May 25, 2011

Odds and ends Hold it! The sun is going down...

Here's another edition of Odds and ends, as you already know this is where random crap gets shoved together when I'm too lazy to make a full rant on them...
I'll give you a hint about an interesting Movie based on a cool game!
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: The Movie... I kid you not!
There's even some pics of some sets... Holy ass-crackers that's Case 4!
I HAVE to see this movie... It's Japanese so It'll be Quirky as hell! My pointy finger is ready!

I need more mini-articles, better drink my own piss!
Bear Grylls has become an internet meme with his piss drinking... I made a reference to that in my Mossman review. That's not the weird part... This is:
Bear Grylls acknowledge the existence of this internet meme AND he made a reference to it on his twitter account! Extra points for posting a pic of himself drinking from a teacup...

Apparently the Roswell incident now involves Russians... Really? Aliens, Weather Balloons, Russian plots to mess with the Capitalist pigs' minds by creating a War of the Worlds type of Terrorist attack? What's next... COBRA?

The end of the world has been postponed for 5 months... Now it's October 21st... Will Selphie be able to pull off her limit break or will it be another dud? We'll find out this October!

May 22, 2011

The End of the World!

Alright, The world was supposed to end yesterday... But today came afterwards... What is going on!?
Well looks like another dud. Just like Hercolubus, Y2J and the others...
Something like this was supposed to happen. Apparently we're like the 2 monsters that were left behind.
So, what's the deal with the End of the World Prophecies and stuff? After all of these dates full of doom and gloom that happen and we've lived through them like nothing ever happened; we should've learned our lesson.
We've gone through All Judgment Days... Cue the Sarah Connor Nightmare
August 29, 1997 We lived.
July 25, 2004 We lived
April 21, 2011 We lived
No Dystopian future in which the machines have us underground and Christian "Barking Dog" Bale is our only hope...
We also lived through Hercolubus, who is allegedly going to come in 2012... or another star and the 2012 nuts are tying the Red Titan Hercolubus to it...
I wonder if the Final Fantasy WEAPONS are going to show up like it was said in that 90s Hercolubus TV Special that vanished into thin air. Just like El Poder de Shakti
This is the only evidence that the movie DID exist... What's with the Chest Harness?
Well That Joseph Lando dude made said TV Special about Hercolubus. He was also the star of El poder de Shakti . He's also the guy depicted on the weird Statue...
Crap! looks like I've once again lost track of what I was saying... End of the world...
Didn't happen... Looks like I got about one more year... While I wait for the end of the world here's a list of 50 things to do before the end of the world. Many of these were obtained while goofing off with some friends about the end of the world.

Serious stuff that I'd do before the end:
-Apologize to those who I've wronged.
-Forgive those who feel they have wronged me.
-Cook and eat my favorite foods.
- Carve my name in a wall
-Say my farewells to my loved ones
-Take a bubble bath
-Dress up as if it was a formal event.
-Stand outside and take a last look at the world.

Not so serious stuff that I'd do before the end:
-Complain about movies, games, toys that won't make it cause of the end
-Blame Logistics
-Use a Zune
-Write a memoir of my life in 50 words or less
-Watch all Saw movies and Child's Play movies
-Admit that I like lame stuff
-Slice Highlander: The Source with a Katana
-Fill one space with nothing just to see if you're reading.
-Say goodbye to all my action figures as if they were real people
-Grab a sword and wait till the end with it in my hands.

Really stupid stuff that I wouldn't do under normal circumstances:
-Touch a Snake
-Make a 3 course meal into a drink and drink it!
-Do a Bear Grylls (The sun is going down...)
-Play E.T. on Atari
-Laugh like Kefka
-Apologize to Milla Jovovich about my dislike of Resident Mary Sue then kick her in the nuts.
-Binge drinking
-End of days streaking!
-Admit that Kristen Stewart is the best actress of this Generation
-Sky Diving!
-Nut punch everyone I know.
-Engage activities similar to those of Jason Biggs on a certain movie trilogy.
-Vie for the affections of Miley Cyrus.
-Entertain people at my own expense.
-Repair a car with a stranger.
-Go to a fancy restaurant and just ask for water.
-Organize all the movies at a store alphabetically.
-Nap on a bed of nails.
-Nutella pool diving!
-Attack pigeons with a frying pan.
-Give my bills to the rich.
-Ignite a fire with my comic books and a magnifying glass.
-Verbally abuse myself in front of a mirror.
-Engage in Combat with myself.
-Yachting in dry land.
-Operate a forklift as if it was a racecar.
-Um... Think of more stuff to do before the end
-Unite all of my shoes by their laces to toss them over electric lines.
-Poke someone to the point of being annoying.
-Ask you to read the first letter of the previous entries from Nut Punch everyone I Know all the way to the entry before this one.

Yeah... I did that... But basically that's what the end of the world prophesies are...

May 10, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: Flocking Scent!

Mossman is the second review brought to you in part by The Great Rebellion!
Is he Flocking Great or is he a flocking dud? We'll find out soon enough!
Before I start the rating part of the review I must say something. DAMN! Mossman's odor is really strong! It really blasted my room with "pine" scent! (Smells more like Vapo-Rub or Melaleuca oil than pine...) The overpowering scent was so strong that it could repel Stinkor or an evil sock bent on world domination!
Seriously I took Mossman away from my room and his scent lingered about an hour.

Enough about his scent and let's get moving with this Flocking Review... Let's Tackle the Flocking problem... I mentioned in my King Grayskull Review that I had to deflock the cape... (1 I hate flocking. 2 White flock gets dirty easy.) I also mentioned on my Panthor Review that I prefer non-flocked items. My stance has not changed with Mossman.
The 4Horsemen made a Mossman prototype shown at SDCC in 2009 and he had a short flocking material that covered his body while still keeping some of the sculpt details from the Beastman body that has been used as Mossman's body since forever...
Mossy and Beastman in the 80s shared a body.
The Anime Hyper detailed era of non-parts sharing did not save Mossman from being a green and flocked Beastman.
In MOTUC he still shares the same fate.Green Beastman + Flock = Mossman. The Problem with Mossman showed up when Mattel changed the flocking to a thicker and longer material that needed to be added in clumps while leaving bald spots due to the articulation. Some people (myself included) feared that "Mossman styled" flocking would be added to Battle Cat in order to make Panthor... Bald Spots on a cat = MANGE! Another reason for me to dislike the flocking in MOTUC... (There's also the dust magnet capabilities of flock, and the use of water soluble glue on Mossman...) Holy crap! Mossman is like a Mogwai... Remind me to not feed him past Midnight!
Check out some customs with flocking that did what Mattel couldn't...
Now that I got my issues regarding the Flock and his scent out of the way:
1 = crap and 5 = awesome... Why do I repeat myself here?
Let's Start with the
Articulation: Same old MOTUC Articulation. Since Mossy is sharing his body with Beastman and Stratos he loses the rotating shin joints (due to his furry nature)... His left knee is REALLY wobbly... 4.0
Paint and Sculpt:
Sculpt: can't talk much about it since it's hidden beneath a thick layer of flock! OK I looked at Beastman and the sculpt rocks! His accessories have some awesome woodsy details, like the flint knife, the bag of stuff with the vine sling and the wood mace. Mossman's default head is Beastman's head. He has an alternate head which is a "calm" head... NOT 200X Inspired without the Anime Hyper Detail... It's a Calm Head... That looks nothing like his "Angry" Head...
Paint is really weird. On the bald spots it kinda tries to match the color of the flock, but it does not quite match it.
I kinda covered them in the sculpt section and they Rock! While I love the calm head, some of the nostalgia is creeping on me and I've been using the "Krazy Klingon Veteran" head... I mean Green Beastman head...
Overall: 4.33
He did quite nice, even while having the Flocking disadvantage.
Kinda wish that his Vine sling/Knife satchel were reissued in a Weapons pak.

May 9, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: You spin me round

Sy-Klone: The Heroic Fist-Flinging Tornado is here! Big thanks to The Great Rebellion for providing him!

That guy... He's joined the ranks of the Masters of the Universe Classics.
He's one of those characters that had the "Classicizer machine" stuck on Vintage Mode. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but Sy, kinda needed some "oomph!" compared to guys like Bow, Vikor, or King Hssss. Looking like a Blue young George Takei can only take him so far...
Let's get on with the review Shall we? As Always 1 = crap and 5 = Awesome!

The Articulation is the same as your average MOTUC Figure. Nothing new here. All of his joints are tighter than... (Fill this blank with the tightest thing you've ever seen here...) Sadly his right Shoulder seems to act strangely if I want to rotate it upwards... As in Shoulder don't want to rotate so Sy-Klone can raise his arms.
Paint and Sculpt:
I already mentioned that he's almost a carbon copy of the 80s toy and that he looks like a Young George Takei. He's got a couple of new parts: Obviously the shoulders, the abs, thighs, and feet are reused. Everything else is new. The Chest piece does not interfere that much with the Ab Crunch... Now that's cool! On the paint department... I'll let the pic speak for itself...
3.0 (Mostly cause of the paint...) Oh yeah! The shield chips off paint like Crazy and it's molded in blue and painted yellow... More on that on the next part of the review...
Shield and Red Ring of Death... The Ring is removable and can be held by the figure. The shield on the other hand, cannot be placed on the figure... I tried and it chipped off paint like crazy AND it did not fit the figure. At least the red ring CAN be placed like a Hula Hoop like in the 200X Cartoon!

3.17 His score was hurt mostly cause of a couple of flaws (paint, semi-Frozen right Shoulder).
He's not that bad... I just feel he's a bit meh!
As I said he needed some "Oomph!". Also I'm not too fond of the extremely Bright colors that he has. If there was a way to darken those colors... like a paint wash, or perhaps some dry brushing... Maybe some way to add some 200X elements without the dreaded "Anime Hyper Detail".
Oh look! I almost made a Sy-Klone Review without mentioning the Dial! The dial is there... Not as noticeable as Hurricane Hordak's Eyesore dial... (Not going to rant about it until I see the final product.) Visually it's not THAT bothersome, but it DOES break the aesthetics of the figure... Also if Mattel wants dials, the least they can do is have them DO SOMETHING!

May 7, 2011

Odd and ends May 7th 2011

Aw, Hell NO! Keanu Reeves!? Fricking Neo as Kaneda!? As I said before, Aw Hell NO!!

I don't want to hear Keanu scream "TETSUOOOOOOO!!" with his Keanu voice...
Hell Mr. Sulu would agree with me! OK it's more like I agree with MR. Sulu...
Oh my! indeed...

Brendan Fraser is going to be William Tell. It's gonna be 3D and a Family Adventure film...
Nope! No reason to be worried at all... They're trying to get Ana Paquin to co-star...

Guess what house is on sale for 2.4M...
The house is not armed... Hopefully.

Barrack Obama is really funny.
Words cannot describe how awesome this was... IN YO Face, Trump!

Just saw Hannah Montana Forever's Alternate Ending... HOLY CRAP!!

Go watch Thor... It Freaking ROCKS!! Also STAY UNTIL ALL THE CREDITS HAVE SCROLLED... There's an extra scene...

May 6, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: Spike Witwicky's BFF

Bumblebee, one of the few Transformers I like is in my possession! The Robotic BFF of Spike Witwicky! and of Shia LaBeouf in the Awful Bayformers movies.

Let's get on with the toy itself: As you can see, He is not a VW Beetle like his G1 version. Blame VW for this: Apparently VW didn't want the likeness of their vehicles to be associated with War. Like Transformers is as evil as being Hitler's car... Being a robot that fights for The right of all sentient beings is bad apparently.

I'm not pretty sure, but this toy may be a repaint of a previous Bumblebee... At least it seems to be a pre Bayformers Bumblebee. He doesn't seem hyper-hyperdetailed like a bunch of scrap heap put together to somewhat resemble a robot.
Now for the Review part: (1= crap, 5 = cool)
He's pretty Articulated, due to the parts shifting for transformation. (Some of the PoA may be unintentional because of this, but he can pose...
Paint and Sculpt:
There's not much paint here. Most of the parts are molded in the intended color (to decrease paint rub/chipping while transforming. I have to say that the driver's seat has a chip that shows the black plastic underneath.
Sculptwise, he's pretty good. Made to resemble the G1 Bumblebee as much as possible (without him being a VW...)
He has the jet Ski that gives him wings.

Overall: 4.0 He's a great figure but felt like it was lacking something... Can't put my finger on it... Also I hate the Movie stripes!!

May 5, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: Deflocked and Purrfect!

Panthor is here! Skeletor's evil counterpart to Battle Cat has finally been added to the MOTUC ranks!

His Package is Identical to Battle Cat's. Once released you can see how similar he is to Battle Cat. If I were Lazy I'd point you to Battle Cat's Review and call it a day. I won't cause I gots to rant. Like I hoped in Battle Cat's Review, this kitteh is not flocked. More on that later. The packaging had some Eco-Friendly Twist ties... I'm surprised to see them!

I think I should start on the review itself before I begin to repeat myself! As always 1 = crap and 5 = awesome!
Like MOTUC Battle Cat he's got 28 PoA. Anything BC can do Panthor can do as well. Sadly my Panthor has a bit of the bobblehead syndrome. 4.0
Sculpt & Paint:
He's pretty much a Battle Cat reuse except the head. Panthor's got new sculpt. The differences are minimal (almost to the point of being called "waste of tooling". I used to think that before I got him in hand.) I am extremely surprised that I like the head. The paint job is pretty awesome on the figure. The Purple shades seem to give him a shiny fur coat that looks a tad better than flock (in my opinion.) He seems to have no paint slop... (Is it a miracle?) My thoughts on Flocking in general will be dealt on another topic.
Panthor has his Armor as his accessory. It seems that Lt. Spector suggested a helmet for Panthor with a Havoc Staff inspired Motif. He looks like a giant ram while wearing it. It looks silly as heck, but I LOVE IT!!
It seems that Panthor IS AS awesome as Battle Cat.

May 4, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: Weapons Rack

The Weapons Rack is here! The first of Mattel's "Diorama pieces" and an item from the Vintage Castle Grayskull, the Weapons Rack is here to prove its worth.
There it is in all its glory... Let's have Adam fill us in on each weapon from the rack before my review.

There you have it! That's the weapons pack! Now for the ratings part: 1 = crap and 5= Awesome!
Since this is an accessory pack the ratings are a bit different... (No Articulation section.)
Paint and Sculpt:
Most of this pack is something that has been seen before, as the MotUC figures pointed out.
The Rack itself is new. It seems to be 3 pieces. (Both halves that mirror each other and the inner skeleton with the pegs that hold the weapons.)
Paintwise, I LOVE the silver weapons with the weathering effect. I'm not too fond of the red weapons, but the red isn't that much of an eyesore as it looks on pics. My rifle has a bit of paint chipped off straight out of the package. (no pics cause the camera couldn't detect it. It thinks it's glare from the metallic paintjob.) At least there are no oddly placed CHINA tampos.

The rack on itself can seem a bit pointless since the cost of it is $12 and shipping is about $10. The true value of the rack (IMO) comes when you fill it up with other extra weapons from previous packs or that the figures can't carry theirs.
It still has plenty of space on the back...

May 3, 2011

It Cometh from the Asgardian Toy Chest

Thor, the God of Thunder got the movie treatment. Obviously there will be Thor toys available... I gots myself a movie Thor... Let's take a look shall we?

Thor comes in his own personalized package with a pic of Movie Thor.
The figure I bought is Battle Hammer Thor. The suit he wears looks like one of the earlier Thor pics that was leaked. The suit isn't exactly comic book accurate, but it kinda has a Marvel Thor vibe to him.

The fig is 3 3/4" (Joe scale...) and let's get on with the review!

His articulation pretty much the same as a GI Joe figure... The only difference is the ball joints on his hips.
Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt is pretty detailed and Thor does look a lot like Miley's (ex)Brother-in-law... You know I had to mention her. Paintwise, He's competing with Mattel's paint people. (but doing better.) The front of the fig is pretty much flawless... the back is another story. He has a silver splotch on a an area that is meant to be black, a red splotch on a silver area and a black splotch on a red area...
The Odinson has Mjolnir and a Sword that turns into a Hammer. Mjolnir looks great! It has some weathering detail, but not like The Hasbro Marvel Legends Thor whose Mjolnir looked more like a cinder block. The Transforming Sword on the other hand... Tis a most foul item crafted from the feces of the frost giants! It's too big for him to hold and too impractical as a blade or a hammer.

Overall: 3.83
The Sword and the blotchy back hurt his score... Other than that I am pleased with the Odinson.

May 1, 2011

Holy crap! Bin Laden is believed to be dead!

Osama Bin Laden is believed to be dead. As much as I'd like to follow this line with the rest of the Hulk Intro, I can't make that joke... Now that the Serpentor or Cobra Commander of Al Qaeda is dead, what does this mean with the US troops all over the Middle East?
Thanks to Osama Bin Laden we have this:

Not a jab against Sir Spark-a-lot, but this Ending was very WTF... Which was brought to us thanks to Osama's Ruthless Terrorist Organization determined to... What's Al Qaeda supposed to do? Something to do with Islam... What are their goals? Well, whatever they are, the US killed one of their leaders. Does this mean that the US won or did they made a martyr out of the guy?

Only Time will tell... In the mean time here are some clips of Osama in Family Guy... (since they're going to show up a lot, might as well join them!)

Now this joke is dated... and no longer funny... But I'll guess Seth MacFarlane will keep using him... like he does with Hitler...

10 years... Wow...