Jan 6, 2019

Super7 Filmation wave 4 is a 6 figure wave...

And it goes on sale tomorrow until the 31st. Payment plan will be available.
Super7 I am disappoint.
Really? Kittrina?
She doesn't belong here. She's Collector's Choice material... well, once she goes through the Classicizer, I mean. As she is now, she is trash. Yeah, you heard right. Think about it...
Remember the rumor about the rights reverting to Mattel in late 2019 or early 2020? This makes it seem plausible.
They've been twiddling their thumbs with 3 waves of four and now barely a month after the last presale, boom a six figure wave?  With Kittrina?

You KNOW I'M RIGHT! if this is the final wave, then:
Where is Ram Man to round up the Core Heroic Warriors?
Where are Leech and Catra to round up the Evil Horde?
Hell! Where are Bow and Glimmer just to pretend we have a Tiny Rebellion?

Adam is a total rip-off... he's literslly Gay Joke Adam with a repainted sword and head.

Modulok and Roboto, I kinda get... both were part of the same episode. But they... well, Roboto is a low tier dude.

Stratos is As basic as Bologna, but he is a core dude.

Shadow Weaver is the jewel here. I see many buying 1 extra over the set tp use on their classics shelves.
Looks like Ill just get Weaver, Stratos and maybe Adam through BBTS.

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