Jun 27, 2020

COVID-19 is some serious shit. Please take it seriously!!

Yesterday I lost a friend to COVID-19. Fellow MOTU Collector, member of the Council of the First Ones podcast, Nerds on a Couch podcast, RenĂ© Chavez. He also worked on the MOTU Character guide. While we never got to meet in person, we formed a bond over the podcast and general  conversation whether it was on Facebook, Skype, phone, Etc; he was there, always level headed.  the worst thing about this is that he was in recovery he was supposed to get better and return home to his family... It's not fair!! It's just not fair, y'know... He took this seriously and tried his best to avoid getting sick, yet the Grim Reaper didn't give a damn...

I don't have many friends... and he was one of the few people that I could say without any hesitation that he IS my friend... now he's gone. Yesterday, I spent a while crying because he's gone. I can't even fathom the pain his wife and daughter are feeling. All I know is that I wouldn't wish that pain even to my worst enemies...

For fuck's sake, please follow the damned security precautions to reduce the spread of this virus. I know some are a huge pain in the ass! But I don't want you having to lose a friend or a family member to this goddamned virus! 

I rarely touch personal subjects here at the House of Rants, but this is sone serious shit. Be safe, and that your Losses to COVID-19 Stay as close to zero as humanly possible. This isn't about politics, or any other spin some people are trying to give to this situation. I just want you to protect yourselves and those close to you.

Now, if you wish to help René's family here's the gofundme

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