May 31, 2017

Riverdale: First thoughts...

Finally I saw the first two episodes of Riverdale, aka Archie's Creek.
Oh, boy, where do I start?
Archie has sex with Ms. Grundy...
I posted a pic of the REAL Ms. Grundy, so you can understand my WTF Reaction to that...

But when Ms. Grundy looks like she does on the TV show, then I can see statutory rape apologists defending the relationship...

The show is trying to create suspense with the death of a character with many subplots to generate interest in the characters... Sadly, I spent most of my time thinking: Oh Archie, what the Hell did they do to you!?
Oh yeah, the Pussycats that they made black for "Diversity" have been pretty much glorified cameos... Veronica is the only prominent "non-caucasian" on the cast. Reggie, who was made Asian is a glorified Cameo. the worst for last:

I never wanted to punch a Sprouse Twin until Riverdale... Last time I talked about a Sprouse I was making fun of a Jonas Bother...

Jughead is basically Jughead, but more Douchy and more CW, which translates into Punchable... but then again, so is half the cast... It's not a bad show, but it feels like a gritty grimdark Archie fanfic than an Archie show.

May 30, 2017

I met Tara Strong... The Misadventures of the House of Rants at PRCC2017

Yup, that very same Tara Strong... at Puerto Rico Comic Con 2017. She's an amazing Person...
Now here's what you're asking yourselves... in the scale of 1 to 10 how badly did I screw up that meeting?

Far worse...
I was shaking... and I mean shaking...

That table is a lot steadier than I was...

We're getting there in dorkiness... but this is super adorable...

This is getting closer in the anxiety level... and I mean enough anxiety to make me buy a fidget cube, which I used for 45 minutes while waiting for Tara Strong to show up to the Autograph Area...
I shared the cube with a few other con goers, who some were bronies, others were not... I mean she's been on freaking everything.
So, those of you who have heard the Council of the First Ones Podcast regularly, know how I freaked out whenever we had He who musn't be named on the show... My Anxiety levels went OVER 9000!!
So, we're on the line for the photo op. I'm not nervous at all... See the table above... I was chatting up with some fans and talking about Tara, her work and how she has impacted each of us, when we see her behind the curtain... I had a massive fangasm and started squealing like a preteen at a Justin Bieber Concert. When my turn to get the pic taken comes... I squealed: "Oh my God, SHE'S REAL!!!" My first words to Tara Strong were: "Oh My God, SHE'S REAL!!"

Yes, I know it's a dorky move, so dorky that it should never be mentioned ever again, but no... I will remember it

Her reply was: Yes, I'm real... and that's what I asked her to write on her Autograph of the pic we took together...
So, yes, I am a HUGE Dork... not because I'm fat, but because my dorky remark is beyond dorky... and I will wear my dorkiness as a badge of honor, because I am a dork, who met Tara Strong...

The Con was nice and stuff...I have uploaded compilation of pics from cosplayers that caught my eye and allowed me to take pics.  Only one Person noticed that I was dressed up as a ghetto ass version of Renton Thurston...

I got a bit of swag... Not much because I blew most of my money on Tara Strong... SO WORTH IT!!
The Star Wars Micro Machine was free. The Fidget Cube, I bought... It will be reviewed later on...
so new, so pristine...
I got to see Finn Jones (Ser Loras from Game of Thrones... Finish the damned books, George!! and Danny Rand from Iron Fist, which is much better than Jessica Jones.) Though his line was a bit small... Probably the $40 price tag for pics...

I didn't get into the David Ramsey pics, because, as I said before, I blew most of my cash on Tara Strong, the Fidget Cube and a 3D Printed Statue of myself... with Cap's Shield... That will be arriving in a week or so.  But he stood around on the Autograph booth and hung out with folks... Security didn't allow pics and I can't do what happened justice...
A dude dressed as the Arrow went to David Ramsey and they hung out for a bit. It wasn't Stephen Amell but it Kinda felt like a well lit episode of Arrow.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead was also there... She's so tiny!! I mean, Tara Strong is tiny, but Brianna Hildebrand looks tiny next to Tara. I didn't get to see her, but Tara posted a pic of them together on her Facebook!

There wasn't that much MOTUC to hunt at the Con... some Hurricane Hordaks, Eldors, Rio Blasts, no Spectors... So I didn't buy stuff. There was a flocked Loyal Subjects Red Beastman and the vendor looked a bit aghast when I said, meh, my Anti Eternia He-Man is much better...

Guess I could say I was Nervicited...
It was a fun, but exhausting experience... We now have confirmation of my social awkwardness. It was fun, but I feel extra drained. It didn't help that yesterday night I read about the dude who tried to kill Jason David Frank at Phoenix Con.

But yeah, I met Tara Strong... and I still can't believe it... But at least I have Physical proof of that meeting. Before anyone asks: No, I didn't try to see if the song is accurate... I was far too busy freaking out that I was standing next to Tara Strong to study her badonkadonk...
And it's in my bedroom... Don't get any funny ideas. Once I make a Pony Display, this pic will go on the wall next to it...

One thing is certain... well 2: Tara Strong is real and I'm a dork...  Now if we could get Mark Hamill to bring his Jedi Butt to Puerto Rico... I'd totally get the Pic and Autograph deal with him... Not because of Luke, or The Joker, but

As promised, here's the video with the cosplays and stuff.

May 25, 2017

Some people stay in the darkness... afraid to step into the light

Some people need to have Zac Effron wearing women's clothes for cheap laughs!
Don't you worry, It's gonna be alright! Cause the Rock's in this and's not a total piece of crap!
You might have guessed I'm talking about Baywatch.

So, my thoughts on Baywatch... Sadly, I have no clips of Justin Bartha from Gigli...
OK, it takes itself seriously, but at the same time it's VERY Self-Aware of the Campiness, cheesiness, and cringiness of the original... I'd call it a respectful parody of Baywatch... with a couple of self-deprecating jokes to the show and Zac Efron...

Mandatory jab at Zac Efron...
Also there are cameos

Ah, Pre-Internet fap Material... Now that I mention this, the Theater where I saw this movie had NO ONE UNDER 30 watching... A lot of old men who came to ogle at the ladies and a bunch of older ladies who came to ogle at The Rock...

And, come on... You can't make Baywatch without the Hoff... After Hoff left, Baywatch died...

So, the trailers pretty much give you the gist of the movie, which would make it seem redundant for me to explain. I already mentioned it's a parody, while taking itself seriously...
Was it great? NO! Was it enjoyable? YES! I found it better than CHIPs.  MUCH better than Charlie's Angels, Scooby Doo, Starsky and Hutch. But it can't hold a candle to The Brady Bunch Movie.
It kinda made me yearn for a Baywatch TV series...

Should you watch it? If you like Baywatch but don't LOVE it, you could... If you're a Baywatch LOVER, you might be a bit disappointed... If you hate Baywatch, don't bother.

It Came from the Toy chest: CAWs are no longer Videogame Exclusive Pt.2

Here's Part 2 of the CAW series Review... Sheamus...

No need to go into further detailing here... Sheamus is acting as a Celtic Guardian... Me? with some parts swapped with another CaW he'll be Sheamus of the Steady Rock...

Right out of the bat I must point out that THESE FIGURES have a LOT LESS Articulation than the elite Figures. No thigh cut, ab crunch, single joint knee, no bicep cut... They're like the Basic figures for kids. but semi modular parts.
3.0 They are great for standing around, but these ain't WWE Elite figures, so poses are limited...  Cape's a bit stiff...

Paint and sculpt:
Due to his sandals, he has a bit of paint in some of his body parts, but there's a lo of areas that could've used some paint and didn't get any paint.
I think he's 100% new parts.

Decal Sheet, shillelagh, Cape... but to be fair, he's a basic character, not a deluxe figure like Sting, or HHH. 3.0

Samus gets a 3.33 as his overall score. For generic Filler Fodder he's not that bad. Not to mention being on Clearance, because there is no way that I'll pull a Merchant from RE4...

In other news... By the time this is published... I'll be there... I'll be ready! Never your fear... Now don't you fear! I'll be there... Forever and always I'm always here!! It's kind of WWE related... It has The Rock in it! I'm gonna try and see Baywatch... Please Hoff, have a decent cameo in this...

May 24, 2017

What is a Netflix? A Miserable Pile of Secrets! (Castlevania trailer reaction)

July 7, 2017... Spider-Man returns to the Big Screen AND Season1 of Castlevania begins on Netflix.

OK, a NES and a red bootleg Castlevania cartridge...
A dude pops the game in and the Netflix Logo appears on the TV... I'm not sure if he pushed down on the cartridge... We get a faux NES choose your game screen... Think Action 52.

We get a pseudo NES trailer that turns into an anime and we start with Dracula's castle... I think. We see a man standing in front of a huge castle door for a second, then we see bunch of impaled skeletons. We get a small glimpse of maybe Belmont... We see Vampire Killer, so it has to be Belmont... He whips it and we see Blood,  raining fireballs... Maybe Alucard rising from a coffin, An explosion that gives Michael Bay a half-chub, Alucard with a sword, a girl who may be Sypha, Belmont tossing knives, then standing in front of a guy whose face is bloody. Dracula doing something, a corpse falling, a guy who may be Grant, The doors open and Belmont enters the castle... Castlevania on Netflix... July 7

One nitpick... Where is this?

Other than that, color me interested...

At least it's not...

May 23, 2017

We lost a Bond... James Bond... but not Jamesh Bond...

Connery ish shtill alive and well... Probably with Trebek'sh mom or something.
Roger Moore passed away after a short battle with Cancer.
Here's the thing... Now Roger Moore is EVERYONE'S Favorite Bond... Just cause he's dead.
He was better than Lazenby, but he wash no Connery. Older folks remember him as Simon Templar...

Spike, whatever you do, don't put up the Val Kilmer trailer...

Younger folks probably remember him from a crappy Cuba Gooding Jr. Movie... (I know crappy is redundant there, but just in case he makes a good one...)

There isn't much I can say about this, aside my condolences to his family...
Now if Connery ever gets to die, it better be by decapitation... preferably by Mr. Krabs... and not that lame ass Ventilation shaft death...

It... CAME... from the Toy CHEST: Caws are no longer videogame Exclusive... Pt.1

The stilted... DELIVERY... of the Title... is mostly due to... TAZZ... and... MICHAEL COLE... brought... to you by... Double U... Double U... Eff! Smackdown! Just bring it!

OK, not really... I just wanted to make a reference to that game... since it was the first game that brought a mostly functional Create a Character mode.
I got a couple of Create a Superstar figures, mostly to use as generic characters for MOTUC... The other part was because of KMart...
Disclaimer: The Sears Holdings Corporation is not sponsoring this review, nor paying me to do it.
With that said, the caws were on clearance + 50% off from their clearance price and I had some Shop Your Way Rewards points that were reaching their expiration date. So, I bought some stuff and the caws were among the items I bought. The other stuff is just normal household items like a Turkey Baster, a whisk, some pens, toothpicks, K&Y jelly, Some memory foam insoles, double A Batteries, a pack of condoms, duct tape, Friskies Party Mix, Baking Soda and some Menthos.

First on the list is Sting... I mean Shadow Vigilante... With Sting head and "Tattoo sheet" (Translation: Stickers. wait, no, they are tattoos for real... but not to be used on people.) You can kinda make a cheap assed version of Sting with his Crow Knock-off shtick, or you can make a Generic Bird Dude. You can also use the Caw Packs that I've reviewed in the past... Or other Create a Superstar figures.

Right out of the bat I must point out that THESE FIGURES have a LOT LESS Articulation than the elite Figures. No thigh cut, ab crunch, single joint knee, no bicep cut... They're like the Basic figures for kids. but semi modular parts.
3.0 They are great for standing around, but these ain't WWE Elite figures, so poses are limited... Especially with the rigid coats...

Paint and sculpt:
Cheap ass doesn't begin to describe this. Some parts seem to be modded older parts, others seem new... The Normal WWE Figure heads are on ball joints that were almost MOTUC compatible. (remember my MOTUC Superman review, well, for some figures you have to do the same thing to use the WWE heads on MOTUC bodies.) Speaking of MOTUC... Those wings are Angella's but made even crappier to fit WWE figures. So DCUC still lives!! (Cause Angella's wings were reused from hawkgirl.) Paint job is barely existent... 3.0 because the sculpts are at least decent...


Temporary decal sheet
extra head
2 Armors
1 mace.

Sting gets a 3.33 as his final score. I knew he was going to be a bit bad, but didn't expect him to be THAT bad... Maybe if I combine some parts from other caws, I could make a henchman for Marzo... Daedalor: Count Marzo's Winged Warrior.

May 22, 2017

Zack Snyder is out of Justice League... and Ariana Grande Stuff...

And before you start celebrating, understand the reason why he left. It's no secret that I hate Zack Snyder and that I kinda wished we could get rid of him from the DCEU... But not this way... NOT THIS WAY. Snyder's daughter committed suicide in March... and while there are plenty of insensitive jokes that could be made about Zack Snyder being the reason; I won't make them... I thought of a few, I'm not gonna lie, but I'm keeping those to myself this time.
Now for a serious moment, I would like to extend my condolences to the Snyders. Losing a Child must be a horrible thing that I wouldn't wish to my worst enemies.

With that said, Joss Whedon... Yes, THAT Joss Whedon is taking Snyder's Justice League and Finishing it... Before you start thinking... Avengers was cool, Maybe Joss can save us from Suck Snyder... Hear me out... The situation with the Snyders sucks and getting glad that his daughter died, just to get him out of the DCEU is being a massive asshole.

Now I will deal with the whole Whedon was called to finish the movie... The following statements have NOTHING to do with the personal issues Snyder is going through.

why is that clip there? I... have no... IDEA... of why it's THERE?
Oh yeah, it's because of a director trying to emulate the style of a different director...

Huh? what's this? A movie with reshoots to change the tone of it?

Or trying to salvage a turd from a mediocre director?
Let's be honest here... IF Warner wanted to salvage Justice League from Suck Snyder, they would have come in earlier. Right now this ismore along the lines of looking at a somewhat competent director that finish this and not make it suck too hard... (Already stated that directing emotional scenes that depend on dialogue is one of Snyder's shortcomings. Whedon could somewhat make this movie suck less, but not too much given the time he has.) than any other conspiracy theory.

I can almost hear the DC butthurt squad's complaints when the movie gets bad reviews:
"Joss Whedon sabotaged it to help Marvel" "Whedon tried to Kiddify the JL like the Kiddievengers" and other excuses.

The point here is that Snyder CAN'T Direct due to severe personal issues... I understand how much pain losing a loved one can have on one... But for a parent to lose a child, that's an unnatural pain, much stronger than a child losing a parent. He TRIED TO Keep on trucking, but couldn't. Instead of Pushing on a quarter assed product. He accepted that he couldn't get his head in the game and stepped down... THAT is admirable. Once again, my condolences to Zack Snyder and family...

Blast at an Ariana Grande concert left 19 dead. About 50 were injured.
Anti-Murican Donut licker and overrated pop starlet that shouldn't be in a Final Fantasy game was attacked by apparently terrorists. Again, plenty of jokes that can be made, but I cannot.
My condolences to the families of those who died or were injured at the venue.

May 20, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Princess Book Horse is now Articulated...

I wanted to make a reference to Tara Strong... but since she's voiced almost everything, I HAD to specify which thing has Tara's voice now... that will come out of the toy chest...

This is the Guardians of Harmony Twilight Sparkle with a Changeling... Need to get armored Spike to get Queen Chrysalis.

Do I NEED to explain Twilight Sparkle? OK, so she's a NEEEEEEEEEERRRRD! who was forced to study Friendship by Princess Celestia... She was ascended to Princess of Friendship now she's become a background Pony due to Starlight Glimmer taking the Spotlight... Seriously, Aside the First Episode and the one with the little spawn of Satan, Flurry Heart, Twilight's become a background pony.
 The Changeling, he's a minion of Chrysalis... He can shapeshift in order to suck out love... Heh... There might be a changeling living in my heart then... Scratch that last part...

Let's get started on the review, shall we?

Twily's Articulation is similar to that of Pinkie Pie...
Hinged neck (can also look left and right)
hinged ball jointed forelegs (in two different points of the leg)
cut joint on  the hind legs
ball joint on the tail.
kind of ball jointed wings.

While she's not as articulated as a MOTUC steed, she has a decent set of articulation. Warning, her head is very heavy and some 2 or 3 legged poses can be a bit of a hassle to set up.

Now The Pony Curve cannot be used here, since this Twilight has Action Figure levels of articulation. I need to point out that Twilight's left foreleg shoulder disc cracked and that worries me... Also, the wings fell off my twilight and seem very flimsy... Reattaching them was a pain in the plot...
BTW the Changeling has similar Articulation as Twilight except the foreleg knee joint is missing.

Paint and Sculpt:

Cartoon Accurate Twilight (with a pissed off face) The paint is a bit sloppy on the fuchsia strip of hair. Other than that, her eyes and cutie mark are just fine.
The Changeling on the other hand. or should I say hoof, has a bit of slop on his fangs. He looks like a Changeling's default form should look.


Twilight has:
Shoes, Weird Saddle with giant pincers to trap Changelings, the useless shield and a spear...
5.0 just for the amount of stuff she has.
Changeling has:
Nothing, zip, zilch, nada, the big goose egg... BUT there is nothing that the changeling could have come with that is Changeling Specific.

Overall Score:

Pinkie: You wanna play rough? OK! Say Hello, to my little friend!!
Twilight: Pinkie, Children won't understand the reference!
Pinkie: Twilight, don't be silly! there's only two things I don't
break in my life, my Pinkie Promises and my balls...
Changeling:OK, this is the part where I die...AAAAAAAARRRGH!
As always, here I look at the figures as individuals, then the pack is rated as a whole.
Twilight gets a 4.33 and the Changeling gets a 3.75
The set gets a 4.04 as the final score. Also, I LOVE the background from the package... So a half point bonus for that... Final Final Score + Bias = 4.54

Venom minus Spidey is still a bad Idea...

I don't care if you got the guy who sniffed Christopher Nolan's Facehugger jockstrap to play Venom, but Venom minus Spidey = Catwoman minus Batman.
Seriously, Tom Hardy will be Eddie Brock... Which isn't that bad. Zombieland's director will direct this... OK, that's some nice news... IT will have nothing to do with Spidey OR THE MCU...

Venom NEEDS to have a Spidey to exist... Been saying it for some time now... The Spider-motif comes from Spidey... The Webs and the wall crawling come from Spidey... The Malleable body and Fire/Sonics weakness are from the symbiote... Having Pete get the symbiote in Infinity war and bring it back to Third Sony attempt at Spidey 2 where the symbiote is trying to get in control of the teenaged Parker. Not to mention that many of the important hosts: Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan, Flash Thompson ARE somehow related to Parker.

Just give up on this bad idea, SONY...

May 19, 2017

This isn't the crossover we need nor the one we deserve...

And it's not Batman related... The closest thing to Batman is that ONE of the people on this crossover played Jason Todd before... and some of the characters in this crossover have crossed paths with the Dark Knight Before...

So we take:

Then we mix it with:

and you get the most WTF crossover that the Scooby Gang has done so far... And they did Batman a few times and the Addams Family as well. then there's Jay and Silent Bob...

The Scooby Gang will be guest starring in a Supernatural Episode... Luckily for us that will be animated and not have the Scooby Gang in live action... See the Jay and Silent Bob clip, cause it's less painful than seeing the actual Scooby Doo Live Action movies!

Now that I think of it, it makes more sense to have a Supernatural crossover than say WWE... but still, what the heck man!?

May 18, 2017

Stephen Amell's American Ninja Warrior will air on the 25th...

Oliver Queen you have failed your haters!

A sneak peek of Arrow's Stephen Amell doing the American Ninja Warrior course... I guess that's a practice run since there's no timer or anything...

This version of Clue(do) is one that My Mom would've loved... You know that Parker Brothers games get remade with other properties, like MLP, FFVII, Marvel Superheroes, Star Wars or Legend of Zelda Monopoly... Well

Yes, A Golden Girls Clue... We live in a world where there is a Golden Girls Clue game..

HBO is going to do some HBO spin-offs... Georgie Slow as Molasses RR Martin is not necessarily involved, but he spoke his mind about it... He HAD TO MENTION THAT HE IS STILL WORKING ON THE WINDS OF WINTER, because he's as afraid of me as a certain thin skinned crybaby who shall remain nameless...
Really, George? Just work on the damned books and finish them!! Don't waste your time writing about spin-offs that will deviate from your work.

May 17, 2017

Things from OTHER Final Fantasies and other stuff that I'd like to see in VII Remake...

It is known that I'm nervicited about FFVII Remake...
We know it's going to be something like KH or FFXV... We also know that it won't be a straight up retelling of VII but it will explore some new stuff... Well here's a list of things I'd like to see: This is meant in ALL the VIIR games, not just part one.

Hunts and other odd jobs:
We know that Zack and Cloud were going to form a company where they were Jacks of All Trades doing odd jobs for money... but then...

Zack kicked the bucket and Cloud became Zack 2.0 and started doing oddjobs as a Merc hired by AVALANCHE.
Well, The Hunts and other Odd jobs have been in other Final Fantasies. This would be a nice way to make some gil, earn some AP and EXP... Maybe they could have a system inspired by the Bar Odd Jobs from Tactics, where you sent reserve members of your party to do some odd jobs in exchange for Experience and JP... Do I need to explain hunts? OK, Hunts are, the name says it hunts. You have to locate a Specific Monster, kill it and earn a reward.

New Materia:
This one is rather obvious, since some Materia only worked on Normal Turn based JRPGs, we need some new ones that work on this ARPG FFVII... Not only that, but new VIIR Spells or Summons... I'm thinking of a VERY Specific Summon... who would show up at random.

He could even have his own quest by locating 4 Legendary swords (Thinking: Brotherhood, Revolver, Zidane's Thief Sword in naginata mode, and one of Gladio's greatswords.) this sidequest for the swords of Gilgamesh could tie up to the next point.

Places and Characters from the Compilation of FFVII:

Now, while I don't want to cover Advent Children or Dirge of Cerberus here, some hints to events or places can be used... Like a near post game super dungeon be in the sub-levels of Shinra Building but without reaching the DEEPGROUND area, due to it being sealed off because of Diamond Weapon's attack, or finding some plans to make a new reactor in the location that eventually will become Healen Lodge... While these two are almost grasping at straws, there are other sources from games ocurring before VII that can be used...
Crisis Core gave us the Abandoned town, Modeoheim... The Tamblin Fort on Wutai, the remains of Banora... The Banora Underground Area could work as a Near Post-game Super Dungeon area instead of inside the Shinra Bldg. for Game 1. For Game 2 The Great Cavern of Wonders could allow for a special Side Quest where Cloud tries to find the Goddess Minerva in an attempt to bring back Aerith, Something, something, she CAN'T be revived due to her ties to Holy, but Minerva hands out the next best thing an accessory that Randomly casts one of Aerith's Limit Breaks in battle at any random time... Like Gilgamesh
Remember the quest for the swords I suggested for getting Gilgamesh? Well what Swordswoman that is able to stand up to Sephiroth that is supposed to be dead but is really alive? Elfé from Before Crisis.
I could also mention Deneh, as in Nanaki's friend from Before Crisis and possible mother of the Nanakids at the end of VII.

Junk Shops:
Remember the junk shops from 8? The ones that if you brought certain items listed on a Weapons Monthly Magazine, you got a new mod for your weapon? Well have those for VII. This could also go well with the hunts.

As much as I love Triple Triad, that's an VIII thing and should stay there until VIIIR. These are the things from the top of my head that could add some extra content and flavor to FFVIIR.

May 15, 2017

Snakemen REALLY NEED to boost up their ranks...

I know I've made a few rants about boosting the Snakemen with Generic Army builders a few times already...
OK, NA is severely lacking in characters, but that's not the point... The point is that we need more Snakemen...

We have:
King Hsss (any of the 3 versions)
Snake Face
Blast Attak
Snakemen 2 pack
If we want to pad this then add SMAA or one of the 2 versions of Kobra Khan.
That's 7 characters if we don't count the Generic Army Builders, SMAA or Kobra Khan...
Meanwhile the Horde has:

Hordak (like 5 of them)
Horde Prime
Shadow Weaver
Double Trouble
Horde Troopers
Horde Wraiths
17 characters WITHOUT counting Army Builders and the Horde Variant Adora. Not to mention the FFM, who are the vehicle pilots and not Hordesfolk.

See what I mean? We need more Snake Men... the Power con trio kinda helps to boost their ranks by 2... I don't see Plasmar AS a Snakeman... So we now have 9 non-generic snakemen... Still a bit underwhelming if you ask me, compared to the Horde, of course. I know some Neitlichverse refugees were Snakemen... Like Quick Flick... the Snake Archer... He would be a nice expansion for the Snakemen. We need a Snake Woman since all the other MOTUC Factions  aside the Son of He-Man and the Snakemen have members of the opposite sex... OK SOH has Kay-La as a character, but she hasn't been made as a toy. The Snakemen need to break their Sausage Party... Cue Lady Slither...
But hopefully As seen with Fangor, the Power Con Beyond the Bottom of the Barrel Trio, we CAN expand the Snakemen...

May 14, 2017

Metal Gear Movie is making me believe

The director of Kong: Skull Island is working on a Metal Gear Solid movie...

Yes, THAT Metal Gear Solid... and here's the best part:
He's forcing the writers TO PLAY THE GAMES in order to understand the Metal Gear Universe and story in order to bring it to the silver screen...

Think about it... Isn't that the most logical thing to do? That way they can get a feel of the universe and weave a tale about it in a way that is respectful to the source material, but appealing enough to the general public.

That way we don't end up with Ken and Ryu trafficking nerf guns, or Bison being a Real Estate Mogul, or Leeloo Dallas ruining Resident Evil or KOF being inside the Matrix... Wonder how bad the Tekken movie is.

Since I can't find any decent footage from Resident Evil-in name only, or SF: The Legend of Chun Li, or King of the Matrix Fighters here's the best Bison scene from the 1994 Street Fighter...

Or there's always this one...

I hope they can find a respectful way to do The Cardboard box trick...

Happy JENOVA Day, y'all...

As you may know, this is not exactly a great day for people without Mothers...

Come on! Most Triggered Orphan, You knew this was coming!
All jokes aside, if your mother is still living and you can see her... Hug her, tell her you love her... She won't be here forever and believe me, if there are things left unsaid before she goes, that will mess you up real badly... Do me, no, do yourself a favor and spend some quality time with her.

If I could, I'd give anything to see mom once again, to hear her voice, to taste her food (she wasn't the best cook ever, but you know what I mean)

May 11, 2017

Super7 has Payment plan now!

Well, it was made available on Wednesday. Here's the info:
Basically, you order your sets as normal... then when you're about to check out you will write the following on the Gift Card/Discount space:
by writing "PAYMENTPLAN" on the Gift Card/Discount Space, you're activating the Payment Plan Coupon, which reduces the costs of this order to a 33% of the total cost.

Let's take My order as an example: We already discussed that 9 figures (both sets + Hawke) is  $314.97 + $51.53 for shipping, which puts the total in $366.50.
Activating the Payment Plan means that I only would've paid: $104.99 + shipping, which could've been $18 for Standard, or $51.53 for Priority making the first payment one of either $122.99 (for Standard Shipping) or $156.52 (for Priority) Then the next 2 months we get billed via Paypal for the remaining thirds... In this case, 2 more payments of $104.99 for the 9 figures.

Remember that you have until June 2 to take the plunge. If you want to remain a cherry picker, the bad news is that you'll have to go through resellers and in the long run it might be a bit too expensive...(going through that with the Filmation MOTU figures... now I need to get Trap Jaw... I know what I said about them, but I did end up getting el colorado garca) If you can, take the plunge... you might regret it later.

FFXV Pitioss Addendum: saltare horribilis

I did review FFXV Yesterday... I didn't mention this on the review, since I wrote it before finding out about the Pitioss Ruins...
I found out about them and my reaction is there on the left.

(this is making me fear FFVII:Remake a lot more)

Now here's the thing: Pitioss Ruins is a Dungeon with no enemies that you can only reach with the Regalia Type-F... you need to reach the rocky area near Mount Ravatogh and land on a tiny strip... I could make jokes about penises here, but I'm not always so low brow...

Here's a hint: Don't try to fly at night...
Once you actually land, the game forces you to abandon your friends, then Noctis tells you to
Swing your arms from side to side 
Come on, it's time to go! 
Do the Noctis! 
Take one step, and then again. 
Let's do the Noctis, all together now! 
You've got it! 
It's the Noctis! 
Do the Noctis! 
Swing your arms from side to side 
Come on, it's time to go! 
Do the Noctis! 
Take one step, and then again. 
Let's do the Noctis, all together now!

Well, Pitioss is HELL on Eos!! Noctis is AWFUL at platforming... He takes big steps on tiny platforms... also after landing some jumps he does a parkour roll... many times this roll causes him to fall off the tiny platform... I spent 4 hours until a small blackout interrupted my trip...
yay... Not feeling the upcoming Menace beneath Lucis quest...

May 10, 2017

I beat FFXV... Now I can review it.

I gave my first thoughts a while back... I beat the game on May 1st, but didn't bother writing this until today... (doing sidequests and trying not to break up the Sailor Moon week) So, now that I beat the game I can fully do a review... No, I haven't watched Kingsglaive or Brotherhood, cause screw Outside crap! The game is supposed to come with the story IN IT, Celestiadammit!

As always, Videogame reviews use the 1-10 scale instead of the 1-5 scale of toys... There will be SPOILERS... you have been warned...

OK, so you're Prince/King Noctis Lucis Caelum (Heaven's Night Light?) and you're on a Roadtrip with your 3 Bodyguards... No, Spike... Don't you dare...

On the way to your wedding to The Oracle Lunafreya... who reminds me of a character played by Mandy Moore/Mena Suvari... Well, Poop hits the fan and your father, the King is Murdered while you're Hakuna Matata-ing with Annoying Prompto, Irritating Ignis, and Gladio, who is basically what you'd get if Auron and Paine had a child and then that child had a child with Grumpy Cat... and then the kid grew up to be a dick... like cyclops! So, the game tosses you into an open world, basically doing sidequests until the game remembers it has a plot and it forces you into a hallway simulator... but to be fair, FFXV WAS originally FF Versus XIII, so the Hallway Sim is part of the vestiges of vs XIII (badum tss) The Villain is basically a Realistic take on Kefka... But pretty much all the juicy details ARE NOT IN THE FRIGGING GAME!!

This one is a bit harder to rate, because it tries to be so many things at the same time... It's an A-RPG, which in my books is a bid bad since I prefer Turn based JRPGs because I have more control there than in ARPGs (Controlling a full party via passive commands trumps actively controlling ONE character and relying on the AI not screwing up badly... I'm referring to incidents similar to those involving the damn duck on SquEnix's KH series) It also tries to be an Sandbox game like GTA, or Breath of the wild, but the open world is severely closed. For the last stretch it TRIES to be a Stealth game... It fails... I hate linking to Craptaku, but they did encapsulate Chapter XIII perfectly.
The rest of the game you'll spend it traveling back in time via a magic dog... don't question it, just as I don't question how the Jusenkyo curses work on Ranma... to past events in order to complete more sidequests... Basically the Hunts from FFT:A, and some boring fetch quests, not to mention completing the remaining Royal Arms... for some reason I have 3 Missing.
7.0 (I blame Chapter XIII, which happens to be the Hallway Chapter... Coincidence?)

They are MOSTLY Responsive. I mentioned having some hiccups in battle, but the most annoying thing is the Interact Button is the Jump Button. Having Noctis jump around like a moron when trying to pick up items is frustrating, or just to complete quests and talk to people. You literally have to reach the point of interest, come to a full stop, then adjust the camera so the prompt (proceed, talk, pick up, etc.) shows up on screen, make sure you adjusted the camera properly and the prompt stays for more than a second, THEN press the button.

Sounds, Music and Voice Acting:
The Music was mostly composed by Yoko Shimomura... Spike, roll the best theme ever by Yoko Shimomura:

Buuuuuuuuuut, the saddest part is that MANY will not listen to the FFXV music for a simple reason:
The damn car has a CD Player and you can play certain songs from past FF games...
Here's the top 7 songs I play on my Regalia
There's this one, then this one, ooh! This one, as much as I disliked the game, I like this song... I love this one!! and this one...
To be honest, FFXV's addition of classic themes was a bit detrimental to the OG songs of XV...
Now the voices... I have no issues with them... Except some lines of dialogue, and a certain character being annoying... And losing Sean Bean as King Regis... (Why did Kingsglaive get better VAs than the game?)
Noctis' VA has been in tons of stuff that I haven't seen... Huh... Gladio was a random voice in GTA 5... and Rise of the Tomb Raider wait he was Charlie Sheen in Family Guy? Haven't seen anything with That's It! I've come up with a new recipe! Prompto is Tuxedo Kamen-sama!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
supporting character that shows up in like 2 scenes was voiced by Leon Kennedy's VA!?
The Villain of the game was voiced by DOOM's Villain!? Mind Blown!

Square + PS4, of course everything will be pretty...

(Just to show a summon that is not Lightning Stalker Grandpa) Of course here they get a full 10.0

Final Fantasy XV gets a 7.7 as its final score. I mostly blame the Story being told mostly OFF-GAME, which is a No-no for me. The mild clunkiness of the controls AND the mismatched gameplay for a game that was announced 11 years and 2 days ago.

The end product feels like a mismatched item, which is partially scaring me due to FFVIIRemake being a bit similar to this one.

May 9, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Oh no you di'int Hasbro...

You actually did it... you released Dazzler... Not just any version... I kinda expected the X-Men Arcade Version of Dazzler... (Here's a hint for an X-Men Exclusive pack...)

But no... Hasbro, you went bolder... you went FULL 70s and gave us DISCO DAZZLER... Minus the 70s Bush... There's no way to hide a 70s bush in those tight pants... And no, this isn't me being perverted or anything.
So, who is Dazzler? She's a member of the X-Men, Alison Blaire, who was a singer. Her power is basically making light out of sounds. She was part of a cross-promotion deal between Marvel and Casablanca Records. Dazzler's look is not based on a Time Traveling Taylor Swift... She's based on Bo Derek. So, Dazzler is Mutant Bo Derek with Proto-Jubilee Powers... and perennially stuck in the 70s, based on this iconic (or infamous) look.

Let's crack her open and see what she's all about!

Spidey twerks better than Dazzler
Her Articulation is pretty much similar to Black Cat's... and with all the limitations... well, she CAN look to the side... so that's a plus. The roller skates make her a bit of a pain in the neck to keep standing in a dynamic pose.

Paint and Sculpt:
She seems to be made out of many reused parts. That Torso is very likely to have seen some past usage with  a neck overlay to make it seem "new". There are a few new parts, but you get the idea that this isn't a 100% new sculpt item, like say the Warlock BAF.
Paintwise, I see no issues with her.

BAF Piece
Blast Effect
a Little bare bones after being spoiled by Donald Glover, and all the other Spidey MLs... Also, her blast fits MOTUC Figures... (If you have the Hasbro ML Scarlet Witch or one of the Hasbro Dr. Strange, then it's the same blast recolored)


Dazzler gets a 3.83 as her final score. It's not a bad score, but she needed something to be 20% cooler. I LOVE that it's the Disco Version... Now if we could get an Amazing Spider-Friends 3 Pack in 6 inches.

December 18, 2019... He-Man will hit Theatres...

That's right, SONY has finally gotten a Date for the MOTU Movie... didn't I rant about this a few days back? Yes, yes I did... I am bringing this up again, because I HAVE TO BE NEGATIVE ABOUT THIS...
I mean, I already mentioned that they only have a date and a semi-Competent writer on the project. No director, no cast, nothing. Remember when John Woo was supposedly doing this? Well, He-Man's been in Development Hell since the 2002 MYP Series was around. So, 15 years in Dev-Hell went from WB to SONY, now no Director and you can see WHY I'm a bit underwhelmed...
So, will the movie make this so-called deadline?

 So, yeah, it seems that this is all a stunt to retain the rights... At BEST we'd get an ASHCAN Copy of a movie, like it happened to the BEST Fantastic Four Movie. At worse, the rights get passed along and we don't get an abomination.

IF we get something for that date it will be ABSOLUTE CRAP!! IF we're lucky, we get Nicolas Cage as Keldor/Skeletor... Think about it and you'll see some genius to my madness...
washed out has-been, used to doing crappy movies (some include using a CGI Skull for his face), he can chew scenery and ham it up far more than Raul Julia did in Street Fighter...

Any excuse to roll the Nic Cage Montage:

Now since the final product will be a turd to keep the rights, we might as well have some insane fun with it. Cage will deliver unintended hilarity to the movie.

The Rock as He-Man... I know it's an out there choice, but think about it... We can't bring in the Hemsworth brothers for this Ashcan Copy, but using the Great One as He-Man is a great idea... It'll make people excited, because The Rock... True hardcore fans will hate it because The Rock is synonymous with Remakes... Seriously, between bad movies, Fast and Furious movies, AND REMAKES, all you have left is a Part-Time Wrestler...

If The Rock could pull this off, MOTU will be a cakewalk for him. (and if it actually makes it to theaters, then he WILL put asses on the seats... all those straight women and gay men wanting to see The Rock run around in a Loincloth will no longer need

those ten seconds from The Mummy Returns... (He wears pants on The Scorpion King)
Not to mention that He could pull off the Adam thing quite easily...

What I'm trying to get to is that unless this movie is made as a hyper tongue in cheek parody of the property, we won't get anything REAL for that date... Also, December 2019? Can you say Episode IX raping MOTU?

I have no hopes of this actually happening any time soon... I want to be pleasantly surprised, BUT all signs are pointing to a turd bigger than Nepthu...

If the Springtime for Hitler clip gives you a hint of what I'm trying to say is that we're getting one hell of a flop... I'd make a Ghostbusters 2016 joke, but that horse has been beaten to death far too much!

Right now, all I want is for this movie idea to die down, for Mattel to make a brand new cartoon series appealing to both KIDS AND ADULTS (No Teen Titans Go! stuff, but a more Batman: the Brave and The Bold kind of thing) and THEN focus on a movie.

It Came From the Toy Chest: Single Carded Super Special Army Builder

Habemus Horde Troopers... 6 of them... Single Carded... Now I have a Horde Army. (Not trying to rub it in people's faces. Hopefully Super7 will be able to make an Ultimate Horde Trooper for 2018-2019)
So, Mattel's infinite lack of care allowed the Single Carded Horde Trooper... to fall down the cracks and eventually, Mattel had to dump them in their main shop, which, unfortunately, is not International Friendly.
If I were lazy I would do this:

and add But Single Carded and the Damages are now Stickers...

Do I REALLY NEED to explain Horde Troopers? No? Good, cause it would be tiring to say that these are the Storm Troopers of MOTU and the Horde is the Empire with Horde Prime being Palpatine and Hordak being Darth Vader...

So, Horde Troopers:

It's the same figure as the 2 pack Horde Troopers or General Sunder. There's a few kinks in certain points, namely the elbows that don't have a perfect range of articulation, but the "hasbro elbow" allows for a bit more articulation in the arm that normal MOTUC figures lack. As last time, the trooper gets a 5.0 here.

Paint and Sculpt:
This is a Single Card reissue of the Horde Trooper... While now a few more characters are reusing parts that originated here, the 100% new tooling for them still stands. Paint, on the other hand... I've opened 2 so far and the paint job is super sloppy. One of my troopers has some blue paint splotches on his torso and shoulder... There's some darker grey drybrushing/sprayed on that makes the troopers look dirty... looks off somehow.
4.5 Here the 2 Pack Trooper fairs a bit better EVEN THOUGH they have pre-made Battle Damage.

-Vintage Staff
-Filmation Stun Rod
-MOTUC Crossbow
-Horde insignia Shield
-Sticker Sheet (Same as the Rowbutt Knights)
5.0 The Sticker sheet kinda puts the Single Carded Troopers above their 2 pack version.

The Horde Trooper (single Carded) gets a 4.83 as its final score... Yes, it's the same as the Two-Pack, what did you expect? It's the Horde Troopers...

Now I must conclude this rant by pointing Out once again, Mattel's idiocy.
Everyone, INCLUDING Neitlich, KNEW that Horde Troopers were = Printing Money... Problem was that Neitlich had too many Palace Guards made (probably because they had his face.) Then instead of making an accessory pack to MOVE the other PG units... (a Head/ armor plates and Weapons pack with 4 new heads would have helped people buying more PG packs to display these) they did NOTHING... Troopers, unlike Snakemen, or Palace Guards, you can get ridiculous numbers, because they are totally faceless troops. (snakemen being in 2 colors with 2 heads each made it harder to have multiples. Palace Guards, if you add more human heads, you can pad it out without having a Toyguru Clone Army)
I got 10 troopers from the first two pack and from single carded ones... Had they been available more often, I may have been with 20 or something.

Mattel missed a golden opportunity, whether it's the phantom dinosaurs in suits that Neitlich had to fight to get things done, Neitlich's own ego for pushing crap he wanted (Nepthu) over things that were for the betterment of the brand, or simply they didn't fully understand the Importance of Horde Troopers to the fandom.
Which tattoo should I add to look badass?
It's rather sad that the Glorious Second Printing of Horde Troopers, this time Single Carded, was unceremoniously dumped on the Mattel shop with the remainders of Mattycollector's unsold stuff.

Had these been released sooner, maybe Super7 wouldn't have been doing MOTUC this year, but instead Mattel themselves would've been at the helm.

Mattel's least amount of effort dogma HURTS Mattel... Blunders like this shouldn't happen, especially since it was Mattel... Biggest Toymaker and all that crap. Oh no... Mattel has become the Vince McMahon of toys...

But on a more bit of sad news, the Father of ALL ACTION FIGURES, Stanley Weston, Creator of the Original GI Joe has passed away... My condolences.

May 7, 2017

Super7 subscription Rally time!

KNOW that it's not a Sub, but I needed a conversation starter as a title... Seeing that I did many Matty Sub Rallies, I thought I would keep the tradition! Well, since they started on Friday... Spike, don't put Rebecca Black! I want to address some issues... I've seen some people complaining... I'll try to address some points:

YES, they suck ass! But we must remember one thing: I'm going to quote Loot Crate's Thin Skinned man, yes, my hero, my arch enemy, Scott...

Yes, Super 7 and some others may be picking up a few of the pieces, but it will never be the powerhouse with the resources and ability of the world’s biggest toy maker to put out more product aimed at the adult collector.
 Super7 IS NOT Mattel... They don't have the same kind of resources... They're like a 4-8 person team or something. We have to remember that Mattel pretty much abandoned the Matty division and it was being managed by no one... That's why Mattel had to dump the Horde Troopers a few days ago on their main website. All those delays and lack of contact with the factory (Recent QC issues are a grim reminder of that.) Recently, we learned from s7's Brian Flynn that many MOTUC Molds were unusable or MIA. Then we have that this is Super7's first REAL FORAY into Action Figure Making... No, I'm not counting those Kitschy items as real training... I'm talking about making REAL ACTION FIGURES LIKE THE BIG BOYS! With that said, Even the BIG BAD MATTEL had a bumpy start. He-Man was Delayed, so was MerMan... If these things happen to Mattycollector who, had the $7 Billion Powerhouse of Mattel behind them, then if it happens to a small company, is not a horrible thing...

They're too Expensive:

They are a bit expensive, I can't lie about that, but let's look back to last decade... Marvel Legends ruled the era and they were UNDER $10... Nowadays, in some places they're closer to $30... and these are a MASS RETAIL TOYLINE MADE BY ONE OF THE BIG TWO TOYMAKERS. Super7 is a "Boutique" and their price is $7 more than when Matty went with their highest price tag on MOTUC ($28) The only reason it hurts, is because we have to pay upfront for all in one fell swoop (There's the payment plan option that makes it sting a little, but this wasn't available on Friday, when I wrote this rant. It came out on Sunday to not ruin the Sailor Moon Week.)
IN MY CASE, here's how it breaks down:
Ordering 1 MOTUC Set (Lodar, Fangor, Quakke, Hawke), 1 Filmation Set (I know what I've said about Filmation subpar line, but it's Duncan, Teela, Tri-Klops and a True Filmation Hordak!!) AND an Extra Hawke to have Delora. The Total for this is: $314.97 + S&H which is $51.53 for all 9 figures to Puerto Rico via USPS Priority Mail (Tracking 3-5 days) totaling at $366.50 OUCH!

I could use some fancy Mathematics to muddy the issue and I'm not in the mood for that. While yes, the figures are a bit more expensive than I would; I need to remind people that:
a)Mattel is NOT Making these figures, it's a THIRD PARTY COMPANY (in this case Super7) that is making them and they HAVE TO PAY ROYALTIES TO THE OWNERS OF MOTU, in this case, Mattel... (Part of the reason why Hasbro bumped up the price on Marvel Legends after Toy Biz stopped making Marvel Legends. Toy Biz was Marvel's Toy division, so they didn't have to pay any licensing royalties to Marvel, unlike Hasbro.)
b)as I mentioned earlier, Super7 is a tiny company compared to Mattel, so they have to cover a bit more of some expenses that for Mattel it might be chump change, but for a small company it's a lot.

You know what, screw it I'm gonna do the Fancy Mathematics:
So A Filmation figure (day of Sale price in 2016) was like $24 and a MOTUC was like $27
Shipping to the US PER FIGURE is in the 12-15 ballpark using USPS Ground (In my case, when Matty treats me as a US Customer it's 12.29 for one figure and 17.82 for 2 figures)
$96 for the filmation set and $135 for the MOTUC set + 1 Extra Hawke
That totals into $231 for all 9 figures and when we add the $103.85 in shipping (7 single figure months and 1 month with 2 figures) we get: $334.85 which would have made Matty be $31.65 cheaper... I used the day of sale price, because there was a rumor that prices would've gone up if Matty had gone another year
Now take that $31.65 and divide it by 9 and the grand total is: $3.52... What does that mean? Well, it means that ONCE SHIPPED, super7 ends up being $3.52 more expensive than Matty IF Matty kept the 2016 prices... DESPITE having to pay for licensing and all the other issues stemming from them not being Mattel. While the figures via Matty WERE Cheaper, the Shipping was where Digital River hurt us. With all that, the price difference isn't THAT huge if you look at it PER FIGURE. The payment plan can make this moderately bitter pill easier to swallow.

I understand the anxiety, this is the second preorder and we still are waiting on the first one to show up... (they will begin to show up in 50-something days, or so we were told.) I understand the apprehension about ordering, with the whole paying upfront thing. Thing is that Unlike Mattel, Super7 can't afford being stuck with peg-warmers... and let's face it: we're in obscureville with MOTUC and that puts Super7 at more risk. Right now EVERYONE is a potential peg warmer. All the key characters were made by Mattel, we only have NA stragglers and a few Other source material folks. We're in bottom of the barrel and going further beneath levels. Now is where we HAVE TO Team up. I don't want the Masks of Power Demons, but if I can get Melaktha, and Kayo, then I'll take a Masks of Power Demons bullet.

This one stings a lot more since we got 2 orders at the same time... The idea was meant to be 1 quarter MOTUC, 1 filmation, and so forth, but Year One mishaps put us on this pickle. Theoretically speaking 2018 would be a smooth sailing year, but we need 2017 to happen first. Whether ordering the "waves" via Super 7 or preordering individual figures via BBTS, if you can go for it... If MOTUC dies, Neitlich wins... and we need to prove to him that HE IS NOT THE SAVIOR OF MOTU, BUT WE, THE FANDOM ARE THE TRUE HEROES... We kept that awful Mattycollector site alive when DC Fans couldn't and their fandom is Gargantuan compared to MOTU Fans... Ghostbusters fans flatlined... ONLY MOTU fans saw the birth and death
of Matty. We need to go BEYOND Matty, mostly for the toys... Though proving Neitlich wrong is a great added bonus, we need to do it for the toys. The other main reason is to show Mattel that there is still love for MOTU. Here's the thing: Super7 is trying HARD to please us... No really, they are.
Look at the pic from the post they made on Friday... They care more than Mattel did. Let's help them shine and we get more toys...

Well, I also got an email today and here is what it stated:
Hey Masters of the Universe Fans!
Thank you everyone who has pre-ordered the new waves of MOTU Classics and Club Grayskull! We are very excited to be continuing this line and appreciate your support and enthusiasm.
As many fans have noted, the dimensional weight of these sets has triggered some unexpectedly high costs from the algorithm the USPS uses to generate shipping fees. We have worked within the limitations of this system to find a better way to approach the size and weight that we think will work better for everyone, and allows us to offer a better rate. As of now, we have updated the shipping costs accordingly for everybody who has yet to place their orders. For those who have already ordered, we will adjust the shipping cost for your orders as well and process partial refunds over the next several days.
Thank you all again for your support!
Apparently, they now have a "Standard shipping" Option, which costs $18 to Puerto Rico for all 9 figures... Made a dummy order to see if there was any difference. 3-Day Priority is still $51.53... IF there is a partial refund, so be it... I'd be paying EVEN LESS than Matty in shipping WITH TRACKING and the Figures would be in my hands in 3-5 days unlike Matty that at BEST it was 8 days but at worst, well. over a month and a half. So, I can fancy mathematics my brain into accepting those charges... (Personally, I'd stick with Priority this time, since it's a big order)
But now that I have the Standard Shipping Charges let's do some more Fancy Mathematics and compare those to Digital River's Standard Shipping, shall we?


So A Filmation figure (day of Sale price in 2016) was like $24 and a MOTUC was like $27
Shipping to the US PER FIGURE is in the 12-15 ballpark using USPS Ground (In my case, when Matty treats me as a US Customer it's 12.29 for one figure and 17.82 for 2 figures)
$96 for the filmation set and $135 for the MOTUC set + 1 Extra Hawke
That totals into $231 for all 9 figures and when we add the $103.85 in shipping (7 single figure months and 1 month with 2 figures) we get: $334.85 
That's Matty's price IF they had retained the 2016 Figure Prices for all 9 figures...
Now I also stated that all 9 figures cost $314.97 from Super7. We now add the $18 for Standard shipping and the total is: $332.97 wait, what!? DESPITE Super7 having the more expensive figures, it SOMEHOW ENDED UP BEING CHEAPER THAN MATTY!? WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS!?

It Came from the Future Lunar Toy chest: In the name of the Future Moon and stuff...

Sailor Moon Week ends with Sailor Moon... Albino Midget Edition, better known as Chibi Moon, Daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

Here's a random video giving her her own opening, but it kinda explains who she is...

The Articulation on ALL 5 6 Senshi is mostly the same. I point this out now since this part may be copied and pasted on each of the Senshi Reviews, but each Senshi has some Articulation that is Specifically made for Each. The range Of Articulation, particularly on the arms is astounding. Even though the Senshi have skirts, they have slits and the skirt overlaps the front and back to hide the slits. (I assume this was what the 4 Horsemen were trying to emulate for MOTUC, but Mattel design, in their ass backwards ways didn't understand)

She can easily pull off most of the key poses from the Anime. (Since this one is based on the Anime.) As with all Figuarts figures, some poses require the use of a stand... (Especially with the tiny feet on heels that the Senshi have and Chibi Usa is EVEN SMALLER)

Now specifically for Mini Moon, her Pigtails are articulated. They are on a ball joint that allows for some dynamic posing... Just like Mama! Also, her hands have a slight disadvantage over Mama and friends. They lack the hinge, but to be fair on such a small figure with TINY Hands it would be a nightmare to have that POA AND interchangeability. Doable, yes, but customer friendly it wouldn't be.

Paint and Sculpt:
Paintwise I lucked out on my Chibi Moon. I've seen a few online reviews that have had super sloppy paintjobs for a Figuarts figure. The extra shading in her hair makes her pop! The sculpt, well. it's brand new, so it's a bit refreshing compared to the other Senshi... Obviously they have similarities, but the differences make her pop 5.0

-Pink Moon Stick
-3 Extra Faceplates
-Extra hairpiece for the Super Chibi Moon Mode
-10 extra hands

As you can see Chibi Moon is super Equipped with stuff.

It's kinda hard to find flaws in these figures, aside wanting MORE stuff with them. 5.0 Chibi works surprisingly well, despite being super hated in the West. I NEVER intended to get these, but Stupid ass Naruto had to be so damn cool. If my first foray into Figuarts had been that bootleg Ukog, I would've avoided Japanese imports like the plague...
I can live with this line-up as a "Complete display" Heck! I could take Chibi Usa out of the equation and still have a "Complete display".

May 6, 2017

It Came From the Toy Chest: Proto Sailor Moon but not Sailor Moon

Of course I am talking about Sailor V's True Form as Sailor Venus... Must resist Urge from buying Sailor V...

The Articulation on ALL 5 Senshi is mostly the same. I point this out now since this part may be copied and pasted on each of the Senshi Reviews, but each Senshi has some Articulation that is Specifically made for Each. The range Of Articulation, particularly on the arms is astounding. Even though the Senshi have skirts, they have slits and the skirt overlaps the front and back to hide the slits. (I assume this was what the 4 Horsemen were trying to emulate for MOTUC, but Mattel design, in their ass backwards ways didn't understand)

She can easily pull off most of the key poses from the Anime. (Since this one is based on the Anime.) As with all Figuarts figures, some poses require the use of a stand... (Especially with the tiny feet on heels that the Senshi have)

Now specifically for Sailor Venus, her hair has sections with a ball joint that allows you to have it a bit more flared out as if it was partially wind blown. Kinda like Sailor Mars.

Paint and Sculpt:

 3 Extra Faceplates
1 Extra Hairpiece with Sailor V Glasses
1 Extra hand with Sailor V Glasses attached
8 Extra Hands

I'm a bit sad that the Venus Love Me Chain isn't among the accessories. I mean, this isn't a generic effect like Fire, or Lightning that I could use.  Other than that, she HAS TONS OF STUFF!!

Venus gets a 5.0 as her final score and it's a bit difficult to see why she deserves less than that.

May 5, 2017

It Came From the Toy Chest: Sailor Lightning Tomboy

Who is actually NOT a Lesbian... Those come later in the series... Not yet out of the Toy Chest because I don't want to buy the Outer Senshi... Saturn and Pluto are a bit expensive...
So, Sailor Jupiter... She's the fourth Senshi to be awakened (Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus) She's the tough one (due to her tragic past with her parents dying on an airplane crash)

The Articulation on ALL 5 Senshi is mostly the same. I point this out now since this part may be copied and pasted on each of the Senshi Reviews, but each Senshi has some Articulation that is Specifically made for Each. The range Of Articulation, particularly on the arms is astounding. Even though the Senshi have skirts, they have slits and the skirt overlaps the front and back to hide the slits. (I assume this was what the 4 Horsemen were trying to emulate for MOTUC, but Mattel design, in their ass backwards ways didn't understand)

She can easily pull off most of the key poses from the Anime. (Since this one is based on the Anime.) As with all Figuarts figures, some poses require the use of a stand... (Especially with the tiny feet on heels that the Senshi have)

Now specifically for Sailor Jupiter, her Ponytail articulated. It's on a ball joint that allows for some dynamic posing, but not as dynamic as you'd think.

Paint and Sculpt:
What can I say here that I haven't said on past Senshi? The paint
is applied nicely and there are no obvious signs of slop or paint bleed on her. The use of Metallics on her skirt makes it look like Satin (not Satan). The sculpt is similar to the other senshi, but with some parts made specifically for Jupiter .

-10 extra hands
-3 Extra Faceplates
-Extra hairpiece with the Jupiter Thunder Antenna

Jupiter gets a 5.0 as her final score. The only complaint I have is the lack of thunder effects, but Bandai has Generic Thunder effects that you can buy...
 If I were to mention another gripe is that they can be a tad annoying needing the stands for some stuff.