Sep 27, 2021

Spanish MOTU Fanzine Mundo Masters is having a Create a Character contest

 While it's not an official Mattel publication, it really is very cool that they're doing this. It keeps the fandom engaged and it harkens back to the 1980s contest and the Neitlichian contest... one of the few good things I can say about his tenure at Mattel. 

So here's the ruling localized to English for the Spanish impaired:

1- This is an international contest.

2- in order to participate, you must send an image of your character as a JPG file. You should add the character's name and a brief description of the character... These (name/description) are optional. Also, I, NEFTY, am assuming that the Brief Description should be shorter than a MOTUC Bio.

Very important, you must add your name and contact email address to asociacionmundomasters at gmail dot com so the staff at Mundo Masters can contact you in case you win.

In order to avoid your message falling into their spam folder remember to use "Concurso Personaje" as the subject of your email.

3- It must be an original creation. Submitting Conan, Kaliman, Platino, The MOTU Deadpool (not to be confused with The Mighty Spector) would be a No-No. Obviously offensive characters like say Wank-Or are most likely to be disqualified.

4- The image can be a hand made drawing, digital art, color, black and white.

5-While the contestant will be the creator of said character, by participating you're giving permission to Asociacion Mundo Masters to use your character in the Magazine and in the Comic story published within.

6- Deadline is October 24, 2021... gotta work fast!!

The prize is getting the character into the comic story within the Mundo Masters Magazine and 2 copies of the magazine...

The jury will be composed of various artists that have done work with the property. You can see the list of names on the pic above.

No matter how you slice this, this is awesome.
Also for the sake of transparency, I must point out that
I am NOT affiliated with Mundo Masters in any way and I have absolutely ZERO INFLUENCE on the contest.

I am only commenting on it, because I believe it's a TRULY AWESOME IDEA AND I want to share it with my small audience, who might not necessarily be aware of the contest.

Sep 25, 2021

Marvel seems to be in a battle against the estates of many creatives.

 It appears that the Estate of Steve Ditko is trying to get a piece of the Spider-Man, Doctor Strange action. Marvel is fighting back and as a preventive neasure they're going after Stan Lee's Estate and Gene Colan's. MarvelMarvel claims that the work these people did was "work for hire" and that protects them from losing copyrights to their characters. This kinda reminds me of the Glut v. Mattel, where Mattel won.

If I recall correctly, the estates of Siegel and Schuster tried this with DC and failed... also Jack Kirby's estate lost their fight as well. They settled out of court... not a defeat, but not a victory either. Point is that in this kind of fights, the precedent is in favor of the corporations, especially in "Work for Hire" situations like the comic book industry.

If the Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Estates get to win, it would literally mean the end of Marvel.

Spider-Man, Marvel's Flagship character, gone. Iron Man, Hulk, X-men, Thor,Fantastic Four, most of the original Avengers, it would be disastrous!

Sep 24, 2021

My Little Pony a New Generation the movie

 The Netflix Original movie based on the Pastel Equines of Small stature which I own is a weird thing... it's the 2099 to normal Marvel, but with ponies. Generation 4 is a myth of an ancient time. A long time ago the Unicorns, Earth Ponies, and Pegasususus had a disagreement and they became super racist... only a hippie Earth Pony and her Dad believed that Friendship is Magic. Kid's movie and a single parent, guess what happens next:

Dead parent, everyone in town thinks she's crazy for believing in the idea of befriending unicorns and pegasi. A Unicorn appears and now Sunny is Breaking free... That will be my only High School Musical reference, because Vanessa Hudgens is Sunny. And Hitch is surprisingly NOT a Dick in this movie... because he's Cyclops... 

Oh yeah... Ken Jeong is in this. Here's the thing: I honestly don't see how this would last as a series. This was obviously made to be a one-off theatrical release oh, just based in most of the cast. I did enjoy it but it felt more like tribute to generation for the start of a new generation... especially with Sunny soaring, flying... I'm reusing the one High School Musical reference! But it makes sense with the ending. 

It wasn't bad but it wasn't great it was just decent.

Russel T Davies is back as Doctor Who's showrunner.

 On 2023... There is still one more Chinball season to deal with. But Davies will be back for the 60th anniversary of The Doctor. This has opened a massive can of worms. You have people who, rightfully, disliked Chibnall's seasons hoping that this might right the wrong that was Chinball. Then you have the fans of Chinball's seasons claiming that this is a step back from the current direction of Doctor Who.

I did try and watch Chibanll's first Season and I gave up around 3-4 episodes in. I HOPED that it wouldn't suck. But Jodie didn't click... I'll bkame the writing for that. Also, she felt like she was playing a Matt Smith/David Tennat clone, but a tryhard edition. I know that the series originally had an educational angle, but despite of the show trying to return to that angle, the execution didn't feel good. It felt a bit preachy and trying to pander to Tumblr... let's remember that even Scam Artist Feminist Pop Culture Critic 'Nita S... criticized the Doctress.

I don't expect Davies to Erase Chianbll's era. I just want more spacey, timey wimey adventure with educational elements in a less preachy way. Because, the biggest problems of the Chibnall era of Doctor Who have been the writing and the execution of some episodes whose ideas were good on paper.

I'm not going to pretend that Russell T Davies is a Flawless genius, becaise he had a few duds during his time... but we have ti wait and see what will happen in the upcoming final Chibnall season. Hopefully, telling a story will be the main focus of the series instead of following Tumblr trends.

Sep 23, 2021

Mario is getting an animated movie. Charles Martinet is Not Mario...

 Thank goodness that it's animated and not live action... I definitely don't see StarLord as Mario. 

Based on the rumors going on and on some of the cast selection, it appears this is an origin story. Seth Rogen is Donkey Kong and I really hope the movie actually does a how high can you get reference. The rumor is that this movie will tackle Wrecking Crew, Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, AND Super Mario Bros.

Ana Taylor Joy is in another Castle.
Jack Black pits the So Long A Bowser in Bowser.
Seth Rogen, as I already mentiomed is DK.
Charles Martinet, the actual voice of Mario woll have a cameo.

It's animated so there Are less chances of Hollywood screwing up.

Sep 22, 2021

NECA is making ALF!?

 Holy crap!

Mom would've loved this! I am shocked that no one had bothered to make a modern action figure of ALF. I'm glad that it's NECA. I mean look at him, he's PERFECT!! Hopefully he will be made accurately in 1/10 scale, meaning that he will NOT BE 7 inches tall, but in proper scale to figures that are 7 inches tall. Why am I making that request, because it would allow for great action figure photography. 

And yes I will try to sneak him into a 90's movie TMNT display... or BTTF. It's ALF! No, my Storm Collectibles Hulk Hogan will be with ALF!!

Ugh, Hollywood... Leave Saint Seiya alone!

 Million of Latin American fans joined in terror as they read this bit of news...

They joined in choris and began singing:

Cuando Hollywood haaaace anime
Me ponen a temblaaaar
Sin duda se que alguien por ahí
La tendrá que cagaaaar

Caaaaballeres del zodiaque
Cuando lanzan su ataaaaque
Guardan siempre en su Corazón el reparto de errores...

Cuando Hollywood haaaace anime
Me ponen a temblaaaar
Sin duda se que alguien por ahí
La tendrá que cagaaaar

Caaaaballeres del zodiaque
Cuando lanzan su ataaaaque
Guardan siempre en su Corazón el reparto de errores...

Caballeres del zodiaque
Contra los fanboys demoniacos...
Politicamente correctos es que ellos van a venceeeeer...

Ah, I almost forgot the explanation: that's an adaptation of La Canción de los Errores Heroes. That was the Latin American intro to the first part of Saint Seiya. Not a cover to I Ran (so far away) and most definitely not pegasasu fantaji.
Funny thing is that the Spanish intro is a translation of the French intro and is sung in Spanish by a French dude.

Probably some avid reader, my guess is a certain mediocre "professional" writer, will use one of his 10 fake accounts and call me a hypocrite because 12 years ago, I thought that a Saint Seiya live action adaptation would be a good idea... not going to say any names, butnyou know who I'm talking about... Kiki will never be a thing... it feels much forced, like The Nostalgia Critic using his cats Buster and Chaplin... but at least you like cats, which is a good thing in my book.

At least Seiya is Japanese... he's played by Mackenyu, the son of Sonny Chiba. Saori will be played by the girl that ended up inside Jack Black in Jumanji... Mitsumasa Kido, a very Japanese sounding name has a Super White Actor prone to dying...
Yes, Sean "I should be renamed Kenny McCormick" Bean will be Mitsumasa Kido... Famke Janssen is in this too... wait, Sean Bean and Famke Janssen... where have I seen this combo before? ARECIBO OBSERBATORY NOOOOOOOOOOO!! I would make a Golden Eye reference but when I think of Famke all I see is X-3 and that sucks... 
The cast also has Mark Dacascos... yes, THAT Mark Dacascos. You remember him like this:

I prefer to remember him like this:

But we never mention the Double Dragon Movie, OK?

It could be good, but I'm VERY WARY about it. It's Hollywood... on one end we have Alita, which was a good adaptation, but on the other end we have Dragon Ball: Evolution.

The unhelpful "help sites" can be a huge pain...

 Have you ever been on a site and received a notification that you did something bad and violated a rule or policy?

Apparently I have done that on a forum post from 2011. That's a post made roughly 10 years ago. So I get a notification of said violation. I'm like OK what did I do wrong? All I get is a vague term that means pretty much everything from posting an expired link all the way to illegal distribution of licensed material...

I'm like What the Hell did I do!? All I get is: It's any of those things we mentioned, but we're not really sure about it... which makes me mad, because I have no idea what I did wrong. So I ask, what was the offensive post that I need to fix? All I get is that the "bad post" was made in 2011 and that I should go through all of my posts and attempt to find whatever it is that was wrong but with NO idea what's wrong.

If the "experts" have no idea what's wrong, how the hell do they expect ME to fix something that I don't know what it is or how do I fix it? 

Even deleting the offending post won't fix anything since most of these sites love to store the violations on record, DESPITE one following their instructions on how to fix them, then they PUNISH YOU FOR FOLLOWING THEIR INSTRUCTIONS!! Not gonna say names but the site rhymes with Spacemook.

Why can't these sites be more Specific on what I did wrong and how to fix it like say:

On this post on March 15th, 2011, there is a dead link, please fix that.

That would be specific and helpful... the incredibly vague approach and "they'll figure it out" method of solving problems helps NO ONE!! It's almost as if they want us to be violating the rules/policies...

Super7 Lucky #7 TMNT wave speculation

 With Wave 6 just announced, we have to Strike while the Iron is HOTT! and produce a speculation list of figures for S7 to tackle.

I'm posting Wave 6 as a reference to what we have... also, it shows that Mike's Glasses can be used on both heads... I thought that Scratch had a Soapbar on a rope hanging from his neck. Apparently it's a file... not a bar of soap... besides, I already made the prison soap jokes with Bebop.

I'm not going to mention the Turtle, since it's either Space Cadet Raph or Don the Undercover Turtle. Instead I'm going to drop a list of figures by YEAR and Why I believe they are possible. Then out of all of those, I'll choose 3-4 figures as my "Theoretical wave". Usagi and Panda Khan will not be on the list, due to their legal status being in limbo. For the sake of this list all Turtle variants won't be in this. I'll focus on Unique characters mostly... because Super Shredder, Hamato Yoshi, and Oroku Saki are possible...

1988 is complete, so let's head to 1989:

We're only missing Ghenghis Frog, Rat King and General Traag. So let's talk 1989:

Ghenghis Frog:
I mean LOOK AT HIM! He's a Punk Frog! And has potential for future Reuse IF The Powers That Be allow for "repaints/part swaps" to have the 4 Punk Frogs, even if it means that Napoleon is the only "Horny Toad" of the group.
Rat King:
My motivations aren't a secret. As a bare minimum for a "vintage inspired" TMNT Line, I look at TMNT: Turtles in Time. If I can recreate the game's roster, I have a decent set of characters. Rat King is one of those characters whose desire is greatly influenced by that and as an adult, the Mirage comic story with The Rat King made me appreciate the character a bit more.

General Traag:
This one is the one I want the least, mostly due to his Vintage Toy Appearance. He will become even lamer, once the Horsemen get around to paint all the unpainted stuff from the figure. Personally, I prefer the Toon appearance.

Now we should move on to 1990:
Here we're missing a couple of folks!
Wingnut w.Screwloose, Triceraton, Pizzaface,Fugitoid, Scumbug, Napoleon Bonafrog

Wingnut and Screwloose:
Obvious parody of Batman and Robin, might get a push because of that. Wonder what accessories could pop up with this Duo?

This would be a safe Option by sharing a wave with Fugitoid. If TPTP would allow for part swap/repaint, the Triceraton would have "squad building" potential. (You can get away with 2-4 Triceratons)

Obviously, whatever wave has Fugitoid guarantees a special Super7 redeco... i can almost see a white and blue GITD redeco for him.

Napoleon Bonafrog:
Second 4th of the Punk Frogs and second half of the Released Punk Frogs by Playmates. 
I already mentioned my plans of combining parts of Napoleon and Ghenghis for a  brand new Attila.

NECA made one and I purposely skipped. Chances are I'll skip this one too. I know that some people like him. It's just that I don't care about him.

I know this is an odd one. He has much less of a following than Scumbug. I am also curious on how will the engineering problems of making a super articulated version of him will be solved.

With 1990 out of the way, let's hit 1991!
Oh no! We're reachimg the "untouched territory" which means longer lists! The turtle variants will be ignored.

Super Shredder, Tokka, Rahzar, Groundchuck, Dirtbag, Walkabout, Wyrm, Tattoo, Chrome Dome, Zak the Neutrino, Sgt. Bananas.

Sgt. Bananas:
Insert Dicks out for Harambe joke here. This one is not exactly high on my priority list, but based on his build, I'd almost expect him to be priced higher than normal.

Super Shredder 
They better make him taller than Normal... I'd say slightly taller than Bebop and Rocksteady. Basically tall enough to look the S7 Mumm-Ra in the eyes without looking up. 

Half of the dim-witted BABIES!! From the Secret of the Ooze and one that happens to be a recycled Slash. Minus the upper arms, hands, belt and head.

The other Stupid Baby from SOTO... since he's so light in accessories, does this mean he can come with Movie stuff? Thinking about the nom noms...

Cyberpunk Bull... Need I say more? He also pairs well with Dirtbag

The lesser half of the Chuck and Bag duo. The NECA version looks good, but the toy version looked better than the Toon, so Theoretically, this one should be superior to the NEXA one, even if it doesn't split at the Torso for "digging up displays".

Chrome Dome:
Hoo boy... He won't be "Chrome Domed" due to the softer plastic not being able to Vac Metalize properly issues. Personally, he requires an intricate paintjob to look chromed. Not sure how I'd feel on molded pearlized white, or silver for him.

Zak the Neutrino:
Zak, Zak, Zak... You're a teen, but look like you're 40... hands and an alternate head would be nice...

Sticker sheet... yay... he said sarcastically. That's all he has... sure, he has a burnisher stick... honestly, I'm confused how this was even approved... the gimmick is put stickers on the fat dude...

He's a Kangaroo, mate! Another bare bones figure. Sure, he has his Joey, a boomerang, and a gun... and that's it! The backpack is pointless.

He's weird... kinda wonder how his twntacle leg will work. I kinda like him but not $60+ possible price point.

That's it for 1991 so let's hit 1992 and we're getting close to the finish line of this rant!

For 1992 we have to tackle:
Mutations wave
For the Mutations wave I'm only Tackling the Human forms of Splinter, Rocksteady and Bebop, no turtles and no mutation gimmick.
Normal wave
For the normal figures I'll exclude movie or odd variants of the turles and friends. That leaves us with:
Hothead, Merdude, Anthrax, King Lionheart, Scale Tail, Monty Moose, and Doctor El.

Mutation Splinter, aka Hamato Yoshi:
Human version of Splinter. Give him the accessories from the Mutation Figure, a set of mid mutation hands and head.

Mutation Bebop:
Human version of Bebop. Just like Splinter, toss in the accessories from this version and partially mutated head and hands.

Mutation Rocksteady:
Human version of Rocksteady. Same thing as the other 2.

Now let's tackle the normies from 1992.
He's  a dragon with an extending neck. The 4Horsemen already tackled a similar thing with MOTUC Rattlor and Mekaneck. Also, freaking Dragon!!

He is a Fishman, sadly, he is not curiously handsome. He exists and I have to mention him. Like the tides my interest in him ebbs and flows between nice curiosity or meh!

Another figure that exists, but I don't care about. I skipped its NECA Counterpart. People like him or something.

King Lionheart 
I don't know what's going on in here. A Thespian turned into a Lion... seems like 92 was really the beginning of the end in the Non-Turtle figures. 

Scale Tail 
A TMNT Snakeman. Looks cool but not $60+ cool. He could ALMOST fit MOTUC.

Monty Moose
Oh, Canada... the only way this could be much more of a stereotype is if he had Maple Syrup scent and came with a Rape Whistle.

Doctor El
I let the Ape Soldier slide, but this is a new level of racism that Even Zordon would say: What the fuck!? That's Racist!!

I believe we completed 1992, but we are reaching the bottom of the barrel now. Welcome to 1993!
On this year we have a mutation wave, a cartoon wave, and the standard wave.

Mutation Wave 
Shredder, foot soldier

Cartoon wave
Irma, Burne, Vernon, Kala, Dask

Normal wave
Mona Lisa, Hot Spot, Halfcourt, and Sandstorm

Mutation Shredder, aka Oroku Saki:
This one is easy or hard depending how they approach it. Basically an Oroku Saki figure BASED on the Mutatin' Shredder. This figure would not mutate, but if Super7 is willing, a tribute to his "origins" could be made... even if it means giving him a cloth tunic, and slip-on, plug-in, snap-on Shredder's spiked armor pieces.

Mutation Foot Soldier aka Battle Damaged
I won't go into detail how this should be made. But it requires a new foot soldier body with swappable heads and arms.

Let me do the Normies now...

Mona Lisa
A Cartoon favorite character. By this point the line had most figures come with very few accessories, so Super7 needs to give her some Oomph!

Holy Racism, Wingnut! If Doctor El was Racist as hell, this Taliban Camel, well... he comes from a place where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face it's flat and immense and the heat is intense... it's barbaric but hey it's home!

NBA Giraffe... Ideas, Playmates has tun out of them... also, Red Shirt... Tongue out, who could this Giraffe be areference to? His number is 34... obviously, it's  not a reference to the Internet rule... 34-11= 23... wait is this a LeBron James reference? I know it's a Jordan reference.

Hot Spot
Firefighting Dalmatian... IF I WAS MADE OF MONEY, I'd have to get an army of him... thinking 100 should be enough... OK I'll go the extra mile and make it a Dosney reference... OK I lied... I wouldn't get one, much less 101 of him.

Toon wave, here we go!

If this is a Cartoon wave and it has been, uh 5-6 years since the cartoon started, why, oh why is Irma in the wrong colors?

If this is a Cartoon wave and it has been, uh 5-6 years since the cartoon started, why, oh why is Burne in the wrong colors? Also, why is he a slob?

At least they got pretty close to getting him right. Also, the extra hands 

A Neutrino... there are only 3 of them, so it would be rather easy to complete the set.

The final Neutrino. Mikey needs her in the line ASAP!

With that we finish the line... minus movie variants. But where's Krang's Android body?
I'm now expecting a Mon*Star sized Krang's Android body...

So, here's the thing:
We know that Super7 has planned up until wave 9. We don't know if they'll go beyond that or if we're done after that. So, I'll assume we only have 3 waves till we're done. 

Krang's Android body 
This one overrides all figures. Sure, we have Bubble Walker Krang on Wave 5, but The Android body is the ICONIC version of Krang. Ending the line without it would be an egregious offense by Super7. But he can easily be a Wave 9 item and be the perfect endcap for TMNTU. If he's tossed to Wave 7, then the next two characters would round up the wave. It would be too much punishment to have a 5 figure wave and one of them is Krang's Android body...

Rat King 
This is not only a safe option, since it's not ridiculously oversized and based on NECA's Rat King vs Vernon 2 pack Sales, Super7 have an idea on how much in demand he is. Also, he fills the TMNT TIT roster, which is my barometer for a "well rounded" TMNT Display.

The reason he's here is for the Mirage fans AND that Super7 can make them double dip with a White and Blue GITD variant... Hell a Part of me is tempted to buy a second one and Molotow the hell out of him. 

Now if Krang's body is out of the Picture for now, then add these two to the mix:

General Traag 
I've mentioned my issues with his toy look, but his size and funkiness might prop him up the list... also using the Turtles in time round up, he fills a slot perfectly.

Mona Lisa 
She fills multiple checkboxes:
Toon character
And most importantly, she's not part of a set unlike Kala who requires the other two Neutrinos.

If I was in charge for wave 8, then I'd  pick
Tokka, Rahzar, and Super Shredder to have a somewhat "Movie Theme" for the villains. It also completes the Turtles in Time checklist leaving 1 spot for a hero and the final turtle variant.
The hero would be Wyrm because he's super freaky. If Krang was put on wave 8, then Tokka and Rahzar get bumped to 9.

Wave 9 would feature Krang's Android body and 3 more characters... assuming Krang wasn't in any of the previous waves.

Foot Soldier 2.0
Basically a Foot Soldier with removable arms and head. Add pieces to emulate Battle damage and a few less accessories in order to fit in 2 Mousers. The idea is to have an "army builder" that allows you to truly army build.

Oroku Saki
Canonically speaking, TMNT wouldn't start if it wasn't for the grudge between the Oroku and the Hamato.

Hamato Yoshi
Like I said with Saki, the Saga cannot start without the reason the Turtles became Ninja Teens.

Depending on what Super7 can do afterwards is a mystery, but these ones would round up the roster very decently...
I know that some will say that the final wave being variants is a load of bullshit and I kinda agree. The issue here is that wave 9 is a tentative end point. I'm trying to avoid a Club Grayskull debacle where The Horde was incomplete and the Heroic Warriors were screwed over big time. If it doesn't end, then we can get Punk Frogs, Chuck and Bag, Neutrinos, Channel 6 crew, perhaps an Arnold Bernid Jones with interchangeable heads and done in Mirage colors... 

Sep 21, 2021

Odds and ends Sept. 21 21... No idea with whatever is happening here.

 Marcia Lucas, the woman behind the success of the Original Star Wars Trilogy, hates the Mouse Trilogy. I must say that I agree with her statements. This is the part where some Avid readers try to have a gotcha! moment and point out that I did like the Last Jedi. I'm not trying to change history like a certain disgruntled Mattel ex-employee. I still stand by that. I believe that the Last Jedi is the best movie out of the Disney trilogy. Sure, Rian Johnson is an asshole and a doiche, but he's far more competent than Jar Jar Abrams as a Star Wars director. I liked some things he did and I hated others... BUT he was the only one trying to push the story forward AND to ensure that Star Wars wasn't all about the dysfunctional Palpatine Family.  

With all that said, I still agree with Marcia Lucas on how Disney mismanaged Star Wars... seriously, Rogue One was a fluke and Lucasfilm was LUCKY that Fillioni and Favreau were able to show that Star Wars, when done correctly, can be a success.

I NEED to see Pokémon Heroes... Apparently, Ash makes out with a Pokémon disguised as a girl and becomes a father... This makes sense since in Japan, people used to marry Pokémon... All that Gardevoir porn is now canon... Jessie's happy fin time with Lickitung, Canon. Mr. Mime being Ash's Step-dad, CANON!! Basically, Ash and friends save Venice from Team Rocket's somewhat competent members and this girl, called Bianca, not to be confused with the OTHER Bianca... wait, I'm starting to feel like someone in the Localization team for Pokémon has a thing for a Bianca... since there's TWO OF THEM!? Where was I? Bianca!! As I was saying Bianca II is a girl, but there is a Latias that transforms into Bianca and does Bianca things... one of those was apparently kiss Ash... and in the end Latias has 2 baby Latias... Quick! CALL MAURY POVICH!!

While not "Jurassic Park" levels of "What where they thinking!?" Bad, there's a Company interested in "resurrecting" the Wooly Mammoth. Seriously, there's 2 books, 5-6 movies, tons of videogames that show WHY THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA!! but this also reminds me of a song... it's in Spanish and it's about a 🦣 who wants to try new things and his friends, 🕊,🐕,🐻,🐈, and Donkey decide to help him. Let's just say that things don't go well for our Wooly friend.

 Wait, they made an English version!? They cut the Pigeon and flying part... but seriously, DON'T DO THIS!! Worst case scenario isn't Jurassic Park...

Don't play with my feelings like this... a Remaster of Marvel vs Capcom 2? Not gonna lie, This gave me a boner. Thinking of something like Ultra Street Fighter 2 but with MVC 2!?

Hell, right now I'll even take a vanilla port...

Gonna say that if it is a remaster AND they redo all the sprites, then they could add secret characters or alternate looks:
Spider-Man could get a "clone" if you catch my drift.
War Machine could be a Different looking character from Iron Man.
Mega Man could get Proto Man as a "clone"
Bone Claw Wolverine can be remade into his FERAL Look. Or giving Ken his SFV outfit and keeping the Alpha Hair... they can do so many things...

Yes I know that Sprite based games are harder to add additional looks, but if we got bone claw Wolverine, then let's make him look different enough from Normal Wolverine. 
Kinda feeling the urge for a MVC style list...

Sep 20, 2021

Super7 TMNT WAVE 6: Where the Hell are the Thundercats!?

 Also Super7 is not thinking straight...  They increased prices AND toss an Army Builder to an already bloated 4 figure wave, makingnit a 5+ figure wave. 

Let's start from worst to best... Before anyone bitches or moans this is my opinion, not actual facts.


I know the rumors of his super obscure vintage past and rarity. But with all of the available characters, we get Scratch!? It's not a Baad BAD choice and the figure looks nice. It's just that tail end of the line figures weren't as great as 1987-1992 sole exception to this rule is the 1994 Krang's Android body. He's a 1993 figure... and aside Mona Lisa, the 1993 wave sucked ass.

Sewer surfin' Mike

I know this is weird, since I LOVE Michelangelo and this is one of my favorite variants... Problem here is that HE'S A VARIANT. New characters should be a priority over variants. Yes, I'm aware they said that they would try to put in a turtle variant in each wave. On the grand scheme of things, even a Vernon os more exciting than Michelangelo in a surfer bodysuit.

Don't get me wrong the figure looks freaking sweet!! I love that they even added a little wax pads for the surfboard hopefully the skin tones will match normal Michelangelo because that tongue out head would lend itself perfectly for a rock and roll Michelangelo tribute...

5-pack of Mousers

5 is too small of an amount of Mousers. Especially with 2 of them being battle damaged. At $55 this is bordering on a rip-off. There should have been 2 more Mousers here.

Honestly, these should have been a "wave by themselves"... kinda like "wave 2" of Conan was a Single Figure. 

Ace Duck 

The only reason I kinda own AN ace Duck AT ALL is because it came in a 2 pack with Mutagen Man... I say KINDA OWN because it's one of those NECA Items that I ordered and I'm still waiting for... (Movie Foot Soldier 2 pack is the other "MIA" item) 

MOTUC scaled Tommygun and the Mattel TDKR Joker means that those who wanted a MOTUC Gangstor can make one now...

I'm worried about the swappable jacket... unless he has removable arms, swapping those will be a bitch. Wait, wings, no wings... I can think of a couple of jokes I could make... 

So, a guy who isn't exactly a fan of Ace Duck is somehow excited for Ace Duck...

Now for The Best of the wave...
I'm a bit worried about the nunchuck but other than that he looks pretty great, even if he's slightly bare-bones... but based on how big he is we can kind of guess how big Tokka and Rahzar will be. 

Speaking of where the Hell are the Thundercats,  wave 3 is supposed to be shipping in October, well, except for Cheetara.

Shang-Chi has an identity crisis

 It doesn't know what it wants to be. It tries to be a Martial arts movie. It tries to be a Fantasy/Adventure movie. It tries to be a Marvel Movie. It tries to beso many things EXCEPT the most important one: an actual Shang-Chi movie...

Shang-Chi has no powers... he's basically Marvel's Bruce Lee with a bit of James Bond. Son of a nearly Immortal Crime Lord, Fu Manchu, now Zheng Zu, and trained as a super martial arts assassin, Shang-Chi is Marvel's #1 Martial Artists... without powers, aside some chi manipulation, because of his mastery of martial arts... not a gift bestowed by magic dragons or bracelets like Iron Fist and Shang-Chi in name only. 

The main issue with the movie is that it feels like they had an Iron Fist script and changed it to Shang-Chi in order to avoid Twitter mob outrage. You know because only Asians can know Martial arts. 

I won't go into detail on how they screwed over The Mandarin, his rings, and quitw honestly, everything. Despite taking a massive shit on Shang-Chi and Iron Man comics, the movie is quite fun. Incredibly enough awkwafina is not as annoying as she was in Ocean's 8.

Honestly it's not a movie that you should risk covid- 19 to watch, if you can wait a few days until it pops on Disney Plus then do so. 

Sep 19, 2021

Yikes! More people are realizing that Scott Neitlich is a jerk!

 The folks at RetroBlasting, a YouTube channel with over 90K subscribers have made a video about our VERY SPECIAL FRIEND and LOYAL READER, Scott Toyguru Neitlich. Because Scott a mysterious and unknown Mattel executive reads this blog to find if I still talk about Scott in order to find dirt about him.

It's a LOOOOOONG Video, there are a few hiccups here and there on some MOTU Lore, like Keldor being Randor's brother being a Neitlich idea, when it was hinted in the 80s. The reason I point this out is that Neitlich has been trying hard to retcon his role IN MOTU History with his Spector "Creative" videos and people are starting to notice... This wasn't me, since I haven't bothered with his videos for the sake of my mental health and for the sake of my eyesight... I'm afraid of rupturing my optic nerve with the massive amount of eye-rolling that Neitlich would cause me.

More people with bigger audiences are noticing the Bullshit from the "Toyguru" and his crowning achievement: Attacking this blog and blaming me for the fall of Mattycollector. This is a glorified personal blog where I rant about toys, movies, videogames, odd news, etc. My audience is LESS THAN 50 PEOPLE, but I destroyed Mattycollector for pointing out my bad experiences with Digital River, or making fun of the incoherent mess that the incompetent "professional writer" made out of MOTU Lore. And no, it's not about me "playing the victim" here. It's about the RIDICULOUSNESS of blaming a TINY, TINY blog, that reaches 20-40 people "for the fall of Mattycollector". If I had 1000 followers one could say I've got some degree of influence in the Fandom. 

I honestly don't know if this will bring in nore readers or not, but I'm honestly not that interested in getting a huge, huge audience... sure, it would be good if I could get my first paycheck for blogging... it's been 12 years and I still haven't reached that $100 minimum to get paid by Google... and I think I might need 13 more years to reach it. What I'm trying to say is that it would be cool to have enough of an audience to get paid, but I'm not doing this for the money. I just do it to vent, have fun, and complain about silly things as a distraction from the more serious stuff...

Also, I watched Shang-Chi rant/review coming soon...

Sep 17, 2021

Just what do you think you're doing, Super7?


I'm making 2001 references and Super7 is being mentioned... They're at it again.
2001: A Space Odyssey Ultimates are coming...
The Monolith better not be a $55 item... also, will we be getting an Ultimate HAL-9000? 
Are these based on the books or the movie?
They're coming... or the pre-orders will begin on 9/24...

But that's not all...

Wave 6 pre-orders for TMNT are coming soon... what's with the broken Mouser? No clue... please let it be a $55 bucket of Mousers... 

Now, where's the stuff we ordered over a year ago?

Here are the most recent shipping dates for when ULTIMATES! Figures will leave from the factory for 2021: 
New Japan Pro-Wrestling Wave 2 - 9/10/21 
TMNT Wave 4 - 9/30/21 
Major Wrestling Podcast Wave 1 - 10/15/21 
The Good Brothers Wrestling Wave 2 - 10/20/21 
Disney Wave 1 - 11/30/21 
ThunderCats Wave 2 - 11/21/21 
Conan The Barbarian Wave 3 - 11/30/21 
ThunderCats Wave 4 - 12/30/21
The time frame for shipments was once a dependable 24 days on water but is now a wide-ranging variable due to a variety of factors. However, with all the current delays in the global shipping market, we are experiencing another 2-3 months for product to arrive from the factory and then be able to ship to our customers.

 Basically, I'll be seeing TMNT Wave 4 by Christmas as a best case scenario. Everything else I've ordered, Thundercats, Conan, the Spare Turtles will be here by 2022. Let's add more stuff that will be delayed!!!

Super7, slow down with the lines and deliver product first in order to avoid angry customers not buying more product due to delays and price increases!!

Netflix CGI He-Man... it's great and awful at the same time...

 It depends on the perspective. I ripped the first episode to shreds in an earlier post. I still question the deliberate choices to distance themselves from The Source material. I do not see the point of making a Masters of the Universe show that barely resembles a Masters of the Universe show. If I put aside my dislike of the radical changes and look at it as its own thing, then the show is actually great! My "hating on it" is due to me being a curmudgeon who is overzealous of his first Hero and Toyline.

Adam being both a Savage and a Prince is a nice idea to explore. I think I mentioned that in one of my last appearances on the CotFO podcast, when I tossed the idea of what I'd do if I was in charge of making a new MOTU SERIES. MY issue is with the execution here. The whole Adam is clumsy and his introduction involves getting hit in the balls while saving a tiger cub felt insulting to old school fans. I understand that they're trying to show us that he's not a full-fledged hero and that he is learning the ropes. At the same time that nutshot wasn't needed. Thankfully, the show isn't hellbent on making Adam/He-Man look like a moron. 

Speaking of morons, so far I haven't found any on the show. The villains are actually pretty competent here. It doesn't feel like the show is being dumbed down to kids. In fact it's pretty mature for a kids cartoon intended for younger children. It's a bit dark too... not Zack Snyder edgelord darkness where he drains color out of everything, but it has a moderately high body count for a Western cartoon for kids. Not to mention dealing with some heavy themes. 
Having a non-Skeletor Keldor actually works far better than I expected. Shame that it was short-lived.

Skeletor has a malformed dick or he's like Walter Peck...
Let me have this joke at least. 

The only problem, FOR ME, WITH this show has is that it strays too far from traditional MOTU. That is the big hurdle for me... and that the toys are crappy and look cheap as hell. 

As a traditional MOTU fan, this show is far more garbage than Noelle Stevenson's bastardization of She-Ra AND The New Adventures of He-Man... 

If I put aside my Traditionalist Bias, this show is a smidge better than Filmation, but not as good as 200X. I disagree with a lot of artistic and story choices made for the show, but I can admit that it has heart AND it's trying to be a good show OVER EVERYTHING ELSE.
I could find a lot to nitpick if I try (I did it with the sacred Filmation specials), but I don't want to... It might "NoT bE fOr Me", but it is a decent ride. With some slight tweaks, this could've been the perfect He-Ro: Son of He-Man cartoon we needed.

Top Masterverse wants: a theoretical list to bring me back in the fold

 As I've mentioned before, I'm not exactly a fan of Masterverse as a toyline. While the added articulation is great the Sculpts have been a bit underwhelming. But Princess of Power and Filmation COULD open the door for me to return... so let's get to the Melaktha and other figures needed to bring me into Masterverse.

You know that if it's a he-man list and has access to filmation stuff he'll be there. He's The Unofficial Masters of the Universe mascot here at the house of rants.

Deluxe "Legacy" figures
Unlike the New Eternia figures that bastardize concepts to bypass the original designs, the Legacy Figures are past iterations of the characters passing through the "Masterverseizer" machine, to rip-off the douche from Sphincter Uncreative.  
For example, Legacy He-Man would have pieces to make both Vintage He-Man and 200X He-Man. He would need a new Vintage head, a new 200X head, new vintage harness. The new Origns Vintage styled sword can work on him as well as the Grayskull harness.
Legacy Beastman coyld reuse most of the Revelation figure, new bracers, new shins, new arm armor, new torso armor removable shin armor for the 200X version and 2 heads.
Legacy Tri-Klops could come with a new Mini comic armor and a more 200X Armor and head.

I'm not going to cover everyone because that would be a list up on itself.

Deluxe Shadow Weaver:
The idea is to have a Shadow Weaver that can be turned into the Light Spinner. Kinda like a Deluxe Keldor to Skeletor figure would work.

Homages to past variants:
I'm not saying to make Battle Armor He-Man, Terror Claws Skeletor, or things like that. I'm saying new variants that take cues from past variants. If a He-Man variant ends up wearing armor, then taking elements from teh Vintage Battle armor design, the 200X Battle Sound He-Man, and maybe some elements from Netflix He-Man to make a new version. A new Clawed Variant of Skeletor could take cues from Battle Sound Skeletor, Terror Claws Skeletor, nu52 "horned Skeletor", etc. You know, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... Beastman doesn't  have variants, so let's  make a Drake Tamer Beastman could take cues from Dragon Blaster Skeletor, other non-MOTU fantasy characters... for example: Soulcalibur's Nightmare has a cool looking bone arm,taking some cues from the bone structure from that arm, a savage dragon-bone armor could be made for Beastman. 

Shokoti and Masque
We got them in Classics, but they were very popular.

Sea Hawk and Octavia
The ocean themed characters both based on filmation's Princess of Power. 

Deluxe Catra
The idea is to pack both Catra and her panther form. Adding some energy effects for both Catra and the Panther, so it looks like they're transforming. I am, of course, talking about Filmation Catra.

Revelation style Classic Faker
The Deluxe Revelation Faker Is a decent figure, but fans (and Mattel to an extent) want a "Traditional Faker". But I want to add a Thermochromic twist. It should be a plain vanilla He-Man with Skeletor armor in magenta. But when put in a warm temperatures his body turns blue and his hair reddish. Add the battle damage from the Target Deluxe Faker and call it a day. 

A classic Filmation villain with Multiple appearances. Hell, make the Blue outfit Kothos a Walmart exclusiveand the Red and White Kothos a Target exclusive. Toss different accessories and boom! 

Count Marzo and Chimera
These two we should have gotten back in Classics but we were denied the honor... Hell, even Club Grayskull deprived us from getting them.

Nu52 styled characters
Iron Man pants He-Man, Dark Orko, Swift Wind stabbing skirt She-Ra, Sexy green Teela, Evil Duncan, Mendor, etc.

This is just a small sampling of what could bring me back... Maybe I should get a Revelation He-Man and Skeletor just to have the main 2 and see how it goes from there, but first I would have to find them in stores...

Sep 16, 2021

I must apologize to Noelle Stevenson

 She no longer holds the title of Worst thing that ever happened to MOTU or POP. The title officially belongs to the people in charge of the Netflix Bastardization of He-Man. Even the incompetent "professional" "writer", Scott Neitlich should feel redeemed  that his mediocre Green Lantern rip-off is no longer a laughing stock. Not even Rian Johnson AND Jar Jar Abrams could take such a massive dump on MOTU.

I know, I know... "It'S fOr ChIlDrEn! It'S nOt FoR yOu!" and all the other excuses to accept mediocrity.

But I need to point out the good things. The BGM is decent, the voice cast is good. The backgrounds are a bit too Nomura era of Final Fantasy for my taste, but they look good.

Wait what? Modulok is now a game!? Horde Villain is now a game!? Fuck you, inferior MOTU. It's kinda hard to point out the good, when they hit you with such bullshit. Oh yeah, Sky sleds are now generic as fuck.
Bike shorts... ugh! I get it leotard's can do things to young children's minds, but Teela looks like she's wearing a 1920s male swimsuit.
Fuck the theme song with a rusty spoon full of AIDS, all forms of Hepatitis, with a sprinkle of gonorrhea, and syphilis! Seriously, it makes the We're gonna win in the end stupid Noelle Stevenson's bastardization of She-Ra theme song sound PASSABLE! This is so bland, generic, and it feels like it could fit in pretty nuch EVERY CARTOON instead of being exclusive to He-Man.

A Cringer who is not afraid of his own Shadow!? Do you EVEN MOTU!? How in Satan's mangled left testicle did Mattel approve of this Shit!? Also, why does Cringer sound like a Dollar store Liam Neeson? A character voiced by Yuri Lowenthal is swinging like Spider-Man... 

Wait, Genderbent Ram Man is called Krass'tine!? Wonder if Rule 34 has done its thing... yup... New Teela has gotten far less love than Ram Ma'am... Damn, that was fast! But going back to the Green Tiger Tribe being totally not the Kokiri Forest...

What's with Teela doing more Jutsus than a Naruto character? Wait, did Cringer just implied a Teela, Ram Ma'am, Adam love Triangle? Tumblr's gonna have a field day now. 

Oh no. The bad guys have come to burn the Village. What are our heroes going to do. Please reread those sentences in Ben Stein's voice. This feels so JRPG-like that I'm getting XENOGEARS flashbacks. Adam gets his Nomura overcompensating blade and summons the power... has a bit manlier transformation than Kevin Smith's gay sailor senshi transformation.

How can you make Snake Mountain look cool and lame at the same time? Like this...
Seems that Keldor Wose Fwom his Gwave with a zombie hand... also wait a minute: Ben Diskin voices Skeletor and Yuri Lowenthal voices He-Man... Ben Diskin voices Rock Man while Yuri Lowenthal voices Beck, the Mighty No.9...

Now let me put aside the impish angry reviewer character. I cannot say that this is a good Masters of the Universe show. Due to all the changes that it makes it so incredibly different from the source material, I cannot say that this resembles a Masters of the Universe show. It may have the names of the characters and some passing semblance in some sections of the plot, but there are way too many things that come from non MOTU Sources, that it feels like this was designed by committee and taking everything that was popular at the time of that meeting and tossing it into a pot. Yes, I'm well aware that in the eighties this type of Unholy concoction created what we know now as Masters of the Universe. 

The problem is that this is to MOTU what Crystal Pepsi was to Pepsi. Like Netflix She-Ra, this show is far much better if you scrub the little remains of the Mattel toy property out. 

What's the point of tampering with the formula to the point that it's no longer recognizable? 
This is like buying one of those spirit Halloween sexy nun costumes and claiming that a person wearing it is an actual nun. 

Unlike Netflix She-Ra, this one seems more interested in being a decent show (not a Good MOTU show) than being the MOST PROGRESSIVE LGBTQ+ SHOW EVER!!1! This show isn't Rise of the TMNT offensive, but it's no 201X Thundercats either.

In some ways it's much better than the Netflix adaptation of She-Ra but in others it is far worse. To me it seems that the main problem is that the so-called creative are more interested in putting their spin on the property instead of making it a good take on the property. I feel that a traditional He-Man done with a slightly more modern twist could actually work, if done properly. 

If it hadn't been for the extreme deviations from The Source material, it would have been nearly impossible for me to make the angry reviewer part. It may not be for me, but I feel kind of sad that kids today won't know the real He-Man.

Sep 15, 2021

Netflix has another interactive Bear Grylls movie...

 As always the question is: CAN WE MAKE BEAR DRINK HIS OWN PEE?
So the interactive  movie starts with Bear upside down tangled in his parachute hanging from a tree... and he has amnesia. It's up to me to keep Bear Grylls alive. A feat that I failed miserably last time AND when I played the actual PS3 videogame. Oh Bear prepare to die multiple times, because either I suck at this, or I enjoy killing virtual Bear Grylls... Let me grab some Medalla Light beers, because it's the closest thing I have to actual pee and let's get cracking... I won't do a play by play here for obvious reasons.

This Amnesiac Bear Grylls is bullshit. He needs me to choose for him, but somehow he remembers how to not only make a firebow, but how to use it. Using a parachute to make a makeshift tent, but somehow he can't remember that
This selective amnesia is pissing me off. But the one thing that's pissing me off even more is the lack of choices. In one option Bear finds a rotting carcass. Bear talks about skinning the animal or taking food, while being careful about whatever killed the animal. He does both without my input. 

One choice had Bear being chased by a wolf. I had to choose between the forest or the Hogh Ground.
The correct choice was The High Ground...

I was hoping that the High Ground would've meant game over, but it actually worked! Even if you pick forest, Bear ends up at the High Ground... QUIT ROBBING ME OF BEAR DEATHS, DAMN IT!!
I got Bear to step on a tripwire and he didn't die... He came out the tunnels wearing pubes on his chin as if he had been trapped in there for "weeks" no water and a roach as his only meal.

Bear Death Tally

Death 1: Froze to death because no shelter.
Death 2: Mauled by a Furry whose Fursona is a Bear.
Death 3: Fission Mailed, Pilot died.

I rescued the pilot, who happens to be a black guy that looks like he does whiteface... it's supposed to look like he's dirty from dust and that he has a few cuts that made his lips bloody, but it kinda looks like a bad geisha make up.

What's  this!? There's an extra movie!? I have to save some animals... Maybe this time, I'll drink my own pee! I'll be doing something close to a play by play because this movie is 7 months old. 
This one starts with a promise of Bear Grylls getting mauled by a Lion... which we know it's false advertising. Apparently, the animals from a reserve escape and only Bear Grylls is Bad Dude enough to save them and then have burgers with President Biden... before some people get butthurt by mentioning President Biden, it's a 2021 spin on Bad Dudes, who had burgers with President Ronnie after saving the world from the evil ninjas. Apparently, this Bear Grylls CYOA movie slipped through the cracks and I either didn't know about it or heard about it and forgot.

3 missions:
Rescue the Lion
Repair power grid
Rescue the Baboon

I pick the mission order and Baboon comes first... Just ask Topanga... yes, I made a Boy Meets World reference
First choice: eat fruit or eat a grub...
Since Star Wars didn't fail me last time, I'm going with Hakuna Matata...
This led to my death 2 choices later... waiting for rescue in Great WHITE Shark infested waters.

OK one retcon later and some different choices made me have bear make a raft out of garbage to traverse the GWS infested waters... I survived!? You can also make a grappling knot called a Monkey Fist and climb the cliff...
Caught the Baboon and now either the lion or the fence. Apparently the fence was sabotaged...
OK... animal preserve, electric fence sabotaged, incoming storm... where have I seen this before? I swear I may have read this in a book... Hell, I might even own toys from this... I just can't quite put my finger on it...

Yes, Jurassic Park... Bear Grylls is ripping off Jurassic Park and not putting the cool parts in.

Let's move on to Mission 2: The Lion Sleeps Tonight!
Right out of the bat I must rescue a researcher from the Lion...
-Confront the lion to scare him away.
-Sneak through the back and rescue the researcher...
What to do?
Bear saved the dude and found a carcass...
Oh come on! I used myself as lion bait and didn't get killed!? Well Mission 2 complete. Time for Mission 3: Hold onto your butts!
Bear got attacked by a Leech!! Hopefully we can eat it for revenge reasons...
We can! Either I swallow or I chew it... like in a porn movie, I told Bear to Swallow... the Leech stuck to his throat, but Bear managed to pull it out. Now he's battling a Constrictor... Finally! A dignified place for Bear to die!
One Rewind later! Bear attempts to drown the snake and it leaves him alone.
We reach the tiny relay box and I give Bear the wrong sequence.
Let's do it correctly this time. MISSION COMPLETE! Now we return home... 
Wait!! Elephants are missing, probably poachers...
Mission 4: Operation Dumbo Drop... 
Bear found Elephant poop...
-Elephant... poop?
Yes, Snake, elephant poop... we rememver the last time he found Elephant poop...
-Colonel, what the hell!? He drank elephant poop juice!?
Yes, Snake, he did...
-Not even Big Boss was this disgusting, and I read about all the shit he ate on Operation Snake Eater!
Shall we move on? Holy SHIT!! IT'S ANOTHER LION!
-A Lion!? You Lyin'!!
Choices: under the truck or climb a tree...
Obi-Wan says that it's over once one has the High Ground...
The High Ground is a Lie!!
You have to go under the truck, weave in and out of it until you can stuff the lion in the truck!

Now we have a zipline or climb down then up a cliff... I want this nightmare to end, so Zipline would be the best choice... but sometimes the obvious answer is the wrong one... that zipline can be super old and break halfway through and we end up with a dead Bear... he can climb, we've seen it hundreds of times!! Climb down then up it is!!
Fission Mailed! I should've ziplined, the elephants are dead and it's Bear's fault!!
We use the Zipline and hide the elephants from the poachers... Muy Bien! Very Good! Esto pide una celebración! This calls for a celebration!
Bear Death Tally
Death 1: Shark food
Death 2: choked by a nope rope!
Death 3 Mission Failed, ruined electric fence.
Death 4: it's the circle of life. The High Ground is a. lie
Death 5: Fission Mailed, all I had to do was get on the damned Zipline...

Everyone knows that man versus Wild was fake as fuck... but these movies make the show the most realistic thing in the universe.

The people who hijacked She-Ra are whining about the Live Action series

 It's not for you, you doughnuts!! This She-Ra is for a different audience. Are you mad because you can no longer have ephebophile incestuous fantasies with teenage lesbians? 


This is why hijacking shows and completely changing core elements ends up ruining them. The gay experiment didn't yield the results they wanted. Now they're trying a different thing. We could get the Xena/Star Wars fusion we deserve for a SHE-RA show, but these Toxic Gaytekeepers don't want a GOOD SHE-RA show. They want a GAY SHE-RA show above everything else. 4 out of 5 continuities have a straight She-Ra. Now the "hijackers" are demanding that ALL SHE-RA CONTINUITIES BECOME GAY. I have to laugh at the situation. They literally became the very thing they criticized when the Bastardization was being promoted.

Now I want this live action remake to be as close as possible to classic She-Ra and not pander to the Bastardization fans just to spite them.

Sep 14, 2021

Norm MacDonald was seen by Haley Joel Osment

 And Yuna won't stop dancing... Fucking Cancer was the cause of death. No, it's not a cancer contracted while having sex. Y'all know my stance on cancer and how much I hate it...

61 years old is not that old. It sucks that he passed. While Norm had done a lot of things, I mostly remember him from SNL... I know pretty much everyone remembers him from that, especially the Turd Ferguson thing and the OJ Trial jokes that got him fired... Me? I need to add something Odd...

Also, he gave us this bit of comedic gold

that is full of truth. Just look at how uncomfortable Seinfeld gets when Norm brings up Cosby as a topic vs how this ends.

My condolences to the family.

Agent Carter will now be facing Booby Traps as Lara Croft

 There is a Netflix animated series following Lady Croft, voiced by Hayley Atwell. Based on the Square Enix continuity with smaller chested Lara. I'm running out of breast references on a Tomb Raider rant. Now with She-Ra and CGI He-Man I'm afraid of the term Netflix adaptation, whether live action or animated. Yes Castlevania was good, but I'm worried about "current year stuff" messing with Tomb Raider... Nu-Lara lost her shorts, her boobs and her action hero badassery. 

A PC mod delivers what Square Enix is afraid of.

She became soft, vulnerable, weak. Nu-Lara has this Kit Harrington "Deer struck by headlights" look despite being in sequels. The naive clueless child look only worked on the first game. By the third game there was no "real evolution" to the character. I'm afraid that this Netflix adaptation turns Lara into a slightly less roided out Abby. Or Revelation Teela in a teal shirt. The Teela reference is because Powerhouse is the one doing the series... the ironic thing would be if we somehow get a decent approximation to Classic Lara, despite everyone trying to "current year" her.

Sep 13, 2021

The Marvel Legends gods have heard my prayers...

 New Spidey Retro Wave coming:
New Body for Ben Reilly
New body for Black Suit Spidey
Classic Shocker... cue Chris Barnes
A Roderick Kingsley Hobgoblin
A Hammerhead seemingly using the John Favreau body
A Spider-Armor

As you can see on the image, Entertainment Earth will have them available for preorder tomorrow.
Now let's pray for 90s Kaine and the Power Pack...

She-Ra is getting a Live Action Series on Amazon...

 Wait a second: Amazon, as in the E-tailer is making a She-Ra series?

I know they make shows like the Tick and theupcoming Lord of the Rings prequel that is going to be like Game of Thrones but with Hobbits... well, they're making a Live Action She-Ra series. The good news is that it won't be connected to the Bastardization of She-Ra by Noelle Stevenson. The Bad news is that it will most likely follow the trend from Shit-Reeee! and the Princesses of Powder idea of She-Ra sans He-Man. 

Expectations are at rock bottom... IT COULD BE GOOD, but current year mentality + DreamWorks, well, let's say that keeping Expectations SUPER Low is the best thing one can do. No, really. If you think it will suck Grizzlor ass and it doesn't, it's a good thing. If you think it will rock and ends up sucking Grizzlor ass, well, you just got played like a damn fiddle, all by yourself.

Super7 Thundercats: More bad news

 According to Thundercats NOW! Super7 had some info regarding the Thundercats Ultimates:

Mumm-Ra and Tygra's reversed forearms "will be addressed". Just like they said Pumyra's height would be addressed, or Cheetara and her egg laying hips... Speaking of Cheetara, she will be shipping at a later date from the rest of Wave 3. In my case this means wave 3 will be 3 shipments: slythe in shipment 1, the Jaga I ordered at a later date will be shipment 2, and the Cheetara I ordered with Slythe will be the third one. And 2 of these 3 will arrive before Tygra and Mumm-Ra. So far, I don't know if Tygra will get the correct colors. We know they couldn't fix Panthro.
Right now, I just want Bengali (blegh), Vultureman, and Snarf to "finish" Thundercats.
Get the remaining 3 Silverhawks, Melodia, Hardware, and Windhammer to call it quits on Silverhawks.
Get Krang's Android body, Rat King, Traag, Slash, Tokka, Rahzar, Super Shredder, Pizzaface,Usagi (ronin look preferably) The sooner I can quit, the better... now that I said this, watch as they dump STREET FIGHTER ULTIMATES on me.

Sep 12, 2021

Does Mattel have Filmation rights? And they're squandering them like this!?

 Why is there a Kol-Darr figure in this Origins Slide? AFAIK, Filmation stuff was off-limits. Why is he here?

Really? Kol-Darr is the figure chosen to subtly say: Yo, we have Filmation rights!

A Two Pack of Randor and Marlena would've been a much better way to announce Filmation... or a Shadow Weaver...
Hell a Masterverse Melaktha would've not only brought the point home, but it would've gotten Social Justice Brownie points...

I wonder if the previously shown Princess of Power boxes might be related to Filmation rights.

I'm astounded at the lack of vision Mattel is having here. I'd say that Neitlich managed the Filmation thing better, but then I remember how he was hellbent on cramming Plundor and Nepthu as "important" Filmation characters instead of Kothos and Melaktha, who had MULTIPLE APPEARANCES. Maybe the third time might be the time Filmation Teela gets a good looking face!