) and dissect the posts like I often did with the Original Toyguru. Right after the page break... There may be some adult language that could hurt some safe spaces...

Oct 22, 2015

I may no longer need the Discovery Channel anymore...

My provider lacks Discovery Family, so I have to do some insane maneuvers to watch My Little Pony (go to work super early on Saturday, visit some relatives, etc. to get my Pony Fix) but, I am talking about the Original Discovery Channel.

the network that gave us:

the much better Survivorman

The insane Man Woman wild with a guy named Mike Hunt... and his wife.

The slightly less strange Dual Survival:

Dirty Jobs...

but now Another one Bites the Dust...

Yup, Mythbusters is ending after 13+ years of, well...

and a ton of this:

To be fair, I was getting a bit tired of the show already. I even said that the show Jumped the Shark, and no it's not a Shark Week pun. On the other hand, the show has been going on for over 1/3 OF MY LIFE!! Now that ALL the shows I liked have been either gone or changed beyond recognition, there is no point for the Discovery Channel...

Oct 21, 2015

I feel bad for Marty McFly... His 2015 does not match reality!

Not going to bother in explaining what I'd do if I had a Time Machine, because the answer is rather obvious... But, Today is October 21st, 2015 and Dammit Marty, we have failed you...

We don't have Jaws 19, but we have an upcoming Sharknado 3...
CollegeHumor made a funny BTTF animation based on OUR 2015:

From the bottom of my Heart, I'm sorry Marty! To everyone else, Enjoy the day where the Future was changed... for the best, then the worst, and then the best again! Yes, this rant is happening on October 21st, 2015 at 4:29 PM in California... Sadly, I won't be able to watch Back To The Future 2 Right now, because of Job duties, but thanks to the magic of Time Travel (or at least preset dates for publishing articles) it can look like I published this rant right at this time.

Now I will bum you out... Tomorrow this will be a movie about the past!!

Oct 19, 2015

The Force has awoken the sleeping Jedi...

Are you excited?

This December is going to be SO AWESOME!!!
I've no words...

Jessie's ending was a horrible failure.

Jessie ended this past weekend, but no one cares about that since the show sucks...

Buh-Bye!! Good Riddance!

Allow me to explain why the ending of Jessie was a failure... BECAUSE DISNEY MESSED UP THE TIMING FOR EVERYTHING!!

This Jessie Spin-Off was released BEFORE JESSIE'S RUN was over!
It kinda gave away part of Jessie's ending. Not to mention that the Craptacular Lamer's guide to pretty much everything stinks worse than Jessie.

Being Spoiled by the Network BEFORE THE SERIES END sucks ass!

Here's the plot: Christina Ross (the absentee Mom) returns home to find the kids too dependent of Jessie. Which to be fair, they are since JESSIE IS WITH THEM ALL THE FREAKING TIME!
So, Mommy dearest is a bit jealous and uses her star power to get Jessie a Role on the Game of Thrones Disneyfied ersatz movie. The kids annoyed by their Mother's cluelessness, they  go to Hollywood. The screw things up, but Jessie comes out on top and gets a gig as the star of a show where she's  fighting evil by moonlight, babysitting by daylight!
She leaves New York and Christina becomes a Full-Time Mom... Until she gets tired and sends most of the kids away to camp Titicaca! This last part we knew ahead of time, thanks to the Spin-Off... and Disney's horrible timing.

I think the whole Christina comes back angle was a bit too forced... It didn't help that her plan fell too forced and didn't make much sense.

Like Billy Mays used to say: BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!
On an Older Episode of Jessie, this happened:

Suite Life is in the same Universe as Jessie... So is Wizards of Waverly Place, Austin and Ally, Phineas and Ferb, The Marvel Universe, Hannah Montana, Girl Meets World AND SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH!!

I just blew your mind...

Oct 18, 2015

Girl Met Texas, fandom Meets confusion

Girl Meets World's 3 parter Episode: Girl Meets Texas has challenged the Status Quo.
Everyone who has read the Topangaborn rants, knows that I'm not a fan of Lucas and Riley being together, mostly because Lucas' character is as stiff as a plank. Well, GM Texas threw us on a loop when the hints of Maya feeling something for Ranger Rick were real.
Something something Bull Riding, Riley encouraging Lucas, Maya scared the crap out of the situation... Farkle and Zay are reduced to the role of Chorus while they question the situation.

The ending was left ambiguous which disappointed many fans. Personally, I like that the ending was left ambiguous, because it will ALLOW the characters to GROW. Cory wasn't Mr. Topanga Lawrence when the show started. He dated other people before the writers kinda retconned him into Mr. Topanga Lawrence. Also, forcing the kids to "grow up as couples" due to "fanshipping" is not a great idea. While Lucas is showing some character growth with the Ranger Rick will go Hulkster to protect his friends has given him some spice, he still is Bucky Mc Boing Boing Durr Hurr! to me.

The most interesting characters right now are Farkle, who is no longer a Mini-Minkus and behaves more like a normal person who is incredibly awkward (but not annoying as in earlier episodes) and Zay, who is kind of the voice of reason... (Girl Meets Rah Rah! made me appreciate him a lot more)

Incredibly enough, Riley and Maya are becoming more dull. Hopefully this change to the Status Quo will bring back some spice to these characters.

Even Toyota is joining the BTTF Fever

So, this Wednesday, Mr. McFly will come from the 80s into the Present... in his case The Future!!
Well, Toyota has some interesting surprises... 2 Brand new Cars. One is the Mirai, which if My Japanese is somewhat Accurate it's Future... The Other car is a Brand New Toyota Hilux... Or a modified Tacoma to LOOK Like a Hilux... Whether the Hiluxed out Tacomas are on sale or not is not necessarily an issue, but the fact that they are USING BTTF References to promote their new "Future" Car on "BTTF Day" IS a genius move. I gotta give it to Toyota for pulling off this move.
Let's see: BTTF Nike shoes, the Mattel (failure of a) hoverboard, Pepsi Perfect AND a Hilux-ized Tacoma... All we need is Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd to have a perfect BTTF day! Now if Pizza Hut announces Dehydrated Pizza...

Shinai naru Cerestia-hime:

I feel so alone... I'd normally finish that phrase with gonna end up a big ol' pile of them bones, but now is not the time for jokes. I have been going through one Hellish month, given certain circumstances that have happened and I wasn't ready for. Now I wish I had a Special Place to spend with my best friends from Ponyville. If it could be possible, could you help me with that?

Your somewhat Brilliant but Lazy student,

 Princess Celestia granted me that wish... Only problem is that she allowed this to happen in the Land of the Rising Sun, the Ancient Home of the Honorable Samurai Warriors, the place where Tentacles terrorize schoolgirls by pretending to be TSA Agents... the land of the Tie of Hens and daimakura, has a frigging My Little Pony Cafe... JAPAN HAS A MY LITTLE PONY THEMED CAFE... That kinda beats France's MGSV Restaurant...

It's not simply a Friendship is Magic Cafe, but it covers ALL GENS since GEN1 all the way to FIM...

But sadly, I am not Japanese, nor I have the resources to go to Japan...

Oct 16, 2015

World is ending. For once I agree with Kanye West!

Let's get this out of the way. I LOATHE Kanye almost as I LOATHE his in-laws... I don't have an issue with the Jenner side, but more with the Kardashian side of his In-Laws... But that's not the point. Hell! I haven't mentioned the whole Lamar Odom passing out at a brothel thing because of his "in limbo" legal status to Khloe Kardashian... Blegh! Now I have TWO Rants involving Kardashians here... Let's go back to Kanye...

A few days ago This happened:

Let's remind Kanye that his WIFE has a Videogame riddled with Microtransactions...
So, yeah... I am with Kanye on this. in-app purchases on games specifically made FOR Children is a dick move... Then again, in-app purchases on videogames IN GENERAL IS A DICK MOVE.

But wait a moment, who the Hell gives an iPad WITH CREDIT CARD INFO linked to it to a TWO year old!? Kanye does... as well as many less affluent parents.

Still is scary to agree with Kanye...

Oct 15, 2015

Marvel MIGHT get the F4 back...

They got a deal with SONY to get Spidey back... Now RUMORS have been circulating that the F4 might return to Marvel, due to a deal involving the X-Shows that that Fox is trying to get made...
One about the Hellfire Club and the other about Legion (Chuck X's bastard son who is not mentally stable and accidentally caused the Age of Apocalypse timeline)

So, for those shows getting the greenlight from Marvel involved Fox giving Marvel back the access to the F4, Doctor Doom, Galactus, the Silver Surfer and the rest of the F4 folks... or so is the rumor that is floating around the internet.

In a way, this IS a good thing for Marvel, since they kinda need SOME of their Cosmic Elements back for the Avengers and stuff... Wonder if the Skrulls will show up now that the MCU has access to them... Ooh! Galactus! Better have him voiced by George Takei!

The only bad news is a 4th Fantastic Four Origin Story may be in place... (Corman's, Tim Story's, Trank's, and then the new one...)

The issue is, CAN MARVEL PULL OFF A DECENT Fantastic Four Movie!?

Another Mattel Movie that MIGHT get DONE BEFORE MOTU...

Take a property that has been so dead that the only mention here was when this blog was on its infancy... the 8th or 10th Rant I ever made about 80s properties that NEEDED a Live Action Movie. Heck That property was so dead that many people didn't get the reference when it was made into a joke in the ORIGINAL TOY STORY...

Take a Dinosaur, give him guns and you get DINO RIDERS!!! A line made by Tyco, eventually Tyco was absorbed by Mattel, hence the Rex Joke in Toy Story.

Well, Mattel IS working to get a Dino Riders movie made. Really, Mattel is working on Dino Riders, while MOTU is still in Limbo.
The only good thing coming from this is maybe opening up peoples' minds to more Fantasy types of movies and maybe helping MOTU get made, but still... DINO RIDERS IS HAPPENING!!
I'm gonna hate myself for saying this, but maybe Michael Bay... should... d... di...
No! Absolutely not! Keep Bay away!

Oct 12, 2015

Playboy will no longer have nudity...

A while back I commented that even Playboy was against Shenmue 3... Playboy talking about videogames was weird enough for me. Their website seems a bit too "safe for work"... No Tatas anywhere... Apparently, it's been that way since August 2014. The Offline, Printed version will no longer have nudes either.

Playboy minus nudes is what? a Maxim knock off?
Then again, there is far more porn on the internet than Playboy could deliver. Not to mention that Playboy's nudity was more artistic and a lot less smutty than some of the porn found on the web.

In a way it kinda saddens me, since it makes me feel pretty old.

These are no longer things that our modern teens have to struggle with. Getting the magazines was a pain in the ass on its own... Not that I've tried to get them straight from a store. But I can admit that the Illegal Channels scene may have hit me closer to home.

Nowadays it's all via internet, which in a way makes it easier... unless you're Jason Biggs... Now I wanna see American Pie movies...
Seriously, the rite of Passage of a Father passing on his "Dirty Magazines" to his son is a thing of the past...

To me it makes no sense for Playboy to stop being Playboy. It's like Taco Bell decides to stop making Tacos. I'd wish them good luck on their endeavors, but they bad mouthed Shenmue, so they can go forget themselves with Hugh Hefner's decaying body!
Screw that crap! No nudity on Playboy, what's next? No violence in Boxing!?

MY EYES!!! Third Time that I need Brain Bleach! It's not a Charm (just an EQG 3 review)

I've been away this weekend dealing with my mom's funeral arrangements and I was able to watch a DVR'd Equestria Girls 3: Friendship games!

Since it's October and it's Halloween, I'mma review this bitch!

While the clips and pics are added in later, like the FIRST EQG review, I'm going off with notes taken by hand and not writing on the PC as I watched...

We start with Supreme Mega Bitch who no longer is Supreme or even a minor bitch... Sunset Shimmer running to School because Rainbow Dash texted her. A Broken Guitar String!? ugh! RD wanted to show off to the Human Blank Flanks who are no longer Blank Flanks...
Sunset still writes to Twilight and gives us Exposition!
Human World Twilight has a PKE Meter!? I smell a Mattel Lawsuit! Also Sunset Shimmer scared off Human Twilight, who goes to another school and has a secret Human lab there and we get the credits through H-Twi's bulletin board. I just noticed the lack of MY, Little, and PONY from the title... That's how you know that this is NOT a My Little Pony movie... Oh wait! They added it at the last minute to appease bronies.

OK so H-Twi modified her PKE Meter into a Contraceptive Pill Dispenser.

The Humane 6 are discussing H-Twi.They hate Twilight's Adventures... Wait, Why Sunset Shimmer doesn't know about Crystal Prep if she's been going to Canterlot High for years???

Good thing there's Exposition! The Humane 6 are giving us TONS!! Followed by Princesspal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna.

Oh Look! Flash Sentry is doing something useless! Now Dashie is giving us a Pep Talk... in Song Form! She even goes Human/Horse Hybrid! Luna request Nopony Horsing up and asks Sunset Shimmer to investigate Magical Developments.

Like the Cheap Twilight Replacement she is, Sunset Shimmer is at the Library and asks for the Real Twilight for help.

At the Other School H-Twi is awkwardly out of place... she even has a Spike the Dog, who barks like a dog! Also, H-Twi is sounding a bit too much like Paz Ortega Andrade than Twilight Sparkle...

Princess Can't Dance is the Dean of Students at Crystal high... I wonder if Shining Armor is in this. The Principal is apparently allergic to dogs.H-Twi wants to apply to a lonely nerdy program.

A bummed H-twi has a song about wanting to learn more and being alone.

Shining Armor IS at the Principal's office... To Force, err, convince H-Twi into participating in The Friendship games... because Reputation! Now H-Twi has to participate. She takes Spike in her backpack and her Contraceptive Pill case. H-Twi is almost as awkward as Real Twi.

Pinkie Pi-rate! Woohoo! At least Luna and Candance are somewhat friendly. Lyra and Bon Bon confuse H-Twi with Pony turned human Twilight... Well, everyone does... Even Waifustealer... Oh look! Derpy!

Clothing makes Wa-Ha ha! go Pony...
Wait, was that Pinkie wearing a cowboy hat!?

H-Twi's contraceptive case stole Rarity's magic or something. The Humane6 confuse H-Twi with Twilight.

Pinkie Explains it all but Celestia doesn't get it. Sunset Shimmer is beating herself up worse than me. Luckily the Humane6 fix up Sunset Shimmer... kinda.
Sunset's Magic was kinda siphoned by H-Twi and blocked the portal to Equestria.

Sunset Shimmer asks H-Twi what's going on. Now There is the quintesential rival schools scene. Pinkie kidnaps H-Twi to bring party cannons. Wait, Derpy's competing!? Pinkie fixed the party and shots were fired! No!!! H-Twi just ghost trapped your Pony Powers pinkie! Wait a portal to the Everfree forest!? Dammit! Cinch has ruined everything, including this party!

Friendship games have begun!

We got a montage! and Pinkie has to bake... Shadowbolts won the birdhouse building. they are setting up a Twilight vs Sunset Shimmer battle... and H-Twi won by a bit. Also, Flash Sentry being dumped on makes me feel good.

Fluttershy is befriending H-Twi. Wait, Human World Angel is nice... No, don't Pony up, Fluttershy! A Jackalope, portals and Fluttershy's magic was drained... wait! Did Spike just talk!? do we have Ponyville Spike, or is this Human World Spike under the effects of Pony Magic?

Ah, it's Pony Magic affecting Spike. Cinch comes to H-Twi and wants her to spy on the Humane6... because REPUTATION!!

Fluttershy tells Sunset Shimmer what happened and I think they'll figure out how Twilight Steals Magic.
Holy mother of Celestia! That Friendship Games Course should be illegal! Looks like American Gladiators meets Motocross Maniacs.

Wait, Motocross, roller derby AND ARCHERY!? The HELL!? Fluttershy HITS A BULLSEYE!? Also, Apple Jack helps the enemy!! Apple Traitor, now Twilight is Sucking AJ's magic with her Contraceptive case that brings Everfree forest vines!
Sunset Shimmer wipes out and Rainbow Dash goes to the rescue, cause Rainbow Dash! Spike saves H-Twi, while Dash fights the plant monster. Sunset Shimmer wins!

H-Twi tries to help the Humane6 but ends up sucking Rainbow Dash's power. Sunset Shimmer DID show up some of her Supreme Mega Bitch past. Cinch may have figured out the Contraceptive's power and tries to accuse Canterlot of cheating, but the games will go on because REPUTATION!!

Cinch forces Twilight to use her Contraceptive case... A SONG!?

H-Twi goes Thermonuclear and becomes a dark winged Alicorn with Chrysalis horn... Really, Ponies have been reduced to a cameo in a MY LITTLE PONY MOVIE... *bleep you* movie! So, Evil Twi will destroy the Human World in order to enter Equestria and "learn" its magic. Canterlot High and Crystal Prep students begin to work together and Sunset Shimmer MAY have figured out the Contraceptive case.
Sunset Shimmer tries to plead with Twilight in a reverse Equestria Girls... This time, Sunset Shimmer becomes Sailor Moon! Friendship is Magic, BITCH!! Thanks to Spike, Sunset Shimmer was able to save Twilight. Also, Spike the Dog is NOT back to normal.

Cinch tries to bitch her way out of accepting the loss.
Celestia, Luna and Cadance mock the hell out of Cinch and use REPUTATION!! against her.

Now H-Twi will move to Canterlot High to learn about Friendship. Sunset Shimmer learned a lesson and now Twilight is part of the Humane7.

Pony Twilight was stuck in a Time Travel Loop and she now met H-Twi...

I have to say this was the weakest of the Equestria Girls movies... Also, the one with the LEAST PONY in it... Also, it kinda felt like a cheap move having Twilight become the Main Bad. I feel disappointed.

Oct 9, 2015

Rick Moranis WILL NOT DO a Ghost Bust Hers Cameo

But he is willing to return to Acting if something piques his interest...
Now this is a good thing. No, not talking about the Ghostbusters reboot being ass because of Feig and McCarthy, but about Moranis coming out of his self-imposed exile. It was for the best of reasons and I commend him for that, but he has been sorely missed. Now there is 2 more reasons that Moranis being back to the fold make me giddy:

A Sequel to:

Also, I kinda want to see a brand new Honey I _____ the ______ movie. Come on, it's Disney, they have a hard-on for unwanted sequels! He could probably do Spaceballs 2: The search for more money, but the Honey Sequel, tetraquel, whatever... I don't think he'd do that. As long as we don't get a Flintstones sequel.

Then again, something that worries me is that he left in the early 90s, it's been nearly 20 years and comedy sensibilities have changed, mostly due to the perennially offended and his older style of comedy may be found to be "offensive" by the Anti-Fun brigade.

MOTUC Batman will not be alone now...

NYCC has made a fantastic reveal from Mattel... thanks to that turducken that DC is releasing to get some of that Avengers money. Back in late 2013 I was able to get a TDKR Batman from Mattel, which is also known as the MOTUC Batman, since he's compatible with MOTUC. That Batman lost his arms to BS Hordak and Eventually became Place Holder Langella Skeletor.

They are Releasing a REPAINT of THAT BATMAN!! Blue and Gray with the OVAL SYMBOL in 2016!!
This is great for those who prefer the Blue and Gray Incarnation of Batman.
I know, I know... Another Bat-Variant!? After 3-4 Years... Why Not Superman?

THEY ARE RELEASING BATMAN AND SUPERMAN. Not sure if on their own or a VS Pack... In any Case I NEED THESE TWO!!
There's a slight catch...

Yup... They are Wal*Mart Exclusives... I know there are Wal*Marts in Puerto Rico, but WHY Limit these to ONE SINGLE STORE!? Betting my ass that they will not have ads to Mattycollector.
I'd love to see a NON-TDKR Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman to match.
Toss in a Ra's Al Ghul, Luthor with Exo suit, Deathstroke, Sinestro, Gorilla Grodd using the Gygor Buck and a Cheetah for villains and I'm sold. I'm not using Joker, because I don't want a MOTUC Guy in a suit... Also, the MOTUC Buck is too thick for Joker. Now someone will say: It's too thick for Sinestro too! A set of longer shins and forearms can help mask the MOTUC thickness... Proportions being off next to other figures can be chalked up to Alien.

Oct 8, 2015

Odds and ends October 8, 2015

Justin Bieber's penis is swimming across the internet, but everyone is OK with this. No one is raising a poopstorm about the poor young man's privacy... The complete opposite of what happened when we saw J-Law's mammaries. I mean, the FEDS wanted to protect Katniss' funbags, but the Bieber's wood? Crappy Gawker who still hasn't felt the wrath of Hulk Hogan seems to be celebrating the Bieb's indiscretion. Same media site who was condemning all those who fapped to saw all those female celebrity nude pics, is A-OK with sharing Bieber-dick pics.

But, this is not the bit of Bieber news that I wanted to talk about. Clickbait sites, akin to Buzzfeed are sharing this cute little story about Bieber being a douchebag to Ronda Rousey's little sister... 

Ronda Rousey Calls Out Justin Bieber For Being... por Linkbeef

Ooh! Justin Bieber vs Ronda Rousey is a UFC Fight that I'd pay to see... Followed by Chicken Man Punk vs THE Power Ranger, but Punk's a chicken,

Speaking of Power Rangers, the Movie Reboot is happening and they cast a Pink Ranger.
It's a Movie Reboot, so I am wary of those, but it's a new tale on Mighty Morphin, so I'm interested. Hopefully it will not suck...

Speaking of Sucking... Spidey is now Tony Stark, he even has The Prowler acting as his own Rhodey... the only not completely sucky thing is that The Living Brain is now housing an Otto Octavius AI.

So Marvel has an issue with Peter being married and having a somewhat normal adult life and they turn to the Devil to make Peter the Auntie's Boy Perennial Bachelor Loser that he was in his youth, because Reasons; but they are A-OK in turning Peter into Tony Stark Jr.!?
No wonder I quit Marvel.

Oct 5, 2015

It Came From the Toy Chest: Neither Whiplash, nor Kobra Khan...

Saurod, the Final Movie Character of the Movie Trinity (Blade, Gwildor and Saurod)
is finally here.The only Evil Warrior to be KILLED by Skeletor has reached MOTUC. Just watch the 1987 movie to get who he is... He's like the Store Brand version of either Whiplash or Kobra Khan... Since his name is SAURod, I'll say Whiplash.

The Classics Canon makes him a member of one the species that was spliced by MITCH into the Snakemen. He then kills 2 key Snakemen in UB2 and the movie did not happen... Cause Wibbly Wobbly Specky Wecky...

But like I said, he completes the Movie Trio and Hopefully, sometime in the Future, Mattel will make a Karg to complete the team...

Now let's take a look at the figure, shall we?

He has Standard MOTUC Articulation, seeing he is a Standard MOTUC Figure... EXCEPT, the tail armor that blocks some Leg Articulation... also, the Tail is like Lizardman's (It's Lizardman's). No vehicle Riding for this guy. (Can't sit on a Wind Raider or Talon Fighter and can't pilot a Sky sled.)

Paint and Sculpt:
Only the Torso and Feet are old pieces (clawful and Bow) Everything else is brand new baby! The Paintjob is more Toy based than Movie based. They had to seeing that the movie design is very monochromatic. Part of me wishes that there was a bit of a more obvious difference between the chainmail and his skintone. Same thing with his pants? Are those pants, or is that his naked flesh near the crotch and legs? Better change the topic... Paint apps.There are a few sloppy areas on mine, but not super noticeable. The armor has a lot of details that make him seem like a hardened warrior. It may look "hyperdetailed" next to a Robot Knight or Vanilla Skeletor, but to be fair, there's no way to make Chainmail look good without looking "Hyperdetailed".

1 gun... That's it! that knocks him to a 1.0 in the accessory department. He Definitely needed some Sparks that could have plugged into his face to recreate his vintage action figure.

but Ninjor doesn't care about Classics Canon... FATALITY!!
Saurod gets a 3.0 here. Like Choobs before him, he is lacking something. Also, I weep because his lower legs and right forearm could have been PERFECT for Spector!The Good thing is that he's a very expressive figure by using some dynamic posing. The lower score is due to the lack of accessories. If not, he'd be rated higher.


We have heard about the BTTF shoes. Will they or won't they have Power Laces was a Mystery.
We all knew that Mattel was unable to make a decent Hoverboard and never will be... If we're to believe Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Pepsi... Yes, THAT PEPSI


What if I told you that on October 21, 2015, you could drink a Pepsi Perfect for the low price of $20.15?
Just Like Marty McFly...

Pepsi is making 6,500 bottles of Pepsi Perfect available only to Continental US...  This makes it almost Mattel Bad, not to mention the price gouging $20.15, but at least it's a fully functional Pepsi WITHOUT High Fructose Corn Syrup, which some say it's bad.

I don't like that it's a Giga-limited run. They should had made it a yearly event. If it was successful enough, then make it a regular product.

BTW, **** Hasbro and their upcoming 4 Bayformers sequels.

Oct 4, 2015

It Came From the Toy Chest: Cool Attack Elder

Chooblawesome is in the HizzOuse!! The 200X Yeti, man! There is not much I can say about Choobs without rewatching the Episode Trust from the 200X series.

He's the third of the 200X Mini Sub and a Heroic Warrior. Let's Review him.

Let's look at the Figure!


At his core, Choobs here is the Beastman buck. He has the same Articulation and limitations as Beastman at his core, but exaggerated due to the 200X origins of the character. (I never got around to review him) The new pieces give him a slight edge over Beastman with those hinged wrists (Limited, but the Articulation is there) His Armor slightly limits the Arm Movement.

Paint and Sculpt:
His body is Frosta White then has ACTUAL WHITE drybrushed over... HYPERDETAIL FTW!!! The Basic buck, as stated is the Beastman Buck, but new Forearms, hands, Head, Armor, Loincloth and feet. Oh, the Feet... They are more stable than Dactus, but his big forearms and hands make him a widdle too Top Heavy and he has the potential to fall, hard! Without his big Armor Piece his body looks incredibly Awkward.


1 Green Petrified Wood Staff... Choobs got the short end of the stick! Get it!? Missed opportunity to give him a little something something. A Little Eternium based on the episode he first appeared. ANYTHING, even if Choobs is not the intended owner of said item!

Choobs gets a 3.5, due to the lack of accessories. He needed something else. Maybe a second younger Kulatak head to somewhat Army build enough Kulataks to make a tribe.

On its own, Choobs is a decent figure, but he lacks a je ne sais quoi to put him beyond decent. Sure he may have some nifty tricks to mildly alter the standard body into something different, but him being an old pacifist Yeti makes him more of a super articulated Talking head than a badass Yeti figure.
His Armor Piece Made me Realize something:
a 200x Inspired Beastman could be doable in Classics using most of the MOTUC Buck.

a New Slightly Smaller Armor Piece
New Longer Forearms with Demo-Bracers
New Shins
Preternia Loincloth
New Head

Oct 3, 2015

MacGyver Reboot!? Aw Hell Naw!

What the Hell, man!? How can you Reboot MacGyver and expect it to work on the 21st Century. This would basically be "Lifehacks: The Show." The only good thing so far is that The Fonz is backing this project. We just have to see if CBS will pick up the Project...

I mean it could be a Failure of Knight Industries Reboot levels...
MacGyver was a product of his time, in this 21st century with our iPhones and the Internet in our hands, we don't really NEED a MacGyver.

Come to think of it, MacGyver would be a nice protagonist to have back. An action hero who avoids guns and uses unorthodox methods to solve problems... WITH HIS BRAINS and the power of SCIENCE!! the problem is will it work?

I have to say that if this DOES Happen, that I want, nay, NEED Richard Dean Anderson in the role of Peter Thornton.

Posting this for no reason.

At least Mom will be spared from watching a Magnum P.I. reboot...

filmation sub-line is OFFICIALLY CLASSICS... a new rant.

So now the idiots saying that it's a new line can shut the hell up! It's a part of Classics, so complaining about the removed "Classics Level" details is reasonable... But I'm saving that for Later.

Let's give you a quick rundown before I officially start the rant.

10/05/2015 - 11/02/2015 that's the time to sub up. If you're into it, I posted the link so you can click it!

Here's Mattel's official announcement by Tara Z.
These are the figures that’ll take you right back to Saturday morning, sitting in your PJs, bowl of cereal in hand, face ten inches from the TV. Get ready for Classics 2.0!
He-ManThis is the subscription that’ll give you all the feels, with a lineup of “A” list characters in the style you remember from the animated series. These newly-designed Filmation-style figures come in 6” classics scale to fit in perfectly with your existing collection, but they’re not Classics… they’re Classics 2.0!
This bi-monthly 2016 subscription brings six of the most-wanted characters, newly-designed in Filmation style, plus a club-exclusive Evil Seed™! Scheduled releases include*:
  • He-Man® (2/16)
  • Trap Jaw® (4/16)
  • Skeletor® (6/16)
  • Evil Seed™ (Subscription-only figure, 8/16)
  • Beast Man® (8/16)
  • Evil-Lyn® (10/16)
  • Clawful® (12/16)
The subscription period will be open 10/5/15 through 11/2/15 at 11:59 PT. Along with guaranteed delivery of these new Filmation-style figures, subscribers get Early Access beginning in February 2016. That means you’ll have first shot at figures like the 2016 chase figure and our annual San Diego Comic-Con After-Party Sale. Click here for all the details and to sign up for the Classics 2.0 subscription!
*As always, names and release dates are subject to change.
Mattel is calling them right out of the bat a part of Classics... Classics 2.0 is the term they chose. They are still clinging to the success of MOTU CLASSICS.

These newly-designed Filmation-style figures come in 6” classics scale to fit in perfectly with your existing collection, but they’re not Classics… they’re Classics 2.0!
Problem is that they DO NOT FIT PERFECTLY WITH CLASSICS! The Reduced Detail on furry areas... Beastman I'm looking at you, makes them IMPERFECT!! Also there is a small text hidden between the lines. If they "are perfectly compatible with Classics" that means that we can scratch off our lists of "more Filmationized PoP", Eternos Palace Randor 2.0, Non-Fat Suit Sea Hawk (although they could always do a Pre-Anchor's Aloft version with Blade Boots, new sword, and a normal left hand.)  This 2.0 Subline may not last as long as the Classics line, who survived thanks to the MOTU fans, despite Mattel's blunders. (During the Neitlich era and AFTERWARDS)

Along with guaranteed delivery of these new Filmation-style figures, subscribers get Early Access beginning in February 2016. That means you’ll have first shot at figures like the 2016 chase figure and our annual San Diego Comic-Con After-Party Sale.
Unless Mattel decides against it, like they did in 2015. Now let's tackle the sub itself and the costs:

Benefits of Classics 2.0 Subscription

  • Pay $25 for a membership now and in 2016 we'll automatically ship and bill you for every Classics 2.0 release. That brings us to…
  • Subscription-Only Evil Seed™! This fan-favorite figure now in Filmation style is available only with a Classics 2.0 subscription, and will never be sold on MattyCollector.com. The best way to ensure you own this must-have figure is with a subscription.
  • Lower Prices, Guaranteed Products:The price for figures is $20 each when shipped through a subscription. These figures will be $25 each when purchased during All Access on regular monthly sale days. They may sell out quickly so a subscription is the only way to guarantee you'll get every club release. And remember, only subscribers to Classics 2.0 will automatically receive the exclusive Evil Seed™ figure directly from Mattel.
  • Early Shipping: Subscription orders generally begin shipping three business days before non-subscription orders, so subscribers usually get their orders before non-subscribers.
  • Early Access to Non-Subscription Products: Beginning February 2016, all Classics 2.0 subscribers get Early Access to most non-subscription products! That means you'll have the chance to purchase hot items not available through subscriptions before they're released to the general public, like our 2015 "traveling convention" offering, the Hover Robots™ three-pack! Availability is first-come, first-served during Early Access and some quantities may be limited, so if products sell out to subscribers during the Early Access period, that's it – no additional product will be made available to non-subscribers at that time.
  • Sub figure is $25, which is reasonable... What I have to call crap is that the figures are $20!
    This means that those who remain faithful to the Main Line MOTU Classics: Collector's Choice, are paying MORE PER FIGURE than these figures.

    On the other hand, cheaper figures may mean even LESS QC from Mattel. Point Dread Teela, anyone?

    I know some dillweed will say: But the 2.0s are only a new head and armor, that's why they are cheaper.
    To them I say: General Sunder is one new head and Armor. He's $24. Same with a LOT of MOTUC Figures. Not to mention that Filmation variant figures get new heads, armor, forearms, hands, loincloths, boots. In some cases new arms and thighs,

    My opinion on this matter is that Mattel is desperate to get new blood. That may be why the low price on the variants, but they are not doing things right.
    Yesterday while I was doing some arrangements for Mom. I overheard a guy talking about toys and we started talking. He had no idea about MOTUC, or this upcoming sub-line. I pointed him towards it and once again, another anecdotal evidence of Mattel's piss poor work of marketing these toys. Dude nearly fainted there when he saw ALL the MOTUC and the upcoming Filmation sub-line. He'll get the sub-line, because secondary market prices for MOTUC are insane. It begs to remind everyone that the HUGE LACK OF PROMOTION OF THESE TOYS BY MATTEL does them a lot more harm than good. WE, WHO ARE IN, KNOW ABOUT THESE GUYS. John Q. Public does not.
    This Mattel silence combined with the assorted blunders are detrimental to Mattel. Honestly, these variants should have been made for retail and hook people into Mattycollector for the Expanded Universe.

    Oct 2, 2015

    DC's Superhero Girls is WHAT!?

    DC Girls is basically: Monster High with DC characters... Which is of course a way for DC and a Certain toy company that shall remain nameless to cash in on the Monster High Craze and try to sell some DC stuff... That is not the comics, because those are frowned upon by feminists... you know, the wacko Anita Sark...  Oops! I almost said her name, third wave, sex-negative misandrists masquerading as feminists. Because sexy is now evil! So, the DC Superhero Girls start with an already sexist title. The word Girls next to another word is sexist. Something something, male is the default and PAY TREE ARE KEY!! MY SOGGY KNEES!! and stuff!

    Wonder Woman is now a High School kid like Supergirl and Batgirl... Let's ignore that there IS A WONDER GIRL that they could have used. Katana and Bumblebee are tokens. Not to mention that CatWoman is a high school girl now. Hal Jordan is a teen now... Guess Arisia Rrab is on diapers now! I'll be disappointed if they don't have a webisode where Hal has to babysit Arisia...

    A School by Amanda Waller with Gorilla Grodd as a Teacher... No, just no! Now look at those uniforms... they look like bad halloween costumes instead of their Hero/Villain Uniforms. Also, they HAD to use the NU52 Thin Waller, because nothing says progress than making sure all dolls share the same buck! Then again, I never was fan of Thin-Waller to begin with. Neither should the "so-called progressives". Original Waller showed that you could achieve your goals and have power in a superhero comic WITHOUT having the "Perfect" Super bodies... That's another rant for another day.

    It's a shame that DC is lending themselves for this kind of crap that instills a false sense of "girl power" to girls, when in reality we're going to get the same cliched "Doll storylines" that would work for Barbie, or at least Skipper, who is a High Schooler.
    At least Super Best Friends Forever shorts were more faithful to the characters than the DC Superhero Girls shorts...

    Hell, even Teen Titans Go! Seems better than this.

    Oct 1, 2015

    I want my mommy!

    Unfortunately, this will be the one thing I'll never be able to achieve unless Time Travel becomes a reality. Right now, my second worst case scenario has come true. It feels like my soul has been torn to pieces, lit on fire, doused with gasoline and shards of glass while dried with sandpaper. The worst feeling that a son could ever feel is what I am feeling right now.

    Right now a combination or Fury, Fear, Pain, and Sorrow are what dwell in my heart. This is not easy to deal with. I mean, my mom has died and that Asshat George R.R. Martin hasn't finished A Song Of Ice And Fire... I need to... *ahem* Let it Go and not bottle up my feelings. Problem is that I don't know if I'm strong enough. This pain feels to strong. It doesn't help that I'm slightly below the Silver Haired Dude who overcompensates with his sword in Mama's Boy levels.

    I am currently in a state of shock, seeing that I have not wept like crazy, which is the expected reaction. This assumption is based on how I cry over pretty much everything. I'm supposed to go through stages or something, but what I feel is a combination of feelings that want to come out versus the somewhat rational side trying to filter them out.

    I wish I could be a bit positive, but due to some issues I cannot go into details of what went through and a bunch of stuff that I will most likely have to deal with a Medical Professional... I'm so messed up that I'm gonna need a LOT of HELP to pull through. The only reason why I AM EVEN POSTING THIS is because I cannot keep all of this bottled up inside. I should be sleeping, resting, recuperating in order to begin certain processes that are incredibly painful. I'm going to need a LOT of Strength  to move forward. I have no idea where I will pull it from, but I have to... If not for me, for my brother. Right now he's all I have left and I cannot give up on him.

    I want my mommy! No, I NEED my Mommy! I know it sounds like the cries of a lost child, but right now, that is what I am. It doesn't matter how old I am, because the Factory that made me is no more.
    Mom  will no longer talk, no longer laugh, cry...... or get angry...... What about us...... what are WE supposed to do? What about my pain? My fingers are tingling. My mouth is dry. My eyes are burning!

    It's not fair... She was taken away from me! DAMMIT! Why was I forsaken? Why must I suffer? Why? Why? WHY!? I am an orphan... She didn't even get to become a grandmother and spoil her grandchildren!! She was taken too soon! Too frigging soon!

    While some of you may be wondering WHY I'm posting my personal crap on the House of Rants, which has remained mostly impersonal, well... I have to rant about this Situation and I HAVE to vent some of the issues at hand; otherwise it would screw me over.