May 31, 2016

I guess Damage Control has reached OVER 9000! for Ghost bust hers...

And now Fat Jenny McCarthy has joined the fray! The incredibly unfunny Melissa McCarthy has delivered her thoughts on the haters. first Feig calls the geeks, you know the ones who are meant to pay to see this movie because of the name "Ghostbusters"

Basically, if you dislike the movie, you're an unmarried ass, with no friends! That's Melissa McCarthy's argument in defense of this movie...
She of course has to defend this turd until it comes out. And really, Resorting to pretty much calling the haters "lonely people who will never get laid" is so mature. I'm surprised Living in Mom's Basement" wasn't added to the mix!

Now how can this made worse? Maybe by Tossing a Real Ghostbuster to the mix!
There you have it: Dan Akroyd is promoting this movie. That does not automatically mean it's good. His Post starts stating that he CREATED Ghostbusters. This part is important. He gets paid for Royalties for EVERYTHING GHOSTBUSTERS. Action Figures, videogames, clothing, movies, etc. So, seeing a post of Dan Akroyd shilling the new movie makes sense. The more the movie makes, the more money he gets because of

Yup! Merchandising! Think about it! We're all going to give Akroyd some money when we buy Ecto Cooler, or the Mattel GB Figures, or the nifty shirts with the GITD Ghostbusters logo, etc.
He wants butts at the cinema... The prospect of a GB2 is more money in his pocket. He blatantly says: "I'm paying to see that and bringing all my friends!" The message is loud and clear. He wants as many people as he can get to see this... Because of the Royalties.

The movie is not good, period. It started with a gimmick. Let's be honest here: The All-Female team is nothing more than a gimmick to spice up the already hated idea of a reboot/remake. For Feig wanting to do his own thing and distance himself from the original, he seems to be following the original very closely, while adding his low brow humor. Getting the slime out of her vagina and ass joke? Yup! This is high class work here people!! Seriously, Genderbending casts is almost as uncreative as putting something IN SPAAAAAAAAACE! Then we have the propaganda. The tweets, the Girl Power Promos and such.  They made it into a political statement and it backfired. Now they are riding the misogyny train.

Do yourself a favor and DO NOT WATCH THIS, especially if you think it's a turd. Do NOT GIVE THEM MONEY to justify a Fieg GB2. Don't even pirate it... Just wait 3-5 months until it reaches DVD and watch it for free at your favorite retailer.

May 30, 2016

It came from the Toy Chest:Referee Set for your CAWs!

You are aware of the Knight Expansion Set for the WWE toys. The one I bought Multiples of for the Torches. The other 2 Available mini sets are Referee and Riot gear ones... Well, I bought the Referee One, because I wasn't going to buy YET Another Knight Pack for the torch...

Pizza Delivery Porn is the best kind of Porn!
-A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
And I kinda need the Camera for the whole Pornographer Photog thing I had going on a few years back...
So let's see how it fares out:

I'll list the components, even though you can see them in the pics for the sake of writing something and that this rant/review doesn't seem to be too bare bones... Yeah I'm padding the review!

The Aforementioned TV Camera.
A Referee Shirt
A Microphone
A Briefcase for Money in the Bank or a Contract or any other use for a Briefcase
A Ring Bell... Would have made a Pic with Clamp Champ but he's still in storage at the moment.

I must warn you that the Microphone is thicker than a male weapon... Not Whiplash 200X Spork of Doom thick, but thicker than the handle on a normal male weapon.
This also applies to the Camera.

Incredibly enough, the Shirt almost fits a MOTUC Figure. You'd need to sand the lats a bit and maybe trim off some of the excess length and it could be a decent base for a Melaktha Custom.

this one wouldn't work too well for MOTUC, but it has customization potential... (Shave off part of the square part of the microphone and you could make a sort of MOTUC Lightsaber.)
The Briefcase opens and closes, but it's very un-MOTU-Like.

May 27, 2016

Odds and ends May 27, 2016

What's worse than trying to force Captain America into being gay? Making him a Nazi...
Marvel has made it official. Using a guy so far left that makes Bernie Look like a Right Wing nutcase nearly as crazy as the Racist Fabulous looking Animal atop Trump's head... This Moron, who has gotten death threats on Twitter, Nick Spencer is the one Raping Captain America. Seriously, this... Asswipe, doesn't GET Captain America:

CAPTAIN AMERICA IS NOT CAPTAIN HYDRA!! Then again, this turdguzzler made Red Skull into Donald Trump... Making Suck Snyder and Hideo Kojima look like Masters of subtlety. He will feel the Bern... or in this case the Burn, but then again Marvel has been the House of Moronic Ideas...
Nope! I'm not letting One Moronic Deal go! I'm not Elsa!

This Dicknozzle doesn't get the rage against him... He took the creation of 2 Jewish guys, made to fight Nazis and turn it into a Nazi... This is spitting on the 75 year legacy of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

Hell Even Chris Evans is against the Steve Hydra Agent Rogers thing!

Mattel has finally given us some info on the She-Ra Doll teased last week: $75 Barbie Doll with She-Ra Clothes Filmation Style, She-Ra Clothes Vintage Toy Style, Adora Clothes, 2 Swords, Shield, Interchangeable hands, a stand and a reprint of her original mini comic.
She's probably end up costing me around $90-something... and that's a bit too expensive, if I take into consideration OTHER SDCC Items from Mattycollector (Like Thundercats, which is RUMORED to be the Thunderkittens) More reveals will be dropped during the weekend, but my Focus will be on MOTU or Thundercats, hence no mention of the GB stuff aside Racist GB toy...

The Hulkster's got an Ally in his fight against Gawker. His name is Peter Thiel, a billionaire who was outed by Gawker and now wants to make Gawker pay. I agree with Thiel. Gawker should take responsibilities for their reckless actions and if he has the money to pursue his vendetta against Gawker by aiding others who have been victimized by them, well, it's not illegal... I just would not enjoy being in Gawker's shoes right now. At least they're looking for options if they have to sell assets to pay the Hulkster...

May 25, 2016

Captain America is a Heterosexual Man... He can't have a boyfriend!

these are the tamest pics I could find... also in many Elsa has
a penis. Or sometimes Anna. In some case both of them have
penises. They also rape Olaf, or Elsa has the power of making
ice Phalluses or is it Phalli?
If y'all want a gay character, you're barking up the wrong tree! Cap is straight. Period!
Twitter's full of Sock Juice Whiners that are making this a thing... Make X Gay
Just like the whole let's make Elsa a Lesbian because Let it go is now a gay anthem...
Give Elsa a Girlfriend they claimed... The internet did that... they gave her Anna. Using the same (lack of) reasoning they did to say Cap and Bucky being gay together makes Anna and Elsa the best gay couple ever... Because Wincest?

so, Mr. Nick Mangione... you're wrong... then again, you defended the PoS Agenda Driven Fieg mad Ghost bust hers... Making Cap Gay is wrong. He is not gay and he shouldn't be. Why not CREATE A GAY SUPERHERO INSTEAD? Why is it that SJWs want to piggyback on everything popular and infect it with their views? Which btw are the ones promoting this, not Marvel Fans in general...

Now, If y'all want to make straight characters gay, y'all must be open to make Gay Characters straight... and no,  making the character Bisexual is not an acceptable answer... But now what I'm asking is bigoted... Because Gay Characters can't be straight, right?

Northstar's gay, promote the hell out of Alpha Flight. Iceman's now gay, promote the X-Books. Deapool is freaking Bisexual... Oh wait, his face looks like

and he's not hot like Cap or Bucky!

These hashtag campaigning for non-fan ideas with an agenda from slacktivists to become canon is stupid... #GiveNeftyanEquestriaGirlsHarem See? I can do stupid Hashtags involving Fictional Characters too... Yeah, I had to choose the Lesser EG versions because
Finally a G1 Reference!! (That is not about Applejack)
I ain't Harry Potter... and  now that I think of it, I don't want to be like Megan either... Pony Harems are weird...

 It's not homophobic to want straight characters be straight. And this is for what? Please 12 year old yaoi fan tumblrinas?

May 23, 2016

God of War Collection Final Episode: Ghost of Sparta

So, I finally went through the last game of the Collection: Ghost of Sparta. The game takes place between the Original God of War and God of War II. It was the second PSP game.

Story:Sinking Atlantis... or Tuesday for Kratos. There he finds out he has a BROTHER!! and that he's alive... well technically he knew about the brother, we didn't. Yes, we get flashbacks of Kid Kratos and his Brother, Deimos. Apparently, Kratos got his sick tat as a tribute to his brother who had a birthmark like Kratos' tat. You know I'm dying here to make a Racer X reference, right? So Kratos sinks Atlantis, then he kills Thanatos... With a TH, not X... but yeah, Xanatos' name is inspired by Thanatos, the Greek Death. 
Oopps! too late! But yeah, Kratos goes on a rampage killing stuff and breaking people in order to find Death and Kill it. I found it a bit too short, even for a GoW game.

Sounds and Music:
The Music is still using some themes from the original God of War, which is expected since this is ANOTHER Game in the series. Voices...
Well, Young Kratos is CHICO!! Thanatos was in Night Trap... Yeah, That Night Trap... buuuut~ We also know him as Motherfreaking DESTRO!! Devastator... Spike, don't do the enemy Scrotum clip!
He was also a Go-Bot, but we do not talk about go-bots... I think Jennifer Hale did Callisto, Kratos' mother. I know The Colonel was the Gravedigger, and Spike Spiegel was a generic dude...

What's the deal with changing the controls in every freaking GoW game? This one got some slight control changes from the past PSP game. But the changes aren't too meddlesome.

Since this is a PSP game (slightly less powerful than a PS2) port, the graphics are not up to PS3 Standards. For a PSP game Ghost of Sparta gets an...

In these five games, the gameplay has not changed... Thank goodness! You played 1 God of War or 5 out of 6 and so far my expectations have been met. They all kept the hack and slash with a few puzzles and abusing the QTEs.

Ghost of Sparta gets an 8.2 as its final score. Which is a pretty good score for a game on a series I despised.

Now let's see how the entire Collection fares:
GoW: 7.9
GoW 2: 8.0
GoW 3: 8.6
GoW CoO: 7.9
GoW GoS: 8.2

The Entire Collection gets an 8.12 as the final score. 5 decent games (even if 2 are digital, blegh!) for under $20? I call that a win! I may consider ordering Ascension now...

NECA Shredder is happening dor SDCC

My wallet weeps. NECA broke the internet with their SDCC TMNT Items.
Two four-packs:
4 Arcade Game TMNT, and the other pack is 3 Arcade Game Foot Soldiers and An Uncle Phil Shredder. Your wallet weeps now too. Hopefully, NECA's infamous QC won't hamper the excitement for these... NECA Shredder, I NEEDS IT!

But Freaking Playmates had to ruin the excitement... *sigh* secondary market wallet rape imminent. The sets are $100 each... now guess what the reseller prices will be.
Damn you Playmates, damn you to Hell!

May 22, 2016

X-Men The Apocalyptic rant

So, I'm sitting here atvthe cinema waiting for a post credits scene for X-Men Apocalypse. Two words Mr. Sinister!! Well, he did NOT appear himself, but a suitcase with the name Essex was in it. Also carrying a vial of Hugh Jackman's blood. You know what that means... X-23 and that There are spoilers on this rant.

This is very confusing: why do I keep getting X-cited about these movies, especially since their continuity is messed up beyond repair. The DoFP Soft Reboot harmed the movie more than it helped. I think ditching Bryan Singer could be a nice start. I know, blasphemy, but his reluctance to truly do a comic book movie is an issue.

At the same time he IS a much more competent director than say, Brett Ratner... you totally thought I was going to mention Suck Snyder here... No MARTHA!! For you!

I suppose that now that I got home, ate, and saw Kindergarten Cop 2, I should finish this rant. Equis Men Apocalypse spoilerrific Bombastic Theoprastic rant...

Sansa is actually useful for once, so yay... but Jean Grey is too damn OP.
Apocalypse wasn't that bad... he was nerfed to the point that he was beaten by the X-Men and really messed up the continuity.  Pointless Hugh Jackman cameo is pointless. The scene with Wolverine and Sansa was creepy... did I mention I cannot unsee Sansa every time Sansa was on-screen? Bald McAvoy looks more Xavier-like than Cqptqin Picard. Fassbender's Magneto is too much of a nice guy to turn into Gandalfneto.
Katpiss Evergreen was playing Jennifer Lawrence more than she was playing Mystique... the few times she turned blue, sge was pretty much Blue Katpiss.
Oh yeah MacGyver has a cameo. So does Standor. Nightcrawler was comedic relief and Cyclops was bland and uninteresting... kinda like the real Cyke!

The story:
Millennia ago, this En Sabah Nur dude was like an Egyptian God (card) and people worshipped his blue ass. He was about to do a body change with an ancient Egyptian Poe Dameron when some Traitors attacked and caused Apocalypse to go into hibernation.
He wakes up in the 80s and recruits Storm in Cairo... (yes, Apocalypse plays a Shadow King type of role as well)  he is trying to recruit his new Horsemen, Storm, Psylocke, Angel, turned into Archangel, and Magneto. Here's when Apocalypse discovers Xavier, kidnaps him and causes the X-Mansion to explode, killing Havoc along the way.
Stryker appears out of the blue and captures the important characters, except Cyke, Nightcrawler and Sansa. These 3 sneak into the choppa and end up at the Weapon X Facility. When trying to save the key characters, they kinda free Weapon X. They reach Cairo for the Final Fight and we get Mutie against Mutie until Charles tries to fight the Shadow King, I mean Apocalypse in the astral plane. Chuckie X is losing until Sansa decides to be useful and become Life and Fire incarnate. She burns Apocalypse and then the X-Men rebuild the Mansion, Mystique becomes a teacher, Magneto leaves and we get the X-Men second class using the Danger Room against Sentinels and end credits.

Ever since DoFP, the continuity was messed up and I'm not talking about time travel.  The original X-Men movies DO NOT work with this new continuity and keeping Hugh Jackman in all these movies makes it even harder to work any more sequels.

The movie wasn't bad, but it wasn't  that good either. Quicksilver had the best scenes. The pointless Jackman cameo delivered a lot of violence, bub! But, Apocalypse being so powerful, made the battle against him very boring to watch. He was literally standong there with his forcefield as Magneto was pelting him with tons of Metal that did nothing to him. Cyclops unleashed a full powered optic blast that did nothing to Apocalypse.

Not as good as Girst Class or DoFP, but better than The Last Stand.

May 21, 2016

Michael Keaton's Homecoming is apparently now real?

Apparently, he's back to the role of Spider-Man's villain for Homecoming.
Rumors put him as Vulture and after watching Birdman (or the unexpected virtue of ignorance), that would be typecasting... Me? Right now, I'd rather see Mysterio. Vulture's cool, but I don't want Keaton to be typecast into flying dudes...

In any case, All I know is that the movie is supposedly Goblin, Lizard and Doctor Octopus free... (Sad about the no Ock... He's Spidey's TRUE Nemesis, not Goblin!!)

Let's see if we get some more info on this... especially since we're kinda getting a Batman vs. Spider-Man...

-end rant
I know you noticed no info on Matty SDCC Items like the She-Ra doll that may come with a Vintage toy outfit and an Adora outfit... Matty without Neitlich has screwed up the reveal that was meant to happen on Friday... It didn't... Because we know the degree of professionals managing Matteh...

Hoo Crap! I almost forgot! Bad news True Believers! Stan Lee will no longer make any public event appearances... His last one will be NYCC 2016! Now To be fair, his eyesight and hearing are deteriorating and he's... let me google it... 93! Years old... Seems fair enough... Now, I dread the eventual... nope! not gonna finish that sentence.

May 19, 2016

Oh crap! MacGyver Reboot is real...

Mom, you dodged this bullet... but it IS Happening... Mac's getting a Reboot... With Nick Stokes as a supporting cast member... That Mac... I've seen him somewhere before...
Yes, He's Miley's love interest in Hannah Montana: the Movie...

I can now never unsee this...

Let me post the trailer:

It doesn't look that bad... I'd probably watch it if it's put on a slot where I can see it when I get home from work.
Mac looks a bit more MacGruber than MacGyver

But something was missing from the trailer... A fan had to show me what was wrong with it...

But let's be honest... When you heard about a New MacGyver series you wanted Richard Dean Anderson back as an Older MacGyver... and you do not care if he's gained some weight because he's MacGyver... Just like the Hoff is Michael Knight.

Since Richard Dean Anderson is no longer Angus McGyver, have him play JAMES MacGyver, father of Angus. What I'm saying is that we need to see Richard Dean Anderson once more as A MacGyver...
but at least I have the REAL MacGyver on netflix!!

The curious case of Rage against James Rolfe.

James Rolfe made an innocent video about why he refuses to watch the Ghostbusters Reboot

and he got a shitstorm of hatred from third wavers... Seriously, Salon, The Atlantic and other blogs have called him a bunch of names (misogynistic, man-baby, nerd, etc.) because of his video... in which he simply decides NOT TO WATCH IT BECAUSE IT'S A REBOOT OF A FRANCHISE HE ENJOYS... Nothing about sexism there. The only sexism stem from the attacks at James... who did the video as himself, not as his foul-mouthed alcohol fueled angry videogame nerd character.

The only reference to the cast he makes is the whole "Female Ghostbusters" as how people are calling the cast and asks if we must refer to the 1984 Ghostbusters as the "Male Ghostbusters".

He won't see the movie because it's an attempt to grab some money based on the name Ghostbusters and sweeps the Original Movies under the rug. I think I'll consider his advice and NOT SEE the movie, unless I don't have to use my money to see it. Guess I'll wait until it hits DVD and they put it at the electronics area of my local KMart.and watch it for free then.
*=I am not being paid by the Sears Holdings Corporation for this mention of KMart.

So, if you're against this movie, PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE THEATERS TO SEE IT!! Make it crash and burn like the Cinematic Turd you think it is.

May 18, 2016

DC are feeling the burn... Now they are scrambling...

To fix the Pickle that Suck Snyder and WB put them in. Now Jon Berg and Geoff Johns will run DC Films. Berg being the WB man and Johns being the DC man. This seems like a way for DC to have a bit more control on their films... Not going to say that they're fumbling to copy Marvel, but it kinda looks like they're fumbling to copy Marvel.

the main problems with MARTHA!! the Movie... aside MARTHA!! have been Snyder's lack of Understanding of the Characters, ESPECIALLY Superman. Dark and Superman DO NOT MIX. The Darkness is for Batman, the Light is for Superman.
Then we have the whole let's cram 5 films into one (The Dark Knight Returns, Wonder Woman, MoS2: Luthor's Revenge, Justice League Origins, and Death of Superman) in order to get some of that Avengers money.
Last but not least, we have Snyder's horrible storytelling abilities.

Two out of the three problems were in Man of Steel and were NOT corrected in BvS. The foundation to the Cinematic Universe is already troubled. Berg and Johns have a LOT of Work to do... So does Batffleck since he's also an Executive Producer. While he claims he's doing it in support of Snyder, I hope that BEN will have the cojones to tell Snyder no, you're wrong. when he is wrong.

I wish this new DC Films team the best of luck, because they'll need it!

Playtime Masters needs your help!

What is Playtime Masters? is the first question you have. A question that I'll let this video answer.

As you can see, this documentary is a bit different it's not about the brand itself, but about the EFFECTS that brand has had on people like you or me.

As you may have noticed if you've read the MANY, MANY House of Rants posts regarding He-Man, you know that Masters of the Universe and it spin-off, Princess of Power are VERY, VERY important to me.

Do you want to help? How can you help? Simple:
Go to the Indiegogo link for Playtime Masters, and donate. The goal is $10,000 which is a rather small goal compared to other ludicrous things like 1/5 of a Million dollars for a girl to play dress-up and read wiki entries... Or the Potato salad kickstarter that raised $55,492 for a $10 potato salad.
Making this Documentary happen will also tell Mattel OUR STORY and why we BELIEVE IN HE-MAN when Mattel pretty much doesn't.

May 17, 2016

God of War Collection Part IV: Portable Port on a Home Console.

Chains of Olympus is a Prequel to God of War, but a Sequel to Ascension.
This is a PSP Game Ported to PS3... so, right out of the bat I must mention that it's shorter, graphically inferior to GoW III, which was the last GOW game I played.

Is the To Go version of GoW just as good as its Big Ass Console cousins? Let's find out:

You are Kratos and you're on duty by the gods to stop a Persian Invasion... Roll Clip!

so, Kratos fights off the Basilisk

*ahem!* Then Morpheus... don't even think about it, Spike! as I was saying Morpheus puts everyone to sleep and now you need to find Helios to wake everyone up. No, you do NOT SEE Morpheus in this game. You are haunted by your daughter, though.

Music and voices:

God of War has a decent soundtrack going on, so there is not much to mention here. The voice cast is decent... Charon, the Ferryman is Howling Mad... Kratos' Daughter, Calliope is Jimmy Neutron.

As a PSP game, there were some changes to the controls, which makes the game a bit awkward to play in a home console... but the controls are similar enough to the big console games to not confuse you THAT much.


Since this is a PSP game (slightly less powerful than a PS2) port, the graphics are not up to PS3 Standards. For a PSP game

You've played any GoW game, you KNOW what to expect, hack&slash combat, some mild puzzles, QTEs


Chains of Olympus gets a 7.9, which is NOT BAD, but due to it being a PSP game, it KINDA FEELS LIKE a slightly watered down GoW game. Ghost of Sparta is the final GoW game to end this series...

TAINT 2 shows us the Krang... and some Hasbro news

And I cannot fathom that I AM EXCITED FOR THIS movie much more than I am for X-Men Apocalypse... It's like I'm in Bizarro World.

FREAKING KRANG, ROCKSTEADY AND BEBOP... If it wasn't for the TAINT designs for the Turtles, I'd almost be in heaven...

Shame that we will not get any MARTHA!! References in that movie...

Also, Transformers 5 is called The Last Knight... just to keep it in Bay News...

If I tell you that Liev Schreiber and Taye Diggs are working in a movie... what do you expect?

FREAKING SABRETOOTH in My Little Pony... Dude!!

One More ting!! WB is working on a Harley Movie...
One thing that bothers me is:
The character has some similarities to Marvel’s Deadpool
And you can see why I'm worried. Now it looks like WB is after the surprising DP Money... and after MARTHA!! the movie, I don't think this is a good idea

May 16, 2016

For the Honor of BARBIE!?

Seems that Mattel has a Trick up their sleeves and teased us with this image:

Filmation Weed Breastplate in pleather
Chromed Sword of Protection
Chromed Sword to Shield
Pleather golden boots.
Oversized Stitches...

Do you know what this means?
She-Ra Doll is coming.
Based on the higher number of pleather and chromed items, I may guess this will be a collectors doll...
Will it be Limited Edition, Silver Label, or any other Barbie Collection terms to make her appear more valuable?

She could also NOT BE A BARBIE PRODUCT...
She could be for the Everafter High line and use the "High" bodies. I hope not.

This looks like it'll be a bit expensive... Now if they would just confirm Snake Mountain...

My top picks If MOTUC Were to End in 2017

Near SDCC Time means the yearly Doom and Gloom is coming... Matty's Transparency is near invisibility and Rumors have been going on around facebook and forums about Mattel kinda wanting to back out of Snake Mountain and that there might not be a MOTUC presence at SDCC.

There are tons of figures that I want (a complete NA roster including some core Cartoon characters), mini comic characters, Filmation characters, Certain 200X variants, and other kinds of figures... thinking of Space eggs here... And the key piece being Snake Mountain.

BUT Let's PRETEND 2017 is THE FINAL FINAL YEAR. (Better get that Snake Mountain)

These are the top figures I'd hope to see in a 2017 sub... Filmation variants can go eat a bag of...

OK, Cap... I'll try!

These not necessarily may be your top picks and I'd love to see which ones are my readers' picks. This time I'm saying Fornicate balance and what's popular... This list is fueled  by Greed... Not the Homunculus, so save those FMA links for another rant, Spike!

So, my Top Figures, Vehicle and Steed.

Standard Figure Picks (I'll pick 8 because that covers the 6 bimonthlies, 1 sub exclusive and 1 chase):
Master Sebrian
I have Mentioned Before that Master Sebrian is an Important Character to have from New Adventures. I am picking him over Kayo, since Sebrian is harder to customize. (Aside the Weapons that can be made via Shapeways, we pretty much have the Pieces for him... Headwise, we could look at the NECA area...)


I have made a rant on how easy he is to make for Mattel already, I mentioned how we lack Power Tour Representation... I just simply want a Spoony Bard that is not Bow and that looks more glamour and glitter fashion and fame than Jem herself. I know Truly Outrageous, Truly, truly, truly outrageous!

Villain turned Good Guy, first Seen on the Popular Filmation Episode: The Witch and the Warrior. Sure! He needs a lot of new tooling, but he has more appearances than Nepthu...

Mini comic villain that if rumors are true, the Horsemen already sculpted him. Rather plin looking body, so multiples could be used for customs... Also his mask looks very MK-3 Like... Thinking Ninjor 2.0 custom...

Garn (Filmation)
We pretty much have what we need to make him. Parts from Nepthu, Sea Hawk can be reused. (All he'd need is new feet, loincloth, head...) I prefer the Filmation look over the Mini Comic look...

Again, MY LIST, MY WANTS. I've been campaigning for Josh for quite some time and I'd like to have him in Classics. Dilute the Etherian Clambake... Just as Mara and Crita will dilute the Tri Solar Sausagefest.

No Neitlich, more reason to do her. Not only it being an olive branch to Emiliano Santalucia, but it's a frigging Blue elf chick! That's badass, not to mention that she killed Spector...

King Miro (200x Outfit)
He completes the Royal Family and while I have the IBMMT Filmation Miro head and forced myself to make a custom Miro. An official Mattel Miro would be most welcome. I chose the 200X Look, because that's how he appears on the MOTUC mini comic. (It's also easier for Mattel to make)

No contest... If I'm going to have Jitsu and Fisto Jousting, both need their robo-horsies! (My Plan B was a tie between Clawdeen and Mantisaur)
Land Shark
I LOVE The Dragon Walker, BUT the Heroic Warriors have: Wind Raider, Talon Fighter, Battle Ram (the Heroic half came with Sky High) The bad Guys have the front half of the Battle Ram and MAYBE Roton (If Mattel doesn't back out) So if only ONE MORE VEHICLE CAN BE MADE, then The Land Shark it is. I had one as a kid and I want one as an Adult.

Other Items: I know this is pushing it but, what the heck! it's speculation (SDCC, Secondary Large Item like say a 2 pack, Power Con Repaints)

200X He-Man vs 200X Skeletor
Yes, I will keep campaigning for those two variants. He-Man is pretty much done (All he'd need is a new Loincloth or removable belt and Harness) Skeletor would need a few more pieces (Head, Loincloth, Forearms and Greaves) Mostly because having a final thank you  preferably in Comic con

I will campaign for More NA, because I've learned to love NA thanks to the Horsemen... Also a 4 Armed Centaur that He-Man can ride into battle is crazy awesome!

Power Con and your Repaints/no new sculpts... I TECHNICALLY am not a fan of these being exclusive to the con, but I'd be VERY TEMPTED to buy these if they were made.

200X Roboto
Basically Roboto with Blast Attak Forearms for dual wielding action, Horde Trooper Lower legs and feet in 200X Roboto colors. Sure the Armor is not there, but shapeways Masters can deal with that.

Battle Damaged Faker
Basically Faker with the BD Head from NA Skeletor and Removable Left Arm like Filmation Hordak. Make his armor fuschia for the Leo Faker Look.

Basically an Entrapta Repaint in Castaspella-esque colors with Casta's head.

May 15, 2016

Mattel's latest Monster High SDCC Item is...

Very, very problematic...

Look at it... Look at it carefully and try to identify the problem...

can you see it? Look at the picture once again...


Let's see if I can make it clear... Frankie Stein is dressed as a Ghostbuster.
you still don't see it!?
Let me put it this way:


Spectra Wondergeist and Sirena Von Boo are VERY LIKELY TO HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THIS!!
Seriously, this is the closest we've gotten to KKK Barbie and Neo-Nazi Ken.

I mean, Mattel had the "Fat Barbie" they could have easily released the Nu-GBs using the various Barbie Bucks. (Fat bucks for Jones and McCarthy's characters, and standard bucks for Wiig and McKinnon's characters). Instead we got this "innocent" Movie Tie-In...

May 14, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: It's grey, flies and has derped eyes...

And it's NOT a My Little Pony Character, so Derpy Hooves Fans, I'm sorry for misleading you. I am talking about the March Figure for Masters of the Universe Classics, Vultak... Yes, I am aware that we're in Mid-May and I'm reviewing the MARCH Figure... Blame the incompetence from the Neitlich-Free Team. I warned y'all about it when we found out that Scott has quit teh Lien and Mattel. The whole Devil you know part...

But you can totally Thank Me for him getting the Proper Bracers. Now we shall get back to Vultak: He's the Horde Zookeeper... I'm afraid of wondering who the heck is Jani-Tor...

So he's like a Vultureman... no not THAT KIND OF VULTURE, Man!! He also comes from the She-Ra Cartoon.

Standard Male MOTUc Articulation here: Not that much to write about. The wings work just like Angella's. The ankles they work like Filmation He-Man... Mine are loose as hell. I must point something out. They improved one of the sculpt issues on the new ankle joints on him by reducing the gap between the shins and the ankle piece. the unsightly gap from Filmation He-Man is not there
Sadly, they still need to reduce the gap on the foot piece. Compare his foot to Mantenna's to see what I mean.
While he has plenty of Articulation his MEGA LOOSE Ankles make them mostly worthless since he can barely stand. (I have to use BluTac to keep him standing... until he tilts forward or backwards.

Paint and Sculpt:
I mentioned the Ankle sculpt issue in Articulation because this issue had an effect on the Articulation. The rest of the Sculpt is fine, but I question myself on WHY DID THEY GIVE HIM A REMOVABLE ARMOR!? the weight of the wings makes his armor to act oddly. Paintwise? Well he's sloppier than a contestant on a sloppy joe eating competition. Both arms have sloppy paintjobs on them. The right Forearm was painted 3/4 and has a part unpainted in gray. The left forearm has gray bits, metallic blue bits and light blue bits. This forced me to repaint him. Mine is derped out... and kinda looks like a Panthro high on smilex.

Then the Torso... Vultak is wearing a Corset!!
Couldn't they have used "the wifebeater" paintjob used on King He-Man, He-Ro, Hordak, etc? What the Hell!?


He has a Bird Crossbow that it allows me to say nothing much other than Horde Crossbow.

The Other Accessory is a super rigid Rope with a collar at the end for Kowl.
Careful with it:
-It's rigid, so it could break easily
-It also leaves Metallic Blue residue on your Kowls...


Vultak gets a 2.73 as his final score. Horrible QC and bad design choices harmed this figure a lot more than I expected.

I was a bit underwhelmed with Masque and Vultak is very disappointing... Can't wait for Despara... (Right now I'm a bit bummed about Darius)

May 13, 2016

Odds and Ends Friday the 13th of May 2016

It's Friday, Friday! We're gonna kikikimamama on Friday! So let's get angry enough to kill Horny Teens Today on Friday the 13th!

Agent Carter is cancelled!

Are you ready for some Ass.Creed? Imma let you finish but Why in baby Jesus' name is that dickhole Kanye West in the trailer... well at least his Ass Music is in it.

Seriously, what does Dickhole West have to do with the Spanish Inquisition?
Ah! I know what you're thinking? Nefty mentioned the Spanish Inquisition, he will put a Monty Python clip! To that I say... Nope! Remember that NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!! and if I put the clip there, because it's expected, then... the whole Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition would be wrong! So no Spanish Inquisition clip for ya!

Supergirl is moving to the CW. So now the show can be where it belongs with Flash and Arrow. Hopefully this will allow a partial removal of the Embargo and we can get a REAL Batman series... Screw Gotham! We need the God Damn Batman on TV!!

Also, Make some noise on Mattycollector's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and whatever other social media platforms they use. Demand Snake Mountain, because there's a rumor going on that they are planning to back out of making it... Unless they see a demand for it...

Do you like Harry Potter... I mean Daniel Radcliffe? If so then this is for you:

How about a comment by He-Man Drago about him being able to kick ass as Cable?

Ryan er... Deadpool mentions him by name... Sure he also mentions Keira Knightley and Mel Gibson.

Just imagine all the Dolph Jokes/References they could make...

Guile's theme goes with Everything... What did they do to you!?

Guile is here!!! Now we can go home and be Family Men!! At last!

WHAT THE @#!%^ did they do to Guile's theme!?
I can't believe I'm saying this, but SFIV's sounds better than this.
But everyone knows that the REAL Guile Theme is this:
and it goes with Everything:

But back to Guile. He's Guile. I have to admit that I was afraid they'd change Guile from a Charge Character to a quarter circle style, but he's a charge character alright! It almost felt like slipping in an old pair of shoes. Unfortunately, the game is still half-baked and if you don't do Online vs, then it's slightly more useful than Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5!! Coincidence? I think not!!

SERIOUSLY, Guile's Story Mode doesn't even have a Guile vs. Bison match...

Now to roll in the Bison Clip

Let's see what the supposed June Update will bring...

May 11, 2016

Now for a better Petition... Dear Mickey I wanna take you for a ride!!

But in case you didn't catch the reference:

Few Fierce Attacks, DIAPER BEAM!!! Huh! Sorry, I was having flashbacks on beating Abyss...

So now that we've heard the unfortunate news about Disney not making games in-house with the death of Disney Infinity, there's a petition circling teh internets!!

It involves Crapcom... And Disney... Well at least the Marvel Part of Disney:

Marvel vs Capcom 4!!
The petition is asking Disney to work with Crapcom in order to have a Marvel vs Capcom 4.

This seems contradictory, seeing that I tend to call Crapcom, well, Crapcom... SFV is to blame. Gotta play that Guile Update to rant about it... Tomorrow, or a Jake Gyllenhaal movie. But the thing is I love the MVC Games... One was a bit cheap with the small roster... 2 had a gynormous roster but no real endings and 3 has Tara Strong as Girlverine... Also there's 200X Teenage Mutant Ninja Phoenix Wright... who does machines and Shalashaska Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man...
One thing that 3 doesn't have is:

(But it has Nolan North as Deadpool!)

I wanna have a PS4/XBOne game where I can do THIS!

Now picture it with alternate MCU costumes...

Think about it: Maybe a bigger roster with some MCU folks who haven't had a chance... (Since Disney has a fit with fox, there may be less X-folks and fantastic people, but plenty of room for other Marvel Folks... Vision, Scarlet Witch come to mind.) Also a chance for OTHER Capcom folks to get some love... *cough*Dmitri Maximoff! *cough* Bishamon! *cough* Captain Commando *cough* X!

I know I've seen some stupid petitions but this one takes the cake!

Disney is evil... We've all made those kinds of jokes. This butthurt DC fan has taken it to an extreme: He's demanding that Disney stops paying critics from bashing non-MCU movies.

There is  growing evidence Disney has been continually paying critics to attack Non MCU movies. MCU movies are safe. They're not challenging at all. Just like a comic book movie is "supposed to be". They're not divisive or thought provoking. First they bashed Batman V Superman.They cleared BvS out of the way, gave Civil War (which wasn't a perfect film) an Oscar, now they're going to work on moving Apocalypse out the way...then they get offended when they're accused of accepting gifts. Films like Days Of Future Past did receive good reviews due to the fact it came out in 2014 when there was hardly any competition from  MCU films. Had the movie been released in 2015 against Ant-Man it would have gotten the Man of Steel treatment. Deadpool would have also suffered the same fate however it was released in February when there was no MCU movies being released at the time and was not an immediate threat. Films like the Force Awakens which essentially just a modern day rehash of the First Star Wars also get universal praise since Disney acquired the rights.We need to raise awareness of this global plan to keep our films creative or risk have everything fall under the Disney label. Each studio brings their own distinctive and creative work and Disney needs to stop being greedy and understand this. Support DC and keep Marvel at Fox.
This is the letter in the petition that, quite frankly is stupid as hell.

There is  growing evidence Disney has been continually paying critics to attack Non MCU movies. MCU movies are safe. They're not challenging at all. Just like a comic book movie is "supposed to be". They're not divisive or thought provoking. First they bashed Batman V Superman.
No, Batman v. Superman was ruined itself by Suck Snyder. I did enjoy it minus a few things: Mainly Snyder's inability to tell a cohesive story and the excessive killing done by these so-called heroes. (visually, Snyder is VERY GOOD, but directing the "talking bits" he is bad... Also the dialogue is a bit bad.) Subtlety, Snyder does not know this:

I mean: MARTHA!! 

Not thought Provoking? MCU movies? You know the ones dealing about Terrorists, Media Manipulation, Arms race, and the Policies against said Terrorism? (Most of the Ironman and Captain America Movies, including Civil War) And that Civil war managed the whole Super Powered Beings needing to be kept in check thing better than BvS. Oh but those were colorful and had the heroes doing heroic things while moving the plot forward. The Lagos scene in Civil War had more Heroisim in it than BvS's 2:39 runtime.
 They cleared BvS out of the way, gave Civil War (which wasn't a perfect film) an Oscar
But I thought the latest Academy Awards were Last February... you know when Leo DiCaprio FINALLY won an Oscar... Me thinks this dude is pulling a Sarkeezy move.

now they're going to work on moving Apocalypse out the way...then they get offended when they're accused of accepting gifts.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Apocalypse is getting mixed reviews and until I see it I cannot give a review and see where I stand with it. Trailers made it somewhat interesting but it did have a few things off...
Either Fox or Bryan Singer could be to blame here. We must take in part that this movie is a sort of soft reboot and prequel at the same time. Continuity errors will be chalked up to Wolverine's Time Travel Antics messing the timeline or something. ALSO 20th Century Fox. Remember X-Men Origins:Wolverine, Trankt4stic, Fantastic 4 II: Rise of the Silver Surfer, so Fox has a hit or miss track record with comic book movies... Oh yeah! Elektra! I knew I forgot a stinker!

Of course they'd get offended by a wild accusation like that... I mean Buzz Aldrin got offended when he was accused of NOT being on the moon.

Films like Days Of Future Past did receive good reviews due to the fact it came out in 2014 when there was hardly any competition from  MCU films.
Convenient... It has nothing to do with the movie being good.
Had the movie been released in 2015 against Ant-Man it would have gotten the Man of Steel treatment. 
Wait, wait, wait! Man of Steel got those reviews BECAUSE ZACK SYNDER DOESN'T UNDERSTAND SUPERMAN AT ALL! I mean this is the same Superman movie where Pa Kent tells Clark that he should have let people die!!

Deadpool would have also suffered the same fate however it was released in February when there was no MCU movies being released at the time and was not an immediate threat.
Deadpool being a GOOD 20th Century FOX Movie is a bigger threat... The Sony made Amazing Spider-Man films sucking made it possible for Marvel's Poster child to return home. Deadpool being good is only delaying the return of the X-Men to where they belong.

Films like the Force Awakens which essentially just a modern day rehash of the First Star Wars also get universal praise since Disney acquired the rights
It got universal praise because, while it WAS kind of a Rehash of A New Hope, it FELT MORE LIKE STAR WARS unlike the Prequels. They went a familiar road just to show that they weren't going to Jar Jar it up!

We need to raise awareness of this global plan to keep our films creative or risk have everything fall under the Disney label. Each studio brings their own distinctive and creative work and Disney needs to stop being greedy and understand this. Support DC and keep Marvel at Fox. 
If you needed any proof that this comes from a butthurt DC fan... check out the bold parts...
Keep Marvel at Fox... Makers of Daredevil (The movie with Affleck), Elektra, which sucked so much ass that kissing Jennifer Garner is the equivalent of doing 3 rimjobs. Fantastic four (who only managed to have a decent Thing and Torch... Torchie later became Captain America) then we have the Rebooted Trankt4stic, that sucked major ass... and I mean almost Elektra bad, but Kate Mara's mouth doesn't have the same ass taste as Jen Garner's... Also the same fox that gave us Barakapool, and the Last Stand... Only 4 movies can be considered Decent (X-Men, X2, Wolverine 2 and Deadpool... and Wolverine 2 had a kinda mixed reception.)

May 8, 2016

Mother's Day without a Mother sucks...

I normally keep my personal life far away from the House of Rants, but I kinda need to vent today.
This freaking sucks... Biggest mistake I've made? Started rewatching Fullmetal Alchemist

So here's a list of people... *ahem* Fictional People who are having a really sucky Mother's day too!

Stephanie Tanner:
Why Stephanie and not DJ or Michelle?
DJ BECAME A MOTHER and Michelle didn't really got to know her mother. Stephanie on the other hand GOT TO KNOW HER MOTHER AND spoilers from Fuller House, is unable to be a mother.  Also any excuse to reuse that Steph Pic makes my day!!

As well as using this as a reply to boobs!

Bruce Wayne:
Come on! you KNOW I HAVE TO MAKE FUN OF SAVE MARTHA somewhere...

I mean, come on! IT'S BATMAN! OF course he still has hang-ups about his dead parents...

Especially Martha.

The Elric Brothers:
Especially the Nano-sized Hyper Pipsqueak of a Micro Human Edward.

All jokes aside, think about it. Their mother died and they tried to bring her back.

Eh, screw this... I can't be stuck moping around! I've got some TMNT PORN to watch... They actually made a TMNT Por Parody... Now I fear a MOTU Porn Parody... It'd be a 90% gay movie and I mean gay as in Homosexual... Think about it a MOTU Porn Parody would be the gayest gay movie ever... They wouldn't even need to make parody names with Fisto or Ram Man... The question is Will the TMNT Porn be better than Michael Bay's TMNT? Should I order Pizza?

May 6, 2016

Power Ranger suits, More Matty incompetence

How can I describe these suits...
I guess that a Fusion Dance between This and This!
Seriously, look at them!
They missed the whole point of the Ranger Outfits looking how they look like...

The idea for the outfits to look corny is based on the Idea of Superheroes AND in a way soldiers.
They are a Super Squadron. The similar suits show that they are a team. That part remains here. The Superhero part, not so much. Well, it's kinda there but in a durr hurr EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM!!! Rob Liefeld crap kind of way.

It's a bit embarrassing that the 1990s Outfits can look ARMORED AND MORE In-Line with the Original outfits...

You CAN Make the suits more alien, but keeping them in-line with the Original designs...

Once again, a quick MSPaint idea on a concept that would have looked closer to the original designs and add some inhuman elements.
It even looks a little bit Lord Zedd-ish, which was unintentional.
I added Fins for the "Gloves and boots" as extra offensive items. Good for flying kicks. Would catch enemies who slightly dodge the kick, or for parrying attacks.

But back to the movie designs... Remember Rita... They're totally going with Rita being a former Ranger who went dark... Less subtle than Kojima or Snyder!!

Amateur Night at Mattycollector! Keep making Neitlich look competent guys... More Delays... Batting 0 for 4 in 2016 MOTUC Figures arriving on time... Maybe 0 for 5 if we count Serpentine King Hssss.

What about Anti-Eternia He-Man? Some figures were delayed, so 0.5 out of 6 and that is still an awful record.

This bumbling scares me... It's putting 2017 in grave danger.

Crash Bandicoot is back!!

It's something, I mean... He pretty much vanished... He also had an ugly ass Tattoo, so I guess that's why he vanished. Wonder if this is a sign that Naughty Dog has Control of Crash once again

May 5, 2016

Underoos! The Movie: A Civil War Rant.

I saw Captain America 3: Civil War... So, I will discuss it...
There will be some Spoilers:

So, avoid reading until you've seen the movie.

The Movie was good, I'd dare say a LOT BETTER than Batkilla vs Subparman: Yawn of Just us.
I can hear the DC fanboy saying: AHA! I KNEW YOU WERE A MARVEL TARD!! Derka Derka!! Disney makes Kiddie movies! DC is hardcore and deep... *cough*Bull!*cough*
I've never denied that I'm more of a Marvel fan. Just like I won't deny that DC has RECENTLY become darker...
Do I need to point out the... Spike! Show the pic!!

The movie is good. We're familiar with most of the cast, due to their appearances in previous movies... From The Incredible Hulk all the way to Antman and Age of Ultron. That allows for some character development time for some of the new players.

Sadly there is no SAVE MARTHA!! in this movie. Though there is a Mother reference between Cap and Bucky.
Aunt May is a total AILF in the movie... Even Tony doesn't stop bringing up how much of a hottie Aunt May is. Yes, Aunt May is so Freaking Hot that we get a LOT of Commentary on her hotness...

The battles are pretty awesome... Underoos rocks! Falcon kicks ass! Ant Man does some awesome stuff! Panther, Cap, Bucky, Tony... The list could go on!

The issue about superpowered beings uh, being unchecked is managed marginally better than BvS.

The Bad:
The main problem with some of Marvel's movies rears it's ugly head again: The villain is the weaker element here. Baron Zemo's motivations for his plans are kinda valid, but feel very weak as a reason for him to become this supervillain...
Aunt May has very little screen time...
Underoos has little Screen time and we have to wait one more year until his movie comes out.

Watch the movie and judge it for your self.

May 4, 2016

SONY's damage control is getting worse

First they deleted tons of Youtube comments on how awful the Ghost-bust-hers trailer was, save the most soggy knee stick ones... Then they went to SJW friendly sites crying soggy knee and the idiots there published some BS about Soggy Knee being why this unwanted reboot by a hit or miss, mostly miss director with a very sexist gimmick was hated... They have unleashed Fat Jenny McCarthy to defend this trainwreck!!

The Trailer is bad because it confuses people about the movie... It's not a sequel, it's a reboot...

Shyeah! Being a Reboot is one of the MAIN ISSUES PEOPLE HAVE WITH THIS SLIMED TURD!!
The Other is that the effects look like they were made for a Straight to TV movie by nickelodeon or Disney Channel.
The third main reason is that the Humor is too in your face and relying on stereotypes and slapstick.
(Leslie Jones plays loud obnoxious black woman vs Ernie Hudson's everyman approach to his character)
Fourth Reason: Casting Choices... People do not find Leslie Jones Funny at all... I DON'T FIND Melissa McCarthy funny at all!

You know what? Screw this crap! I'm going to spend Star Wars Day doing something Productive...
SPIKE! Tell them what movie I'll be watching today:

Tomorrow is 5 de Mayo... The day where a bunch of crackers will do racist stereotypes of Mexicans like wearing Ponchos, sombreros... you know Brett from accounting will take it a bit too far and bring in a donkey, slur like Cheech Marin and even pass out on the hallways because of a Tequila siesta. Don't be like Brett!

In any case Civl War is coming

May 3, 2016

It came from Shapeways Rune Blade of Power

The Rune Blade... A sword you picked up around Nibelheim. Heh! Square, I see what you did there! Sorry! It's a force of habit... playing too much FFVII in my youth and all that.

There's a piece of Fan Art of He-Man or King Grayskull holding a Power Sword with various runes engraved on the blade.

Well, Evil Mike decided to make a 3D Printed version of that sword.
And that's what we ended up with...
No, not the FFVII Rune Blade!!

This! The Rune Sword of Power!!!
It's basically the Power Sword with a more elaborate Hilt and Runes across the blade.
Since it's a Shapeways 3D Printed item, it comes unpainted and you paint it however you feel like.

He-Ro is still in storage, so Nefty-kun will have
to do.
Seeing that it's a Rune Blade, I thought that it would be better suited to a Wizard or Mage. In my fan continuity the Power Sword changes shape with its user. So, I took elements from He-Ro, mainly the gold color and Sparkly blue to paint the blade in... It's a Magical blade so the Shiny Blue can be excused. The Runes I painted with GITD Paint and at night they glow faintly... when exposed to light earlier. Sadly my camera cannot capture the GITD in action.
I know that the colors might seem a bit garish at first, but Magenta, Green and Orange power Swords are alright... So a faded Gold and Blue Power Sword isn't that insane.
Then again, you can paint it however you want to!!

May 2, 2016

Odds and Ends Dos de Mayo: 3 days until 5... Then Civil War!!

The stupid LeBron James Space Jam 2 rumor surfaced once again!

Take that and replace the dated 90s people with LeBron and modern era people... Melissa McCarthy replaces Bill Murray, yo!

Looks like things just got real for the Topangaborn!!

Season 3 Starts in June... Let's see what Disney will do with the show.

Avoid the new PPG like the plague!!

Show's bad, mmmkay!! If you like this show, you're bad, mmmkay!
I'd rather watch Uncle Grandpa AND TEEN TITANS GO than this!!

Civil War is coming this week... Review will be up after I see it... and if I'm to believe my Mexican Friends, I must see this!!

Kit Harington is still playing Bitchface Snow and apparently, he's back from the dead on the show... We have to wait until Georgie Slow ass R.R. Martin lets him live on the books.

You know, if you're a MOTUC subscriber, remember that Darius AND Nightstalker ship this month... Unless we get another delay. Vultaks have shipped and people are beginning to receive them... Wonder when mine will show up.

It came from the Toy chest: Custom Triangular Rack for Grayskull

Ah, remember Castle Grayskull? How Mattel promised stuff and then they Altered the Deal? During the Neitlich era. We missed a 3D Representation of the Dungeon Grate that was a Sticker in vintage and in classics. There was someone making 3D grates, but seller did not ship to PR, so I was unable to get one.

One item not often mentioned is the Triangular Weapon Rack that was a cardboard cutout back in the day. Mattel forgot about this... Luckily, Barbarossa Custom Creations did not. He's made a few of these before, but I often missed out. After it not being available for quite some time, it came back. Bit the bullet and bought one. And I regret it wasn't soon enough!

It comes unassembled. Luckily for me, the pegs were pre-inserted. No need to do that myself. I suppose Barbarossa got some complaints about that and decided to do the hard part himself and save us the hassle.
Once assembled, it's pretty sturdy looking. You COULD GLUE IT if you like, but I don't feel it's necessary to do so.
Putting it next to the Mattel-Made Castle Grayskull Weapon's Rack makes it feel like it belongs with it. The colors are not an EXACT MATCH to the Rack, but they are freaking close.
Once you have this in hand, you'll realize how much it was needed.

Do the  Mario and hit that Jump!!

Deapool:The game:the Rant

Luckily it wasn't Deadpool: the Movie: the Game: the Rant... So it's a Pre-Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool...

But not Pre-Ryan Reynolds as Barakapool... And this made me realize that Sabretooth only has had ONE Movie Appearance... Talking about X-1 since this abomination never happened...

so, Deadpool the game:
Where to start?
I'll have to admit this is the weakest point of the game. Basically Deadpool wants to make Deadpool: the game and we go through the game as Deadpool tries to get the game made. Get it? The 4th Wall gets raped worse than when it deals with Ms. Diane... But the story of the game is Mr. Sinister is going to mutate all of Humanity and it's up to the X-Men and Deadpool to stop them... only that the X-Men play second fiddle to Deadpool. We do have a Cable and Deadpool team up, bizarre Deadpool elements, Wolverine... It had great moments, but the story is really unimportant.

Even Deadpool himself dismisses the story.


The game is a PS3, XBox360 game that was also made for XBOne and PS4. As you can see on the previous clip posted, the graphics are decent for a PS3, or XBox360 game, which means that they are passable on PS4.


They're decent. 2 melee attack buttons, short range teleport button, jump button, Aiming button, shooting button, throwable weapon button. Easy to learn!
You run around fighting baddies and unaliving them. You have some platforming elements and some strange elements because DP is not alright up there.

but most of the time you're fighting hordes of enemies...

Sounds and Music:
You get the usual actionny rock music for action games, some background pieces for story.

But every onece in a while you get a little jewel like this...


and this!

For the voices we get Nolan North as Deadpool, who has voiced Deadpool for quite some time already... Ever since Hulk vs. We also got Steve Blum, who took over the Wolverine role... While he IS good, he ain't no Cal Dodd, bub! (FYI every other Wolverine after Dodd is making a Dodd impression... kinda like how most Batmen make Conroy impressions) The rest of the cast is decent, so 9.0


Deadpool gets a 7.3 as the final rating. It's not bad, but a bit too short and repetitive. This makes the jokes less funny. If video rental places were still a thing, this game would be a perfect Rental.

May 1, 2016

Holy Bat shaped Crutch, Warner! and other odds and ends

So, the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman movie is happening and a set photo shows a vehicle with the Wayne Enterprises Logo.  This does not Equal a Batman Cameo... I expect one, because DC is relying on Batman as a crutch, and not making an organic integration of the characters into a Cinematic Universe. The Bat-shaped Crutch is the "Glue" that is holding the DCCU together.
That Wayne Enterprises Truck may simply BE a Wayne Enterprises Truck, but with the way DC made their move, I wouldn't put it past them to have Affleck as Wayne or Batman to have AT LEAST a Cameo in WW. He WILL HAVE an appearance (more than a cameo) in Suicide Squad. I'd bet that he WILL APPEAR in at least either Flash or Aquaman. Batman is starting to look like someone from the Marvel side... I ain't gonna say who he is, so stop asking, bub!

You know the whole Harriet Tubman $20 Controversy, right? Replacing that Ex Persidential Dick, Andrew Jackson with the Underground Railroad Hero, Harriet Tubman... I think it's a stupid idea!
Now before you get your SJW gender neutral panties in a twist hear me out.
Yes, Jackson was a dick, Trail of Tears and all that. Him being against the Federal Reserve and being on a Federal Reserve note is Punishment enough for him, but I'm not using that as a reason for Tubman not being in it...

My reasoning is this: It's more offensive to have a Slave on a currency note that is of LESS VALUE THAN A PIZZA. You know the whole Slaves are not people mentality that existed back then? We'll be perpetuating Tubman's slave status by immortalizing her as a slave on currency. And I'm betting that Racist folks will have a field day by calling the $20 the Negro (or it's more colorful term), or the slave (if they want to mock PC Culture). A Woman who fought to be treated as a Human Being instead of an Object will be immortalized by becoming an object to be traded for OTHER Objects... Think about it ATMs will be dealing "slaves". People will be trading "slaves" for drugs, pizza, or whatever. Videogames now a day are on the $60+... so, a game would be worth "3 slaves" + taxes!

It looks like the people rallying for this didn't think this one through... I'm all up for commemorating the hell out of Harriet Tubman, but not this way; it's Offensive to Tubman's legacy!

Cheerleading is now Offensive...
At least this poster caused a "massive outrage" that forced the squad to remove this poster.

I don't get the issue with the poster.
"Body shaming"? Cheerleaders MUST BE FIT! They need to be lightweight and athletic in order to do some of their cheerleading tricks. The lighter the cheerleader, the higher she can be tossed and is able to do some extra twirls with the extra air time. A squad of Heavier Cheerleaders will not have the fancy air stuff.

The bare midriffs? Most cheerleading outfits have them. Thing is, bare midriffs look better on Athletic people. Fluffy people have these things called fat rolls that flap around and jiggle when jumping

The focus on appearance (Hairstyles permitted, make-up, no visible tattoos etc.) is part of the cheerleading image. Just like certain jobs have an image.
If you have enough piercings to look like Pinhead, can pass off as a Hutt if you strip and have more tats than a gas station bathroom wall has graffiti and your hairstylist gave you the Gary Oldman on the 5th Element hairstyle, then you will NOT BE HIRED for certain jobs. Cheerleading is one of those. Just like being a man will not let you serve wings at Hooters.

It's reality. Yes, some fat people have more spirit than some cheerleaders, but Spirit is the last thing on peoples' minds when watching cheerleaders do their thing...

Let's face it, cheerleading is Dance + Gymnastics with a hint of modelling. It's the Gymnastics part that requires lithe frames.

Think of it this way: Cheerleading is a safe space for thin, athletic, with the attributes that society deems aesthetically pleasing to dance and prance. You wouldn't add a man to a female only safe space, right?

More Just us League news! Batman and Sir-Loser-Lot's Creator will have full Control of Ben Affleck's Solo movie!
Flash just lost its director.
Let's see how these develop...