Nov 21, 2012

It Came From The Toy Chest: Adoptive Father, Future Dead Snakeman, knows Adam is He-Man

Who's your daddy?
I shall correct a mistake from the past and Review Man-at-Arms: Original Flavor. Thanks to the guys at the Dubious Zone. So, Duncan was one of the earlier figures originally released before I began collecting MOTUC. My first encounter with Duncan was on 2010 when he was reissued. I did not take pics of him cause I opened the heck out of him. His Techno Sword eventually lost the silver paintjob and was repainted for Faker. His mustache head got a Filmation paintjob and I stole a Place Guard's right armor to turn him into Filmation MAA His vintage toy head ended up on a Palace Guard who I made the Drill Sergeant for the Eternos Palace Guards. Then when Snakeman-at-Arms showed up, the Filmation MAA got the Snake Head and the SMAA buck got the Stache-at-arms head. what a mess, right? So, let's see what Duncan brings to the game. Do I really need to explain Why Man-at-Arms is Important?

He's on the same body as He-Man, but Painted in Man-at-Arms colors. So If you want to make a Jungle Camo He-Man, pop the He-Man head and Harness on the MAA buck and you have He-Man on a green bodysuit.
Sorceress is very happy or confused since she doesn't know: WHO IS TEELA'S DADDY?

The new stuff he brought to the plate:
HEADS: Stache and no Stache
MAA Arm armor 2 pieces, one for the shoulder and bicep and the second piece covers the forearm. (Which must be removed if you want to give him the arm cannon from the Weapons pack!)
Torso Armor: 2 Pieces. The back piece of the armor is a detachable piece that you can attach his weapons to keep then on him without him holding anything.
Leg Armor, Removable and completes the Vintage MAA Toy look.
He's got the MAA mace
He's got the Castle Grayskull Weapons Rack Gun (Duncan brought it first on MOTUC)
He's got the CG WR Short Sword
He's got a Silver version of the Techno Sword!
13 new pieces on this guy... and some of these saw some reuse in the future.  Also 4 WEAPONS! Remember the days where figures came with accessories and were not cut to sell weapons packs? Duncan is a grim reminder of those days... When Mattel allowed the 4Horsemen to go BEYOND recreating a super articulated version of the 80s toy...

So, let's get it on with the Ratings part! 1= crap and 5= awesome!

Same old MOTUC Articulation. The chest armor is a bit tough and restricts the ab crunch a little bit.
Paint and Sculpt:
I HAD to take a look at the Vintage Man-at-Arms (thanks to cause my Vintage MAA died a long time ago... never use nail paint to add a mustache to a soft head vintage MOTU figure) HOLY Crap! the horsemen pretty much did ALL the vintage details and enhanced them a bit for this figure! Except the hair under the helmet... They never seem to do that, but in this case the figure looks so much better without it!
They also went beyond the original design and gave him a "backpack" of sorts. He has a non removasble satchel (with small tools and or a possible Medi-Kit, two tools and a small ammo crate. He can also hold his mace AND the two extra weapons from the Castle Grayskull rack that he got! (the short sword and ray pistol... possible nods to the sword he used at times in Filmation and the Freeze Ray from Prince Adam No More)
Paintwise, he's pretty good. (a bit of issue with the paint mask on the Fur on his armor, but that's a common error with all MAAs) 4.5

Meanwhile his Snakeman version only has a Tambourine!

Holy crap! We have a LOT here!
Mace, Gun, Short Sword, 3 pieces of additional armor... If capes are an accessory, I'm counting the heck out of his arm and leg armor! Also the Techno Sword!! Seems that Duncan started the tradition of bringing stuff for other people...

for Man-at-Arms! Which is pretty good!

 I mean HOLY Crap! He comes with a buttload of stuff and THEN SOME. Not to mention that he has 2 HEADS so you can choose your look, or pop his Stache head on the Snake Man-at-Arms body and make 200X MAA, or you can steal a palace guard's arm and leg armor to make a Toy/Filmation Hybrid. Or if you wanna go with a more Filmation accurate look you can use the chest armor on the palace guard buck and only use the arm armor to get a more Filmation Accurate version... Paint may be required for a Full Filmation look on him. the guy is FREAKING Versatile... You can also use the spare head from Dekker (Review, hopefully coming between late November or early December) on this body to make a Young Dekker: Man-at-Arms (He was Duncan's Predecessor)
Did I forgot to say how much Duncan rules!

All I can hear is Man-at-Arms...

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