Jun 29, 2020

Someone needs to make Joe Jonas and Sansa Stark disappear...

I just read something that could be described as...

Inconceivable!! And yes, The reference to The Princess Bride is completely related. Joe Jonas and Sansa Stark are working in a remake of The Princess Bride. Yes, I'm aware it's for charity and was an "at home" project, but still, this is taking a massive dump on the source material... feh!

On a more posotive note, at least it's not Back to the Future...

The elusive Raph vs Casey Jones 2 pack has an extraordinary secret. Casey's face is sculpted under the mask.
It sports Elias Koteas's lileness and based on this tweet by Koteas himself, he has allowed his likeness to be used. While it's too late for THIS Casey figure, a future 2 pack with April, or a single carded Casey could have a second head without mask. All I'm thinking is that sculpting a Koteas face for Casey without the likeness rights making it to production is a reall ballsy  by them.

White actors stepping down from voicework: The rant

Hank Azaria, former voice of Apu will no longer voice non white characters. Mike Henry will no longer voice Cleveland Brown...

This, of course have people divided. Some people think this is a good idea and if you hate it, you're racist.
I hate it.

Before anyone starts tossing racisim accusations stupidly, hear me out.

This accomplishes nothing. No, these symbolic gestures will not magically bring jobs to people of color. These Slacktivists are not seeing the other edge of this sword...

The late James Avery, Kevin Michael Richardson, Phil LaMarr, Cree Summer are actors who Would lose gigs (Avery not so much since he sadly, is dead) because they play roles with OTHER ETHNICITIES that "should be played by the people of the right color"...

Hell, even Avatar: The Last Airbender would suffer with this "new rule". How many Inuit voice actors do you know? Hell, even Zuko should lose his voice,  since Dante Basco is not "the right kind of Asian" (The Fire Nation is obviously inspired by Ancient Japan and Basco is of Filipino origin) Can you see what I'm getting at?
By choosing to enforce this notion of voice actor sticking to their racial lane, we'd miss out on amazing performances from phenomenal voice actors, because we're too busy enforcing a Segregation 2.0...

It's no longer acting if the actors have to match the characters down to the smallest detail. Let me put it in a way that you can understand: suppose I write an autobiography and they decide to make a movie about it, who should they cast to play me? If your suggestion is that I should play me, then you're a freaking idiot! Just becaise it's MY LIFE, doesn't mean that I'M the best person to play me. The whole idea about acting is that someone who is not me, is doing their best to represent me in the most accurate manner possible.

With that said, it sure is nice when they can find an actor with the correct ethnicity that can bring some authenticity to the role. But it can't always happen. Sometimes the best voice for a character looks NOTHING like the character.
I believe that voice casting should be colorblind. It shouldn't matter if Shredder is voice by a black man, that Zuko is voiced by a Filipino,  that Cleveland is voiced by a white man, or that Naruto is a woman.

This ridiculous notion would kill the Anime dub industry...

Jun 27, 2020

COVID-19 is some serious shit. Please take it seriously!!

Yesterday I lost a friend to COVID-19. Fellow MOTU Collector, member of the Council of the First Ones podcast, Nerds on a Couch podcast, RenĂ© Chavez. He also worked on the MOTU Character guide. While we never got to meet in person, we formed a bond over the podcast and general  conversation whether it was on Facebook, Skype, phone, Etc; he was there, always level headed.  the worst thing about this is that he was in recovery he was supposed to get better and return home to his family... It's not fair!! It's just not fair, y'know... He took this seriously and tried his best to avoid getting sick, yet the Grim Reaper didn't give a damn...

I don't have many friends... and he was one of the few people that I could say without any hesitation that he IS my friend... now he's gone. Yesterday, I spent a while crying because he's gone. I can't even fathom the pain his wife and daughter are feeling. All I know is that I wouldn't wish that pain even to my worst enemies...

For fuck's sake, please follow the damned security precautions to reduce the spread of this virus. I know some are a huge pain in the ass! But I don't want you having to lose a friend or a family member to this goddamned virus! 

I rarely touch personal subjects here at the House of Rants, but this is sone serious shit. Be safe, and that your Losses to COVID-19 Stay as close to zero as humanly possible. This isn't about politics, or any other spin some people are trying to give to this situation. I just want you to protect yourselves and those close to you.

Now, if you wish to help René's family here's the gofundme

Jun 26, 2020

My motuwwe prayers have been finally answered, brother!

Quicl question:
Who Nefty's favorite WWE Superstar of All Time?
Well, he is coming to the MOTUWWE line, brother!
In a two pack with the Texas Rattlesnake for some reason... it should've been Jake the Snake Roberts... but I digress:
Snake Mountain themed ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin and:

Now the Origins Skeletor can feel the 24 inch pythons as Hulkamania runs wild on him!! Brother!
Yes, brother! Hulkamania is running wild!

Jun 25, 2020

Super7 turtles wave 3 pics leaked by BBTS: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE APRIL

Dayum! April looks way too vintage... and it's not a good thing.
I'm starting with Mikey. He's well, Mikey. Hoping the second set of chucks are with real chains, otherwise we'll have the broken chucks of vintage in 2021. Judging by the turtle grappling hook there, it might get real rope. Hopefully it'll be a decent amount and not the joke amount of rope from SH Figuarts Mikey.

Metalhead looks neat! I wonder if he'll have the light piping feature. Will he get an extra head with it if he doesnt? Or viceversa? I like the finger hentaicle hand...
I know what I wrote!!

There isn't much to say here. They nailed the Toy Rocksteady. I can't honestly find any nits to pick...

Now we have April. Seems she's based on her v2 look, which was a slight repaint of v1 but Good god! That headsculpt is Ug-Lee!! A v3, Orange and blue April inspired headsculpt would be an excellent addition.

You have until July 26th to order.

Super7 turtles wave 3 is real!!

I saw thw leaked pic, but the moment I tried to click on it to save it, it vanished and the facebook app made a forced refresh which unabled me to screenshot it...

Mikey, April, Metalhead, and Rocksteady are wave 3.
Like I said before, this wave is a bit too close to NECA's releases... mainly Metalhead and April. I know these are not necessarily made up on the spot, but when wave 2 has Mutagen man, tossing Metalhead on wave 3 feels a bit "too safe". Don't get me wrong I think Metalhead is a really good choice but, at the same time it KINDA FEELS LIKE they're copying NECA... more so when these will come out by next year. I know these are planned months in advance and it's rather obvious who the popular and core characters are. And having 2 lines in roughly the same scale releasing roughly the same characters feels a bit redundant.

I know it almost sounds like I'm whining... but it isn't. It's not complaining either. I'm excited about the wave, despite having an issue with the coincidences between NECA and Super7. I will go into more detailed Rant about the characters was Super 7 release as the official pics. I'm just trying to pull off an April and May and drop the scoop as fast as I can. Just don't picture me in the banana jumpsuit.


NECA Disguised Raph and Casey Jones went live...

And the Mattycollector flashbacks came back.

As you may have guessed by this rant, I missed out on them via Walmart.
But fret not, my totally radical turtle brothers and sisters
NECA's Randy dropped this tweet:
Apparently, WALMART wasn't ready for the rabid TMNT fans and scalpers (just check ebay) maybe those who missed out will be luckier in round 2.

Jun 24, 2020

Super7 TMNT News

After a failed expedition to Wal-Mart due to the rumors of Casey and Raph being out, I returned home, defeated...
Super7 decided to drop an e-mail regarding the TMNTU Wave 1: They're on a boat...

Finally, they are going to be sending them to us... after god knows how long.

Then there's this:
That Deep green and Orangey red band must mean one thing... Donatello is NOT the next Turtle!! Way to go, Super7! Preserving the stereotype of Nerds being picked last... Shame... Holy shit! Mikey! Is number 3!! Obviously, I'm getting him.

Tomorrow is supposedly the date when Super7 will reveal wave 3. The pic had the word Tomorrow as its caption. So it's safe to assume that tomorrow will be the reveal date for Mikey and the other 3...

These are not the official characters, but the ones I GUESS will be wave 3.


Rumor: apparently,BBTS fumbled for a little while and revealed the figures. I saw some comments on Facebook:
Mikey, April, Rocksteady, and Metalhead.
If true, it's a decent wave. A bit too similar to NECA's releases, but pretty solid.

What the Hell did I just watch? A Shokugeki no Soma rant

Netflix added the first season of Shokugeki no Soma and it was recommended by Netflix because I watched Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Sword Art Online.

Food Porn would be the shortest description for this series... there's food and ecchi... caused by food. If a character eats fried squid, she ends up getting implied tentacle raped by the food. If a character eats a bacon wrapped potato his or her clothes will explode in a foodgasm.

But here's the deal: The protagonist is Yukihira Soma, a kid who ends up enrolled in a school where everything is solved...

Why, yes, Yugi. Duels... come to think of it, This is Yu-gi-oh GX but with cooking.

Without Mark Dacascos...

So, basically, Cooking Naruto wants to be the very best like no one ever was. One negative side effect of watching this anime: your food will look and taste like crap.

Jun 22, 2020

Odds and ends june 22 2020 I pity da fool...

Mattel made a MR.T figure!!! And it sold out while I was sleeping! Based on his Wrestlemania appearance... an  to God Mr.T figure, not Clubber Lang, not BA Barracus, not based on the Mr.T cartoon... a Mr.T Mr.T figure... and I missed out!!!

Michael Keaton seems to be in talks with Warner Brothers to be Batman in Flashpoint. I didn't mention this earlier because of the whole Joel Schumacher dying, this would've been throwing salt on the wound.
Apparently Keaton may be taking Ben Affleck's place as the old semi-retired Batman. I'd be lying if I said that I don't want to see Keaton back as Batman, but we shall see how this goes.

Mr. Lawrence found a new place for his Cobra Kai Dojo... Netflix. This it's great news for me because I want to have to get yet another streaming service in order to see Cobra Kai. I wonder if seasons 1 and 2 will be grandfathered in or do I still need a YouTube premium to see them.

Haley Joel Osment saw 8mm...

And Yuna danced for its director. Sadly, Joel Schumacher died of what he was to Batman films... Cancer. Yes, I know, it sounds cruel to take jabs at a dead man, but Schumacher WAS Bat-Cancer. He single-handedly ended the Batman franchise to the point that WB was out of the superhero movie business until some dude named Christopher Nolan made 3 James Bond movies disguised as Batman movies.

But to be fair on Schumacher, despite his Bat movies being cinematic guano that made Batman 66 look darker and edgier than a Frank Miller story, they were much better BATMAN MOVIES, than Nolan's majestic trilogy where Batman could be replaced with Bond and it wouldn't make a different movie.

Also, Schumacher made 8mm, The Lost Boys,  The Client, Phone Booth, but we know him as the Whedon to Tim Burton's Hack Snydurr... I'm NOT validating Snydurr... just taking potshots at WB studio interference, which isn't a new thing. My condolences to his family and friends.

Undertaker's retirement: the rant

It's official. The Phenom is no more. The Undertaker has retired from wrestling... for real this time... not like last time. I have mixed feelings about this. It's good that he retired because he's not getting any younger and he needs to think about his health. On the other hand his character has been misused these past few years starting with the defeat by Brock Lesnar. Losing to Lesnar, of all people was the biggest disrespect to The Undertaker's character. I know that Mark Callaway wanted to lose to Lesnar, because of Lesnar's skills. Problem is that what Mark, the performer, wanted went completely against everything The Undertaker, the character, was.

I know that Wrestling has tried to move away from gimmicky characters like Taker, in order to validate the Sports part of Sports Entertainment. This is mostly due to UFC stealing some of the WWE and wrestling in general's thunder. The problem is that wrestling is better when it has these cartoony gimmicky characters. I'm also aware how social media keeps ruining kayfabe.

Wrestling was the equivalent of Comic Book movies today back in an era where comic book movies weren't a thing.

Heck, the whole Gimmicky character thing has inspired other things that are still popular today... Think about it:
The showboating Actor, the Sumo guy, The freakish monster, the Real American Hero, the big bad Russian...
Am I describing Videogame characters or WWF era wrestlers?

Crap! I got side tracked again! In any case, Thank you Undertaker...

Jun 21, 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake series and the "weakening" of Sephiroth.

I'm making progress in Hard Mode... Just need to beat the Top Secret battle series so I can go on and beat the game.
Obviously, thoughts of the sequelS metaphorically kept me awake at night. I've already mentioned how the Midgar Sephiroth battle weakens Sephiroth as a character. I have also mention that the premature One-Winged Angel also weakens Sephiroth as a character. His godhood theme being used as a normal battle theme is BLASPHEMOUS!!

My issue is that in the TRUE Final Fantasy VII you don't face Sephiroth till the end.  Here he becomes a nuisance like the Turks in the grand scheme of things. How do you top a Sephiroth battle!?

Speculation points towards bringing back Genesis... not aure if possible due to the rumored Gackt/SquEnix beef. But if possible, it *could* reduce the overexposure of Sephiroth, while keeping the JENOVA powered antahonist theme. While I dread the LOVELESS sermons, Genesis, or  G-Cell powered clone could work as an antagonistic force.
Perhaps, it coukd be that JENOVA is using Genesis as a way to weaken Sephiroth's influence over the JENOVA powered beings. Genesis's interest in Cloud could be either due to the JENOVA in Cloud, or the Zack in Cloud. I'm well aware of how Kingdom Hearts-like this sound, but then again we have Team No-No working on this series.

We also have ROCHE... I know he's very annoying but he was criminally underused. He could actually work as a game 2 villain. Picture him just being pissed off at being defeated by Cloud twice I know he's hungry for a rematch. He becomes a nuisance by challenging Cloud to battles, until in one of those, his voice changes to that of either Genesis or Sephiroth. The motivation was very depending on which character is the one that possesses him. The possessed Roche wpuld be a lot tougher than the normal Roche battles, but it would reveal JENOVA's capabilities of possessing people beyond the tattooed men.

HOJO could be the villain in game 2, even if we don't face him directly. On the TRUE FINAL FANTASY VII, Hojo was always finding ways to push everyone into playing their part to strengthen Sephiroth. On FFVIIR: Nomura Excrementum Bovem, Hojo is a bit Cloud obsessed in his desire to strengthen Sephiroth. Why not have him go through harsher trials against Hojo's experiments...

But the final option is to NOT have a Sephiroth showdown....

No matter how we slice it, Square Enix made a huge mistake by prematurely releasing a Sephiroth Showdown. I wonder how they'll escape the corner they painted themselves into.

Jun 19, 2020

I don't get SONY...

On one hand, they've been hellbent in censoring Japanese Developed games. Cleavage and panty-shots are bad, groping is worse... but only if it's from Japan. If it's made in the west, it's A-OK!
In The Last of Us 2 there is a VERY GRAPHIC SCENE in which Abby is arguing with some dude. The discussion escalates and they're grabbing each othwr angrily, turning into a disrobing where the guy overpowers her and turns her around to raw dog her from behind.

Why isn't THAT Censored? Huh? 2D characters im swimsuits get more lensflare than a JJ Abrams movie, but this isn't?
I'm not advocating for censorship. I'm advocating for EQUAL STANDARDS. Either, you CENSOR ALL, or even better, CENSOR NONE!! There is a reason why we have a Ratings system... to avoid censorship and allow games to play as their creatora intended... When Censorship king, Nintendo is NOT censoring content that YOU ARE, you screwed up, big time.

It came from the Toy Chest: NECA Bebop and Rocksteady

I was able to finally get a set at a reasonable price from a reseller. Translation: I paid less than $100 for them SHIPPED! Usually they go for $100 plus shipping and handling... one of the few reasons why I hate Target exclusive is because there's no Target in my neck of the woods. Which means I have to pay secondary market prices by default.  all I need is Casey and April to complete this and maybe a  Master Splinter.

At least the movie figures slightly more accessible to me since I can order them online from Walmart, if they don't show up in my area.

Bebop and Rocksteady are Shredder's number one and number two Goons. Humans enhanced with the power of a warthog and a rhinoceros. The Ooze works in mysterious ways for the cartoon.

NECA WARNING: you must be extremely careful with moving the articulation points. Painted Parts can gum up some points of articulation add they could break if you force them to hard. This is true even if you heat up the joints by blow drying them or using very hot water. This royally sucks and for some reason NECA does not want to fix this quality control issue that has an adverse effect in all their lines.
Shredder: Is this like the time Bo and Luke
were replaced by Coy and Vance?

With that said, both of my figures have some joints that are kind of stock in the leg area. I stated before I'm not going to force them and risk breakage because I bought them from a third-party seller through the internet and not straight from Target. So if something happens NECA is going to basically tell me to fuck off.

IN THEORY, they have Marvel Legends level of articulation. In execution they are not. Frozen joints, big, bulky, and top-heavy bodies limit the amount of possible poses. Out of the two Rocksteady is the more problematic figure.

One unexpected surprise was that they possess an articulated jaw. I discovered it watching the Pixel Dan video while looking for a way to fix an issue with my Bebop figure.
Bebop: 4.0
Rocksteady: 3.5

Paint and sculpt:
I'm not a huge fan of the "cartoony paintjob" with drawn lines painted and exaggerated cartoon shading. Despite my dislike of the stylistic choices, the paint job is really good on them!
Leonardo: Turtles fight with Honor!
Rocksteady: Look at me I am a Toitle Zuko!
Raphael: Did you actually made that up on the spot
or did you spent some time practicing it!
Bebop: He was up all night practicing it!
Rocksteady: Was not! OK, may be a little, but now you
Die, Toitles!!

The sculpt on them is phenomenal and catchers the look of the characters much better than the Playmates figures did.  Bebop even has real metal chains on his body sure they're painted in a cartoon gray color but I didn't expected the change to be metal. Just in case be careful with Rocksteady knife on his back it's not removable but it's called it in soft plastic and I'm afraid it could tear up from the thin harness.
Bebop: 4.5
Rocksteady 4.5
Haha! The Cam Clarke has been Doubled!!
4 extra hands per mutant. They kind of look like they're the same hands but painted in different colors. Beige for Bebop and Gray for Rocksteady.
2 guns and 2 rifles. They are exactly the same that's why I put the small gun Bebop and the bigger rifle and Rocksteady. Sadly that available hands do not allow Bebop 2 dual wield the smaller guns.
1 communicator. I believe it's the same Communicator from the previous box set but I don't have it so I can not compare.

Swapping hands can be a hassle especially Bebop's left hand. He has a metal chain wrapped on his left forearm and putting it back together after swapping a hand can be a huge pain in the ass.
Right now I'm a bit torn on the score for accessories because by here number they should get a 5.0 but I cannot give him a 5.0 because there are issues with the accessories. None can dual wield. The communicator tends to fall off their hands. Alsp, Rocksteady is missing his helmet... Yes, I know he didn't always wear it in the cartoon but there were certain times that he did.
Both: 4.0

Bebop gets a 4.17 , while Rocksteady gets a 4.0 as his final score. I feel this set should have waited a bit higher but the quality control issues that plague most NECA lines to hinder them a little bit the uselessness of the accessories hurts them as well. I hear Leatherhead reuses some parts from these two wo but I can't Gwa-ran-tee it!
If I didn't have any stuck joints or the hands would actually allow me to pose them a a bit better I would rate them bit higher. But these are the figures I have and some issues are more commonplace than others.

Jun 18, 2020

Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben a rant...

Due to recent events, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben will die.
The question is WHY MUST THEY DIE?
The short answer is Racism is bad.
The longer answer is a lot less wholesome.

Cancel culture is stupid. They put people and brands under a purity test that would be impossible to pass.
Sonic the Hedgehog movie is now threatened by Cancel Culture because James Mardsen plays a cop in the movie.
Paw Patrol was threatened because Chase is a police dog.
Spider-Man for PS4 was threatened because of the Spider-Cop gag AND Pro-Police stance by Spidey. Hell, even Dominos was threatened because in 2012 they thanked a customer for saying that NYC pizza is inferior to Dominos. That lady is now Teump's current Press Secretary.
This is ridiculous: a tweet from 8 years ago... that's 4 years before Donald Trump was President... How in the actual Hell they expect Dominos to react?
"Fuck your compliment because in 7.5 years you will be Donal Teump's Press Secretary!"
Might as well Boycott Pizza Hut:

And McD:

How about Pepsi?

Are these Brands tainted as well because a long time ago they used Donald Trump to promote themselves?
Are we cancelling Volkswagen, because of its ties to Nazi Germany? These impassable pirity tests are a load of crap!

Removing the image of Jemima and Uncle Ben DOES NOTHING for the fight against racism. It's simply optics. This males the companies LOOK LIKE THEY'RE DOING SOMETHING WITHOUT THEM ACTUALLY DOING ANYTHING.
What helps fight racism more? Removing a mascot and rebranding? Or donating a percentage of profits to families of victims who were targeted by police becaise of racism?

This is a hollow gesture by the companies to look good abd be trendy. So, TO ME it's not so much that they are eliminating Jemima and Uncle Ben. It's people acting like this is a "SIGNIFICANT VICTORY", when it's not.

Y'all made Peter Parker cry!!

Going to ridiculius Neopuritan extremes will repel people... fight the fights that matter

Jun 16, 2020

Super7 is offering a new Arnie Conan...

And it's close to what I wanted in an Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan:

This Conan is very Barbarian looking and is in the attire for the iconic sword  pose... And he knows what's best in life:

This? Doesn't scream Iconic Conan compared to the one further above. Sure the accessories are Nifty but it just didn't scream Conan to me. In any case "Iconic" Conan is available until July 15th...

Crom, where is the Wizard Akiro? No... I wasn't thinking of doing Uncle Iroh references... I already have a Mako Splinter... so I was going to go with the Not Mr. Miyagi Mako references... you know from Sidekicks, thw best Karate Kid reboot ever made.

Space Force: The Netflix series: The Rant

Recently, I saw the first season of Space Force on Netflix. The show is supposed to be a "Space Themed" version of The Office. People who were fans of The Office have been disappointed with Space Force. And that is why they hate it, because it's NOT "Space Themed" version of The Office.

I'm not a fan of The Office...

At the time, I was a College Student transitioning into an Office Drone... a show that poked fun at a familiar setting and shit that I had to endure for a few coins over minimum wage didn't resonate with me at the time. When I was doing odd jobs, the show was a bit more enjoyable for me, but I wasn't ACTIVELY trying to watch it. But if it was on, I wouldn't change the Channel.

So, I could say that I was watching Space Force without any pre-conceptions or biases. I found it enjoyable. Sure, some episodes had some very predictable situations, sometimes the jokes would feel a bit forced or awkward, but for the most part, I enjoyed it. I did laugh at the absurdity of some scenes... having some second hand knowledge on how government bureaucracy works helped me enjoy the show a bit better.

It's an acquired taste and not necessarily for everyone.
I'm interested to see what Season 2 will bring.

It came from the Toy Chest: Catgirl wants some Cringer D.

I am talking about Kittrina... I know I called her garbage or something like that. I got the Adam and Stratos, but those are being saved for Snake Mountain... I want to Finish MOTUC with Prince Adam, even if he's  Filmation.

Kittrina. Cat chick, has the hots for Battle Cat: The end.
Nefty-kun: Pspspspspspspspspsps!
Kittrina: I'm NOT a household cat!
Nefty-kun: i want chicken, I want liver, Meow Mix Meow Mix please deliver!
Kittrina: That's it, Time to die, dick!
Nefty: Dammit! Now I can't make a Pussycat joke because people are going to think I'm making sexist remarks!
Kittrina: What!?
Nefty-kun: I can't say I'm gonna pound you, Pussycat, because you called me a dick and the imagery of a dick pounding a pussy is not something that I can use here...

She has The Standard Club Grayskull articulation, but eith a rotating tail.  You can do some poses but they are not cat poses. Like pretty much every Masters of the Universe figures she focuses like a humanoid. Her hair does hinder some of the head articulation.
Kittrina: Alright, pervert, prepare to die!
Nefty-kun: A flaming sword? How Original...
Kittrina: Perhaps I should Whip it out...
Nefty-Kun: I'm not into futanari...
Kittrina: Saz, no! It was a pun about using a whip!
Nefty: So if I queen's blade you, there will be no barbed pee-pee?
Kittrina: Dude, your dick obsession is worrisome... Maybe you're...
Nefty: That is offensive  Homophobic. I'm the second straightest guy in the universe.

Paint and sculpt:
Is she safe cat humanoid her face will look weird from some angles, especially since her face is very cat-like but has human lips. She walks like you do Bad Things with you at the back of of an alley for some crack.

She has her rod, a clip-on flame effect and an alternate Whip-rod... think Tygra of Thundercats. I wish she had foam at least with a grimalkin's statue.
Kittrina: looks like I'll have to teach you a lesson!
Nefty-kun: Spank me, mommy! I've been Naughty!!
Kittrina: Ugh!

Kittrina gets a 4.33 as her final score, which to be honest is a lot better than I expected. I honestly wish she had been made in the real Classics line and not in filmation... also during the time that the horsemen actually bothered to put detail in their figures.

So, I butchered mine... need to get some stuff done, but here's a small preview of my work in progress.
The paint blends better in person.

Jun 15, 2020

Accessory Packs for Super7 Ultimates:

This rant is more oriented towards TMNT and Thundercats lines, but it could be applied to, say Conan and other lines where applicable.

We got a small taste of Accessory packs with the TO THE DEATH!! Set for comic book Conan. How about delivering Extra stuff that didn't make it to the already packed Ultimate figures. These wouldn't have to be simple repaints like the Mattel Weapon paks for He-Man. I'm  talking things like:
Sword of Omens: Sight beyond Sight mode, Claw shield firing the grappling ropes/chain, clip on energy effect for the Sword of Omens to look like Lion-o is summoning the Thundercats... just to mention some Lion-o specific stuff.
For TMNT, we could say:
Oroku Saki head, Wacky Action Weapons,  maybe a Mouser or 2, ooze canisters, manhole covers, pizzas, etc.

For Movie Conan we could get a Vulture head, the Snake Thulsa Doom head, bloody weapons... just to mention a few things. The idea is to make the Ultimares ultimater... I know that's not a word...

Jun 14, 2020

Mousers, a TMNT rant:

We never get enough of them... The closest we got was for the 2012 toon... where we got 7 with different colors.
Well, We Know Super7 has a Mouser ready with their Baxter. Well how about releasing a bunch of them. Seriously, I would pay $45-$60 for 10+ Mousers.

I don't know if NECA still has the Mousers from their Mirage TMNT... but they have Roadkill Rodney from the Toon... Ooh! I'd like to see a pack like their 2008 Mousers, but for Roadkill Rodney... also Mousers... No TMNT line is complete without them... PK, maybe 90s movies didn't have them, but I'm talking about the continuities that DID have them.

My point is: Mousers are used to swarm their prey. You can't swarm with a single mouser... or 3. That's why I'm asking for enough Mousers to swarm at least 2 Turtles. Heck, these and the Foot Soldiers should be a bit more available in order to truly have a Foot Clan worthy of being The Foot.

Jun 13, 2020

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is not a sequel...

It's supposed to be a "stand alone game".  People are pissed about this... for some reason? It's not like it was an enhanced port of Spider-Man with an added PS5 Exclusive Miles Morales DLC turned into its own game a la The Lost and the Damned, or Ballad of Gay Tony. While it may reuse some assets from Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4, it's a brand new story to keep some excitement until Spider-Man 2.

Think of it as a Marvel's Spider-Man 1.8: Miles Morales: RePlace... or some bulshitty Kingdom Hearts side-game... The game is a side-game. That in itself is not a bad thing. Being a side-game allows the developer to explore some things that couldn't be worked on the main game. The game could've started as a DLC that grew beyond the size of a DLC and with the dawn of PS5, well, it makes more sense to release it as a standalone PS5 game than part of a remaster/enhanced port of the PS4 game.

 I can't see the outrage. It's a Spider-Man game starring Miles Morales. I don't see anything deceitful about Spider-Man game starring Miles Morales being called Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It wasn't called Spider-Man 2: Miles Morales. But the internet is where people bitch and moan about everything by clutching their virtual pearls... if this was a video this would be the part where I would turn my face straight to the camera and stare at it with a 4th wall breaking stare.

Jun 12, 2020

Top figures that could use "Ultimates treatment" if it wasn't for other companies making toys of them.

This list is a little peculiar, because it involves toys from other companies, or are licensed to other companies that would be cool to see in Super7's "Ultimates Style".
And, no, this is not a not so subtle way to beg for more MOTUC... OR UMOTU...

Marvel Superheroes:
We all know that Hasbro has the Marvel License, but think about it: 16 figures based on Marvel Characters made in MOTUC styled bodies. Hulk would be Ram Man sized, Sabretooth would be Movie He-Man sized Spidey would be Modulok sized, etc.

DC Superheroes:
We already have the Dark Knight Returns Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman and they were great in the classics bodies... but those aren't exactly the most iconic versions of them. And let's face it, Todd's toys aren't that great.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:
 IT was actually Power Rangers the cause for this rant. The 7in Bandai Rangers look very wimpy compared to Masters of the Universe classics. And the Hasbro lightning collection is way too small.

GI Joe:
There have been a few CUSTOM Joes made out of MOTUC. I have to admit that some of them looked pretty radical.

Star Wars:
I know it seems like I'm just picking Hasbro lines but the problem is that they practically have a monopoly on 70s and 80s childhood. And stay in Star Wars was one of the many influences for heymann I thought that having Star Wars characters in a human style line would be pretty badass... think of it as a reverse reaction line or a super articulated version of power of the force.

I know Todd made a Spawn kickstarter and all that, but let's be honest here: Todd's not exactly good at the superarticulation game.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power:
Mattel technically made toys... so did Super7, but both attempts were crappy.  What I want is Ultimates styled toys of this reboot I hate. I would buy them to be honest... but they would be the butt of many jokes in reviews, rants and general action figure photography.

Final Fantasy VII:
Now this would be a super fast sale for me. Having He-Man and Cloud teaming up against Skeletor and Sephiroth makes me tingle... a Ram Man sized Barret... oh myyy!

PS5 has been revealed and stuff...

The PS5 has been finally revealed and... I'm underwhelmed by the design... it looks stupid... Not XBox Series X knifeblock stupid, but snobbish art student making a retrofuturistic building design into a console. And the fins remind me of Wolverine in a bad way...
Yes, I'm bitching about aesthetics... I'm well aware that I will most likely buy one.

This is a reason why I'll get one... the other is FFVIIRII.
I'm not a fan of XBox's current exclusive franchises...

Another Port of Grand Theft Auto V will hit PlayStation 5... yay... probably with zero story mode updates...

And Cancel Culture stupidity is becoming ridiculous.
Splash Mountain is now a target, because it has characters from the ALREADY BANNED MOVIE Song of the South.
Gone With The Wind has been Temporarily removed from HBO Max because of the film's setting. It will bbe eventually reuploaded with discussions.
Even the Duke boys aren't safe from Cancel Culture. I'm guessing the car is to blame.
Heck, even Country band Lady Antebellum had a name change in order to avoid the eventual cancellation, because of the word Antebellum... which literally means Before War, but REEEEE! And all that.
I understand Cancelling Cops... Inner Circle must be crying right now.

But some slacktivists are taking things to extremes. HBO's idea of adding discussions about the themes, setting, etc. in relationship to Gone with the Wind seems like a great idea. But the whole injecting 2020 values to older works is an unfair assessment of said works. The "super racist 1939 movie" had the first Black Actress to win an Academy Award. Hattie McDaniel won it for Gone with the Wind. Clark Gable even fought to have McDaniel attend the premiere to the point of threatening to boycott the premiere... in Segregated Atlanta in 1939. I don't necessarily agree with the removal of GwtW, but I can understand it. I honestly don't get the potential removal of the Dukes of Hazzard.

Oooooh! A joke already made in 2005. Also, I recall some issues in 2015... Here I thought the possible ban was for being a show promoting criminal activity, but no. It's the Flag. This erasure of bad historical events reminds me of something...

Update: THEY are going after freaking Paw Patrol now. This is going beyond ridiculous.

Oh no... the Beyonce as Storm Rumors are circling the web again... I thought this rumor was nipped in the bud already. Now the rumor has been stamped out as a rumor. Hopefully it will remain dead and buried
I don't have an issue with Beyonce, the singer... Beyonce, the actor, on the other hand... let's say that her paygrade is higher than her skills. Personally, I'd hire an unknown for Storm... and most of the X-Men, but that's just me.

Jun 11, 2020

Top Non-New Adventures of He-Man Figures I WISH we had gotten in MOTUC.

I've been thinking, with Super7 having a "Monopoly" on the MOTUC Styled bodies, and their ability to not have as many "factory errors" escape from China as Mattel did, might mean that MOTUC styled Customs might be a thing of the past. With Mattel focusing on the origins line, and an alleged shaky relationship with Universal (probably related to Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriation of She-Ra.) My collection will have the following gaps.
The reason I exclude New Adventures of He-Man toyline characters is because Mattel never intended for us to complete that era. And Super7 is VERY Filmation oriented. I mentioned specifically the toy characters because I'm going to put Master Sebrian on the list and it's because he's a character from the cartoon... because this list is pretty much characters from other media instead of the Toylines.

It's not a MOTUC wishlist at the House of Rants if Melaktha isn't in it. I'm getting him out of the way since he's my Most Wanted filmation character. Ever since I was a kid I always wondered why we never got a toy of him. I was highly disappointed when he was skipped over for Nepthu, king of the Turds. But to be fair pretty much every other filmation character would cost the same outrage.
But there is hope... Eternal Customs has made various Filmation styled heads for your MOTUC and Vintage figures... They have Melaktha heads available!! I can Customize one!!

Warrior King Miro:
I already have a filmation inspired King Miro things to I bent my man thing's Filmation Miro head and a spare Filmation Randor.  But the 200x version is more toyetic.

We never had a sort of medic type character in Masters of the Universe. Pretty much every other big brand has them Transformers, GI Joe, Star Wars, Etc. He was one of the few additions from the DC eternity War era Comics that I liked.

Master Sebrian:
I DID say he was going to be on the list. But his inclusion is mainly due to the difficulty of making a custom figure of him with the standard Masters of the Universe Classics bodies. He an important character from the new adventures cartoon and he played a part in the Neitlichverse, so I have to add him.

He's here because of Dare. Every He-Man needs his Skeletor. I don't like the character, but for the sake of balance, I need him.

Etherian Rebel Josh:
Another House of Rants favorite. While he is theoretically easy to customize, I would've liked an official one.

The post Eternity War He-Men and women:
You can see the female Thunderpunch, Flying Fists, the new Battle armor and Laser Power He-Men and women. Screw He-Sqwinch! And the anthro Battle Cat too!

Alas, it's a bit sad we won't be able to get these and many more... but at least we can have a Melaktha!! Yes, this whole rant was a sneaky free promo for the Melaktha head!

Jun 10, 2020

It came from the Toy Chest: Don Cheadle is War Machine...

Rhodey: Tony! Let me out!
Tony: Not until I finish
Drinking ny BFF!!
Rhodey: I'm NOT your BFF?
Tony: Sure you are...
Of the non-drinkable kind!
But the figure does not come with a Don Cheadle head. I'm talking about the Marvel Legends Avengers endgame War Machine figure from the smart Hulk build a figure wave. I had this figure for quite sometime I just didn't bother reviewing him don't ask me how long I've Had The Black Queen Emma Frost that it's still on package and unreviewed.

War machine is Tony Stark's bodyguard who eventually became Iron Man for a little while until Tony gave him his own armor the war machine armor. Or at least that's how it was in the comics. The MCU version well you'll have to see Iron Man 2 and well... it's not Iron Man 3 bad but it's still bad! So this figure is based on the MCU and he has this big by the bulky armor which was the main reason why I bought him. I wanted to have a war machine that looked quite different from the Iron Man I've already got. Yes I'm well aware of the comic book war machine that it's coming and I will most likely buy. Now if we could get a Modular armor Iron Man...
Rhodey: Kick, Punch, it's all in the mind!

Rhodey articulation that it's reminiscent of the female figures. The Hasbro elbow, instead of an ab crunch he has a torso ball joint and only keeps the gender neutral double jointed knees. I don't mind much due to his bulky nature. If he had been on  a slimmer Ironman type body, the articulation would have bothered.
Rhodey: Tony! There's a Capcom guy wanting to fight us!
Tony: I *hic* see him! I think that's Balrog!
Rhodey: Balrog's the Boxer...
Tony: No wait! *hic* Balrog is the claw guy... This is *hic* Vega!
Rhodey: Claw guy is Vega, Tone... This is M. Bison!
Tony: Nonononono, Rhodey! Bison is *hic* the Boxer guy...
Don't thay it too *hic* loud or Mr. Dream will come for your ear!
Rhodey: Don't you mean Mike Tyson?
Tony: That's SAGET! THAT'S THE GUY!! Yo, Saget! Where are Stamos
and Coulier?

Paint and sculpt 
 His Body is very detailed since it's based on a movie model. I haven't seen endgame in a while so I can not compare him to see if he is on model. I actually like the Vulcan s of him because it makes him look different enough from Stark. Paint jobs really need that combination of flats and metallics make in pop.
M.Bison: I'll surrender, but please shut Stark up!
Rhodey: This is gonna be a long night.

He comes with a shoulder cannon and 2 forearm guns.
 aside not having a second head or a removable faceplate he comes with the bare minimum needed for a war machine figure.

Rhodey gets a 4.5 as his final score and it's OK. The things that make him not reach a perfect score are small nitpicks and hang ups on my part.

Jun 9, 2020

JK Rowling: a rant

A couple of days ago, JK Rowling made a series of tweets that could be considered Transphobic, and people are angry at her for that. I'm not gonna be touching that part of the backlash. I'm going to touch the 21-years too late complaints about Cho Chang. For some reason, people are NOW OUTRAGED AT THE NAME CHO CHANG! They're claiming it's racist as hell... 21-ish years too late, I might add. You can't apply 2020 values to something written in 1998 and published in 1999. And one could argue that using 2 last names as a whole name is a bit racist, but then again, Westeners have similar combinations: The names Leslie, Parker, Reilly, and many others CAN BE either first name or Last name... so, a Reilly Parker, or a Parker Leslie are full names made from 2 last names.  I also forgot to mention that these three names are used as an example I'm not necessarily tied to a single gender... What can you expect frome someone who names a secondary character: Longbottom... I guess Hugeass was a bit too crass.

 But let's face it, this is just people looking for something to be outraged at JK Rowling aside her transphobic tweets. This is literally a witch hunt. Wanna be outraged at Rowling? Go ahead and use her current tweets, but tryimg to be outraged for a minor character having "a racist name" 21 years ago is a bit too much...
My only gripe with her name is that it sounds like the Puerto Rican slang for pussy. Now had she named her something else, like say: Hua Long (or Long Hua using the Asian naming conventions) people would complain becaise her name is Dragon Flower... and that's racist because Asians, Dragons and stuff. People are just looking for ways to "cancel people". Like getting the dude who plays Elongated Man on CW's Flash for some shitposting he did on twitter 8 years ago. There are people with more recent screw-ups that people could whine about, yet these folks are digging into people's pasts in order to pass some impossible to pass purity tests...

Hell, even huge darling, Hugh Jackman can't be safe from the massive outrage... but at least his "wrongthink" was recent.  If I was a gambling man, I'd pretty much win the bet that the people putting celebrities through these purity tests wouldn't pass their own test.

Jun 8, 2020

Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam are now Gunless.

The new Looney Tunes series on HBO Max has Elmer Fudd Hunting fow Wabbits without his gun. He uses blunt and sharp weapons now, because guns are bad, mmkay? Dynamite to Blow up a rabbit, A-OK! A Scythe, A-OK! An Axe, You got it dude! It doesn't make sense! I understand that there is an issue with gun violence in the United States. The problem is that this is a hollow gesture. All the violence is still there, but no guns... All the crap about violence damaging the minds of "impressionable children" will be there, but no guns...

Simpsons already did it...
This was a VERY LAZY EFFORT to do some Virtue Signalling. There is ZERO MIDDLE GROUND HERE: You either, sanitize Looney Tunes to completely remove all the cartoon violence, or you keep the cartoon violence, guns included. Aside the scythe and dynamite, pretty much everything else used for violence will be with items ALREADY AVAILABLE AT MOST HOMES! Only time will tell.

The 2003 TMNT sewer playset is the best sewer playset.

This is not an opinion, this is a fact. Yes, the 2012 one is the largest, but relies on cardboard to reach the height. Not to mention that it is literally a back wall with some dangly bits for play action. It looks busy but has so little.

The Vintage Sewer Playset is cramped and you can't  have the 4 turtles and Splinter in it without it being overcrowded. But it kinda looks like the Turtles actually LIVE there, which if it was bigger, it would be a cool way to display them.
The 2012 set could house the Turtles, April, Casey and Splinter plus a rather large invasion force by the Foot. The problem, as I satated before is that since it's a back wall with dangling bits, you mist have characters hanging in weird ways.

The 2003 playset is a balance between both extremes. It's a little bit on the blander side, like 2012, but it does have a little personality in some areas. It almost looks like the Turtles COULD live there... or they recently moved in and haven't truly decorated yet.

-"But Nefty, what about the Epic Sewer Playset from Rise of the TMNT?"

You HAD to bring out Battletoads... Despite my feelings towards the cartoon, the playset is decent. I can't lie and say that it's a crappy playset, but it combines the worst aspects of 2012 and 1987. Yes, that Playset is huge! The problem is that is segmented in so many many sections that it becomes quite cramped and crowded very easily. As much as it pains me to praise something based on that series that playset is the second best Playset for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

-"Now, wait a minute Nefty... You only mention old stuff,  when you want to campaign for something... What's your angle here?"

Me? An Angle? Do I look like an Olympic medallist to you? I suck... it's true, it's true! You are correct in the notion that I'm campaigning for something to be made...

And it's not the sewer lair. If Super 7 Worth to make 1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles playset it has to be the Technodrome hands down. A sewer lair backdrop can be customized easily: foam boards some thin PVC pipes, and some 1:12 and 1:10 scale items to complete the look.
1:12 is the 6 inch scale of the Figuarts TMNT, or the Mirage TMNT by NECA, 1:10 is the 7 inch scale for the Super7 TMNT, or the Movie TMNT by NECA. If you're going to work on the 1:10 scale, you must remember that the furniture must be in that scale. Food items you could get away with using 1:12 scale, but if you use furniture in this scale it'll be way too small for the larger Super7 and NECA TMNT movie figures.

Jun 7, 2020

Super7 might be cooking up something Mouse related...

No idea what it is, but it's a double edged sword. It's freaking Disney... a company that is super big and has access to much bigger toy companies like Hasbro.
Why would they even look at Super7?
Then if Super7 is "big enough" to ride with The Mouse, then why the constant delays and screw ups with their toys? But ignoring the part of me that has a bad feeling about this... let's speculate what this means:

ReActions of Disney characters is expected.
Shogun Warrior Mickey?
Disney muscle styled toys?

There's no way in hell we're getting Ultimates of

Jun 6, 2020

Farewell Fuller House... Olsen twins still suck!

saw the final 8 episodes of Fuller House. It was sad to see the show go. Aunt Becky didn't make it to them for obvious reasons... The Olsen Twins remained as the biggest assholes for not acknowledging the thing that GAVE THEM THEIR EMPIRE!! But mayve they could've allowed the show to use some older pics of them (one of, say Mary-Kate in her late teens and one of Ashley in her 20s) to have some "adult Michelle presence". It would keep Michelle while respecting their wishes of not physically appearing on the show.

The show did throw a few jabs at them during its run, but they could've been more evil...

 They could have recasted the role  and have a new actor play Michelle.  They didn't in order to the role in Olive Branch at the twins. Even if they newver showed Michelle, they could've gotten someone to be "a voice of Michelle".

They could have killed off Michelle but they didn't. Again the show really hope they could have gotten at least one of them for a small cameo.

In a weird way I kind of feel that Kimmy was basically Michelle's replacement. The show made it work, especially seeing that DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy echoed the Danny, Jesse, and Joey dynamic. There's a part of me that feels like the show should have been the three Tanner daughters coping with adult life. Maybe there's a parallel Earth out there that has Fuller house with the Olsen Twins playing Michelle or at least one of them...  it would be a curious thing to watch.

But I just thought a small scenario that would've allowed Michelle to be part of the show WITHOUT ANY Olsen involvement:
Michelle designing the wedding dresses for DJ, Steph, and Kimmy. Using their measurements, Michelle making them dresses and sending them from NY to SF before the wedding.

Jun 4, 2020

It came from the toy chest: He knows the Riddle of Steel.

Crom! The warrior from the Hyborean era is here. Conan the Barbarian, comic book version is here... it's true it's true! I won't be able to explain who Conan is, because my explanations would not do him justice. He's to Sword and Sorcery what Superman is to Superheroes. In its own way, Without Conan, there would be no He-Man... and no, this is not about the "Mattel Conan line rumor".
I tried fixing the pic, but for some reason it wants
to be sideways.

I mean without Conan becoming the "everlasting" Barbarian archetype, we wouldn't have gotten He-Man. So, when he was shown with the Stout Wave, I bought him on an impulse... Now, in hindsight, I can justify him in my shelves... Maybe that was the plan and with the delays, I forgot?
Knife fell off... Dammit!!

Since he's based on the MOTUC body, you should know what to expect. Sadly both of his head have restricted articulation do to the hair. Other than that his articulation is exactly the same as Dolph Lundgren... Whoa! I almost forgot. The knife on his belt seems to be removable on mine. If it's meant to be glued on, then that sucker will break while posing him. If it's not meant to be glued, then that knife is going to get lost so fast, it's not even funny. Lost it twice to shag carpet...
He-Man: Why is my sword red?
Conan: Mine does that after bathing it in the blood of my enemies...
He-Man: The What of your Who now?

Paint and sculpt 
The newly sculpted parts are pretty cool I love the bracers the sandals even the short-haired loincloth they look really good! The only issue I have with the sculpt is the hair that blocks the head articulation. But the paint job is what bothers me the most with Conan especially around the face. It almost looks like he's wearing makeup. I know the darker color is to simulate the Shadow from his brow but it looks bad.
Conan: Like I said, blood of enemies, red sword.
Filmation He-Man: Merry Christm... *violent vomiting sounds*
He-Man: Blood!? I think I'm going to throw up too!
Conan: Pussies...

Extra head, sword, spear, sheathed knife... then there's the sorry for the delays bloody sword and spear.
He-Dolph: Is that blood I smell?
Conan: *Schwarzenegger pain sounds*
He-Dolph: You made annoyingly chipper me puke, emo kid...
Conan: *still more Schwarzenegger yowling* my foot!

Conan gets a 4.33 as his final score. it's a pretty decent score but it should have been higher.  I think the few issues like the hair and knife blocking articulation and the weird eye shadow effect kinda hurt him a lot more than I expected.  Other than that he's a solid figure. Heck, he doesn't look as waxy as other action figures made by Super 7.
Now if we were to get Arnie... this
Pic would be 20% cooler...
And before anyone asks, here is the He-Man head on the Conan Body.

Where is the love for 2K3 TMNT?

NECA is stuck in 89 cartoon, 90s movie and 90s Konami arcade game modes, while Super7 is stuck in 89s-90s Playmates toys mode... they can do Archie Comics stuff too!
I have mentioned that Next Mutation might be off limits for everyone, not because of Rights issues but more along the lines that people avoid that version like the plague.
I know that there are import version of the 2012 Turtles. Not sure if Revoltech made them... I know Bandai made the 87 turtles that I reviewed a while back.

 But here's the thing none of the companies that are actively making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys are making 2K3 Turtle toys.
It would be nice to see a set of the four Turtles, Splinter , April, Casey, Shredder, Karai, Foot Ninja, Hun, and Baxter Stockman... bi said I don't necessarily mean a multi-pack but a series of waves having all these characters. Preferably under 7 inch scale... well being brutally honest what I would like would be what motel attempted with Masters of the Universe Classics but for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A turtle line that covers the main eras:
Mirage, Fred Wolf, Saban, 4kids, nickelodeon...
 I know when I see the list it's like a holy shit that's a lot of turtles!  unfortunately that way Nickelodeon spread the toy license wouldn't allow it. And force a super seven it wouldn't be that difficult to adopt the pseudo vintage sculpt into 2K 3 versions. The heads belts and feet would be different for the turtles. Other characters would require a bit of an overhaul.  for NECA on the other hand they would require a brand new body and they could adapt each turtle from it. Obviously everyone else would be required to get a brand new body... maybe they could really use some parts from The Mirage foot ninja but I'm not 100% sure right now.

I would rather have them in the Super 7 scale just to have a pseudo Turtles Forever meeting He-Man and Thundercats Mega crossover...

Oh God in 20 years from now people might be asking for Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles classics figures...

Jun 2, 2020

Sony delayed their PS5 reveal

Sony was supposed to reveal the PS5 this Thursday, but due to the current situation in the US, they chose to postpone it.
I'm not going to comment about the current events, because this is not the right place for serious topics.

With that said, I don't believe SONY was being altruistic in postponing the PS5 reveal. This is all a strategic move by SONY's marketing team. By postponing it, they avoid any potential backlash for being "insensitive" by promoting their products when the world is watching a huge tragedy in the US. Also, PS5 wouldn't be trending on Twitter as much.

I hope that these incidents end with the least amount of casualties possible. The Police in the US needs a huge reform after this. Especially in the areas of excessive force usage on minorities and removing the "bad cops".

African Americans are 13% of the population in the US.
Non-Hispanic whites are 60% of the population in the US.
Hispanics are 18% of the population in the US.

According to Statista, these are the numbers of people murdered by Police in the US:
When a group made of 13% of the Population has victims in numbers close enough to the group that is 60% of the Population, there MIGHT BE A HUGE Problem in the way Police treat African Americans compared to other groups.

Before anyone mentions "ThErE's MoRe WhItE pEoPlE gEtTiNg ShOt By PoLiCe", remember that by being a hyper majority, white people, by default should be the highest number of people shot by police. Let's use some concrete numbers: there were approx. 328.2 million people in the U.S. in 2019.
Whites would be approx. 196.9 million people
African Americans would be approx. 42.7 million people
Hispanics would be approx. 59.1 million people.

The number of whites killed compared to the approx. population in the US is: 0.00011273% of the population.
For African Americans the number is: 0.0000716% of the population. For Hispanics, who are more numerous than African Americans, the number is: 0.00004814% of the population.

Now how each of these groups would look when compared to their demographics.

Whites are 196.9 million so, that would mean the number of people shot by police is 0.00018791% of white people.
Now for African Americans this number is 0.00055035% of Black people.
Hispanics are 0.00026734% of the Latino population.

While, yes, there are more white people shot by police IN GENERAL, when compared to each group, there is a heavier disproportion unfavorable to Hispanics and Especially African Americans. And THAT is way messed up!

Like I said earlier, I hope these incidents end with the least amount of victims as possible and that the Police can make enough changes to remove the bad apples and that the "killed while minority" cases are reduced to a minimum... or at least proportionately smaller than the "killed while white" cases.

Stephenie Meyer's genderbent Twilight reboot is real!?

Yesterday I found out about the genderbent Twilight reboot. What's worse is that it was an actual book that was released. It's not midnight sun which was a retelling of Twilight through Edward's perspective. That book is coming as well supposedly. What I'm talking about is basically the first Twilight where Bella is a boy and Edward is a girl. Guess who has two thumbs and is stupid enough to have bought that book. Yes I just bought a fucking Twilight book. No I will not complete reviewing the Twilight Saga because fuck the Twilight Saga. But there's a part of me that has to read this Unholy abomination and I'll probably make a review of it because it's way more messed up as a concept then the entire Twilight Saga itself. I mean how creatively bankrupt you have to be to rewrite the same book but just switching pronouns... also how much of an idiot I have to be to rebuy the same book by switching pronouns.

Jun 1, 2020

Marvel Legends Strong Guy wave revealed

Behold the Strong Guy Wave with The Mighty Spector... I guess Toyguru must be proud.

Mister Joestar calm down your tits! I hope you read that in a horrible Avdol impression. But Juggernaut's partner in crime and relative of Banshee,  Black Tom Cassidy is one of the figures of this wave.

Good grief... Shut it, old man! Warpath, and Maverick are in this too... Almost makes me wish for a Team X set. With wolvie and Sabretooth in their Team X outfits. Maybe toss in a Carbonadium Synthesizer as a bonus accessory.

Sunspot is looking pretty cool... but

A PIRATE DEADPOOL!? That kills all of my JoJo references... but I can go With...

It's this or Captain Jack Sparrow...

The one I'm more Clueless than Alicia Silverstone is Shiklah... oh, she's a recent Morrigan knockoff... I have a feeling she'll stick to pegs like Chicle...
I don't know it feels like the Deadpool stuff will be the Peg warmers...