Nov 24, 2010

American show turned into Anime.

Normally I'm against turning American shows into Japanese Shows, but we've bastardized enough of their shows stateside... That is until I saw THIS:

The Powerpuff Girls turned into an anime.
I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Powerpuff Girls Z... What's the deal with Japan and the Letter Z?
There's Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, now there's Powerpuff Girls and Powerpuff Girls Z!?
*scratches head* weird.
Because it's Japanese it gets a few changes from their American counterpart.
It sticks to the "Magical Girl" conventions...
Yes, that is a Transformation sequence... Then again my favorite show involves a Transformation sequence... By the Power of Gray...
Ok I won't place a He-Man clip... or She-Ra...
I'll admit I like the art better on PPGZ
Video is a comparison between PPG and PPGZ
Not saying that PPGZ is flawless, from what I've seen there's a few things I dislike:
-Ken Utonium, the Professor's son. I dislike why shows anywhere add needless kid characters.
-Poochie, the robot dog... Talking animal sidekicks... Don't like them either.
-Him looks a lot less disturbing in PPGZ

Other than that the show seems OK... A tad too Japanese for some people, but since I'm used to Anime I find it quite enjoyable. A lot more than CN's current shows.
I tip my hat off to Japan, now make me a He-Man Anime!!

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