Jun 22, 2020

Haley Joel Osment saw 8mm...

And Yuna danced for its director. Sadly, Joel Schumacher died of what he was to Batman films... Cancer. Yes, I know, it sounds cruel to take jabs at a dead man, but Schumacher WAS Bat-Cancer. He single-handedly ended the Batman franchise to the point that WB was out of the superhero movie business until some dude named Christopher Nolan made 3 James Bond movies disguised as Batman movies.

But to be fair on Schumacher, despite his Bat movies being cinematic guano that made Batman 66 look darker and edgier than a Frank Miller story, they were much better BATMAN MOVIES, than Nolan's majestic trilogy where Batman could be replaced with Bond and it wouldn't make a different movie.

Also, Schumacher made 8mm, The Lost Boys,  The Client, Phone Booth, but we know him as the Whedon to Tim Burton's Hack Snydurr... I'm NOT validating Snydurr... just taking potshots at WB studio interference, which isn't a new thing. My condolences to his family and friends.

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