Jan 2, 2019

Looks like I'm done with MOTU...

Super7 seems to have focused on Club Grayskull and completely ignored the True hero, MOTUC.
They announced a coming soon reveal for Filmation wave 4. Collector's Choice is MIA. If that's where the brand is headed, count me out. If wave 4 has Ram Man and Stratos, I'll get them via BBTS and I can consider the line "complete". The only way I see myself buying the wave is if it's made of:
Count Marzo

If I skipped a wave with FISTO, MANTENNA, GRIZZLOR, AND FREAKING SHE-RA... What makes you think I won't skip wave 4?

The thing that pisses me off the most is that they're making Neitlich look good... "I gave up in two years like he said I would..." That REALLY pisses me off! I WANTED the brand to thrive and prosper, but I won't  spend over $200 for stuff I don't want... especially with the bad QC, warped molds that turn the beautiful prototypes by the 4horsemen into turds that are barely recognizable. Then the year-long wait for the product that I have to pay in advance. And the headaches that involve the shipping of said items. (Last 3 orders all had address mistakes on the label, yet the invoice inside has ALl the correct info)

I tried supporting SOME of the Filmation stuff like the Gay Joke Adam, or Malibu Stacy with a new hat He-Man, but no more. It's Collector's Choice or nothing for me.

Now I've been on a couple of fansites and facebook groups and there have been a few rumors regarding Collector's Choice wave 3. I'm going to comment on the top 4 rumors.

Rumor #1: The delay on the wave is due to certain shuffling on Super7 's part.
This rumor uses the notion that Filmation outsells Collector's Choice... Which to be fair, makes sense, due to Filmation offering A and B listers, while Collector's Choice is visiting the obscure and they're afraid of visiting anything more recent than 1992. They could totally inject a bit of life to CC if they reevaluate their opinions on modern variants. But this means that Wave 3 may be the last wave and the reshuffling is to get the best of the rest  on this "final wave".

If this is true, I can respect it... I don't like it, but it KINDA makes sense. I believe they are wrong, but money talks and all that.

Rumor #2: They are merging the lines and CC will mostly be More Filmation with 1 or 2 figures from other eras.
As see. On Wave 2, which was half Filmation and the level of details from the Filmation characters was reduced to a place where the characters could walk both lines.

If this is true, I'm  out. It bothers me when Marvel Legends makes a BAF I want, but fills the wave with figures I don't want... *coufh*Nearly all the Deadpools I now own!*cough* it would bother me a lot to do it in an adult collector line that I must prepay for them.

Rumor #3: Collector's Choice has been cancelled but they are keeping it quiet.

If this is true, then looks like the Kingpin baf wave has received the funds it needed to be bought... Hasbro would be really glad about this.

Rumor #4: Collector's Choice has been delayed due to a few kinks regarding certain rights... 1987 movie wave.

Well IF That rumor about the Movie wave is true...

And yes, a 1987 movie wave or two might be the booster shot that Collector's Choice needs.

But all these are just rumors. There could be some truth in them, or they could be lies. We can't know until we get more info.

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