Jul 31, 2013

It Came from the Toy Chest: I want my Mullet back!

You have NO IDEA how long I've been waiting to make a review with a reference to one of the Cyrus clan... I could have gone with the obvious route and mention that He-Man's initials are the same as Hannah Montana's...

Jul 30, 2013

It Came From the Toy Chest: Raider of Fisto's closet

It's time for another It Came from the Toy Chest...

Obviously, it's Clamp Champ!

Jul 29, 2013

The Rock is doing a Rockblock on MOTU

Jon Chu, Bieberriffic director and Retaliator may have some VERY BAD NEWS ABOUT MY BELOVED MOVIE... Of course I'm talking He-Man...

 "I love Masters of the Universe, but I didn't know necessarily how to make it into a movie until I read the script and thought, 'Oh my gosh, I totally see it. I get how this is going to shake it up, I get how this is different from any other thing,' and it got me really, really excited. 
 This Scares me... Shake it up, different from any other thing? Last time I heard those words Peter Parker became Ironman's bitc sidekick, unmasked in public and ended up trading Mary Jane Watson to the Devil...

Then there's also this:

We're still working on that one and Joe has momentum right now. The audience has been great and they want another one, so we're rushing to get that done and Dwayne [Johnson] has a certain time period so it may end up that Joe goes first in all those things and I don't know if Masters of the Universe will wait for me or where that's going to end up.
The focus is on G.I. Joe 3: Just Bring it! Cause Mattel, as always dragged their feet too much with He-Man and their main focus now is the 201X Reboot of Big Jim Jr. (aka Max Steel)
Right now this Rockblocking could be a good thing instead of a bad one. The Director is in a GI Joe
frame of mind... which would be detrimental for a MOTU Movie. As long as they have gotten rid of the awful Bat Simba Begins script from that hack Justin Marks

But at the same time once the Belieber Director steps down we could get other crappy directors stepping in...

Pick your poison... although Max Steel could benefit from The Bay Treatment... He-Man, that's another story.

Jul 28, 2013

What's an A-List character?

People have been going back and forth with the terms "A-List" and "All-Star" Regarding the MOTUC Subscription...  Now here's my time to rant... which is rather obvious since this blog is MY House of Rants...

What's an A-List character?
A-List characters are the most desirable characters, the cream of the crop, right? The best of the best...

WHO ARE THE A-List characters in MOTUC?
THIS is a tricky question... It varies from fan to fan... Vintage Purists will claim that Ninjor, a vintage D-List character is a B-List vs Queen Angella, a Princess of Power higher tier of B-List to Low tier A-List Character. Others (who I won't mention by name... ) would claim that NEPTHU is B-List... When in Reality he's closer to Low Tier Z-List. Some fans look at ALL the toylines that MOTUC is drawing influences from and determine their A-Lists from EACH Faction. There are some folks that look at the rating as "A-List of whatever is left to do". Which seems to be closer to what Mattel is doing...

I know I KINDA Ranted about this before. And my stance is the same... Mattel, STUPIDLY spent their cache of A-List and B-List Vintage MOTU Characters TOO FAST!
I get that 2008-2009 was predominantly "Vintage" to test the waters.
but let's look at the FIRST Wave of the THREE Main Toylines (Original MOTU, POP and NA)

MOTU Wave 1:
He-Man  Classicized in 2008
Skeletor Classicized in 2009
Beastman Classicized in 2008
Man-at-Arms Classicized in 2009
Zodac Classicized in 2009
Stratos Classicized in 2009
Merman Classicized in 2009
Teela Classicized in 2009

POP Wave 1:
She-Ra Classicized in 2010
Catra Classicized in 2011
Bow Classicized in 2010
Castaspella Classicized in 2013
Glimmer WILL BE Classicized in 2014 if you buy the sub!
Double Trouble
Frosta Classicized in 2012
Kowl Classicized in 2013

New Adventures of He-Man Wave 1:
He-Man Classicized in 2013
Slushhead Classicized in 2012
Hydron WILL BE Classicized in 2014 if you buy the sub!
Flipshot Classicized in 2011

MOTU Wave 2:
Evil Lyn Classicized in 2010
Faker Classicized in 2009
Man-e-Faces Classicized in 2011
Trap Jaw Classicized in 2010
Ram Man Classicized in 2013
Tri-Klops Classicized in 2009

POP Wave 2:
Scratching Sound Catra
Starburst She-Ra
Sweet Bee

New Adventures of He-Man Wave 2:
Battle Punch He-Man
Discs of Doom Skeletor
Karatti Classicized in 2013
Optikk Classicized in 2010

See a pattern emerging? Not yet? Well, let's see if this can help:
Characters that appeared in past Cartoons that had toys in the past (80s-90s)

He-Man  Classicized in 2008
Skeletor Classicized in 2009
Beastman Classicized in 2008
Man-at-Arms Classicized in 2009
Zodac Classicized in 2009
Stratos Classicized in 2009
Merman Classicized in 2009
Teela Classicized in 2009
Evil Lyn Classicized in 2010
Faker* Classicized in 2009
Man-e-Faces Classicized in 2011
Trap Jaw Classicized in 2010
Ram Man Classicized in 2013
Tri-Klops Classicized in 2009

*Faker had an episode in Filmation, but looked exactly like He-Man. He had a cameo in the 2002 reboot.

Princess of Power:
She-Ra Classicized in 2010
Catra Classicized in 2011
Bow Classicized in 2010
Castaspella Classicized in 2013
Glimmer WILL BE Classicized in 2014 if you buy the sub!
Frosta Classicized in 2012
Kowl Classicized in 2013
Sweet Bee

New Adventures of He-Man:
He-Man Classicized in 2013
Slushhead Classicized in 2012
Hydron WILL BE Classicized in 2014 if you buy the sub!
Flipshot Classicized in 2011
Discs of Doom Skeletor
Karatti Classicized in 2013
Optikk Classicized in 2010

See a pattern now? Whether you're a toy fan or cartoon fan, you can only assemble the CORE MOTU Rosters with the MOTUC Toys. Hell, we LITERALLY HAVE ZERO FIGURES from POP's second wave!! To this date we're still missing SKELETOR AND FLOGG from NA... The faction leaders of the Mutants are MIA and the line is in danger...

OK, so those 14 figures on the MOTU Lists are among the most important characters... Add a Sorceress, Prince Adam, Battle Cat, Orko, Fisto, Jitsu, Roboto, Mekaneck and Two-Bad to the mix
and you get almost all the A-List and B-List for the Original MOTU.

What about Hordak and the Evil Horde?
Ah the Horde... The faction with cross appeal for POP fans and MOTU Fans...
Hordak, Mantenna, Leech, Grizzlor, Modulok and Horde Troopers are the ones that have crossover appeal due to Filmation.
Out of those the only one we lack is MODULOK since he depends on the 2014 Subscription.
The other Hordesmen were spaced out a bit evenly:
Hordak Classicized in 2009
Leech Classicized in 2011
Grizzlor Classicized in 2010
Mantenna Classicized in 2013
Horde Troopers Classicized in 2013 (MOTU Wave 5)

Most of the Horde is Wave 4... Along with Dragon Blaster Skeletor, Spikor, Roboto, Sy-Klone, Mossman, Thunderpunch He-Man, Stinkor and Two-Bad complete it...  Out of the Vintage Wave 4 we're missing Modulok and Two Bad... and these two depend on the 2014 sub to go through.

If you're wondering about Wave 3 in MOTU, guess what? We also have that wave completed!!

Battle Armor He-Man
Battle Armor Skeletor
Kobra Khan
Prince Adam
All these guys are in Classics... Pretty much the entire waves 1-3 are done and wave 4 is a Two Bad and a Modulok short of being completed... waves 5 and 6 have a few Gaps... Now what does this have to do with A-Lists and such?

Simple: Mattel blew through most of the first 4 waves of MOTU, while dragging their feet with POP and NA. Now I'm NOT SAYING that we should have had 4 MOTU, 4 POP and 4 NA per year... Far from it. I'm saying that while MOTU's roster had larger numbers than POP and NA Mattel used the wrong approach.
Instead of completing each core team and then expand towards the lesser tiers, they just fulfilled most of vintage MOTU while randomly selecting figures from POP, NA and other sources. Not to mention choosing T.U.R.D.S instead of important characters. Seriously, WHO picks Shokoti for the Filmation Sub, but doesn't have a spot for her slave!? What in the world was thinking!?

The line may end in 2013 if the sub doesn't make it... It's OK I am getting Plundor! Even though Flogg, Glimmer, or NA Skeletor could have used that spot. Same thing with the Filmation sub. Perfect spot do drop Scorpia, but it's OK... Who needs Scorpia when we're getting Nepthu!!

So, The A-List characters have been long gone... MOTUV lost most of them between 2008-2010
POP and NA still have a few left, but for the Vintage Purist this matters none. Now all we have is an "All-Star" year... which isn't really an All-Star year if you're a vintage purist... again, the Vintage MOTU All-Stars are just a Two-Bad and a Modulok short of completion. If you are a fan of ALL Eras, THEN it's an All-Star year... To be Honest it's more of a "Let's complete as many teams as we can" kind of year.

Two-Bad completes the Core Evil Warriors. Glimmer, well she's a core Rebellion Member (The TRUE Leader) and MY Favorite Character... so I'm a bit biased towards her. Hydron Completes the Heroes from the First New Adventures wave (and it's THE CORE Galactic Protector... Him + Flipshot and you have The NA Dynamic Duo) Blade enhances Skeletor's evil Warriors and begins the 87 Movie Faction. Scorpia and Modulok complete the Core Filmation Horde. Huntara, is the winner of the "SDCC 2013 Fan Poll" Goatman... He's a bit obscure, but he's a traveling convention item and not part of the subscription...

As we've seen this year with Clamp Champ and Fang Man (Soon with Sea Hawk as well); Mattel is going to have some figures without Day of Sale Stock...  Now, I'm afraid that Mattel will ensure they have no DOS stock on various figures... Perhaps more than on 2013... If you want to fill in those rosters with the remaining Core characters, then you should get the sub. (If you can afford the sub)

Gaps on the teams? That's something that will be remedied with 2014... by getting the core characters on the sub... We are also getting a MOTU Mystery solved: The Physical Identity of the Un-Named One...
Un-Named One is form the 80s Mini Comics!

Again, "A-List" beyond the main character and his/her archenemy is not clear cut... but the important thing is that this year we'll fill the holes with KEY CHARACTERS for every Faction. I'd love for this line to last for a long time, but for that we need to go one year at a time. IF the line has to end, let's try and get this year so we can fill in as many core spots as possible...

You wouldn't buy the Fantastic Two... or a Robin without a Batman... Leonardo and Donatello without Raphael or Michelangelo... A set of X-Men's first class without Iceman or Cyclops... The Sinister Six without Doc Ock or Electro... OK you get the idea.

Jul 27, 2013

Action Figure Woes: Sub Campaign is raging on, but I am a bit worried.

Now that they have shown Glimmer we've gotten 2 "Sub is in Danger" announcements from Neitlich...
This is the part where I beg of you to buy the sub assuming you can afford it. Again, Staying a s a Day of Sale consumer to "stick it to Neitlich" will cause Nepthu and Plundor to be among the last figures of this line, while we're missing core characters. While I'm NOT a fan of the Sub-Only route and still believe that's a huge factor on the pickle we are in (not to mention flawed character selection); I think that you should buy the sub, cause Glimmer would please me... If you don't want to throw me a bone then do it for Freaking Modulok!! He completes the core Horde for the boys!! (the PoP Girls need their Entrapta and Double Trouble... who I don't think will happen) There's also TWO-BAD!! He completes the main Evil Warriors!! At least we should complete the core evil warriors and Horde...

Sure there are others coming like Scorpia, Blade and Huntara, but the thing is that these last 3 will totally NOT MAKE IT, if we don't reach the goal... Glimmer May have a glimmer of hope to make it, but knowing Mattel, they may ax her just to spite me if we don't make it!

So, my fellow MOTUC Fans, if you want 2014 items and CAN afford the sub, do it!! DO IT ASAP!! (Cause payday and other stuff, I can't ask you to DO EET NAO!!)

DC Fans are in the same boat... but the Tiers strategy MAY backfire if Mattel doesn't explain that a bit better. The whole Doomsday thing... Heh! Appropriate Sub Exclusive afterall... Doomsday and here I am talking about the subs being DOOMED, unless we reach the goal... If you're a hardcore DC Fan, Buy the Sub... but if you have to pick between DC and MOTU... I can't be impartial here... I'll beg of you to buy MOTU... I still don't get how the Doomsday thing works... Tier one gets us Prisoner Doomsday, but Tier Two gets us Unleashed Doomsday or do we get both? CONFUSION!!

Now the only thing I think it's royally screwed is the Ecto-1!

I'm sorry, but What is Mattel smoking!?
$215 dollars to preorder a car... that you need to spend an extra $50 JUST to have 2 Ghostbusters that can ride it... For those of you keeping score at home:

CASTLE Grayskull's Preorder was $250 ($275 the time they reopened it)
Ecto-1 Preorder is $215 + $50 for Ray and Peter $265 All 3 combined... Almost as much as Castle Grayskull... for a Car and 2 Ghostbusters with Removable Proton packs that we should have had a LONG TIME AGO!! (the busters with removable packs, not the Ecto-1)
Putting it in perspective it makes the Ecto-1 seem incredibly overpriced... Perhaps if they removed the electronics that bump up the price, THEN it would almost make sense... I'm sorry Ghostbusters fans, but I don't see Ecto-1 Happening... I HOPE it does, but I just can't wrap my mind around paying almost as much as Castle Grayskull for it...

Now had we gotten a Firehouse Playset with Janine, well... THAT would warrant the $265 that they are asking... Also it would give them a reason for that Walter Peck Figure by making the Containment unit from Peck compatible with the playset...

But what am I saying, this is Mattel we're talking about... They thought that no one would buy Janine, but we'd be OK with tens of Ghostbusters variants. But what do I know? I don't have years in the toy industry nor I have access to a team of world class researchers.

I'm just a guy who talks a lot of crap on a blog!
Having The Firehouse would have lent itself to nudge more folks into WANTING an Ecto-1...

So, again, If you want the products and can afford the Sub costs, you should buy the sub. "Sticking it to Neitlich" screws us all...

Jul 26, 2013

I wish I could see more of this! Nintendo, make it so!

What I'm talking about?

STARTROPICS of course!!
Sure it's on Virtual Console now, spawned a sequel back in the day but that's it! I kinda want to see MORE... A New StarTropics Game would be cool or at least having Mike as a Playable Character in a Super Smash Brothers game...

Seriously, his BGM could be a remix of this:

While he uses a Yo-yo and a bat, his basic moves could be kinda like Ness, but not exactly the same. Size differences and all that. Not to mention the stuff from StarTropics 2. I feel it kinda sucks that we can fight as the Wii Fit Instructor, but a 90s Nintendo character is missing... Just cause he was made... in America!!

747... I'll never forget that number cause of StarTropics... Stupid Letter!!

Jul 24, 2013

Superman/Batman... I don't need super-senses to smell the suckitude.

DC is desperate to get into some of that Avengers action... Now a Superman/Batman Crossover is coming... While I haven't seen Man of Steel (not that big fan of Superman), I just don't see how this will work since Nolanverse Batman is grounded in a world where there are no superpowers and that ended with Bruce Wayne quitting being Batman while Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character became the New Batman. Now Man of Steel 2: Gotham Boogaloo is happening.

It's obvious that this is a desperate cash grab move. DC went straight for the big ones. No buildup at all... What threat is large enough that Superman would need help? Then again, something Large enough that Superman would need help is way out of the Nolanverse Batman's league. I recall mentioning that the DC Characters seem more "perfect" than Marvel Characters... I should have used the terms "Flawless" and "Overpowered".
Green Lantern is on a Cosmic Level, Wonder Woman is a Goddess, Superman is, well, Superman...
Batman is the odd man out... Well maybe Flash would be in this tier... cause all he has is super Speed. There's also Green Arrow who is a Robin Hood Themed Batman knock-off. Then there's Aquaman...

So, OK... Let's pretend that Batman and Superman works and is a successful movie...
How do you top that? By adding Multiple characters to a Justice League Movie with very little time to develop them AND to keep the movie's plot going? Can you smell the failure? I can.

DC is going to get the quick buck of a Superman and Batman movie, but when Justice League comes, it'll fall flat. Some people are claiming that building up the characters before the crossover is "copying Marvel". No, that's to get rid of all the character "development junk" in the movies building up to the crossover. That way we can have a Huge battle that forced these nearly omnipotent beings (a Green Lantern, an Amazon Goddess, The Last Son of Krypton, and Bat-Money bags) together.

DC is not playing it smart in the Grand Scheme of things. They have very little faith in the non-Batman, non-Superman characters. Playing it safe will leave them behind Marvel... Hell, Marvel is making a Guardians of the Galaxy movie...

Guardians of the Galaxy... and DC can't even make a Wonder Woman Movie... Really, you can't make a Wonder Woman movie, but we have to believe, you'll make Justice League work?

Are Ponies Sleazy? or Slutty?

As some of you may already know, I am Brony (hear me neigh!)... Sorry, couldn't resist!
*Ahem!* I am a brony and I also liked G1... so that kinda makes me a cross-generation Pony fan...
Some people attack My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by using tags like slutty, sleazy, etc...
This is fan art. Not official art.
OK That pic of Worst Pony makes her look a bit slutty... Well, as slutty as fan art of a stylized cartoon horse can look... without entering THAT area of the Internet...

I'm not sure if their skirts are too short or their legs are too long. I blame the stylized look... Wait... I prefer Stylized horses, but not humans? Yeah...

Here's the thing: There is no Sleaziness in My Little Pony... The Sleaziness is in the eye of the beholder.

 We can take this picture of a G2 Pony showering and claim that this is making the pony sexualized because we're looking at her while she showers.

Back to G4 Ponies. They are not sexualized... Intentionally. You can watch the show and pause at random intervals and maybe get a frame that could look weird if taken out of context. Same thing can be done in other generations, but it's a bit harder since the ponies while stylized they're less stylized than the Friendship is Magic Ponies. The Equestria Girls are easier to sexualize, because of their humanoid form. Their outfits kinda reflect the times... Seriously, look at Tween's clothing... Cartoons aren't to blame... Parents are to blame for allowing their kids dress like that.  As much as I'm not fond of humanized ponies (even if the Human world is a parallel world), I don't see the perceived Sluttiness that some people see on Equestria Girls... I think the Bratz look far more slutty.

One thing I've noticed is that many of the people attacking Friendship is Magic have not seen it. They see some fan-art on the internet and quickly judge the show as slutty, sleazy, etc.
Then again, I know someone who criticized the hoof out of Alicorn Twilight and Equestria Girls. Really... I still stand by my belief that those things were obvious ploys from the Marketing Department, but If I watch them I'm likely to like them... I may enjoy Equestria Girls, in the future, but I still need season 4 to pass judgment on Twilight: Princess of the Alicorns.  Seriously, Ponies are not sleazy or slutty... G3 Ponies may be diabetes inducing due to their hyper saccharine nature, but no generation of My Little Pony can be called slutty (up until G4... who knows if we get slutty ponies in a future Generation...

I think I'll get off my Soap Box... The Princess needs it right now.

Jul 23, 2013

Why do we need Madame Razz in MOTUC?

There has been a vocal group of folks questioning this.
The Short answer is simple: She's on pretty much every episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power and her Importance is emphasized on the opening.

Light Hope, Madame Razz and Kowl are the three who know Adora's Secret. The same way that Adam's friends, the Sorceress, Man-at-Arms and Orko know his secret. We ARE Getting Kowl. Light Hope is more of a Diorama than a character, so it makes sense that we GET Madame Razz as a figure.

Some question her design and how it doesn't fit MOTU...That she should be tweaked. Make her sexy...
Ram Man, Orko, Modulok, Shadow Beast, Battle Cat don't fit the standard body molds. Did any of those characters were forced to fit the basic buck? No... No need for Madame Razz to be tweaked.

Just look at her!!
I am and while she is going to require a 100% new body, it'll be worth it!

Also I love how she's squashing the lame Bow Knock-Off... (Team Bow FTW!!)

I kid, I kid... Madame isn't THAT big Actually...
You just need to look at her next to other smaller characters... Like say Orko!! Seriously, a Classics Madame Razz would be Almost as big as the

classicized Cringer, which is 2 1/2 Orkos in length. (or only 2 Orkos from head to Butt).

Before anyone mentions her cartoony witch appearance not fitting in MOTUC; I'll remind you that we're getting a Pink Bunny in December and that we already have a Floating Shirt and a Dentist in the line.

Yes, she does look like a cartoony witch. While this may not work too well on Eternia, she's from Etheria. Why emphasize this? Simple: Etheria is a more Fairy Tale like world compared to the D&D Fantasy world of Eternia.
She DOES NEED a little Classicizing action. Even Nepthu got some added details. The same thing would have to be done to Madame Razz.
Her belt could use some texture as well as her clothes.

The other important reason for Madame Razz to join the ranks in MOTUC is that her irregular shaped body could share parts with Gwildor and possibly Cursed Marzo. I think I already mentioned the Gwildor Part Sharing when campaigning for some 87 movie presence in the line! Who knows if the Razz "skeleton" can be used for Rotar and Twistoid.

If Mattel made Nepthu fit the MOTUC Canon, then Making Madame Razz fit should be easy. Not to mention that Right now she IS THE MOST POPULAR Filmation character left. (Sea Hawk is coming and we got a glimpse of a Scorpia tail during the Matty Panel.)

Is Madame Razz for EVERYONE? NO! If you do not like Princess of Power, she is not for you. If you don't like variations in body size, then she is not for you. Her importance to the She-Ra side of the canon can't be ignored or her popularity among Filmation Fans. She is a highly desired CORE Member of The Great Rebellion and it would be a waste if the whole window for Filmation rights usage is closed and we miss out on this important character. It would be almost like having He-Man without Man-at-Arms AND Orko... Madame's role is similar to Orko's as comedic relief, but at the same time she is a Mentor character like Duncan. The only real reason I see that we may miss out on her is Tooling.

Jul 22, 2013

SDDC Pony News

It's a bit meh... Toywise
We got some pics of the stuff that we knew was coming.
The TRU set has characters with cardboard accessories (Chrysalis, Diamond Tiara and a Spa Pony) If I get this set I may paint black rocks on it to have a Crystal Empire Shining Armor...

Also there's Sunset Shimmer, who apparently is a Mexicolt Masked Wrestler or Luchamare...
Booyaka! Booyaka! 619!

Then there's the show stuff... Worst Pony will have an episode...
Something about Evil Luna... Nightmare Moon... and Twilight is Adorkable!

Season 4 looks like it might be purty good, sugarcube!

Yeah, My applejack impression is not that good!

Jul 21, 2013

SDCC non-MOTU non-PONY stuff p.2

-Cowabunga dudes!! Wave 2 of the TMNT Classics is coming this fall... Rocksteady and Bebop...
I know this is old news, BUT Wave 3 IS COMING...
No Shredder, April or Splinter... but we get MOVIE TURTLES!!!
So wave 1 got Cam Clarke Leonardo and Wave 3 gets Brian Tochi Leonardo... Holy Shell it's like getting Xenogears in Toy form!! (I had to sneak in a Xenogears reference)

Also 4 inch TMNT based on the 80s toys... Man! They'd be smaller than the 80s toys, but at the same time... MORE TMNT stuff based on MY TMNT...

-The Fourhorsemen... Yeah, THOSE FourHorsemen have a Kickstarter going on for their Gothitropolis Ravens.  They reached their original goal pretty fast! Now they're through the extended goals... Check them out and if you like what you see and can contribute, then do so! The money will be put to better use than the one wasted for someone to read Wikipedia entries...

as always this post will receive an update if I find anything else to update it with.

-Darkhorse Comics is making Game of Thrones Statues... Personally I would have preferred Articulated figures.

-Bandai Japan is making some Morphinominal figures that I will not get cause of Logistics... not only that but Zyu-Yellow will be male while Yellow Ranger will be female... just like in their respective series!

-Max Steel Junk... What? It's not my fault that the toys are crappy!

Looks like I'll break the rule... There is one MOTU Update:
Blade is Coming!!

Jul 20, 2013

SDCC Non-MOTU Non-Pony Stuff P.1

Hoo boy! After having to take a smoke break and a nice sleep, here are my thoughts on other stuff revealed that is not MOTU or PONIES.

-Doomsday as a sub lure seems nice. The whole Variant version depending which tier the sub arrives is a bit tricky... If you want the Unleashed version, the sub must reach tier 2. If you want the Prisnoer version, the sub musn't reach Tier 2... What happens if you want both?

-DCUC is also delivering the Superboy figure that was axed. (Young Justice look.) Also there's Hook Hand Aquaman and Ice...

-There's something strange with a little dead line... $215 Preorder... Who you gonna buy?
Ghost Busters Ecto 1 with Peter and Ray... They have removable Proton packs... (Now we'd need a Removable Proton Pack version of Egon and Winston) Also the Neutrino Wand is coming.

-Marvel Legends Jubilee is coming as a BAF... I've been having trouble SEEING Marvel Legends in stores and now, Jubilee is a BAF... Then again it's not even the Iconic Jubilee... It's recent Jubilee.
-Yo Joe! There's a ton of GI Joe Stuff! I like the Cobra Commander, the Ultimate Versions of some movie characters...
I shall update this post with more info as it comes.

An Update!

Solo is coming to Star Wars Black!!

Jul 19, 2013

Post Mattypalooza 2013 thoughts

Well, we were hit with a wave of reveals a few minutes ago. (some were spoiled early due to ebay and sneak peaks from Matteh!) So, I'll talk about the leaks first, since I had more time to thing about them. I am still shaking after hearing and looking at the reveals.

He's pretty much Geldor, as seen on the mini comic... BLEGH! Mr. T Jokes will be coming. He comes with the Ax from the Cover, yay... and the PCP that made the tree kill him...

I don't like Geldor as a character, he does nothing for me, BUT he looks pretty cool! I'm surprised with the huge amount of new tooling on him. I thought he would have gotten Bow boots and Skeletor Loincloth, but no... Those are new! He will come this November.

I already mentioned the ebay leak yesterday... He is nicer than I expected, but he IS still Nepthu.
Like the stolen ebay figure showed, he looks too nice for an evil T.U.R.D. Also, it's a shame they didn't reuse the Geldor boots on him. He's the November Filmation Figure

Sky Sled and Wind Raider Pilot:
My Buddy 'Meteorb Joe' must be doing backflips of glee right now... He's a fan of the Wind Raider Pilot that he christened him Sky-High... Wanna know what Mattel called him? Sky High... Apparently he's a 2013 holiday item (I still wonder if this will be the $50 item) So, he's getting a Sky Sled AND a character he wanted with the name he made up! It's no Meteorb, but it's cool that he's getting something he likes!!! He also has Wind Raider Wings that may work like Zidane's Spear or Darth Maul's Double Lightsaber (So far they do not split in two.) He will show up on September.

Weapons pack #4:
KOWL!!! Motherloving KOWL!!! Bow will no longer be naked on my shelf and FINALLY! Someone who knows Adora's Secret!!

Sadly, he's in vintage toy colors... I'm sure if Mattel had made a poll Filmation colors would have won. Unless, the Filmation version is still coming! Still it's FREAKING KOWL!!!!
We also get:
-Weapons rack shield, Spear, Ax and Mace in Gold for Granamyr. With no Weapons rack to put them in... This is cool and sucks at the same time. Think about it: that's 4 item slots "wasted" that could have been used on something else while releasing a redeco of the weapons rack for Granamyr and Castle Grayskull. Missed opportunity here. Now don't get me wrong, the weapons are cool, but for the FINAL Weapons pack, they seem like lazy options.
-Power Sword, He-Man Shield, He-Man Ax in Clawful Mace Repaint Green.  *shakes fist at sky* RUUUUUUBENNNNN!!!!
Seriously? Instead of Silver Power Sword Ax and shield to spice up BA He-Man OR to have an Adam with a sword that matches Adora (colorwise) we get Puke Green He-Man weapons? If it wasn't for Kowl this WP would be a waste...
-SLL Stuff in "Metal" Aside the Dumbass SLL Shield, THIS Actually makes SENSE...
-Hurricane Hordak Stuff in Trap Jaw colors (Plain black cause Logistics... Must do Metallic blue touch ups...) I'm so painting the veins on HH Veiny balls in blue for Trap Jaw...
-Trap Jaw Weapons in Roboto Colors... Well, they MATCH the Roboto weapons in Trap Jaw Colors. Looks like I may have to repaint (adding Metallic blue touches)
-Bubble Power She-Ra's sword in blue for Netossa: Shame that they did NOT add a Faceguard for her to complete her vintage toy look. At least she now has an offensive weapon! It's based on her cardback art!
-Strobo's COSMIC SHOTGUN!! Now he can enforce the Cosmos!
-Rattlor's 200X Armor: Holy No more naked Rattlor Batman! 

Holy crap! That's 20 Items!! But Kowl, Rattlor's Armor, Netossa's sword, Strobo's gun and the SLL stuff make it really awesome... This baby comes in October

While not officially announced, Mattel has a contest for SDCC con-goers who are from the continental 48 states (Flipping me off cause I'm in a Commonwealth) that if you find Loo-Kee on their display you win a free sub! And Someone already WON a FREE SUB!!
Behold the Judgmental Squirrel who also is into voyeur...

So far no info on when he shall be released!!

Castle Grayskull Box Art:
There's only representation from the first two waves of MOTU. I'm not angry that there are no She-Ra or New Adventures characters... I knew that the MOTU Ultra Purist vote wouldn't even allow a wave 3 or beyond character OUTSIDE of the Sorceress. Instead of Using the box art to show a union among the eras in MOTU, Neitlich pulled off a Pontius Pilate and allowed the vote for subscribers only (Only to those who subscribed Before they reopened the subs.) Seriously, MOTU's stagnation is mostly due to the overreliance on the 12-back characters. The castle will come in November. $300 for Day of Sale + Shipping.

Sea Hawk: 
Dick move Mattel, dick Move... Yeah, they "warned" us, but wasn't Club Filmation for characters that were One-Shots?  Sea Hawk has about 6 episodes AND a cameo on the Christmas Special...

I don't want Icer, I consider Batros Skippable (aside a GD Batman joke), Shokoti is the only one I wanted, aside Sea Hawk... He looks cool, but it's very likely that I won't get him, unless I find a deal through secondary market. I had to choose between Club Eternia or Club Filmation when Sub-Lites showed up... I picked Eternia. He's the October Figure for Club Filmation.

Lord Dactys:
He looks cool, but I could have lived without him... He looks very 200X-ish, but he's coming in October... (Too much stuff coming in October)

Filmation's December Figure. He comes with a gun that looks a bit like Earthworm Jim's gun... I honestly, don't care about him... Congrats to Strongarm fans!!

Plundor the Spoiler:
MOTUC Pink Bunny! I dunno what can I say about him aside, Pink Bunny with Skeletor's Ax from Diamond Ray of disappearance!

THE Army Builder is coming!! October... (So, let's do the math: Troopers, Mantenna, Lord Dactys, Kowl)


That was my reaction (wingboner included) She is PERFECT!! Tiny nitpick, da pizza. Everything else...

She comes next February...

The final Core Vintage Figure is coming next January... It's Hideous!! (and rightfully so.) He's the January Figure... We'll complete the Core Evil Warriors!!

Vintage Purists will bitch and moan about him, but Hydron looks effin awesome!! He's got tons of new tooling and ACTUAL FLIPPERS!! not evil Duckfeet!! Now Flipshot won't be alone...


That's Mattel's new name for Modulok... Must resist urge to make a Multi-Bot Reference!
He's the First Quarterly... He's the mysterious $40 Item...

Traveling Con Exclusive:
It's Goat Man!! I think he's from the Golden Books. He comes with the Mini Comic Emerald Staff of Avion.

MOTUC Stan Lee... He looks like a Gar Stan Lee... Will post more info when I get it.

Final thoughts:
Buy the Freaking SUB!! I NEED MY GLIMMER AND Two Bad... and Modulok... Oh yeah Sub Exclusive is The Unnamed One... No pics until he arrives at your doorstep. Mattel's Super Secrecy code or something... Also, Buy the Sub!!

UPDATE:   Huntara won!! I don't know how she did it, but she won! Somehow I was expecting Masque to win.

Jul 18, 2013

Matty Collector SDCC Reveals are coming!

Tomorrow is our big Day!! Mattel is havnig tomorrow their SDCC Panel... We've heard the rumors...

 Mattel already deleted it.

there's even an auction on ebay for him!

The King of T.U.R.D.s IS NOT a rumor... or at least he'll stay on the Filmation sub... Rumors claim that he's part of Club Eternia 2013...

They couldn't do New Adventures He-Man... They had to use Neitlichverse He-Scar-Face

We'll know who won this battle...

There will be some DC and Ghostbusters stuff too!

but what I'm waiting for is:
the Q4 $50 Item for 2013
the second October Figure
the December Figure
Knowing the rest of Club Filmation
The 2014 January to March
2 of the Quarterlies for 2014
the 2014 Sub exclusive
and last but not least the Travelling Con Exclusive...

I think I am forgetting something Green about Castle Grayskull sized... Seriously, I wish I could have gone to SDCC and see it in person, but that ain't happening... Stay tuned for my rant tomorrow after the reveals! Sadly, Grayskull won't be the final product. Before you grab your pitchforks, let's wait until Mattel shows the darn thing...

While this entry and the following one are Mattel heavy, I will have an entry on quadruped creatures from Rhode Island soon!

You know what the worst part is:
Nepthu looks kinda Nice... Even though he IS Nepthu. Surprised that Mattel allowed the Horsemen to sculpt a new Zoar... I like the new Biceps... If he comes in the main sub, I fear my review of him...

And Here's The Toy guru doing the "I dream of Nepthu" dance!

Jul 17, 2013

The sun has gone down... You know what happens next, right?

It seems that Bear is back! Sadly, not on Discovery... Now he's on NBC... I wonder if they will allow some of his antics... Need to catch an episode of his show. Which started last week and I knew nothing about.

The article liked has a few survival myths and the correct way to tackle them... Which is kinda funny since myth #1 is about car breaking down and walking away to look for help...
An article about Mr. Let's parkour through mountains saying that the best solution is waiting near the car.

#2 talks about drinking unpurified water. Boil it cause of Giardia and stuff... Bear Grylls drinks Poop Juice

and urine...

#3 talks about the whole looking for food and that instead water and shelter are the priority... Rule of 3:
You can't survive more than 3 Minutes of Air, 3 Hours without Shelter, 3 Days without water, 3 Weeks without food. I'm not going to mention the ridiculous amounts of energy that the average Pissdrinker exerts on hunting a small animal whose nutritional value gives you less than what you wasted to hunt it.

OK so one google search later I discovered it's going to be one of THOSE Shows...

I'm so not going to be watching this... Especially since it's Sponsored by WalMart and P&G... Not cause of those companies being sponsors, but I don't want to hear Bear Grylls peddling P&G Products or WalMart...

Seriously, I've had enough of Bear Grylls trying to sell me stuff...

Jul 16, 2013

"Special Friends" Really?

I'm getting a vibe that Mattel seems to want to make the Etherian side of MOTU less cool and unimportant. Let's start with the recently released Castaspella bio:

Beautiful Friend to She-Ra, Castaspella is one of the most powerful mages in Etheria. After the Horde claimed her beautiful Planet as a new homeworld during their banishment on Despondos, Castaspella became a leader in the Great Rebellion helping to defend the people of Etheria with her magic. She has been known to temporarily hypnotize her foes, and although she can be flighty at times, her strength and courage have helped her fight the oppression of Hordak. She is special friends with both Angella and Frosta and only uses her magic for good.

 While it comes from the style guide, there are a few things that should have been reworded.
Castaspella is one of the three main queens on Etheria: Angella and Frosta are the other two.

then there's Bow... who is totally not gay if we follow Mattel He is She-Ra's "Special friend who helps She-Ra"... If you know what I mean! But what does Mattel mean? Cause Special Friend usually means "Friends with Benefits". So, now Angella, Frosta AND Castaspella are Special Friends...
So, Bow is straight, while Angella, Frosta and Castaspella are bisexual?

Probably not, but it's the WORDING what bugs me. While I understand that the Bio writers are making nods to the vintage material, there are some instances that it shouldn't be done. This is one of them. Especially since they've had access to Filmation Rights since 2012. The Bio Team should have updated this bio. Perhaps mentioning that this friendship was born from the alliance of the recently freed kingdoms on Etheria. Then there's the "Flighty" thing... Castaspella is basically a semi-responsible leader for the rebellion. That means that she's semi-irresponsible at times as well. Not to mention that her flightiness could have a negative effect on her duties as Queen of Mystacor.

The Bio writers adherence to the Girly Mattel version of Princess of Power EVEN when they have access to Filmation canon shows how little regard they have towards POP and the Etheria chapters of MOTU. Seriously, it's almost like it's a small footnote on MOTUC. Instead of telling a tale of a planet's struggle to overthrow an evil alien empire, the princess of power bios are too busy discussing the implied sex life of various characters due to iffy wording or their fashions. Not to mention the whole horde going to Eternia, cause Etheria is insignificant for the bio team.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm super stoked about Castaspella... It's just her bio that bothers me!! Now I totally want an Angella so I can have Photog film those slumber parties!!

Beautiful Friend to She-Ra, Castaspella is one of the most powerful mages in Etheria. After the Horde claimed Etheria as a new homeworld during their banishment on Despondos, Castaspella became an ally to the Great Rebellion helping to defend the people of Etheria with her magic. She has been known to temporarily hypnotize her foes, and although she can be a little flighty at times, her strength and courage have helped her fight the oppression of Hordak. She is in a friendly alliance with both Angella and Frosta and only uses her magic for good.
While I kept it as close as possible to the actual bio, the little changes made make it a bit better in my opinion.
Mattel is missing out on a cool chapter of the MOTU Mythos by ignoring Etheria. Especially when they could use HE-MAN as one of the "leaders" of the Great Rebellion. (Since it was pretty much nothing until He-Man brought She-Ra into the mix.)

It's things like these that make the bios easily disposable (not to mention having Mattel's own Scott Neitlich saying that the MOTUC Canon is as valid as any Fan Continuity)... THIS is one of the many things that are hindering He-Man and She-Ra's real comeback.

Jul 15, 2013

The Importance of Clamp Champ

I have to be honest. I never had him as a kid, I vaguely remember a neighbor having him when we played MOTU... or perhaps it was one of those Sun Man figures that were compatible with MOTU, but not from Mattel. I'm not sure, but looking BEYOND the obvious novelty of "Hey look! It's a black guy!*" Clamp Champ IS important.

*NOTE: Clamp Champ was the first and only black man in the MOTU vintage line. I'd normally use the more Politically correct "African______" term but since there is no Africa on Eternia, it would be pointless to have.

While a lot of his perceived importance is skin deep, it's HIS ROLE in the canon what I'm more interested in. It's a shame that he showed up so late in the line, so he did not get an appearance in the Filmation Cartoon. He did show up in a Mini Comic: The search for Keldor...yes, we're talking about THAT Keldor... He wasn't blue, but he was the KEY to defeating Skeletor... Here we discover that he is King Randor's Bodyguard... And that he has Super Senses!! A strong warrior with Early warning senses who is proficient in combat with a highly impractical weapon...

BTW isn't it weird that the only black characters in Eternia and Etheria FROM THE 80s only have "capture weapons".
No swords, blasters, staffs, etc. He only has his capture claw and Netossa has her cape and a shield.

He seems to be the only character who has a weapon that is used to subdue his enemies. Sure Sy-Klone and Extendar do not own an offensive weapon, but their shields are used to defend, not subdue the enemy.

200X and MOTU Classics KINDA Corrected this when ZodaK was released on both lines. (On 200X he even has a Gun in addition to the staff) The MOTUC Black Palace Guard has a set of PG Weapons (Axes, Maces, Halberds to choose from) Then Dekker had a mace. Netossa MAY get a weapon in the next WP... (The Sword from her 80s art)... Progress?

He WAS supposed to show up on the third season of the 2002 Reboot of He-Man. Something about maybe substituting Duncan as Man-at-Arms while they found a way to cure Duncan from his Snakeman-itis. While I'm not 100% sure about this, that would have boosted his importance. We do see a little bit of this in the Neitlichverse Mini-Comics... Where he KILLS Duncan with his non-lethal weapon. In the bios he becomes the Man-at-Arms after Duncan kicks the bucket. When Mrs. Champ tells her hubby to quit, he does... Cause Family and stuff.

Now here's the thing... He seems unimportant because of his Later wave appearance and lack of Filmation Presence. Precisely because he didn't get a Filmation presence IS why he is important.

-His role as Royal Bodyguard actually lightens Teela's load a little bit.
-He's one of the few "Naturally gifted" Heroic Warriors. His powers come from within and are not thanks to magic weapons, armor, being a deity, Power Gloves or Super High tech.
-His Fighting style is suited for subduing his enemies rather than fighting to the death.

THESE is why I AM Excited about Clamp Champ! He also looks cool in his armor and the clamp looks sweet! (My Snout Spout is forbidden from using his Hydraulic spreader because it is borderline Clamp Champ Territory.) The fact that he is black is just a bonus! While Mattel's inclusion of Clamp Champ may smell of Affirmative Action; the fact is that he IS A COOL Character with tons of Potential... (Except the whole Killing Duncan thing). The biggest thing holding him back is the adherence to the 12 back. If he is used correctly and his pluses (His ability to subdue enemies and capture them, his super senses) are played correctly then we have a winner here.

It sucks that Mattel is LIMITING Clamp Champ to collectors in classics by making him another "Sub Exclusive". Hopefully we WILL SEE More of him in the next He-Man Cartoon! Seriously, Clamp Champ needs some love from the fan base... He's a lot more than a Repainted Fisto Armor on the normal buck with a new head... (I'm describing Vintage Clamp Champ).

I understand that not everyone remembers him, most of my interest in him began about 4 years ago! With that said, we musn't ignore other aspects of MOTU, just because "you didn't grew up with it!" You may find something you like on it... Even the awful DC Comics have something good (Despara)

Jul 14, 2013

a Paula Deen Comic... Really?

He y'all! As you already know there's been a massive poopstorm with the whole Paula Deen issue. I'm not going to go on with details about it because any position taken may be considered offensive. If I denounce her then I'm with the PC Police... or love demonizing an old lady. If I denounce the way she's being demonized then I'm racist. So, like I did with the Amanda Bynes fiasco, I'm pulling a Pontius Pilate...

But that's not the thing... The thing is that there's a company that's going to make a Paula Deen Comic... Now WHO in the Heck would make a Paula Deen comic... Bluewater...
The same people who made a Honey Boo Boo comic... Seriously, these guys would make a comic out of ANYTHING...
I mean they did Honey Boo Boo, Nicki Minaj... wait let me search their site...
Aw Hell no! They made one of Gropey Mc Douchey Pants... better known to the world as The Monkey abandoning, ego-centric maniac, Speed Demon, ├╝berdouche, Justin Bieber!

Luckily Miley Cyrus avoided the Bluewater treatment... Can't say the same thing about Selena Gomez...
I still don't get who the target audience for this Paula Deen comic is...
Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez fans are NOT the Target audience for this comic... and I'm pretty sure that the age demographic that the Bieber, Minaj and Gomez comics are intended to are NOT buying comics... Regular comic book customers are less likely to bother with these comics because, they're not the target audience for them...

These are some weird novelty items. I think there are better novelty items than A Paula Deen Comic Book:

Or if we're keeping them Paula Deen themed, how about a Bobblehead with a talking base... (without any racist comments... just the usual "Butter" quotes and maybe a "hey y'all")

Or an Action Figure 3 pack based on this:

Again, this is just pointing out other things that people could do to exploit the whole Paula Deen Situation... Seriously, it's like there's some asshat out there trying to make a quick buck out of every issue... Then again I'm surprised they haven't made a comic about a certain radical feminist who is fighting the evil of The La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo! I mean THE PATRIARCHY!!
Again nothing against women getting equal treatment. I'm just against people taking thousands of dollars just to reread Wikipedia articles, cherry-picking videos to show her point while omitting the parts that prove her wrong. Or that's just the Patriarchy who censors her and edits her videos once they reach the internets... Curse the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo!! Seriously though, a comic about said feminist who I shall not mention by name seems to be far more interesting than a Paula Deen Comic...

Jul 13, 2013

Oh Chucky... You should have been killed a long itme ago...

Seriously, you're no longer scary!

You're trying to hard Chuckster! I'm not sure if this is a reboot or if this is a sequel that goes in between Scary Chucky and Parody Chucky...
Straight to DVD... I smell suckage. There's something that makes him look a bit OFF.

I was afraid of THIS!?
In any case these movie is coming straight to DVD and it's yet another chance to see if Chucky has any appeal. Then again, I think that Chucky should have not come back after the Third movie... I'm being a bit generous cause I would have made Child's Play a single movie thing and MAYBE having different killers inhabit different toys. Just to avoid the "Mascot effect". The whole notion of doing a "Body Exchange Ritual" to avoid death seems like a cool idea. A killer who can exchange bodies and avoid the law? That's a freaking Genius idea for a Serial Killer movie! So much wasted potential...

I'll be honest, I don't expect this to be good... I mean, LOOK AT CHUCKY!! Let him die in peace!!

Jul 12, 2013

I don't get Geldor...

He won the Fan Poll Vote last year... even when the winner was chosen and the polls were still open AFTER the fact that he was chosen... Not saying that Mattel chose Geldor regardless of who really won, but this fact makes them look bad.

I understand he has a huge following in Europe. If I recall correctly, he was the Champion of the German Forums. so, he DOES have a following. My question is WHY!?

His single appearance is on the Mini-Comic The Secret Liquid of Life...
Where unlike the cool cover where we see him standing toe to toe against He-Man, we see him standing around... Threatening an old man to kill his daughter unless he gives Geldor his "water"...
The Secret Liquid of Life (or PCP). I think it's PCP since the old man is tripping balls and his daughter was an illusion. So He-Man, being the Anti-Drug hero he is he gets the "water" and drops it as Geldor was about to take it.
Fluttershy kills him... and she felt bad about it!
Not only that, but the Heroes celebrate a wedding under the shade of the Geldor Killing tree!!

So, WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE GELDOR!? In his single appearance he did nothing except dying. I mean, Dakon, and the evil Wizard sidekick of Geldor did MORE than Geldor himself!! 
What's the appeal on him!? Unlike Madame Razz (who some people question her popularity when the answer is in the freaking She-Ra intro) who actually DOES Stuff besides being a comedic relief on her appearances on the She-Ra cartoon; Geldor DOES NOTHING!!!

Aside the Easy to make factor (which Mattel totally loves) He's pretty much a new head, armor, and maybe boots! (Unless they give him Bow's boots)

I think he vaguely looks like a Mr.T wannabe, but aside that, I just don't get why he is popular. OK I could understand nostalgic attachment to that mini comic, but he still does NOTHING!! Lodar did more stuff in his mini-comic than Geldor...

Jul 11, 2013

If I had the power to choose the Filmation Figures...

Two days ago, I made a list of candidates better suited than Nepthu because of their low amount of new tooling required.

Seriously, I'm becoming like Twilight Sparkle with all these lists!!
So, if I was SOMEBODY AT MATTEL and I HAD to Choose 20 Normal sized (non-variant) Characters from Filmation to put in MOTUC here's who I'd Choose:
Masters of the Universe:

-Shokoti: She's a popular one shot evil wraith! The Lovecraftian nods throughout her Episode make her a memorable character who deserves a spot! (Even the Somebody at Mattel thinks so)

-Masque: We have Shokoti, we should get Masque... It's like Peanut Butter AND Jelly!

-Melaktha: While, yes I do like Melaktha a LOT and I understand he's not the most Toyetic character; he has something going for him... His occupation as Royal Archaeologist allows him to link the past to the present. (As ways to explore Eternia's history and enrich the MOTU uh, universe.) I've discussed a lot on why he should be in the line (not to mention the artifacts he could have as accessories. He also has 6 appearances on the show, so that makes him a worthy candidate... Also, he was on House of Shokoti... It's either him or Stanlan... I'm joking about the Stanlan part.

-Batros: He's a smart fellow... I'm a bit "meh" about him, but he seems popular enough. Secret Ulterior motive to add him? God Damned Batman jokes. (we ARE getting him, so I agree with Somebody at Mattel)

-Chimera (V2): While the MOTUC Marzo is the 200X Marzo, the lack of his own sidekick Chimera is severely noticed on my shelf... (also, having him would help the push for a Filmation Marzo) The reason I chose V2 is because he has two appearances versus the Single appearance of Chimera V1...

-Delora/Hawke: The difference between each other is just a head. Perfect for a 2 in 1 figure... Since some Collectors buy multiples; they can get two of them! *Cha-Ching!*

-Icer: Creepy Ice dude who looks like a Vintage Toy? Heck and yes! (Perfect for Somebody at Mattel cause most of his new parts can see reuse!)

-Strongarm: I don't like this guy to be honest, but I know he is pretty popular among the fan community.

-Enchantress: The one who kept Miro Captive (now in Despondos if we go with Classics Lore). According to Filmation Lore she was Miro's Enemy... Something elaborating on The Great Unrest.

-Fang Man: Like Strongarm, I don't like him much, but he is pretty popular.

Princess of Power:
-Shadow Weaver: I know that she already came in classics. I'm choosing THOSE who I would have chosen IF I HAD the chance to choose all the characters that would show up. Why would I pick her? She complements and expands the Evil Horde.

-Scorpia: Like Shadow Weaver, this deadly Hordeswoman would help expand the Evil Horde.

-Octavia: Apply the same train of thought as Shadow Weaver.

Three figures in through one Faction affiliation. They also break down the fest du sausage that is zee evil horde!

-Sea Hawk: He's an important ally to the Rebellion (even if he barely helps the rebellion and only joined it to get laid) He also breaks down the Great Clambake by aiding Bow in the Masculine Presence department...

-Granita: The Third Rock Person or Comet Warrior. She's had some appearances with Stonedar and Rokkon outside of Filmation. That gives her some street cred.

-Huntara: Boba Fett in a Purple Grace Jones body... who wields dual lightsabers. Yes please!

-The Melog: a Mud Golem that is basically She-Ra's own Faker? what's not to like?

-Madame Razz: While she requires 100% New Tooling and is slightly shorter than most characters, She is not Orko sized, so she can be classified as a normal figure. Her Importance is that she's one of the few who share Adora's secret and it's mentioned in every episode.

-General Sunder:
Former Horde General turned Rebel? He pretty much shares a LOT of tooling with the Horde Troopers.

-Vultak: Flying Horde member and keeper of Hordak's Menagerie... Not my Favorite Hordseman, but he expands the horde, has the ability of flight.

Now, those are the 20 NORMAL Sized characters that I'd use. If I could toss in Smaller characters like the Twiggets, Imp, Red Eye (Simple reuse of the Kowl buck.) Dree Elle, Montork, Starchild or Larger characters like Dylamug (The MOTU MODOK), General Tataran, Shokoti's Sleeping Beast (cause House of Shokoti)  or Molkrom, just to name a few; I totally would. If I HAD to cut a few of the normal figures I'd remove Melog, Delora, Melaktha, Chimera and Enchantress if needed. I have to say that it was a LOT HARDER to choose 10 from the MOTU Side than choosing 10 from the POP side. The reason it was harder for me to choose from MOTU was this: I was trying to look for the following:

-Characters that would open doors to expand the story: Like I said with Melaktha. His usefulness lies in his archaeological skills. His work opens up new adventures.Encounters with mysterious characters. Also linking some story points and locations... If used correctly. With Masque's case, he dies in his first appearance, but his existence is proof of the cult of Shokoti, which again can expand the story... in this case backstory and can be used to further explain the World of Eternia... Going beyond Mattel's vision of simply selling the toys.

-Characters who are popular with the fans. Ileena would be super easy to make, but she's not THAT popular. There's also the fact that she's just a recovering drug addict. There's not much that I can do with her storywise when looking at the big picture. People like Strongarm and Fang Man. I don't, but since they seem to be pretty popular;; they were added to the list.

-Characters who could reuse parts or make parts that can be reused on other figures: It's a little Mattel Logic. Icer and Vultak share forearms, Vultak and Angella share wings. Sunder and Horde Troopers share bodies.Chimera reuses a lot from Demo-Man.

You may have noticed the absence of two Special characters... One has a mild following but is VERY Controversial. The other, well I've ranted way too much on him... almost as much as I did with Spector. You know what I learned after this?

Wait... No Video with Background Music?
OK then. Having to pick a few characters out of the rather large Filmation Library is a pain in the neck!
Aside from the rumors of Plundor and Nepthu, the character's we've gotten have been OK. HOPEFULLY We won't get any more "Nepthu Class" characters. Also, I pity the one having to make these choices... cause seriously, NEPTHU!?

I really hope these Nepthu Rumors are just Rumors...

Jul 10, 2013

Revisiting Old Characters in MOTUC (2.0 version rant)

Before I'm reminded of Logistics, and We need to focus on Core Characters and all that. I need to point out that this is a Wish List that I KNOW is very unlikely to happen. But if Mattel were interested in Revisiting a couple of older MOTUC Figures and do a few improvements, then here's a list of them and What I'd hope to see. In other words Either Deluxe or Repainted versions of some characters.
Something to make them POP!! Something like
metallic paintjobs to the metallic parts, or some new
parts to correct some past mistakes.

I think I may have mentioned something like this before, but it was a bit more complicated.
These figures would not be the super duper deluxe figures that I mentioned in the earlier post... Some of these are to correct some past issue like Backward shoulders or stuff like that. Others are to have a version of a main character that never got a reissue. Perhaps these could be made in two-packs outside the sub when we reach D-Lister year... (After the "Line-Wrap-up" years) or after the Classics Line is over.

AGAIN, this will never happen, but it would be sweet if it did! I'm a bit spoiled by Japanese toys and other Adult Collector toys that allow the user to have endless configurations, but I had to force myself into a more Mattel frame of mind... (Try to use the least new parts as possible) Also, I'm not saying that ALL OF THESE NEED TO BE MADE... What I'm saying is that if any of these characters get revisited, then you COULD do this.
He-Man 3.0:
New Parts Required:

-The Flesh color on this He-Man is supposed to match the New Adventures He-Man.
-The Forearms are meant to be Vintage inspired BUT with the space to have the NA He-Man hands.
-The Reason the Harness is new is for it to be a 200X Harness WITHOUT the huge pegs to hold Grayskull's cape.
-The new Belt would be based on the 200X Belt.
-The heads would be: Vintage based but using the New Adventures facial structure and a 200X-esque head using the New Adventures facial structure.
-He should come with the Techno Sword (and you can Mix and Match with Older He-Man stuff if you want a more Vintage He-Man.)

She-Ra 3.0:
New Parts Required:
-Interchangeable Right Hands (2)
-Upper Dress
-Chest insigniae

-This She-Ra's Flesh Tone should match the Original She-Ra.
-Her body is pretty Much Bubble Power She-Ra, but with the new Upper Dress that can alternate between Vintage Toy Chest Piece or Filmation Chest Piece
-Her cape and Belt are based on the Vintage Toy She-Ra. Mix and Match with the Filmation version to get a more Filmation accurate She-Ra.
-Her sword is her Original Vintage Toy Sword.
-the hands are the Aloft Position hand and the normal right hand. (I don't trust Mattel design to pull the joint on the female wrist.)

Skeletor 3.0:
New Parts needed:
-hands (4)

-The new Faceplate is for an open mouth Skeletor.
-The Interchangeable hands are:
-Two Normal Gripping hands (For holding swords)
-Left Wide Grip hand (for holding The wider part of the Havoc Staff or Whiplash's spork of Doom)
-He'd have the Keldor cape in Skeletor colors and the Demo-man Feet. (They work for both a 200X inspired Skeletor or a more Alcala inspired Skeletor)
He should come with the Havoc staff in 200X colors.

Hordak 2.0:
New Parts Required:
-Torso armor with interchangeable insigniae
-Interchangeable insigniae. (Normal Horde insignia reused from Dawg-O-Tor, the new one with a Buzz-Saw materializing from the insignia.)
-Detachable Shoulders (they should work Like Trap Jaw's)
-Third arm (Blaster arm. Reuse Icarius Bicep and Hurricane Hordak Forearm)
-Loose Buzz-Saw

-This is meant to be the Filmation Hordak. While the head and Torso armor are new (filmation based) Classics parts can be reused to complete the look without sculpting new parts. 2 Armbands and Tri-Klops forearms on the normal arms complete the look there.
-The Blaster arm is meant to be the right arm
-The Removable insigniae and buzz-saws are a nod to Buzz-saw Hordak... Who is currently a pointless variant on his own right now.
-Imp is of course, the Filmation version.

Catra 2.0:
New Pieces Required:
-Dress (Top and Bottom. Top needs interchangeable insigniae)
-Chest Insigniae

-the Dress should look like the Previous Catra, but with the Vintage Toy colors. The interchangeable insigniae are for a more toy-Like look vs the "Horde Look"
-The Extra belt is to hold the Vintage Toy tail... the tail could double as a furry whip!
-Her Mask should be the Filmation mask in Silver. Mix and match with the Previous Catra for other masks.

Roboto 3.0:
(technically the Second attempt at a Roboto toy, but it would be Roboto mk.3 if we follow the MOTUC Canon)
New Pieces Required:
-Head (especially the Mouthpiece)
-Left Hand
-Torso Armor

-He's A chance to correct the "Sonic Weld!" Issues and Backwards Shoulders on him.
-The Torso Armor and head give him a 200X Look. If you'd like a more Vintage version, Mix and Match with the previous Roboto.
-His accessories should only be the gun and the claw (Like the 200X Version) If you mix and match with the previous Roboto you can have him dual wield the Roboto guns!

King Hssss 2.0:
New Pieces Required:
-New Belt
-New Snake Form (Earl Norem inspired)

-Again, this is a way to correct Backwards shoulders on a figure.
-The New belt is to give him some 200X flair.
-King Hssss' head should be painted in 200X Colors. (For a more Vintage Hssss, mix and match with previous Hssss Figure)
-The New Snake Form has two functions:  Give us a non-Bendy Snake Form and it gives us a more intimidating SEVEN snake Hsssss!

Teela 2.0:
New Pieces Required:
-Torso armor
-Bottom Armor (With the big leaves like normal MOTUC Teela)

-Her Skin Tone should Match the Original Teela.
-Her body should be on the Fembuck 2.0
-Her Default head should be a Red-headed version of the Battleground Teela head.
-Her Bracers should be Like Battleground Evil Lyn's

Goddess 2.0:
New Parts Required:
-Alternate Snake Armor Piece that slips on the chest without interfering with head movement.
-Bottom Armor (Closely based on the Vintage Teela Toy, not the Concept art)

-The Different Bottom on her is to make her a bit less than a Teela Repaint.
-the Second head is for the Goddess when fused with Teela (Based on the Tale of Teela! Mini Comic)
-The Fusion head is the reason for the alternate take on the Snake Armor.

Snout Spout 2.0:
New Pieces Required:

-It's pretty much Snout Spout in a more vibrant color scheme. (Like I customized mine) with a Non-Bendy trunk and a more Metallic color scheme.
-Perhaps giving him the SMAA Treatment of a more Techno-armored body might work too!

Faker 2.0:
New Parts Required:
-Battle Damaged Arm
-Detachable Shoulders (Reusing the suggested Hordak Shoulders)

-3.0 He-Man forearms would be used on him.
-He'd have 3 heads:
They would be: Vintage based but using the New Adventures facial structure, a 200X-esque head using the New Adventures facial structure and the Battle Damaged Head... (Think Terminator)
-The Battle Damaged Arm should look like the somewhat like Endoskeletal arm of a Terminator.

Prince Adam 2.0:
New Pieces:
- Smiling Head (with the facial structure of New Adventures He-Man) Skin tone should match the Other Adam figure.
-Vest with Holster for the sword
-Techno Sword (Locked position)
-Short Scepter/Mace

-a 200X Adam is Highly unlikely to happen. This Adam would be the "Filmation Adam"
-He'd be a Repaint of Adam in Filmation colors using the He-Man 3.0 buck.
-The extra weapons are a nod to the 200X Adam.

Honorable Mentions:

Man-at-Arms 2.0:
New Parts Required:
-"Secret" Accessory

-Reusing the Palace Guard body but with the He-Man Feet and the Palace Guard Right Side Armor we can recreate Filmation Man-At-Arms 
-Since all versions of Man-at-Arms usually bring an accessory for another character, he gets the Filmation Power Sword.

200X Evil Lyn:
New parts Required:
-Full dress (top and bottom)

200X Mekaneck:
New Parts required:
-Nothing (unless they go the Snake Mekaneck route which would need a new head.)

Notes: See Snake Man-at-Arms, do the same with Mekaneck. (Keep his hands gloved so we can mix and match for human Mek if he gets a snake head)

Jewelstar 2.0:
Repaint her in Reds...

Tallstar 2.0:New Pieces Required:
- Removable "Hammer Pants"
-Upper Torso
-New Neck extensions
-New longer Arm and Leg Extensions

-The new Upper Torso and neck extensions to fix the Nearly Headless Tallstar issue from the Original Tallstar.
-The "Hammer Pants" are to recreate her prototype look

Starla 2.0:
New Pieces required:
-Starburst backpack

-Repaint her yellows to metallics

Like I said before: This is VERY UNLIKELY TO HAPPEN!! Ah, a guy can dream...

Jul 9, 2013

Filmation Characters that could have been better than Nepthu

I really am bringing the Hate on Nepthu hard... Or so it would seem. I'm seriously thinking that we're getting him because Somebody at Mattel REALLY LIKES Nepthu... While not announced officially rumors STRONGLY hint his coming... (and the whole Neitlich denial screams Nepthu is coming)
There is nothing wrong with Liking Nepthu, but if the line ends and we don't have Madame Razz (whose importance is cemented in every She-Ra Episode) Scorpia, Masque etc. and we have Nepthu, then Something's REALLY messed up here. So, There's nothing meaner than kicking someone when he's down and Nepthu is a fictional character... This means I am not THAT mean!! Here's a list of characters that would have been better than Nepthu (and require very little new Tooling)

I know he's a Mini-Comic Character as well, but the mini Comic version looks very Native American.
All we need is a Harness, Head, Left Bicep, Boots.
Unless they use the Skeletor shins and Stratos Sock feet, which reduces the amount of new parts.

Seriously, all he needs is a Harness, a Faceplate for any of the hooded heads we have, and two leg straps that could be repainted in red and tossed inside a weapons pack...

He was the Top 25th in the He-Man.org poll... the one where Nepthu didn't show up at all...
We have almost all the pieces for a "Classicized" Melaktha. We only need Head, Shirt, and belt.
The boots are a repaint of Dekker's the "loincloth" could be Flipshot's, Bow's, Mosquitor's, or Kobra Khan's. The biceps are from Mosquitor to simulate sleeves.

This blonde is real easy to make. We only need a head and Bra. Everything else is a combination of pieces from Adora, She-Ra and Battleground Teela. (BGTeela body, 1.0 Thighs, Adora boot with She-Ra feet, Adora forearms on the Teela arms. The Skirt comes from Bubble Power She-Ra...) Boom! Less new pieces than Nepthu...

This popular character (who is not my cup of tea )is Ridiculously easy to make:
New Bicep, New Forearm, New Hand (these 3 on the Right Side), New Head and Harness. We have the body, the left forearm is Hordak's, the boots are Flipshot and Bada-bing! Strongarm!

Hawke and Delora:
While Hawke has a cool 200X Look, this is a Filmation list and we can kill two birds with one stone.
All we need for them is: Head(s), Upper Torso dress, The wings, new thighs.
She'd use the normal Female 2.0 buck, her "loincloth" can be Octavia's, her Shins would be Frosta's.

General Sunder:
Assuming that the Horsemen already made the Horde Troopers, this guy is easy. It's all in a new plate for the Dawg-O-Tor armor, new head and cape. (Reuse Dawg's Horde insignia to show a Sunder before defecting to the Rebellion)

Furry buck would be unlikely...  See Batros for precedent. Kittrina is real easy to make then. All she needs is head, Dress (upper and lower) Feet and tail.

She requires a lot of new Tooling (IF we go for a 100% Filmation accurate look) but A Classicized Scorpia could be made while reusing some parts.
The head and dress would be new, so would the tail. I'm leaning towards using the 1.0 Body here because the way her tail works. The hands would be tha last new piece on her. They could get away with reusing Octavia's forearms and Catra's boots on her... IF Logistics doesn't allow for her new boots and forearms.

Trollan Pack:
A Montork and Dree-Elle Pack . (add in various accessories and Orko's Pyramid to reach the price of a full figure.) Montork: New head (with glasses) new Scarf with beard. Dree-Elle: New head

Aside Ileena, pretty much all of these folks are more desired than Nepthu... AND they do not require that much new Tooling (OK Scropia and Kittrina may require a lot of new tooling, but I wouldn't be surprised if Mattel would cut corners cause Logistics.)

It's not so much that I don't want Nepthu, but that Somebody at Mattel is pushing for a Totally Un-Requested Dude, because s/he thinks that Nepthu is the best character ever. I want Etherian Rebel Josh
in MOTUC more than a lot of these guys on the list. If I was the one in charge of choosing which figures will show up I would not push for Josh until all 3 main eras had their core characters... I separated 200X since it's a reboot of the original MOTU and their core characters are pretty much the same as Vintage... Right now we can't be making the characters that Somebody at Mattel wants. We need to round up as many of the rosters as possible.