Jan 31, 2019

Kombatant Shaggy?? WTF?

Yes, THAT Shaggy is being requested as a Kombatant for Mortal Kombat 11. Norville Rogers, as in the cowardly mystery solver who may or may not be a stoner is who people are requesting... Freaking Shaggy Rogers... as in Scooby Doo's "Raggy"... if your brain is screaming WTF, I don't blame you.

This rise of popularity in Shaggy is based of an internet meme about Shaggy being the most powerful man in the universe... The meme is based of an episode where Shaggy was "fearless".

Thos started the odd request that caused Ed Boon to make a joke about Scooby himself being added to Injustice.

With Freddy, Jason, Letherfeace, a Xenomorph, and a Yautja Hunter being in Mortal Kombat, so Shaggy isn't so out of place here.

Oh look! Warner has already used Shaggy and Scooby for not child friendly things... I can think of some more logical options, but screw logic, the pwople want Shaggy!

Ghostbusters... beating on a dead horse...

I need to set things straight. I disliked GB 2016 because it wasn't a good movie. I was against the ALL-FEMALE cast because it wasn't an organic decision. It was a decision mandated by the studio from the get-go. Then they chose the director poorly. Instead of making a paranormal mobie with comedic elements peppered in; he made a comedy with paranormal elements instead. We saw the results. Now SONY is trying to recatch Lightning in a bottle.

They couldn't do it with the sequel (which was slightly toned down and it played it a bit too safe.) They didn't with the gross-out comedic reboot. Now they expect to catch it with Children... Spoilers: They won't. Simply because Children are a gimmick inspired by the GB tribute on Stranger Things. The tribute WORKED FOR Stranger Things BECAUSE it was a Tribute. Having the actual Busters be kids doesn't work, because of the same reasons the Orkin Man isn't the Orkin Child.

Now, I agree on passing the torch to a new Generation... I was expecting College Aged Students

Because it's the sensible age to do so:
They are old enough to drive, have a basic understanding of the equipment they use WITHOUT entering Wesley Crusher territory...  (also, Hwil Hweaton sucks more than Wesley)
Where was I?
Ah, yes, Ghostbusters. How would I do it? Well, I'd take SOME inspiration from Extreme GB, but not have it be Extreme GB.

So after the Vigo incident, paranormal activity spikes up across the country and Venkman tries to open up franchises. The niggest 3 being managed bu Original GB. Business booms until the late 90s when Spengler's New team on New York captured an important ghost whose name I don't know. One of these new Busters died (Probably Eduardo) to save the world. After that incident paranormal activity across the globe begins to die down. The GB are basically retired. Egon remained at the firehouse in New York city to take care of the North Eastern Containment Unit.
Ray moved to somewhere on the Bible Belt where the former GB HQ was turned into a Museum/Occult bookstore.

Venkman and Zeddemore... well more Winston, (who got his Ph. D after his life as a Ghostbuster) than Venkman take care of the West Containment Unit. Peter lost sight of what being a Ghostbuster meant and basically has been attempting to whore out the GB brand. The 2016 movie was Venkman's attempt to have a "version" of the Gozer incident "edited for the sake of storytelling and entertainment" with names changed due to interference by the Government. (Namely Walter Peck)

Egon (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) passed away quietly. His ghost kept working at the Firehouse for a few weeks until he realized his own passing. Egon attempts to contact The remaining Busters. (Namely, the remaining originals,  and surviving members of NY Team2) Only Ray and Kylie answer the call. (Yes, I'm kinda making Extreme canon) Now they have to train a new team of Busters to stop a new Ghostly menace that is threatening to overthrow the balance between life and death Starting with the Members of the Ghostbusters. (If Bill Murray wants to be a dick, he can be killed off-screen and have his ghost be played by Dave Coulier.)
The team would be 6 busters, some might be the (adult) kids of some of the Busters from the other Franchises. There would be visual diversity AND Diversity of opinion amongst the team.

The villain's plan could be something about sacrificing the souls of thoae who slayed Gozer and their progeny (not genetic) to bring back the Ancient Summerian deity. This causes the new team to be split in 2 as they trot across the US to save the Ghostbusters from certain doom (and the world). For the final showdown, you have Original Busters, Kylie (representing the toons and 2nd Generation busters), the New Busters stopping this great evil. If Leslie Jones hadn't fired off the handle, the 2016 Busters would've gotten a cameo as well... (they would acknowledge that they are actors who played GB on the screen, but once a Ghostbuster, always a Ghostbuster.)
I'd end the movie with the Original Busters riding off inyo the sunset on Ecto-1 with Kylie becoming the de facto chief of GB

Would this idea be good? I have no clue. The idea was insoired in Aykroyd's plans of having a GB "universe". Instead of simply tying it down to movies; I attempted to make space for a multimedia Universe... Toons, comics, movies, videogames... You name it.

The main problem with Ghostbusters is that the movie itself was a fluke. No matter how you try to reinvent the wheel, itl'll never be as good as the first. To be honest, the idea can thrive as a series, but it wouldn't be cost-effective in live action.

Yes, I'm aware, I made the movie idea a bit convoluted just to canonize everything  (within the movies)  Hell, you could split this in two movies...

Jan 30, 2019

Super7 faux vintage stuff leaked!!

With Toyfair being so close, it's natural for stuff to leak.
Shadow Weaver will show up for the faux vintage line.
Here she is... I know what you're thinking:
"Where's the cape?"
Probably it will be a soft goods item, which will be added to the finished product.

I wonder if that is a reuse of the Man-E-faces lance...
It almost seems like they ARE reusing MOTUC/Club Grayskull stuff... that Emerald staff seems too big for THIS Stratos.

Seems like Trap Jaw is closer to final product than I expected...

Merman is coming as well...
Finally a real Orko... Let's not mention the 80s one...
I don't want to believe this, but it almost feels as if the 2019 license ending rumors are true... These are waay too many A-list guys for a single wave.

Apparently, Ghostbusters 3 is going to be with children

Yes, you read correctly. Children, as in NOT adults being the Ghostbusters...

Why in Vigo the Carpathian's name would they do that?

Hmm... you see where I'm going with this?
I don't know... it's nothing racist, sexist, ageist, or anything like that.
It's simple: Having literal children as Ghostbusters makes no sense.
First there's the whole Proton Pack issue. A nuclear accelerator weighing roughly half of each child stuck to their backs? That's not safe... not to mention illogical to have children wielding these. Then we have the whole transportation issue. They can't  drive, how can they go bust ghosts?

I don't want this to suck, but this is turning into a likely suck-fest...

Jan 29, 2019

Kingdom Hearts 3 first impressions:

Damn, I can't believe it's been over 10 years since Kingdom Hearts 2. Sure there have been oddly named side games that now are important as Hell of the story, otherwise you enter the game with more holes than a chunk of Swiss cheese.

Spoilers: Donald still sucks at healing.

Gameplay feels familiar, but with new gimmicks added and kinda forced into the gameplay.

Skrillex, who is a Kingdom Hearts fan, ruined KH3. His main theme feels very out of place here.

Lack of Final Fantasy people kinda hurts Kingdom Hearts...

4 character party... you no longer can get rid of the duck to have a better guest. And Jack Sparrow is still in this.

I can't wait to see THAT world...
Looks like I won't play with the Bombastic Bagman on Spider-Man, because I'm gonna be playing KH3 for a while.

But seriously, where are the Final Fantasy people?

Jan 27, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: Ultron Repaint is not a bunny.

I got an Ultron on Best Buy, which was cheaper than everywhere else. It's a redeco of the previous Ultron BAF, but I needed an Ultron that wasn't related to Lola Bunny.
In the comics Ultron is A robot woth Hank Pym's brainwave pattern that became evil.
But this is the MCU Ultron, so the Pym stuff is replaced with a Mind Stone creation based on Tony Stark.

Big bad megalomaniac robot either way...

Let's start with Ultron:

He has Standard ML fare... if you own the previous Ultron BAF, then you know what to expect. To my understanding, this Ultron is slightly less limited than the BAF.
He won't pull off JCVD splits, but none of the Hasbro ML that use the non-ball hips can do it either. But, then again, he's Ultron, not Spider-Man...
Ultron: Where are the real Versions of you...
Odinson: Tis us!
Ultron: I mean Riri, Miles and Jane.
Spidey: Screw You Ultron!

  Paint and sculpt:
He has a more blueish hue to him abd a slightly more intricate paintjob. Sadly, his sculpt has suffered a little. Seems like the mold may have suffered from slight degradation... it's not as noticeable without the BAF Ultron next to it. This was brought to my attention by a Figure customizer.
I think it works as slight battle damage/ wear and tear but your mileage may vary.
Sandman: this is for BAFs Only
Ultron: I once was a BAF!!
Thanos: Was that a GI Joe reference?

Ultron has Nothing... not even an extra set of hands. I KNOW the BAF had nothing extra.
This seems like the
Premise of a sitcom with
Paul Reiser

Ultron gets a 4.0 as his final score. He could be better, but he isn't and he kinda works... The BAF can niw be relegated to a spare body by Ultron.

Jan 26, 2019

Club Grayskull She-Ra and Prince Adam news...

Wave 3 is coming around February or something... A review sample pic was leaked early... saw it on Facebook and took it...
That is YOUR She-Ra...
How the Hell did they manage to mess up She-Ra?
The angle on her eyeams a bit way too slanted. Not to mention that her eyes seem like they are trying to escape her face...

Was pretty much my reaction... mames me feel less bad for skipping the wave.

Now Wave 4 has become even more alluring.
Adam will have an interchangeable right hand...

They figures out how to make the sword effect removable on the cartoon accurate sword... preordered Adam from BBTS...

Jan 25, 2019

April will bring Fake She-Ra season 2...

And based on season 1... well, it most likely is gonna suck ass... as a She-Ra show. It won't be bad if we ignore the She-Ra references/characters/lore...

But, here's the thing...
Yes, I have been wanting to make that dad joke for ages...
Despite my dislike for the bastardization of She-Ra by Noelle Stevenson, there is some potential there...
If the Horde starts behaving as a true threat to Etheria,  we COULD have something in our hands... And if more episodes are like No Princess left behind, then it could ALMOST be good.
Guess I better get the popcorn ready for April 26 to see if they will FINALLY Honor Grauskull... better be ready for more Dishonor...

Jan 24, 2019

Storm Collectibles has answered ONE of my prayers...

And the Kombatant with scrotum scented fists is coming...
Not only that, but he is the TRUE John Carlton...
He will look like Daniel Pesina...
This could be his MK1 look... or his MK2 look... though I'm more inclined to believe it's the MK1 look. The hair is what makes me feel  like we're getting Cahe in his "Not copying  JCVD in Bloodsport" short shorts.
Which is kinda confusing. Storm showed the MK2 Liu Kang a while back. Dont make me multi-dip on the same character... (Sub-Zero is an exception, since there are 2 Sub-Zeros with Bi Han and Kuai Liang)
Wait, are we getting a Richard Divizio with hair for Kano?
On Sonya, please use Kerri Hoskins as your Sonya...

Johnny Cage is coming. Must protect my balls.

Some Marvel Legends ideas...

The recently released Kingpin wave has made me crave for some 80's and 90's Marvel goodness... Not to mention some odd choices of characters.
I also know that the X-Men wave for 2019 has Gambit beast and 90s Jubilee... not to mention Forge and also there's  Logan as the Weapon X.
We need to replace the Marvel Legends series 8 Storm from toybiz with a Hasbro made on a silvery gray 90 suit.
That we all pretty much know since I keep mentioning it every time I get a chance.

One of the odd ideas I had was a box set: Bugle under attack!  A 5 figure set with key staff of the Daily Bugle.
The Klaue body is ripe for a J. Jonah Jameson redo... or first do, since a Chameleon head is not Jolly Jonah.
The suit body could be used for Robbie... We HAVE Tombstone,  so there is a reason for Robbie.
Third Bugle staff member would be Betty Brant. Basically using most of the Man-Thing wave Jessica Jones figure and a short-haired Black Widow head from the legendary Riders. Why Betty? Glad I figure that is female and since she was a key member of the Buell that could be displayed with old school Peter or new school Flash Thompson Agent Venom.
Fourth figure of the set with obviously be Peter Parker which again could be made with many of their civilian clothes figures that are available. To make this Peter a bit more special I would toss in a second head with half Peter half Spidey face used on the comics at times. (Not mandatory)
Now the Villain attacking the Bugle is the toughest part of this. I could go for a repaint, like a Classic colors Electro, or Shocker... but that's not Special enough...
I wanna suggest any of the following Characters that require little to zero new tooling:
Doc Ock with lab coat
A True Hammerhead

There's also a certain Legendary Rider that I'd like to see

Smythe with Hoverchair...

So the theoretical  80s/90s goodness isn't  over.
Like sprinkling some 80s and 90s favorites into waves.
Like say: 90s Storm, Jim Lee Cyclops with Leather Jacket, Modular Armor Ironman, Armored Daredevil, Generation X, black suit Kaine... stuff like that.
Even Bone Claws Wolverine would be nice to see.

Jan 22, 2019

Carmen Sandiego Reboot... The rant...

I really want to hear Samuel L. Jackson ask about the whereabouts of Carmen Sandiego.
You know Carmen Sandiego? The series of games, gameshow and animated series that taught children abiut history and geography while attempting to catch the master thief clad in red. Netflix made a reboot.
I was obviously afraid of it yes, mostly  because of Noelle Stevenson's cultural appropriation of She-Ra.
So far I'm 3 and 1/2 episodes in and I'm liking what I'm seeing. I'm not much of a fan of the art style to be honest and it's some of the changes they made to the universe bother me little. Mainly the whole "heroic Carmen" thing.

But the experience so far has been pretty great I mean it has a educational segments it has some cool action and most importantly it respects the property, it respects the previous versions. Something that Noelle Stevenson's Cultural appropriation of She-Ra should have learned from. They even have a scene where they have the new Carmen with the previous Carmen stuck in an elevator as the theme of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? plays. The dialogue between Rita Moreno and Gina Rodriguez was a spiritual passing of the torch; not to mention that the new Carmen steals a red coat and hat from the character Cookie Booker who was voiced by the previous Carmen's VA (Rita Moreno)

Some people are knocking the educational section which is basically an info dump, which pretty much has been done exactly the same way in all the TV incarnations of Carmen Sandiego. Could it be done better? Sure but the problem is, it would stop being something Carmen Sandiego-like.

The best part of this reboot is: I have no idea who's the showrunner. They are not forcing a Carmen/Ivy romance to appease Tumblr. They are NOT interested in the spotlight, instead they are letting the show speak for itself...

The show is obviously made for younger children, but the amount of passion and love in the project, us one of the best bones thrown at us...

Jan 20, 2019

And Leslie Jones is pissed about the Real Ghostbusters movie...

And it's delicious! She's acting all butthurt about it and going on a tirade that is exactly the same thing as the behavior the crew of her movie were mocking.

So insulting. Like fuck us. We dint count," Jones said in a tweet Saturday evening while tagging her co-star Melissa McCarthy, Sony Pictures and Paul Feig. "It’s like something trump would do. (Trump voice)”Gonna redo ghostbusteeeeers, better with men, will be huge. Those women ain’t ghostbusteeeeers” ugh so annoying. Such a dick move. And I don’t give fuck I’m saying something!!
Well, the 2016 movie did the same thing to the original 2 movies. Soooo, yeah... Let's ignore the issue that the 2016 movie DIDN'T get enough money to be successful for the studio... this is all Misogyny! Because that pesky Patriarchy has to ruin everything...

No Leslie, it doesn't work that way. While yes, there were some people that were sexist about it, they were the minority of the "haters". The mayority of people whp "hated 2016" was because they HATE REBOOTS IN GENERAL! Others, simply do not like Feig's directing.

I was against it, the moment they announced Feig, because I knew it would have Melissa McCarthy attached. And after seeing Bridesmaids and a couple of movies with McCarthy, well... I knew I was going to get a movie with humor so low brow that Family Guy would seem as sofisticated as Frasier. Then the "Grl Pwr! Smsh patriarchy" BS started...

The end result was a Yamcha... Had the movie been in hands of a competent director and had it been a sequel instead of a reboot, the "hatred" would've been less.
Hell, if you get a competent writer and director NOT FEIG and make a serious sequel to 2016... by serious sequel, I mean an actual Paranormal movie with comedic elements peppered in for levity; I'd watch it! I would not suppprt a Feig helmed" _________ Movie" parody of Ghostbusters.

Jan 19, 2019

The Pinkertons are after Rockstar Games...

I have a plan, but we need more muneh, Arthur!
Let me get the Red Dead Redemption 2 memes iut of the way, boah! Lumbago! Lenny! Leeeeennay! Has anyome seen Gavin? Tahiti...

Well, the real life Pinkertons are suing Rockstar due to Red Dead Redemption 2.
Something something Red Dead Redemption 2 defamation of the Pinkertons something... it's not like the Agency at the time setting of the RDR games didn't behave like a bunch of government endorsed goons that infiltrated unions to destroy them, or hire thugs to intimidate workers... or killing the 8-year old brother of an Outlaw and maiming their mother...
The shady behavior is on the history books, Pinkertons. Rockstar paints your agency as less evil than the real world version. Not to mention the obvious part of RDR series having stories told FROM THE CRIMINALS' POINT OF VIEW. To a Criminal, Law enforcement agencies are the bad guys.

The MODERN Pinkerton Agency is looking WORSE after this lawsuit, because they are looking like they're shaking up Rockstar for "protection money". Why aren't they going after other movie, song, game companies that have used their name? Seriously, the Pinkerton website has a scrubbed version of their history. Especially the lack of an entry on Homestead Strike or any other unsavory elements of their past shows that their interests are money related.

Besides, the Modern version of the Agency doesn't behave like it did in the 1800s... oh wait... this lawsuit is making them look lile the same thugs they claim they are not... This is as ridiculous as the US Government suing the makers of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter...

Jan 18, 2019

Odds and ends jan 18... Pacino in PR, Ghostbusters 3, MK 11?

I cannot believe that El Diablo himself... no, not the ya tw chingaste wey Diablo... I mean the best guy to play the Devil and the only worthwhile thing from Jack and Jill... Antonio Montana himself... Michael Corleone... the one and Only AL PACINO is gonna be filming in PR. Holy crap...

While the movie is a hostorical drama that I'm not exactly very interested in, the notion that it brought Al Pacino to PR is making me a bit interested in it...

Speaking of movies... Ghostbusters 3 is very likely to haooen now. This is not Aykroyd speaking out of his ass about it. 

That's the teaser. Allegedly coming in 2020 and with the surviving 3 busters reprising their roles of Stantz, Venkman, and Zeddemore. You heard right it's the sequel to GB2 and set in the original universe... directed by the son of the original director.

Of course, this has enraged the wrong people. You know who I'm talking about. Here's a few things I'd like to say to them:

"This movie isn't for you! You don't have to watch it!"
Or how about:
"You're just mad because you can't fap to Chris Hemsworth!"
"You still have your 2016 movie!"
"Stop being a Mewling Quim and let is enjoy this!"
"If you don't like this you're an ageist and sexist bigot!"

Yes, I'm aware that I'm using the same senseless jabs they use. Just because it's so delicious to slap them in the face with their own arguments.

Real fans of the Ghostbusters are open to the Multiverse Theory... especially since the recent comic books by IDW publishing have made a couple of Ghostbusters Multiverse crossovers. In fact the 2016 Ghostbusters even met the original Ghostbusters widely say IDW comic book version of the original Ghostbusters dance there are multiple Dimensions even one crossover now that it has like The Real Ghostbusters cartoon with the IDW Ghostbusters with the 2016 Ghostbusters and pretty much every Ghostbusters in any continuity coming together.
Not to mention that Dan Aykroyd and Amy Pascal from Sony have also hinted at a Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe spanning across Dimensions timelines etcetera etcetera.

Besides I don't know why they are complaining it we already know that Aykroyd Hudson and Murray are getting old and going to deal with them getting old and passing on the torch when new team of Ghostbuster. IT'S  most likely is going to be the most Progressive team ever having men,  women, possibly a dude in a wheelchair... wait is this extreme Ghostbusters? Oooh snap! A cartoon was more Progressive than the 2016 movie will you look at that?

There are some franchises universes that you can reboot easily and there will be no problem case in point most of the Marvel Universe most of the DC Universe certain video game movies Etc. There are others like say Ghostbusters or Back to the Future that you cannot simply reboot because they were a product of its time and at the moment we caught lightning in a bottle and it's cannot be replicated look at Ghostbusters 2 or Back to the Future 3. What Feig did was reboot a beloved property that no one asked for. Had he done the continuation for a new generation it might have been a lot better received but they basically said screw the originals we're doing our own thing and with him at the helm we got queef, bukkake jokes. Not exactly Ghostbusters material.

With that said Reitman only mentioned that he wanted to do his movie in the original Universe and he did not discount the 2016 Universe which could get sequels.

I am so ready to test my might

What I am not ready for is Ronda Rousey as Sonya.
She'd be much better if she was mocapping Sonya's moves, because she's a good if not great fighter... Acting... she should stick to fighting.

Jan 17, 2019

Diversity vs Tokenism... Why is it so hard to understand?

Diversity is a "hot topic" right now. We see people "praising it" whenever a reboot is made to justify racial, or any physical changes on characters.
For example: Making Jimmy Olsen black is "Diversity". Hell, no!!  That's lazy racebending to appeal to slacktivists.
Simon Baz, the Muslim Green Lantern is Diversity.
John Stewart, the African American Green Lantern is Diversity.
Jessica Cruz is Diversity
Kyle Rayner is Diversity...
They ADDED to their mythos... although some were meant as a replacement, but the GL corps can expand and accept multiple members, especially on a problematoc sector like 2814.
Diversity is not switching races or removing characters  because "they are the wrong race". Diversity is MUCH MORE than checking out boxes from a checklist. When you're too busy filling out checklists, that's Tokenism.
Most modern shows that toot their progressive horn about diversity are Tokenists. Hell, I could say that "problematic 80s cartoons made to sell toys" are more diverse, than say... Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriations of She-Ra.
Yes, you heard correctly... or read, keep forgetting that it's written word.

That's right, GI Joe is diverse as hell.  This was greatly in part by Larry Hama, who pretty much made the entire 80s GI Joe roster and created backgrounds for pretty much all the characters. Even if the character designs by Hasbro looked like Village People rejects at times. That is because they went BEYOND simply the physical aspect or the "social justice checkbox".
As much as I disagree with Momoa playing Aquaman (he played The Momoa Merman) the movie Justified Momoa as Aquaman by having him being Jango Fett's son. Meanwhile Orm looked more like Classic Aquaman.  It makes sense within the rules of said universe.
When your characters have little personality like say: the fat lesbian, or the black lesbian, you have tokens.
Yes, I am taking jabs at fake She-Ra since it was touted super mega Progressive and all we got were tokens. Maaaayyybe they'll flesh them out in Season two, but based on season one... not likely. Seriously, you have the Official interracial homosexual couple and you reduce them to background props!?

A Rabbi, a Priest and an Atheist are more diverse than the Token array most "social justice slacktivists" claim to want.

What's the better character:
- a warrior surrounded by superhuman warriors that have magical powers beyond mere mortals. In order to compensate for his lack of superhuman abilities, he augments his arsenal with some high tech equipment, not to mention skills in prestidigitation, escapism, basic hypnotic suggestion. He also has keen understanding of verbal and non verbal communication , which he uses to defuse tense situations via humor or diplomacy.

-Black gay best friend, bit of a nerd and may tinker with stuff.

Both describe Tyrone, the fake Bow. One hypes the character, selling his abilities and how in a weird way he is the heart (no pun intended) of the Rebellion. The other points out all the checkboxes he can fill.

"Muh diversity" is not a reason with weight to change a character.  Especially  if that literally changes ALL of the character's traits.  You need to sell the characters, make it seem like some thought was put into the characters when "modifying them" to a modern audience. If your "diversity" is only skin deep or what kind of gender they are attracted to, then all you have is a token.

But if for some reason you complain about wishy washy race changes from Tokenism,  you are a bigot.
Does not compute... wanting characters from different walks of life ,with different mentalities, and different cultures is somehow bigoted!? Ghostbusters 2016 was exactly the same thing they did all these changes for "muh diversity" yet everything stayed the same: three white women and a black stereotype... OK that was worse than the original. You get the idea. If you criticize the movie you were a bigot...  in any case for the perennially offended people who love to toot their Progressive horn: Tokenism bad diversity Beyond skin color or sexual orientation is GOOD. Don't accept tokens, accept well-rounded characters that happen to be a certain minority but don't accept tokens, please!

Jan 16, 2019

Too little Fishbowl, too much Gyllenhaal...

Spider-Man far from Home got a trailer released.
Here's the good, the bad, the ugly, and Zendaya stealing a role made for Bella Thorne.

The Good:
Spidey... Tom Holland may not be perfect, but he is a great balance of Tobey and Garfield. He still nails it as a combo of past spideys.

Monday To Friday Samuel L. Monkey loving Jackson...

The possibility of Morrie Bench being in the movie.

Mysterio looks CLOSE ENOUGH to comic book Mysterio... Just put on the Fishbowl some more and paint the torso green.

The bad:
They completely changed Mysterio and it's odd having the planned Replacement for Tobey being in this.

Happy Hogan becoming the substitute for Edwin Jarvis. And the possibility of Aunt May sex is real... and now you just made a mental picture of Favreau banging Tomei...
Be thankful this isn't the comics... which BTW, comic book May banged Otto Octavius...

The Ugly:
Is that Sandman? Mysterio... possibly Sandman and Hydroman? Too many villains!! Abort! Abort!
If it's neither of them, then the Mystwrio being like a Doctor Strange Jr. Thing is rwal and Blegh!

And the Zendaya is not MJ, stop trying to make her MJ:
Zendaya still sucks. She is not MJ and shouldn't have been cast as MJ.

But despite all that I DO WANT TO SEE THIS!!

It came from the Toy chest: 6 armed Spider-Man

Spidey: what are you two up to?
Morbius and Lizard: Nothing!
Spidey: Whatever it is cut it out!
You two being together caused me
A lot of trouble last time...
No witty title or punny remark... I'm afraid. This time Spidey is dangerous and overarmed...
So, Parker tried to cure himself from his Spideyness and developed 4 more arms by accident. While fighting Morbius, he figures out an antidote for his situation with the help of Doctor Curt Connors whose mind was currently functioning normally from inside the Lizard (due to a bite from Morbius. )
Spidey:*Wilhelm scream*

He has extra arms, boot cut, but everything else lost a big deal. He cannot do ANY of the Spider poses I use to test if a Spidey figure is good:
Web Yoyo
Crouch pose
MVC stance
He fails them all. Why is that? Lack of torso articulation. I understand that the torso had to be sacrificed for the arms, BUT the vanilla posed torso cancels all the point of 0posability... I have a bad feeling that Doppelganger will be made reusing this torso.
That's as dynamic as

Paint and sculpt:
For some reason, they reused the head, arms and legs from an Amazing Spider-Man figure... as in the Andrew Garfield ASM. Thus means etched webbing... unpainted  and texture on his blue areas and shorter than normal Spideys. The red has a mild orange tinge in person. It looks Happy Meal toy... So Captain Paintbrush was summoned to give him a black wash to paint the webbing. The End result is reminiscent of a sloppy Toy Biz era wash only on the red. Gray was used on the blue areas of the suit, where muscles are located.

After the repaint, the inferior sculpt is almost palatable.
2.0  before Repaint 2.5 after repaint.

Nothing, zilch, nada, the big goose egg.

2.5 or 2.75 for six armed Spidey.  Figure was supposed to be a hit and ended up veing the biggest miss of the wave. It sucked the fun out of getting him harder than Kirby sucks his enemies in Smash or the Kirby games.

Jan 15, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: I did not hit her! ohai Thor!

Marvel Legends and Domestic Violence for 500, Alex!

This insect them-

Who is Hank Pym?

Yes, Hank Pym, the Original Ant Man...
One of the founding members of the Avengers reduced to a Domestic Violence reference. That's why the MCU shied away from Pym and used Scott Lang as Antman.

Janet Van Dyne, wife of Hank Pym and victim of domestic violence is the Original Wasp. Since the MCU shied away from Pym as  Antman, Van Dyne suffered the same fate. Hence the Scott and Hope thing.

Pym is on the Pizza Spidey body, which means he has all the Hasbro Marvel Legends articulation, minus boot cut, but in its place he gets butterfly pectoral articulation... great for domestic violence poses. Yes, I'm beating this dead horse worse than Pym beat Janet...

Janet on the other hand is on the standard female body except the torso, which has wing holes to plug in the wings.

Paint and sculpt:
It's the little details that make them pop. In Hank's case, the added belt and Helmet help disguise the Spidey body.
For Janet the wings do a Marvelous job of distracting me to forget the fact that she's mega vanilla. Holy shit! Her face is Domino's repainted! Well played Hasbro...
Unfortunately bith figures have some slight slop issues.

They have each other... Antman has a tiny Wasp and viceversa.

Pym fares a bit better with a 4.5 compared to Janet's 4.33.
The problem still lies on female figures having worse articulation than the males.

Jan 14, 2019

Aunt May has cancer and Paramount is rebooting the TMNT

Thanks to a small slip of the tongue, the idea of a TMNT reboot was revealed to the public. I'm excited yet afraid.
Bay is still a Producer... Rise of the TMNT exists and could influence the movie. Personally, they need to go back to basics. And I mean truly back to basics, as in the earliest Eastman and Laird kind of basics. Like, sure, you can have 2 Purple Dragons wearing Bebop and Rocksteady outfits as a nod to fans (and potential sequels) but you keep the movie Mostly Mirage based. Even starting with the red bandanas until April teaches the boys some individuality.

What I'd do for this first movie is literally base it on the first two Mirage comics.
I'd start like in the 90s movie with the reports on crime striking New York, which would be what Splinter uses to test his students. The turtles have their skirmish with the Dragons and return home where Splinter is watching a morning show segment where the Mousers are shown.

We get Baxter's betrayal. He has been working with the Purple Dragons and a mysterious third party to commit multiple robberies. April tries to escspe via a storm drain and Stockman sends the Mousers. The turtles save her, we get the Origin of Splinter and the TMNT. Baxter makes his plans for destroying key buildings throughout the city.
(Bonus points if the voice distorter used gives him a fly-like voice)

The turtles stop Baxter's plot with April when personnel from Oroku Securities extract Stockman. The CEO of Oroku Securities is none other than Oroku Saki, the Shredder. The turtles challenge Saki to a duel for the honor of the Hamato family. They fight the Ashinin (Foot Ninja) when the Shredder appears:
"Kon'ya wa kamesūpu o tabemasu" are his first words before nearly beating up the Turtles.
The turtles, eventually beat Shredder and give him a chance to commjt seppuku, but the Shtedder was a body double who blows himself up in an attempt to kill the turtles.

The turtles barely escape and return home. At Oroku Securities, Saki chastises Stockman for his terrorist plot which ruined Shtedder's plans. Stockman is dismissed and Saki answers a call from a Mr. Krang from the Techno Global Research Institute.

You have a MOSTLY Mirage TMNT but with nods to the 1987 and 2003 cartoons with a set up for a sequel with Casey and Mutants.

The test results came back and Aunt May definitely has cancer. I used a reference from The Room! And this shocking revelation reeks of a cheap stunt... Last time they put May close to death, Peter went to the Devil for help.
The time before that she was replaced by an actress...
Marvel doesn't have the stones to teuly kill Aunt May.

Brolly: The rant *spoilers*

saw DBS Brolly yesterday. I'm torn about it. While I haven't seen the entire DBS, I was up to speed with certain events. The previous Brolly OVAs seem to no longer be canon... or as canonical as those OVAs can be, which is not much.
What I'm saying is that they retconned the living daylights out of Brolly. He is not triggered by Kakarotto. In fact, this new Brolly has a bit of backstory that almost makes you sympathetic towards Brolly... I will go into spoilers after the jump.

Jan 12, 2019

The MOTU movie that is supposed to come out this year has some news.

IF it makes it this year, it'll be an even bigger mess than the 1987 movie or Street Fighter... the good one, not the one with Kristin Kreuk...

Well, the movie that didn't have a director, writer, or cast has gotten a set of directors and writers.
The Nee brothers are still on this and now we have Art Marcum and Matt Holloway... they did Ironman as writers.

We still have no cast, no finished scripts, nothing...
That December 2019 date seems like such an impossible date now.

This is turning into a stinkbomb...

Jan 10, 2019

MOTUC Wave 3 Speculation rant

Next month will be New York Toy Fair where the third wave of Masters of the Universe Classics Collector's Choice will be revealed. There's a lot of mystery regarding just wave since it has been delayed for a long time and we don't know if it's going to be a 4 figure wave like previous waves or if it'll have this six figure wave "we need to rush everything before the end" theme.

There have been rumors that this wave will be based around the 1987 Dolph Lundgren movie and if true then we could say that He-Man Teela Man at Arms Skeletor beastman and evil Lyn will be the figures.

There's a part of me that would be delighted to get those variants and close the line with that even if we miss out on completing new adventures of He-Man. But I would rather have a more varied Wave 3 and then way for being the one that's closest to line cuz there's too many characters missing. I want my Kayo my songster my scrollos My Etherian Rebel Josh to kind of round up the line maybe Crimson Fury you know those types of obscure 80s and maybe early 90's characters because Super7 doesn't do anything from 200x and Beyond.

We can discard Filmation because Super7 didn't get the memo on how to MOTUC.

So this will be an exercise on what I'd like to see versus what I'd  expect from S7.

Assuming this will be a six-figure wave and it's not based on the 1987 movie this is what I'd like to see:

Garn (Mini comics) just to "finish the wave" so to speak since we got Lodar.

Kayo (New adventures)  a house of rants favorite and core NA hero.

Slamurai (concept) rounds up the "strobo wave".

Hoove (New Adventures)  he completes Karatti.

Songster (Power Tour) I want a spoony bard, OK?

Lady Slither: (Neitlichverse) token female, evil and a monster... super7 may fall for that.

These are the ones I want without using Filmation, 200X or anything modern aside MOTUC canon that have potential to sell...

What I'd  expect from S7:

Masks of power monsters... (2 slots)

Staghorn  (New Adventures)

Songster  (power tour) and someone at s7 likes Songster.

Filmationized Hunga the Harpy, because the universe hates me.

Some obscure concept character... want to say A Manotaur because it's amongst the most hipster choices available.

While the pool of characters is getting smaller, especially with S7 changing the rules. It becomes harder to speculate, because of their awkward choices.

Jan 9, 2019

In Kansas they take Mario Kart to a whole new Level

And in all fairness, this is beyond awesome! You know those big stadium screens that often reveal affairs, employees skipping work, and other things that shouldn't be done... well One was used to play a Mario Kart tournament... The stadium was not in use,  because of the Off-season period for the MLB.

I guess this was an unorthodox method to test the screen, but it IS a cool one. I mean it's not like they were watching hentai on it. Know of a guy who used his school library AV equipment to do so. I'm not going to give any names but I'm 100% sure that you have read his blog... well you are doing it right now. But think about it... if given a chance to play a videogame in that gigantic screen, wouldn't you?

Odds and ends Jan.9 2019: Barbie Quinn, Super7, and stuff...

Margot Robbie is officially Barbie. I could've sworn this was old news. In any case she is Barbie now. The article barely acknowledged the existence of MOTU...

This is NOT THE MOVIE WE NEED, NOR DESERVE... I just don't want it to be a turd.

And Super7 is REALLY tempting me...
The accessories of the Filmation wave 4...
And the Thing is that I'm torn... I want Stratos, Adam, and Weaver... but the Wave 3 of Classics is holding me back. Have until Friday to make up my mind... (I know the presale ends on the 31st, but I have to make up my mind ASAP)

Seriously!? A second Filmation power sword that looks Filmation accurate!?

Duuuuude! Hoverchair Charles is coming on March! Perfect Birthday present for me! He's available for preorder now.

Jan 6, 2019

Super7 Filmation wave 4 is a 6 figure wave...

And it goes on sale tomorrow until the 31st. Payment plan will be available.
Super7 I am disappoint.
Really? Kittrina?
She doesn't belong here. She's Collector's Choice material... well, once she goes through the Classicizer, I mean. As she is now, she is trash. Yeah, you heard right. Think about it...
Remember the rumor about the rights reverting to Mattel in late 2019 or early 2020? This makes it seem plausible.
They've been twiddling their thumbs with 3 waves of four and now barely a month after the last presale, boom a six figure wave?  With Kittrina?

You KNOW I'M RIGHT! if this is the final wave, then:
Where is Ram Man to round up the Core Heroic Warriors?
Where are Leech and Catra to round up the Evil Horde?
Hell! Where are Bow and Glimmer just to pretend we have a Tiny Rebellion?

Adam is a total rip-off... he's literslly Gay Joke Adam with a repainted sword and head.

Modulok and Roboto, I kinda get... both were part of the same episode. But they... well, Roboto is a low tier dude.

Stratos is As basic as Bologna, but he is a core dude.

Shadow Weaver is the jewel here. I see many buying 1 extra over the set tp use on their classics shelves.
Looks like Ill just get Weaver, Stratos and maybe Adam through BBTS.

It came from the Toy Chest: paint it purple and add tech bits to it please?

Not mine
Or reuse her for Dino Riders!
I am of course talking about the Colossal T-REX from Jurassic World! She was supposed to be the ending  Last year's Advent Calendar... but she was not ready at the time.

She's Huge! Im talking longer than Grayskull... the Castle, not the King. He's way bigger than I thought.

My plan was to customize the heck out of it to make a Tyrantisaur... Now I'm not sure. Let's get cracking!

This Creature is NOT super articulated. Mouth, rotating pin on shoulders, legs, ankles and a weird hinge joint on his tail. Do I count the hinge on the stomach to remove the eaten items?

Paint and sculpt:
Look at it! It's a Gigantic T-REX!!
What else can I say about it? I've never seen a T-REX in real life, so I don't know what thwu look like.
But it looks like the Iconic Jurassic Parl T-REX!

The T-REX gets a 4.0 as her final score. She kicks so much butt despite the limited Articulation. Look at it next to He-Man... This is amazing... shame that Mattel isn't doing MOTUC anymore...

Jan 5, 2019

Random Marvel Legends thoughts

As you may be aware, Hasbro has been killing it with Marvel Legends. But thwre is a part of me that is screaming: " You can do better! Just give me a 90s Storm! And an actual classic suit Magneto!"
It also screams for a Generation X Emma Frost, because the full lingerie Emma ain't happening, bub!

Johnny Storm... Look at how easy it is to make one.
I got the head from Starwarsgeek Customs and a spare Reed body from ebay. Hand and flames werw borrowed from Flamed On Human Torch.
What I'm getting at is how easy it is to make a Flamed Off Johnny Storm.
He's literally a new head. Hasbro can reuse the buck used for Torch with standard lower legs without flames sculpted. Add 2 flaming hands and the Torch head painted as if Johnny was flaming on and a few clip-on flames as extra accessories... boom!

Same thing can be said about Bagman. Literally Spidey buck repainted in F4 pattern with Submariner feet and a new head.

I could mention the lack of a True Hulk. Last Hulks have been movie figures. None has been a true blue, or in this case Green Comic Book Classic Hulk. Heck! We haven't received a Cho Hulk.
Speaking of subpar imitators, where IS IRONFART? She only got a statue but no figure...
Wait, did I just ask for a Riri? Might as well ask for the Mud Thing now...

It seems like the "Vintage ToyBiz" carded figures are how Hasbro is giving us the Iconic looks for some characters.
Here's hoping for an Iconic Classic Thor... also a Model 13 armor Ironman. Spider Armor... the original one!

I kinda feel like I'm retreading, but we kinda need Core teams completed preferably in their Iconic looks.
We have Ock, Mysterio, Sandman... Kinda Electro, Kraven... we are missing a Classic Looking or close to Classic Looking Vulture... to complete the 6. Or replace all the ToyBiz versions... I'm pretty sure some of you cannot wait to replace the Galactus wave Charles with a Hoverchair Charles and a new Gambit, Storm, and Beast to have a 90s X-Men display.

Heck! Maybe revisiting characters in kooky costumes could be a nice idea... *cough*Frightful Four Samdman*cough*

Into the Spider-Verse: The Spider-Rant

To say that this rant comes from the one and only A. Nefty, master of rants would be an understatement. Because no one can rant like me. I have the best words and use them bigly...
Why am I quoting failed Presidential Candidate Donald K. Trump? So, into the Spiderverse:
It's a really interesting movie that shows us the potential for a Miles Morales movie... *Gha!* Kid, you got to take over for me... while I rest for a bit... *dead*
OK, let's start from the beginning:
My name is Carlos Cruz and I can now rant like the late Nefty.  He was about to rant about Into the Spiderverse when the Purple Neitlich killed him. Jesus Christ! Is that a balder, flabbier Nefty?

-I can hear you, you know? And unlike Spiderverse there's no chance for me to be with Bia... I burned that bridge so hard by being an idiot and I have no chance in hell...

Now it's time for the one TRUE 616 Nefty to rant...
Please let Nefty Noir be voiced by Christopher Walken...
So, into the Spiderverse can be described in two words:
Abanico, Servicio... that's fan service for those impaired in Español.
The movie is a love letter to Spider-Man, despite having Peter be such a loser.
Miles is likable and relatable... unlike Riri... Yes it's a jab towards Ironfart, who hasn't had a chance to become an OK character because Bendis keeps making her a Mary Sue... Unlike Miles who's had struggles and limitations as a character DESPITE having a superior powerset than Peter.
This has to do with the movie. Throughout most of it, Miles is having struggles with his new abilities, who he is, and the Responsibility entrusted to him by the dying Chris Pine Peter Parker.

Miles has his ups, his downs,  but in the end he finally finds what he needs in order to become a Spider-Man. This ride is a VERY ENJOYABLE ONE and it's peppered with nods towards fans of Spidey... Hell, I want an Olivia Octavius figure Now.

I would dare say that this is the best Spider-Man movie by SONY.
Also stay after the credits... you have 2099 reasons to do so.

Jan 4, 2019

B-Flynn is toying with my emotions...

Seems like the delay rumor might be true... not sure if it involves movie figures, but B-Flynn had to answer a question from an obsessed stalker.

Classics wave 3 will be revealed by Toy Fair... but that was an old rumor. But that's not the shocker... THIS IS:
Seems like B-Flynn is toying with Shadow Weaver, Modulok, Roboto, Stratos, and Gay Joke Adam...
That's 5 figures... I need Stratos and I'll gladly get an extra Shadow Weaver. Don't care much for Filmation Roboto but he could be used as a backup for that Classics Roboto.

You still owe me a wave 3 of the TRUE MOTUC...

Jan 2, 2019

Jason David Frank wants to become a wrestler now.

Since Chicken Man Punk won't fight the Power Ranger on the Octagon, JDF has decided to go into the Squared Circle.

Sure he's fighting on an indie association, but he could make the jump to the big leagues if he plays his cards right...

I hope he clears the rights issues to use one of these as his entrance theme

Or at least this

Looks like I'm done with MOTU...

Super7 seems to have focused on Club Grayskull and completely ignored the True hero, MOTUC.
They announced a coming soon reveal for Filmation wave 4. Collector's Choice is MIA. If that's where the brand is headed, count me out. If wave 4 has Ram Man and Stratos, I'll get them via BBTS and I can consider the line "complete". The only way I see myself buying the wave is if it's made of:
Count Marzo

If I skipped a wave with FISTO, MANTENNA, GRIZZLOR, AND FREAKING SHE-RA... What makes you think I won't skip wave 4?

The thing that pisses me off the most is that they're making Neitlich look good... "I gave up in two years like he said I would..." That REALLY pisses me off! I WANTED the brand to thrive and prosper, but I won't  spend over $200 for stuff I don't want... especially with the bad QC, warped molds that turn the beautiful prototypes by the 4horsemen into turds that are barely recognizable. Then the year-long wait for the product that I have to pay in advance. And the headaches that involve the shipping of said items. (Last 3 orders all had address mistakes on the label, yet the invoice inside has ALl the correct info)

I tried supporting SOME of the Filmation stuff like the Gay Joke Adam, or Malibu Stacy with a new hat He-Man, but no more. It's Collector's Choice or nothing for me.

Now I've been on a couple of fansites and facebook groups and there have been a few rumors regarding Collector's Choice wave 3. I'm going to comment on the top 4 rumors.

Rumor #1: The delay on the wave is due to certain shuffling on Super7 's part.
This rumor uses the notion that Filmation outsells Collector's Choice... Which to be fair, makes sense, due to Filmation offering A and B listers, while Collector's Choice is visiting the obscure and they're afraid of visiting anything more recent than 1992. They could totally inject a bit of life to CC if they reevaluate their opinions on modern variants. But this means that Wave 3 may be the last wave and the reshuffling is to get the best of the rest  on this "final wave".

If this is true, I can respect it... I don't like it, but it KINDA makes sense. I believe they are wrong, but money talks and all that.

Rumor #2: They are merging the lines and CC will mostly be More Filmation with 1 or 2 figures from other eras.
As see. On Wave 2, which was half Filmation and the level of details from the Filmation characters was reduced to a place where the characters could walk both lines.

If this is true, I'm  out. It bothers me when Marvel Legends makes a BAF I want, but fills the wave with figures I don't want... *coufh*Nearly all the Deadpools I now own!*cough* it would bother me a lot to do it in an adult collector line that I must prepay for them.

Rumor #3: Collector's Choice has been cancelled but they are keeping it quiet.

If this is true, then looks like the Kingpin baf wave has received the funds it needed to be bought... Hasbro would be really glad about this.

Rumor #4: Collector's Choice has been delayed due to a few kinks regarding certain rights... 1987 movie wave.

Well IF That rumor about the Movie wave is true...

And yes, a 1987 movie wave or two might be the booster shot that Collector's Choice needs.

But all these are just rumors. There could be some truth in them, or they could be lies. We can't know until we get more info.