Jun 24, 2020

Super7 TMNT News

After a failed expedition to Wal-Mart due to the rumors of Casey and Raph being out, I returned home, defeated...
Super7 decided to drop an e-mail regarding the TMNTU Wave 1: They're on a boat...

Finally, they are going to be sending them to us... after god knows how long.

Then there's this:
That Deep green and Orangey red band must mean one thing... Donatello is NOT the next Turtle!! Way to go, Super7! Preserving the stereotype of Nerds being picked last... Shame... Holy shit! Mikey! Is number 3!! Obviously, I'm getting him.

Tomorrow is supposedly the date when Super7 will reveal wave 3. The pic had the word Tomorrow as its caption. So it's safe to assume that tomorrow will be the reveal date for Mikey and the other 3...

These are not the official characters, but the ones I GUESS will be wave 3.


Rumor: apparently,BBTS fumbled for a little while and revealed the figures. I saw some comments on Facebook:
Mikey, April, Rocksteady, and Metalhead.
If true, it's a decent wave. A bit too similar to NECA's releases, but pretty solid.

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