Jan 29, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Ha-Ha! the Bad has been Doubled!

Yay! Two-Bad is Finally here!! Do you know what that means?
Glimmer is coming!!
But I still have to wait a bit over a month to get her. So let's focus on this Month's Figure: Two-Bad.

So, 2014 Starts off with a Screw you damn dirty Cherry Pickers!
by having Two-Bad as a sub exclusive. I still believe it's a dick move from Mattel, but sadly, they want to drive the Cherry Pickers to extinction. It stinks, but let's talk Two-Bad.
He is from Wave 4.  One of the last two figures remaining from that wave. (The other one is Modulok who is coming NEXT MONTH!)
Not to mention the LAST of the CORE Evil Warriors. By Core Evil Warriors I refer to Evil Warriors that had appearances in the Cartoon. Two-Bad has the luck of showing up on BOTH He-Man Cartoons. 1980s Filmation cartoon and the 2000s Mike Young Productions reboot. We even saw his origin on the 200X cartoon.

Heck! Two-Bad's popularity got him to appear in one of the earliest MOTU sketches from Robot Chicken

Now, sit back and enjoy the Two-Bad Review... Since Two-Bad is Two Different beings merged in half, this Review is half Old-School Written rant and half Video Review... Not all of these combos work like Reese's Peanut Butter cups.
Before I go on to the Review of the Figure, I have to point out that This is the First Figure with the "Eco Friendlier" Brown Mailer, Incredibly enough some people have bitched about this because it breaks the uniformity of the white mailer...
The ONE Thing I'd bitch about is that the Jhook was mangled on mine AND the card was slightly bent... That is IF I WAS a Mint on Card Collector. Since I'm an opener, it doesn't bother me much. Though I understand why Mint on Card folks would be bent out of shape...

His articulation is similar to the Standard figures, but with two heads, yo! If you noticed on the video, I didn't touch the heads BECAUSE there is an issue as you can see on the picture on the right. (Heads are too close together) Second reason is that I painted the right fang on my Tuvar head because it was half unpainted and I'm waiting for the paint to dry.

Paint and Sculpt:
I know that I forgot to praise the sculpt on the video and I will say that my biggest complaint about it is related to
the heads being sculpted too close to each other. Which brings forward another problem. The Tuvar head is painted blue but molded in purple. If Baddhra's Ear rubs too much on Tuvar's it may chip off paint from Tuvar.
I've mentioned my issues with Missing paint apps for 2014 already. Now that I have him in hand, well, looks like I'll HAVE to break out the paints because Baddhra's glove and boots could use some paint accents. I have to mention as well that Tuvar's boot is purple and painted silver, so BE CAREFUL!! and the paint on my 200X Mace was chipped off while INSIDE THE CARD...
There's not much to talk about that I do not cover on the video. They're nice but needed some OOMPH!! (Especially the shield) I'd be Lying if I say that I don't miss the Articulation on the Mace that the 200X Version had.
He's OK... He just fills a very important slot as the Double Headed Evil Strategiset, but he could have been better. and it seems that sloppiness is in all the aspects of this figure... (Paint, Sculpt, accessories, HELL even the Cardback is sloppy with him... Strategiset...) Now, don't get me wrong, I'm super excited that I finally own a MOTUC Two Bad and complete the core evil warriors AND the Evil Warriors I had as a child.

Jan 28, 2014

Another Random MOTUC rant

So MOTUC is wrapping up and Mattel has all these parts and stuff. They say that they COULD (being the operative word here) Revisit a few Older Figures and give them a 2.0 Treatment AFTER they complete "The Wrap-Up years". I did make a previous rant about revisiting characters and doing a 2.0 version of them a while ago.

Simply doing 2.0 (or 3.0) versions of some characters cheapens the first versions in a way. (As seen with BP She-Ra compared to Normal She-Ra)
Also, we'd need something Bigger than just "Fixing issues on older figures" to make more people bite.

Now HERE is where the Randomness begins.

You know Secret of the Sword, right: The Origin of She-Ra and all that. We know it starts with the Kidnapping of Baby Adora... Well, how about we have Spector trying to stop the Kidnapping of Adora, but accidentally allowing Adam to get Kidnapped. So we have a divergent timeline where Adam was raised by the Horde and Adora lived on Eternia. Due to the changes in the timeline, The SotS should play out different. Not to mention the world. Something old, something new... and all that.

So, here's a crazy idea: a Year-long MOTUC Event to retell this story via mini comics included with each of the figures. (Another Reason to Buy the Sub) New stories and treading familiar territory, seems like a win win.

12 Monthlies, 1 Sub Exclusives and 4 Extra Slots (2 figures, 2 Large Scale Items)

Here's the list of characters and the "Changes" done to them. (Will try to not use new parts unless it's severely needed... as always)

Here's the catch. While Adora/She-Ra is carrying the Power Sword, Adam/He-Man get the Sword of Protection. Unlike some Fan-Art that depict a naked She-Ra with the He-Harness and a Cross Dressing He-Man, he will NOT be like that.
Normal He-Man buck, NA Bracers in Classic Colors, King Grayskull Loincloth in He-Man colors, Red Keldor Cape, Dittzroyer Boots with He-Man feet.
New Pieces:
-Texeira inspired Longer He-Man hair (As seen in the Mini Comic, He-Man meets Ram Man)
-200X inspired Harness WITHOUT the huge tabs to hold King Grayskull's cape.
-Male sized Sword of Protection
(Extra accessory: Crownless Randor head)

Her Skintone should be IDENTICAL to Bubble Power She-Ra.
She should have Teela's boots.
New Pieces:
-Upper Dress (with her Vintage toy Insignia)
-Vintage Toy Cape
-Female Power Sword.
(extra Accessory: New Head for Bow with a 4 Claw Scar on his face)

Tri-Klops body with Goatman forearms, Tanktop Armor, Blade's Loincloth and Geldor Lower Legs/boots (In Tri-Klops colors) TK Sword.
(extra Accessory: Arm for Trap Jaw: TJ Shoulder HP Bicep and Forearm in TJ black with blue accents)

This one is rather easy: Same old Skeletor but using the Kobra Khan Boots, Keldor Cape,Whiplash forearms, Demo-Man feet and Geldor Loincloth in Skeletor colors. Havoc Staff in Filmation Colors.
New Pieces:
-Armor (Inspired by the "Shredder armor" from He-Ro: son of He-Man)
(Extra Accessory: New 200X Inspired greaves for Beastman)

-Fake-Ra (Sub Exclusive)
Instead of being a Duplicate made By Skeletor, this Fake-Ra was made by the Horde.
Basically Take the MOTUC Catra dress and Shokoti cape and fit that body with the BP She-Ra forearms and Octavia boots. Give She- Ra a Hordak inspired palette. Gray Skin, vampire flesh face, black dress. Use the She-Ra 1.0 Holey Head and Tiara so, when the TIara is off we have battle damage. Female Power Sword in Red
(Extra Accessory: Female Sword of Protection in Red)

Normal He-Buck with: NA He-Man's Ponytailed head, NA He-Man's forearms, Plundor's loincloth, Blade's boots. (In Adam colors), Horde Armband, Draego Sword in Silver
New Pieces:
-Vest with Holster for sword.
(Extra Accessory: 200X Inspired Tunic and scarf for Orko.)

Adora on a 2.0 Buck. while wearing Red Teela Boots.
New pieces:
-vest top and bottom
(Extra Accessory: Curly haired Glimmer head)

Basically the Toy Version of Catra
Sweet Bee's Upper Dress on the 2.0 body with Shield Maiden Loincloth, Motuc Glimmer boots.
New Pieces:
-Belt with removable tail (Tail functions as whip too!)
(Extra Accessory: Filmation Force Captain Sword)

This Hordak is an Obviously Cybernetic Hordak. taking NA Skeletor's arms and thighs on the normal Hordak buck. In Hordak Colors of course.
New Pieces:
-Head (Filmation inspired)
-Armor (Filmation Inspired)
(Extra Accessory: Imp)

-Evil Lyn
Basically 200X Evil Lyn... on the fembuck 2.0 (with her staff.)
New Pieces:
-Dress (top and Bottom)
(Extra Accessory: Yellow BGEL Helmetless head)

Basically 200X Teela in the 2.0 body (only weapon Staff of Ka)
New pieces:
-Blonde Head with ponytail
-Dress (top and Bottom)
(extra Accessory: Red Repaint of the Ponytail head)

This is almost a Redeco of the normal Fisto with a more reddish color on his hair and wearing the Vikor Loincloth.
New Pieces:
Torso Armor WITHOUT the 200X Sword Holster.
(Extra Accessory: Samurai Belt for Jitsu)
-Horde Troopers (Large Scale Item)
Do you need to ask WHY these are here? These would be a repaint. Instead of the Normal Trooper colors, the Gray would be darker and the Visor would be red. no shield, staff or crossbow for them.
(Extra accessory: 1 Horde Armband per trooper.)

Fixed Shoulders, Horde Prime's left forearm,
New Pieces:
-Left hand
-Mouthpiece (based on his 200X Look)
(Extra accessory: SMAA colors Dekker Mace)

This Frosta fixes the mistakes of Past Frosta (Gray is now white, corrected forearms,Spellcasting hand) The Hair should be LIGHT Blue and the Cape Translucent. Add Castaspella's Magic Blast in Traslucent blue for Ice Power.
(Extra Accessory: Sorceress Zoar form in resting pose)

Same Scareglow buck but with Buzz-Off forearms, Preternia Loincloth, Demo-Man's Shins and feet.
New Pieces:
-Scythe (inspired by the 200X Comic)
(Extra Accessory: New 200X Jetpack for Stratos)

-King Hssss (Large Scale Item)
Fixed Shoulders, Same old Hsss but with Draego-Man Forearms, He-Ro Greaves and Demo-Man feet. The Sanke Torso would not be mad from Bendy Plastic
New Pieces:
-Head (with a more 200X face)
-Removable hands
-Snake Hands
(Extra Accessory: Spector's Whip)

So, yeah it's purely revisions/variants of already made characters whose justification relies on a mini comic story loosely inspired by canonical events with Spector in a main role. It helps fix SOME Mistakes of past releases (Hssss, Frosta, Roboto, while it updates some figures that do not necessarily NEED an upgrade (Adam, He-Man) and it also gives a second chance to get some characters that did not get a reissue (Tri-Klops, Scareglow) also, MORE HORDE TROOPERS!

With that said I'm not saying that THIS has to happen. This is just a suggestion on how to spruce up the idea of some revisions to older characters. a boring set of rereleases or tweaked upgrades might not sell on its own. Mattel needs to figure out a way to spice things up to make the "Possible upgraded figures" more desirable. But "Logistics" will butt its head and say that it's undoable.

Jan 25, 2014

Odds and Ends 1/25/2014

The Topangaborn is coming and we have 21 Episodes for the first Season. Episode one will have a VERY SPECIAL GUEST!!!

(I've overused the Feeny call)
It's great that it's finally happening. I am curious to see what's going on with Cory and Topanga's life. While I'm hyped, I tend to keep my expectations down because it's on Disney Channel.

Bieber was busted... Underage Drinking, DUI, Drag Racing, driving with an expired license, Resisting Arrest... (video of the infamous car chase on the link) The worst thing of it all is how stupid ass Beliebers are defending this idiot. HE ADMITTED to be using drugs (a combo of marihuana and prescription medications), drinking under the legal age. I'm sorry but that is not someone who should be defended. He did the crime, he should do the time. That is reckless endangerment. Luckily no one was hurt,but that doesn't mean he can walk away scot-free...
The kid is on a self destructive path, but because of his AFFLUENZA and being a CELEBRITY he is very likely to get a Slap on the wrist.

He did the crime, he should totally do the time... Hell he can even bulk up in prison and become Gangsta. Cause everybody knows that if you bulk up in prison it's real... Real Gangsta... But we all know that he'll walk out of this unscathed... Well his wallet might be a bit lighter, but this assclown will do something stupid once again. Luck runs out...
Do we have to wait until his stupidity hurts or kills someone else before intervening. I mean look at his smug little smile. He is smiling like a little asshat on his mugshot. He doesn't give a damn about the law. He exudes an attitude that portrays him as if  he believed that he's ABOVE THE LAW.

Speaking of idiots, this guy posted his own wanted poster on Facebook... 45 minutes later he was arrested. I guess he deserved it for being an idiot... I'm sure he won't get a slap on the wrist like Fast and Furious, I mean Bieber...

Back to Bieber again... Here's a Petition to the White House to revoke his Green Card and send the little troublemaker back to Canada... I agree with the idea. No, it's not about whether I like his music or not. It's about him being unrepentant about his awful behavior and lawbreaking antics which are a danger to himself and (especially) others. He thinks he's above the laws of the US of A well, let Canada take care of this nuisance. He is Canadian after all...

Jan 24, 2014

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice?

Yes, I have a bone to pick with Cartoon Network and it's Powerpuff Girls related.
No it has nothing to do with the Recent Special that was meh, at best.

IDW makes the Powerpuff Girls comics (as well as other comics for other brands like Hasbro's Transformers, G.I.Joe and My Little Pony.) Well, the 6th Issue of Powerpuff girls has a variant cover mandated by Cartoon Network...
Can you see what's wrong here?
For some reason I am being reminded of Equestria Girls.
The Powerpuff Girls are supposed to be kindergartners... yet these girls seem to be way too developed for their age.

The worst thing about this is that CARTOON NETWORK were the ones that imposed this on IDW. This is not some crazy fan art about more "grown up" Powerpuffs. This is Art that Cartoon Network OKd and gave thumbs up to.

This cover is giving a warped and twisted view to the PPG...
This could be twisted into Professor Utonium being far more creepier than the default version... Seriously, who Fabricates "Perfect Little Girls" in a Laboratory???
Look at the pic at the left and now look at the animated .gif that shows the normal art style. The scale between the girls and Mojo Jojo is not too different. The girls are slightly taller in the Comic Cover to give them longer legs that are considered sexy on females of legal age. Do I need to point out the breasts?
Basically it's Teenage Bodies on 6 year old girls...
It's disturbing... and I mean Toddlers and Tiaras disturbing.

Damn! That was fast!! Cartoon Network got this infamous variant cover to be taken down and replaced...

Now that they have shot down the cover, there isn't that much to rant about. Well, This now shot down cover reminds me why Powerpuff Girls cannot work as Live Action... Then again, we've seen Live action Adaptations of cartoons that should have NEVER BEEN Live Action movies...

Jan 23, 2014

My Little Underage Teenage Human is getting a sequel!?

If we're to believe the newer Equestria Girls Toys then, yes! Now here's the thing... I have a Love-Hate relationship with that movie. It was crap, full of cliches and throwaway references to seem 20% cooler. Not to mention that it was an obvious marketing ploy to sell toys.

Rainbow Rocks... And it seems to be a Battle of the bands thing. Not to mention the Human version of Rainbow Power... The Battle of the Bands thing sounds HORRIBLY CLICHED. How many TV shows have done this whole Talent Show/Band contest? First movie reeked of High School Musical, now this sequel reeks of Camp Rock... Wonder when we're getting Hannah Maretana?
 Sorry, I had to get it out of my system...

Here's the thing: I'm not completely opposed to this. Sure my first reaction was similar to Darth Vader's, but the EG Dolls NEED all the help they can get to sell.
I mean they can't compere against the Monstrous Competition from El Segundo...

Most importantly: It's called MY LITTLE PONY: Equestria Girls
The previous movie had a lack of Ponies... (Aside the beginning and the end)

The movie gave us THIS MASTERPIECE... Seriously Hasbro Why haven't we gotten My Little Transformers: Bronies are Magic toys... but that's not the main topic.
Why oh why we have not gotten a My Little Pony Movie where we follow THE PONIES in PONY ADVENTURES!?
The Equestria Girls may have My Little Pony on the Title, but the movie is about the Humans and how a Human Looking Pony infiltrated their society... You have no idea how much Willpower I'm using to not make a Joke about... a human looking pony... Instead I'll give you a great cinematic quote:

Sorry, I had to get this out of my system too...

If they put their efforts into an ACTUAL PONY MOVIE ABOUT THE PONIES, probably, more fans of the franchise would be more excited instead of nervouscited. While yes, EG was a divisive movie and full of cliches, it was kinda on par with a few episodes... Especially with a few Season 4 Episodes That suffer from a rare condition.
I mean, Derpy cameos, Scootaloo doing the Chicken Dance, Youtube and MLP videos (CMC song), the Intro of EG, References to Friendship is Witchcraft fan parody (A Machine with a pattern in Sweetie Belle colors is too much of a coincidence for it NOT to be a Sweetie Bot reference) It's an obvious case of (see pic on the left)
I don't mind the whole Panda Ring thing. It's just that in EG's case it felt more like the fan references were used to pad the story to make the movie longer.

But, I hope that for the Sequel we DO GET any of the following things as nods to the fans: (since they love Panda Ring)

A Certain Humanized Pony doing any of the following:
-Stepping out of a Blue Door (Preferably a Porta Potty or any other boxed shaped thing with a blue door)
-Carrying around a Screwdriver
-Saying: I don't want to go. Allons-y would be TOO Obvious... and he couldn't whistle that song  because of copyright issues with the Big British Comrades.
-Bonus points if he hangs out with Roseluck, or Derpy!

A certain character who speaks in rhyme all of the time.

Freaking Discord... I'm not going to be somewhat subtle about this.

The Coach:

I'd love to see Cadance and Shining Armor too: Bonus points if Shining Armor has a corn dog.

3 Movies!? You're shooting yourself in the foot DC...

The guys at WB have secured Gal Gadot for 3 Movies...  I'd post an overreaction video clip like the AVGN using up the F-Bombs or the Nostalgia Critic going with a Screaming Tantrum... Sadly, their freakouts are not up to par with the rage I'm feeling regarding this... So, I'll post the Master of Meltdowns instead. Don't worry I'll wait...

Are you done? Well, now you can have an Idea of How I feel with this bit of news...
I'm not a fan of this choice. Not simply because of her Stick-like figure, but for her abysmal acting.

Defenders of Gal Gadot try to bring Heath Ledger and Anne Hathaway as "questionable choices" that proved to be better...
Um, Heath Ledger was an Academy Award Nominee BEFORE He was chosen as the Joker.
That lends credibility to his acting skills.
Anne Hathaway was another Academy Award Nominee BEFORE She was Catwoman.

What does Gal Gadot have?

OK, let's ignore that she looks like a MODEL instead of an AMAZON STATUE. Her Acting Ability is not that great. Locking her for a 3 Movie Contract is just Ludicrous. (I'm guessing it's Batman vs Superman, Justice League AND Wonder Woman 3 movie deal) Her acting can help her survive BvS as a supporting character and maybe JLA, but she does NOT have the ability to carry a film on her own (Wonder Woman)... Nor Warner Brothers have the ability to make a Decent movie of a DC character that is NOT Batman or Superman...

I still find the MOTU reference a MUCH better scene... but it doesn't change the fact that Green Lantern was a Turd of a movie.

Wonder Woman's Mythical Origins make her a tough character to translate to film WHILE BEING RESPECTFUL TO HER COMIC BOOK ROOTS!  Unlike Batman whose origin is simple: Dead parents, travel the world training, become a one man army against crime. Or Superman: Last Remnant of an Alien Civilization who grew up into a Jesus allegory.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman has conflicting Origins: Born out of clay as a blessing by the Olympian Gods, or the NU52 Origin which can be summarized as Hercules with boobs.

As long as the Filmmakers don't do anything stupid like make her another Kryptonian... (Which would be horribly lazy), surround her with a Decent supporting cast, MAYBE, just MAYBE it could almost work... My opinion is to replace her with an actual actress for it to actually work... At this stage I might even accept Megan Fox to play Wonder Woman...

I know, I know... But I HATE Megan Fox...
As much as I dislike her, she can carry a movie on her own. (OK Amanda Seyfried did carry some of the weight here) As I was saying, she could carry the movie. While she is on the small side (and a bit on the too thin side for a role like WW) she does not look "Model-Like", which is problematic for a Princess of the Amazons or Hercules With Boobs (Depending on which comic book Origin they use)

Sadly, like with the T.A.I.N.T. every bit of news I hear, scares me more than giving me hope.

Jan 22, 2014

Reason # 749 to hate Michael Bay's T.A,I.N.T. *UPDATED WITH NEW PIC*

The First Look for the Turtles was leaked to the internet via a Michelangelo Halloween Costume.
I wanna throw up... I Knew that Each Turtle was going to have clothing...
But I just tried to forget that... I still have the Non-Asian Ken Rosenshredder to swallow.

So, Here we have the Micheldouchegelo Halloween costume...

Do we Really need a MOTU/Conan Inspired Raphael, a Samurai Leonardo... (Aside a crazy 80s variant from Playmates), or Cyber Donnie?

The crazy ass Stupid Variants is Playmates' job, NOT the moviemakers' job... I mean, what's next? The Racially insensitive and possibly racist Bandito Michelangelo? What's the difference between the one on the left and the one on the right? (Aside the obvious: "One is a lame-ass Children's costume and the other is a Racially insensitive toy from the 80s/90s)

Also, WTF is up with the Tattoo? Don't know of any Tattoo Parlors in the sewers.

Suddenly the amazing Spider-Douche 2 is starting to look like the lesser evil... then again, that movie doesn't have a Douchebag at its helm... (remember that a Producer can override the Director)

It's wrong to enjoy other people's failures, but since the one failing is Michael Bay, I guess we can make an exception.

New Pic of the TAINT!! Man! It's worse than I thought!!
Uploaded the pic in case Paramount forces the pic down.

So, now that we have something better to look at than a Halloween Costume, I still hate it...
Let's see how I can put this in a non verbose way why I hate these costumes, aside the fact that they kinda remind me of lame Playmates variants...

So, I found a picture of THE OTHER THING this pic reminds me of...

That's right! They look like Rejected designs for the (Teenage Mutant) Ninja Turtles: the Next Mutation.

Or at least some weird Toy Variants from Playmates...

Right after Masters of the Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was very important to my childhood. I had so many hopes for this movie as well, but every bit of news I hear from it takes those hopes and buries them...

Jan 21, 2014

The Wiseau Mystery may have been solved!

Oh Hai! It's been a while since I've mentioned the one man who could pull off Morbius quite Easily for Amazing Spider-Douche 3!

Yes, I'm talking about Tommy Wiseau! A Redditor went all Cyber Sherlock and figured out from Where in the Universe Tommy Wiseau came from...

No, he is not an Alien from a dying race sent to Earth to become a modern day Jesus Figure... nor ALF!! He is an Earthling.

The Mystery of Wiseau is his origins. The man plays this card so close to his chest that it could embed it ON his chest. He claims growing up in Louisiana and traveling back and forth Between Europe and the US.

Here's the Reddit post where the theory is explained. The thing bothers me is NOT that the theory makes sense. It's WHY is he hiding who he is? The second oldest question in the Universe has been answered. Is the answer right? Is the answer wrong? There's only one way we can corroborate and get to the truth... and he ain't talking.

It kinda makes sense, I mean listen to this guy (with your eyes closed) and like it says in one of the comments on the reddit post. He sounds a lot like Tommy... He is not Tommy OK?

As much as he is criticized for his Piece of Cinematic History, he should be in more stuff... I mean, we've had plenty of Rob Schneider...

Cool Runnings 2: the search for more money

Jamaica qualified for the Sochi Winter Olympics... I smell a sequel to the 1988 Disney Movie

Like the plot of the 1993 movie inspired by the events of the 1988 Winter Olympics; the Jamaican Bobsled Team needs sponsorship to reach the $80,000 needed to be able to go to Russia and show what the Jamaican Bobsled Team can do, mon!

But that's not all! The Internet, hungry for a sequel to Cool Runnings has stood up and donated enough cash for the Jamaican Bobsled Team to reach Russia!

Now, we Need Jamaica to do something awe inspiring so Disney can make a movie out of it... Minus John Candy who has been on the Other Side for quite some time!

Let's face it! The interest of most is not really to have the real Jamaican Bobsled Team to participate, but to make sure we get a sequel to the Disney Movie.

Titanic II is STILL HAPPENING!! Now with more Authentic Feel. Third class is going to be cramped as it was in 1912... 2 bathtubs for 700+ people... 4 folks per room...No TV, no Internet Access, even Period Clothing (for those who want to dress up). The guy also wants to clone a Dinosaur...

I don't mind creating a Replica of the Ship to LEARN about the Titanic. I just find it in bad taste (and tempting the fates) to try and recreate that maiden voyage. It's not the Titanic experience without the Iceberg... This project reeks of hubris.

The Jurassic Park one reeks of Hubris too, but I've only found passing comments and no full fledged Articles about it. Also My rant would involve using quotes from Jeff Goldblum's character from said movie.

Jan 20, 2014

Action Figure Woes: 2014 and the missing paint applications

Well, Two-Bad lost some paint applications, so did Blade. (I will elaborate on their respective It Came from the Toy Chest Reviews) This has pissed off a segment of the Fandom, and rightfully so. We still remember the whole 2013 sub pledge and the "Dramatic Price increase to ensure that no accessories get cut and no reduction in deco for the figures for the next two years". We saw how that worked for Nettossa and Strobo in 2013. Now Blade and Two-Bad got paint applications cut from their weapons and people want Neitlich's head.

The issue is that prices are rising faster than we can compensate. Blade has a TON of deco on that outfit which is really expensove. The chain mail is pretty consistant over his body, so there isn't really a way to reduce that. Plus we can't cut an accessory because his name is Blade, and Blade not coming with a blade is wrong. Removing deco from the accessories therefore was the only option to keep him on cost.

We also told fans we would not raise prices in 2014. We had hoped that the 2013 price increase would hold for two years, but 2014 is already seeing higher production costs at locked in 2013 prices. Going forward we will likely raise prices a little bit each year starting in 2015.

The other item to note is that pretty much every figure we have produced has been cost reduced in some manner. Sometimes these reductions hit the boards big time, other times (most times) no one notices at all. Fisto for example had more deco reductions than almost any other figure, but I don't personally recall seeing this was an issue with fans.
He-Man.org Forums Mattel needs to stop cutting paint apps topic where I found this quote.

I'm not going to dwell on how Neitlich should or shouldn't do his job, since that's not related to the point I'm going to make.

Yes, prices do rise, but yes, Mattel should have seen it coming. It Royally sucks having to break out the paints and "fix" These figures especially after the infamous "Dramatic Price increase", but on the other hand, it could've been worse.

Cutting Accessories + LESS Paint Applications + "Blastic" Figures!! That could be worse...
No figures would be the worst.

Since we're not getting Weapon Paks, cut accessories would be lost "forever" (See Grizzlor and Buzz-Off's 200X Heads, Spector's whip)
Cutting off paint hits is the only viable alternative FOR MATTEL.  I HATE IT  but it's the lesser of the evils. No matter how much the fans (rightfully) complain, it will not give paint hits to Two-Bad or Blade's weapons... (I had to paint my Stinkor stuff, from all the way back to 2012, I had to paint most of WP#4, will have to paint Blade's weapons, Hydron's and Two-Bad's.)  Hopefully Mattel will not be as stingy with the paints for the second half of the year figures as they were with those early half figures.

Jan 18, 2014

a PoP Mini Sub is a TERRIBLE Idea!!

Yeah! You read correctly! I'm completely against a PoP Mini Sub in 2014! I'm going to explain it in a possibly long winded rant, of course!! By POP I'm referring to the TOYLINE Characters from Princess of Power. Characters like Madame Razz, Red Knight, General Sunder are Filmation characters.

Let me show ya how many POP Figures (sans variants) are left: We know that Glimmer, Flutterina and Loo-Kee are coming in 2014!

-Double Trouble
-Queen Angella
-Sweet Bee

That's 8 Figures left. A PoP Mini Sub could slash down that list to Two. That's a good thing, right?

OK, let's stop the over the top reactions and look at it from both sides of the fence: The POP Mini Sub would help us complete a LOT of PoP and possibly scratch off six out of 8. On the other hand' that WOULD Leave 2015 with only 2 POP Figures. With the Possibility of 2015 having LESS Vintage folks subbing to get their remaining vintage dudes; the last thing we need is a massive exodus of POP Fans as well.

I know that "What if 2015 doesn't make it?" and "Wouldn't t be better to have all of POP minus 2" than  All of POP minus 8?" That is the big conundrum... Risking getting almost all of POP now and possibly missing out on 2 figures or spreading them a little bit and risking missing out on more characters...
Also, with a POP Mini Sub, the Vintage Purists win... and I don't want them to win... POP is an important part of MOTU even if they don't like it.

Now, IF a Mini sub MUST BE MADE, I think it should be a CARTOON Character Sub.
Note how I did NOT SAY a FILMATION SUB... I mean a Cartoon sub covering Filmation, Jetlag and MYP.

Basically 6 Figures with moderate part reuse (as seen with last Year's Club Filmation) so no Madame Razz on this sub... or Huntara since she's coming in 2014 or 2015...

-Lord Masque: This one is Ridiculously Easy He only needs a new Head and Harness.
Normal He-Man body with Hordak Gloves. Kobra Khan Loincloth, Goatman Thighs normal lower legs with Dekker's boots. Add Keldor or Carnivus' cape.

-General Sunder: All we need is head(s) armor and Cape. He'd reuse most of the Horde Trooper body.

-Crita: Would be the Warrior version of her. It's my least favorite form, but we have a few parts to make her work. She needs a new head, of course. We start with the BG Teela body. The Shield Maiden Torso Armor with a new chest piece takes care of her top. The Bottom could use Glimmer's Codpiece. New Thighs, Frosta Shins and She-Ra Boots complete her legs. Adora's shoulders, biceps and forearms and new hands would complete the look.

-Callix: He's easier to make than I expected. Normal body with Hordak abs. We toss in Whiplash's shoulders, He-Man's biceps, Castle Grayskullman's hands and new Forearms. Head and Armor are obviously new. A new Bare loincloth piece and He-Man thighs make the crotch and upper legs. New Boots on the He-Man shins and Castle Grayskullman feet complete the Lower legs. The paintjob would help sell the rock-like body.

-Prahvus: Obviously he needs a new head. Normal He-Man Torso shoulders and biceps. Demo-Man forearms with new Bracers. Skeletor left hand and a new Right Gauntlet complete the upper body.
Purple King Grayskull Loincloth, He-Man thighs and Geldor Lower Legs and He-Man feet complete the lower half of his body. He'd need a new Bicep Armor for his right arm. Sadly, the Classicizer machine turns the halfcloak into a full cape (Keldor or Carnivus)


I kept the Sixth slot blank because there are multiple choices from the animation companies to fill that slot. So, here are the choices one from each company. Personally I'd choose the Jetlag choice so it's 2-2-2, but Mattel may choose to make this a bit more lopsided by choosing 3-1-2. (since NA is the least popular branch of MOTU)

From Filmation: ELMORA!! New Heads for her (Good and Evil). Shadow Weaver's upper Torso with a new piece to cover where the Weaver cape is plugged into. New Waist to replace the Horde Belt piece from Weaver and Weaver's lower body. For the arms we use Adora's. toss in BG Evil Lyn Cape and we are done.

From Jetlag: DRISSI!! She's a New Head, New Top and New Forearms similar To Teela's. the Skirt could be reused from BP She-Ra's the Forearms from Adora the Teela 1.0 Legs with Adora's boots and we're done!

From MYP: HAWKE!! 
Start with the BG Teela buck and new head. New Torso Armor/Bra, Shield Maiden Loincloth. Adora Shoulders and Biceps, new Forearms and wings. Catra hands. For the lower body, Teela 1.0 Thighs, New Lower Legs (Reuse with 200X Sorceress), new Feet (Reuse with Veena)

BUT, I know this Toon Sub will not happen. Then again, I'm not sure if any mini sub would happen.
Now, let's humor the idea that a POP Sub DOES Happen: Who will they choose? Who will be pushed to 2015?
Now if we apply the Partial "Shared tooling" and "reduced new pieces" we'd get:

-Peekablue: Half her body has been made with Nettossa. New Head, Feathered back, Torso armor and Belt are all we need. Everything else is pure Nettossa.

-Spinnerella: Her top is similar to Flutterina's. The Spinning Tassels from her arms could use the BG Evil Lyn Forearm (with new Bracers). The Skirt would be new. The Legs would be the same as Flutterina.

-Double Trouble: She can share her Skirt with BP She-Ra and MOTUC Glimmer boots. the Head(s) is/are new as well as the top. New Forearms and cape would complete her.

-Sweet Bee: She'd need new head, Wings and dress (top and skirt). The rest can be reused. I guess the Flutterina Torso (not her top) is going to see some reuse. Glimmer's forearms and She-Ra 1.0 Boots. The Toy Boots are Double Trouble's and since I used Glimmer's boots for DT (based on a Filmation style image of DT) then I went full Filmation on her footwear.

-Perfuma: This one will not be accurate to Filmation for parts reuse sake and become a hybrid of Filmation and Vintage toy. Forearms and Boots come from Nettossa. Taking the Toon Dress but adding the vine on her chest from the vintage toy seems like the best option for Perfuma. HER SKIRT WILL NEED TO HAVE INDEPENDENT PETALS or else we'd need a Perfuma 2.0 which will never happen at this stage in the game.

-Angella: I know, she's excellent 2015 sub bait. Now you may have guessed have become 2015 items. the main reason is tooling. Modulok, Unnamed one (if rumors are true) Extendar, NA Skeletor, Blade, Hydron use a LOT of new Tooling, hence the mini sub relying on characters who use less new tooling.
I guess Flutterina's torso strikes back yet again. Creating the need for a new Top similar but not identical to Glimmer's. Glimmer's loincloth can be reused here. Basic Female buck except foreamrs and boots that should be new for her. Obvious new head and wings.

Mermista and Entrapta have been held back due to budget and tooling. Entrapta for an obvious reason: Tackling her hair!! She's pretty much a repainted Castaspella if we go with the toy. Using Filmation well, we need a new Top, She-Ra's skirt, new Thighs and Frosta's shins/boots. Adora's forearms complete her body. The Hair is the big issue with her.
Mermista on the other hand could be pushed as a Large Scale Beast due to her Mermaid action and to do her justice. Not to mention all the new tooling needed on her.

I've been wanting a Mermista for a long time... No matter how I slice it, she seems to be 2015 Material. If it wasn't for Entrapta's hair issues, I'd have bumped Angella off to 2015 as a sub lure. I don't like it, but it makes "Matty sense"... So, if 2015 doesn't make it and we get this POP sub mentioned above, we lose Mermista... (and Angella too if Mattel does push her to 2015)

The other question we must ask "By putting POP in a separate sub to WHOM are these Extra slots that were freed by the second sub going to?" I'm certain that NA is not getting those slots and the Vintage guys are very limited (10, no variants)...

Batman vs Superman almost Justice League Movie but not quite got DELAYED!!

Apparently, Ben Affleck hurt his BAT-LEG and is unable to film for six weeks. This caused the delay of the Final movie to 2016... May 6th, 2016 to be more accurate.
Now the "OFFICIAL Reason" given can be defined as Filmakers need time to fix the clusterF- that this project has become.

Also, a Peter Pan movie is coming for 2015...

Yes, Filmmakers need to fix that not quite Justice League mess up... There's a rumor going around that the plan is to film Bats/Supes and Justice League back to back. There's a Rumor about Jason Momoa playing Aquaman (of all characters) Added to the whole Rock and Denzel Washington being considered and the rumors of Cyborg and John Stewart GL showing up.

If they're filming both movies back to back, it's a good thing. The problems I see are:

If they add WW, Cyborg, GL, and Aquaman to BvS then that's 4 Origins being tacked on to one movie.
Non-Hardcore comic book fans will wonder why is GL black? (we saw the reversed version of this when they brought Hal Jordan back to the Animated Universe)

Let's look at The Avengers:
Hulk: 2 movies to develop his background and character (sequel was a sort of semi-soft reboot)
Ironman: 2 movies to develop his background and character
Thor: 1 Movie to develop his background and character
Hawkeye: Minor character in Thor
Black Widow: Minor character in Ironman 2
Captain America: 1 Movie to develop his background and character

So, Incredible Hulk, Ironman 1 & 2, Thor and Captain America laid the groundwork for Avengers.

Now let's look at the JLA development:
Superman: 2 Movies to develop his background and character
Batman: 3 Movies to develop his background and character ASSUMING that Batffleck is an Older Christian Bale. If the Nolanverse Batman is NOT PART of the JLA Movieverse, then Batman has Nothing
WW: Minor character in BvS
Aquaman: (Rumored) Minor character in BvS
GL: (Rumored) Minor character in BvS
Cyborg: (Rumored) Minor character in BvS
Unless BvS is a 12 Hour Epic then we have a HUGE problem...
They'll have to trim a LOT of fat to make this project work... I'd obviously start with Wonder Stick Figure... She's got 6 more weeks to bulk up... Let's see the end result...
I'd ax Aquaman right off the bat. Both GL and Cyborg as well...
If I were to bring one or two DC guys, I'd look towards a certain Arrow and Flash... whose origins have been/are being told on the small screen.

Then again, what do I know? I'm not a Hollywood executive who snorts cocaine out of a dead hooker's butt-crack...

It's obvious that they are CRAMMING too much into one movie...
I could cite Spider-Man 3 for a multiple characters WITH origins explained in the movie, but I'll go to DC's side with

Batgirl, Bane, Poison Ivy, AND Mistuh Fweeze needed their own origins shoved in there.

Heres hoping that the movie does not suck (my dislike of Wonder Stickfigure aside) but this focus on the BIG TWO is why DC seems to fail at the movies.

Jan 16, 2014

ALF Cannot work in any other period AFTER the 80s!!

Paul Fusco (Voice/Main Puppeteer of ALF) has been trying to bring back the Cat Eating Alien Puppet from Melmac for a while. Apparently it's happening. I predict failure...
I know that often I do predict Failure with adaptations of stuff, but hear me out... or Read me out if we want to be more specific.

ALF CANNOT Work in the 21st Century. PERIOD.
Why is that?
First things first:
What are you using to Read this Blog?
-the Internet. Right? With the Internet you can access a lot of stuff immediately. Remember the Russian Meteor? Well, a Spaceship crashing in a Los Angeles Suburb would be newsworthy super fast.

-Now in the 21st Century almost everyone has a Smartphone with a camera. If they don't catch the Spaceship crashing; they'd probably catch the Tanners' weird dog and upload it to Youtube or something.

Now let's suspend our disbelief long enough that the Tanners can:
a) Hide the fact that a Spaceship crashed in their garage...
b) keep ALF hidden from neighbors like the nosy Ochmoneks.

One of ALF's biggest problems was how he phoned pretty much anyone anywhere on Earth.
on the 21st Century that issue is partially gone with VOIP services like say, Skype... The closest thing to an issue would be ALF hogging the computer use to troll on forums or rant on a blog... going over the Bandwith Caps would be the closest ALF would get to a modern version of the crazy long distance calls issue. Because again, in the 21st Century many are getting rid of the Home Phones.

The other Reason WHY I strongly believe it will fail:
Paul Fusco.
Ever since ALF ended he's been pretty much whoring ALF everywhere.
I can accept the Animated "prequel series"... or the infamous "Cartoon All-Stars" special
He had the Puppet for cameos on other shows like Matlock


Heck, ALF was even on THE LOVE BOAT The next wave... Not to mention that he also hosted Hollywood Squares once

This is pushing it...

Seriously, when you are making TV commercials with Hulk Hogan; you've reached a NEW LOW...

Now since Fusco IS PRETTY MUCH ALF, he could be a bit of a nuisance with the reboot.
There have been plenty of stories on how working on ALF was a nightmare. I would expect these to happen again if they use practical effects for ALF. Now if ALF is Computer Generated, Fusco will still meddle with the lines and try to hog the best lines for ALF.

Now another thing this project is forgetting... It's not the same without Max Wright. See Project ALF for ALF without Willie... and we know how well that worked. If it does happen, we're getting a new Willie. Sadly, it won't be the same.

Here's a challenge for the movie, if it indeed does happen: Try and get Max Wright in for a cameo AND Interact with ALF.

Jan 15, 2014

MOTU Fangame!! The Rant:

There's a Masters of the Universe fangame being made using the Beats of Rage Engine available. The Demo is available to download on the Youtube video I linked.

For those of you who don't know BOR is a customizable engine to make Beat-em up games. The name of the Engine B.O.R. comes from SEGA's Streets of Rage, which was the inspiration for BOR.

The Artwork for this game is obviously Filmation Based. Which is a good thing because The less details on the characters makes them easier to animate.
The best part is that it looks more 80s Filmation cartoon-like than the average sprite based game that you see with the BOR Engine.(Whose Sprite Art often Emulates the Capcom Style from the late 90s or the SNK KoF Sprite style.)

The sounds and music seem straight out of Filmation. That is a GREAT THING because it creates that Atmosphere that no other He-Man Media has been able to emulate.

 So, the Playable characters are: He-Man, Duh, Man-At-Arms, Orko and The Sorceress... How can she be outside of Grayskull? No idea, but suspension of disbelief for the game's sake.

I had to play it on the PC with the keyboard, which is not made for beat-em' up games, but since this is a BOR Game, you can theoretically make it work on a SEGA Dreamcast. I don't know the process on how to make this so, don't ask me. Obviously, you have to burn it on a CD .  
The controls are as responsive as your average 90s Beat-em'up game. I cannot honestly gauge the responsiveness of the controls without using a controller.

For a fan game, this demo seems promising.
I like that is less tongue in cheek than the official Most Powerful Game in the Universe for smartphones and iCrap... (Sorry, not a Mac Fan) It seems to be a LOVE LETTER to Filmation's MOTU. I wish that Mattel would look into a REAL CONSOLE Game. Not simply a port of the phone game. I would LOVE a 4 Player Beat-em' up MOTUC Game, Because it would combine MOTU, POP and NA... even if we have to swallow some Sir Loser Lot, Spector and Cy Suck.

Jan 14, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: He is not Pink!?

yippee... Plundor is here. I've ranted about this almost T.U.R.D. before and he has finally arrived.
So here's the review:

Now this guy is the last of the White Mailers... Coming in 2014 the Eco Friendly Mailers... OK, I find that funny!

Jan 13, 2014

Snake Mountain ain't happenin'... bub!

So has spoken The Guru... But for those who are unable to read Matty posts, here's his message:
Here is the deal. While the castle was
A big success, it essentially doubled the workload for everyone involved from the Horsemen to me to the vendors. It was literally a full years worth of work. No one's salary was doubled and we didn't make double the annual revenue. We are all literally recovering from this. It was exhausting. Imagine whatever you do for a living and imagine doing your workload twice. Not exactly something we can so year on year.
That being said, we are so glad we did it. It was a work of passion, the fans proved they would support it, and it went off without a hitch (give or take needing to update an address twice for some, and again sorry for this!).
At the end of the day, it is unlikely another Epic Creations sku will happen. Although as I have always said, things in the toy industry change all the time. I thought it would take a movie year for the castle and we did it without.

Anything could happen, but to manage expectations there are no plans for more playsets, big or small right now.
Castles and Windraiders are available. Both are one heck of a toy!

I Kinda understand why it isn't happening... Believe me, I'm mildly annoyed that we're NOT getting a Snake Mountain, but in all fairness; Snake Mountain is harder to do than Grayskull.
There's 5 versions for Mattel to choose from. 4 of them are pictured here. The fifth is from the little Icon Heroes Statue. That one is like a Hybrid of Filmation and the Vintage toy.

It really is a shame that Snake Mountain isn't happening.
30+ Years and we only have 1 Snake Mountain while we're on our THIRD Castle Grayskull and that sucks!

So, since Snake Mountain isn't happening, I wish we could at Least get a small scale Diorama out of the deal...

What could we use as a Small Scale Diorama from Snake Mountain?

The Bone throne and Scrying Table, of course! I mean there's nothing else that you could make a Small Diorama out of. Also, Skeletor is able to sit... Unlike his brother and Sister in Law who are Royalty unable to sit down.

Sadly, I don't see this happening either, because Mattel will cite the quote above and the whole "Grayskull weapons rack did not sell out when its Customer Service Stock was put on sale with the castle" excuse.
 I really hope that small scale dioramas are not out of the picture, because that way we can have cooler displays. I mean, they could throw in a Filmation Havoc staff with the Throne and Table Diorama. that way if the ban on Snake Mountain is lifted, then it's one thing less to do for it!

Jan 12, 2014

Batman vs Superman is becoming a Cluster...You know how this phrase ends...

So, we have a "confirmation" that Bryan Cranston will steal 40 cakes. That's four times 10! And that's Terrible! Until I don't see an official statement, I'd take these news and treat them as a rumor.
The Other Rumor that has been circulating is that We may get a John Stewart as GL thrown in to this Project... Also Cyborg and that they're looking at Denzel Washington and The Great One for a role in this movie... But in all fairness, Mr. Haku Machente was spreading a tweet that fanned the flames of rumorland...

Now on more Controversial Matters of the CLUSTERF... that is Superman vs. Batman!
Gal Gadot slams her critics... in Hebrew to make sure most of them can't understand what she's saying.

Before I get labeled as "misogynist" or "sexist" for wanting someone who looks closer to the Comic Book look, I apply the SAME Treatment to Male Characters. If he or she doesn't fit the bill Looks and acting skills, I'll whine... (Except when I'm making Trollish Casting ideas like Danny Trejo as Skeletor...)
I HATED Justin Chatwin as Goku (OK I hated MOST of the cast here... Chow Yun fat was almost the exception... writing left a lot to be desired), AFFLECK as Daredevil, I did not bother to see The Whitewashed Airbender because of whitewashing.

I still stand by my belief that she is too scrawny. But here's what she said:

Hmm. I represent the Wonder Woman of the new world. Breasts… anyone can buy for 9,000 shekels and everything is fine. By the way, Wonder Woman is Amazonian, and historically accurate Amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I’d really go “by the book”…it’d be problematic.
Second: Wonder Woman was made out of Clay and brought to life by the Olympian Gods. Funny thing about Amazon statues: They have BOTH Breasts!!
THIRD and Most important: Doing an Amazon "By the Book" in this Case "The Book" is the Wonder Woman comics from DC, so that means a more Warrior-Like frame which she lacks. It's not simply "breasts", Ms. Gadot. Your Small Frame  doesn't work for Wonder Woman. Maybe for Donna Troy, but not WW.

This is almost like saying that Justin Bieber is PERFECT to play the role of He-Man.

It’s the physical preparations that I’m starting now. A very serious training regimen – Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu, Brazilian…1,000 and 1 things…I’ll gain body mass.

And Jack Black can Lose enough mass to play Green Lantern and Replace Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan.
Some pics about Gal Gadot have surfaced that depict her after her intense workout.
Sadly, she still looks like a twig and not
Wonder Woman.

While I've been stuck on the Physical aspect of her, I bothered to watch her acting. Knight and Day was my poison du jour. No way I was going to bother sitting through Fast 5...
So, after seeing the movie, I had to look for her again to be reminded who she was in the movie.

Not content with that, I saw THE SO CALLED BEST Gal Gadot Scene in Fast Five.
If I describe it as Cringeworthy, it would be me doing that scene a favor.

THIS was what made this lady POP as Wonder Woman?

I'm sorry, but that scene confirmed pretty much EVERYTHING that is wrong with casting Ms. Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Then again, that is one of the multiple problems that this film is causing...
Too many main characters being shoved in a non JLA Movie...
Some Bad Casting Choices...
Man of Steel wasn't AS WELL Received...
Wonder if this will be Batman and Robin Bad, or Green Lantern Bad...

At Least Arrow is faring a LOT BETTER!! This Wednesday, New Arrow Episode!!

Jan 11, 2014

ANOTHER good thing about the Spider-Douche movies...

And this one seems related to the movie as well.
Yes, I'm a staunch hater of the New Spider-Man movies. Didn't like the first one... (Hell, I've seen the Trainwreck that is Tobey-Man 3 More times than I've Seen Amazing Spider-Man) BUT This official Movie Tumblr I have to love...

It's got small articles from Bugle Reporters like Ned Leeds, Kathryn Cushing, Isabel Bunsen, Joy Mercado... There is even an Editorial from Ol' Jolly Jonah himself! Not only that but there's even an Article from Eddie "I'll become one half of a Slobbering Super Villain" Brock!
Even "The Big Man" Foswell has written articles...

The thing is that NOT ONLY Reporters, but their Articles are filled up with References to Spidey-Lore...
The Big Man, Enforcers, Herman Schultz, the Smythes are all referenced in the articles. Heck! A few references to events in the movie, like the Trial of Curt Connors have some references... Like Connor's lawyer being the Ex-Wife of a Bugle Reporter... (should've been the ex-wife of a Globe reporter, but in this continuity the guy works for JJJ!)

The Article that had me laughing to the point of tears was by Ken Ellis where he interviews Professor Miles Warren.

The point where I lost it was this:
The ethical aspects of cloning are irrelevant to Warren, who added, “We are cloning single-celled amoeba. Maybe one day we’ll work our way up to mice. There is no ethical dilemma. Save your red flag for when I start cloning co-eds…
 So, Bravo, DB Tumblr Team, bravo!! Seems like you guys grasp the Spidey Universe better than The movie's WriterS and Marc Webb...

Jan 10, 2014

Skeletor: A great Leader?

So, we know the story: Keldor gets banished from Eternos, makes an alliance with people from various groups to form his crew and becomes a thorn on Randor's side... One Acid Facial and a Faustian Pact with Hordak and Keldor is now Skeletor. He gets an even bigger group of people from various ethnic groups and species to do one of two things: take Eternos, or Castle Grayskull... Depends on his mood. The Thing is. Does Skeletor have what it takes to Rule Eternia?

Before you say the Obvious No he doesn't because He-Man and the Heroic warriors are what stop him; consider this:

I'm not talking about him being evil and He-Man being good and since this is a boy's action figure toyline, Good wins by default. I am talking about the Man's qualifications. Let's ignore that he is the Self-Proclaimed "Overlord of Evil"... I will use info from all previous canons, since the current MOTU Canon (MOTU: Classics) is a hodgepodge of previous canons. Also, this is mostly fan-speculation with a little hyperbole for comedic purposes.

Let's start with his Magical Prowess, both traditional magic and potion work (is this Alchemy?)
Keldor is well versed in the Dark arts and his power was increased after the pact with Hordak (Demo-Merger in MOTUC).

Keldor is proficient in combat and was able to keep toe to toe fighting Randor. As Skeletor he can battle He-Man and keeps up with THE MOST Powerful Man in the Universe.

On the Other Hand, Randor is simply a Warrior. Keldor/Skeletor is a Warrior + a Mage... That's like TWO for the Price of one!

Randor's team consists mostly of white Human Males...
There's an Avion,a Qadian, an Andreenid, a Thenurian, A Trollan and the Caligar Leader in the mix.
Keldor/Skeletor has:
a Beastman
The Ape Lord
The leader of the Mermen
The Brother of the Caligar Leader
A Karikoni warior.
The Last Arachna Warrior
A Snakeman
An Asian Man
An Asian Ninja (May be a Demon)
2 White Men (blade and Triklops)
A Lizard Man (Saurod)
3 Giants
A Middle Eastern Mage
A Yellow Witch
A Robot copy of He-Man
2 Mutant Bounty Hunters Or one Two Bad
A Mutated Pelleezean (spelling?)
An Iceman
A Weird Vampire
2 Cyborgs (Trap Jaw and Strong-Or)
An Urchin dude
The Plant World's Devil
and many others like Monteeg or Tataran and his Goblin Army. I'm not counting the Mutant Army from the Tri-Solar Galaxy.

While Randor and He-Man have their "White Power" team, Keldor/Skeletor has all the "misfits" and "unwanted elements" of society rallying under his banner. Skeletor has the most diverse team. Something that is reserved for the good guys.

Look at GI Joe. Cobra is mostly White Men and Robots. The Joes have whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians.

Captain Planet: The Planeteers are basically a Multi-Ethinc Group. The Eco-Villains are ALL WHITE... Those less human looking are Gingers, therefore WHITE!!

Back on the main topic. Why having a "Multi-Ethinc" group is important for being a leader?
Simple Keldor/Skeletor rallied all of these people under his group. Basically giving a voice for the Little Guy. The same folks that were forsaken by Randor when he had the Mystic Wall erected. Those people left to die in the Dark Hemisphere for 16+ years found a voice in Skeletor.

Not only that but Skeletor keeps control of Snake Mountain and its inhabitants without the amount of resources that Randor has accessible.

Keldor was groomed into Leadership before the banishment. Racism against his blue skin aside, he STILL IS Miro's firstborn son. Usually, the firstborn son is groomed to be the heir. The second child and beyond, get SOME training, but they can only hope to be General or something.

Not only Keldor had the Royal Training of The Eternos Court, but he had to Fight Tooth and Nail to reach the top of the Food Chain on the Dark Hemisphere after his Banishment. Dealing with the rogues and treacherous folks who only understand Might is Right. While some could say that the Acid Incident warped Keldor, I disagree. The Incident only augmented his Ambitions. (and ruthlessness...)

With the Horde Threat looming, Keldor looks for the solution to this problem, Grayskull.
Again, Keldor/Skeletor is trying to be a few steps ahead of the game to protect HIS Planet from the invading Horde. Not to mention the Snakemen infestation and other "arcane evils released by Evil Lyn's treachery". (This behavior is mostly based on the Dark Hemisphere's "Survival of the Fittest" way of life. Not to mention that after He Kills Hordak, he goes to space to defeat the Horde once and for all.

The thing is that Keldor/Skeletor is a force to be reckoned with. He took control of the lawless zone that is the Dark Hemisphere. It takes a He-Man to keep him in check. Ignoring the Overlord of Evil thing, Keldor/Skeletor has all the makings of a Powerful Leader.

Would he make a GREAT Leader? Now THAT is a tougher question.
He took control of the Dark Hemisphere, but there are traitors among his troops (Kronis, Evil Lyn come to mind)
His method of ruling with an Iron Fist will not work well on the Light Hemisphere. A more Diplomatic approach would not work due to the Racism in Eternia and the fact that History has painted Randor as a Hero, while Keldor is just a despotic murderer. It's hard to erase about 20 years of History. Not to mention the history of distrust towards the Gar.  In other words, Eternia would not accept him as leader... Even if he was the Destroyer of Hordak.

I mean Look at the Horde. They rule many Planets with an Iron grip on them, but Etheria is pretty much Half Free.
Bright Moon, Mystacor, and the Kingdom of Snows are three Rebel ruled Kingdoms.

Basically HALF The Planet is in the Rebellion's Hands.
With all that power and nearly unlimited Resources, Hordak is unable to stop a bunch of girls who love Aerobics and spend most of their free time having sleepovers and talking about a VERY Heterosexual Archer... cause he is NOT GAY... Mattel made sure to point out his Absolute Heterosexuality on his Bio...

Basically every leader will have people that want to overthrow him/her. Even the so called "benevolent" leaders like Randor have a bunch of people (most of them from the Dark Hemisphere) who want to take him down.

So, to answer the original question: Is Skeletor a great Leader?
Yes and No.

While yes, he has the qualifications for a position in Leadership and the experience, I don't think Skeletor is fit to Rule Eternia.

While from a Military point of view, a Great Strategist, Warrior AND Mage would be better suited for the position; his own ambitions would be the end of him. Then again, the whole Overlord of Evil bit doesn't help with the people of the Light Hemisphere. Not to mention the whole Skull face thing Plus blue Skin...

Now Had Keldor not being Banished, would he have been a great Leader?
That would be purely speculation since there has not been a "What if?" or an "Elseworlds" story where Keldor rules Eternos. With that said, I believe he would have been a great Leader IF HE HADN'T BEEN BANISHED.

Things like this is why I wish Mattel would spend more time and resources in ESTABLISHING THE UNIVERSE. Perhaps releasing a guide that explained the canon and established the characters' abilities beyond the action features of the Original toys.

Jan 9, 2014

One good thing about Spider-Douche 2 coming

Spider-Ock may become a thing of the Past because it looks like Parker is coming back!!

It's convenient that Peter is recovering his body just in time for the next Spidey movie...
I mean it's not like Marvel forced the Black suit on Peter a bit before Spider-Man 3...
In any case, it sucks that Comic Companies need to force certain elements in order to have the comics somewhat match up with what you see in the comics. I've avoided ranting about Nick Fury Jr. to avoid accusations of racism because I believe that the Real Nick Fury is Hwite!!

My Nick Fury is THE HOFF!

I suppose we may see some Electro and Rhino activity leading up to the movie. In a way these ridiculous mandates from marketing actually worked for the better this one time.
Basically Spider-Ock lasted a year... Well, hopefully they will find a way to revive Doctor Octavius ... AGAIN!! Preferably before Spider-Douche 3

Jan 8, 2014

OK What is this?

I know it's a short parody, but check out the video and you'll find out why I am freaking out about this...

Go watch... Halfway through you'll see the reason why I am so excited about this... no, it's not the tits... OK it kinda is, but not in the way you'd think.

OK so now that you watched the video we have Mr. Feeny saying "tits". I know it sounds immature, but I wish we could have a video of Mr. William Daniels saying all the basic expletives available. Just because it would be hilarious to tell someone to go ____ themselves by using Mr. Feeny's voice. It would be weird, like a Pissed off Bob Ross weird.

That is why movies like Kindergarten Cop or Stop or My Mom Will Shoot work! The "Fish out of Water" aspect with the BIG BAD ACTION STARS in comedic roles. The inverse is possible.
From This:

to this or this.

then again the Exception to the Rule would be

While the short way up above still keeps Mr. Daniels in a similar role to his most known role that does not involve the Hoff, "the tits" changes everything... Which brings me to the MAIN point of the rant...

Haven't you had a moment where you're watching a movie/show/etc. when Suddenly: BOOM! An actor from another show that you enjoy(ed) suddenly appears, that you hadn't noticed before?
Well, in my case the one with the most surprising appearances is Mr. William Daniels.

He's appeared in so much stuff that has surprised me. I mean he was in Blades of Glory... (Still don't get how I actually WATCHED that movie, since I'm no fan of Will Ferrell and I Despise John Heder with a passion. Then again, I don't know how I sat through Napoleon Dynamite the other day... both movie and series... OK Series I get because I was told that Tara Strong did some voicework on the show.) Where was I? Feeny... Well, the only things I remember from Blades of Glory were: Flash Gordon theme and Feeny... um... William Daniels. Before you ask, yes I did yell "FEENY!!" when I saw him. But my biggest "Feeny Freakout!" was on a show long before Boy Meets World or Knight Rider... One of the Few episodes I remember from The Incredible Hulk had Feeny as a bad guy!
Now THAT Really freaked me out!

I watched Flight of the Phoenix Recently and had another one of those Holy crap moments when I realized that the Annoying Company man was none other than Dr. House... (don't get me started on Stuart Little... the mouse being McFly freaks me out more than Dr. House being Mr. Little.)
Normally I get these Holy Crap moments with Voice Actors... It's even crazier when I get it with Normal Actors. It's crazy realizing that Tobey Maguire was on The Wizard, but in all fairness he was a kid back then. It's even crazier when the actor is an adult and you don't see the actor, but a character. (Happens to me a lot with Sean Bean as well. I only recognize him when he dies)

Jan 7, 2014

Generosity?? MY FLANK!!

Hello, everypony! It's time for a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic rant...
This time I'm talking about Rarity...
And yes, this time IS the pony who I am going to rant about.
Last Week's episode: Rarity takes Manehattan was shoving Rarity's Generosity down our Throats. They even had a song about Rarity's Generosity.

Is she Generous? Or is she Greedy?

Let's see:

She gave her tail to the Sea Serpent... That's Pretty Generous.

So, Remember the whole


AJ wanted to put up a kiosk to help the Apple Family. Pinkie wanted to Party. Fluttershy wanted to see the animals. Rainbow Dash wanted to show off to the Wonderbolts. What did Miss "Generosity" wanted to do? Seduce a prince and Marry into Royalty... Remind me how is that being "Generous" again?

So, Remember Dragonshy? Rarity's attempt to help the Dragon was all a ruse to try and steal his gems?

Look before you sleep, trying her best at not sharing the bed with Applejack... Not sharing is now Generosity.

Making "Free Dresses" for her friends for the Grand Galloping Gala sounds generous...
Making 5 One of a kind Carousel Boutique Promotional Material for her friends to wear at the Grand Galloping Gala  as payment for her ticket and a chance for Rarity to climb the social ladder. Suddenly that last one doesn't sound so generous, right?

She was supposed to be Moral Support for Rainbow Dash in the Young Flyer competition... Hogging up the Spotlight is now Generosity!

Sure, she babysits her sister every now and then... That's not Generosity, that's being part of a family.
(We'll see more of Rarity's babysitting being a Leave me alone while I work and don't get in trouble kind of thing.)

The Entire Diamond Dog Episode... One of the multiple instances where Rarity takes advantage of Spike's Generosity (and his one sided crush)... Generosity indeed!

Forcing Fluttershy into Modelling was a way for Rarity to promote her brand, but it backfired on her when Photo finish was interested in Fluttershy and not Rarity's clothing.

Trying to get a better room than her friends to sleep alone in Over a barrel.

Sister Hooves Social... Rarity pushes Sweetie Belle away and after she realizes her selfishness is when she decides to win back her sister.

Sweet and Elite... Twilight's Birthday Present took a backseat to Rarity's ME time...

Secret of My Excess...

It's not the first time Rarity has used her looks to get what she wants. (Best Night Ever, Putting your Hoof Down, Dog and Pony Show)

Baby Cakes:


MMMystery on the Friendship Express: She ate from the MMM... then again, almost everypony else did, but again!! GENEROSITY!! being Greedy...

The Greed Machine is on!!

Not going to mention how rarity made Sweetie Belle her personal slave that day when Chicken was having Nightmares about the Headless Horse...
♪GENEROSITY!!♫ Making your sister work like a Dragon.

So, the Episode had to lay it on thick with the Generosity angle, especially since we've seen Rarity being more Selfish than Generous. I'm sorry just because she's Generous once, doesn't make her the element of Generosity...Besides most of Rarity's "Generosity" comes from her hoping that someone will repay the favor. Which happened on the episode itself.  If you're "Generous" and expect a reward, you're NOT being Generous... Also doesn't she steal stuff from the Hotel room to make her second fashion line? Not to mention how she treated her friends INCLUDING FREAKING PRINCESS TWILIGHT!! Rarity comes off as Selfish more times than Generous. The few times she does something "Generous" is because she is getting something else out of it.

Jan 6, 2014

Reviewing MOTUC's 2013 roster

While I did not get ALL of the MOTUC Offerings of 2013 (Cherry Picker until the Sub's "Second wind" showed up) I'm going to re-evaluate the characters. While the rating is similar to that from the usual It Came from the Toy Chest but instead of an average score taking the articulation, paint/sculpt and accessories to reach the final score, I'll be using the American Grading System:
(A is the Best while F is Failure) as I give my thoughts on the figure and explain its grade:

Netossa: (PoP)  C-
Ah, The Exotic Mistress of Capture. Mattel dropped the ball with her here. They pretty much gave her a shield as her only accessory and tried to pass off her awful cape as a second accessory. As much as I detest Fabric Capes, Netossa NEEDED A Fabric Cape to act as A NET... (My Leech's net broke Recently...Stored Flat with nothing near it that could tear it.) That would have saved us from the horrible fins on her head. The one thing that would have helped fixed that issue was not delivered to us (her Headdress) We are waiting for it MATTEL...

On the other hand her Face Sculpt is BEAUTIFUL!! I'd dare say she is figure with the most Beautiful Face in the line.
Even though her score seems LOW, I REALLY REALLY LIKE THE FIGURE! The sword from the Weapons Pak #4 helps her a little bit, but she needs at least her Headdress to complete her.

Jitsu: (MOTU) B-
He is a great Figure. Very few issues, and many can be considered nitpicks or disagreements with design. For some he is not Vintage enough (The face is less Asian Stereotype, but not THAT Asian); for others it's Too Vintage when compared to Poing Super Combat! (No Extra Belt, also the topknot is too short.)

Ram Man: (MOTU) A
The First Quarterly Item of 2013. I lucked out and got one before he sold out. (I was a picker by then). I must admit that he was the first figure of 2013 to be a victim of Captain Paintbrush. Because I had to tweak him more to my liking (a more 200X palette for him) His Articulation is a bit Limited, but SEPARATE LEGS, yo!

Fang Man: (filmation) B
The first "Screw you Cherry Pickers" Item of 2013. Since I was a Cherry Picker, I was screwed out of getting one. Funny thing is that even if I HAD been able to get one, he was going to be skipped by me. Now, How can I rate him if I don't have him? I can rate and comment on him, not review him.
The sculpt looks awesome. I love the tongue Articulation and his Extra accessory (the sword of the Ancients) His Weapon (The cattle Prod/Stun gun thing) looks rather nifty. The Infinity Wheel is OK-ish, but that's an accessory for Skeletor. While I don't care about the character, I must admit that he is cool looking, but 2 out of 3 accessories are NOT for him.

King He-Man: (Neitlichverse) D-
He's supposedly from the He-Ro: Son of He-Man era and 2013's Club Exclusive. Whole the Horsemen's sculpt is great as always, the Design of this figure is an Absolute Mess! He has a Blue Randor Cape with a weird dark brown "furry neckpiece" on the cape. Almost like the Furry end of an Eskimo hood pulled back. He-Man's crown has his Iron cross on it as if saying "This is He-Man's crown!"
He-Looks more like Sam Elliot than he does He-Man.
The Torso Armor is another Mess. A Modified He-Man Iron Cross with a Blue Randor gem adorns the center of this Gray and Gold Armor. The gold accent tries to evoke the Harness and the little red squares on it while being an Armor with abs at the bottom. If you take off his armor, He-Man has a Hulk Hogan Wifebeater in gold...
The "He-ro inspired Loincloth" has He-Ro's H on his crotch. While he runs around pantsless and wearing Gray He-ro greaves and Keldor feet.

Instead of Making He-Man his own character he's carrying tributes to other characters. Furry Cape as a tribute to King Grayskull, He-Ro inspired Armor, Loincloth and boots as a tribute to He-Ro. The Crown, Blue Cape and Blue Gem on his chest are tributes to Randor. The gold and blue colors are nod to He-Man's period in space, but it looks awful and more like a hodgepdoge than something well thought out. The Often mocked by me "Iron He-Man" suit would look far better on King He-Man than the suit he currently has.

If there is one good thing about him is the beat-up Techno sword.

Strobo: (MOTU Magazine) C+
The one character from the MOTU Magazine that was a Traveling Convention item. Most bought it for his Zodak head more than anything. He is a 90% Reuse. (Cape, Accessories being the new stuff)
When the figure came out, he only had a prop piece (The stand) and a head for Zodak. His gun was later delivered with a Weapon pak. At first he did nothing for me. Goofing off and calling him the white ranger was what got me more excited about him. (To the point that I wish for more enforcers in the next MOTU cartoon) If he had not had the Zodak head he would have been skippable.

Spirit of Hordak: (Neitlichverse, inspired by 200X)C
It's not Technically a Spirit, but more of an Astral Projection or Holographic Projection of Hordak.
That is me being more than fair. I've complained about the way he was distributed. I think he was overpriced for a translucent reissue with a lot less paint apps and accessories. Had this figure been released in 2010 or 2011 then it wouldn't feel that much like a rip-off. Heck, back then I would have bought 2 or more to use as Hordak's Kage Bunshiin no Jutsu... but with blood. He is one of the few 2013 items that have given me a degree of "Buyer's remorse".

Snake Face: (MOTU) B
The 2013 Snakeman and last item from the Cherry Picker version of me.
He also was a victim of Captain Paintbrush to make those snakes on him cooler. I do have a few issues with him being straight up vintage figure redone, since the 200X Elements from the waist down, would have made him cooler. Not to mention that the Staction's shield kicks all sorts of ass. I had to ditch his weapons and give him Whiplash's spork of doom so he could have something awesome.

The Fighting F-Men: (Monogram Model kits)F! (Whoa! I felt like Mr. Crocker there)
THE Controversial quarterly Item of 2013... The figures are nice on their own.(Dawg gets a Shield Maiden gets a B Dittzroyer gets a C) It's the combination of these super obscure characters PLUS the Dramatic Price Increase of 2013 and tacked on a month with one figure that made these guys a $75 or $81 Punch in the wallet. I like Shield Maiden and Dawg better than Dittz (but I had to change Dawg and Dittz' names in order for them to work. I also had to discard Mattel's canon completely.) If it hadn't been for the Sub, I would have skipped them (and miss out on Shield Maiden)

Karatti: (New Adventures) B
Karatti came with The Fighting Foe Men, making the already hard $75-81 punch increase to a $100- $102 Punch in the wallet. As a "Sub-Lite" Subscriber I was hit the first month with a 4 Figure month...
He's not that Bad, but the Trap Jaw leg Reuse is starting to Piss me off. 2 out of 3 Space Mutants have Trap Jaw Legs... (When we get Flogg in 2014 that statistic will change to 2.5 out of 4) His weapons needed a bit more of a paintjob... His articulation was hindered by his armor and he cannot hold both weapons that well due to his Trap Jaw left hand's wide grip. He is not that bad, but he is not THE Most wanted NA Mutant.

Octavia: (Filmation) A-
The Filmation PoP Tentacular beauty of the Horde... Octavia's face is really pretty, which is weird since she's supposed to be the ugliest Female of the line... (Frosta wasn't dethroned). While she has a few articulation issues and a Ginormous Codpiece.

Clamp Champ: (MOTU) A
The Duncanslayer... He was the second  "Screw you Cherry Pickers" of 2013. That is a shame since the body would have lent itself for a Sunman custom. While there are a few minor nitpicks like the Pincer feeling like a 3D Printed item with a gummy handle or the big gaping gap on the back of his armor; the figure is SOLID!

Galactic Protector He-Man: (New Adventures) A
31 years... It took Mattel 31 to make a He-Man that can hold his sword aloft...
The figure has a few issues (Head mostly hollow, some people don't like the way his wrists were made, the soft grip on his hands.) but it's a Decent representation of the New Adventures Era for He-Man. This figure was one of the ones I wanted to see made and with Skeletor in 2014 We have the main 2 on 2 out of 3 eras... Part of me wishes for repainted NA He-Man sword and Harness in cartoon colors.

Icer: (Filmation) C
The first Figure of Club Filmation, who I don't give a damn about as a character.
The sculpt is accurate to the character. I'll give them that. It's just that he does nothing to me as a character. The Staff of Avion is cool, but it's molded in light blue and painted gold... I've seen a few staff's flaking off and that's not cool!

Rokkon and Stonedar: (MOTU) D+
Hoo boy! This is the second time in 2013 that I've gotten a case of Buyer's remorse. I'm supposed to be wowed by them, but sadly, I'm underwhelmed. The sculpts are cool, but the rock pieces are big, clunky, awkward and limit poseability way too much. Removing them, kills the whole rock people thing they have going for them.

Castaspella: (PoP) B
Casta has a pretty face! She looks Filmation (Thankfully, so I didn't have to repaint her. She's one of those PoP exceptions where I prefer Filmation to the Toy) The Articulation being hindered on her legs cost her a little bit. Other than that she's the most solid POP Figure of 2014.She's a core POP member and that makes 2 out of 3 "Special Friends" according to Mattel.

Shokoti: (Filmation) C
I had to skip her for Logistical reasons. She was one of the two Club Filmation figures that I wanted.
She looks fine (Codpiece aside) but there's a few things that bug me. With all the rage of giving Females a "Spellcasting" hand, Shokoti can Dual wield weapons... Well, she could if she HAD ANY.
Her single accessory is a Single Darkling that has no stand to put it on. Then again if it HAD a stand it could not be plugged into it. So, OK, no stand, but why not 2 Darklings?
Shokoti is seen using a crystal skull in the toon, but she didn't get one of those here either.

Sky High w/Sky Sled: (MOTU Poster and MOTU) (Figure) A (Vehicle)
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!! The two times this was offered, I was slightly Logistically impaired. The second time I was Geoblocked, so I didn't bother in the end. This made me regret Stonedar and Rokkon a LOT More... well, the Sky Sled half made me regret the comet warriors. The Skysled looks awesome! It kicks all sorts of ass and it's a shame what Mattel did to it. Pairing it up with a Unique character so army building these is pretty much impossible. I believe that they could have sold a set of 2 sleds easily.

On Sky High... He's OK-ish. I like his Wingblade!! He looks cool. Though he reuses the Trap Jaw legs, he seems like a suitable base for a Custom Gar Cosmic enforcer (if you use the Fuchsia Armor from WP#1)

Batros: (Filmation) B-
I skipped him... He's one of the cooler Club Filmation characters but Mattel committed the Ultimate Sin for him... No BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKS! Or Reusing Snake Face's snakes in white to make his Snake Magic. He's not a bad figure...
Nepthu: (Filmation) F-
What? It's obvious that I despise Nepthu with a passion! OK, I'll be "fair" and "unbiased"...
The Zoar is cool, except the yellowing that makes him look as if he was made out of a yellow crystal.
The Figure is Meh, at best. I've ranted a lot already about him and I may get him if he's sold at a ridiculously low price next Black Friday.

Weapon Pak#4: (various) B+
Kowl here steals the show. The reduced paint apps on the weapons (Granamyr, HH, TJ, He-Man, SLL, Strobo, Netossa weapons i'm looking at you) did hurt the score a bit. Kowl makes up for it even if he;s bizarrely made in Vintage Toy Colors.

Lord Dactus: (200X) B
Ah, the oft ignored Lord of the Speleans. The issues that some have is that he is "Too 200X" when he is not. Others have the issue that he is not 200X enough. My main issue with him is balancing his weight WITHOUT rocking ankles.While I'm a 200X fan, I could have lived without Dactus. But since he came in the sub, I do not regret getting him. He is a lot cooler in person.

Horde Troopers: (MOTU)A+
My childhood dream has finally been completed. I FINALLY OWN a Horde Trooper (4 to be precise). These guys are nearly 100% new tooling. They are awesome. I had to tweak mine to remove the Battle Damage and I wish these guys had come out in 2011 instead of the Palace Guards... that way I would have gotten More... Mattel not making more of the H.Troopers is a boneheaded move indeed.

Mantenna: (MOTU) A+
MY Hordesman has finally arrived and I'm glad they weren't slaves to vintage when translating him into a MOTUC. Yes, the toy has a few issues (The black plug on the mouthpiece breaking and the red paint on his neck sticking to the head and showing the black neck.) but Super poseable Mantenna with 4 Separate legs!!

Geldor: (Mini comics) C
I'm not too excited for this guy. There were better choices to be made with the figure that were not made. (Glass warping hands, the urine-like color on some glasses). The figure is decent. Not my cup of tea, but the new parts work on him.

Sea Hawk: (Filmation) B
We know that I'm not a fan of the Pirate (Team Bow FTW) but I NEED Sea Hawk in my Rebellion Roster. He's the THIRD "Screw you Cherry Pickers" of 2013. I still believe that making the Second most wanted Filmation Rebel a Sub Exclusive is a dick move. I have mentioned his issues already (Mostly the Chubby vest) but overall he's a decent figure and important character for PoP fans.

Excelsior! the Controversial act of Butt Kissing made into plastic. The lack of weapons hurts him a lot. Some may find Stan's likeness not being that accurate, which would be correct. a 100% Accurate to Stan's face would not work on the Buff buck... Though I'd love to have a scrawny Standor to use as Depowered Standor.

Strong-Or: (Filmation) C
This is another Filmation character that I don't give a flying feather about.The arm looks cool and the gun is nice, but I have very little to say about him

Plundor: (Filmation) C-
Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for hos and Trix are for kids! Apparently mine should've taken a left turn at Albuquerque... While I don't think that Plundor should have been on the main sub, better him than Nepthu... He is an iffy choice (like Nepthu) but since I am getting one, I have to live with him. The Gummy Ax worries me.

Now, the Big one...

I know what you're thinking." You can't rate the castle fairly if youdon't have one. The photos don't do it justice." I have to say yes, you're right. But I still stand by my belief that the castle is too small and a tad too expensive. (It's not THAT Big compared to the 200X Castle. Sure, THE one side is deeper than the 200X one, but for the asking price I'm staying with the 200X one) Size "nitpick" aside. My MAIN Issues against the castle are:
-Wind Raider Hole
I'm pleasantly surprised that a MOTUC Grayskull exists, but it needed to be 20% cooler. I was even more excited to PLAY with one, but the issues with the castle are more glaring in person. Some people can ignore these flaws, but I can't. With that said, the castle IS AWESOME. It's a shame that the customers have to rely on third party custom items, butcher a Sorceress figure and/or their castles to fix some of these flaws.