Aug 6, 2016

Feig won't reboot anything ever again...

Good... now, let's hope this stop him from making sequels... According to HuffPo, he won't do any more reboots. Of course they still cling to the whole "Soggy Knee" issue as the reason why this movie failed. Not the bad casting choices, mediocre script, bad directing, so-so special effects.
3 Weeks for it to nearly recover production costs (counting the Worldwide gross.) is a bad sign. It needed about 500 Million worldwide to be considered a success, according to Feig. This is looking bad for him.

I kinda feel bad for him. He bit more than he could chew. The problem with Feig's approach was that for him this was a "gender politics thing" right out of the bat.
He spent a lot of time talking crap about how he wasn't going to do a retread of the original and how his characters would not be the same as the Originals. yet, this one was a retread of the original with a slight redressing... The Library ghost wasn't a librarian! We're different! The movie has no dick! We're different! It's not Gozer who they fight, we're different! Well, it's not Gozer, but you basically made a much more pathetic version of Ivo Shandor the villain of this movie... but he turned into a giant ghost that the busters had to defeat...

Then he went and call the fans a-holes... not to mention the usual barrage of insults he, the cast, and Feig's friends used on the people who disliked the movie... Trump Voter, Basment Dwelling Virgin Neckbeard, Misogynist...

The fact that it was a Reboot was the first reason why it was loathed. Then it was Feig being the director... Feig's Comedy is far removed from Ghostbusters comedy as Ford is removed from making Action Figures. Then came the horrible trailers, which revealed that it wasn't going to be good. After all those reasons we can add that some people HATED THE CAST CHOSEN. Not because they were women, but because the people didn't find THOSE WOMEN funny. After you add all those reasons, you can add the people who REALLY WERE AGAINST THE GENDER SWAP BECAUSE IT WAS A GIMMICK THAT ADDED NOTHING TO THE FILM. Now, after all those reasons you can add the "misogyny" excuse. (There is real hatred, but it's not as exaggerated as SONY was painting it. Heck! Some comments on the Trailer were deleted. The ones that had nothing to do with the women being the reason why they hated the trailer were the ones deleted.)

Right now the only good thing my friends on the Continental US have enjoyed out of this movie is Ecto Cooler. I want some Ecto Cooler!!

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