Nov 28, 2010

We interrupt this It Came from the Toy Chest Combo

The tags kinda spoil why we interrupt the Grizzlor Review.
The video kinda gives a hint as who kicked the bucket.
If you still haven't figured it out, Leslie Nielsen died of pneumonia.
If I recall correctly he was kind of a regular in the last season of Golden Girls...
Thanks a lot for entertaining me throughout my lifetime, Mr. Nielsen. Rest in Peace.
I know the Article is a bit short, but come on! Frank Drebin is no longer with us.

It came from the Toy Chest: More stuff from Mattel.

Weapons Pack Numero Dos is here! Remember to click on the pics to read the comic.
This is what we have:
Merman Armor, "Corn Sword" and Trident in what Mattel calls "200X" Colors. (3)
200X Colors would've been if it was in copper instead of that dull gold.
They kinda look OK... Except the Armor... It looks off.
We also have Whiplash's weapons in Gold (2). The Spear perfect for Randor and the 200X Spork of Doom... Well let's just say that wasted plastic does not even scratch the surface on my thoughts regarding that item.
We also get He-Man Shield and Axe in Faker Colors (2) These should have come with Faker in the first place.
Sword of Protection in Two tones like He-Man's Power Sword (1). Great Idea! ruined by the "China" tampograph...
Optikk Shield and Gun (2). Probably to use on Kronis
Evil Lyn Weapons: Dagger, Short Staff, Long staff, swappable crystal ball headpiece (4). Not Quite 200X as Mattel wants us to believe. I've no use for them at the moment.
Zoar Perch and Stand to match Screeech! (2)
Roboto's Attachments in Trap Jaw Colors (3)
19 items in total...

While this set is slightly LESS random than WP#1 This one is too specific on the planned owners of said items. Some of the colors seem a bit more thought out, yet they fail miserably. (Merman armor and Evil Lyn weapons come to mind.)
Others are ruined by Mattel's "China" tampographs being too noticeable.

As always the score is based on a scale 1-5. 1= Wasted plastic that coudl've been put to better use... (Justin Bieber Doll I'm looking at you.) 5= Super mega awesomest Toy thing ever!! (a really awesome MOTUC scale Castle Grayskull type of thing.)
The Sculpt is awesome... Hats off to the 4H. Paint... as with the WP #1 Captain Paintbrush will have to go through a lot of them before being useful to me. 2.0

Merman's Armor already got a repaint in order for me to use it. Optikk's shield is on its way also the Roboto Attachments and She-Ra's sword. So far the Faker Weapons, King Randor's Spear, Zoar's perch and armor are the only items that will NOT be repainted...

The set itself is not bad. It does have some sweet items. The China tampograph and some color choices knocked a few points off.

Nov 27, 2010

It came from the Toy Chest: Convoluted past history of He-man edition.

I'm back with a brand new It Came from the Toy Chest. The toy is a bit Christmas-y looking, but HE HAS THE POWER!!
It's King Grayskull, He-Man's Ancestor or the guy whose Power Adam calls for.
OK, now that we got the nice video out of the way let's move on with the review.
Who Is King Grayskull? I said that he's He-Man's Ancestor, but he's not the ORIGINAL Ancestor of He-Man. That would be He-Ro: The most Powerful Wizard in the Universe.

In the late 80s Mattel was trying to make an expansion to the He-Man line. This sub-line was going to be called: The Power of Grayskull. They were planning to tell us the origin of He-Man's Power. The answer was He-Ro, Whose name was rumored to be Gray of the Skull Tribe. Fast forward to the early 2000s. The Four Horsemen were trying to get the ball rolling with redesigning MOTU for a new line. One of the new concepts for He-Man looked like the man we know as King Grayskull. The MYP staff liked that design so much that they used it as an ancestor to He-Man. Unknown to them that ancestor already existed as He-Ro. The video above was made (by someone else) using clips from the MYP episode: The Power of Grayskull.

For the MOTUC line Mattel combined BOTH of He-Man's origins. He-Ro (Whose Real name is Ro) came from Space... He was carrying the Trollan Sword of He... (As in Orko's people... He means Power in Trollan. That means that He-Ro is Power Ro, He-Man is Power-Man, etc... BTW The Sword Sparkles like Edward...)
He-Ro fought evil on Eternia with the help of King D'Vann Grayskull. He-Ro died fighting someone and gave the Sword of He to King Grayskull. When King Grayskull died fighting Hordak, he made the sword respond only to his heir. Then the sword split in 2 and an orb of energy took Castle Grayskull as its home.

Now unto the figure itself.
As always the scale for the reviews is 1 to 5. One being sucky toy that made me waste money on it and 5 being most awesomest toy in the history of toys?

Articulation: KG has the standard MOTUC Articulation. He's basically He-Man with a longer loincloth, different Harness, Taller boots and a cape. MOTUC He-Man is basically a reuse of the KG mold. 4.0

Paint/Sculpt: The 4 Horsemen outdid themselves here. They've made a modern toy looking like a vintage KG. The paint is minimal (since Mattel is very stingy on paint apps.) but it works.
3.5. He lost a bit since the cape loses some detail by the flocking... More on the flocking later. I may dislike the Santa color scheme but that big glob of white paint near the bottom of the cape is unacceptable. *UPDATE!* The color Scheme was Mattel's inside job. The 4H had nothing to do with it. The Flocking was Toyguru's Idea... (Mattel's brand manager) It still does not change my opinion on the color scheme.

Accessories: Here we have his armor (which is removeable for the first time ever) His flocked cape, a new partially sparkly full sword a Blue Plasitc Marble with nowhere to put it and two half swords...

He gets a 4.0 The Halfswords work a LOT better than expected, the full sword is cool... kinda reminds me of the Master Sword of The Legend of Zelda games. Perfect for Adam's Transformation.
Overall KG gets a: 3.83 He lost a bit because of the sheer randomness of the orb of Power and the flocking flock. The worst part of it is that it's white, so it'll get real dirty, really fast. I deflocked the cape (It was easy I just dunked the sucker in warm water and a bit of brushing... Voila!)

King Grayskull kinda reminds me of Dolph Lundgren's He-Man.
*update! #2!* This KG allows for an easy "200X" He-Man (as seen on the Weapons pack #2 It came from the toy chest)

Nov 24, 2010

American show turned into Anime.

Normally I'm against turning American shows into Japanese Shows, but we've bastardized enough of their shows stateside... That is until I saw THIS:

The Powerpuff Girls turned into an anime.
I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Powerpuff Girls Z... What's the deal with Japan and the Letter Z?
There's Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, now there's Powerpuff Girls and Powerpuff Girls Z!?
*scratches head* weird.
Because it's Japanese it gets a few changes from their American counterpart.
It sticks to the "Magical Girl" conventions...
Yes, that is a Transformation sequence... Then again my favorite show involves a Transformation sequence... By the Power of Gray...
Ok I won't place a He-Man clip... or She-Ra...
I'll admit I like the art better on PPGZ
Video is a comparison between PPG and PPGZ
Not saying that PPGZ is flawless, from what I've seen there's a few things I dislike:
-Ken Utonium, the Professor's son. I dislike why shows anywhere add needless kid characters.
-Poochie, the robot dog... Talking animal sidekicks... Don't like them either.
-Him looks a lot less disturbing in PPGZ

Other than that the show seems OK... A tad too Japanese for some people, but since I'm used to Anime I find it quite enjoyable. A lot more than CN's current shows.
I tip my hat off to Japan, now make me a He-Man Anime!!

Nov 23, 2010

Odds and Ends: Miley's 18 now.

So I put my hands up they're playing my song The Butterflies fly away
So I put my hands up they're playing my song I know I'm gonna be OK
YEEEEEAAAAHHH! It's a party in the USA!♫
Guess who's having a party right now... I'll give you a hint. Read this Article's title.
Miley's finally 18. Looks like the so called beach Holiday with her family ain't happening. Not only Miley's 18, but she's partying with Demi Moore... and Miley's mom is tagging along.
Enough About Miley. Let's move on to someone more annoying.

Man! This guy is awesome! I want to shake his hand. The dude shot his TV enraged cause Bristol Palin is still on Dancing with the Stars. I don't blame him. I mean, I'm an awful dancer, but she's there because of her Mother. She dances almost as bad as I do... OK she's slightly better than me, but she's not that good.
She's been in the competition for so long because she's Sarah Palin's daughter. If she had been say, Justin Bieber's mom or something like that she would've been kicked out.
Go Jennifer Grey! Heck! I'll take Kyle Massey over Sarah Palin's daughter.

First Miley, now Kyle Massey... There seems to be a Disney theme going on here...
What's next, Disney's going to stop making movies based on fairytales in order to attract more boys? First of all That would be a stupid move on Disney's part. Most of their best movies have been fairytale based. While I agree that they should cater more to young boys, they should not back down from what separates them from Dreamworks and other companies that make animated features for children. There's a reason I pick Disney over Dreamworks. Tsk tsk...
Second, The Disney animated movies are more wholesome than Dreamworks' let's sneak a lot of adult references that kids won't understand so we can be cool.

Nov 20, 2010

It Came out of the Lead Toy Chest: Loaded with Kryptonite Edition.

Hmmm... Kryptonite... Am I doing a Superman toy Review?
I'm doing a Lex Luthor Review... He comes with Supergirl in the DCUC 2 Pack: KRyptonite Chaos.
First I'll start with the obvious: This is a Mattel DCUC 2 pack.BUT the toys are not DCUC figs. They're from the previous DC line DCSH... (Basically the Mattel/DC counterpart to ToyBiz's Spider-Man Classics. This was before Mattel decided to allow the 4H to have more articulation.)
While my pics start with Super Girl I'm going to start with Luthor.
He's a rerelease of the DCSH Luthor.

He's got about 23 -25 PoA, BUT His skirt restricts the leg articulation and his Torso Armor restricts most of the upper Arm Articulation... On the Other hand his ankle has an abnormally weird range. 2.0
Paint and sculpt:
There seems to be no sloppy paints on Luthor and the sculpt is very detailed. Even the PoA are masked by rivets and other cybernetic details on the armor. 4.5
Luthor comes loaded with Kryptonite. Unlike his DCSH counterpart he does not have the Kryptonite gun. 2.5

Overall: 3.0 He could've been better if he had the Kryptonite gun, but the Logistics monster reared its ugly head once more and eliminated a key accessory for a character rerelease... Another chance for Mattel to redeem themselves was with the Skeletor vs. Lex Luthor 2 pack... Once again Lex and Kryptonite, but no gun.

Now to Supergirl.
Funny Story, my first DCSH toy was a Supergirl, but used as custom fodder for making a Gwen Stacy.
This is another DCSH rerelease... If they just rerelease Batgirl I'd be happy... Now unto the review of the girl who fight for, Truth, Justice and Panty shots everywhere.
About 22 POA. but the skirt restricts the leg articulation. The cape only restricts her right arm's backwards movement AND she has loose knees and ankles... something common on most toys... From Mattel! 4.0
Paint and Sculpt:
There's some slight paint bleed on some of the yellow trim areas. Sculptwise the only thing I don't like much is the Windblown hair that only looks good on a classic Super___ flying pose. (Which can't be achieved due to the lack of range of certain articulation points or interference from a rigid skrt.)3.5
Accessories: Zilch! Nada! 0.0

Overall: 2.5 She lost a lot of points due to the lack of poseability with her skirt. The weird thing is that her cape is very soft, but her skirt is super hard...

2 pack's overall score: 2.75 It's an awesome 2 pack, but the rigid skirts and lack of certain important accessories hurt it in the long run. At least its not one of the millions of 2 packs with Hal Jordan or Batman on it...

Nov 16, 2010

Dammit! Bret Michaels! You're forcing me into Miley ban part 2!

Ok this one is not entirely Miley-centric... It's more Miley's Mom Centric. Bret Michaels denies rumors about him and Miley's mom having an affair that lead into Billy Ray's Achy Breaky Heart... and I'm not talking about the song here.

Ok... That settles it, Bret says he did not have sex with Miley's mom so I believe him...
Well at least the rumors aren't about Miley and Bret having sex... Please don't bring the controversial lyrics from the song I posted. But Miley's safe... She's got Chris Crocker backing her up.

Ok now I'm creeped out... Need to stop doing filler posts until something comes out of the Toy Chest... From Mattel. Miley's Birthday is in Seven days...

Nov 12, 2010

Apparently Hannah Montana is NOT over!

Saw the one Hour "Looks like a series finale" Hannah Montana Special after I missed it on Disney Channel. Thanks internet! Kinda wished I could've seen it on TV though. I checked on the Internet Movie Database and apparently there are 4 more Episodes of Hannah Montana left. I feel ripped off!

Let's move on, shall we?

This is another 1 hour special like "He Could Be The One" with musical intermissions by the chorus. (Jackson and Rico... This time they added Sienna, Jackson's girlfriend who happens to be a...)
To quote Jackson Rod Stewart, due to a lack of Youtube video of him saying it:
"B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bikini model.
Kinda makes it worse, since Sienna is THE MOST UNLIKABLE HM character EVER.
I think this is the ONLY good Sienna scene from Hannah Montana Forever and it's non-canon. This is one of the musical intermissions I spoke about.

Ok, The Episode starts with Miley trying to figure out how she's gonna tell Jesse (her current beau, also the other guy from "He Could Be The One") Long Story short Jesse had figured it out on his own. (due to the Special, "Salute the troops" episode) Once again the Hannah Secret screws Miley's life. Jesse and Miley fight. Now Miley ponders if revealing herself to the world is worth it...

But wasn't that the plot of The Movie?

It was a similar plot, thus making the episode feel redundant. The Miley is going to college
subplot helped the episode to feel a tad different from The Movie.

Obvious Spoiler alert! Obvious Spoiler Alert!
Miley reveals the secret nationwide.
Obvious Spoiler alert! Obvious Spoiler Alert!

If you're reading this you already know the spoiler. Which is pretty obvious....

This reveal lost it's effect since Miley has already revealed her secret one too many times...
Especially to her WHOLE HOMETOWN (There have been a couple episodes in HM Season 3 and HM Forever that have made reference to this.)

The Episode did make an emphasis on how much EVERYONE sacrifices everything for Miley, no matter how bitchy she is with them.

Now that I think about it, by Killing Hannah, Miley also killed Lola Luftnagle... Lilly's alterego that according to Miley/Hannah NO ONE cares about... I wonder how the next episodes will deal with the aftermath of The Assassination of Hannah Montana (and Lola Luftnagle... See Miley, I care about Lola... Oh yeah! In the HM universe I'm non-existent...)

I did find a couple of things that bothered me:
-Jackson not a part of the story: Jackson, Miley's brother, who practically gives EVERYTHING to protect the Secret... (Except with Sienna) Jackson WAS linked as one of Hannah's love interests in a similar manner to what happened with Jesse. I promise I won't make any incest jokes about Jacksannah)
- Lack of Oliver: I know this was mostly because Mitchell Musso was busy filming his new series Pair of Kings and possibly doing some Phineas and Ferb voice work. Still he was one of the few who KNEW Hannah's Secret.
-The reveal itself... Had the movie never existed this would've been shocking; but then again Miley has a LONG list of people who know the secret:
Lilly, Oliver,(Probably his parents know), Roxy, Fermine (Her costume designer from Season 1), Heather (Lilly's Mom), The Rock, Jake, Sienna, Jesse, Miley's family (Jackson, Robbie Ray, Both of Miley's grandmothers, her evil cousin Luanne, Uncle Earl), Dolly Parton, Officer Diaria (The Officer who arrested Miley for driving without a license),Officer Diaria's daughter, and the entire Town of Crowley Corners.
Still that's a lot of people knowing THE SECRET!!
-Most of the intermissions were meh...
-Lack of reactions from People who KNEW Miley, yet never suspected that she WAS Hannah.

Now I'll have to wait for the other episodes to see how this ends... IF the episodes are real.

On an partially unrelated note The dorky guy with the Glasses... Jason Earles.
Photo of Tad Hilgenbrinck from American Pie: Band Camp (2005) with Jason Earles, Jun Hee Lee, Omar Benson Miller
Hopefully He'll be able to shake off the Hannah Montana's Brother thing as good as he shook off the dorky image from American Pie Presents: Band Camp

Nov 8, 2010

Miley Cyrus: Action Movie Star?

Sweet niblets! Miley Cyrus starring in an action movie... Just try to picture Hannah Montana in an action movie... Imagining Miley as Tony Montana in Scarface's final scenes does not count...
That's almost like having Betty White cursing.
Wait a minute, did I just hear Betty White right? OK if Betty White can swear and be evil Why can't Miley be an action Movie Star? Two words: Hannah Montana.
It'll be a long time until Miley can get rid of Hannah. It doesn't help that she's been going at it the wrong way. THIS should've been the starting point of OPERATION KILL HANNAH.
It's an action comedy. Miley will be playing a Private Eye and the FBI hires her to be their undercover agent in a Sorority. So the plot kinda reminds me of Miss Congeniality, but with a college sorority instead of a beauty pageant. I smell a "Fish out of Water" type of movie. It seems that Miley's mom is one of the producers of this film... No Billy Ray involved?

Only time will tell if this is a great move for Miley or not. As long as she doesn't go Britney she might be OK.

I still would like to see a Scarface parody with Miley.

Nov 4, 2010

Odds and ends Snarf! Snarf! Nov.4-Nov. 7 2010

Snarf! Snarf! That's all you'll be hearing Snarf say in the new Thundercats cartoon!

Basically Snarf has been reduced from Lion-O's nanny to a frigging Pikachu!
That's just Snarfing Petarded! I know Snarf is annoying, but come on! Snarf is now a pet. Might as well not have added Snarf if they were going to take everything that makes Snarf... well Snarf!

Holy Ironman rip-off, Batman! Bats is playing the Ironman card. "I've been funding Batman for years!" Brucie, old chum, you ain't fooling anyone. The whole I'm not Batman but he's in my payroll schtick sucks. Now Batman is going Global! How long until Bruce has to return as Batman in order to stop a renegade Batman? Didn't Grant Morrison (The writer for this story) try that with X-Men already?

Awww! that's so cute! Widdle Miwey Cywus wants to have her famiwy together for her 18th birthday! Former Wig Wearing Secret Popstar that is now a beast that can't be tamed SAY WHAT!?

Straight from the Miley's mouth. I just have one question: What's with the dot thingie on her forehead!? Is she like from India? Cause I thought she was from Tennessee.

Enough Miley time... I missed Hannah Montana Forever's ending. (Plot seemed Similar to Hannah Montana: The movie. If I find a way to see it I might review it.)

Speaking of things that come to an end: Spectacular Spider-man is done... canned... Stupid Disney! Instead they'll be doing a show based on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN!!
Ok so let me get this straight. They cancel a show with a High-Schooler Peter Parker to have ANOTHER SHOW with a High-Schooler Peter Parker!?
Not exactly... While it might have a Teenaged Spidey. The show seems to be a Marvel Team-Up animated... They're in NO WAY ripping off certain DC Animated Show...

Farewell Spectacular Spider-Man! You will be missed. Hopefully Spidey the Brave and the Bold will not suck... or have Spidey voiced by Will Friedle... (Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World... The idiot who makes the Feeny call... Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond, or Blue Beetle in Batman The Brave and the Bold.)

Nov 2, 2010

Odds and ends Nov. 2 Edition

I needed to clear my thoughts from Twilight, Candies and other stuff so enjoy some things from the web.

She-Ra's theme has always been better than He-Man.

Turtely Awesome! Come on, don't tell me that an actual KRANG in his android body costume with a WORKING KRANG THAT MOVES AND TALKS isn't awesome...

Speaking of Aaaawwwweeesssoooommmeee! The Miz vs. Pee-Wee Herman... (knowing about Pee-Wee's famous wrist; it's a bit weird seeing people shaking hands with him...) Come on! It's The Miz vs. Pee-Wee freaking Herman!! what's NOT to love!?
3:01 part of the video is either extremely awesome or weird product placement.

Hookay! Now Dentists are buying Post-Halloween Candy to support our troops!? They want to save the kids from cavities, by rotting the teeth of the soldiers in the middle of the battlefield!?
Yeah! That's real smart... But at least the kids can make some money!

You thought that was weird... Wait till you read this: Read it?
Now what do you think?
I can understand suing the kid's parents, but SUING THE KID!? Now that's ruthless.
Funny that there is no mention of the COD of the old lady. Was it due to the kid hitting her a couple of years ago? Was it due to something else? Idiocy at it's best.

Stop! Candy TIME!!!

Finally the Candy rant/list is here. I went Trick-or-Treating as Edward Cullen...
Why? Simple: I'm already Vampire-ish pale. I had clothes that resemble the Eddiekins doll. A bit of Make up to enhance the bags under my eyes and a lot of Glitter gel and voila! I'm a Poison Fairy. I had A Classic Vampire Cape and Fangs so I could be Edward Pretending to be a Vampire. (My own little joke like the Vegetarian Vampire joke from Twilight.)
Had to deal with Twilight haters. Twihards (I was a bit of a dick to them, but that's how Sir Saparks-a-Lot rolls)

Enough About the Cullens and their lack of Vampiness. It's all about CANDY!
(Insert I want Candy Song here...)

Ok Where's the Song? Not gonna use it!
Now for the top picks on this halloween:
Worst offenders:
Halls Lozenges:
Hello! These ain't Candy!
Lozenge: a small usually sweetened and flavored medicated material that is designed to be held in the mouth for slow dissolution;especially : one that contains a demulcent lozenges>
Candy: a confection made with sugar and often flavoring and filling.
Lozenges are medication... you jerk!

Now our next offender is:
Candy Corn
I know it's a halloween classic, but it's rare to find small fun-sized packs of candy corn. So people just dump candy corn in your jack-o-lanterns. (usually after the jerk that dumps 30 cents in pennies) Mmm! coin flavored candy...

Any gummy stuff that ain't gummy bears... is our next offender. For some reason the only great tasting gummy stuff is bear shaped. (Worm shaped is good too to an extent.) The moment other shapes start showing up the gumminess is lost and sometimes the candy is either rigid or crappy tasting.

On the other hand there are more awesome candies:
First on the list:
Classic Gum Yum! It's a bit harder to find these days, but when I do I try to chew as much as I can...

3 Musketeers:
It's so light and fluffy. That's what I love about it... Especially when received on Halloween.

My Favorite candy:
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups... If I got some, I ain't sharing... Don't care if you're Bella Swan, He-Man, The Pope, or Miley Cyrus These are MY REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS! you can have the coin flavored candy corn...

Well that about cover Halloween 2010's candy run... Remember. Don't over eat it otherwise Mo-Larr will come for you.