Aug 20, 2016

It Came From the Toy Chest: Okie Dokie Artie Chokey

I know, I'm a traitor... I said that I wouldn't but I ended up somehow with a Chokey, the lamer version of Evil Seed... ASPARAGUS CARNAGE RULES!!

The sub exclusive for the lesser Filmation Line is in my hands, thanks to him being at a reasonable price on the secondary market.

Now to describe Evil Seed (Filmation Version): He sucks ass... He's a lame plant dude who planted a tree that did everything... It took He-Man, Sorceress, AND Skeletor to stop the tree and KILL Evil Seed by forcing an artificial winter, but all that Evil Seed did was stand around... kinda like Geldor... If Geldor was a thin Artichoke headed Flasher with an oh-so original dark robe.
My disdain for this version of the character is impossible to hide... Let's see if the Toy changes my mind about him... even a little:

Chokey the Artichoke has a balljointed head. and his arms are similar to Orko's (pseudo ball joint shoulders, ball joint elbows, rotating wrist.)
Waist Swivel... I am surprised of that...
One piece legs on a pseudo ball joint that are hindered by the non-removable robe. (You'd have to cut the shoulder joint, next to the shoulder discs in order to be able to remove the robe without cutting it.)

2.0 Then again, Chokey is only useful for standing around...

Paint and sculpt:
Mine has a few hiccups on paint. 3 "beauty marks" on his snout and a green gash on his left hand.
The sculpt is rather nice, but imagine if we could have gotten the FULL 4 Horsemen treatment to CLASSICIZE him... All the leaves with texture, the wrinkles, etc... would have made him look cooler... Take it away Dashie!
Here he gets a  3.5

2 Vine Pieces. One that clips ONLY on his right hand and one that can be put on other figures...
Super7 should do a Vine themed Weapons pack and release like 5 or 50 of those vine ropes to capture other characters. They are kind of underdetailed, but they DO COME from the lesser line.
Chokey gets a 3.0 out of 5 and it's not a bad score on its own... OK, it is, but Blame my standardized score which puts ALL THE FIGURES under a standardized metric. Now, the only good I see out of him is custom potential for a Sebrian... Now Super7 can figure out a Sebrian who is basically a new robe and head. This figure shows WHY IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO HIM JUSTICE ON A BEEFY MOTUC BUCK

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