Apr 22, 2022

GTA San Andreas: Are we going to San Fierro?

 Last time, CJ was tossed in the middle of nowhere by CRASH. Sweet was arrested and put in a prison hospital. The Ballas took over most of Los Santos and the Vagos nearly eliminated the Varrio Los Aztecas. Now CJ has to figure out a way to save Sweet. Of course this involves doing various errands to various people as it's done in GTA games. This chapter Kinda feels closer to a normal 3D GTA game. The only issue is that it's pretty underwhelming...

The new Gang Feature that was heavily pushed in Los Santos is virtually gone. There are a few gangs, the SF Rifas, which are the Northern Mexican Gang, the Triads, and the Vietnamese, but there is no Gang Takeover mechanic. Back in Los Santos, I skipped Firefighter, Paramedic, Vigilante, and Burglary missions... The latter is a pain in the ass because it's a lot buggier than the PS2 version. As I said earlier. The Vigilante glitch was patched and the Vigilante Missions are a pain. I avoided the Paramedic Missions, because they are a bitch without cheat codes. 

They fixed Supply Lines!!

Zero's annoying mission with a game breaking bug has the bug fixed and now the mission is beatable and I did it on my first try... other than that, the game kinda slowed down to a crawl once I actually reached San Fierro. While stuck in the Country, the missions are very varied and kind of exciting, especially those with a certain GTA3 character. The Missions for The Truth were fun for me. Some people dislike Body Harvest, but I enjoy running rednecks with a combine harverster. I wish we could get stoned as seen in Are we going to San Fierro after burning the pot fields. We got the high action missions with Catalina, the races with cesar and the Slow burn missions for Truth. Then we reach San Fierro and everything turns into finding out who's supplying the coke for Big Smoke. You do get a slight distraction with missions for Wu Zi Mu but these tend to be kinda long or have you drive long distances. Basically kinda tedious, even annoying when Cesar starts calling about the Yay leaving San Fierro. 

But the truth is, beating the Loco Syndicate is extremely underwhelming. You get to face Ryder on a haphazardly put together chase where he gets unceremoniously killed with barely any mention to the plot. It feels badly  tacked on and it shows.

San Fierro feels more Traditionally GTA, but it lacks sonething. Curiosity enough, San Fierro is the least popular GTA City for a reason. Los Santos introduced a lot of new stuff to players coming from Vice City. So does Las Venturas (more on that when I beat Las Venturas and return to Los Santos) What does San Fierro Have? DRIVING SCHOOL and a Swimming Mission. San Fierro is the Middle Child of GTA SA and it's obvious...  slowly but surely, I'm finishing The Trilogy...

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