Aug 16, 2016

Non-Joker Bat-Villains that I'd like to see on the DCEU

As you may be aware, I wasn't a fan of Leto's Joker. I've joked with a few people that Leto's take on the Joker was a Crackhead Macaulay Culkin making a bad Godfather/Sacrface impression. We know that Batffleck: Arkham Asylum is coming... Buuuuuuuut, here's a couple of villains that I'd like the Batffleck to tackle in a movie, not necessarily the Batman movie that's coming. WITHOUT The Joker, since that's the Villainous Crutch for Batsy.

Mr. Freeze:

Before you mention Ahnuld and his horrible one liners, think about it... The Real Mr. Freeze, cold, ruthless, the usual. I suppose that something along the lines of him being in the down-low for years, trying to find a cure for Nora. One of Gotham's Crime bosses tries to get Freeze to work for him. (Most likely kidnapping/threatening to kill Nora if Freeze doesn't comply. Something something Batman helps Fries to put an end to the Crime Boss's plan only to discover that they were being used by an even bigger mastermind. No, not him... but his Talia, who wants to use Freeze's research to improve the power of the Lazarus Pit or some mumbo jumbo to restore the dying Ra's Al Ghul. On the other end, you have Nyssa who wants to stop her sister from bringing back Ra's. Freeze is forced to kill the Lazarus infused Nora (who gained new powers... think Lazara) and Batman has to fight the reinvigorated Ra's Al Ghul. Something something, due to Nora's death and the effects of her new powers being temporary, Ra's returns to normal and escapes with Talia once again choosing her father over him and dropping a hint about Damian. After killing Nora, Victor decides that life is no longer worth living and decides to move to the Arctic to spend his final days away from the world.

I know, how dare I use Freeze as a "Muscle" for Ra's!? No, I did much worse... I'm using the Fries couple as McGuffins. They are what move the plot along. The whole working for the mob against his will is just a red herring to hide the real villain of the story, Ra's. Also, I just realized, this is a Rehash of MARTHA!! Minus the Court Angle... or the hiting towards the league stuff. Think about it: Fries is Superman. Batman is well, Batman, Nyssa is kind of Wonder Woman. Talia is Lex, Nora is "The MARTHA!!" minus the weird our mom's have the same name thing. Lazara and Ra's are Doomsday. Fries deciding to die alone in the Arctic is the Death of Supes. Talia's hint of Damian is the set up for the league... "The Darkseid" if you will.

Ra's Al Ghul:
(See Freeze)


Alrighty then! We get it, the Schumacher's take on Batman were ass...
Now let's take the Riddler and give him the DCEU Treatment... Remember the whole Zack Snyder "Batman Prison Rape" comment? Take that super dark and edgy and put it on Nygma... I know, it reeks of Saw. Riddler is perfect for this. A series of crimes with the people close to Bruce Wayne AND The Batman being the main targets puts the Caped Crusader in a race against the clock... Catch Nygma before those who are close to him pay the price. We could even use this to bring a reference to another villain, being the money behind Nygma's Crime Wave. Hell, I'd even have the Cluemaster being used as a red herring during the first act. (He'd probably be killed just to prove a point) Jim Parsons should totally be the Riddler.

This would have to be a "Zsasz Begins" kind of thing or a "Zsasz Strikes Back" with Flashbacks to the first time Batman and Zsasz encountered each other. The movie would play like Seven, but with a Batman Makeover. It would fit with the Darker DCEU AND it would show us the World's Greatest Detective side of Batman. (I want to pick Christian Bale as a nod to being a past Batman and a sort of passing the torch to Affleck, but people would see it as a nod to American Psycho instead) but we could use another Actor...

Hugo Strange:
I expect him to be the main villain of the "Arkham Asylum" Batman movie. but think about it... A man smart enough to manipulate other criminals to do his bidding AND figure out the Batman's identity. This would lend itself to canonize various Batman villains without devoting a full film to them.

Why did I skip some popular characters?
Poison Ivy would be ripe now that the Metahumans are known, but she can't carry a film on her own and I don't want to use Scarecrow with her, because it's too Arkham Knight.
Catwoman is a shades of grey gal... she could be one of Riddler's Potential victims.
Man-Bat would be cool visually, but the whole Kirk Langstrom Jekyll/Hyde thing would work more for a TV episode than a full movie.
Penguin, I thought about him, but decided to skip him. He could be the crime boss used. (Or Black Mask) I couldn't think of two-themed plot for Two-Face. Clayface would be cool visually, but I didn't think of a motive strong enough to pull a whole movie... Aside the frame Bruce Wayne for Murder and now the Bat has to find the real killer before the 5-0 comes a knocking.
Scarecrow... Basically Batman Begins minus Ra's Al Ghul? Pass.

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