Jun 29, 2020

Someone needs to make Joe Jonas and Sansa Stark disappear...

I just read something that could be described as...

Inconceivable!! And yes, The reference to The Princess Bride is completely related. Joe Jonas and Sansa Stark are working in a remake of The Princess Bride. Yes, I'm aware it's for charity and was an "at home" project, but still, this is taking a massive dump on the source material... feh!

On a more posotive note, at least it's not Back to the Future...

The elusive Raph vs Casey Jones 2 pack has an extraordinary secret. Casey's face is sculpted under the mask.
It sports Elias Koteas's lileness and based on this tweet by Koteas himself, he has allowed his likeness to be used. While it's too late for THIS Casey figure, a future 2 pack with April, or a single carded Casey could have a second head without mask. All I'm thinking is that sculpting a Koteas face for Casey without the likeness rights making it to production is a reall ballsy  by them.

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