Apr 30, 2013

More Mattel SDCC Stuff... KNEEL Before stuff...

Day 2 of reveals: A Movie Masters pack of Superman vs Zod...
and another Battlestar Galactica Hot Wheels...

The Two pack will have action features on the package... Hopefully THIS time, International customers can order it... Not like King Grayskull's um, Grayskull package...

Let's see what they'll show in the next 3 days...

So far:
Stonedar and Rokkon for MOTUC
A BSG ship for Hot Wheels
Superman vs Zod for DC (more exactly Man of Steel movie line)
Another BSG ship for Hot Wheels.

Apr 29, 2013

Rokkon and Stonedar are Mattel's SDCC MOTU Exclusive.

The comet warriors who bend over and turn into rocks... They ARE The SDCC MOTUC Exclusive...
NOW! The rant on the link makes sense!! No, I WASN'T AWARE OF THEM BEING THE Exclusive. I was going on Rumors... It's not like they're going to make a MOTU Stan Lee or anything like that...
Well, It's the Comet Warriors... I have to say they're better than Vykron the dalmatian... In theory...

It's official, I want a Jewelstar 2.0!! with rock transforming powers.

There's also a Hot Wheels Cylon Ship but I don't care about no stinkin Cylon Hot Wheels... now if it was a Hot Wheels Wind Raider... that's another story... Speaking of which, why aren't there any MOTUC Vehicles made in Hot Wheels Scale?

Apr 28, 2013

Happy Masters of the Universe Day!!

I am ashamed to say that I did not know that Today was Masters of the Universe Day...
Apparently, back in 1987, LA Mayor Tom Bradley declared April 28th as MOTU Day...

So, HAPPY MOTU DAY!! (Hopefully snake Face will ship soon)

Apr 27, 2013

Top 10 Masters of the Universe Vehicles Needed in MOTU Classics.

I already reviewed the Sole Vehicle in MOTU Classics. Sadly Mattel has whined about it "not selling within their expectations" (and I don't see it selling any batter since they increased the price of an already made item...)

But I digress, Here's the top 10 vehicles needed in MOTU Classics. Some would be considered beasts, but since their function is to transport character(s), I call them vehicles.

10: Dragon Walker:
My favorite MOTU Vehicle from my Childhood.

It's Impractical, Loud and Slow... but that sound is ingrained so heavily in my Childhood... also Dragon Freaking walker sculpted by the FourHorsemen...

9: Enchanta:
Remember when I said that some would be considered "beasts" Well, this Giant Girly Swan can Transport 3 Queens/Princesses or two and Bow (or He-Man if you're recreating a Sweet Bee's Home Display). I know some people would be against Enchanta, but my reply is: This is the closest thing I'll have to a MOTU Chocobo... Don't make me take out the Pink Girly Viking Ship or whatever the Butterflyer is... (I know it's the Girl Toy version of Battle Bones, but Pink Girly Viking Ship makes it sound slightly more badass!)

8: Battle Ram Chariot:
Not to be confused with the Battle Ram of Vintage days, the Battle Ram Chariot is a vehicle used by Skeletor in the 200X Era.

It gives Skeletor a Gladiator-esque look while allowing Faker to Ride Panthor. (Why would Faker Ride Panthor? Um, He-Man rides Battle Cat so it makes sense that Evil He-Man Robot should ride the evil cat.)

7: Bola Jet:
The First New Adventures Vehicle on the list.

The Bolajet is even mentioned (Misspelled) on Cy-Chop's bio. It's a vehicle that the Galactic Guardians  Protectors use. (Impractical due to its action feature, but it's a one seater and right now we have no GP  aside the Flying Icarius.)

6: Shuttle Pod/Dread Wing and Terrorclaw/Terrapod:It's two vehicles, but they combine...
Some would call it Cheating, but I call it a Combo... Kinda like the Vintage Battle Ram, but this one seems that they were sold separately. IF they were to be made Mattel should just make it a 2-for-1 Vehicle.

5: Attak Trak: (Filmation Styled)
I know many prefer the toy version, but I prefer the Filmation version... It's like the TMNT Party Wagon, before the TMNT Party Wagon!!

4: Roton:
Come on! It IS on the MOTUC Wind Raider card art... That's Reason enough to get this Evil Vehicle!

3: Land Shark:
This was my Second favorite MOTU Vehicle... The Land shark!!

2: The Collector:

One of the two Filmation vehicles for the Evil Warriors (the other is the Basher, while Logistically doable, I don't like it as much) The issue with this one is that it would be roughly as big as Starship Eternia from New Adventures, but this is a very desired vehicle!

1: Battle Ram and Sky Sled:

This is THE Obvious MOTUC Vehicle... The Four Horsemen sculpted a model of this baby in their own free time... Sadly Mattel hasn't done anything to deliver this baby to our shelves... or at least the Sky Sled part... Selling Separate Sky Sleds as evergreen items would be almost like Printing Money. They're THE Perfect Army Building Vehicle in MOTU. Heroic Warriors use them, Evil Warriors use them, They're The official vehicle of the Eternos Army *cough cough* Palace guards riding sky sleds *cough cough* They would sell better than the stands currently on sale.

Honorable Mentions:

-Talon Fighter
-Stridor and Night Stalker
-Starship Eternia
-Astro Sub
-Battle Bones
-Road Ripper
-Velvet Glove
-Zodac's Cosmic Chair

Apr 26, 2013

Dear Bieber Drugs are bad Mmmkay!

They found drugs on Bieber's bus...  Seriously, dude!! Stop being such an asshat so you aren't on the headlines for being a foo!

Digital River is going to look on some issues with my Snake Face order... Hopefully he'll be able to come out of the Toy Chest... I mean, Boobie Tassel snakes, Medusa head... The comedic potential in this guy is enormous!!

MTV seems to be fond of Scary Movies... No, not the crappy Parody movies that the first one was a parody of Scream, which was a parody/love letter to scary movies...
The Moronic Television is going to make a TV Series based on Scream... That's almost as exciting as Harlem shake videos

Apr 24, 2013

Ryan Reynolds is trying hard to be Deadpool again...

We better hope it doesn't get 20th Century Fox'd~ I'll trust the writers... The same writers from Zombieland, but I don't trust Fox.

Xbox uh 720? is going to be revealed on May 21 cause they chose not to do it at E3...
While I'm not an Xbox fan, Microsoft better not have an issue like they did with the 360...

Apparently the Snoop Lion was right... Seems that Miley's pushed everything and everyone away to focus on her music... Tune in next week for our next Thrilling episode of Ring of Cyrus...

Mall of America is using a bad Rodney Dangerfield movie to defend itself against aphids!!

Not really, but it sounds funnier that way. It's actually pretty cool that they're using some green remedies to stop their issues with aphids.

Mizzle's Engizzle to Lizzle Hizzle is off agizzle

Now if you don't Understand Snoop Do... Lionese it means that
Miley's engagement to Liam Hemsworth is off again!
Seriously, this Relationship is like the tides... Speaking of Relationships that are over...

Bieber's Monkey is going nowhere... Germany is saying that... Apparently, Bieber doesn't care much about his Monkey, otherwise he'd be fighting till the end to get it back.
Seriously, Bieber should be like Captain Kirk while Germany is playing the role of the Gorn...

or just surrender his rights to the Monkey and call it a day... (OK I just wanted an excuse to use the Kirk vs Gorn clip)

And Douchebag Director Extraordinaire is NOT apologizing... (Translation: He took it back, but is blaming everyone else... BOOM!)

Apr 22, 2013

Now people are going to play I touch Myself cause they were "true fans"

Divinyls Singer Chrissy Amplett has passed away. Probably due to Breast Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis defeating the flaming red haired Singer.

Michael Bay has not made any comments... since he Directed I Touch Myself, which made him a household name before making Dynamite Erotica... He kinda should have something to say...
Now I'm going to be bombarded by the song above...

Looks like we're not going to bite Bender's Shiny Metal Ass for much longer...
At least I'm getting four months of Futurama before it ends. Great! now that my cable provider is FINALLY giving us Comedy Central, Futurama gets the can...

Speaking of Michael Bay. He Apologized for Armageddon... Michael Bay Apologizing!? That's cool... Sadly, he's apologizing for the wrong movie... Pearl Harbor, Bayformers movies, now THOSE are the ones he should apologize for... He should pre-emptively Apologize for Teenage Alien Invader Ninja Turtles

Apr 21, 2013

Why are the Comet Warriors Needed in MOTUC?

I've ranted about the Meteorbs, Glimmer, Hydron, the Movie Figures before. Like the Meteorbs, another unpopular group of MOTU Characters: The Comet Warriors... Also known as the Rock People. Not the ROCK LORDS...

OK, How could you NOT WANT them? they're dudes that turn into rocks and fight EVIL!!
Looking at the toys, they'd require a LOT of new Tooling. But they even had an appearance on She-Ra: Princess of Power. Like Snout Spout and other Tail-End Masters Figures; the Comet Warriors were Featured on Princess of Power. They also show up on the Slime Pit Mini Comic.

So, let's Recap:
-They had Toys in the 80s
-They Showed up on a Filmation Cartoon
-They bolster the ranks of the Heroic Warriors OR The Great Rebellion depending on your canon.
-They're a 2 people Faction. Easiest group to complete (or 3 people if we count Granita. Toywise, it's just Stonedar and Rokkon)

Nope! No reason to NOT Make them aside Tooling Budget?

Yes, these guys would require a bit of new tooling. The outer rocks aren't the same for them, or most of the body parts. If played Smart and the Basic Comet Warrior "buck" is made, the  Torso, armor parts and outer Rock "plates" can be treated as armor... Worst Case Scenario would be NON-Transforming Rock Warriors. But seeing as the vintage ones transformed by Bending over; I don't see Mattel eliminating that feature for them.

I'm pretty sure that IF we DO see the Comet Warriors in Masters of the Universe Classics And the Line gets the extra booster shot it needs... Maybe, just Maybe there's a chance for the Meteorbs to make it to the line! ;)

Cause Seriously, If I'm rallying for the Space Egg animals; I might as well rally for their "human counterparts" (that is assuming that the Meteorbs are the animals of the Comet Warriors in Classics Canon... I know about the Orbs not being originally from Mattel.)

I'm not saying...

they CAN wait, but if they DID show up it'd be awesome... Preferably single carded. Though a Two-Pack might get them out of the way faster.. Hopefully they are NOT the $50 item mentioned for Q4.
I'm not Dying to get them (Glimmer, Hydron, Flogg, etc. have that honor), but they're not the bottom of the barrel for me... they're almost at the bottom of the barrel FOR the Original MOTU Line, but the Prehistoric Beyblades are the crowning achievement of the bottom of the barrel... (yes, I'm poking fun at the Energy Zoids, but I hope that their fans CAN get them... Cause they're easier to make than the Rock People)...

Apparently The Crow is getting a Remake...

Emo Comic Book Character is getting a Remake... I'm talking about The Crow.
And Behold your Crow...

Not Hulk... Loki... Tom Hiddleston is in early talks for this new The Crow Movie.

The First Crow, Brandon Lee, uh... you all know the story.

The Second Crow for the TV Series was none other than...

but I remember him from another movie... and no it ain't Double Dragon...

Vincent Pérez was another Crow...

The dude from Ugly Betty and the dude who became Nemesis in the Resident Milla movies was the uh... 4th crow?

and last but not least the 5th Crow...

No, not Ahnuld... Eddie Furlong was the 5th Crow...

Seriously? Do we NEED another Crow Movie? How many ways can we tell the same story of a guy whose girlfriend dies gruesomely while he's impotent to save her as he dies; just to be resurrected by the Crow's thirst for vengeance? *looks at pile of Legend of Zelda games* OK I see your point... Carry on silly remake/possible sequel/reboot thing that I'm likely NOT GOING TO SEE... I mean 4 MOVIES AND a TV Series... Had Brandon Lee not died during the first Crow; would we have gotten 3 more movies AND a TV Show... and a crappy videogame...

Apr 20, 2013

It Came from the Kids Meal! My Little Burgers Fries are Magic

Hmmmmm! What could I be talking about here?

Burger King Kid's Meal PONIES!! BK has/had 3 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Ponies in their Kid's Meal... and 3 Tonka trucks, but let's face it: If it ain't Metal, it Ain't a True Tonka... also, Brony wants Pony!!
The third BK Pony is Twilight Sparkle, which I don't have.
Playful Scale Twilight is there as a size reference
The Three Ponies are: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle (pre-Alicorn) Sadly, I don't have Twi.
I will not review them as normal toys since they're virtually statues. (Fluttershy has 1 unintended POA on her tail) Unlike the McD Ponies, these have ZERO Rooted hair. The best part is that they fit the Playful Pony Scale, something that the McD Ponies did not do. Part of me wishes that they had done the Mane 6.

Apr 18, 2013

DC MOTU Comic Rant part Deux

Remember last time how I ranted about the 6-part Mini series of MOTU?
The comic is now an ongoing series... Seems like not much has changed.

That's Teela stripping on a hallway while Dekker, Man-at-Arms and Adam are with her.
This is the More Mature MOTU that Mattel is allowing DC to make. This makes no sense at all

Seriously, she removes her pants without her boots? Just to have a shot of Teela in her bra and panties, not to mention a little hint of

The comic itself isn't that bad, but this gratuitous Bra and panties shot bugged me a little bit. Part of me feels that this "mature" take is coming off as Immature and that may be detrimental to MOTU in the long run. I really hope that these "fanservice" shots are reduced and eventually eliminated. They are not needed to make MOTU more Mature... I wouldn't say no to a more Mature MOTU, if it was REALLY more Mature. (deeper storytelling, justified violence, while remaining faithful to MOTU) If it's just Immature "mature" then I'd rather have none... I know it's a bit of Déjà vu, but it REALLY grinds my gears when beloved childhood characters become so twisted that they don't even resemble the characters they are supposed to be.

But where's the Clarissa Explains it all reunion?

Melissa Joan Hart, AKA Sabrina the Teenage Witch is pondering the possibility of a Sabrina the Teenage Witch Reunion... She may do it, but I'm more interested in a reunion of another show...

In any case here's some clips that highlight the ONLY reason I want a Sabrina the No Longer a Teenage Witch reunion

Why are the paparazzi following Macaulay Culkin again?

I mean all he is known for is Home Alone movies... The 2 that did not suck... A crappy thriller with Frodo and... NOTHING ELSE...

I SAID NOTHING ELSE!!! OK so he voiced Adam on a Robot Chicken Sketch...

Apparently they're chasing him now and he's had it...
So look out Paparazzi... You may get hit in the head with paint cans tied to ropes or get shot in the face with a staple gun when you get home...

I wouldn't be surprised if he then shows up afterwards to deliver THIS message:

Apr 17, 2013

Electro is blue Da Ba Dee Dabba Da!

And he looks like a total douchebag running around with a light-up hoodie...
I think Jamie Foxx is a wonderful actor, but I wanna say that the costume designer for The Amazing Spider-Douche 2: Electric Boogaloo!

I totally understand why they're shying away from the classic look, because it looks ridiculous, but to be honest, it doesn't look AS Ridiculous as a veiny Doctor Manhattan wannabe in a hoodie.
They could have made a more modern looking outfit that is still reminiscent of the Original look. Hell, even the awful Blue and white suit should have been used as the base of the design.

In other news: Actor, Danny Woodburn was cast as Splinter. Which is not awful. Nothing against Mr. Woodburn, cause he's a great actor, but it's weird, last time we had Mako as Splinter and now we're going with a non-Asian Splinter... It's rather weird.

Finally! I take a break from Bieber Fieber and do a Miley related rant!! Daddy ain't sure if his little Smiley will marry Liam. but it seems liek this is another time to drop this here...

Apr 15, 2013

Matty's Subs strike back!!

Neitlich pulled one Hell of a trick when he dropped the bomb that the subs would be making a comeback! I avoided mentioning it sooner due to mixed feelings and the fact that it's going to reduce Day of Sale stock even more. These new subs will not have any exclusive Figures and the Club Eternia one Starts WITH the Fighting Foe Men 3 Pack...

They will be available until April 30th or Mattel runs out of the "limited subs".

Matty's 2013 Sub "lite" Page

We shall see how this plays out. But if you want to know here's what it's coming on the Club Eternia and Filmation subs (the only ones I care about. DC and Watchmen subs are unimportant to me)

Club Eternia:
Fighting Foe Men
New Adventures He-Man
Clamp Champ
Mystery Second October Figure (September is a Matty Vacation month for MOTUC)
November Figure (believed to be Geldor)
December Figure
Mysterious 2 Pack (Some people say it's an Army Builder)

Club Filmation:
Mysterious Swordsman (sub exclusive, believed to be Sea Hawk)
Unknown Figure #2
Unknkwon Figure #3

(Filmation's Mysterious Figures 2 and 3 are unknown: I believe they will Be Plundor and Nepthu)

I find it strange that they reopened the subs when it's been "impossible" for years. I hope this is a sign of good things coming, but I'm going to take it with a grain of salt.

In the words of Scott Neitlich: "BUY THE SUB!" (That is if you CAN afford it!)

He's an Idiot! Belieb it!!

Seriously? Justin Bieber did WHAT? OK this is the worst thing I've heard about Anne Frank since the weird Fan-fiction in which she gets married to Goku. I kid you not... Goku even fights Hitler... but that is nothing compared to the latest Bieber Shot...
"Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber."

Really? Really? I'll let a professional carry this on:

How full of himself is he to think that Anne Frank should be HIS fan when she's a more important historical figure than he IS... or most likely will be...

Had he written just the first two sentences, I wouldn't be complaining. I mean that would have been an act of respect. It's the self-serving, self-aggrandizing last sentence that ruins it...

Speaking of WTF stuff, Woman arrested for approaching Wolverine with an Electric Razor.

I guess he is the best there is at what he does and what he does ain't pretty.
Apparently what he does is getting pelted by Electric Razors... I'm not sure what's going on, was she trying to shave him, collect hairs, make him bleed, hope to see him pop them out? In any case she was arrested for stalking... wait. Concealed weapon, attacking a mutant... That lady is no stalker... she's a SENTINEL!!

A clip from the Man of Steel movie has Surfaced... It involves Zod...

Shame that we will not get this little Cinematic Gem:

(eh, they'll probably toss it as a line when Zod is struggling with Kal-El)

Apr 14, 2013

Going Turbo? Nah!

I saw the New Max Steel...
Doesn't feel like Max Steel to me... Feels a bit more like Generatro Rex, Firebreather or Ben 10 than Max Steel.

It's NOT BAD, but it just doesn't feel like Max Steel to me. Not to mention that the Canadian VAs are a bit distracting... Nothing against Canadian VAs, but they make me think of Ponies, Littlest Pet Shop or MOTU 200X... I mean, Josh Max McGrath is Shining Armor, his mom is The Sorceress/Queen Marlena/ Princess Celestia/Cheerilee/Zoe Trent, his Uncle is King Randor, the little Robot Sidekick is Russell from Littlest Pet Shop/Edd from Ed, Edd and Eddy, Agent Kat Ryan is Evil Lyn/The Great and Powerful Trixie/Dot Matrix/Mrs. Twombly...
The bad guy's right hand man is Skeletor... So, that distracts me a little bit. Now, the new Max Steel is more Superhero-like and less James Bond meets ESPN from the previous series.

Since it's a Mattel show, it's airtime will strongly depend on the toys... and MAN those toys blow chunks! I do not foresee this show lasting too much. The extreme departure from the previous Max Steel series (that was still churning toys for the Latin American market until recently) may cause it to not be as popular in Latin America... where they even got a Cyber Tiger made out of a MOTU Classics Battle Cat... (in a Reverse Big Jim/MOTU thing.)

I hope it lasts long enough, but like I said, Mattel is the one who will cause the demise of the toon... I've seen it before.

Apr 13, 2013

a Cosplay-less NYCC? WTF?

Seriously? Going after cosplayers? I kinda get the reasoning, but at the same time it MIGHT kill NYCC as an important venue. There's a HUGE difference between cosplayers and the "performance artists" that dress up as characters for money. It's Money...

Would this mean that Times Square will lose the characters that roam it?

Or just the ones that are dressed up as fictional characters.
I can't say that this is a great idea, but let's hope the result is something that will not screw cosplayers.

Oh no... This is just... 3 dudes were arrested in Wyoming by the cops cause... don't laugh... THE POLICE FOLLOWED THE CRIMINALS' FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW...

These guys failed because they never played Metal Gear Solid...

Oh Forget not! The Stinking cockroaches at Universal are going to remake a movie mang! They don't call it a remake, but an updated story... just like the 1983 movie I'm talking about is an updated version of the 1930s version.

Apr 11, 2013

I miss Muppet Babies.

I've been doing some LPS Catching up and watching the entire First Season... can't wait for the remaining 3 Episodes... but one of the episodes has this Little Sequence:

It did remind me of something else...

Yes, I miss Muppet Babies. A show that is very unlikely to make it to DVD due to the myriad of Licensing and Copyright issues due to the various clips from movies, etc. used in the show.

It's a shame I can't watch Muppet Babies on TV cause they're no longer available... It brings back memories from my childhood. If I recall correctly Nick showed Reruns of Muppet Babies during their Nick Jr. Block... I think it was before Eureeka's Castle or was it after David the Gnome? In any case... I remember Homemade Microwave burgers (OK more like Globs of Cheez Whiz and a patty somewhere buried in the molten Processed Cheese Sauce)  and jumping on my mom's bed with the AC cranked up. I'm probably feeling Nostalgic and it's funny how watching one clip of that show made me feel all those "nostalgic waves" crashing and taking me through flashbacks to a simpler time... Back when Nickelodeon was fun and more kid friendly... when TLC stood for Educational stuff and not Toddlers and Tiaras... SO, where was I? Yes! Muppet Babies. The whole Imagination scenes that Littlest Pet shop is doing remind me of Muppet Babies. I wish we had more shows like that...

It came from the Toy Chest: Disco Enforcer?

I am talking about Strobo!!

All I can say is patience... He is coming back... Hopefully everyone who wants him can get him.

Apr 10, 2013

Blanco Guardabosques Poder Tigre

Silly translator...  Here's the thing... If you translate that back you get where I'm going with this...

Guess who's coming to Puerto Rico...

Of course, you knwo where this is going:
99% of the people are going to be looking for Tommy, not Jason David Frank...

Ay yiyi! That would be something cool to see!

Apr 9, 2013

It Came From the Toy Chest: Eternian Cobra-La edition

Ugh! I made a Cobra-La reference... but it's OK cause I'm reviewing some snakes... More Specifically the Snake Men 2 pack... The Second Army Builder in the Masters of the Universe Classics...

Apr 7, 2013

List of Villains I'd like to see on Spider-Douche movies.

OK, we got The Lizard on the First Spider-Douche Movie. Electro and Rhino might be on the Second movie... Now here's a list of Villains I'd like to see:

Kraven The Hunter: Perfect to pair off against The Lizard... (the first Spider-Douche wasted the perfect opportunity to have Kraven.)

Mysterio: Sure he'd require SFX, but SFX IS his shtick!

Vulture: If we ARE going to have a Flying Villain, we NEED the Vulture!!

Sandman: I know that he was the villain in that awful Tobey-Man 3, but If we pair him up with Morris Bench, AKA Hydro-Man we could have a final showdown with the Mud Thing... but if Sandy is a big no-no, I'm willing to take Hydroman as an acceptable substitute... (Spider-Douche MUST make a Hydrant man joke)

Doctor Octopus: Yes, I know we had him in the Superior Tobey-Man 2, BUT The Sinister Six NEED Their Leader.

Aside Hydro-Man, all the villains I've listed so far ARE members of the Original Sinister Six... Screw Norman Osborn and his Flying broom!! The best way to "end" a Spidey Movie series IS WITH THE SINISTER SIX!!

Shocker could work well for a cameo... Hell, Electro AND Rhino could work as "cameo villains" but they'll be the villains on Amz S-D2...

Now for the list of Villains I DO NOT want to see:

Anything Symbiote Related: No Venom, no Carnage.

Morbius the Living Vampire...

Also I'm afraid of all the Twipire jokes that could be made with Morbius... Robert Pattinson as Morbius... GAH! I'm supposed to be working on HATING on Morbius, not make him cool!

Hammerhead, Tombstone or any other NY Mobster. Leave the Crimebosses to Dare Devil...

Big Wheel and  Rocket Racer... Nuff said! We Had Rocket racer in Tobey-Man 3... There was no goblin in that POS

CLONES!! Do I need to elaborate? This also includes The Jackal. Emma Stone clones might be tempting, nut Spider-Douche clones are blegh!

Goblins: There I said it... I don't want any Green, hob, demo or any other type of Goblins in Spider-Douche...

Icarius needs Help! 3 against one isn't fair!

He Totally needs his Partner in Heroics, Captain Hydron!
The Space SCUBA Diver...
OK, you can stop laughing now...

Seriously, Hydron is a SCUBA diver... IN SPACE!!

out of the 3 on this pic, only Hydron is missing cause NA He-Man is coming
The crazy part is that Hydron SEEMS like a rather easy Figure to do!
Looking at the currently Available MOTU Classics parts and at Hydron here's what I got:

Captain Hydron Recipe while reusing as many parts as possible:
HEADS and Helmet: New
Torso Armor: with SCUBA TANK New
Weapons: New (add as a second weapon the Longer Spear Rifle from the Spin-fist Hydron) the third weapon would be the holstered knife on his right thigh.
Main Body: Normal Human Body
Ab piece: Hordak Flat Ab Piece
Loincloth: Reuse Kobra Khan's if a new piece is not on the charts
Arms: Normal Human Arms with Hordak Gloves
Lower Legs: Either Demo-Man's for the "bare leg" look OR normal Legs with Flipshot Boots to give him the leg fins. Personally I prefer the Flipshot boots for two reasons:
they create the fin from the vintage toy AND the little thruster inside the leg could be used to help propel him underwater.
Most likely New, BUT I'd prefer if they used the Stratos "sock feet" and give him clip on fins. Cause seriously, Hydron walking around wearing diving fins ALL the time would look ridiculous!!

I mean he even shows up on the Neitlichverse mini comic #3 and has a SPEAKING PART!! It's ridiculous that the only Galactic Protector we have is FlipShot when the line is nearing it's 5th year!
Yes, New Adventures styled He-Man is coming, BUT it's like having Robin and Superman with no Batman on a DC display... Robin pairs up with Batman, just like Mary Kate and Ashley...

Neitlich has made it clear that New Adventures IS WAY LOW on the priorities. Vintage MOTU and POP come first. That is understandable since New Adventures is the black sheep of the MOTU brand.
What I do NOT Understand is WHY are they piling up the Space Mutants when Flogg is nowhere to be seen and the only NA Hero we have is Flipshot. I mean I'm not asking for Drissi or the Scientists here (who I'd like to see classicized... well, I'm more interested in Drissi than the Scientists). Hydron is very important to New Adventures... Kinda like Glimmer in Princess of Power who we lack and Neitlich seems to avoid mentioning her... Don't know if it's cause she's coming or cause he dislikes me... Hopefully it's the first!

It would royally suck if the line ends and we have leaderless factions (mutants, GProtectors or The Great Rebellion)!

Apr 6, 2013

Littlest Pet Shop...It needs to be about 20% cooler.

Yes, I'm watching Littlest Pet Shop...

While I'm waiting for My Little Pony's 4th Season to begin.
Let's get a few things over before I begin:
It has a bunch of people who work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Zoe the dog looks like Twilight Sparkle and is voiced by Celestia, (and her sister is voiced by Luna's VA using her Wahaha! voice) and Blythe is Rainbow Dash!

OK This Incarnation of Littlest Pet Shop is a combination of two Toylines: One is Obviously, Littlest Pet Shop, the other is the Blythe Dolls. (Both Originally by Kenner, but the 'Bro ate Kenner, so...)
The Previous incarnation  was a bit weird... Seriously!

We follow the life of Blythe, a girl who moved to the big city with her father. She lives on an apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop. She also can speak with animals... Like Dr. Dolittle... Cause Hasbro needs to sell Blythe dolls and LPS stuff. So she befriends the pets and Ms. Twombly (the owner of the Littlest Pet Shop... who is also Dot Matrix on Reboot and is known for releasing the Snakemen...)

(also The Great and Powerful TRRRRRIXIE!!)

So Rainbow Dash  Blythe gets to work at the Littlest Pet Shop. There she befriends the Pets.

Let's Start with Zoe: the Diva dog that kinda looks like Twilight Sparkle...
Pepper: The Comedian Skunk that kinda reminds me a bit of Ellen Degeneres.
Russell: the hedgehog. He kinda reminds me of Edd from Edd, Ed and Eddy.
Sunil: the Mongoose. He's A smidge braver than Cringer... He also goes on Full Battle Cat... err.... Mongoose when it involves his natural enemy...

(This made me LOVE Sunil!)
Vinnie: The Dancing Gecko who has a bit of an Italian-American vibe.
Minka: OK If I could describe her in 3 Words Flat I'd say: Monkeyfied Pinkie Pie!
Penny Ling:Shy Panda... Shy Panda... That is all!

The 5-6 Episodes I've seen have shown me some things:
-Yes, it's NOT My Little Pony. While it has a lot of stuff that is vaguely related to My Little Pony; the show is NOT Trying to be My Little Pony!
-I dislike Zoe, Russell and Penny Ling. I kinda like Pepper, Sunil, Minka and Vinnie, BUT I'd rather see more about Blythe's problems than the pets... Mostly cause Blythe has more chances to encounter...

Seriously, the Biskit Twins are the only thing aside Blythe saying things that are so not Rainbow Dash with her Rainbow Dash voice that makes this show awesome to me. The pets have some shining moments (like Sunil vs Cobras posted above). But the problem is that the Show has a rather large cast: Blythe + Seven Pets and they are pretty much doing 2 storylines at the same time. Now don't get me wrong, I like it... I just feel that it needs to be a bit cooler... especially when dealing with the pets. They seem to be an afterthought... which is weird since the show's name is LITTLEST PET SHOP.

Yeah, I LIKE The Show, but it's not like I'm going cuckoo about it like with My Little Pony (BTW, the Blind Bag Cheat works!!) I'll watch the toon, but don't expect me to go and buy LPS toys... (the Biskit Twins may be the exception. Cause they're like, totally cool!)

Apr 5, 2013

It Came from the Toy Chest: In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle the Clone Sleeps Tonight

It's time for a Double Whammy It Came from the toy chest!! This one will be an old school written video, cause It's the only way I can do it... (Needed to save my voice for the Council of the First Ones featuring Scott Neitlich) As a matter of fact I am writing this review as the Council of the First Ones get ready to start the podcast and call him!(Isn't it funny? I'm reviewing 2 Hasbro Toys while preparing to talk with Mattel's ToyGuru!) So, before I actually start the review, here's the background music for this review...

You should figure out which 2 Marvel Figure's I'm reviewing with the title alone... If not well It's

Kraven the Hunter! One of the Original Sinister Six (surprised that Hasbro hasn't Released a Marvel Universe Spider-Man VS The Sinister Six Pack)
This toy doesn't specify WHICH Kraven this is: It could be the Resurrected (BLEGH!) Sergei Kravinoff or if this is Alyosha Kravinoff (Kraven II) Or if it's just as stylized take on Sergei's costume. Personally I'd prefer the CLASSIC Kraven Costume... This one looks good, but it's not the Iconic look.
The Hunter Shall be Released form this Plastic Prison!

Let's get to the Rating's part on Mr. Kravinoff where 1 is crap and 5 is Outstanding!

I'm not used to rate marvel Universe Figures, but even though Kraven is a Series 4 Figure, his Articulation is similar to that of Spider-Man's (from the Amazing Spider-Friends set...)
He's got a ball joint head (though the up down movement is slightly limited), a cut on his torso, waist rotation, ball joint shoulders, bicep swivel, single joint elbows, rotating wrists. The legs are not on a ball joint but have a nice range of motion. Double Jointed knees and a pseudo ball joint on the feet (Like the Joe Figures) and yes I copied and pasted most of this from the Spider-Friends Spidey... He gets also a 4.0 in Articulation.

Paint and Sculpt:
The Hunter's Bracelets are painted cause Logistics!
We're sounding like Mattel over here!!!
I am WAY Out the loop with marvel Universe... and Marvel Toys in general... Hasbro lost me as a ML Customer a long time ago... Blame Mattel's MOTUC for that. I'm certain that the only new parts on him are the head, Vest, Loincloth/belt and lower legs. The bands on his biceps are tampographed (as well as the wraps on his forearms and hands) Some of the spots on his left armband are a bit fuzzy, but other than that, he seems pretty flawless. 4.5 I don't understand why he has a "Gun Wielding left hand", since Kraven avoids using guns, cause he prefers to take his prey face to face.

The Hunter has STUFF!!
The Hunter carries a Spear and a Knife! He also has a necklace that for some strange reason is not ON the Figure and you have to pop his head to put it on.
4.33 for Kraven the Hunter. The Sculpt is sweet, He HAS Accessories which is odd for Marvel Universe figures. He HAS A DECENT Range of Articulation, but his non-Iconic look is the only turn-off for me... Now I need a Sandman, a Mysterio, a Vulture and a DECENT Doc Ock...


OK now for part two of the review... We discussed the In the Jungle part of the Title... Now we need to tackle the Clone Sleeps tonight...
It's not Madelyne Pryor, or Stryfe... It's NOT an X-Clone or Kaine... although I'd buy the heck out of a Kaine figure... Spider-Clone Extraordinaire: Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider!!
Ah! Ben Reilly, the butt of many jokes and a better ending for Spider-Man than the whole lameass Faustian Pact with Joe Quesada.

Clones... I hate Clones!!
So: Guy who claims to be Peter Parker returns to New York and finds ANOTHER Peter Parker being Spidey, Married to Mary Jane. since he kinda can't BE Spider-Man; this Peter uses a makeshift costume. The Scarlet Spider... I... Cause Scarlet Spider II was a villain and Scarlet Spider III is the man known as KAINE... (who I'd love to have a figure of his 90s suit!)

Let's tackle the ratings part for Scarlet Spider. Like Kraven, the ratings are still the same 1 = crap and 5 = good.

Does Whatever a Spider Can!!
Articulation:He's got a ball joint head (though the up down movement is slightly limited), a cut on his torso, waist rotation, ball joint shoulders, bicep swivel, single joint elbows, rotating wrists. The legs are not on a ball joint but have a nice range of motion.(Kinda like the Joe figures) He also has a thigh cut articulation... Like Wave 1 and 2 of Toybiz ML or the Proto-ML Spider-Man Classics.  Double Jointed knees and a pseudo ball joint on the feet. It's a 4.5 for Ben Reilly!
Look Out! Here Comes the Spider-Clone!!

Paint and Sculpt:
Sculptwise I believe he's 80% Symbiote Spider-Man reuse. The Upper Legs are what may be from another character. The Scarlet Spider Specific stuff (hoodie, pouches, belt, external web shooters are new sculpt.) He's pretty much one solid color. The detailing is mostly on the hoodie. there is no visible slop on the painted parts. I must point out one nifty thing. the Chest Spider Tampo has 2 spots where no paint was applied because the Strings from the hoodie are in those two spots. It looks like the strings ARE OVER the Spider Emblem... Super cool!
Just like the Sword of Protection is different to the Power Sword
The clone is not like the Original...


1 Crappy Stand... Well, it's not really crappy, but All the other Spidey figures get a little clip-on web thingie that this figure did not get.
A stand... no webbing or anything.
for Ben Reilly The Scarlet Spider. He lost a couple of points due to his lack of accessories. I'm a bit more excited about him than Kraven though...

It was a bit nice to return to the old review Format... I think I may have to do this more often!!

Apr 4, 2013

Odds and ends: Bieber Monkey, Littlest Pet Shop

Well one thing KINDA leads to the other, but let's start with the Bieber Monkey... You know the one that was confiscated because Bieber didn't have the legal documentation regarding the Monkey... Justin Bieber has one month to show the Paperwork, or else... The monkey will go to a shelter where they will treat the monkey and nurse it so it can live in monkey society without being a socially awkward capuchin monkey... In any case the Bieber will be fined. Personally I think the Monkey will be a lot better in the shelter. Bieber's hectic lifestyle will harm the monkey... At least he didn't leave the monkey with Lil Twist...

Speaking of pets and stuff; I've been watching a bit TOO MUCH of Littlest Pet Shop... (Full Rant coming soon) They also have a monkey... and a dog that looks like Twilight Sparkle.

That Blythe girl sounds TOO MUCH like Rainbow Dash...

Back on Bieber... Jada Pinkett Smith, defender of the Bieber is now on a crusade against people "dehumanizing" celebrities and that they are being "bullied"... Well, Miss Mommy of the Year, wasn't your 14-year old son, the Underage kid whose entrance to a club in London was forbidden that caused Bieber's "Worst Birthday Ever" crap? What kind of Irresponsible parent let's their kid go to a club OVERSEAS when he's way under the legal age to enter said club?

But I think I'll dissect and Overanalyze Mrs. Pinkett-Smith's post:

Are we bullying our young artists?

How can we ask for our young stars to have a high level of responsibility if we are not demonstrating that same level of responsibility towards them?
This last week, I had to really evaluate the communication in regard to our young artists in the media. I was trying to differentiate cyber-bullying from how we attack and ridicule our young stars through media and social networks. It is as if we have forgotten what it means to be young or even how to behave like good ol' grown folk. Do we feel as though we can say and do what we please without demonstrating any responsibility simply because they are famous? Is it okay to continually attack and criticize a famous 19 year old who is simply trying to build a life, exercise his talents while figuring out what manhood and fame is all about as he carries the weight of supporting his family as well as providing the paychecks to others who depend on him to work so they can feed their families as well? Does that render being called a cunt by an adult male photographer as you try to return to your hotel after leaving the the hospital? Or what about our nine year old beautiful Oscar nominee who was referred to as a cunt as well? Or what about being a young woman in her early twenties, exploring the intracacies of love and power on the world stage? And should we shame a young woman for displaying a sense of innocence as she navigates through the murky waters of love, heartbreak, and fame? Are these young people not allowed to be young, make mistakes, grow, and eventually transform a million times before our eyes? Are we asking them to defy the laws of nature because of who they are? Why can't we congratulate them for the capacity to work through their challenges on a world stage and still deliver products that keep them on top. We all know how hard it is to keep our head above water, even in the privacy of our own homes let alone on the world stage. Imagine yourself, at their age, with the spotlights, challenges and responsibilities. Most of us would have fallen to the waste side before we could even get to a crashed Ferrari, a controversial romance, several heart breaks, or an Oscar nomination at NINE. We WISH we could have had the capacity to accomplish HALF of what they have accomplished along with ALL these challenges they face. But...maybe THAT'S the problem...we WISH we could have or even...we WISH we could.

Happy Sunday.

OK let's start with her opening Statement:
No, we are not. "Bullying Celebrities" is a ridiculous concept. Oh we're bullies cause we call Justin Bieber or Taylor Switf names? So, with all their busy schedules they check every internet site just to see what John Q. Public says about them? So, saying Bieber Sucks is hurting them? Puh-Lease! I'm pretty sure that Poor Little Justin wipes away his tears as he races his Ferrari, or gropes girls at exotic locations. Now We DEMAND them to have a High level of responsibility for various reasons:

-Their fame is influential to our young ones. Whether they wanted to or not, they became Role Models and they SHOULD act accordingly.

-They are still members of our society and they should behave within the parameters of the Law. Just because they are Celebrities, they should act like they are ABOVE THE LAW.

And here we go: It's not that we're attacking or mocking them because we forgot what is like to be young or because we forgot how to be respectful as adults. When John Q. Public messes up, he learns the consequences of his mistakes and has to deal with some jabs taken at his expense from HIS Social Circle. Since he's John Q. Public and not famous, the circle is pretty small. Justin Bieber chose to stay in the spotlight, therefore EXPANDING his social circle, due to his notoriety/fame. Sadly, THIS is one of the issues that stars have to deal with the price of Fame. Sure, it's nto pretty, but it is what it is.

And here's how I'll twist the argument: Is it OK to act like you're untouchable or above the law, by smuggling a Monkey without the proper papers, groping girls, spitting on people, trying to have 14-year old kids enter a nightclub, or have your "entourage" vandalize other people's property and grope young girls?

Now on the whole calling the little girl a "cunt" I agree with her, THAT was uncalled for.
But the whole Rhianna and Taylor Swift Issues, like with the Bieber, I disagree. How is it OUR Fault that Rhianna dresses very inappropriately, was in an abusive relationship AND Returns with the guy who hits her!? Or Taylor Swift making ALL of her relationships a huge public Spectacle just to break up and write a new single. Is it MY fault that she changes boyfriends as much as she changes her underwear? NO! If she wants to do so, she CAN! The thing is that if she wasn't trying to hog the Spotlight with each relationship and breakup, we wouldn't BE talking about it!

Aside the little girl whose name escapes me at the moment, the other 3 involved in Jada's rant SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS!! Oh wait! We should Congratulate them, according to Mrs. Pinkett-Smith because we are JEALOUS!! Jealous of them! That's why we "attack" these poor celebrities!

The real question is: Why should we give them a Carte Blance?

According to Jada Pinkett-Smith We should congratulate
Justin Bieber for this inappropriate behavior.

Apr 3, 2013

Shinai naru Cerestia-hime

Today I learned that I can't stand the Japanese Opening of My Little Pony!!

It doesn't have that My Little Pony vibe that the American Theme has.

Heck! The Italian version is VERY in-sync with the MLP feeling WHILE being totally different from the American theme... not to mention that the song ACTUALLY SAYS "MY LITTLE PONY!!" even if it's a bit too long!
Hell! Even the Super long unused intro feels more like My Little Pony than the Japanese Intro...

Seriously, is that intro some twisted form of revenge for 4Kids? or Funimation? Or maybe Harmony Gold? Must resist temptation to bring forth THAT SONG... Still... What is Faster, Rainbow Dash or one of those "birds"?

Back on topic: I wonder if they'll butcher the episodes like America did to Macross, Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc. or if they'll be faithful to the original? There is one way to find out... By watching the Japanese My Little Pony!! That may be one of the many ways to spend time before MLP: FIM Season 4!

Apr 2, 2013

Now this is the story all about how, aunt Viv 1 wants to end the feud. Apparently Willie's big ego has been the biggest foe here. It's noce of her trying to end this... But I believe's Will's Ginormous Ego... The same one that has been talking crap about Jamie Foxx and his role in Django Unchained; will not end this. Cause he's Will Smith.

Double Rainboom came... It was OK... I mean it was great for a fan-made video, but it was OK-ish as an episode. To be Honest, there were far too many visual gags/references compared to a normal episode. I'll be honest: The plot twist after the double rainboom was the biggest disappointment. It's only highlight was Pinkie Pie at the end.

but if you want to see a different kind of MLP Fan made video

Warning, you may generate LIQUID PRIDE while watching this. So watch Snowdrop first and then Double Rainboom... No, this is not a sneaky way to keep these videos accessible for my personal use.

Bieber's banned from Vienna Club after Entourage got physical with fans...

Let's get obvious Physical joke out of the way... Breaking Cameras, phones and groping girls... Way to go Bieberguards! Seiously, battery charges, Authorities confiscated his Monkey at Germany... Methinks JB needs to lay low and become invisible, cause this notoriety is not making him look badass, just ass. Also, with all that money he can't afford to buy pants that actually fit him and maybe a pair of shirts? Or at least some suspenders for his pants.

Apr 1, 2013

Masters of the universe DC Comics: A Rant.

No, I'm not going to review the comics on their own or as a whole, mostly because I hate them. Yeah, it's cool to have some other Media doing MOTU, but I think they are rubbish! Waste of paper, time, everything... I mean it's slightly ABOVE One More Day, but they're in the same league. And there will be spoilers.
Skeletor won. He rules Eternia from Castle Grayskull. The heroic warriors are scattered throughout the planet and remember nothing. Why not kill them if this is a new take on MOTU that is more "Mature n crap"? Yeah... I should mention that these comics are more "mature, darker and edgier" than the "kid Friendly" He-Man we know... Evil Lyn has sex with a dude, Randor sacrifices a bunch of people who are "Leech-Zombies", Teela is running around with rags barely covering her naughty bits, tons of blood and people dying!! Cause This ain't your daddy's MOTU! This is NU 52 MOTU!!!

THAT RIGHT THERE... Is my first Issue. The "Mature" content seems more juvenile. Deaths are played for shock value. Teela is a walking pair of boobs that quips with Adam in combat. Blood flows like a Mortal Kombat game. Oh yeah, the plot twists are worse than a flick by M. Night Shyamalamadingdong!

Adam doesn't HAVE the Power... he IS the Power!!

Boobs, butts, gore and needless deaths are not the ways to deliver a more grown up Masters of the Universe. No, I'm not saying that the comics should be "Filmationized" where no one gets hurt and He-man solves everything by throwing rocks or tossing the bad guys into mud pits. What I'm saying is that a MOTU with darker themes, improved action scenes, and more epic storytelling CAN BE MADE WHILE STAYING RESPECTFUL TO THE SOURCE MATERIAL!!

The Mindwipe spell. If Skeletor is capable of using that magic in order to take over Eternia, why wouldn't he reuse it if He-Man beats him on issue 6? Also, if he can take over Eternia, why didn't he KILL the Heroic Warriors? Only the Kiddified Skeletor would keep them alive so they could "break free" from their spell... Oh wait! Edgy EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEM! NU 52 Skeletor does this! Now Prince Adam/He-Man is just Adam: Woodsman. Now he's a videogame character... Seriously: Adam's story is pretty much: Go through stage, beat boss, repeat. After 5 levels err... Issues he gets the Triforce...  Power Sword and becomes He-Man... in ISSUE 5 out of 6... Then Issue six is a quick wrap-up where He-Man goes to fight the Final Boss and defeats Skeletor. Surprise! Skeletor is not the big bad... It seems Orko is the big bad!! SERIOUSLY!? THIS IS THE BIG MATURE PLOT TWIST!?

The children's liaison to the program is the BIG BAD!? That would be like having Toad being the big bad in Super Mario... Now the deaths... It's not so much that some characters die, cause that happens in pretty much everything. What bugs me is the way these deaths are treated. I'll be frank. I detest the idea of He-Man killing "Humans" even if they're evil (or under Evil Lyn's spell) The one thing that makes He-Man different from the generic loincloth wearing Barbarians is the No-Kill Policy. I also find tasteless having a bloody power sword. I'm OK with Randor, Man-at-Arms, Ram man, or even Teela killing their enemies, but not He-Man (and to an extent She-Ra when she shows up) Keeping them as the ultimate paragons of hope in a war torn world seems interesting to me... Especially for She-Ra since HER story is a story of Redemption.

Besides if He-Man is so powerful and can pretty much kill everyone in his way, theoretically he could plow through the evil warriors in less than 12 issues. Now, other characters dying. The problem with that is that the MOTU Roster is slightly limited...

Adam (He-Man)
Cringer (Battle Cat)
Ram Man
Moss Man
Rio Blast
Clamp Champ
Snout Spout

That's 23 Good guys from the Vintage toys.

Zodac (Neutral)

Evil Lyn
Trap Jaw
Two Bad
Kobra Khan
Blast Attack

That's 22 Bad guys from the vintage line (no snakemen or horde)

46 characters to use that had toys in the original line. If we start offing from these, the roster shrinks, duh! ESPECIALLY on a 6 part Mini series that is being used to introduce new readers/reintroduce older fans with passing knowledge of Eternian Lore. So on this 6 part Mini EVERYTHING that has been important in MOTU lore has been thrown out the window and changed for no apparent reason.
This puts the series in a very awkward position. It's trying to attract new folk AND MOTU "veterans". By using this ridiculous Pseudo Retcon, they are alienating both.

Like I said before, Adam IS the Power. Castle Grayskull is a plain old castle without any real significance. It is no longer the key to the ultimate power in the universe... He who controls Grayskull shall become master of the universe... not really! Now the Sorceress is Useless (and dead by decapitation). So, to the new readers, the Sorceress is an unimportant and disposable character killed by Skeletor. They don't understand the true significance of that act. To MOTU veterans, the DC writers have taken a diarrhetic dump on the memory of a beloved childhood character. I think this is the OTHER thing that bothers me the most. The lack of respect to the source Material. I kinda gave it away a little while ago, but it's the combination of gore and gratuitous near nudity for "sex appeal" with a total disrespect to MOTU what's making me hate these comics. It seems that DC's MOTU team are ignorant of MOTU Lore or are simply being disrespectful because they find it "corny" or "campy".

The 200X Comics by MV Creations were far more respectful to MOTU than this series will ever be. They had their hands tied by Mattel, but the stuff that was delivered was more in-line with what MOTU is supposed to be. (Mostly due to the MV Creations folks have a better understanding of MOTU than the folks at DC).

So yeah, it all boils down that DC is doing stuff that feels non-MOTU-like and slapping MOTU characters to make it MOTU... Like an awful fan fiction. Only this time it was not scrapped and replaced with a generic story with brand new characters... OK I can't cram 50 shades of crap into everything... I kinda feel like we'd be better off WITHOUT the comic than having a comic that misses the point of MOTU like Michael Bay missed the point when he made Pearl Harbor.