May 18, 2017

Stephen Amell's American Ninja Warrior will air on the 25th...

Oliver Queen you have failed your haters!

A sneak peek of Arrow's Stephen Amell doing the American Ninja Warrior course... I guess that's a practice run since there's no timer or anything...

This version of Clue(do) is one that My Mom would've loved... You know that Parker Brothers games get remade with other properties, like MLP, FFVII, Marvel Superheroes, Star Wars or Legend of Zelda Monopoly... Well

Yes, A Golden Girls Clue... We live in a world where there is a Golden Girls Clue game..

HBO is going to do some HBO spin-offs... Georgie Slow as Molasses RR Martin is not necessarily involved, but he spoke his mind about it... He HAD TO MENTION THAT HE IS STILL WORKING ON THE WINDS OF WINTER, because he's as afraid of me as a certain thin skinned crybaby who shall remain nameless...
Really, George? Just work on the damned books and finish them!! Don't waste your time writing about spin-offs that will deviate from your work.

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