Nov 18, 2012

Looks like Grayskull made it... Bring on Snake Mountain!

Mattel actually received enough preorders for Grayskull and its coming on late 2013 (If the world doesn't end... Mayan Calendar ending on 2012 and all that.) If you haven't preordered one yet, go to Matty Collector and do so...  

While I have not preordered one (Logistics as of the time of this article, space and other issues prohibit me from doing so) I'm excited that this is happening... Don't get me wrong. If I had the resources, space, etc. I'd buy the Heck out of it... but I honestly cannot commit to something if I'm uncertain on my ability to comply with my part of the deal (that's mostly why I do not sub)

This is the only way I can describe the feeling... Not just cause Castle Grayskull got made, but what's the name of the playset that FOLLOWED Grayskull in the Vintage Line?
Snake Mountain: choose your version of the imprisoned Snake God
Motherlovin' Snake Mountain!! Hopefully this Snake Mountain will ignore the vintage toy and look more like the Cartoon Snake Mountain (Either Filmation, MYP, or a hybrid version is fine by me!) Cause let's face it: The Vintage playset was cool, albeit a bit empty on the inside and was a bit lacking on the SNAKE part of Snake Mountain... It was more like big stone Demon Face and other stuff Mountain, but yes, there is a Snake on it... I know the line is Nostalgia fueled, but Snake Mountain DEMANDS that Mattel make a REAL snake Mountain, emphasis on the SNAKE part of the Mountain.

Now I know that some of you might be thinking:

If you're such a big She-Ra fan, why aren't you promoting a Crystal Castle?

Ah, I was expecting that. I love She-Ra even more than I love He-Man, but speaking from a canonical point (based on Filmation mostly) NO ONE KNOWS about the Crystal Castle. Obviously the Neitlichverse downplays Etheria's role when the Rebellion moved their war to Eternia after Hordak went there.)

Now with that said, there's the matter of Barbarian Barbie Dreamhouse vs Weird She-Ra Headdress tower... The strong fear of the color pink that some collectors have... 

My name is Pinkie Pie and I'm here to say:
Don't fear me cause I'm pink! Your masculinity is not diminished if you look at me.
Crystal Castle: Fear it! It will make your wee-wee fall off and turn you into a little girl.
If you believed that story, you may have some serious issues.
Where was I? Some people do not enjoy Princess of Power, that I respect. The only problem is that it seems that the bulk of the MOTUC collector base is afraid of She-Ra and pals. They fear her so much that they want to keep her as far away from Appearing on the Castle Grayskull boxart... and this would make getting a Crystal Castle an uphill battle that will most likely lose.
Now since canonically, the Crystal Castle isn't important, it gives Mattel an excuse to skip it, (while dodging the real reason which is to avoid the wrath of those MOTUC fans who fear She-Ra and pals.) There are more chances of us getting Eternos Palace than getting a Crystal Castle... and that is the sad truth.

Back to Snake Mountain. We need this MORE THAN Grayskull, and we need it to look more like the cartoon than the vintage toy. Since Snake Mountain seems the most likely choice for the Second Playset, I say BRING IT! (But seriously, Mattel should consider making a Crystal Castle... or at least an interior Light Hope diorama... if the castle is too "eww! girly!" for them to make.)

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