Nov 27, 2012

Thanksgiving was Thursday, then it was Black Friday... we we we so excited

Thanksgiving is already over... So I spared you of the Horrible video by the Creepy Rapping Stalker from Friday dressed as a Turkey hanging out with a bunch of kids at one of the kids' house... There is no adult supervision aside from the Turkey-Man...

Patrice Wilson does it again! He ruins the life of another 12 year old girl in order to become famous as a producer. I mean look at the video above and compare it to Rebecca Black's Friday...

OK so you saw these two videos and two things are probably going through your mind:

Gee! These two videos are very similar... also F*** you, Nefty for making me look at these crappy videos made by the same creepy dude!
Sorry for the double dose of ARK Music Factory crap, but after Thursday it comes Friday... and what's on a Thursday? It's Thanksgiving!

I feel bad for the girl on this video... The Thanksgiving one... Rebecca Black was a fluke that got such massive amounts of hatred, most of it undeserved, but sadly, that's the nature of the beast. Now, with this song, Patrice Wilson KNEW what he was doing... Can you see what his plan is? OK I'm starting to sound like the host of one of those Pre-School shows like Dora the Explorer...
He's trying to recreate Friday, or at least the media storm that Friday created. Now all of the hatred this song (It's Thanksgiving) and the girl singing it are getting are part of Patrice Wilson's Master plan! (Which obviously involves getting a buttload of money from It's Thankgsgiving merchandise and all that... like ringtones and crap) Meanwhile, the girl singing will only get massive amounts of hatred and possibly death threats like it happened with Rebecca Black.

Also, if the Mayans are right, the world ends on a Friday... Fun, fun, fun?

 But before Thanksgiving, Mattel had a "Better than Black Friday" Sale. It started on Wednesday, it ended today. Like Last Year's Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale, Mattel had some items at a discounted price. Others not so much. Like an idiot I missed out on Temple of Darkness Sorceress, that was supposed to come in December, but the guys at Mattel thought that December was too overloaded and sold her on this sale without any advice. She sold out and she's gone! It kinda sucks, but at least I have regular flavor sorceress and maybe 2 falcons to repaint. Yesterday was Cyber Monday and US Residents got like super mega bonuses if they shipped their stuff through USPS... 50% off in shipping and almost everything was 30% off. As an added bonus there was a 15% discount on checkout... I got myself a Sir Laser Lot... Cause he looks like Cobra Commander and some other stuff that will be revealed at its proper It came from the Toy Chest. I got one HELL of a deal on the Matty stuff. Sadly no Zodac... That's one gap that I haven't been able to fill yet!

Dental Hygiene has become 20%  cooler! My Little Pony Great Smile Set is here! It contains all you see here. I wonder if it's only Twilight Sparkle or if there is one for each of the Mane 6!

Dear Princess Celestia: Today I learned that Dental care is Magic, Your Faithful Student, Twilight Sparkle
It's really cute... but I kinda find it a bit weird having Twilight Sparkle looking at me while I'm brushing my teeth. Then again I'd say the same thing if I had He-Man and/or She-Ra looking at me to make sure I brushed my teeth!

It's official: The MLP:FIM people are checking the fansites... I mean, they HAVE to otherwise, how can you explain this:

The Bronies' hatred towards G3 is kept mostly on boards. Somepony had to be checking MLP fansites to notice that... and how about this:

I mean really... If Pinkamena returns and asks Rainbow Dash to make Cupcakes with her and RD runs away, then we know they're throwing bones at the bronies.

Nov 21, 2012

It Came From The Toy Chest: Adoptive Father, Future Dead Snakeman, knows Adam is He-Man

Who's your daddy?
I shall correct a mistake from the past and Review Man-at-Arms: Original Flavor. Thanks to the guys at the Dubious Zone. So, Duncan was one of the earlier figures originally released before I began collecting MOTUC. My first encounter with Duncan was on 2010 when he was reissued. I did not take pics of him cause I opened the heck out of him. His Techno Sword eventually lost the silver paintjob and was repainted for Faker. His mustache head got a Filmation paintjob and I stole a Place Guard's right armor to turn him into Filmation MAA His vintage toy head ended up on a Palace Guard who I made the Drill Sergeant for the Eternos Palace Guards. Then when Snakeman-at-Arms showed up, the Filmation MAA got the Snake Head and the SMAA buck got the Stache-at-arms head. what a mess, right? So, let's see what Duncan brings to the game. Do I really need to explain Why Man-at-Arms is Important?

He's on the same body as He-Man, but Painted in Man-at-Arms colors. So If you want to make a Jungle Camo He-Man, pop the He-Man head and Harness on the MAA buck and you have He-Man on a green bodysuit.
Sorceress is very happy or confused since she doesn't know: WHO IS TEELA'S DADDY?

The new stuff he brought to the plate:
HEADS: Stache and no Stache
MAA Arm armor 2 pieces, one for the shoulder and bicep and the second piece covers the forearm. (Which must be removed if you want to give him the arm cannon from the Weapons pack!)
Torso Armor: 2 Pieces. The back piece of the armor is a detachable piece that you can attach his weapons to keep then on him without him holding anything.
Leg Armor, Removable and completes the Vintage MAA Toy look.
He's got the MAA mace
He's got the Castle Grayskull Weapons Rack Gun (Duncan brought it first on MOTUC)
He's got the CG WR Short Sword
He's got a Silver version of the Techno Sword!
13 new pieces on this guy... and some of these saw some reuse in the future.  Also 4 WEAPONS! Remember the days where figures came with accessories and were not cut to sell weapons packs? Duncan is a grim reminder of those days... When Mattel allowed the 4Horsemen to go BEYOND recreating a super articulated version of the 80s toy...

So, let's get it on with the Ratings part! 1= crap and 5= awesome!

Same old MOTUC Articulation. The chest armor is a bit tough and restricts the ab crunch a little bit.
Paint and Sculpt:
I HAD to take a look at the Vintage Man-at-Arms (thanks to cause my Vintage MAA died a long time ago... never use nail paint to add a mustache to a soft head vintage MOTU figure) HOLY Crap! the horsemen pretty much did ALL the vintage details and enhanced them a bit for this figure! Except the hair under the helmet... They never seem to do that, but in this case the figure looks so much better without it!
They also went beyond the original design and gave him a "backpack" of sorts. He has a non removasble satchel (with small tools and or a possible Medi-Kit, two tools and a small ammo crate. He can also hold his mace AND the two extra weapons from the Castle Grayskull rack that he got! (the short sword and ray pistol... possible nods to the sword he used at times in Filmation and the Freeze Ray from Prince Adam No More)
Paintwise, he's pretty good. (a bit of issue with the paint mask on the Fur on his armor, but that's a common error with all MAAs) 4.5

Meanwhile his Snakeman version only has a Tambourine!

Holy crap! We have a LOT here!
Mace, Gun, Short Sword, 3 pieces of additional armor... If capes are an accessory, I'm counting the heck out of his arm and leg armor! Also the Techno Sword!! Seems that Duncan started the tradition of bringing stuff for other people...

for Man-at-Arms! Which is pretty good!

 I mean HOLY Crap! He comes with a buttload of stuff and THEN SOME. Not to mention that he has 2 HEADS so you can choose your look, or pop his Stache head on the Snake Man-at-Arms body and make 200X MAA, or you can steal a palace guard's arm and leg armor to make a Toy/Filmation Hybrid. Or if you wanna go with a more Filmation accurate look you can use the chest armor on the palace guard buck and only use the arm armor to get a more Filmation Accurate version... Paint may be required for a Full Filmation look on him. the guy is FREAKING Versatile... You can also use the spare head from Dekker (Review, hopefully coming between late November or early December) on this body to make a Young Dekker: Man-at-Arms (He was Duncan's Predecessor)
Did I forgot to say how much Duncan rules!

All I can hear is Man-at-Arms...

Odds and ends Pre Turkey Day 2012

We're one month until the End of the World and all that, so we're having a Pre-Thanksgiving odds and ends here at the House of rants... (mostly cause I've not done too many rants that do not involve toys.) So, let's start with Katniss Everdeen rear-ending a car cause of Honey Boo Boo. I mean really, she thought she saw Honey Boo Boo and rear-ended another car?

All my knowledge of Honey Boo Boo comes from this picture and from what little I've glimpsed when skipping TLC when channel surfing.
I dunno which is worse, Crashing a car, or Crashing a Car cause of Reality TV... I think that playing Katniss would've, I dunno, make here DETEST Reality TV? But what do I know, Actors are a cowardly and superstitious lot...

Speaking of TLC and the lame crap they have now... Hmmm TLC = This Lame Crap! I KNEW it!
I miss the time when that Network was The Learning Channel... and you learned stuff. Now we have crap like Krang and Android Body, the whole Jon and Kate plus 8 crud, or Toddlers and Tiaras, which was K&AB's origin, or the worst of them all I didn't know I was Pregnant (now off the air according to the Internet.) I mean How in the heck can't a woman NOT KNOW she's pregnant... From educational to Trash...
Here's a video from the OTHER TLC... I remember back in the 90s when they showed up and My good friend Gerry was trying to get me into them he was all like:
"Nefty, dude, you got to check out TLC!"
my honest reply was:
"The Learning Channel?"
-"No you asswipe, this group called TLC!"

Then I heard Waterfalls and that's the only thing I remember about the other TLC...

Evil Lyn, is that you? Oh, it's just ANOTHER lady who was arrested for boning a Skeletor Skeleton.
In that case it would be Evil Lyn boning Scareglow, but still... it's kinda creepy boning a Skeleton... Insert Mandatory Marc Anthony joke here...

I dunno if this guys is stupid or has adamantium testes. Going to an airport while wearing a watch that looks like a bomb detonator. He should have gone with the TNT vest to make things more entertaining!

Nov 18, 2012

Looks like Grayskull made it... Bring on Snake Mountain!

Mattel actually received enough preorders for Grayskull and its coming on late 2013 (If the world doesn't end... Mayan Calendar ending on 2012 and all that.) If you haven't preordered one yet, go to Matty Collector and do so...  

While I have not preordered one (Logistics as of the time of this article, space and other issues prohibit me from doing so) I'm excited that this is happening... Don't get me wrong. If I had the resources, space, etc. I'd buy the Heck out of it... but I honestly cannot commit to something if I'm uncertain on my ability to comply with my part of the deal (that's mostly why I do not sub)

This is the only way I can describe the feeling... Not just cause Castle Grayskull got made, but what's the name of the playset that FOLLOWED Grayskull in the Vintage Line?
Snake Mountain: choose your version of the imprisoned Snake God
Motherlovin' Snake Mountain!! Hopefully this Snake Mountain will ignore the vintage toy and look more like the Cartoon Snake Mountain (Either Filmation, MYP, or a hybrid version is fine by me!) Cause let's face it: The Vintage playset was cool, albeit a bit empty on the inside and was a bit lacking on the SNAKE part of Snake Mountain... It was more like big stone Demon Face and other stuff Mountain, but yes, there is a Snake on it... I know the line is Nostalgia fueled, but Snake Mountain DEMANDS that Mattel make a REAL snake Mountain, emphasis on the SNAKE part of the Mountain.

Now I know that some of you might be thinking:

If you're such a big She-Ra fan, why aren't you promoting a Crystal Castle?

Ah, I was expecting that. I love She-Ra even more than I love He-Man, but speaking from a canonical point (based on Filmation mostly) NO ONE KNOWS about the Crystal Castle. Obviously the Neitlichverse downplays Etheria's role when the Rebellion moved their war to Eternia after Hordak went there.)

Now with that said, there's the matter of Barbarian Barbie Dreamhouse vs Weird She-Ra Headdress tower... The strong fear of the color pink that some collectors have... 

My name is Pinkie Pie and I'm here to say:
Don't fear me cause I'm pink! Your masculinity is not diminished if you look at me.
Crystal Castle: Fear it! It will make your wee-wee fall off and turn you into a little girl.
If you believed that story, you may have some serious issues.
Where was I? Some people do not enjoy Princess of Power, that I respect. The only problem is that it seems that the bulk of the MOTUC collector base is afraid of She-Ra and pals. They fear her so much that they want to keep her as far away from Appearing on the Castle Grayskull boxart... and this would make getting a Crystal Castle an uphill battle that will most likely lose.
Now since canonically, the Crystal Castle isn't important, it gives Mattel an excuse to skip it, (while dodging the real reason which is to avoid the wrath of those MOTUC fans who fear She-Ra and pals.) There are more chances of us getting Eternos Palace than getting a Crystal Castle... and that is the sad truth.

Back to Snake Mountain. We need this MORE THAN Grayskull, and we need it to look more like the cartoon than the vintage toy. Since Snake Mountain seems the most likely choice for the Second Playset, I say BRING IT! (But seriously, Mattel should consider making a Crystal Castle... or at least an interior Light Hope diorama... if the castle is too "eww! girly!" for them to make.)

Nov 12, 2012

It came from the Toy Chest: Mattel's dirty tricks or love for the fans?

Weapons Pack 3 is here everypon everybody! The most expensive weapons pack yet, but it has the second least amount of stuff, at the same time it has a lot of the items that were cut from some figures... NO SPECTOR! You get no whip! Go cry in the corner, you big purple baby! That I love...
#3 is here or is it #4 cause of the Rack?

I will go in depth with each item on the pictorial part of the review.
Clawful Mace
Clawful shield
Carnivus Sword
Carnivus Shield
Teela Shield
Teela Snake Headdress
Teela Staff
Teela Sword
Draego Whip
Draego Shield
Draego Metal Sword
Keldor Swords
Man-at-Arms 200X Handcannon
Horde Prime Staff

17 items for $18 + Shipping. 8 out of those are newly tooled items. Let's take a look at them before passing on  a verdict.

Difference is so minimal...
Let's start with Clawful's mace first... The biggest fail of ALL the Weapons packs... That includes Whiplash's erotic spork of doom! I mean LOOK AT IT! It's pretty much the same thing as Clawful's Normal Mace... Had it been red or aquamarine like the shield, now THAT would be a different story.
now this is more like it!

Next up is Clawful's Sheild repainted in Aquamarine or Turquoise... not sure of the exact color, but it's a blueish green or greenish blue... It's NOT RED like the original Clawful shield!! I'd say that it would look good on Dekker!

Let's move on to the Icy Sword of Omens or Carnivus sword repaint. It seems that this weapon could also fit Dekker. It's not that bad, but it isn't that great either.
Shield looks kinda Hylian-ish... The sword looks more Sword of Omens-like now...

The Repainted Carnivus shield has the same issue as the Sword... If King Miro doesn't come with cool weapons, he'll probably get these.

I'm also using her Red Headdress.
Let's move on to the Teela stuff and start with her shield. As you can see on the pic above, her bedsheet look can be made with a Normal Teela and the stuff in the WP#3! To be honest this is my second choice of usage for this. The shield is meant for Yellow Evil Lyn. (as a nod to a piece of vintage artwork depicting Evil Lyn with a shield) The blues don't match that well...
I normally don't wear women's clothes but when I do I wear Teela's
As shown in the pic above, there is a third figure who can wear the snake headdress... Which is now more Vintage Toy-like... and come on! This Snake Headdress is suited for the Purple one! which makes this the Unofficial Spector Variant: snake Armor Spector... His eyes match the position for fangs! 5.0 in all accounts!

I like both versions of the staff... my second red staff may "accidentally" fall in a bottle of rubbing alcohol so I can have a blue staff as well.
The staff is red for the same reason as the red Snake Headdress. I must warn you that the staff is blue, but painted red... It can chip off paint and reveal the color beneath.

The 200X Sword in red seems to have 2 functions:
to have a vintagized version of that sword, and/or give Battleground Teela a less generic sword for her.

The next Item is the "white Zoar" The link on "white" is Mattel's reason for not using white... I disagree with it, but it's better than the bothersome canned answers by the Neitlich...
Well... Everybody's heard about the bird
Bird bird bird, bird is the word

This Zoar is the "cut accessory" from Temple of Darkness Sorceress. If you don't have him, he'll probably go to the spare parts bin/baggie/whatever, or become someone else's pet...
Now we've ended the repainted stuff and enter uncharted territory: NEW ITEMS!!
Let's begin the new stuff Marathon with things that belong to a douche... and I mean Draego-Man... and you could have guessed since the items are following the list...
The Flaming Whip of Draego-Man: while stiff like Demo-Man's Flail it has a LOT of Personality. I'd Love to see a fully extended whip as well.
Back to work! Make sure those shoulders are NOT reversed!

Shield looks cool from the front.
 Draego-Man's Shield... Now this is a mixed bag item for me. It looks cool with the flames and all that and without them. but I'm not a fan on how the flames work. As you'll see on the pic above.

Flame On! Flame Off!
Now his Flamed Off Sword... This sword is awesome... and a bit generic, so if you got multiple packs, you could arm evil warriors with them... I'm almost tempted to give them to my Keldor... (I bought 2 WP)
Speaking of Keldor... He Finally gets his swords... and I HATE THEM!! I can accept the handles being different than the 200X version, but what I detest is the way they are put together... It's a hot mess of pegs and holes and to make things worse the copper side is unpainted purple. On the other hand this hot mess of blades allows me to do THIS!!
Compare 200X vs MOTUC... The bigger one is NOT MOTUC!
but in any case it's the Classicized 200X sword!

Anime Hyper Detail for the win!
I may keep the 200X ones on Keldor while Skeletor uses the MOTUC ones!

 Now riding on the Anime Hyper Detailed bandwagon, Man-at-Arms get his 200X Cannon! Holy crap!
Until Dekker comes and I steal his mace, my 200X Battle Glove MAA  is weaponless.
I think I'll take over your world, but first I'm gonna hit the slopes!

Now for the Final Accessory: Horde Prime's Staff! This article was cut out and now completes the Mecha Koi! Since I have two my HP carries them both, though he looks like he's going to be skiing down some slopes soon instead of looking menacing....

Now the Ratings part. Let's be honest There is no Articulation here... But I need to split this review in 2.
Repaints vs New Parts!

Paint and Sculpt:
Sculpt well, we've seen these pieces before, the Paint is where the action is at.
While these pieces have slightly less paint apps on the weapons vs their original parts. On the other hand, I haven't been tempted on calling Captain Paintbrush for the weapons (aside my second white Zoar) 4.0

New Parts:
Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt on these new parts is amazing: The paint is pretty sweet. If I was to complain about something is the way Design chose to attach the Keldor blades or the Fire on Draego's Shield.
Overall: 3.75 due to the combined powers of repaints and new parts.
Now this is what bugs me. I get that adding the Keldor swords that weren't made is a cool thing, but Horde Prime and Draego-Man got cut items that made it in the pack. I fear that Mattel may do figures with tons of stuff to then cut stuff so they can sell more weapons packs. I hope that this was an exception and not the norm.

Nov 11, 2012

It came form the toy chest: GAK is back! wait that's not it!

 I'm reviewing Ms. Lyra Heartstrings... Another
Small sized Equine of my possession.

Lyra sits strangely for a Pony...
It's the green-ish one... the one with the Lyre Cutie Mark
A Background pony got invited? Better than TG&PT Wait! She's a Bridlemaid!
Let's cut all the chit-chat. Lyra is a Unicorn from Canterlot. She somehow ends up in Ponyville and is seen often in the background... From her first appearance we know she knows Twilight Sparkle. She Mysteriously ends up in Ponyville after Twilight Sparkle was sent there by The Troll Princess, Celestia.
can we say STALKER? She's popular with the fans cause she sits like a human.

Here's Lyra Loose in all of her Pony Glory!
She has no presents for the Bride or Groom, only a pic of the Mane 6... Stalker anyone?
Ratings part: 1 is crap and 5 is SO AWESOME!
By know you should know that My Little Ponies have 1 Point of Articulation.
1.0 normal curve, 4.0 using the Pony Curve
Paint and Sculpt:
Sorry if I'm a bit clinical in this review, but it's the same with pretty much everypony. Plastic Molded in appropriate colors, reusing the unicorn buck, cutie mark and eyes Tampographed, rooted hair that is not in a character accurate hairstyle.
Lyra comes with a comb, like every pony is supposed to, a Wedding Invitation, due to her being a Royal Wedding wave pony, and a Picture Frame with a sticker of The Mane Six.
Her Mane 6 Picture Frame lends itself for some great uses.
Spector: I KNOW you are my very best friends!
Before I give the final scores with and without the Pony curve, I must say that She's another of the reasons why I wish we had Super Articulated MLP. If I could have her sitting like a Human I would have taken tons of pics of her sitting at the most inappropriate places.

Now to the Final Scores!
Lyra gets a 3.0!? With the Curve she gets a 4.0!? I suppose that the usefulness of her Picture frame helped her compensate any flaws in her score...

Nov 7, 2012

It Came from the toy chest: gyakukata mushokutoumeidoubu roboto no senshi

I think I just butchered 2 languages for this rant's title. It's supposed to be something like Reversed Shoulder Transparent Torso Robot Soldier!
Thank you very much!
I'm speaking of MOTU's very own Game Machine turned War Machine... ROBOTO!!
Are you ready to feel the power of the BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON, MAN-E-YUGI?
I know what you're gonna say:
Roboto? I'm sure that Nefty will add the Styx song...
and you'd be right, but that would be way too obvious... but since I'm here to please ya, HIT IT SPIKE!

So, The Mighty Robot, Trap Jaw's Legs and Optikk's crotch are old, everything else is new... (Arms reused on Horde Prime (except the hands. SMAA reused the biceps as well) The Torso reused on Cy-Suck... Cy-Chop, His Attachments were on Weapons Pack # 2... so, yeah, he was pretty new, but broguth forth a bunch of reusable parts!

So, now that we've discussed Roboto, let's take a look at my ratings!
Exactly the same as a normal MOTUC, minus the Ab Crunch for obvious reasons and Jaw Articulation... I need to mention that his gears move when turning the waist, but not the mouth!
Blathering blatherskite!
Paint and Sculpt:
 as discussed above he reuses a lot of stuff and brings forth new parts. The new parts are cool, but Mattel's design team made one HUGE screw-up... besides the Reversed Shoulders. I'm talking about not making the left arm removable.That would've spiced up the heck out of Roboto!
The paints are OK, but the black wash on his legs looks like it was traces with sharpie and makes Roboto look like he's leaking burnt oil.
He has the same stuff as the vintage Roboto... Sadly my vintage Roboto was lost to a despicable act by a relative... So let's compare him to the 200X version... (one of the few 200X toys that hasn't broken off yet...)
Everything you can do I can do Better, shrimp!
OK I must admit that your claw IS Awesome...

I'd Axe you a question, but You'd come empty-handed.

put it there bud... Whoops!

Armor!? You have Chest Armor!? FFFFFFFFUUUUUUU-

Crap! This Armor doesn't fit!
Where was I? Oh yeah, he has all 3 vintage accessories and a brand new RIGHT HAND!

for the Eternian King of Games! He would've scored higher if it wasn't for the reverse shoulders. I must warn people that he also suffers from weird transparent or translucent plastic issues... He may crack at the torso. Hopefully a 2.0 version of him could show up... Maybe in 200X Colors, corrected shoulders, new hand (compatible with HP's left forearm), new mouthpiece and chest armor.

Nov 6, 2012

It came from the toy chest: shaking his bum for evil

Cause he has a battle rattle on his tail end... I'm talking about Rattlor. The General... of the Snakemen Army... He's King Hssss' right hand man and all that... In the Neitlichverse, Rattlor abandons the Snakemen to join the Horde. Filmation had Rattlor (and Tunglashor) as hordesmen, but the Mini-Comics reconcile the info as Rattlor and Tung Lashor were Snakemen not trapped in the void and worked with the Horde until they could find Hssss or a way to release him.

Evil Lyn better not release this guy!
So, what does Mr. Rattlor bring to the game? His buck is a reuse of one of the Snakemen Guards (that I couldn't buy) Head, Neck, Torso, Abs and Tail are the new items, everything else is reused. (since the snakemen came before Rattlor, they're the Original parts bearer.)
He has an action feature and a tribute to his other feature. The tribute is the extended Snake neck.

while it KINDA works, in person it looks a bit worse... Add the SMAA buck and you can get an idea on how SMN would look like.
It works like Mekaneck's, but unlike Meck's the Snake neck won't look good stacked. The other action feature is based on his name... the Rattle... but unlike the toy it sounds VERY faint... due to the sound coming from the tail like it should instead of the torso like his vintage toy.

Ratlor lets it all out!
Let's head on to the ratings, Shall we?
As always 1 = crap and 5 = AWESOMETASTIC!!
Rattlor has the standard articulation that Whiplash would have if he had the Demo-Man shins... So in reality he only loses 2 POA but gains 1...
I'd say roughly a 3.5 for the General.

Paint and Sculpt:Blastic ALERT! BLASTIC ALERT! Rattlor DOES Have black plastic underneath his joints. While barely noticeable, his left elbow was slightly unpainted on my figure and the black shows.
Scultpwise... I mean look at him! The sculpt is freaking awesome, the painted scales in Rattlor's pattern make him pop. Mine has a little paint bleed in some areas, but it is not that noticeable... (except the one on the left hand.
This is all of his gear...

The General comes with the Neck extension and his staff. If you're a 200X Fan, then Rattlor's staff may end up with the King of the Snakemen... Then that leaves the not so Secret accessory that is the Horde Armband.

The most Electrifying move in Eternian Combat History!
Naturally, it ended up with Hurricane Hordak! (He's getting more Filmationized with each passing minute...
3.0 and now he has no accessories...

Rattlor feels like he is lacking something... 3.5 I mean the sculpt is awesome, the paintjob is mostly good, but he isn't that WOW inducing... Something feels OFF about him. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Nov 5, 2012

It came from the toy chest: Hide your He-Men! There's a Frosta coming!

The Great Rebellion's Blanche Deveraux has arrived... I'm not saying Frosta is a slut, but she can intimidate the Strongest Man in the Universe (or the Prudest Man in the Universe) with her horniness!

I don't have any ICE Puns to use on this review...

Queen Mac&See of the Kingdom of Snows is one of the Main Rebels from The Great Rebellion!
(Glimmer Castaspella and Angella would be the other 3 A-List Rebels.) So this is the first NON-She-Ra A-List Rebel joining the MOTUC shelves!

The Queen of Slush with reversed forearms.
She may be cold but she has a fire inside...
One that can only be quenched by the Most Powerful  Man in the Universe...
Translation: She has a crush on He-Man!
Where to begin? Should I start with the ratings or with the comedy of errors that Mattel had while making this figure... Wrong colors, Backwards limbs... I'll go with the ratings part cause I don't want to get pissed at Frosta!

Articulation:While she has a skirt without slits on the side, she is pretty flexible... If you want to have hre surfing an ice slide a la Iceman, she can do it, or if you want to have her in kinky poses with He-Man, she probably can do many...
Paint and Sculpt:
On the sculpt side there is something OFF about Frosta's face sculpt. She kinda looks like Angelina Jolie, the Overly Attached Girlfriend and a little bit of Filmation Frosta. Also I must point out something on Frosta's sculpt...

Frosta's got back!
Click on the pic and you'll get the point of what I'm saying... If not then, take it away Donkey!

Paints... Oy vey... Mattel seems to have one problem and that is: THEIR COMPLETE INABILITY TO MAKE WHITE TOYS WHITE!! The queen of snows looks like the queen of ash!
My Frosta has some lack of paint under her left breast.
She needs more... ICE ICE BABY!
 Frosta has a POP shield and her wand. Sadly my shield was warped beyond recognition. and I miss the whistle-esque part from the vintage wand. Shame that Mattel did NOT do something extra on her like Ice weapons (Clear BG TEELA Sword, or a BP She-Ra sword without gem) But I must count what she has, not what she should've.
Queen Frosta gets a 4.0 which is pretty good if we are aware of all the issues that miss Frosty McSlutpants went through to get here. I tried frosting her a bit more but didn't like the effect on the blues.

Oh! my beloved is here... He seems to be a bit too short and Hyperdetailed!

Oh! My beloved! Looks like I've made you blue from the cold!

Uh, Hey Frosta! How about if I take you out on a date... Don't worry about a thing I'll even carry you there!
Oh He-Man, Darling! This is so Romantic!

cause who better than Mista Fweeze  for Ice puns!