Apr 2, 2022

Super7 is now using Fenslerfilm's parodies to promote their Joe stuff...

 Remember Fenslerfilm's GI Joe PSA parodies? The ones that Hasbro was so hellbent on burying in a C&D nightmare that they flipped their lids when the Rise of Cobra videogame had the VAs reference Pork Chop Sandwiches?

No really, Hasbro
put an end to the game reference.

Well, on April 1st, 2022, Super7 announced some REACTION Joes and some Hipster crap referencing the Fenslerfilm parodies... of course, no mention of Fensler is made. That's where I have an issue. Around the time Fensler made the fan parodies, GI Joe was a niche property. Sure, it was a couple of years before the "Anniversary revival" and The Rise of Cobra, which Hasbro was coordinating behind the scenes. So it's KINDA understandable why they would be against a parody becoming popular BEFORE the revival. While it was a dick move to try and bury a fan based parody, it's understandable, why they were doing it... my issue now is how Hasbro has given the OK to a third party to profit off from Fenslerfilm's parodies with Official GI Joe Merchandise.

It feel like it's s a bit of a dick move to have this stuff around without acknowledging Fenslerfilm's work. Unlike the "gay joke He-Man video", there is a clear trail of evidence linking Fensler to the parodies.

It would be nice if Hasbro and Super7 cleared the issue, especially since it's a murky area. Does this mean that if Hasbro likes your Pony OC, they could take it? Does this mean of you make a kickass He-Man redesign, Mattel can claim it? These murky waters could have a negative effect on the fandoms if the corporations can legally steal fan created content.

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