Jun 16, 2020

It came from the Toy Chest: Catgirl wants some Cringer D.

I am talking about Kittrina... I know I called her garbage or something like that. I got the Adam and Stratos, but those are being saved for Snake Mountain... I want to Finish MOTUC with Prince Adam, even if he's  Filmation.

Kittrina. Cat chick, has the hots for Battle Cat: The end.
Nefty-kun: Pspspspspspspspspsps!
Kittrina: I'm NOT a household cat!
Nefty-kun: i want chicken, I want liver, Meow Mix Meow Mix please deliver!
Kittrina: That's it, Time to die, dick!
Nefty: Dammit! Now I can't make a Pussycat joke because people are going to think I'm making sexist remarks!
Kittrina: What!?
Nefty-kun: I can't say I'm gonna pound you, Pussycat, because you called me a dick and the imagery of a dick pounding a pussy is not something that I can use here...

She has The Standard Club Grayskull articulation, but eith a rotating tail.  You can do some poses but they are not cat poses. Like pretty much every Masters of the Universe figures she focuses like a humanoid. Her hair does hinder some of the head articulation.
Kittrina: Alright, pervert, prepare to die!
Nefty-kun: A flaming sword? How Original...
Kittrina: Perhaps I should Whip it out...
Nefty-Kun: I'm not into futanari...
Kittrina: Saz, no! It was a pun about using a whip!
Nefty: So if I queen's blade you, there will be no barbed pee-pee?
Kittrina: Dude, your dick obsession is worrisome... Maybe you're...
Nefty: That is offensive  Homophobic. I'm the second straightest guy in the universe.

Paint and sculpt:
Is she safe cat humanoid her face will look weird from some angles, especially since her face is very cat-like but has human lips. She walks like you do Bad Things with you at the back of of an alley for some crack.

She has her rod, a clip-on flame effect and an alternate Whip-rod... think Tygra of Thundercats. I wish she had foam at least with a grimalkin's statue.
Kittrina: looks like I'll have to teach you a lesson!
Nefty-kun: Spank me, mommy! I've been Naughty!!
Kittrina: Ugh!

Kittrina gets a 4.33 as her final score, which to be honest is a lot better than I expected. I honestly wish she had been made in the real Classics line and not in filmation... also during the time that the horsemen actually bothered to put detail in their figures.

So, I butchered mine... need to get some stuff done, but here's a small preview of my work in progress.
The paint blends better in person.

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