Apr 29, 2022

TMNT and Army builders: a rant

 For the most part, NECA has done a decent job on TMNT Army Builder. The only "questionable" choice was pairing a Rock Soldier with a Fake Ninja Turtle Gang member.

That leader kinda sounds like someone who'd say: Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang, Roll Out!

You need far more Rock soldiers than Fake NT gangbangers...

Playmates doesn't do army Builder packs, but characters that can army build are relatively easy to find, not to mention that Playmates TMNT tend to be rather cheap, so it's easier to army build... or used to. Since now Playmates only does is overpriced rereleases of late 80s-early 90s toys... we don't speak of TMNT vs Cobra Kai.

And we've reached the B-Flynn Elephant in the room.
How can we army build with $55 figures!? 
I may have 4 Foot Soldiers, but that's because I ordered 2 from Super7 when they came out and mamaged to snag 1 from BBTS and when the "Wave 1 redeco" came out on preorder through BBTS, I ordered 1 Foot Soldier. 

It's really hard to Army Build when the army building ioption not only is a bit too expensive, but is a one time limited offer.

I understand that having "evergreen Foot Soldier figures" or "evergreen Putties" or "evergreen Cobra Troopers" is nearly impossible for a smaller company like Super7.

Hell, I don't know if they can pull off a Hasbro and put the figure in a polybag and on a tight box and sell it slightly cheaper like say: $80 for a 2 pack 
2 Foot Soldiers, no extra hands, only the unpainted rack. 

For the Mousers just the Mousers, zero accessories, polybagged in a smaller box just like the Thundercats and Comic Conan "Sorry we fucked up" extras. 

But most importantly, when throwing Army Builders, not adding an entire wave that competes against them. 

Using wave 1 as an example:
I'd rather have 1 of each (Raph, Foot Soldier, Splinter, and Baxter) than buying 4 Foot Soldiers. Now if the Foot Soldier was released on its own, I can easily justify getting more than 1.

I know I will trigger some folks by saying that Foot Soldiers should get a solo rerelease...
Calm your tits! I also have your back. No, I will not promote the idea of the Mutatin Foot Soldier now. It COULD be an option, but not the one I'm gonna push now.

You know the plain vanilla Foot Soldier? Well, rerelease That exact same figure, but with Different Accessories! Instead of the guns, mace, and knife that the normal Foot Soldiers come with, Super7 should look at multiple sources for ideas. Ninja Weaponry  is an obvious start. Personally, I would prefer a set of Ninja Weapons looking more high tech, but in a worst case scenario reusing Shredder's weapons could work in a pinch.

IF we could get Rock Soldiers, I would prefer them getting a rifle and an I Beam as a nod to the games as their weapons.

But speaking of Rock soldiers, NECA could release the TURTLES IN TIME version of the rock soldiers. Maybe paired up with a videogame redeco of a mouser or a Roadkill Rodney. Or maybe do like the Triceraton army builder that had 2 Roadkill Rodneys but with a VG Rock Soldier, then do a pack of VG Mousers.


For what I spent in 4 Foot Soldiers 
$90 from the 2 I got from Super7 $100 on the extra Foot Soldiers from BBTS (2 different orders) I got a lot more from others. 

Meanwhile back when Mattel was doing MOTUC, I spent $150 on 6 Horde Troopers in addition to the $104 on 2 Horde Trooper 2 packs from Mattycollector. So, I spent $254 on 10 Horde Troopers. Compared, with Super7 stuff I'm roughly paying DOUBLE what I'd pay from Mattel. I'm well aware of the whole Mattel and Hasbro are much bigger than Super7, therefore they can offer lower prices. 

Having A SINGLE Foot Soldier is like having a Mary-Kate Doll without Ashley. But Super7 is pushing people to pick between Mary-Kate and Ashley while putting the rest of the Tanners on sale... now I want an Ultimates Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone, and Becky Donaldson... of course DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle Too... but no uncle Jesse... A John Stamos action figure could start a toy war...
Army building Michelle Tanner to use like a bunch of Toddler Terminators... that spit Michelle lines as they kill people... and I just figured out how a Michelle Tanner cameo for Fuller House could've worked... with Elizabeth Olsen as Michelle and the Olsen twins as well...
Michelle supposedly was working for the OTwins, so having a picture of Elizabeth as michelle taking a selfie with the Olsens... boom! But Fuller House is deader than Pamela Tanner.
Oh, how did the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rant became a Full House rant?

Optimal numbers for a foot soldier army is 15:
3 per Turtle and 3 spares for attacking random characters. More would be better, but being realistic, 15 7" figures can bena tad overwhelming.

The smallest acceptable number is 4: 2 foot soldiers flanking the sides of Shredder. Less than 3 is UNACCEPTABLE!!

Apr 27, 2022

Mattel explores sale... is this good or bad?

 News that Mattel is looking for buyers after some profits on their latest quarter is sending mixed signals. It looks, from one point of view that the sale would mean an influx of cash for the company, but at the same time it also means new bosses and we have seen how new bosses work. I want to believe that this is a good thing, but I'm very wary about this... I would expect a hit on QC to appease the new bean counters. This would suck especially since Mattel recently learned to not be too ass backwards with their cheapskate ways.

On the other hand, the new bosses could be pro collectors and maybe spend a bit more on upping the quality for the long run... yeah and Kelly Kapowski is my girlfriend.

Saying that I have a bad feeling about this is an understatement...

Apr 26, 2022

Bad Bunny as El Muerto: SONY is trying to fuck Spider-Man once again.

 While I'm not a fan of Bad Bunny or his "music", this is not an "I hate Bad Bunny and he sucks" rant. This is a "SONY SUCKS FOR CONSIDERING AN EL MUERTO MOVIE"...

Here I am thinking:

Who the fuck is El Muerto?

El Muerto only has 2 Appearances from back in 2006...

Sony is making a movie about some schmuck that only has 2 comic book appearances!?

I can smell the stereotypes from here.
Also, I bet his husband made his costume...

Wow, way to pretend to be diverse SONY! By having a Puerto Rican play a Stereotypical Mexican Masked Wrestler. The character is 16 years old and he practically was forgotten 2 issues after his first appearance. I only found a SINGLE Custom Figure made 12 years ago.

Latin American Spider-Man related characters that Sony could make a movie of???
*laughs in Spider-Man 2099*
*laughs in Araña: Heart of the Spider*
*laughs in Miles Gonzalo Davis-Morales*
*laughs in El Tarantula*

All of these characters have some things that El Muerto does not: actual recognition as characters. They have had multiple comic book appearances, all have had action figures, some have had cartoon and videogame appearances.

This isn't SONY scraping the bottom of the barrel. This is SONY lifting the barrel and scraping the gunk on the floor beneath it.

Please SONY, make him gay so we can have someone make the now homophobic quip by Tobey have a pay off...
Spidey: Nice costume, did your husband make it for you?
EM: Why yes, he did, are you trying toimply something, cabrón?
Spidey: (flustered) No! I was just asking because of the amazing seamwork!

Odds and ends April 26 2022: Musk owns Twitter, TMNT and stuff.

 We've heard the news of Elon Musk buying twitter. Some people are cheering, others are having a meltdown. Right now I'm watching the meltdowns and readying myself for the meltdowns from the people cheering...

Yes, that's right: the people cheering today might be having meltdowns soon enough, once they realize that a privately held company can "censor" the speech of those who violate the Terms and Conditions. While Musk promised a less draconian set of rules, more draconian set of rules WILL come. Like not posting about  tracking Musk's plane through publicly available methods. Or those whould dare to criticize his BS like say, the failed Solar infrastructure for the microisland of Vieques after Hurricane Maria. I'm pretty sure that their "free speech" would be canceled too.

This is a guy who is spending 40+ Billion dollars on Twitter... Where is this money coming from? I know he's very anti-government funding but he has gotten a ton of money from governmemt subsidies. Not exactly cool to use a loophole, then demand for it to be closed right after you reaped the benefits from it. 

He didn't want to spend 50K to shut a kid up, but he spent 40B+ to buy twitter to shut him up? Little bit of an overkill there. That's like using a grenade to kill a roach. Let's see how this unfolds.

Shredder's Revenge confirms the love letter to the arcade games AND 1987 cartoon, but something that kinda slipped under the radar that everyone and their rat sensei have picked up is: The game will feature OVER 20 BOSSES!!
20 Bosses? Let's start counting potential bosses until we reach 20:
Baxter Stockman 
Rat King

I got 15 by combining the bosses from both Arcade games AND the NES classic TMNT3 THE MANHATTAN PROJECT.

If we add:
Mutagen Man
Chrome Dome

We can easily reach 20:

I made it to 25 locating the last few (non third movie) toy and Tournament Fighters villains.
If toon stuff is available, this list could expand more...

The delays in timely delivery of toys due to COVID-19 and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine has put a dent on global logistics and that includes toys... I KNOW it sounds like I'm bitching about "first world problems", but mot really. I'm simply pointing out why there has been a rather moderate decrease on "It came from the Toy Chest" posts. I also have some greater responsibilities that have decreased my influx of toys as well. Add the dumb Hasbro and Mattel of no plastic on toy packaging and you can see a much bigger picture. I mean, I had to have my BBTS Pile of Loot to send only 3 figures, due to the delays and one of them is a Super7 Foot Soldier, so I can't review him again.
I have Joes, Legends, Gargoyles, Masterverse, S7TMNT, among others waiting to be released. Compared to last year's Pile of Loot (about 9 items) that arrived after the Advent Calendar was done (the items from this PoL are getting 2022 Advent Calendar treatment, since they were meant for 2021. I had to do some switching around.) This kinda facilitates the 2022 AC process, but when Hasbro is taking Super7 time with preorders, one has to sit back and wonder what's going on... 

Yes, I'm aware, I'm withholding Tygra, but it's fair, because I wanna have a big event completing the OG Thundercats. I wanna review him, Cheetara, and wrong pants Panthro together as a big ass Thundercats celebration.

It came from the Toy Chest: Antiguos Espiritus del Mal transformen este cuerpo decadente en Mumm-Ra el inmortal!!


Finally after 2 years, 3 months and a couple of days,  I received my Mumm-Ra the Everliving figure from Super7. Tygra too, but this is Mumm-Ra's review. Now 2 years, 3 months, and 20 days later, I'm reviewing him...

I've already reviewed 3 different Mumm-Ra figures so I won't go into detail explaining who this cranky Mummy is. Basically, he ruled Third Earth until the pesky cats fron outer space.

Mumm-Ra: Ancient Spirits of Evil...
Nefty VO: We already know this so SKIP!!

Things to note before the review:
Neck engineering is weird. Instead of having a rounded stump on the neck, it's a flat cut, so articulation is hindered. Also, there is potential for the peg to slide down and render Mumm-Ra permanently beheaded.
Not my Mumm-Ra.
Neck peg slid down and now no head can be attached to him.

His crotch covering attire hinders a little articulation.

He has no dick or balls but he goes commando under his skirt. 

His cape is made of cloth, not plastic or pleather, also it os wired, which allows for some mild posing.

Now let's head to the review:
Mumm-Ra: -The Everliving!
Nefty VO: Yes, yes... now fight the Thundercats!!

Mumm-Ra has standard Articulation. Similar to MOTUC, but with hinged wrists. Like I mentioned earlier, the articulation at his waist is a bit hindered due to his clothing. I also mentioned the engineering issue on his head that makes him unable to look up or down.
Since the cape plugs to his back and wrists, this also hinders movement. The movement is hindered without the cape. Adding it makes it slightly worse.
Mumm-Ra: You can't  withstand my power, cub!
Lion-O: By Jaga! Mumm-Ra's gotten stronger!
Snarf: Lion-O! I don't  like how *snarf!* Ma-Mutt is staring at me!

Paint and sculpt:
For Mumm-Ra, the colors are a bit too bright. I feel like he should've been more grey-ish blue than the bright blue we got. He's somewhere between Skeletor and Faker for crying outloud.
Sculptwise, he looks the part. I have no complaints here other than his skin being too bright.
Mumm-Ra: The Sword of Plun-Darr will destroy the Eye of Thundera!!
Snarf: Oh no! He's chasing me!!
Lion-O: We'll see about that, Mumm-Ra!! Thundercats, Ho!!

Ma-Mutt with single PoA on each leg
Extra head
Extra hands
Sword of Plun-Darr
Mighty Oscillator Regulator 
Personally I would've preferred energy effects like those seen on the intro for Mumm-Ra's hands and chest.

Preferences aside, he does come with a reasonable amount of accessories.
Nefty VO: Seriously, Thundercats should have everything with a mirror finish...

Mumm-Ra gets an underwhelming 4.0 as his final score. His cape tends to pop out of his hands quite easily. It's kinda sad and bordering on pathetic how plagued by issues this figure is. Two years waiting for this!? Not cool, Super7, not cool at all. I know the excuse will be "It WaSn'T uS! tHe MaTtEl FaCtOrY sCrEwEd Up, NoT uS! tHaT's WhY wE cHaNgEd FaCtOrIeS!"
Seriously, Thunderkittens are right now Optional figures since I have Mattel's,  but they and Snarf will be my Final Thundercats figures at this rate... (now watch as I end up ordering from a reseller a hammerhand and the eventual Top Spinner and a Tuska Warrior to have "the ones I had as a kid".)
Lion-O: Wither as your own subconscious feels shame of your wickedness, Mumm-Ra!
Mumm-Ra: Ma-Mutt, come to your master...
Snarf: Come back here you mangy *snarf!* mutt!!

It's rather sad that this is "our Mumm-Ra". Any fixed version will be an $85+ slap in the face. Now I'm almost tempted to buy a Pumm-Ra and not for Lion-Jesus jokes...
Lion-O: The Code of thundera prevails once more, Snarf...
Snarf: Lion-O, look! I found the thing-
Lion-O: Shut up you fuck!!

Apr 24, 2022

An idea for Todd McFarlane

 Dear Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn:
Your DC Multiverse line is kinda cool, but it has one teensy weensy affluent orphan with  chiropteraphilia problem. The line it's called DC Multiverse, not Batman and some fucking losers.

Well, I have a solution for you:
A Batman themed Sub-line... Not just ANY Batman, but a Cinematic Batman Multiverse line:
Keaton, Clooney, Kilmer, Bale, Affleck, Pattinson, and all their foes. Hell, toss in the 66 stuff as well. 

Imagine Bale getting his back broken by the Schumacher Bane, Batffleck battling the Cesar Romero Joker, Adam West battling The Snyderverse Deathstroke, Michelle Pfeiffer, Anne Hathaway, and Zoe Kravitz battling Eartha Kitt, Lee Merriweather, and Julie Newmar as Chris O'Donnell and Burt Ward watch. Commentary brought to us by the one, the only

Mister Freeze, aka, the Cumming man, Arnold Schwarzenegger!! 
Also, every Joker, including sad mentally ill Joaquin Phoenix beating up alleged pedophile Jared Leto with a crowbar.

Amogus goes 3D

 When the impasta is sauce and all that.
Yes, Among Us has now entered the 3D world via VR Technology.

Yeah... this is Among Us 2 but not really. After the curious April Fools

My Little Crewmate wasn't enough. Now we have a First Person Among Us experience coming. Wonder how this will change the YT Among Us streaming videos... or the modded games.

TMNT Shredder's revenge is a love letter to TMNT games

 Now with OG Turtle voices. Dotemu released a video of the first 2 stages of the game. The first two bosses being Bebop on stage 1 and Rocksteady on stage 2.

I noticed a few things. The turtles have moves and poses that reference the cartoon. They have OG TOON voices... sadly Shredder's is missing, since James Avery is

Somewhere in heaven. (Wonder how disappointed on Will he is right now...)

The first stage is in Channel 6... April's workplace... compared to the OG arcade game, where the first stage is April's Apartment building. The second stage is down the streets and ends at a garage/scrapyard... the second stage on the OG arcade game is down the streers and ends up at a garage/scrapyard...

They are making a callback to the first 2 levels of the Arcade game, but with a couple of twists. The most obvious one is the boss swap.

Another funny callback is that stage 2 is called:
Big Apple 3 PM... TMNT: TiT has Big Apple 3 AM as its first stage.

NECA, Super7, if you're reading this, Bebop in a suit, make it happen.

Apr 23, 2022

Jem and the Holograms Ultimates: would it be Outrageous?

 I'm not so sure about the figures, but the prices from Super7 will be Truly, truly, truly outrageous!! Yeah, lowest hanging fruit and all that. We already have a ReAction Jem, but I'm thinking 1:10 Scale figures of Jem, The Holograms, The Misfits, etc. It's all about crossover displays. Having The Joes fight Cobra while Jem is having a battle of the bands against Cold Slither... or the Power Rangers battling a single Putty Patroller (those Truly truly truly outrageous Super7 prices) at a Jem Concert... or April O'Neil interviewing Eric Raymond about the multiple criminal acts from the band he manages, The Misfits...

Yes, this is part of My ploy to get more civilian characters for Action themed lines. Sadly, Super7 and their prices aren't customizer friendly. I just barely got Mumm-Ra after 2 years of waiting. Also with the delays from order to arrival, one can lose the will to make a custom. But back to Jem: The line would be a basic Ultimates line multiple heads, hands and accessories based on the show. 

For a First Wave I would do a Jem, obviously. Pizazz, Kimber, and Stormer.

Wave 2 would be Jerrica, Riot, Roxy, and Synergy

Wave 3 would be Aja, Rio, Eric Raymond, and Minx

Wave 4 would be Raya, Shana, Jetta and Rapture

Wave 5 would be the beginning of the leftovers and variants (Techrat, Zipper, etc.) I could fit those two on 2 waves, but I'm against 5 figure waves at Super7's prices.

I tried to split the bands the best I could so no band would be complete before the 4th wave. The idea was to get the most core roster by the end of wave 4. Mostly, because the way Super7 is making the figures is unlikely to sustain long lines.

Crazy idea, each figure that sings in a band, gets an extra head with GITD Hair and GITD Make-up...

Apr 22, 2022

GTA San Andreas: Are we going to San Fierro?

 Last time, CJ was tossed in the middle of nowhere by CRASH. Sweet was arrested and put in a prison hospital. The Ballas took over most of Los Santos and the Vagos nearly eliminated the Varrio Los Aztecas. Now CJ has to figure out a way to save Sweet. Of course this involves doing various errands to various people as it's done in GTA games. This chapter Kinda feels closer to a normal 3D GTA game. The only issue is that it's pretty underwhelming...

The new Gang Feature that was heavily pushed in Los Santos is virtually gone. There are a few gangs, the SF Rifas, which are the Northern Mexican Gang, the Triads, and the Vietnamese, but there is no Gang Takeover mechanic. Back in Los Santos, I skipped Firefighter, Paramedic, Vigilante, and Burglary missions... The latter is a pain in the ass because it's a lot buggier than the PS2 version. As I said earlier. The Vigilante glitch was patched and the Vigilante Missions are a pain. I avoided the Paramedic Missions, because they are a bitch without cheat codes. 

They fixed Supply Lines!!

Zero's annoying mission with a game breaking bug has the bug fixed and now the mission is beatable and I did it on my first try... other than that, the game kinda slowed down to a crawl once I actually reached San Fierro. While stuck in the Country, the missions are very varied and kind of exciting, especially those with a certain GTA3 character. The Missions for The Truth were fun for me. Some people dislike Body Harvest, but I enjoy running rednecks with a combine harverster. I wish we could get stoned as seen in Are we going to San Fierro after burning the pot fields. We got the high action missions with Catalina, the races with cesar and the Slow burn missions for Truth. Then we reach San Fierro and everything turns into finding out who's supplying the coke for Big Smoke. You do get a slight distraction with missions for Wu Zi Mu but these tend to be kinda long or have you drive long distances. Basically kinda tedious, even annoying when Cesar starts calling about the Yay leaving San Fierro. 

But the truth is, beating the Loco Syndicate is extremely underwhelming. You get to face Ryder on a haphazardly put together chase where he gets unceremoniously killed with barely any mention to the plot. It feels badly  tacked on and it shows.

San Fierro feels more Traditionally GTA, but it lacks sonething. Curiosity enough, San Fierro is the least popular GTA City for a reason. Los Santos introduced a lot of new stuff to players coming from Vice City. So does Las Venturas (more on that when I beat Las Venturas and return to Los Santos) What does San Fierro Have? DRIVING SCHOOL and a Swimming Mission. San Fierro is the Middle Child of GTA SA and it's obvious...  slowly but surely, I'm finishing The Trilogy...

Apr 21, 2022

Top 10 Marvel Legends that won't show up soon... that aren't Mephisto...

 Or Hate Monger, because an Action Figure of Hitler is waaaaay uncool. I'm going to go for a few odd choices that may be obscure, dumb, or simply weird looking:

Will O' the Wisp
Classic D-List Spidey Villain. While he used rather easy to make, just a new head on a standard body. Maybe adding a second set of hands and head in clear plastic with flecks of glow-in-the-dark plastic to stimulate his dissipating effect. It has been avoided like the plague by Hasbro.  

The Spot
Yes another Spider-Man villain that is easy to make, but somehow he never makes it.

It's a combination Beast, Cyclops and Angel, but with a few more powers. Throughout the years, there have been a few customs of him, but no official figure. He's  here becaise he's an amalgamation and usually those don't do well outside of Mattel's MOTU.

It's a cow bitten by Dracula, she even teamed up with Deadpool. The reason she wouldn't be made is that she's a cow... with no parts reuse.

The Whizzer:
He's an easy figure to make, but his name kinda makes it hard to take seriously.

He's a NAZI made of Bees! Also, his sculpt while awesome it could scare Hasbro becauase of NAZI zombie Bee Man.

Sin Eater:
While he COULD be made, a shotgunless Sin Eater is like a dickless Ron Jeremy. Stupid toy gun ban.

While he's easy to make, I don't think he would be made due to his powers being a sexual harassment suit. Not to mention how well receoved were those Eternals figures.

The Russian:
Of course, the Version I'm talking about is the possibly Trans Offensive revived Russian. We could get a first version of him, but I don't see any Punisher related stuff coming especially with the gun ban on toys.

Looking like a cross between a jigsaw puzzle and Indian and Arabian stereotypes kinda makes this third rate Mysterio wannabe an unlikely figure.


Combo Man:
Obvious reasons why he isn't going to happen, but I thought it would be fun to mention.

I'm well aware, the list is slightly heavier on the Spidey side. Also it's kinda hard to think unlikely characters especially since Hasbro has gone out of their way to do some of them. Who would've thought that Squirrel Girl, Headpool, Frog-Man, Armadillo, and many others would've been made... I could've made this list a 20 Spider-Man characters having no chance in hell, but I added others for the sake of using Hellcow. The Great Lakes Avengers easily could've filled up this list as well...

But now that Toad lost his spot, I guess Power Pack, 90s Kaine and Avalanche have a chance.

Apr 20, 2022

I can be a real life Don Corneo...

 Final Fantasy VII fans, rejoice! First let me play the music of our people.

By play I mean find a sexy cover of Don Corneo's theme...

I bet you're wondering what do I mean with this? Well, we live in a world where Final Fantasy 7 sex dolls exist!!

Yes, you can go to sleep cuddling a ghetto florist or be crushed by Tifa's big... personality!
Yup... at least Final Fantasy VII has a short list of ladies... Imagine if they did Resident Evil...
Insert Jill Sandwich, Redfield Bloodline, and any other Resident Evil female reference...
Or Street Fighter...
My wallet just committed Sudoku.

Another rant on backdrops and props...

 I have complained about the Tim Mee battle mountain being too small for MOTUC and compatible lines. I've commented on needing props and backdrops countless times. I bring back the Tim Mee battle mountain, because I'm thinking now on Organic backdrops. Rocky outcroppings, plateaus, cave entrances, trees. Even swampland. (No real water needed). 
The idea is that these organic backdrops can be combined in multiples to make a larger displays. I think I mentioned something similar on a MOTUC Playset rant. But it's not just getting multpiles to make a display like getting multiple of the trees set to make a forest. That's one part of it. The idea is that you could, for example, get the different rocky outcroppings, plateaus, cabe entrances and combine it with some props and say, make a Batcave Diorama for Batman dsiplays. In a different arrangement with some of the sawmpland displays, MOTU could have a Caverns of Fear Display. The Rocky outcroppings on a black background could work for a Silverhawks display... 

The trees could be used for a Northampton farm display for the Movie TMNT. Again, most of this sounds same old same old. Where's the new you might ask. The swamp is what's new.
The swamp. As I said, it would have rocks, fallen logs, tree stumps, lilly pads, mud mounds and other stuff to "bring it to life". The instructions could explain how to make fake "water for the swamp." Personally, I'd go for a combo of blue. Clear, and green cellophane. Using a hole punch, make a ton of little cellophane disks to use as water. The green and blues will make the water look murkier. It's not perfect, but allows for modular displays and have characters tread water. 

Tropical Jungles could be useful for a certain Theme Park, or some ugly mother...  There are so many other backrounds/prop themes that can be used:
Desert, snow, ice cave, grasslands, beaches, and others.

So I was thinking that maybe some company could maybe exploit the whole backdrop/diorama/playset thing.  Like having the back wall pieces be between 15"-17" tall, which makes it work on most scales. Super big back wall for 1:18 figures, kinda big backwall for 1:12 and 1:10 figures and an OK back wall for 1:6 figures. The idea is to make them appealing for most collectors in general.
Unlike the Tim Mee Battle mountain, these should have a slightly weighted base at the bottom. But it shouldn't judt be the back wall. It should come with a few extra bits. 

Let's say, the "Wasteland playset" comes with a rocky formation similar to the Tim Mee Battle Mountain. It also comes with a small Plateau and 2 rocky outcroppings where a 1:6 figure can crouch behind of. It also comes with a dead tree in 3 scales (1:18, 1:12, and 1:6)

Then the expansions could be more rocky outcroppings, trees, tumbleweeds, etc. But wasteland backdrop can also be compatible with the desert expansion packs. Beach expansions can borrow from both Tropical jungle and desert sets. Tropical jungle, swamp and forest can share parts and combine. 
Sonce they're not tied to a specific toyline, they could keep going for years woth expansions, redecos, etc. Like cavern set being repainted into Magma caverns Desert and wasteland could turn into Mars while a retooled Beach with wasteland elements can be turned into a nordic beach... (a Hideo Kojima Walking Sim reference)

But once again, I'm just rambling here.

Apr 19, 2022

Marvel Legends stuff incoming

 The dumbass green packaging is coming BUT there's some Legends goodness coming:

Target gets a Nicolas Cage Spider-Man Noir.
Amazon gets the rumored Silk vs Doc Ock 2 pack
Walmart gets a Retro Wave Lizard
Pulse gets a bunch of stuff like
A Knull vs Venom 2 pack
A First Appearance Spider-Man 
The Future Foundation Spidey variant shown above.
A Renew your Vows 2 pack of Spidey and Spinneret... Spidey has a toe Hinge!!
Nearly 16 years to get back this PoA...

This MJ is a MILF!!

The Lizard also has a First Appearance head...

The reveals have been pretty cool for Spider-Man fans. Hopefully now that we have Spinneret we'll get a Spiderling...

Also, we're getting a 20th anniversary Toad...

Apr 16, 2022

Thundercats wave 6 and Silverhawks wave 4 speculation

 Super7 is backed into a corner and must deliver the kids. The next Thundercats wave must have at least 1 THUNDERKITTEN. They ran out of adult Thundercats. Unless they throw us a massive curveball and make Lion-O's father Claudus as a figure:
The usual hands, 3 heads: blind old and blond Claudus, young redmaned Claudus, and a young Jaga head for Wave 3's Jaga. 

I mean, after that all we have is Thunderian civilians and I don't see too many people shelling out $55 for one of many random civilians. 

The second heroic spot can be filled by Hachiman, Willa, a Tuska Warrior, or any of the Thundercats allies... another curveball would be a "super deluxe" Snarf. What do I mean Super Deluxe? I think I already mentioned this.

Holy asscrackers, I just delayed the Thunderkittens for an entire wave... dammit!
For the evil figures we could get:
- A Berzerker. I want to say Top Spin bur knowing my luck, it'll be Ram Bam.
- Ratar-O to complete the Mutants
- A Lunatak
- A random villain like Mongor or Safari Joe...

Dammit, dammit, dammit!! I was hoping for a Thunderkitten on this theoretical wave. Updated Wily Kat or Kit with an alternate head and more accessories? Count me in... 
Well, we have wave 7... they can't escape from getting into a wave now. Watch as Lion-O 2.0 with a sight beyond sight sword of Omens fills the slot...

OK, so Thundercats was a bust! Copper Kidd HAS to be on the Next Silverhawks wave...
Where we should get 2 Mob Members and 2 Silverhawks...
For the Mob, I'm going to say Hardware will be the first pick. He would have 2 roll up bags: The Plastic one rolled up and a cloth roll up bag that can be loaded with accessories and rolled up.

The next member of the Mob would be:
Pokerface because it's the more "normal bodied" Mob Member that isn't Melodia.
Mostly, because I believe that Super7 wouldn't do the obvious Joke of pairing Melodia and Pokerface together...  Especially since Melodia looked like Lady Gaga long before Stephanie Germanotta became Lady Gaga. 

So we got the mob out of the way. What can they do for the Silverhawks now?
Copper Kidd   Flashback and Moonstryker, just because the Universe hates me... and for wave 5 Flashback and Darkstar because the Universe REALLY hates me. Then push the adult Silverhawks in tracksuits...

All jokes aside, Super7's running out of characters to delay the release of the "children" in both Thundercats and Silverhawks.

Apr 15, 2022

It came from the Toy Chest: Todd made a villain...

 Of course, it's a Batman Villain... everyone knows that the DC Multiverse line is really Batman and some other Losers line.

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, better known as The Penguin, is a criminal Mastermind, who acts like a legitimate businessman and in multiple continuities, he uses his Iceberg Lounge as a front for his Criminal activities. In the recent WB movie, The Batman, he was played by Colin Farrell in a fat suit. This is the figure we're reviewing... We need a Classac Penguin, Todd!!

Joker: Oh my, Cobblepot! You've grown!
Penguin: Oh no! It's the comic book jester, his animated bitch, and a videogame mercenary!
Slade: Fuck you Penguin! I ought to snipe you in a phone booth!
Harley: Are you gonna let him insult us like that, Mistah J?
Joker: Shut your little pony mouth Harley! I'm here to talk business with my old pal Oswald Cobblepot!!
Penguin: I'll peck... what do you want, Joker?

Pengy here us suffering from limited articulation because he's fat AND a plastic outfit that hinders a lot of articulation.
He can barely be posed out of a vanilla standing pose. Not to mention that his legs feel super stiff and like they're going to break off when attempting to pose him.
Joker: I heard about the gun ban and I was saving this for a rainy day! Hehehehehehe...
Penguin: What Gun Ban? Bang! Cor Blimey! Where is my gun? Oi, Deadshot! Pull out your gun, will ya!
Slade: It's Deathstroke you asshole... What!? My gun is glued to my holster!
Harley: "Saving this for a rainy day?" That joke was cringe with a capital CRINGE!!

Paint and sculpt:
The paintwork is decent. The sculpt has the same McFarlane issues where it's OK, but the likeness is off. The left fist hand sculpt is ruined by the thick paintjob. Also, since they has his coat and suit sculpted as one piece, this limits the articulation. 
Deathstroke: Fuck this shot I'm out!
Harley: Wait for me Mistah Slade! Puddin' is making anime references now and I can't stand the Chinese cartoon stuff...
Deathstroke: Anime is Japanese...
Penguin: WENK! WENK! WENK!
Joker: Wryyyyhahahahahahahaha!! With this Umbrella I've given you, THE WORLD!!
Penguin: Yes, now I have a Gunbrella!!

If you're making a Penguin figure, you expect one single thing:
An Umbrella ella ella... Here we have a pic of Colin Farrell with one. I'm not asking for the Top Hat, cigar, or cigarette in a cigarette holder. I'm only asking for a plain old umbrella. Because a Penguin without an umbrella isn't the Penguin. He's just a fat dude in semi fancy clothes.
All he has is a Gun Fingers hand, and a closed fist.
Penguin: With my Gunbrella, I'll take that Sparkly F-
Joker: No! Pengy! Don't use the F-word!! Especially when talking about Batsy! It's like the N-word for queer folks!
Penguin: Oi! I wasn't going to call him a cigarette! I was going to say Fairy, because the Bat looks like a twilight fairy!
Batman: You got a problem with gay men, Cobblepot?
Penguin: He's tapping my shoulder, isn't he?

Pengy gets a 2.5 as his final score. I balme the crappy accessories, the useless articulation and weird engineering/cost cutting choices made on the figure. 
Batman: I'm going to take you on a world of pain where you will squeal like a pig and beg for sodomy...
Penguin: Wait, you're not the Twibat? You're... you're...
Batman: I am Vengeance!!! I am the Night!!! I!! Am!!! BATMAN!!

While Catwoman and the Green Condom are available, I'll wait for more classic versions of them... We need Burton/Schumacher era villains... (Arnie Freeze, Pfeiffer Catwoman, Carrey Riddler, hell even a Billy Dee Williams Two-Face vs a Tommy Lee Jones Two-Face in a face 4 face battle...)

Random note: Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in the 90s Animated series and Arkham games is penning a personal story for DC's Pride 2022 event... and that's how I discovered that another of my favorite male VAs is gay... (we all know that Cam Clarke is gay as well, and how he is worshipped here at the House of rants. Seriously, I fucking love Cam Clarke, platonically. Even my assistant gets a voice Boner from Cam Clarke)

Green Packaging is good in theory

 Not in Practice. Remember LeBron? Hell even with Plastic Windows we get swaps

I caught this at a KMart and had to explain to the CS Rep AND Loss Prevention employee what was wrong with this.

This I caught at a Wal-Mart. Since I didn't buy it, CS didn't give a crap and 10 minutes later it was back on the shelf. This is one of the new Green packaging sets with the figures barely held by rolled up paper.  As you can see, Baby Yoda has pulled a Vanishing Act... swiped by a kid or a douche who collects. Probably to swap a much better Child with this one.

Now Hasbro wants to go fully windowless for their Plastic Free Package. If we get weird mishaps like a Sgt. FLASH with no hands straight from the factory, how can we be OK paying for a figure, sight unseen and get a 2 left feet Luke Skywalker, an Eye on the chin Generation X Emma Frost, or worse 2 right thigh Smart Hulks... QC is incredibly awful on most figs nowafays... that's not counting what the swapper/swipers can do to them.

This is not about being "environmentally friendly" this is about cutting as much costs as possible. But this stupidity is not exclusive to Hasbro... Mattel is in on it too! Imagine having Matchbox cards inside a box where you CANNOT SEE THE CAR!!
The whole point of these toy cars is to SEE THE DAMNED CARS!! The boxes are as USELESS as a fully blind person's mirror. 

There needs to be a better way to ensure quality product for collectors AND be "environmentally friendly". Going 100% plastic free on packaging is not the way. 

The only ones who benefit from these "Environmentally Friendly" packages are scalpers and scammers. Scammers win by swapping then at Brick and Mortar stores. Scalpers win by buying them in bulk at reputable etailers and reselling online or in person.

GTA San Andreas: Los Santos section mini-review.

 I said during the first look that I would divode the review between each city. The reason for it is because it FEELS like a different game in each city. Once we reach the point when we return to Los Santos from Las Venturas, then I can make the full review with the ratings score.

Now that I've been ejected from Los Santos due to the plot, I am free to discuss the Los Santos chapter from GTA San Andreas. You return to Los Santos from Liberty City after your Mom's death. Once you arrive, you're picked up by the cops, more specifically the Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums unit. This corrupt police unit is meant to reduce gang crime, but they have their fingers deep in every pie. They arrested Carl Johnson and threatened to frame him for the murder of an IA member investigating CRASH. Now trapped in Los Santos, Carl needs to get back with his estranged family, deal with the gang wars that caused his mother's death, and find a way to get CRASH off his back.

Right out of the bat we get into the gang wars theme and cleaning up the hood from drugs. The gang war dynamic CAN BE Annoying, but it's a great idea... on paper. It just needed to be polished in future games. As it is right now on GTA SA, it needs a lot of polish. If you've been under a rock or never played GTA SA, Here's a quick explanation. Once you unlock the Doberman mission, you have to take over gang territories. Some will argue that it's better to do these near the end of the game or after the story mode, because your progress will be lost while you're away from Los Santos. I believe, that it's better to do them early on, as they will help you gain gang respect, which can make the gang wars easier if you can recruit Homies instead of going solo. Also, you will level up weapon skills unless you do the climb and forebomb everything with molotovs. 

How do you take over territories?
Go to a place in the map dyed either yellow or purple. The colors of enemy gangs.  Kill 3-4 gang members in a row quickly to trigger a gang war. Now all you need to do is survive 3 waves of enemies. They will come from multiple sides and try to overwhelm you. If you did the 100 tags, a tec9, a sawn off shotgun, an AK and some Molotovs will spawn at your house.  You can stock up for free at your house and there's an armor spawn point in the storm drains behind Sweet's house. If you do firefighter all the way to level 12, you become fireproof. MOLOTOV FIREBOMBING WHOLE FIREPROOF MAKES IT EASY TO STOCK UP ON WEAPONS AND MONEY.
I did it without the fireproofing to have a challenge.

Warning, sometimes the enemy AI acts up and it runs away pretty far. If you get too far from the combat zone, the mission is canceled and you fail.

As I said, the Gang war element is not polished. At the same time if you want to do Vigilante, firefighter, Paramedic, Burglary, and Pimping missions. That way there are no pesky enemy gangs shooting your vehicle. The perks of Max Armor, Fireproofing, Max health, infinite sprint, and Hookers paying you for sex... ok maybe not that last one, but the perks for doing the missions are good. Sadly, the vigilante glitch is no more.

The dance and lowrider minigames changed because this is a cellphone game upgraded to actual console. But I'm being sidetracked again. The Los Santos chapter is all about the Hood. It feels more urban and no, I don't mean "black" by that. I mean the story, it's not tied to the Mafia like 3 or Vice City. The conflict is strictly tied to (street) gang violence. You have the Grove Street Families, a gang in decline, due to politics, and the emerging new gangs. They're in a fierce rivalry with the Ballas similar to our world's Crips and Bloods. Then you have Los Vagos, a Mexican Gang who is into dealing Crack and moving in territories held formerly by Grove Street. The last main gang is Varrio Los Aztecas. They don't have a any love for GSF, but since one of the jefes is dating CJ and Sweet's sister, Los Aztecas don't attack you straight up. While not friendly, they are not as relentless as the Ballas or Vagos and I don't think you can take over their (VLA) territory without glitches. Then we have the puppeteers form CRASH, who basically manipulate the gang warfare from behind the scenes to keep their jobs. It's not a revenge story like 3, or the rise of a new drug kingpin like VC. 

Of the 3D era, CJ is theoretically, the best character. He's more charismatic, human, and less of a caricature than Tommy Vercetti. He at least has a personality unlike that vocally challenged snake in the grass,  Claude. Even CJ's idle animations give him more personality than Tommy and Claude. 

Now before other Vercetti fans try to kick my ass,  hear me out:
Christopher Bellard's performance as CJ is obviously inferior to Ray Liotta's Tommy Vercetti, due to their backgrounds and experience. Young Maylay is a Rapper who dabbled into acting, while Ray Liotta is an actor who dabbled in beekeeping... whole Young Maylay may not be "the best actor" his performance was much more authentic than Ray Liotta's... again, due to their backgrounds. 

The Los Santos chapter from GTA San Andreas is the heart and soul of the game. Shame that once kicked out of Los Santos, the game loses its focus.

Apr 13, 2022

Gatchaman 94: Condensing Gatchaman into 3 OVAs doesn't do Gatchaman any favors.

 I'm not going to criticize the very 90s redesigns or how pathetic the fan service was for a 90s anime. I have to say that the story they made was a bit blegh... in a "You need to be a super hardcore Gatchaman fan and have recently seen the original series subtitled and not the Battle of the Planets or G-Force dubs."

Guess who hadn't gotten a Gatchaman Refresher course? The friend who I watched these OVAs with. She had no idea what was going on half the time. I had seen about 12 episodes of Fuerza G: Guardianes del Espacio. Yes, I saw the Latin American dub for nostalgia reasons. So I had a slightly vague idea of the plot. I have to say that the OVAs were more interested in making a full movie out of the Gatchaman Intro. No really, they recreated most of the scenes used for the intro. I loved the easter eggs and references, but I had prior knowledge of the original. For someone who doesn't know Gatchaman, this isn't a good introduction.

The three OVAs are a Hyper condensed serious abridging of the series but with a new style... to be honest it reminds me of a not family friendly OVA that I got... Mezzo Forte for the curious folks. There is a cut version of Mezzo Forte that removes an awkward sex scene or two.   

But back to Gatchaman: the entire series is condensed into 3 OVAs that last 45 minutes each. 

I got this OVA for two reasons:

-Wash off the bad aftertaste from Crowds, whose Gatchaman name is ill fitting.

-It had 3 VAs whose voices I've heard Somewhere...

Richard Epcar: NIGERUNDAYO!!! (THAT'S JAPANESE FOR RUN AWAY... It has nothing to do with a racist insult towards African Americans)

But mostly because I wanted a Gatchaman "quickie". And Original Gatchaman is way out of my league. Now I'm afraid of watching Gatchaman Live Action...

Also, I hate the 94 Sosai X...

Silverhawks wave 3: My wallet takes a break.

 This is due to my self-imposed rule of only getting the Core 5 Silverhawks and Mon*Star.

Copper Kidd seems to be in the same boat as the Thunderkittens and has been delayed.

Mo-Lec-U-Lar looks a bit crappy to be honest... I know he's accurate, but he's definitely NOT a $55 figure... words that could bite me in the ass in 2025.

Mumbo Medium looks nice, if not a bit too small for a character called Mumbo JUMBO.

Hotwing looks fine, but he's not a core Silverhawk. If he was $45, I could do some fancy mathematics and justify his purchase, but at a $60+ tag for a single figure + Shipping, I just can't.

Stargazer almost makes me want to get him. Surprised that Super7 isn't selling a $55 Stargazer desk and chair. Now that's something I would've bought! He said as sarcasm dripped out of his mouth. Right now Stargazer is a BIG Maybe, but not a guaranteed purchase. 

I bet they're saving Kidd for last, which would be a dick move.

Haley Joel Osment saw Gilbert Gottfried

 Mostly known for his parrot-like grating voice, former voice of the Afflac duck, former voice of Iago, the only friend Jafar ever had, but, I remember him from the Problem Child movies.

And yes, I mentioned Haley Joel Osment whose second most popular role has crossed paths with Gilbert Gottfried. Come to think of it, wasn't he in an episode of Hannah Montana?

I knew it... wait... He's shared credits with Both Osments? Wonder what Emily is up to?
I'll do that later, right now I have to rant about the late Gilbert Gottfried. He had been fighting for years against a condition known as type II myotonic dystrophy. It's a muscular condition that causes heart weakness and breathing weakness. It's degenerative, incurable, and thwre is no treatment for it. As always, my condolences to the family and friends.

Also, for those of you who didn't know, his voice isn't his real voice... his real voice is far more terrifyingly normal that it scares me

Wait, Emily Osment was in Young Sheldon? Dammit, now she's no longer my favorite Osment... You won this round Haley Joel... I just hope you didn't sacrifice Iago for Kingdom Hearts 4...

Haley Joel Osment, you've got some 'splaining to do!!

All jokes aside, I hope there isn't an Aladdin level on KH 4 for Gilbert's sake. Looks like I'm going to watch Aladdin later tonight... the good one, not the one with Fresh Cuck.

Apr 12, 2022

I ate a Mushroom risotto and now I'm having ideas...

 I swear that thing was more mushroom than anything. It had Portobello, shiitake, crimini, champignon, enoki, oyster, porcini... hell, I think it even had magic Mushrooms, because I'm having some crazy ideas!! Seriously, it had so many mushrooms that if Mario ate it, he'd be Kaiju sized.

Super7 Ultimates Crazy ideas extravaganza:

I know I recently bitched about Super7 spreading themselves too thin and having too many preorders unfulfilled... at the same time, I've suggested a Vanilla Ice line. So let's begin:

Beakman's World:
It's a rather small lineup... Beakman, Lester, and the female assistant... there were 3 different actresses, so super7 can do the lazy thing of 1 body 3 heads...

The reason Beakman popped into my mind was because of Lester the Rat and the idea of having a TMNT Mouser biting his tail. Also, Beakman's World is far more toyetic than Bill Nye or Mr. Wizard... 
Sure, the Mr. Wizard out of context clips can be fun, but he's not a $55 figure.

Jackie Chan:
We are getting Bruce Lee figures, so I thought of Jackie Chan... Not gonna lie, the Chun Li cosplay Jackie is a huge reason... but the Tribal Jackie Chan from Who Am I? is high on my list.

 Of course I'd need a Normal looking Jackie... preferably a Live Action look from Jackie Chan  Adventures.

Kumite! Kumite! Kumite! While it would be nice to get a full roster of Fighters, we only need Van Damme, Bolo Yeung, and Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds...

Originally, I wanted to do Kickboxer, but I had a flashback and chose Bloodsport instead.

3 Ninjas:
I originally wanted to do Surf Ninjas BUT I remembered 3 Ninjas having more potential...
The 3 kids, Grandpa, the bad guy from the first movie, Hulk Hogan... OK you got me... it's all about Hulkster as a Washed up He-Man wannabe... wait, wasn't Ernest the bad guy in that movie?  Holy crap he was!! Wonder how difficult it would be to get Jom Varney's likeness...

While we're at it, let's do Jim Varney's most popular role: Aging John Cena... of course I mean Ernest! And no, I'm  not suggesting Ernest so when Super7 does a Casey 2.0 with exchangeable heads, to use on the Ernest body in order to make a "More comic accurate Movie Casey".

Fresh Prince of Bel Air:
While I have a huge dislike of the Philly Cuckold, I used to enjoy the show. Will, Geoffrey, Jazz, The Banks. personally I want Phil and Carlton the most... no not for TMNT references (even though Uncle Phil is Shredder and in the LATAM Dub Carlton is Leonardo)

No, not a Family Matters line, just Urkel... Steve, Stephan, Robo Urkel, Bruce Lee Urkel...

Reginald Vel Johnson as a cop:
Holy Typecasting! On a positive note this type casting allows him to blend in with multiple toylines.

Michael Jackson:
I know that Figma and SH Figuarts have made Michael Jackson. But those are too small to have with Super7...

NBA Legends:
A small line celebrating the 80s-90s NBA Legendary players... Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Shaq, MJ, Pippen, Rodman, Charles Barkley, just to name a few... maybe toss in a Crybaby James just to have a butt-monkey. In no way this is to have a slam dunkin' Don compete against Michael Jordan.

Captain N the Game Master:
I must be MEGA HIGH!! to Suggest a Captain N line. But it's mostly for Captain N himself, Princess Lana, Simon Belmont, Dr. Wily, Mother Brain, Megaman, Kid Icarus, Eggplant Wizard, King Hippo, Gameboy, and 4 characters that I haven't mentioned... 
Yup... it's a sneaky way to get DiC Legend of Zelda stuff... well Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me Princess, for veing inclusive!

Revenge of the Ninja:
Yes, I'm talking about the Sho Kosugi movie from the 80s. 

This is a win-win line:
Fans of revenge of the Ninja get toys, and TMNTU, GIJoeU fans get Generic Ninjas to fight.
I almost went with Dudikoff but Sho Kosugi is A Legendary Ninja Actor.

Saved by the Bell:
Hey hey hey! What is going on here? Normally I'd suggest NECA to make this, since they're much better at face sculpts, but the possibility of Nefty-kun being Friendzoned by Glimmer, Cheetara, April, Steelhart, and Kelly Kapowski is far too great to pass. And no it's totally not to have Screech fighting alongside He-Man and stabbing Tri-Klops or something like that. I blame NECA's Homelander for this.

Kingdom Hearts:
Before you grab the pitchforks and torches, hear me out...

I know that Play Arts Kai are wallet raping figures and Diamond select gave up on them due to multiple Soras without a Keyblade clogging the shelves... So I'm going to suggest something crazy... Sonce Super7 already has a Disney line, Kingdom Hearts can dedicate itself to the KH Specific folks and KH variants of Donald, Goofy, King Mickey, and the Final Fantasy folks... No, this isn't a ploy to give Nefty-kun a true Buster Sword, a Gunblade, a Masamune, and other Final Fantasy weapons...
It's not a ploy to have an Aerith, a Tifa, and a Cloud in a MOTUC display... Got it Memorized, you nodes? It's more of an I need to make I see dead people references and kinda force Super7 to make more Disney Princesses on their Disney line... 

Mr. T:
I mean the Cartoon version, not a random Mr.T line with him as BA, as himself, as the bearded lady from Freaked, and Clubber Lang. Although a Freaked line would be cool... Nope! Not gonna go down that rabbit hole.  But I have to admit, that the Mister T line is meant to act as a gateway line for Mike Tyson's Mysteries, and maybe even I am the Greatest: The Adventures of Muhammad Ali...

I honestly I have no idea why I just popped into my head. It's not like I have been listening to their music recently, I haven't. All I know is that I can't stop unseeing a Menudo era Ricky Martin action figure. No, I don't want a Ricky Martin Toyline... Nope, not gonna suggest it.

Captain Planet
It's not a huge line: 5 Planeteers, Gaia, Captain Planet, the ecovillains... roughly 5 waves of characters.

Police Academy: (the Animated series)
It makes sense for Super7 to explore this line, since it's the last big not kid friendly product made for kids. 
Other companies *cough*NECA*cough* are tackling the big names like Rambo, Terminator, Aliens, and RoboCop. 
It's doubly important since the Police Academy cartoon style doesn't clash that much with TMNT. 

Double Dragon:
Preferably based on the games over the DiC toon, but I wouldn't be opposed to a few DiC versions. Yes it's mostly for Abobo's Big Adventure references.

Street Sharks:
They're not TMNT copycats, they're FAMILY

I better lie down because I think I'm tripping balls here...