Aug 3, 2016

Remember the CW Archie series?

I just found out about the cast... Oh Holy Crap!

It looks like it might be good, but I have some tiny issues... I am still leaning more towards train-wreck, but It could make me eat crow.
Forced Diversity... Taking white characters and changing their race.

Do you see Josie and the Pussycats? No, I will not link the 2001 movie, that Jem ripped off horribly.
Well, you had a white girl, a black girl, and a soulless being. Well, now they are ALL BLACK!!

Why not a mixed band with a soulless Josie, a Latina Melody (Latinas can look white and be blonde. Also, the last name Valentine that has been used on Melody, can be replaced by the Spanish version of Valentine, Valentín) then Valerie would be (whatever degree of) black (that can be considered diverse and politically correct) to keep the characters looking like their comic counterparts AND check in the social justice checkboxes?

Also, Veronica is now a very obvious Latina, that mestizo olived skin with some Mesoamerican Indian traits combined with some Caucasian traits to get that somewhat "exotic look" for US Audiences. Reggie is ASIAN!? The question is WHY!? As in WHY Change core characters when you ACTUALLY HAVE Characters from other ethnicities like Chuck, Valerie, Nancy, Raj, etc.

I saved the best for last:

Jughead is none other than Cole Sprouse of Zack and Cody...

Also the show is starting to reek of a less white version of

Archie would have been perfect for the Network that the Sprouse twins are trying to get away from... Not the CW...

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