Aug 31, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: I better show the Pryde of the X-Men

And of Course I am talking about Kitty Pryde. I missed out on Toy Biz's Kitty Pryde... Never saw a Kitty at Wal*Mart back in the day. So, I had that gap... I'm still waiting for a Shadowcat Figure...
Well, Hasbro's Juggernaut, bitch! wave has a Kitty and a Rogue that I'm Interested in... and a Wade...
I missed on the Rocket Raccoon Wave 90s Jean and that has me angry. Never saw the Vamp Jubilee wave either... and now this Kitty has me hunting down the Red Skull Onslaught Wave because I need an Onslaught that is not the Crab Monster version we got from Toy Biz...

So, who is Kitty Pryde? She's a Mutant that can go through walls and I'll let this video do the talking for me...

Yes, Spidey is promoting Registration... some twenty-odd years before Civil War I...

Now back to Kitty:

She seems to have the same range of Articulation as Spider-Girl or Black Cat, which is a good or bad thing depending on the character. For Kitty, it works, aside the crap range of motion on her legs.

Paint and sculpt:
The minimalist paint apps on her body work well. The head sculpt is pretty nice. I'd dare say better than Toy Biz's... I don't know, but Kitty kinda looks like a crossover between Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Maisie Williams.

The ONE ACCESSORY that Kitty Needs was delivered. I am talking of course about Lockheed, who can stand on Kitty's shoulders by pushing one of his wings between her head and ponytail.
In addition she comes with a Juggernaut Right Arm AND a Magneto Helmeted head for the Red Skull Onslaught.


Kitty gets a 3.83 as her final score. Seriously, Hasbro needs to do something with those female lower torsos. Athletic characters like Kitty need a better range of Articulation below the waist. Getting 2 BAF parts on the smallest non-Wolverine figure of the wave compensates for her small stature...

I am glad that I have filled this gap in my Marvel Legends Collecting, but I just realized that all those years I had kwitted teh lien, made me miss out on some cool figures.


Aug 30, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: Now we have Han Acompañado

Joke makes more sense in Spanish... Han Solo, Han Acompañado...
Well, we have Han's Hetero Life Partner in our grasp... CHEWBACCA!!!
and since I've mention Chewie's Heterosexuality, please don't make a reference to THAT...
Who is Chewbacca? I already told you. He's Han's Partner... The Tall Dog Faced dude that does the funny growly noise...

Let's get this show on the road and crack him open!

Chewie here is SLIGHTLY different in Articulation vs his pal Han... Instead of double jointed knees he gets a ball joint knee. Other than that, he has nearly the same range as a Hasbro Marvel Legends or Star Wars black figure... My only gripe is that his head articulation is limited due to his "beard".

Paint and sculpt
It does look like Chewie, though the paint job can be hit or miss with these figures. Some have a nice aging of his fur on the head, but the rest of the body is barely painted. Mine has a decent body, but the head needed a bit more paint to make him look older. The more mellow look this Chewie has makes him look younger than the angrier Chewie figure from the Original Trilogy.
His Bowcaster, maybe we can count the removable bandoleer... 3.0

Too soon?
Chewie gets a 3.83 as his final score. It's a decent score for him and I can't believe the amount of Articulation that we got out of him. To be honest, I was expecting a more restricted figure. I kinda now regret not getting a Slave Leia, but man, all the ones I saw in Person had horrible derp eye... now the New Hope Leia is coming and is ugly AF... Borderline ToyBiz Scarlet Witch or Rogue bad...

Aug 29, 2016

Haley Joel Osment Saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...

And Young Frankenstein, and Blazing Saddles...

See the common thread in those 3 references? No, not the Family Guy parody... The Other 3...

Yup, Gene Wilder has passed away. His death was due to complications related to Alzheimer's Disease... (This and Dementia are the two illnesses I fear the most.) I feel really sad about this, due to his death being related to Alzheimer's... My condolences to his family.

Mental note: Buy Blazing Saddles on DVD...

Aug 28, 2016

It came from the Toy Chest: I know...

Chewie, we're home! Chewie!? Chewie!? Oh yeah! There is no Chewie because this figure is Solo... Han Solo that is!!
Sorry for the lame joke... I was going to use a Solo Cup joke, but I can't buy a pack of Solo cups for a Han Solo Joke...

Who is Han Solo? Do I need to explain this?

and then there's this:

Now that we got that out of the way, let's review Han.

Han's Articulation is exactly the same as Finn's, so everything I said there would apply to Han as well.

Snakes: Harrisssssson Ford!
Why did it have to be Harrisssssson Ford!
Paint and Sculpt:
The Likeness to Harrison Ford is kinda there... Not quite Force Awakens Han, but more like Half Somewhere between Last Crusade and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Harrison Ford with the Force Awakens hairdo, but not as grey. Not sure if Hasbro did it on purpose so we could buy an Extra Han, add a Goblin Satchel and a Fedora in order to make a 6 inch Indy. Don't tell me that the Force Awakens Outfit doesn't Scream Indiana Jones...

A Modified Mauser Pistol... Cut off the tip and you have a Mauser for Indy... (Not necessarily accurate, but sometimes, he grabs what is available and Nazis had plenty of those pistols)

Display Problems... Now I need an Original Trilogy Han
and a Force Awakens Hobo Luke!
Han gets a 3.67 as his final score. He's a GREAT FIGURE, but having only the single accessory kinda hurt him in the long run. On the Other hand, the fact that he looks Very Indy-like, gives this old fool some potential!

Juan Gabriel has passed away!?

No manches, wey... El Divo de Juarez has passed away...
This is messed up, yo! I was singing his famous Querida at a Karaoke event this noon...

Just got home and wrote the Phoenix Wright 6 rant when I received a text notification that he had passed.

I'm like dayum! While he's not SUPER RELEVANT to me... He's more of a passing note... A nostalgic reference of childhood. In the eighties and nineties he was heard pretty much in EVERY LATIN AMERICAN HOUSEHOLD. Women wanted to be with him badly. Men often thought he was totally gay, but were jealous of how he could make women feel weak around him. Point is that it was hard to avoid listening to him. Especially since pretty much 4 out of 5 telenovelas had one of his songs as a main theme. Then you had the ones he composed, but were sung by another artist...

Que descanse en paz, el Divo de Juarez...

Hold it! Objection! Take that! A NEW Phoenix Wright game!?

I've got to be honest here: I've been WAY Behind on the Ace Attorney series... TBH, I wan't too motivated to play the games where good ol' Nick isn't a protagonist... I was never able to find the Edgeworth game. And Dual Destinies is a Nintendo eShop game only... I may need a 3DS or a 2DS then... But I kinda need the 2/3DS anyway since:

There is a Sixth Game!!!
I kinda knew about a Phoenix Wright game being digital only, but I thought it was the remake of AA 1,2,3...
So, I got to catch up... Play Apollo Justice, maybe get somewhere in Investigations and then get Dual Destinies from the eShop after getting the 2 or 3 DS.

Curse these Digital Only releases... but at least we're getting more of Ace Attorney...

Aug 26, 2016

a Thundercats videogame wouldn't be such a bad idea...

There is no need to bring the Commodore 64 game into this discussion, so zip it!

I mean a modern action Thundercats game... Where you play as Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats and you must stop the evil Mumm-Ra from taking over Third Earth...
Now, I know that some of the 1980s voice cast have passed away and the 2011 cast well, it wasn't the same...

So, I may suggest a new cast and maybe the game being based on a continuity of its own with some elements taken from past cartoons and comics... Except the one where the Thunderkittens are Mumm-Ra's sex slaves.

I guess the game would put you in control of Lion-O 90% of the time. The other 10% would be the game allowing you to be one of the other Thundercats coming to Lion-O's aid. I would suggest that unlocking each Thundercat would involve something similar to the Anointment trials. So, beating Panthro's trial unlocks Panthro coming in to the rescue with the Thundertank, then getting out of the tank for some Cat-Fu action... or something. Cheetara's super speed could be useful against other enemies, and when out of battle, her Sixth Sense could come in handy... that kind of thing... Think something like 1/2 God of war, 1/2 Legend of Zelda, but in delicious Thundercats wrapping.

Unlike He-Man's Ginormous cast, Thundercats being a rather small cast (counting the secondary cats as well) this could be doable... Or crazy idea... Something along the lines of Transformers Devastation, but with the cats...

In any case, It would be something cool to see, seeing that Devastation, a purely nostalgia game, was pretty awesome.

It Came from the Toy Chest: When they are pretending to be the most helpful...

They drop their PENS on THE THING WHILE I'M TALKING!? Or in this case: It's when Wily Kat and Kit are being sold for Comic Con that Mattel drops the line WHILE I'M SHOPPING!?
After a ton of Matty Collector BS... See my earlier post about my July Sub arriving on the 24th... OF AUGUST!!

So, Who are Wily Kat and Kit?

The annoying Kid Sidekicks of the Thundercats... but a thousand times less annoying than Snarf... The Thunderkittens... Older than Lion-O before his pod malfunctioned, now Younger looking than Lion-O but still older than him... They are "The King Grayskull" to Thundercats Classics... and Dammit, Matty Why did you have to screw things up? Really Killing the line before it started.

So, I must point out that like King Grayskull, the Thunderkitten's Package is a poor man's TC Cat's Lair... Seriously, Mattel's stupidity made us lose a Cat's Lair sculpted by the Four Horsemen. Whoever let Matty die without releasing the CORE Thundercats, CORE Mutants and both forms of Mumm-Ra should be Cassie Caged!

Nefty: You better not be carrying any
pens. Lion-O would kill me if you drop
any while he's talking!
The package is pretty nifty and at the same time a bit of a bittersweet thing. This is one of the few packages I will keep, but dammit, the line being dead before I was able to order the kittens royally sucks ass!

Let's get on with the kittens because I'm starting to get angry at Mattel.

The Kittens Articulation is not the normal MOTUC Articulation... It kinda reminds me of Madame Razz, but on a Thunderkitten body. they needed that Ab Crunch that they lack. No pouncing for this kittens! The legs are slightly hindered by the lower part  of their outfits.

Paint and sculpt:
paint is a bit sloppy on my Wilykat, especially on the hand holding his smoking balls. Kit's pellets are sloppily painted on her belt and she has a small bit of slop on her face. Luckily, no derp eye on them.
The sculpt is great on them... Shame that Matty axed the lines, otherwise Kat's body would've made a perfect Caz.

3 extra hands for Kat, looped version of his whip, loose version of his whip, his hoverboard and stand. 2 extra hands for Kit, Looped version of her lasso, loose version of her lasso, her hoverboard and stand. They can be slightly troublesome to get to stand on their hoverboards, since there is only ONE peg on each board.


You knew this was coming
 The Thunderkittens get a 4.33 as their final score. They feel a bit fragile, so be careful while handling them.

It pisses me off that Mattel killed this line right out of the bat, especially when the kittens are so amazing... Heck! Interchangeable hands, resealable packaging. The cats were
 going  to be treated even better than MOTU, but Mattel had to screw that up. Mom would have enjoyed this pack...

Now here's a pic of a grown up Wily Kit in a slave Leia outfit bathing Mumm-Ra.
This is from a Legit Thundercats comic...

Aug 24, 2016

Why are people happy that Mattycollector is going to die?

Well, the decrease in QC, no one at the helm, delays and the Traditional Digital River shenanigans are reason enough... I FINALLY got my July Subscription items... August 24! 1 Month and 4 days after they shipped with the delay that was already in place.

I just hope that Super7 blows Mattycollector out of the water. I mean, QC issues are a Mattel thing. Delays, Awful Website (ordering from it is a herculean task) Overpriced shipping, badly packaged items... Seriously, my box was delivered by Ace Ventura... and it's not the first time it has happened.

I know that on the back of my head there's a tiny Scott Neitlich screaming at me... "Remember when I left and everything went don the crapper... Devil you know and all that!" I just hope that the little devil is wrong. The sad part about all this is that we warned Mattel for years, but they did not listen...
Now we'll have to support Super 7 the best we can just to show Mattel that there is life in He-Man and if they stopped being lazy about bringing the brand mainstream once more.

The sad part in all of this is that Mattycollector was a GREAT IDEA that was executed poorly. Mattel's lack of effort (going with the cheapest vendor incapable of delivering a decent service with a nightmare of a website to navigate through in addition to Mattel's least amount of effort.) The lack of synergy with their products... DC Comics MOTU series had no Mattycollector ads. Killing Thundercats when a Thundercats/MOTU Crossover comic was coming.

While I'm angry about Thundercats and MOTUC ending their run at Mattel... There's a part of me that says: Good Riddance! Don't let the door slap your ass on your way out! /hopefully Super7 will Hook me in with their take on MOTUC... Sadly, we'll have to wait an undisclosed amount of time longer to hear anything...

In the meantime, Customizers and Shapeways Masters are going to have to pull all stops to fill in this void while Matty transitions into Super7.
Eternal Mummy Kits anyone?

Aug 23, 2016

Should a Batman 89' animated movie be made?

Y'know that Upcoming DC Animated feature with Adam We?
You know, a brand new Adventure for the Caped Crusader...

Well, what if... DC and WB worked on an Animated Sequel to Batman Returns...

and I mean bringing back Keaton for Batman, Pfeiffer for Catwoman, Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent.
Yes, I am suggesting we retcon the Schumaccer Batman Forever and Batman and Robin

Hey! At least I'm not suggesting an animated take on Superman Lives! Starring a National Treasure.

Although, making a sort of 90s DCEU with Cage as Superman, Keaton as Batman, Lucy Lawless... (It's the 90s, she's gonna get typecast as WW for Xena) as WW, maybe John Wesley Shipp as Flash (since he's 90s Flash)

But back on topic before we go Justice League 90s... A True Third Burton Batman movie would be super amazeballs. Maybe even plant the seeds for the theoretical Batman Beyond live action movie.

Aug 21, 2016

Why are Snakemen the easiest army to pad out?

Think about it. Horde is kinda easy... More Horde Troopers, Palace Guards, well those need new heads seeing that an army of Toygurus can be considered a nightmare in some MOTU circles...
Now, I know what you're going to say:
A clone army of Bert and Ernies would royally suck!

I agree... but we can have multiple different Snakemen made out existing parts. Super 7 could release 1 snakeman set per year and help us pad out the Snakemen and have them look different:

We basically need the following:

the 4 Snakemen Army builder heads
Kobra khan Heads
Rattlor Head
Tunglashor's Tongueless head

Kobra Khan
Normal Torso
Normal Torso with the Draego neck piece.

Snakemen Armors
Rattlor Armor
King Hsss 1.0 non-removable armor

Various finned forearms
Leech forearms
Normal shoulders and biceps
Snakeface shoulders and biceps
Ceratus shoulders
Rattlor arms
Filmation Skeletor hands
Normal evil hands
Draego arms and hands
Nepthu Biceps

Normal legs
Whiplash legs
Rattlor legs and feet
Draego legs
Various shins
Tunglashor feet

Most of them are fair game.

Quick example:
Skeletor buck
Rattlor armor
Draego Neck Piece
Snakeman head
Boom! Instant new Generic Snakeman

I know that two seemingly out of place pieces are the leech forearms and Filmation Skeletor hands. they are meant to go together. Now combine those with the Khan Torso, Rattlor Loincloth Demo-Man shins and Tunglashor Feet and use the Rattlor head in a random color and you have a Snakeman Grappler.

Take the King Hsss armor and paint it purple the Necklace part in bright gold and silver. Add the Draego arms legs and King Hsss 2.0 shins with the Hordak feet and the Marzo Loincloth. Put on a Kobra Khan head and you have a Snake Mage... or Priest of Serpos

Take the Tunglashor head (or if possible a new head that works on the tung torso)
put it on the Tung Torso Give him the Snake Face arms with the Kobra Khan Finned Forearms with Demo-Hands on a Preternia Disguise He-Man Loincloth with Whiplash legs Kobra Khan Shinguards and Tung Feet and you have a Kilt Wearing Snakeman.

There you have it Super7 a quick and easy idea for extra items that need no new sculpted pieces at all.

Palace guards would require new tooling on heads, which are supposedly more expensive.
Horde Troopers, well they are beyond easy, but it's literally the same figure again and again. This is more at home with the "unreleased" wave with Strobo. and other dudes made of pure parts reuse like the Whiplash/trapJaw/Rattlor snakedude

Aug 20, 2016

It Came From the Toy Chest: Okie Dokie Artie Chokey

I know, I'm a traitor... I said that I wouldn't but I ended up somehow with a Chokey, the lamer version of Evil Seed... ASPARAGUS CARNAGE RULES!!

The sub exclusive for the lesser Filmation Line is in my hands, thanks to him being at a reasonable price on the secondary market.

Now to describe Evil Seed (Filmation Version): He sucks ass... He's a lame plant dude who planted a tree that did everything... It took He-Man, Sorceress, AND Skeletor to stop the tree and KILL Evil Seed by forcing an artificial winter, but all that Evil Seed did was stand around... kinda like Geldor... If Geldor was a thin Artichoke headed Flasher with an oh-so original dark robe.
My disdain for this version of the character is impossible to hide... Let's see if the Toy changes my mind about him... even a little:

Chokey the Artichoke has a balljointed head. and his arms are similar to Orko's (pseudo ball joint shoulders, ball joint elbows, rotating wrist.)
Waist Swivel... I am surprised of that...
One piece legs on a pseudo ball joint that are hindered by the non-removable robe. (You'd have to cut the shoulder joint, next to the shoulder discs in order to be able to remove the robe without cutting it.)

2.0 Then again, Chokey is only useful for standing around...

Paint and sculpt:
Mine has a few hiccups on paint. 3 "beauty marks" on his snout and a green gash on his left hand.
The sculpt is rather nice, but imagine if we could have gotten the FULL 4 Horsemen treatment to CLASSICIZE him... All the leaves with texture, the wrinkles, etc... would have made him look cooler... Take it away Dashie!
Here he gets a  3.5

2 Vine Pieces. One that clips ONLY on his right hand and one that can be put on other figures...
Super7 should do a Vine themed Weapons pack and release like 5 or 50 of those vine ropes to capture other characters. They are kind of underdetailed, but they DO COME from the lesser line.
Chokey gets a 3.0 out of 5 and it's not a bad score on its own... OK, it is, but Blame my standardized score which puts ALL THE FIGURES under a standardized metric. Now, the only good I see out of him is custom potential for a Sebrian... Now Super7 can figure out a Sebrian who is basically a new robe and head. This figure shows WHY IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO HIM JUSTICE ON A BEEFY MOTUC BUCK

Aug 18, 2016

Disney wants to Shake it up, but they have wronged me BADLY!!!

And I'm talking about Spider-Man: Homecoming.
Remember that Zendaya was supposedly cast as Michelle? Peter's roommate after the One Moronic Deal Disaster? Well? She is not playing Michelle... She is playing...
Mary Jane!!

My reaction hyper summarized:

Don't get me wrong, I LIKE Zendaya as an actress, just not as MJ... If Disney wanted to use one of their former alumni, I have the PERFECT choice for MJ...

I'll give you a hint... It's NOT Zendaya...

Here's the thing: This is yet another example of forcing FALSE DIVERSITY into a fictional medium.
The characters are already established, and the people that Peter hung up with most of the time, are white.
Flash is now Indian, MJ is now half-black, Liz is black... wait, Shocker is now black too!? Now, yes, I'm aware that Liz was made a Latina in Spectacular Spider-Man and I did complain about that but that complaint was before The House of Rants was built.

This False Diversity will come and bite them in the ass...
We're to assume that if Peter and Flash are somewhat Friendly now, Peter must have stood his ground and possibly beaten Flash... (white boy beating up a brown boy... Roll the clip!)

Shocker being Black means that Spider-Man, a WHITE UNOFFICIAL LAW ENFORCER will be beating up a Black Man... which is Racist as hell...

Now, people are going to defend this choice saying "who cares?" "Race is irrelevant, what matters is talent" and things like that... Now If I were to make Hobie Brown a Caucasian man, make Robbie Robertson Latino and his son Randy half-Asian, I'd get a lot of flak because those characters are supposed to be black and some other double standard excuse... and no, I do not want a Caucasian Prowler or a Half Latino Half Asian Randy Robertson. I want the characters to be as close to their comic book counterparts as humanly possible.

I will watch the movie, but I am not liking this casting choice... Seriously, GLORY GRANT...

There's a Phoenix Wright anime and no one told me about it!?

Hold it! you don't mean the Haruhi Episode?
Nope! I mean Gyakuten Saiban! Animated!!

Yes, I have a raging boner right now... No, you did not need to know that. Yes, I could have gone with my nipples are incredibly hard right now, but then again it still is TMI... Let's say I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!
If I hadn't been obsessed with the Ace Attorney games a few years back, this anime would not have been anywhere near my radar. I am angry at myself for it NOT BEING IN MY RADAR...

So, I'll watch one episode and go to bed... Just one because I have to work later today... Curse you insomnia!! Can't wait for the English Dub... Hopefully they'll bring back 200X Donatello as Phoenix...

It's like the game... but with ANIMATION!!! If an anime is 13-26 epsiodes normally... I should expect ALL 3 Phoenix Wright games!?

HOLY CRAP!! Screw Mr. Big Forehead Apollo... Your game is cool, but you ain't Naruhodo!!

Aug 17, 2016

Holy Old People doing voices for a new DC Animated feature, Batman!!

You know that this was happening. Well, we now have an official Release date.

Seriously, this is happening... November 1st for Physical Copies, October 11th for Digital.

We're getting New NEW Adventures of Batman and Robin after this:

and this:

Because Adam We is the only Batman who doesn't need to introduce himself.

Metal Gear - Kojima = lameass L4D Clone.

At least it's not Metal Gear Pachinko. Am I right? View the trailer to this abomination Here.

Seriously what the hell!?
Parallel world, zombies, co-op survival?
Silly Konami, Resident Evil is a Crapcom game!
Metal Gear= single player stealth/action game involving one super soldier infiltrating a terrorist base, alone to stop a bipedal nuclear tank.

Go home Konami, you're drunk! Pull a SEGA and let Hideo make MGS games.

Aug 16, 2016

Pride and Prejudice +Zombies?

Yes, that's right. Jane Austen had her most famous work Zombified and it's really great, in a B-Movie kinda way that linda follows the Classic and Bastardizes it at the same time.

I will not go on a play by play, because I LOATHE Pride and Prejudice. Had to read it gor a Literature Course in College and then I had to reread it for an English class the following semester. Not liking it the first time made it more of a chore the second time.

The one thing the movie has against it is the PG-13 rating. PG-13 and zombies means it's REALLY TAME. This movie is great to see with Jane Austen fans if just to see their reactions to P&P being butchered... Also, Eleventh Doctor qnd Cersei Lannister are in this.
Also, add some alcohol. You will thank me for it.

5.25 out of 10... it's bad, but enjoyable bad, even if it's Pride and Prejudice...

McG talks MOTU... gives me a little hope.

But I'm still a bit worried because McG... Now here's what he said:

We have a big meeting with Sony regarding prep of the movie on Wednesday. And we're in the middle of a bit of a script polish, and it's my absolute passion. I'm laser-focused on that being my next film. 
It's good that he sounds interested and that he's "Laser focused" in this MOTU movie. Hopefully he won't rely on his "Store Brand Michael Bay" mode.

Kellan Lutz hasn't been cast as He-Man yet, but he is a contender.

 I think we want to honor the fan base, first and foremost. We also need to be cognizant of the incredible resonance of what Kevin Feige is doing with Marvel, and the balance of full-bodied entertainment. That it's both credible and emotional, 
Good to know that he wants something good for the fans and that he is looking at What Marvel did to set up the Universe of uh, Masters of the Universe.

 We want it to be clicking on all cylinders in that regard. We're not going to stop until we get it right. Listen, I love that movie with Frank [Langella] and Dolph [Lundgren]. I watch it, and it's a tremendous pleasure for me to watch. I'm raised on the toys, and I'm down at Mattel all the time. We're just really focused on getting it right. I want it to be full-bodied entertainment that respects the fan base, and is more emotional than you might imagine, inventive and original.  
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm believing in McG being able to pull this off...

Now comes the Scary Part... He references Game of Thrones... That scares me because when one says Game of Thrones people think of...

Thanks for the interruption Mr. Trump! Yes, you are correct. Sex Nudity, which includes tons of cities! instead of a more complex story full of action, adventure, intrigue, betrayal in a fantasy setting.

Also, that whole spending a lot of time at Mattel... I bet someone is jealous as Hell... I'm not going to flat out say any names but it sounds like "Spot Tight Nick"

Adam and Battle Cat are coming... He compares Skeletor to Gruber (Hans or Simon?) and Darth Vader... I hope it's Darth Vader and not Vader the wrestler.

I'm still a bit worried because McG, but at least this sounds much better than the crap that came out of Feig's Mouth when he was talking Ghostbusters before it was even cast...

Non-Joker Bat-Villains that I'd like to see on the DCEU

As you may be aware, I wasn't a fan of Leto's Joker. I've joked with a few people that Leto's take on the Joker was a Crackhead Macaulay Culkin making a bad Godfather/Sacrface impression. We know that Batffleck: Arkham Asylum is coming... Buuuuuuuut, here's a couple of villains that I'd like the Batffleck to tackle in a movie, not necessarily the Batman movie that's coming. WITHOUT The Joker, since that's the Villainous Crutch for Batsy.

Mr. Freeze:

Before you mention Ahnuld and his horrible one liners, think about it... The Real Mr. Freeze, cold, ruthless, the usual. I suppose that something along the lines of him being in the down-low for years, trying to find a cure for Nora. One of Gotham's Crime bosses tries to get Freeze to work for him. (Most likely kidnapping/threatening to kill Nora if Freeze doesn't comply. Something something Batman helps Fries to put an end to the Crime Boss's plan only to discover that they were being used by an even bigger mastermind. No, not him... but his Talia, who wants to use Freeze's research to improve the power of the Lazarus Pit or some mumbo jumbo to restore the dying Ra's Al Ghul. On the other end, you have Nyssa who wants to stop her sister from bringing back Ra's. Freeze is forced to kill the Lazarus infused Nora (who gained new powers... think Lazara) and Batman has to fight the reinvigorated Ra's Al Ghul. Something something, due to Nora's death and the effects of her new powers being temporary, Ra's returns to normal and escapes with Talia once again choosing her father over him and dropping a hint about Damian. After killing Nora, Victor decides that life is no longer worth living and decides to move to the Arctic to spend his final days away from the world.

I know, how dare I use Freeze as a "Muscle" for Ra's!? No, I did much worse... I'm using the Fries couple as McGuffins. They are what move the plot along. The whole working for the mob against his will is just a red herring to hide the real villain of the story, Ra's. Also, I just realized, this is a Rehash of MARTHA!! Minus the Court Angle... or the hiting towards the league stuff. Think about it: Fries is Superman. Batman is well, Batman, Nyssa is kind of Wonder Woman. Talia is Lex, Nora is "The MARTHA!!" minus the weird our mom's have the same name thing. Lazara and Ra's are Doomsday. Fries deciding to die alone in the Arctic is the Death of Supes. Talia's hint of Damian is the set up for the league... "The Darkseid" if you will.

Ra's Al Ghul:
(See Freeze)


Alrighty then! We get it, the Schumacher's take on Batman were ass...
Now let's take the Riddler and give him the DCEU Treatment... Remember the whole Zack Snyder "Batman Prison Rape" comment? Take that super dark and edgy and put it on Nygma... I know, it reeks of Saw. Riddler is perfect for this. A series of crimes with the people close to Bruce Wayne AND The Batman being the main targets puts the Caped Crusader in a race against the clock... Catch Nygma before those who are close to him pay the price. We could even use this to bring a reference to another villain, being the money behind Nygma's Crime Wave. Hell, I'd even have the Cluemaster being used as a red herring during the first act. (He'd probably be killed just to prove a point) Jim Parsons should totally be the Riddler.

This would have to be a "Zsasz Begins" kind of thing or a "Zsasz Strikes Back" with Flashbacks to the first time Batman and Zsasz encountered each other. The movie would play like Seven, but with a Batman Makeover. It would fit with the Darker DCEU AND it would show us the World's Greatest Detective side of Batman. (I want to pick Christian Bale as a nod to being a past Batman and a sort of passing the torch to Affleck, but people would see it as a nod to American Psycho instead) but we could use another Actor...

Hugo Strange:
I expect him to be the main villain of the "Arkham Asylum" Batman movie. but think about it... A man smart enough to manipulate other criminals to do his bidding AND figure out the Batman's identity. This would lend itself to canonize various Batman villains without devoting a full film to them.

Why did I skip some popular characters?
Poison Ivy would be ripe now that the Metahumans are known, but she can't carry a film on her own and I don't want to use Scarecrow with her, because it's too Arkham Knight.
Catwoman is a shades of grey gal... she could be one of Riddler's Potential victims.
Man-Bat would be cool visually, but the whole Kirk Langstrom Jekyll/Hyde thing would work more for a TV episode than a full movie.
Penguin, I thought about him, but decided to skip him. He could be the crime boss used. (Or Black Mask) I couldn't think of two-themed plot for Two-Face. Clayface would be cool visually, but I didn't think of a motive strong enough to pull a whole movie... Aside the frame Bruce Wayne for Murder and now the Bat has to find the real killer before the 5-0 comes a knocking.
Scarecrow... Basically Batman Begins minus Ra's Al Ghul? Pass.

Aug 15, 2016

Se j****ó Arturito!

It's a Reference to how Latin Americans remember the name of the Star Wars Droid R2D2. If you're not well versed in English and you hear R2D2 said kinda fast it sounds like a slurred Arturito...
And as you may have guessed this rant involves the passing of R2's Actor, Kenny Baker.

Seriously, we lost the TRUE HERO of Star Wars...

Much better character than that stupid golden butler... Sadly, Baker was replaced by animatronics and CG by the time A New Hope now with more Vagina was made... meanwhile we have Venom 3PO still going around... Disney better hurry up and finish episode IX before 3PO kicks the bucket too!

Also, someone needs to break Yuna's legs and blind Haley Joel Osment...

Aug 14, 2016

AM2R got a DMCA notification...

This was expected to happen, as Nintendo is overzealous in their protection of their properties. Fan-Made and Non-Canon game Pokémon Uranium was hit with a C&D before I could even download the game. For the First time Ever I can say that Crapcom is not the biggest A-Hole in Japanese videogame companies... Konami and Nintendo are tough competitors. It's a shame, though. AM2R is an amazing game and Nintendo could have found a way to... Crapcom had the perfect Idea when it gave its blessing to MMxSF.

If only the big N had done something like that... Oh well!

Now don't get me wrong, I GET why Nintendo is doing it, but at the same time, there are better ways that don't make the company look like a bunch of A-Holes...
Seriously, Nintendo Let's Play Policy... That is all.

Aug 10, 2016

A Gender-swapped Reboot of a Remake!?

Or a dickless sequel to Ocean's Thirteen... Still not sure on the details. Here's the thing: It's NOT that they are women what bugs me. It's the whole Let's Make Ocean's Eleven but with Women! Let's Call it Ocean's Elev... Wait, People hated Ghostbusters... Take off 3 Women and let's call it Ocean's EIGHT!! That way they can't say it's a genderswapped Reboot to Ocean's Eleven... Replace Clooney with uh, Quick! Give me the name of a Female Lead opposite George Clooney that is not Julia Roberts... Got it! Sandra Bullock! Yeah... She'll be Ocean...

Not that Ocean...

Maybe not THAT Ocean either... Let's make it Clooney's Sister!! But yeah, this is the Third take on Ocean's Eleven... This time the gimmick is VAGINA!! That's what bugs me. Women are being reduced to a gimmick. I'd be OK with an all female team of thieves... if it was an Original Movie. This is Spin-Off that is piggybacking on the popularity of Ocean's Eleven (the 2001 Reboot, which is piggybacking on the 1960s Original) Unlike Ghostbusters, this cast seems pretty decent: Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Helena Boham Carter (whom I dislike, but she's a good actress), and Mindy Kaling. Now the ones I find iffy are: Akwafina, and Rihanna... (Especially Rihanna... Just got Battleship Flashbacks!)
It has the potential to be good, but the problem is that most signs point out to gimmicky sequel-reboot... like Creed is the start of a new franchise, but is still Rocky VII.

So, It seems that Ghost-Bust-hers is failing...

Now Sony seems to be pushing the Cartoon Series Ghostbusters Ecto Force to be their savior. The sequel is not likely to happen... Good, cause the first one was bad... Not the Trainwreck I hoped, but it wasn't good either. I swear, Feig and some members of the cast *cough*McCarthy and Jones*cough* spent more time on insulting the customers than making a good product.

Sony is claiming that Merchandising is how they're recouping their money at best... Which is funny since the new Movie Toys hit CLEARANCE BEFORE THE MOVIE WAS RELEASED... Not to mention that the best sellers have been the items BASED on the 1984 movie... Slimer, Stay Puft, and the OG GB Toys from Mattel have been the best sellers. Meanwhile the new Busters are gathering dust and keeping the pegs warm. Heck even the company who made the recent game went bankrupt after 3 days from the game's release.

It's almost as if the fandom and people in general prefer the 1984 stuff over the 2016 stuff. Had this movie not erased the far superior 1984 movie, maybe it would have been better received, but Pascal and Feig wanted to make this a "political statement" rather than a "good next Generation" for Ghostbusters. The only way to have a "Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe" is going with the "Franchise idea". The OG GB are the GBNY. New teams could open up franchises in other cities, like say GBLA, GBNew Orleans, GB Dildo (just to show that GBs are not only in the US... Canada needs some ghost issues... also, it's an excuse to write dildo. I could have gone with Anus, France too, y'know... Then for the final movie in the series, the new NYGB, with help from the other franchises stop some powerful paranormal entity... This could even pull one or two of the Original GBs out of retirement to aid in this mission. Boom! But Sony went a different way and now are in this pickle...

So, I saw The Killing Joke...

It was good. Not perfect, good. The extra Batgirl themed half hour I can take or leave.
The so-called infamous sex scene was Tamer than a CW Show. I don't see the big deal. During that first half hour, Batgirl was the one moving the story forward. She decided to slide up and down the bat pole. She also decides to end her vigilante career. (Which was the extra content not related to the Original Killing Joke. I kinda get WHY they added this content... pad out the runtime, make the Batman/Joker dynamic a bit more personal in Batman's point of view.)

Hearing Conroy and Hamill reprising their roles as Batman and Joker... Yes, I must also point out that Batgirl was played by Twilight Sparkle... but this is a tangent... Curse my voice crush on Tara Strong!! Back on the main topic... Hearing Conroy and Hamill made me think: We need to get Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly (or George Newbern) AND Clancy Brown to read ALL of the Batman/Bruce Wayne, Superman/Clark Kent, and Lex Luthor lines from MARTHA!! The movie.

Also, Clancy Brown doing an Eisenberg impression... I'm hoping he uses the Mr. Krab's voice...

Aug 7, 2016

Project AM2R has released the 1.0

How long will it last until the Big N hits them with the C&D?
What is AM2R you ask? Another Metroid 2 Remake. So, now you understand Why I am worried about the Big N hitting them with a C&D. If I were you, I'd get the game ASAP before Mario Lawyers up...

So, Metroid II with Zero Mission Gameplay... It's exactly that... It's Metroid II with better graphics and some tweaks (to Samus, the map, the enemies) in order to be more like Metroid Zero Mission, which is basically a Super Metroid-ized Original Metroid.

Try it, it's fun! A Refreshing Metroid Experience that feels old and new at the same time.

Aug 6, 2016

Feig won't reboot anything ever again...

Good... now, let's hope this stop him from making sequels... According to HuffPo, he won't do any more reboots. Of course they still cling to the whole "Soggy Knee" issue as the reason why this movie failed. Not the bad casting choices, mediocre script, bad directing, so-so special effects.
3 Weeks for it to nearly recover production costs (counting the Worldwide gross.) is a bad sign. It needed about 500 Million worldwide to be considered a success, according to Feig. This is looking bad for him.

I kinda feel bad for him. He bit more than he could chew. The problem with Feig's approach was that for him this was a "gender politics thing" right out of the bat.
He spent a lot of time talking crap about how he wasn't going to do a retread of the original and how his characters would not be the same as the Originals. yet, this one was a retread of the original with a slight redressing... The Library ghost wasn't a librarian! We're different! The movie has no dick! We're different! It's not Gozer who they fight, we're different! Well, it's not Gozer, but you basically made a much more pathetic version of Ivo Shandor the villain of this movie... but he turned into a giant ghost that the busters had to defeat...

Then he went and call the fans a-holes... not to mention the usual barrage of insults he, the cast, and Feig's friends used on the people who disliked the movie... Trump Voter, Basment Dwelling Virgin Neckbeard, Misogynist...

The fact that it was a Reboot was the first reason why it was loathed. Then it was Feig being the director... Feig's Comedy is far removed from Ghostbusters comedy as Ford is removed from making Action Figures. Then came the horrible trailers, which revealed that it wasn't going to be good. After all those reasons we can add that some people HATED THE CAST CHOSEN. Not because they were women, but because the people didn't find THOSE WOMEN funny. After you add all those reasons, you can add the people who REALLY WERE AGAINST THE GENDER SWAP BECAUSE IT WAS A GIMMICK THAT ADDED NOTHING TO THE FILM. Now, after all those reasons you can add the "misogyny" excuse. (There is real hatred, but it's not as exaggerated as SONY was painting it. Heck! Some comments on the Trailer were deleted. The ones that had nothing to do with the women being the reason why they hated the trailer were the ones deleted.)

Right now the only good thing my friends on the Continental US have enjoyed out of this movie is Ecto Cooler. I want some Ecto Cooler!!

It Came from the Toy Chest: She will totally get the D...

I mean the D as in the grade, not the D as in penis... though she can easily get that D since she is going Commando... and I don't mean the Ahnuld movie. I am talking about Skeleteen's Stepmother... Skeletor's Mistress... IN SPAAAAAACE!!! The one and only Crita... (voiced by the same VA as Princess Lana from Captain N, Girl Ranma!? I miss Ranma 1/2... And one role I won't mention here, dahling... because it's G3... and G3 is blegh!)
Who is Crita?
The only Female Space Mutant in New Adventures of He-Man... She's there to fill the role of Evil Lyn, but more Tech inclined. The mutants hail from Denebria... It starts with the D... so it's not a coincidence...

Why do I say she gets the D? as in the grade... Let's find out! or oot! (Now there's a Canada joke, eh!) Cause, you know New Adventures of He-Man (and 200X) had the recorded on the land of Maple Syrup that gave us Justin Bieber and 'Nita. On the other hand they also gave us William Shatner and Tom Green.
Now let's check out my day of sale Crita meant to be a custom... Still waiting on my subscription package to arrive.

They gave her ML Ankles... Sadly, the skirt limits some of her leg articulation.
The Arms are barely poseable due to the super short shawl they used on her. It's hard to use her whip weapon in a cool pose because you have to shift the other arm to an awkward position in order to have one arm looking cool. Even using her gun is a bit of a pain.

Paint and sculpt:
The sculpt as always is pretty rad. Horsemen rarely fail here. The paint, well, Chinese workers don't give a damn and since Matty doesn't even give a damn either. My Crita has a slight derp. it's not that noticeable, but I noticed while taking pics. The paint on her scepter ended up in her right hand. Sadly, the fear gas gun has ZERO paint apps.

As I stated she has a scepter, the whip mode for the scepter, and a fear gas gun.
I have to say she gets a 3.0 I blame the gun barely being able to be held... in an awkward position. Also her whip being unwieldly (even using a figure with full motion range)

Crita gets a 3.0 as her final score. Bad paint applications, horrible articulation and slight issues with the accessories drove her score down...

Aug 4, 2016

Flinging Popcorn at Suicide Squad

DC's super villain team movie has been released and here are my thoughts:

The Critics are Right... but they are wrong!
The film is a bit messy and it seems that the editing from the rumored change of heart from executives didn't help.
With that said, it's not as Horrible as the critics paint it. Far from it, it's pretty good. I'd suggest that you go see it. You may need to at least read some of the characters wikis if you're completely clueless about the DC Universe. My main complaint about the DC Cinematic Universe is that their foundation is VERY WEAK if you DON'T KNOW the characters.

I have a few issues with the movie...
Let's start with Jared Leto.
I understand he was going for a more Mobster Angle with the Joker. He felt more Black Mask meets Vito Corleone than he felt Joker... He still looks more like Jason Todd as the Joker than the Real Joker. Also, he was nothing more than a Glorified Cameo that overstayed his welcome.

Harley's Skanky outfit... Harley Quinn is more than Eye Candy, she's supposed to be intelligent despite the craziness. Her intelligence BARELY showed in here. (There is one scene where it shows us that Harley has brains, but spoilers) You freaking tease us with the original outfit and it leads nowhere... Yeah, we get it, Margot Robbie is hot... But Juggalette Harley looks more pathetic than Normal Harley... At least the Arkham games tried to keep the traditional theme in a more realistic look.

Will Smith:
Sure, he does a decent job as Floyd Lawton, but it's hard to separate Will from the character. The more serious scenes are more convincing. Whenever there's a humorous scene involving Deadshot, your brain is likely to associate Fresh Prince... (or at least mine did)

There is a reason why I mention Harley and Will Smith is because they get most of the focus on the story. Katana is kinda there. So is Captain Boomerang, Croc is an extended cameo. Diablo gets a bit of time to shine... but the movie is mostly Harley and Will.

The villain's plan was a bit unoriginal: Doomsday Weapon that creates some sort of energy circle atop a building in the city... Only this ragtag group of criminals can stop it, since Earth has no Superman...
Where's Batman? Wonder Woman? Flash? (Who gets a cameo in a flashback, so he IS Doing the Superhero thing.) I understand Aquamomoa not getting involved, but no Flash, Batman, or Wonder Woman?

Other than that, the movie is pretty enjoyable... Now I can't wait for 1 or 3 Batman movies... Did I mention that we NEED more BATFFLECK!?

Aug 3, 2016

Remember the CW Archie series?

I just found out about the cast... Oh Holy Crap!

It looks like it might be good, but I have some tiny issues... I am still leaning more towards train-wreck, but It could make me eat crow.
Forced Diversity... Taking white characters and changing their race.

Do you see Josie and the Pussycats? No, I will not link the 2001 movie, that Jem ripped off horribly.
Well, you had a white girl, a black girl, and a soulless being. Well, now they are ALL BLACK!!

Why not a mixed band with a soulless Josie, a Latina Melody (Latinas can look white and be blonde. Also, the last name Valentine that has been used on Melody, can be replaced by the Spanish version of Valentine, Valentín) then Valerie would be (whatever degree of) black (that can be considered diverse and politically correct) to keep the characters looking like their comic counterparts AND check in the social justice checkboxes?

Also, Veronica is now a very obvious Latina, that mestizo olived skin with some Mesoamerican Indian traits combined with some Caucasian traits to get that somewhat "exotic look" for US Audiences. Reggie is ASIAN!? The question is WHY!? As in WHY Change core characters when you ACTUALLY HAVE Characters from other ethnicities like Chuck, Valerie, Nancy, Raj, etc.

I saved the best for last:

Jughead is none other than Cole Sprouse of Zack and Cody...

Also the show is starting to reek of a less white version of

Archie would have been perfect for the Network that the Sprouse twins are trying to get away from... Not the CW...

Aug 2, 2016

Max Steel Movie seems to be happening!!

Supposedly, it'll be released in October... Latin American Trailer has been revealed!

Max Steel Trailer from Ledafilms on Vimeo.

Holy Crap! An Actual Trailer!!
I mean, eh... Seems more like a pilot for a Syfy series, more than an actual movie, but then again, Mattel's least amount of effort is showing... On the other hand, it seems more faithful to the source Material (2013 reboot of Max Steel) than Hasbro's Jem and the Holograms... Also... Mattel didn't shelve it after all... holy crap!

Now if we could get He-Man going on... oh wait, now Super7 are the ones in charge of MOTU, so get ready for Mattel to drag their feet along. They will blame Max Steel not becoming a hit, and MOTU fans as the reason why the MOTU movie isn't getting made. The trailer is not HORRIBLE, but it doesn't scream to me GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! It screams to me: WAIT UNTIL IT AIRS ON DISNEY XD or CARTOON NETWORK!! My brain is screaming, TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM IF IT JUST MEANS THAT MATTEL WILL ACTUALLY DARE TO GET MOTU:THE MOVIE MADE!!

I still haven't gotten over the end of MOTUC and Thundercats at Matty...

I thought I had, but I haven't. Seriously, Mattel just wasted all that time and money to get Thundercats and then they went: Eh, screw that! Before people even got their first Thundercat figures... We KNOW Nightstalker and Tuskador are coming since they are part of the sub... The Single Carded Horde Trooper and Roton are up in the air right now... Why Matty, WHY!?
Snake Mountain... Well, Mattel failed us, Mom... Make sure you haunt Scott Neitlich for the rest of his life... This is somehow his fault... I'll find a way to MAKE IT HIS FAULT... For I am the Destroyer of MOTUC... So, I kinda got my wish? I mean it's not like I wanted it gone... I just wanted Mattel to, give their best effort, but they wanted the easy way out... That's how Super7 is now stuck with this burden... At least THEY ARE GOING TO ATTEMPT TO DO THE BEST THEY CAN...

But back to Mattel. I, I-I just can't believe they gave up on MOTU like that. The comic was going to have a crossover with Thundercats, which would have allowed them to promote the toys. The movie was seemingly heading somewhere, but Mattel simply dropped the line.

While, GI Joe seems to be somewhat in Limbo, Hasbro has kept some Joe product going. The powerhouse that is Transformers is strong enough to sustain a few lines based on different styles. (Bay Movies, Transformers Prime based line and Generations for more Old School fans) Then we have the Toyline for Girls with a curious following from grown-up men.

All Mattel has is Barbie, who is playing second fiddle to Monster High, and Hot Wheels. The only hot selling action figures that they have is WWE, which is licensed, and they could lose the license any time after the contract is up... (WWE USED to be Jakks' heavy hitter.) DC, well, the BVS toys are pegwarming and the Suicide Squad ones look Ug-Ly! Right now I'm only interested in the MOTUC Compatible TDKR toys.

Basically, after the MOTUC compatible TDKR figures, Mattel pretty much killed my interest in Mattel... Since He-Man is under license with Super7, Mattel has found a way to make me quit them without quitting He-Man!!

Do I need to point out the Max Steel Movie that was filmed but is still in limbo? Supposedly, it'd coming this October... Last time I checked it was supposed to be this month... but that's another rant for later...